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December 13, 2013


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--Next up - toast with butter versus toast with jam.--

May I be the first to say I deplore these false choices?


I'd like to add I typed my first comment while eating a black licorice whip.
And this one too for that matter.
And perhaps my next.


Happy belated birthday Ig.


Yesterday I went into the local candy shop to get a couple of gifts.I am proud to say I showed restraint and left the store with my intended purchases,but oh my,what sweet temptations!


Ig,LOL. One thing I couldn't resist was the licorice,I left with a bag of black licorice gummies.


Thanks Sue. Now I qualify for geezer discounts just like you already have for many, many months. :)


An intriguing new study suggests that what really draws people to such treats, and prompts them to eat much more than perhaps they know they should, is not the fat that they contain, but primarily the sugar.

Because fat is actually filling, perhaps? Next they will tell us that people who get more sleep are less tired the next day.


From my seemingly on-topic link:

"With the latter two, however, Buffett identified something special. He realized that the early success of Coke and Heinz back in the 1900s depended entirely on their signature product's near-perfect recipes. Lacking well-established brand names, Coke and Heinz attracted new customers based on taste, and the secret to their success was an optimal "flavor amplitude."

In 2004, Malcolm Gladwell dissected the concept of amplitude in great detail in his article, "The Ketchup Conundrum." Gladwell discovered that amplitude was "the word sensory experts use to describe flavors that are well blended and balanced, that 'bloom' in the mouth."

No single element of the product's flavor outweighs the rest; instead, they work together in perfect harmony with our taste buds."

hit and run

Voting lights up the pleasure centers in the brain more than sugar. It's science.

I miss my avatar, but the Typepad commenting impediment has determined I must post whilst not signed in.


We are the same age 8 months out of the year. So enjoy your new found senior citizen discounts.


If I could, I'd package my "I just don't like sugar" gene/habit/whatever-it-is and make a fortune.

Rick Ballard

"Because fat is actually filling, perhaps?"

Maybe. I'd bet on fuel efficiency first. Fat has a higher fuel conversion cost.


--So enjoy your new found senior citizen discounts.--

No way. To do so would acknowledge my age.
I'm putting my fingers in my ears and closing my eyes instead.


And eating some more licorice. :)


This sounds like another case of Masters of the Obvious to me. How much did they spend on this?


I recently asked someone how old you had to be to get the senior citizen discount and they responded: "however old you say you are". I asked someone else the next day and they said the same thing.

I still have no idea when it starts.


I haven't used my age for a discount yet. ::grin::


Black licorice is "yuck".

Hear about the Meeeechigan Education Association filing for arbitration to get severance pay for their union member and convicted child rapist?

I would vote for severance, but I don't mean a check...

Danube on iPad

All licorice is yuck.



Right on, right on.


De gustibus non est disputandum.

I consider the creator of a fine licorice whip an artist.


A friend on FB posted this: it was so cold this morning I actually saw a democrat with his hands in his own pockets.

And I've turned autocorrect back on. I hated having to capitalize and apostrophe on my own.


I love black licorice! I buy my husaband a "chuckles" but retain ownership of the black one.
I have been getting senior coffee at Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's for at least 7 years now.Also some movie theaters honor the 62 years old discount. Always get what you are entitled to in this world. Mr Morris {my maiden name didn't raise any dummies. He sold papers as a kid during the depression and had to quit high school to help support his family. "A penny saved is a penny earned" comes to mind. My siblings call me to tell them where to buy the cheapest gas, food etc.
I never buy any clothing unless it is on sale. All cars are used. Coupons are welcome especially Bed Bath and Beyond where the expiration date doesn't matter. I can't remember the last time I paid full price for anything.

Jack is Back!

Ah, the anti-drop (licorice) crowd.

Its called 'drop' in Holland and Belgium. When we go back to Mrs. JiB's home we always come back with a box of Belgas.

Best licorice I have ever had:)


My only moral slip as a child came when my mother gave me 25 cents for the Missions and I spent it on 25 rodeo licorice whips . I was the most popular kid at recess that day. I have done penance for this ever since.


You hate licorice because it's black, don't you?


No, I hate it because it's red.
The only good red licorice is a dead red licorice and the best red licorice is...well, you know.


Are you serious? Because Boehner can't be.

"Really Mr. Speaker, you’re going to use your face time to attack conservatives? Let me give you some advice before you start giving speeches about Our members.

The reason you have a majority to be speaker , are invited to Sunday shows and have your press conferences covered is because of the Tea Party that mobilized to elect that GOP majority

The reason you keep that majority is those Tea Party voters also gave the GOP the majorities in state houses when it was time to draw districts."

Read the whole thing:

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Today 1.5 million dollars from OUR taxes is going to Planned Parenthood. Today & every day.

That coulda been used to pay some doctor bills for poor people instead of destroying the health insurance business....
Ah well.


I love black licorice.

Boehner crossed the line with me when he made those utterly stupid comments. Phooey on him.

Typhuspad is slow as molasses for me this morning - anyone else having this issue?

les nessman

Don't know if milkshakes are the best choice to prove sugar>fat. I don't have a milkshake because I want some fat; I have it because I want some sweet.
Same way that I don't have a ribeye because I want some sweet; I have it because I want some savory charred medium-rare fatness.

crap. Now I want a steak and a shake.


same for me.


Thanks, maryrose. Didn't know if I needed to reboot my computer or not.

Thomas Collins

I'm not a big fan of sugar, except sugar resulting from red wine ingestion. I'm more of a fats/veggies guy than sugars/fruits.

Meanwhile, after yesterday's Broncos loss to the Bolts, the Patriots have their own fate in their hands for the #1 seed in the AFC. Even if Denver loses another game and KC and the Pats tie for best AFC Conference record, Pats would win the Conference record tiebreaker.


"Sequester We Hardly Knew Ye
By Congressman Tom McClintock    

        The great irony of the Republican decision to bust the budget sequester is that barely two months ago, congressional roles were reversed.  The Democrats insisted on funding the government according to existing law.  The Republicans sought one simple change: that the individual insurance mandate under Obamacare be delayed for one year.  They were trying to spare the American people the Obamacare disaster that is now unfolding, but to no avail.  The American people sided overwhelmingly with the Democrats on the principle that the government should be funded according to current law without any side issues.           

Why wasn’t that principle applied just two months later? Republicans were in the ideal position to hold the budget line simply by insisting on enforcing current law.  Instead, the House Republican leadership pushed through a two-year budget that will allow the federal government to spend an additional $63 billion more than current law allows – money that our country does not have.       

    Some of the discussion has focused on how much of the spending spree will be paid with higher taxes.  The answer is, “all of it.”  Once government spends a dollar, it has already decided to tax that dollar – the only questions that remain are who gets the bill and when.               

  Sixty-three billion dollars of new spending – and therefore new taxes in some form – is not a small amount of money.  It averages about $570 of added burdens for every family in America.         

    Not so, say supporters.  Over the next ten years, fee increases and spending reforms will pay for all of this, with $22 billion to spare for debt reduction.  The claim is a practical application of the economic principles of J. Wellington Wimpy:  “I will gladly pay you $22 billion in deficit reduction ten years from now for $63 billion in new spending today.”           

The lie is given to this promise within the measure itself.  A major part of the alleged long-term deficit reduction is the assurance that after a two year spending binge, Congress will not only enforce the sequester but will even extend it for an extra two years in 2022 and 2023.  Pardon my skepticism.  We are required to believe that in the future, Congress will magically summon the fiscal discipline that has eluded it in the present.           

A side deal called the “Doc Fix” offers more reason for doubt.  The “Doc Fix” has become an annual ritual arising from a previous budget deal that promised long term savings, except that Congress votes every year to ignore it (oops there goes another $8.7 billion).              

True, discretionary spending will be less than the House budgets of 2011 and 2012, but this is a sleight-of-hand.  Those budgets were unified packages of reforms that saved most on the mandatory side of the ledger and must be viewed in their totality – not picking and choosing which parts to compare and which to ignore.           

Finally, we are told that there are not enough votes in the House to support current-law spending.  There’s one way to find out: put a clean measure on the floor and see where the votes are.  That’s essentially how the impasse was resolved two months ago.             

The sequester provided less than a third of the deficit reduction that Standard and Poors warned would have been necessary to maintain our triple-A credit rating, which is why many conservatives opposed it.  But it was at least a step in the right direction.  It was an agreement that Congress made with itself, and given the political realities of a divided government, it became the only viable instrument to keep spending under some modicum of control.  The busting of that limit now calls into question any promises of future fiscal restraint.       

              Perhaps the most stinging indictment of the budget deal comes from former Reagan budget director David Stockman.  Under Stockman’s guidance, the Reagan administration reduced both spending and the deficit as a percentage of GDP, produced a period of prolonged economic expansion and won the cold war.

  His verdict is chilling: "It's a joke and betrayal. It's the final surrender of the House Republican leadership to Beltway politics and kicking the can and ignoring the budget monster that's hurtling down the road."          

  The new Congressional budget is a mistake at a time when we can’t afford many more mistakes.  The path of least resistance, even if paved with good intentions, is not a path America can afford to travel any longer."


Curious about the licorice haters and how they feel about the following somewhat similar flavors:

Anise (love it in biscotti)
Fennel Seed (love it in taralli, Italian sausage)
Tarragon (I use it fresh in Chicken and fish dishes - though sparingly)


Funny you should mention those cc.
I love black licorice and can't really stand any of those flavors.

Heinz attracted new customers based on taste
*shudder* Ketchup is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever actually put in my mouth. There are lots of things I just don't like but will eat anyway (probably has something to do with the last 100 lbs or so...) but ketchup is so nasty that I will throw food away and go hungry if there is even ketchup residue on it.
Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself
Beasts of England

Scotch is sweet. So is red wine. So, when I drink a Scotch whilst preparing prime rib and then drink wine with the roast, it's like a milkshake. And it's almost prime rib season!

p.s. Yea, tarragon!

Jack is Back!

You have to go to MarkO's 10:58 link in order to watch the Fawlty Towers Waldorf Salad episode for the laugh riot of the day:)

Danube on iPad

Anisette and licorice have the same repellent flavor to me; don't know about the other two. But I would rather eat licorice than liver.

Jack is Back!

Let me see if I can get you all in the spirit for tomorrow's Army-Navy game.

From 2011 with Gary Sinise

Next year I am taking Frederick.

Jack is Back!


Anyone having trouble posting or a slow repsonse from the JOM server?

Jack is Back!

Balls to the Wall.

A little pilot humor for daddy:

'Balls to the wall' is a term that pilots use that has origins from the
earlier days of flight, when the throttle, prop control, and mixture
had knobs that made it easier for the pilot to grip ...

full forward to the instrument panel, hence, 'balls to the wall.'

St Louis Approach control:

St. Louis Approach to United:

'United 123 best forward speed to the outer marker, you're number one.'

United 123 (male voice):

'Roger, balls to the wall.'

St. Louis Approach to American:

'American 4321, you're number two behind a United 737, follow him, cleared
visual, best forward speed.'

American 4321 (female voice):

'Well I can't do balls to the wall, but I can do wide open.'

-Radio silence-

Unidentified Pilot (male voice): 'Is American hiring?'


Looks like the ChiCom Navy is getting up in Barry "handjive" Obama's face. LUN. I guess I can't blame them. Standing next to a lunatic waving his arms around hardly expresses a "don't f*** with me" attitude.


Yes, Jack. Very slow for me too today.

Dave (in MA)

Any other fans of salt licorice?

Dave (in MA)
Anyone having trouble posting or a slow repsonse from the JOM server?
I was; at first I thought it was an outright internet outage but then I noticed it was limited to just a handful of sites that I frequent.
Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

JOM was very slow for me earlier, but seems to be back to normal for me now. WTF? Over.


Yeah - JOM finally back to normal load time.


I got a five-oh-something internal server error about two hours ago when I tried to refresh the page, and I have gotten several page refreshes where the formatting has only been partial and everything with the page is one long column.

Beasts of England

Younger daughter just returned home from college, so I got to have lunch with both of the Beastettes, which is always a treat.

Got the complete rundown and saw all ~500 photos from their NYC trip. Any Manhattan JOMers familiar with ABC Kitchen? Looked and sounded pretty pure.


--We do a lot of work on the prevention of obesity, and what is really clear not only from this study but from the broader literature over all is that the more sugar you eat, the more you want to consume it....--

My extensive research this morning renders the opposite verdict; that in fact a whole bunch of sugar in the form of black licorice and Pearson mint patties compels a very strong desire not to consume any more, a desire so strong that it can even compel one to throw the rest of them away, and vow never to buy the damn things again and produce a bit of a tummy ache, to boot. Blech.

jimmyk on iPhone

Since I linked to Stockman's diatribe on the budget deal, here's another more positive take by another not always reliable source.

Or maybe

He says undoing the future cuts will require legislation, so maybe there's some hope with an R majority in Congress they'll stick.

Frau Lakritz

Iggy, don't overdose on the licorice. We want you at your computer, not in the loo.

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