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November 24, 2013


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boson quark

Ninety days notice is a Banker's euphemism.

Cue SCOTUS for a colloque and a bitch slap from unexpected downsides.


Math is hard, calendars are harder (date math, do the ACA development understand the "diffindays" function?).


The Times, has a piece complaining about the fact that 'redistribution of wealth' is a theme,
really, no their quirk is that people have figured out what it means to them.


Obama cares not for legality.

Count on it.

Recall he did the same thing with layoff notices before a previous election.

That was illegal too.


Seeing as Armitage's knowledge came from the INR memo, whereas Grossman's disclosure was in a different arena, I don't follow, what is true,
is he advanced at least one rank to Af Pak regional coordinator.

Account Deleted

Which Senate seat might be saved by President Pants on Fire Pinocchio's issuance of another waiver or extension?

I believe Stephanie to be absolutely correct regarding the failure cascade building and the waiver/extension idiocies are going to become anchors rather than life vests. Even the Lackwitz Sisters aren't stupid enough for this nonsense to have a hope of working.



Armitage did not learn from INR memo, he knew back in 2001. Don't forget who Dick Armitage is, he is Mr. Dis-information.


Just read that front page story in Slims' chimps ©, narciso, "the looting that dare not utter its name."


Striking isn't it, peter, then again with Mayor Bane in charge, you are getting a sample of it,
already we have a few rampages underway;

Old Lurker

If you haven't yet, go to and read the Andrew McCarthy piece on the scheme to socialize medicing here. It was linked here a few days back.

In addition to Alinsky, the "Overwhelm the system then Federalize it" is pure Cloward/Plivens from the sixties.

To refreash per WIKI: "The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty". The two stated that many Americans who were eligible for welfare were not receiving benefits, and that a welfare enrollment drive would strain local budgets, precipitating a crisis at the state and local levels that would be a wake-up call for the federal government, particularly the Democratic Party. There would also be side consequences of this strategy, according to Cloward and Piven. These would include: easing the plight of the poor in the short-term (through their participation in the welfare system); shoring up support for the national Democratic Party then-splintered by pluralistic interests (through its cultivation of poor and minority constituencies by implementing a national "solution" to poverty); and relieving local governments of the financially and politically onerous burdens of public welfare (through a national "solution" to poverty)."

I'd say Barry is doing just fine for his team.

Old Lurker

I'd correct my spelling but Hit says I cannot.


Pliven, that's a minor detail, OL, we've all done much worse.

Jack is Back!

Oh goodie. More free stuff

Local Police Departments getting Iraq War surplus gear like Armored Vehicles

""It's armored. It's heavy. It's intimidating. And it's free," said Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, among five county sheriff's departments and three other police agencies in New York that have taken delivery of an MRAP."

Perfect for those Tea Party rallies, I guess.

Danube on iPad

What about various state laws requiring notification? Obama has no power to waive them.


Another oddity of the article is that they refer to Gruber as "Mr. Gruber of MIT" without stating who he is, when he was the guy who told Obama that mandate meant more than an evening in front of the fire with Reggie L.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Thanks Veeshir...I had forgotten about that.

Think of all the lies & manipulation. Layoff notices, the unemployment numbers, keeping your insurance, a YouTube video, the IRS keeping conservative groups in limbo,...
Using govt. agencies for opposition research with the IRS, the EPA,...

It's all so sickening.


Interesting how that piece doesn't appear either in the Memeorandum, or the Yahoo Geneo selection or Hot Air, isn't it.


is the new post. That is partly a quote from an arrogant super oblivious about his confirmation on all schools working together on this and my anger over how the suburbs are portrayed by a Princeton history prof in the book White Flight. And I talk about the racism in the new Equity Atlas.


It is certainly Cloward-Pivensesque that if the website qualifies you for a subsidy in California that you are automatically enrolled in food stamps/ebt.


In case you don't know who Cloward and Pivens are: LUN

Danube on iPad

BTW, I think the number of individuals who get their coverage extended for a year is going to be quite small.


In other news, Mick Jagger soon will be a great grandfather.


How do they recover from the debacle they have wrought? I don't think they can.

They have already directly and materially damaged a large number of people. A lot more are on the chopping block and know it. They have created a culture of fear of government itself that is growing at an accelerating rate.

One of the central tenets of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in the 60's was health care for all. If you took out all the administrators and vigorish, the costs would be far less. But crashing the system is their chance to rebuild it in their own image.

Except that image has yet to be revealed. So really, it devolves to a power grab and curtailment of civil liberties.

People will be waking up as they see their police with MRAPs and armored vehicles going door to door a la Boston. The Left is closing in on a police state more rapidly than the mass of Americans realize.

Demonizization of the opposition; militarizization of the police; The Big Lie; pervasive violation of the right of privacy and using the tools of government against opponents are all realities today.


The Hunger Games, are a cautionary tale in that regard,

Jack is Back!

You don't see Megatron make a mistake like that, do you?

How about those Bolts and the Packers come back (hoping)?

Dolphins hanging on for dear life.

The Jags are now 2 and 8 which will make them more popular in London.

Nice windy and cool Sunday on the First Coast. Its Jack's Award Winning Chili with Mexican Corn Bread time. Whenever the temp drops below 60 that's how we roll as Hit would say.

Jack is Back!

Did I mention the Bucs won? Now if Miami holds on this will be a trifecta for us miserable Florida football fans. Thank God for the Seminoles and UCF (but I am a Cincy fan, so they don't count).


2 in 9, well they don't have to deal with Tebow, that's what important,

Jack is Back!

A guy neamed Ajirototu is now DoT's BFF:)

Jack is Back!

Bolts win. Isn't that they way it happens - you go undefeated and then start losing 2, 3, 4 in a row?


Packers tie. Still no deer. Craft beers taste mighty good anyway.

Sandy  3 2 1  Daze

My company, based in California, employs 600. We used to insure about 250 of our employees. The rest opted out. The company paid 50% of their premiums for about $750,000/yr.

Under obamacare, none can opt out without penalty, and the rates are double or triple, depending upon the plan. Our 750k for 250 employees is going to $2 million per year for 600 employees.

By mandate, we have to pay 91.5% of the premium or more up from the 50% we used to pay.

Our employees share of the premium goes from $7/week for the cheapest plan to $30/week. 95% of my employees were on that plan. Remember, we used to pay 50% now we pay 91.5% and the premiums still go up that much!!

Sandy  3 2 1  Daze

The cheapest plan now has a deductible of $6350! Before it was $150. Employees making $9 to $10/hr, have to pay $30/wk and have a $6350 deductible!!! What!!!!

They can't afford that to be sure. Obamacare will kill their propensity to seek medical care. More money for less care? How does that help them?

Here is the craziest part. Employees who qualify for mediCAL (the California version of Medicare), which is most of my employees, will automatically be enrolled in the Federal SNAP program. They cannot opt out. They cannot decline. They will be automatically enrolled in the Federal food stamp program based upon their level of Obamacare qualification. Remember, these people work full time, living in a small town in California. They are not seeking assistance. It all seems like a joke. How can this be the new system?

Dave (in MA)
In other news, Mick Jagger soon will be a great grandfather.
That's nothin'; Bill Wyman's son is his own stepfather, or something.
Sandy  3 2 1  Daze

One more time, for emphasis:

Here is the craziest part. Employees who qualify for mediCAL (the California version of Medicare), which is most of my employees, will automatically be enrolled in the Federal SNAP program. They cannot opt out. They cannot decline. They will be automatically enrolled in the Federal food stamp program based upon their level of Obamacare qualification.



From South Africa today we get a post explaining the 4 different type of Hominid skulls that Paleo scientists generally agree upon as being distinct species:

Know Your Hominid Skulls

No word yet on what category they think their current discovery is, but they now have 2 skull experts on site working the problem.

The 3rd skull in the post, Australopithecus Sediba, is the creature that was unearthed a few years back by Team Leader Lee Berger and his young son. That's where he made his name for himself. It's a site not too far away, and on one of their days off that's where Berger took the Cave girls for a field trip.

As the dig gets set to wind down they are approaching 1,000 bones collected, which I suppose will keep somebody busy for years. One of the photos says that workers in the Science Tent are using porcupine quills to remove sediment from a vertebral fragment.

I remain surprised at how few people are aware of this ongoing dig, which to me is on a par with the excitement I imagine existed when King Tut was being dug up. I find that when I mention it on the airplane or to whoever's sitting next to me on a barstool, people get very excited about it, especially the all woman component of the adventure, and they likewise wonder why the heck they haven't been reading about it in their papers or seeing it on the News. I'd have thought that a story like this, which highlights women as such rugged, determined, and intelligent scientists, would be the sort of story the MSM would kill to be telling us about, but oh well---maybe it's just me that's nuts:)

Photo of a Happy Crew

Jack is Back!


Its the reverse of the "fishes and loaves". You take a multitude and make it a miniscule to those who possess it. Simple. The anti-Christ in person.

Jack is Back!


That guy left, center row, doesn't look like he could fit downt the stove pipe of that cave. Have they been funning us about how tight iti is?

Danube on iPad

"A guy neamed Ajirototu is now DoT's BFF"

Never heard of him till he caught that pass. Quite a ballgame.


I'm with you JiB,

He's got the hat but he's way too fat.

From what I've been seeing it's just the 6 girls there in blue, and then the 2 guys who I believe are the discoverers of the cave, that go into the deep recess where the bones are.

This is a shot of the big entrance anyone can go in,
and this is a shot of the postbox chute they have to slither through:

Danube on iPad

Every individual, no matter how enrolled, who sees his premiums and deductible go up (net of subsidies) is going to perceive it as a tax increse. But instead of simply having a larger part of his income withheld, he's going to be sitting down writing checks.

I don't know how many such people there will be, but I assune it is in the scores of millions. And I think when it dawns on them exactly for whose benefit this punishment has been inflicted on them, they are going to be extremely angry.

Treety Goreen

"During the 911 call Zimmerman claims that everything was fine. He says he was packing up his stuff with the intention of leaving his girlfriend’s home, when all of the sudden she just “changed.” When the dispatcher asks what he means by that, he doesn’t offer any details. He calmly tells her that his girlfriend is the one who smashed the glass table and started throwing his stuff in the yard. According to his version, this all happened while he, the helpless victim, is just trying to leave."

Zimmerman will end up like OJ or Dahmer. Good riddence.

Jack is Back!

Was little Countess Anastasia the first to do a "facie"?

Like I have learned in my research of sports, nothing is new.


This was the girlfriend who *before* the alleged incident was trying to sell interviews to the media?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The NFC North went winless today and two of them played each other.

Jack is Back!


And the way things go, one of the NFC North will face someone in the NFC East for the chance to go to the Super Bowl:) Which they will win!

James D.

There's some competition for worst division in the NFL, isn't there?


That would almost have to be the AFC South, no?


Caught this Bill Moyers show on PBS with guest, Harry Giroux who sounded like a Left-wing version of the Tea Party .. or the Anti-Tea Party without the Tea Party.

He spoke of starting a third party because the Democratic Party is captive to the "Center Liberals" like Obama, who are owned by the banks.

You know, he is the typical academic intellectual who thinks ideas are bigger than reality.

What we need aren't ideas but rather solutions.


Nonprofit groups often seek restitution, not prosecution, when money goes missing

Three years ago, the Progressive Policy Institute realized that a senior manager had quietly used unauthorized checks, credit-card charges and cash withdrawals to drain about $100,000 from the Democratic think tank’s accounts, pushing the nonprofit group to the edge of insolvency, interviews and documents show.

Officials at the institute didn’t call police and didn’t alert donors, said Lindsay Mark Lewis, now executive director of the Washington-based organization. Instead, they took what charity governance specialists call a distressingly common approach for a nonprofit group: They agreed to forgo legal action in exchange for restitution.

Sweet! If you get caught, all you have to do is give the money back. Otherwise, it's yours!

James D.

Maybe the NFC North? Minnesota is awful. GB w/o Rogers is just lost. Chicago is super inconsistent. And what is the deal with Detroit?

Jack is Back!

I know Tom Coughlin. He is a great guy, very spiritual and a terrific family man. But he has his hands full with the team he has now. You cannot instill discipline in a team who doesn't want to practice it.

He sholuld come back to the Jags. They are begging for discipline, plus Tebow:)


Today's pic of our dashing Secretary of State, via HotAir.


Ext, where did you get that pic of my heavy bag?

James D.

JiB, you said it.


This is a recently discovered pic of Kerry as a teenager:


They were quibbling at Tepid Air, shocker I know, but this was one of her better appearances. dontcha think


Today's pic of our dashing Secretary of State, via HotAir The Walking Dead.


You don't have one of these, Henry?

Treety Goreen

"What we need aren't ideas but rather solutions."

We tried Saint Ronaldus and Federalist masturbation. Now we're blind so solutions are difficult to see.


The catalog of horrors, annotated;

Jack is Back!

Did someone just fart?

Treety Goreen

He who smelt it, dealt it.


"Equality and poverty for all in Obama’s Amerika."

You don't need to wait for Obamacare to suck out all your earnings.


Ext, I gave that to a friend fox Christmas a couple years ago. He popped it in one punch. Definitely a lightweight bag.


wouldn't surprise me if Kerry were diagnosed with some weird disease of the mandible--osteomyelitis or something; he is positively weird looking.


I listened to The Sarah's interview, and was concerned that she might misstep during the Q&A re Basher, which would necessarily be part of the exchange.

Why worry?

I thought her responses were, per usual, terrific, and, on target--if that is not too militant a word to use !


Don't know if this has been posted before but here it is, GQ has listed Obama as one of the 25 least influential people of 2013

"He can blame Republicans in Congress all he likes and get away with it because congressional Republicans are the worst. But the fact remains that I have spent the majority of this man’s presidency watching bad things happen, then hearing a thoughtful speech about how we gotta make sure the bad things never happen again, and then watching as nothing gets done. Next time there’s an election, I want Nate Silver to analyze the data and tell me who to vote for so that I don’t end up casting my ballot for a very eloquent hat stand."

Only thing I disagree is the "eloquent" part.


I find that story about the slave owner difficult to believe. I think it was Bashir's fetid imagination.


The Constitutional Party or the Constitutional Conservative Party...

With, instead of a Jackass (or a dumbass) as the mascot, nor an elephant, there is a:



If the Sarah runs, I will give full measure of my time, talent, such as it is, and whatever few shekels I can spare to support her.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Botched plastic surgery on old geezers does that sometimes, Peter.

Treety Goreen

"whatever few shekels I can spare to support her."

Send it to me. I'll promise to use the money to hire the Goodyear blimp to flash 'Jeebus loves you' in your neighborhood.

much more positive result.


I think a Constitution Party, or a Constitutional Conservative Party would self organize with such rapidity, should the Sarah carry its banner, that the jackasses and the 'phants would be stunned silent in disbelief.

All she has to do is say:


"Here I am, send me."

((( great to be able to post again, I guess the thaipad mandarins let me out of the time-out corner.)))

Life in the Giants! Who'd a thunk it.


AJ says Maocare is more than a year from working. I bet it's closer to two years, and they don't have two years. Millions will be uninsured in January with no way to make payment.

Jack is Back!

It is really hard to believe that in a professional sport like football worth billions if not trillions of dollars they actually sanction ties



The name has to be something that low information voters would not be turned off by, so tea party and conservative are out. The Freedom party?


How about "The Leave Us Alone" Party.


He's still awfully naive, but it's more truth then they are willing to admit:

Jack is Back!

How about the Bull Moose Party:)

Fitting, ain't it?


The Constitution Party already exists. Wiki calls it a "right wing" party.

The Constitution is a right wing concept.

We already know this from the reaction of Democrats to its reading at the start of the 2010 Congress. (It was as if they'd been splashed with Holy Water.)


Only thing I disagree is the "eloquent" part.

"Congressional Republicans are the worst?"


thaipad mandarins

Here it is Mandarin orange season. MrsJ made many a jar (12?) of Mandarin marmalade today. Yum!

Danube on iPad

"All she has to do is say: 'Yes. Here I am, send me.'"

And the Democrat walks into the White House.


Jimmie K- Ok I will exempt a few, but so far the party has been inefficient.

Treety Goreen

"And the Democrat walks into the White House."

Sara is actually a stealth progressive. There is no other explanation for her existence. If she didn't exist Valjar would have to create her.


Conde Nast, is a wonder, as the glossy version of Kos, also illustrated by Vanity Fair, which is actually sort of prog porn, that's the best description of what they do, for metrosexuals,


Well first she'd have to win the nomination, no?


"And the Democrat walks into the White House"

How can that be. The GOP establishment doesn't need those crazy extreme libertarians and conservatives to win or else they would be making the Tea Party welcome. Seriously, the 1st commandment of the GOP establishment is we must win no matter what and RINOs are the best way to do that.

So obviously if RINOs are welcome and TeaParty is unwelcome ... they don't need us.


That column is worthy of Taranto's Butterfield slot, because Obama has gotten his way, on practically everything, and bad things keep happening, squirrel,


It'd be much less embarrassing to lose with an "electable" Republican.

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