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December 23, 2013


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Um, Alec Baldwin?


Also keep in mind, it's Raw Story, home of Jason 'Rove will be frogmarched' Leopold,


"IAC, run by Barry Diller, is the parent company of The Daily Beast,, and other big media properties"


Diller, used to be swift, but then he committed himself to the La Brea, that is the Daily Basilisk, this is a more a worthy target;

Danube on iPad

This guy might supplant Billy Ray Cyrus as Dad of the Year.


It's too easy to fire off stupidities on the net where yu cannot easily take them back when second thoughts arise. Even on emails of importance my husband and I try to let the drafts simmer a bit before slicking "send.

OTOH I think Obama generated anxiety levels are really high right now and hate fever spreads more easily when that is the case.


'A den of scum and villainy, you shall not see,'
with Raw Story,


Umm.. Tom. In a rant to my wife yesterday, I described our daughter in not disimilar terms Our daughter flew in from University in Scotland late thursday night, then hosted her boyfriend of 2 years at our hame friday and overnight friday, then dumped him (pre-planned my wife knew about it) saturday at our home. He's a bit of a softy, so he took it..... poorly, so she got my wife's permission to use our late model SUV to drive the now FORMER BF to his parents house for XMass-- IN BOSTON. What choice did we have, we were 35 miles away in Manhattan. She wound up staying the night at their house because she was too tired to drive to a friend's house in Mystic Ct as planned-- BRILLIANT! Yesterday morning we learnt that ex BF's pere had struck my wife's PARKED SUV overnight (was alchohol involved?), and the SUV needed bodywork repairs and AAA had flatbedded it to a local dealer.... But the "good news" from acording to our daughter was that the local Dealer Service guy said it was 'driveable' .... KIND OF.... @ <60MPH because of the damaged sensors behind the front end body damage. This caused me to vent .. in private... in a titanic rant, and I definitely remember hearing myself use colorful nouns, adjectives and adverbs in connection with my daughter's egoism and judgment. I have no Twitter account... thank Allah.


It's too easy to gin up a two minute, specially when you 'dowdify' key facts, or have we forgotten;

yes, that last step probably wasn't the best, but still.


Ya know, uber liberal Justine's remarks could have been ignorant, not racist. Or more likely a joke to her friends implying that other ignorant racists were out there. But she got hoisted on her own, uber liberal politically correct petard.

Oh well....

Old Lurker

Vent here, NK. We fathers of daughters need to stick together or we are toast.

Old Lurker

I guess those stories are real.

My good friend was walking with his wife, daughter and dog in NYC's Washington Square Park last evening and was attacked in that Knock Out "Game". He's OK, but big black eye and stitches. I offered to buy him a Glock for Christmas if he would get the permit.


"It's too easy to fire off stupidities on the net where yu cannot easily take them back when second thoughts arise. "

So true, clarice.


Justine Sacco didn't land on Twitter...,Twitter landed on her


NK, what your daughter did is hardly comparable to a one line throwaway joke that was either slightly offensive or not offensive at all but rather a self deprecating but misunderstood wise crack.
Moreover you didn't call your daughter names and then broadcast it to the world.

Her father is doing precisely what kids do on a schoolyard; making sure everyone knows he's still one of the cool kids and isn't associated with the his own daughter. Lefty land is grammar school peer pressure to conform, cubed.


Knockout Nihilism-- I support medieval punishment for that, or at least Singapore Crim Code. Hope your friend is OK.


Man charged with operating drug website tells NY court he wants bitcoin fortune returned

NEW YORK – An Internet entrepreneur accused of being behind an online marketplace for illegal drugs has asked the government to return more than $30 million in bitcoin seized from his computers.

Ross Ulbricht, of San Francisco, was arrested in October following a crackdown on the black market website Silk Road.

Federal prosecutors in New York say Ulbricht went by the online handle the Dread Pirate Roberts and turned the underground site into a place where anonymous users could buy or sell contraband and illegal services.

In court filings, prosecutors say they seized 144,336 bitcoins from Ulbricht's computers.

Though subject to fluctuations in value, the virtual currency is exceedingly valuable, but lightly regulated.

Ulbricht says in a legal filing that the currency should be returned because it isn't subject to civil forfeiture rules.


Ignatz-- thanks for being understanding. And I agree that my rant is different from these Twitter Swells tweeting their lives away to stay socially relevant and cool. That said, I am very glad I don't have a loud megaphone to broadcast my rants in real time ... it would end.. badly.


--So true, clarice.--

Speaking of schoolyards, DoT's behavior toward TK is now IMO indistinguishable from an infantile, taunting schoolyard bully.

I don't get it, but I'm sure many specious rationalizations will be proffered.
Since I'm not the internet cop, carry on as one sees fit, but the toxicity at this point is coming essentially from one source not two.


hope you friend is mending OL. dangerous out there.

>>>Lefty land is grammar school peer pressure to conform, cubed.<<<

the high school cafeteria with the mean girls on the prowl. or, what happened to Justine is nothing new, Lanier called it "Digital Maoism" years ago, and anyone that has to worry about an hr department or university speech code can easily get the same treatment, but it would be quiet and unremarked.



sorry to hear about the car. why didn't you drive the lad home-that would have made for a great road trip?


That's horrible OL.

jimmyk on iPhone

Ouch, NK, if that were a movie script it wouldn't be believable.

I've fired off a few hand-written letters that I've regretted, but the issue here is the very public nature of these. It's what comes from these libs living in echo chambers.


Wherever anduril is he must be taking out his bile on his roses at this story; Israelis to push for Pollard's release after US/UK shown to be spying on Israel.
There is a certain logic to it, since most of the Pollard outrage was accompanied by "how can our ally be spying on us" indignation.


The magazines at the grocery check-out always have me wondering,who are these people? Why should I care?
The weather here is still carpy,the trees are glazed with ice. Mark Steyn is in for Rush today,he should be in rare form.

4JackisBack!2 (On His iPhone)

As soon as I read Clarice's 10:15 I just knew there would be a TK post to follow on the opening.

Old Lurker

Thanks guys, he's fine.

Last summer on Nantucket he had been bragging to me that he had started boxing as part of his workout routine. (He is ten years my junior so he was just rubbing that in I think.) He was surprised how he was so blindsided since he is a)in shape, b)a savy New Yorker, and c)had his 90lb dog with him. So be careful out there you New Yorkers.

Old Lurker

Iggy, yesterday I parked at a shopping center behind a car whose vanity plate was "ANDURIL". By the time I had my camera out for my JOM picture post he had driven away.

Makes one wonder.

Beasts of England

I've unloaded on my daughters about a half dozen times between the two of them, in their combined forty years on Earth. And they've unloaded on me about twice that many times!

However, we would never air our displeasure out in public or over social media. That Dad is an ass. And I thought only us really special guys were blessed with daughters.


BoE-- well that's the way I'll look at it, I'm special. Did I mention that my bless'd little daughter has arranged for me to move her into her Bronx apartment next week on New Year's Day, then take her to IKEA and buy her the furniture she and her gal pals need, and then assemble the IKEA on saturday january 4th, because I free as my wife will be skiing in Stowe with her sisters' and brothers' families. Truly Bless'd.

RichGMU-- oh yeah, that would have been a great 8 hour road trip to boston and back for me saturday night. I should of signed of for that.

Beasts of England

Damn, OL. That's some disturbing news. A Glock seems like a reasonable response. Punching back twice as hard doesn't help in the coward's sucker-punch game. The perps need to be shot - it's all they understand.


lol, just spitballing here. 8 hrs no smashed up car. You could have just dropped the lad off the nearest car rental agency place...nice to know you, now get out. and have a great new year's!


Dude, wrapped around her finger much?


NK,the biggest argument hubby and daughter ever had was assembling a piece of IKEA furniture. Fair warning. :) It is now a funny family story,at the time,not so much!


OL, that's the first KO incident I've heard about in Manhattan, glad he's ok. It's tough to defend against because these scum operate on the element of surprise. In one video I saw the puncher came out from behind a group of his buddies, the vic never had a chance. The really sick thing is the stories about them doing this to old ladies. Somehow I doubt this 'game' would be too popular outside the NE where people may not be disarmed.

Thomas Collins

NK, I have two daughters and a son. If the social service nannies knew what I called them in private, they would have snatched them from me. Same with my parents and my sister and I. But as Ignatz mentioned, this is done privately. Privacy is a concept applying not only to an individual and others, but to a family and others. This father ought to reflect on what being a part of a family entails.

Beasts of England

@NK: You have my complete sympathy. We grin and bear it, then tell others how rough we have it, all the while being truly proud that we did it. Cheers!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Lefty land is grammar school peer pressure to conform, cubed.

SO true! Great line, Ignatz.

Old Lurker

"move her into her Bronx apartment next week on New Year's Day, then take her to IKEA and buy her the furniture she and her gal pals need, and then assemble the IKEA on saturday january 4th,"

Now see, that happened to me twice (once with each because I am a slow learner) and I have given it some thought.

I decided that one measure of how society has changed for the worse is in THAT story by NK. Back in the day, can you name one cute girl who needed her Dad to do that? I recall carrying more junk to fourth floor walkups when I was 20 just in hopes of getting a date for my troubles. Did I mention that I am a slow learner?

That said, NK, I did learn that IKEA now has a delivery and assembly service that is worth every penny.


IKEA is of the Devil.


Ignatz is en fuego this AM. Yes I am a pawn in my daughter's game of life, but she knows very well I have a famous Greek Temper, that is inconvenient for her to listen to, so she picks her spots. She is a sinister little thing. Marlene-- IKEA assembly. oh yeah that will work out well. My wife and I spent 5 hours assembling Costco furniture 2 saturdays ago, that was tense enough, and I get along with my wife very well. This IKEA thing in a prewar walkup Bronx apartment, with 3 20yo girls (and one of their stoner pajamaboyish pals) will be one for the books. Hopefully I don't getted booked by the NYPD.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

There was a post at Am. Thinker yesterday saying Merry Christmas to my Tea Party family by Lloyd Marcus. made me mindful of this video Caro made of Jane's Sturbridge Tea Party event.

It is wonderful!

Beasts of England

I guess I'm missing out in life. I've never been to an IKEA nor assembled any of their furniture. Maybe I should check out their website...

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

IKEA is of the Devil. hah!

*I'm privately giving them the stink eye


OL too funny... too true. I am OK with IKEA curbside delivery, rather than using my 1999 Suburban-- IN da' BRONX. But it's the whole carpenter's son thing, I am genetically incapable of allowing someone else to assemble the furniture. As far as carrying it upstairs, of the 3 girls, one has a stoner BF who is OFA Pajamaboy on weed completely useless: he literally watched my daughter and I last June move a mini fridge out of her loft dorm room when he was shacking up with my daughter's roomate. I don't know the second girl, but if my daughter's now ex-BF is like I was 30+ years ago, he'll volunteer to carry the stuff upstairs. Pathetic, but I could use the help.

Old Lurker

Screw Paul Ryan.

I thought he was too smart to do this by accident so I can only conclude he is following up on the John Boehner slap on conservatives.

I do not understand.



There are only 1 or 2 Ghosts of JOM Past I hope never appear here again, but Mr. A mentioned above is surely one.

Learned today that GLAAD has only a handful of "Premier Partners" ... several foundations + Comcast, Wells Fargo, and a vodka company that starts with "Kel". Hope they experience the DD backlash.


JiB, I was intrigued by the Crab Royale name, and googled for recipes. There seem to be many ways to make it -- with or without sherry, green peppers, mushrooms, sauce can be flour thickened or heavy cream, etc. How do you make yours? Thanks for any insight you can give. I'm seriously thinking about making it for tomorrow.


OL,the assembly service would have helped several years ago on the day of our IKEA fiasco. Ha,it is a bad memory. Daughter: "Dad just follow the directions." Hubby: "The directions are a piece of sh*t,just like this furniture." Daughter: *rolls eyes* (Me:opens wine) Hubby: "Where's the hardware store?" Leaves,returns with a bottle of Gorilla Glue. Problem solved. Good times.

Captain Hate

What does her father expect after he named her from a De Sade character?



why do I see a "homer channels his inner artist" while putting together that IKEA furniture?

a future exhibit at the Met..."Raging Father festooned with sinew of pajamboy"


what vodka starts with "kel?" is it "ket?"

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Hahahaahaha, Marlene. We starred in that exact same production!

Leaves,returns with a bottle of Gorilla Glue. Problem solved.


Ikea assembly-- OK bring Gorilla Glue and Duct Tape. reading glasses?.... NAH!!!

Beasts of England

Kettle One did what?


what vodka starts with "kel?" is it "ket?"

Checked again - it's Ketel One.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself
Old Lurker

Marlene, that was pretty much exactly our experience, down to and including my wife opening and drinking the wine.

NK, being raised by your carpenter Dad is actually a disadvantage. I build things too, and I think IKEA works best for those who have no such skills whatsoever. I think they program their design computer to make sure any assembly that might be intuitive to us type guys is changed so that anybody trying to figure it out like real men will fail big time. And in front of our 20 yo daughters.

Danube on iPad

"but I'm sure many specious rationalizations will be proffered."

Dead wrong.

Beasts of England

That was my favorite vodka, even though auto-correct didn't think so. Glad I have Tito's now. It's Bloody Mary season!

Captain Hate

Buzzfeed is for those who think Politico was too professional

It was bad enough that they totally ruined Deadspin including shackling it with sub-Typhuspad software.


Oh darn,Mark Steyn isn't on Rush's show.


Excellent piece, at The Atlantic no less, about the DD v. GLAAD situation:

Apologies if it's already posted elsewhere here.

Captain Hate

Has Beasts commented on this?

University of Alabama Demands To Be Removed From American Studies Association Membership List After Group Passes Israel Boycott…

Roll Tide!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

A person could probably do the same thing with Gorilla Glue. :)

hit and run

The Titos is flowing liberally here in the Texas hit house. We're also drinking Dripping Springs, another fine Texas vodka.

We're having Christmas dinner this evening to accommodate extended family schedules.

I honestly wish I was being asked to help with the cooking. But its a smallish kitchen, we are.

James D.

OL @ 11:43 - that Ryan link is infuriating.

We do have an entitlement crisis, that's going to cost us trillions of dollars. So which part of it does he choose to address? The military, where the savings from those changes will be a drop in the bucket.

AND, since he's making a point of standing front and center on it, he gives the military - traditionally a very Republican-leaning constituency - a great reason to vote against Republicans. And the people who are praising him now in the NYT and WaPo and the Sunday shows, will never vote Republican anyway.

What a SPECTACULAR deal this is for conservatives. Hurt veterans, piss off reliable conservative voters, rub the Tea Party's nose in the dirt and hand a victory to the Dems precisely at a time that they're drowning in bad news, all for a supposed $20 billion in deficit savings (out of a deficit that's what, $800 billion this year?) which probably aren't even real savings anyway.

I guess that's not much to give away in return for a few pats on the head, and maybe even a chin rub, from the Beltway media.



too optimistic for me, but this is a moment of zen..

>>>His daughter Meghan will be narrowly defeated on Dancing with the Stars by Chumley of Pawn Stars. Their red-hot romance will make the cover of Scientific American. <<<




I have no doubt that this started as an attempt to frame mainstream Christian beliefs as unacceptable. I have spent way too much time in the past year reading intentions globally to frame what is to be the acceptable spirituality. It is very grounded in the Eastern religions.

I am surprised and delighted quite frankly that the Atlantic correctly framed this as about telling Americans that their religious views are not acceptable. Something A&E would never even consider doing with Islam which has even less use for GLAAD's views. Perhaps The Atlantic realized that if Robertson has no right to his views, Islam's intentions and practices cease to be sacrosanct as well.



a tummy scratch on the Sunday shows is worth the 40 pieces of silver. they also have to clear the decks for amnesty.

Old Lurker

Pretty much how I see it, James.


I do think that Schlicter is right that in 2014 Boehner will follow the House Committee Chairman demands and pass Immigration border enforecement and employee checks, but no amnesty, until Obummer complies with those enforcement laws. That works well for House Repubs.

Old Lurker

That's inflation for you, rich. The price used to be thirty pieces of silver for traitors.

peter (channeling Gus)

Ryan lost a debate to Biden. He's a LOSER and an IDIOT.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Amen...once again, James D..


It's Bloody Mary season!

It's year round in the lyle household.


Beat me to it, OL.

Beasts of England

Glad to hear that, Captain!


"Perhaps The Atlantic realized that if Robertson has no right to his views, Islam's intentions and practices cease to be sacrosanct as well."

Could be. BOzo, according to him, was a faithful, every Sunday for 20 yrs. attender of Trinity UCC, where Jermiah Wright weekly spewed racist tripe that was literally applauded by the congregants. Imagine the hateful quotes a neutral msm could have provided but buried instead? There's no indication the O'BOzos ever thought about leaving for saner pastures or even offered a discouraging word.

Beasts of England

Settled Law of the Land update: White House delays sign-up deadline by 24 hours. No big deal. It's all freestyle, baby!


Laughing at all the stories between Dad's and daughters. We Moms have a few of those ourselves!

The closest I have ever been to IKEA was to order their catalog about 15 years ago, just to check it out. Never ordered a thing from it.

hit and run

This makes sense. mrs hit and run gently suggested that a day of Titos might not be the best idea for family dinner night.

She's smart like that.



Well she's South African, apparently, so maybe she was named after the alluring character in Durrell's Alexandria Quarter, just as odd as the DeSade guess.


" Last summer, Jake Sullivan was traveling with his boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when he disappeared during a stop in Paris. He showed up a few days later, rejoining Clinton in Mongolia.In between, Sullivan secretly jetted to Oman to meet with Iranian officials.

The July 2012 meeting is one of the administration's earliest known contacts with Iran and reveals that Sullivan was involved in that outreach earlier than has been reported."

Captain Hate

I am surprised and delighted quite frankly that the Atlantic correctly framed this as about telling Americans that their religious views are not acceptable.

That was a surprising source to me as well.

Publius of Idaho

OL on a much lighter note at this time of giving and love. This is dedicated to our beloved Daddy (I apologize to those who may have already seen this):

After every flight, FedEx pilots fill out a form, known as a "gripe sheet" to tell mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics fix the problem, and then document their repairs on the form.

Here are some actual maintenance problems submitted by the pilots (marked with a "P") and the solutions recorded (marked by an "S") by maintenance engineers, who by the way have a sense of humor.

P. Left inside main tire almost needs replacement.
S. Left inside main tire almost replaced.

P. Something loose in cockpit.
S. Something tightened in cockpit.

P. Dead bugs on windshield.
S. Live bugs on back order.

P. Auto pilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent.
S. Can't reproduce on the ground.

P. Evidence of leak on right main landing gear.
S. Evidence removed.

P. DME volume unbelievably loud.
S. DME volume set to more believable level.

P. Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick.
S. That's what friction locks are for.

P. Number 3 engine missing.
S. Engine found on right wing after brief search.

P. Aircraft handles funny.
S. Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right and be serious.

P. Target radar hums.
S. Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics.

P. Mouse in cockpit.
S. Cat installed in cockpit.

P. Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer.
S. Took hammer away from midget.

Merry Christmas to all from a mostly lurker.


Every word from the Obamaniacs is a lie, including the....


Gripe Form (S) fixes are hysterical, LoL funny. Thanks.

Danube on iPad

Brother--think the insurance companies are re-thinking this thing?


LOL, but then you need to get the dog, the lion, then the elephant.

Old Lurker

Wonderful, Publius!


Very funny, Publius! Thanks for sharing.


OK...Gonna lose my job because people think I'm nuts for laughing out loud at the Gripes/Solutions. Thanks for that...LOL

As for Twitter - I have never posted/followed there. Too many people looking over your shoulder - and not just if you are in a very high visibility position. Companies that are hiring new employees are searching for FB, Twitter, Blog posts to make sure the candidate is a "good fit".
BTW - Merry Christmas JOM.

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