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September 04, 2013


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You have to wonder just what visual Putin will manage to convey his contempt in a memorable way.


--Yes, I could have written it, but really, the world did.--


Danube on iPad

Three Republicans - McCain, Flake and Corker - voyed aye. If any two of them had voted nay it wouldn't have passed in committee.


McCain's doing the one foot in, one foot out and shake it all about this week. Jackass.

Jane-Hey!  Where's my post?

Clearly the electric army is prohibiting my posts and has taken down twitter. Thanks Barry.


LOL. Greg Gutfeld just said the only security issue that Obama's been good at is wearing a bicycle helmet.


Second look at Harod ford, he hasn't been an unalloyed failure, Flake I had suspicions about because of his Castro crush,

Danube on iPad


"Lest there be any question, the [White House] official went on to say in response to a question: 'The people in Syria and the Assad regime should know that the President means what he says when he set that red line. And keep in mind, he is the one who laid down that marker.'"


Way, way behind, and missed most of the speeches in the last 2 days, but if I understand Kerry correctly, then it follows that if Assad or any leader of a country around the world decided to suddenly launch an air strike against us, it wouldn't necessarily be an act of war. Is that correct?

Danube on iPad

Two Dems - Udall and Murphy - voted nay. And Markey, of course, voted present.


Did you know Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli fought to have an innocent man, Thomas Haynesworth released from prison - and then even hired him!


Hit's pic of McCain playing poker under the table was just mentioned and image shown on The Five! Yay!

Danube on iPad

When, exactly, did "the world" announce that violators of the ban on chemical weapons would be unilaterally attacked?


Didn't we tell Nancy Pelosi that in confidence?


The Warriors did it!

The Warriors drew the red line!

Seriously, You guys.


--Yes, I could have written it, but really, the world did.--

Actually, Neil Diamond did (the original, anyway).


BTW, wanted to note that today is the birthday of our dear departed commenter Bad. We miss you Bad! And, Obama still sucks. Actually even more than before.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

but if I understand Kerry correctly



Curiously, the only person whose credibility is not on the line is the very one who made the bluff.

Don't call my bluff. No. Really. It's your bluff. It's the world's bluff. We're all in my bluff together.


Flathead and Reporting for Dooty, we're just tempting SNOD now;

Did you manage to finish, 'I the Supreme' Captain.


The point is to never lose face, this side of a tactical nuclear exvhange


Coming soon to a theater (of war) near you ...
war as only a Nobel Peace Prize winner can have it.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

bad made me feel welcome here when I first started posting. Nobody was standoffish at all but she laughed at my jokes; higher praise cannot be found. She never complained about the hand she was dealt and was stoic to the end. She was one of those people who enhance your life from afar.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Yes, narc; I finished that a while ago. It was worth the effort but what a strange book even compared to Gaylord.

Btw what were the two works of fiction you had me read because I want to see if my reunited book group is aware of them. I'm embarrassed I can't remember the titles because they were both excellent.

Tom Maguire
When, exactly, did "the world" announce that violators of the ban on chemical weapons would be unilaterally attacked?

I believe it was 1985; Barry would have just started organizing in Chi-town:

There comes a time when we heed a certain call When the world must come together as one

There are people dying and it's time to lend a hand

To life the greatest gift of all

We can't go on pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change

We are all part of God's great big family
And the truth, you know, smart bombs are all we need

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start bombing
There's a choice we're making, we're saving our own lives
We'll bomb our way to a better day just you and me

(I should mention that my ulterior motive is to displace Red Red Wine on the soundtrack of my brain. Loved it the first three hundred times, but enough...)


She never complained about the hand she was dealt and was stoic to the end.

She welcomed me here, too, Captain. As for the hand she was dealt, I've wondered numerous times if I could be as good about it as she was, but I always conclude that the answer is no. She was one of a kind. A beautiful soul.


Bad said some very wonderful things to me about Mrs Iggy even while Bad was near the end.
Don't guess I'll ever get rid of those emails.


OK, then.

Try to forget "What's New Pussycat."


“If you have a Red Line, you didn’t set that — someone else made that happen!”


Well besides Secret History of Costaguana,
and in search of Klingsor, I'm going back a ways there.

Yes, bad left us too soon, that's why I was very arch to the nazgul, who infests this forum every once in a while,


Hey, Tom Maguire. Did you ever have to do anything to stop Typepad from eating posts? We were having a hell of a time here for months, but lately it seems a lot better.

Publius of Idaho

Cavuto had the line of the day.

Quoting Obama, he said "You just thought I said red line. What I actually said was; I'm forming a bread line".


Comments, I mean. Not posts. It seemed like some were being flagged as spam, but we couldn't figure out what pattern was being flagged. It wasn't people's handles or faux email IDs. Links were a problem, though, but almost randomly.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Those were them, narc; thanks.

Today the number of hours of sunlight dip under 13 hours here.


Your welcome, what's the reason for that,

The journolist is really struggling here;


3rd time. It's annoying that I can see my posts until I refresh. It's the worst it's ever been for me.


"When, exactly, did "the world" announce that violators of the ban on chemical weapons would be unilaterally attacked?"

The USG seems to have arranged for it's own exclusion from Int'l law.
According to the agreement, we should have destroyed 100% of stores as of April 2012. As of last tally we have 10% remaining.

Should those Nations at 100% seek sanctions against the US?

Danube on iPad

Does McCain actually think that the language he added concerning aiding the "free Syrian army" and degrading Syria's chemical capability will affect by one iota the strikes Obama will draw.

By signing the relevant Geneva Convention, the United States (and thw world) pledged only not to use chemical weapons. Not one word about taking military action to punish it. These people are simply lying, and no one is calling them on it.


Is this how it works these days?

'Sub-Spotifying': How To Use Spotify To Get Dates

"Yesterday morning I saw he was actively listening to music," Erin explained. Still on an MTV VMA high, she had been listening to Miley Cyrus. The last time they went out Andrew suggested she listen to a particular band, so Erin chose to take that opportunity to play the album on Spotify, when there was a chance Andrew may notice her activity.

He did.

"We G-chatted about it," she told me, referring to the Google Talk instant messaging service. "And then we made plans for this weekend, but I felt like a ruse. Like, here's one more game we can all play to get someone's attention so we can avoid making the first move."

"I sub-spotified," she sighed, "and that's not even a thing."

(Via Instapundit.)


Boy it's tough when you believe Putin more than you believe Obama.


It would be war but not war-war. For war-war they would have to invade us. It is the new Kerry Doctrine.

Frau Steingehirn

AFAIK no one here in Cleoville has removed his "Voter for a New Foreign Policy" bumper sticker. To me, it is more apparent than ever that Barry is an international agitator and not an organizer. He admitted he has a gift.

Didn't some brilliant Dem warn Booosh about stirring the hornet's nest?


--Yes, bad left us too soon, that's why I was very arch to the nazgul...--

Yeah, I had forgotten about that disgraceful episode.

Frau Steingehirn

Remember when Barry rejected stupid wars and called for smart ones?

Account Deleted

The Senate cloture vote is where the GOP should slap President Present silly. The important aspect is to get the Democrat "Nays" on record prior to killing it with "Presents".

Tom Maguire
Try to forget "What's New Pussycat."

Whoa oh whoa oh whoa whoa... OK, that may have worked, darn it. Cure, disease, inequality sign.

Tom Maguire
Did you ever have to do anything to stop Typepad from eating posts?

I made it clear to TypePad that I was drawing a red line. Well, it came out yellow due to a quirk in the fonts and anyway, it was really the international blogging community that drew it. So actually, uhh, no.


"oes McCain actually think that the language he added concerning aiding the "free Syrian army" and degrading Syria's chemical capability will affect by one iota the strikes Obama will draw."

James D.

narciso @ 6:42 - what an embarrassing article. I mean, I know, I know - but this was truly mind-boggling. I liked:

Asked about the Syrian opposition and about fears that by getting rid of Assad, the administration would bring Islamists to power, Kerry portrayed the moderate elements in the opposition as being entirely in command. Asked by Senator Ron Johnson about al Qaeda’s role in the opposition, Kerry replied, “The opposition has increasingly become more defined by its moderation, more defined by the breadth of its membership and more defined by its adherence to some, you know, democratic process and to an all-inclusive, minority-protecting constitution, which will be broad-based and secular with respect to the future of Syria. And that's very critical.”

And if you believe that, I've got a couple of bridges you might be interested in...

My favorite part, though, is this:

Correction: An earlier version of this article said that Assad used nuclear weapons on his people. He used chemical weapons.

I mean, that really says it all, doesn't it?


They are riding the largest Squirrel they can find, Judis wrote a decent bio of Buckley but he's gone completely hacktacular.


“You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it’s going to be bad.”

knife hand....

GEN James Mattis


My typepad premium membership is up and I told them I will not renew. Not so much as a whimper. I don't think they care one iota about our issues.

Leaving Red/Bar tonight after an early dinner we watched an Academy bus pull up on Hampton Road and off came the young Brits and Euros who will be playing the Americans in the Walker Cup. Not to many of them are shaving yet and if there is one of them over 21 he is known as Pop.

I am still in lala land watching all the people who called Bush a warmonger on Iraq over WMD's now wanting to go into Syria on even more scant of evidence. I think Boxer revealed a lot in her statement. War is a partisan issue not a national one. At least that is how the Dems and left think about it.


Has anyone noticed that John F'in Kerry is starting to look remarkably like Gumby? I get the feeling there is a little valve on the back of his neck where the plug the air hose.

Since the Syrian opposition is basically in chaos, I love how the SoS has so neatly broken it down. The Syrian civil war is village against village; neighborhood against neighborhood. nothing at all to worry about as vendetta grows daily.

The Kurds moved in to protect their own. The Salafists are controlling food aid (much of it ours)in their areas, and the "secular" opposition gets theirs from the Saudis, Qataris and others.


I can hardly read Rubio's quotes anymore. Even if I do, I don't believe in his sincerity. I don't trust him.

BB Key

Correct me if I am wrong . Hagel has not testified ALONE before any Committee in Congress since his disastrous confirmation hearing....we are in the best of hands


I miss bad,too. I hope on some other blog in another world she and PUK are laughing their asses off on this week's news.


Even the Saudis that fund his think tank are embatassed to see him in public,


There are some foolish presumptions at the end, but still;

hit and run

Hit's pic of McCain playing poker under the table was just mentioned and image shown on The Five! Yay!

Wait. What?

My pic was McCain playing Wacko Birds, not poker. If it was a poker image, it was the real pic, not mine.

Laura White

That Jon Carry would be Hagel's minder. . .snort, guffaw, and all other signs of merry contempt!


If there were going to be one, we could use the "rush to war" line now. Alas, there isn't going to be one. It's just a political game.

hit and run

bad made me feel welcome here when I first started posting. Nobody was standoffish at all but she laughed at my jokes

I wish everyone could have met Bad in person just to hear her laugh. I can still hear it today. And it always cheers me up.

Let me put it this way, with the intent of highly complimenting both: Bad was to laughing what PUK was to playing guitar.

Legen . . . wait for it . . . dary.

Danube on iPad

Check out Hot Air. Think Progress has done a (rather soft) whip count that suggest if the vote were held now in the House, this thing would go down big-time.

Danube on iPad

Here is the pertinent part of the world's 1925 red line-drawing:

"That the High Contracting Parties, so far as they are not already Parties to Treaties prohibiting such use, accept this prohibition, agree to extend this prohibition to the use of bacteriological methods of warfare and agree to be bound as between themselves according to the terms of this declaration.

"The High Contracting Parties will exert every effort to induce other States to accede to the present Protocol. Such accession will be notified to the Government of the French Republic, and by the latter to all signatory and acceding Powers, and will take effect on the date of the notification by the Government of the French Republic."

In other words: we all agree not to use these weapons, and will make every effort to persuade others to agree.that's it.


matt,if Kerry is Gumby,is Hagel Pokey? : )


They really do think themselves 'too clever by half' really after eight years of hammering us on IrAQ, they think they pull this trick.


Move oN opposes war in Syria; the CBC is getting bombarded with calls opposing it and 79% of liberals oppose it, too.


Blockhead, not Pokey.


Really this is a Sonny Bono is 'Airplane' move, what were they thinking?


From the Hot Ai rstory DoT refers to:
Of the 169 nays, 124 come from the GOP and 45 come from liberal Democrats. The obvious strategy here for undecided Dems, then, is to sit back and wait to see if Republicans can produce 49 more nays on their own to defeat the measure. There are 98 undecided GOPers, so if they split exactly in half then the resolution is dead and Democratic fencesitters can go ahead and vote yes en masse. That way they can say they had Obama’s back while not fearing too much backlash from the anti-war remnants of their base for supporting a measure that ended up dying anyway. What’s truly worrisome for O here is that, even on the Democratic side, there’s slightly more early opposition than there is support (just 35 votes). That means he won’t be able to scapegoat the GOP for blocking the resolution if the House torpedoes it. And it also means, per TP’s Judd Legum, that even if every single one of the 120 currently undecided Democrats votes yes, Obama would still need to win a majority of undecided Republicans — 52/46 — to reach 218 yays. Given what the polling on this issue looks like, how likely is that?


They are bringing the senate back early. I figure he will get his votes in the senate and strike before the House takes a vote.


James Carville just said Obama's problems can be blamed on the incompetence of Bush.

I swear to God.

Danube on iPad

I really, really like to see Obama depending on the support of the House Republicans he has insulted, disregarded and generally treated like shit for 4 1/2 years. I'd like to see Boehner say "come to my place and talk. And bring your goddam hat in your hand." (Yes, it's the Martini hour.)


Hot Air thinks O can't beat a filibuster in the Senate.


From Hot Air:
he other option is to ask the Senate to vote first and hope that the measure is filibustered. (And yes, 60 votes is the threshold in this situation.) As long as O gets to 51 yays, which should be easy with Democratic support, he can claim that a majority was in favor but those damned Republicans and the damned obstructionist rules of the Senate prevented the democratic will of the chamber from being worked, blah blah. Then the House wouldn’t need to vote at all, and O can spend the next three years whining about the filibuster.

In fact, I wonder if that’s what Ileana Ros-Lehtinen meant when she mentioned a strange “rumor” going around the Hill earlier today. She said she’d heard that only the Senate would vote on attacking Syria, not the House, which made it sound like she thought Obama would seek authorization from only one chamber instead of both. Kerry said he’d heard nothing about that and Eric Cantor’s spokesman said the House fully intends to act. Maybe it’s not a question of O seeking approval from only one chamber, though; maybe the rumor is that he intends to seek rejection from only one chamber so that the other, which is way more likely to humiliate him, never has to take the matter up. That would give him the best of both worlds, a defeat he can blame on Congress in order to extricate himself from this Syria mess plus minimal embarrassment in the process thanks to the left’s willingness to scapegoat the filibuster. We’ll see.


Serpent head has proved himself irrelevant in the big scheme of things. Liberalitis doesn't age well.


Could be because I told 'em to go to hell.


--is Hagel Pokey?--

Pretty sure BillyJeff is Pokey.

Account Deleted


The cloture vote will be very lonnnng as the GOP Senators try and force the Dems to kill the AUMF on their own. I want to see it fail on three GOP Senators voting present.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

I'm sure it does cheer you up, hit,

narc there are a couple of people in the group I'll recommend them to.


This performance is so dispiriting to anyone who cares about the U.S> In my worst dreams I never imagined such widespread idiocy.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

Recall Obama's speech saying he wanted the representatives of the people to decide. When he leaves out the House he can say it was the world's decision.


Boots on the ground
Bombs in the air
'Everyone'll know Obama Was There
Master of the House
Keeper of the Flame
Specially Good at Passing the Blame

Revealed: Pentagon knew in 2012 that it would take 75,000 GROUND TROOPS to secure Syria's...


Well Volpi, who really hasn't done anything better since then, came up with a real gem,
a tale about science and history, with even romantic elements,


Back in the USSR...


Back in the 80s, when we weren't even seriously considering military intervention, in Central America, just logistical support, to certain groups, the likes of Jackson Browne and Jon Henley had conniption fits,

Capt Training Pants.

I don't need your permission. I told them that they had better not cross that red line. I don't need your permission.
You're not the boss of me.

hit and run

What a difference a red line makes.

Obama For War

It's two words now.


Niters. Tomorrow there'll be more time for laughs.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Tammy Bruce just mentioned that Breitbart has a story of a Gold Star Mom slattering McRINO, not so much for playing iPhone poker as his snottily dismissive attitude after being caught. The "my friends" group must be pretty small by now.


I particularly enjoyed the code pink red hands raised behind Kerry and Hagel's heads at today's hearing. They just kept rambling away unaware like fools.

I really think O might wet himself before this is all over. He looked like a scared child today.

I too am appreciative of the kind words Bad shared with me when I first posted here.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

I'd like to be a fly on the wall in Europe. I bet we don't hear about half of the abuse he is going to get.

Hit, that may be your best one yet.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Outstanding, hit.

Per Katty Kay of the beeb there are 17 votes in the House in support of the Syrian action. That include Johnny B and sidekick Eric.

hit and run

I'd like to be a fly on the wall in Europe. I bet we don't hear about half of the abuse he is going to get.

The NSA has all the details...

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Skoot, I've been waiting for the meltdown for too damn long but I think it dawned on him today that he just shoved Macy's Christmas tree up the asses of his peacenik supporters and Zuckerberg Data Mining Inc probably sent over some disturbing metrics.


17, he's gone fully Stonehenge;

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