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January 31, 2014



Paul Ryan has the immigration bee in his bonnet. He thinks it makes him look Presidential.


Only one reason for these people living outside the rule of law. Our present political class allow it. Enforce immigration law now.

Jack is Back! (Instigator-in-Chief)

From a frien of a friend:

Tony P
Life Is Good
In God We Trust

----- Original Message -----
From: James Murphy
To: James Murphy
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 8:20 PM
Subject: No Votes for Immigration Reformers

I received this earlier today from a man who is a long time friend and fellow Officer. I have deleted his name BUT not his opinions, which incidentally are the same as mine.


Can't keep my mouth shut any longer.

ICE officials resisting immigration reform for one reason: The last several times it's been done, it was a boondoggle.

It always promises increased enforcement, but only after it gives away massive benefits. When I was DOJ/OIG, SA Jon Lines made 1 case of testing fraud for persons cheating naturalization tests - 13,000 people became citizens out of that 1 case alone (including vote, gun ownership, etc). How many of them did we go back and strip of citizenship? 0.

We took millions in bribe monies in the adjustment of status cases that we saw following IRCA 86 (last one of these messes) - no idea how many we didn't see. I had an INS undercover officer selling approved adjustment of status packages for $1500/each in a sting operation. We had 40 of them show up in one day alone.

They finally vetted and hired Border Patrol Agents, after decades of promising, but forgetting to fund. Don't miss that: We don't have the money to pay our existing bills, let alone commit to additional ones. 20 years of salary for a BPA = ~$2 million if AUO, medical, retirement contributions, etc. are included. We now have 20,000 of them arresting 1/3 that BP was arresting with 1/7 the manpower in the 80's! No study has concluded other than that the reason for falling numbers had to with a weak US jobs market.

Can no one do the math? Every one of these needs mechanical, radio, computer, dispatch, clerical, support, etc. Just as we cannot afford to turn loose thousands of undocumented workers on an already screamingly threatened job market, we cannot afford to hire the enforcement people that would come as the trade-off.

Where's the ethic of rewarding people who came illegally while their countrymen who followed our laws still are kept out? I have turned back pastors, who went back to their homes in Mexico! So what? We reward the scofflaws and then call those who submit to rule of law "dumbasses" by fiat? I suppose that's DC mentality, but it doesn't have to be that of Americans.

Please contact every conservative you know (THIS WEEK - This is imminent) and obtain a pledge from them not to vote for ANYONE who votes in favor of immigration reform. This is national suicide. Make it known - "this is as stupid for your political career as it is for the USA".

Critics of my letter: I didn't swear at or about you; I didn't call you names; I registered an informed opinion. Please respond only in kind. Also, include in any response whether you're a US citizen - in this issue, they are entitled to more audience.

Don't waste your time with the race card. This is not about ethnicity or race; it's about anarchy's suppression.


Good Morning!

Rising Star Hominid Cave update!

I just emigrated/immigrated (whichever) back to the States from Osaka, but thought I would link to South African Hominid Prof Berger putting out a call for undergrad and/or grad Paleo students to cut their teeth volunteering to study the 1,200 hominid bones unearthed in the November Rising Star Expedition:

Call for Scientists to Join Rising Star Workshop 2014

the Rising Star Expedition produced more material than one scientist or traditional paleoanthropological team could process in several years.

That inspired project leader Lee Berger and his collaborators come up with a different way of handling this find. Believing that there are likely to be other big hominid discoveries in the coming years, they want the people who will be leaders in the future to get used to handling large amounts of fossils now. “We hope to engage the next generation of scientists,” says Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand and a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, “and give them an opportunity to participate directly in this new age of exploration.”


I have no idea if anyone here has kids or relations in this field of Paleo-Anthropology, but I like how this Professor Berger is apparently attempting to open the doors wide to a public Science audience regarding these new discoveries, as opposed to shutting the door and the evidence from public scrutiny.

We are seeking early career scientists with data and skill sets applicable to the study of any part of the anatomy of early hominins. Participants must be willing to share these data and skills in a collaborative workshop designed to study, describe and publish these important hominin fossils.

I have no idea what Prof Bergers's political or ideological beliefs are, but if this serves as an example of the unhidden, and welcoming sort of scientific investigation that we all give lip service to and hopefully support, as opposed to the secretive and dictatorial propaganda we have been subjected to by the UN, NASA, the BBC, The EU, Al Gore, and the dictatorial Science soapboxes, then I welcome Professor Berger's offers to share the data for open, above board inquiry.

This Berger example should compel us to ask why this shouldn't be the same methodology we should follow regarding AGW.


daddy, you always post the most interesting things. I know that a number of archeological efforts also ask for volunteers for digging, cataloguing, etc. My back wouldn't allow me to do that once I was in a situation where I could take off for a month or so and help, but what fun!


Sad - Devastating
WTAE-PA: Pennsylvania Small Business Hit With Skyrocketing Health Costs From ObamaCare

Captain Hate

Paul Ryan has the immigration bee in his bonnet. He thinks it makes him look Presidential.

Ryan is the biggest disappointment I can think of. I actually believed what that louse had to say in 2010 and he's done a 180 on just about all of it.

When I was a kid I'd notice some bitter old cranks who would say "don't trust either party; they'll sell you out"; and I'd think how pessimistic that sounds. Thanks to the GOP that's exactly where I am today.



Thanks for the complement.

BTW, on the way over today/tonight (it took forever) I read part of an interesting family bio related to the intermix between Japan and a Western European Jewish family, back in the days of the very early influence of Japanese art into the artistical culture of the French Impressionists. That's a mouthful and poorly stated, but so far I have enjoyed The Hare with the Amber Eyes. Just a possible suggestion for a possible birthday present for your son.

I especially enjoyed this part from page 75, about the author's great Uncle, who was a very fashionable and influential art critic in Paris during the Impressionist era, and who was a big promoter for Manet, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Cassatt, Degas, etc, as opposed to the Academy.

After the author posts this Manet painting, Une botte d'esparage, 1880 he turns to contemporary correspondence:

And he (My great Uncle Charles Ephrussi) was a friend of the artists.

"It is now Thursday', writes Manet to Charles, 'and I still haven't heard from you. You are evidently enthralled by your host's wit...Come on, take up your very best pen and get on.'

Charles bought a picture of some asparagus from Manet, one of his extraordinary small still lifes, where a lemon or a rose is lambent in the dusk. It was a bundle of twenty stalks bound in straw. Manet wanted 800 francs for it, a substantial sum, and Charles thrilled, sent 1,000. A week later Charles received a small canvas signed with a simple M in return. It was a single asparagus stalk laid across a table with an accompanying note: "This seems to have slipped from the bundle."

I got a belly laugh from that, so when the co-pilot asked what I was laughing at I handed him the book and told him to read the same 2 paragraphs which he did, after which he looked at me and asked again" What is it were you laughing at?

One of us is crazy:)


Cool, daddy, he was your great great uncle.

James D.

I'm really curious:

Why in the world does anyone in the GOP (especially the supposedly savvy and intelligent consultants and "Top Men") believe that, if they do pass an immigration reform that brings in millions of new citizens/voters, that they will get the slightest credit for it, from those new voters, or from the MSM?

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows what will happen. The millions of new voters will think that the GOP only went along with immigration reform under duress, or in order to provide more cheap labor for their corporate masters. Nobody in the GOP will get the slightest positive credit for it, and none of them will see any upswell from Hispanic voters for it.

And you can be sure that, the moment the ink is dry on the President's signature of any bill, the Dems will be trumpeting that message - they had to drag the GOP to the table to even get this modest reform (regardless of how modest it actually is), and the GOP still hates Hispanics (and black people, and everyone else). And the MSM will repeat that ad nauseum. And the GOP will roll over and take it.

End result:

Millions of more Dem voters.

More contempt for the GOP from the MSM, and yet more proof that the GOP will ultimately roll over to the Dems, every single time.

More cheap labor to compete with already-struggling American citizens.

Millions more people who will not be
assimilated into our culture, because the Dems will tell them they don't need to bother with that, and the MSM will reinforce that.

And, to top it off, another demonstration that the GOP leadership not only doesn't care what the conservative base thinks; they actually hold them in nearly as much contempt as the Dems do.

It's lose-lose all the way around, short-term and long-term; both politically and for the country generally.

No wonder so many in the GOP leadership are all for it.


Because they are either fools or knaves, James.


Cass 'nudge' Susstein, musing about 'paranoid
libertarians, in Bloomberg,

Captain Hate

Speaking of ignorant Repuke strategies, some member of the Horde reported that Cheeto Crist is now leading Rick Scott in polls. I have zero sympathy for somebody who caved to the race hustlers and circumvented the normal steps, which were very appropriate to handle Saint Traytable's demise, and waste time and money for that ignorant bint Angela Corey to make a maudlin ass out of herself while trying unsuccessfully to con a jury.

Jack is Back!


Charlie Cheetah is up 8 points on Scott but then Scott hasn't even started his campaign yet. Unlike Charlie who has John Morgan and the Florida Society of Ambulance Chasers funding his early start.

I just wish someone would primary Scott but its not going to happen and he is a hellva lot better to have as Gov then that two-faced Obama hugger.

Captain Hate

JiB, I certainly wouldn't wish Creamsicle Crist on any state but Scott created a large unnecessary problem for himself, which seems to be the norm for the GOP under Reince Priebus.


local Minitrue is the typical 'two minute hate' for Governor Luthor, they forgot about
the bit of the Potemkin campaign that Cheetoh
was running,


Capt. H - Scott *acted* despicably wrt the Zimmerman case . . .

Crist, on the other hand, is simply a despicable person, to his very core.

I'd have to hold my nose and vote for Scott in any matchup with Charlie the (oppor)Tuna(ist)


So Sochi is safe, re the interview with Tapper, as much as Boston!


Why in the world does anyone in the GOP (especially the supposedly savvy and intelligent consultants and "Top Men") believe that, if they do pass an immigration reform that brings in millions of new citizens/voters, that they will get the slightest credit for it, from those new voters, or from the MSM?

Maybe that's not what it's about, James. Would it surprise you if some of these guys have been offered book deals or future lobbying positions or sweet gigs for their family members? Isn't that how the game is really played?


What is even more dangerous about a cave-in on immigration reform is to do it in an environment where so much had been committed to writing about using the will of an electoral majority to jettison the current Constitution and achieve socialism. I just finished yet another book on it that came out about 2 weeks ago.

And it all starts with achieving the desired consciousness. So much easier when you open the doors to people from another culture and tradition and then tell them "we stole your land" and "your culture is just as important as our traditions. No need to assimilate. You are not a collection of individuals but a Hispanic voting bloc for La Raza to represent at the table of planning and envisioning the new future."

And for the healthcare angle the book ends with a vision of Thanksgiving 2077 where medical resources are "finite" and it is important for grandpa to go ahead and die when cancer recurs so that those finite resources are available for the young.

Captain Hate

The rot has always been in the GOP, it just hid itself better in the past. Remember when Newt drove the Contract with America to a surprising victory in 1994? And what was the first thing that the lifer Repukes decided to not live up to? Term limits.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, Ryan showed his true character when he proposed a budget that never balanced in ten years and tried to sell that as responsible and different.

Funny how these guys never learn that careers can end with one event: Bush 1 lip reading on no new taxes..., Rubio in bed with Durbin and Schumer on open the borders now, Ryan hang gliding off the fiscal cliff by using the same accounting gimmicks they all use, Romney in so many ways, and on and on.


Newt, had his faults, but vision was not one of them,

Old Lurker

was that 2077 or 2017, rse?


It's seems Logan's Run was an aspirational film for them, that and THX-1138


More government over-reach.

FAA grounds brewery's beer-delivering drone

Jack is Back!

Ryan showed himself in that debate with Slo Joe. He let that cheshire cat run all over him without a whimper. I lost all respect I had reserved for Ryan at that point on. Two acts of campaign cowardice, one by Romney with Crowley and Ryan with Biden. They were DOOMED from that point onward.

Captain Hate

The gift that keeps on giving:


The WSJ has a picture of Chinese celebrating the new year... four of them carrying horse figures. The year of the snake is over, now for the year of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

If a politician is pro illegals...they should only be allowed to lecture us if they let illegals live on their own personal property.

Once libs & RINOS are riding bikes or walking everywhere, paying every person they encounter 15 bucks an hour, letting illegals live on their property, covering the mortgage payments, medical bills, tuition, & living expenses of at least 1 "victim" for every $100,000 they earn,....

...then maybe I will listen to them.


Heritage asks is there any reason for the R's to trust Obama to keep his end of the immigration bargain? The question answers itself.

As for the liar in chief--here's a reminder:

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

The "We'll Take Care Of You" club. They personally can cover & be responsible for every expense for their sponsored "victim".
How bout that?

There can be TV ads...sponsor a victim for just $50.00 a day - the price of quite a bit of coffee. You'll even get a photo of your victim to display on your refrig.


What an interesting looking book, daddy, I'll get it for my son and his family.


Well, it's up to the people if the GOP is going to sell us out.
Let's remember W and both a GOP congress and a Dem one tied to ram this crap through more than once during his presidency and the rank and file squawking of the Rep base prevented it.

If it says it's picking up its jacks and going home this time it'll be a self fulfilling prophecy.


Ted Cruz is furious. He thinks the house just cost the Republicans any chance of winning the senate.


BTW, what exactly has the house just done?
Is there an actual bill even a proto one, or are these fools just floating trial balloons?


Oh... Ted Cruz sez so....


Just trial balloons now, but they are full of propane,

Jeff Dobbs

Save the Owls! Shoot the Owls! Save the Owls and Shoot the Owls!

That's for Iggy.

Oh, and for daddy too. You remember how Sarah Palin was evil because she supported a program to shoot wolves from helicopters to help the caribou population.

Now we have this...

[The US Fish and Wildlife Service] plans to remove as many as 118 barred owls from the area, keeping the 55 known barred owl nesting sites open over the next five years to see if spotted owls increase, said Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Robin Bown. Contractors go to an area that barred owls are known to be in, play a digital caller to attract them, and then Obama shoots the birds with a shotgun.

Last sentence maaaay have been slightly modified.


Oh that reminds me, that carrier of that meme, AShley Judd, mused something about Dear Leader's propensity to 'boogie' I'm not making that up


I'm not sure what the snark is NK. Is Ted Cruz not allowed an opinion?

Account Deleted

"BTW, what exactly has the house just done?"

Elicited a public response which will make passage of immigration legislation highly improbable. There are a few bills in Trey Gowdy's committee concerning border security and enforcement which could be brought to the floor and passed against Democrat opposition but there is no omnibus legislation (aside from the Senate bill) on tap.

It looks like poorly written, produced and acted kabuki. IOW - a typical Top Men production.


Was just about to link that, Hit.
Irony, it's what's for breakfast...that and some owl soup.


Btw, the Newtown shooter, scored all the boxes on the DSM-IV, it seems,


The Consent Decree between the two major Parties is based on perceived racism in the GOP. The solution was putting an ankle bracelet on the elephant and giving the monitoring equipment to the donkey.

Every time the GOP tries to break free, their arguments are reduced to why they are no longer racists.

Since "immigration reform" and racism seem to go hand in hand, I suspect the GOP is going to cave just enough so they have another stupid argument that they are no longer hateful towards some minority.

The decree is bad news. If we found out that there was a decree between any two teams in professional or amateur sports that decidedly gave the upper hand to only one team, there would be outrage.

They will never resolve this.


May have already been linked but here is Richard Fernanadez expanding on the idea of Irish Democracy; the idea of essentially citizen nullification of an all powerful government via non compliance.
Like most Fernandez, well worth the read.

Captain Hate

Here's something you won't find featured in the MFM:


OL-2077 and Gingrich is the name of the UN settlement of the Dark side of the moon. Grandpa cannot believe it was named for a lunatic.

Petroleum products have been outlawed by UN. It's at the end of the book Ron Radosh mentioned earlier in the week. I bought it when I realized Bill Ayers had written one of the essays.

Keeps talking about the top 1% who "own the economy." My problem is that there is no question this is the vision tied to all these ed reforms. My mound of evidence is ever-increasing and the ties to Common Core are direct, not me inferring and then being right. I will write up, but it might be tomorrow. Hectic last four days.

I am thinking of sipping tea and watching reruns of Doctor Who so I can keep up with Red's fasciantion for it.


I hope Rick is right.


Bill Kristol and Haley Barbour were on Kudlow's show yesterday in a mini debate on immigration reform.

Barbor (and Kudlow) pro and Kristol against.

It was pretty well done for such a short time they had.

I'm not pro immigration because although I take a farmers point of view of needing the unskilled labor - I do NOT want them to vote! And illegals in some parts of the country will and do vote in our elections. Probably in not that high of numbers but still...

Old Lurker

GOP has no clue that we simply do not trust any of them in DC.



Keying off the Fernandez piece and the excellent comments he usually inspires at his blog caused me to remember an AmSPec article from back in the nineties I think.

The premise was, and it seemed kind of silly in some ways at the time, was that corruption was the coming menace for the western world in the 21st century rather than some ideology, although the corruption he described was an offshoot of statism.

With the rise of Barry's Second City on the Potomac it gets harder and harder to dispute the guy. As state power grows and it blankets us with impossible and unworkable regulations the people ignore the law more and more or find work arounds (works around?) or use outright bribery.
Meanwhile the government continues cynically promulgating regulations it knows are unenforcable or are only to exact tribute and the lines between the executive and the legislative become blurred as they both have a stake in the corrupt regulatory state.

Eventually you've got what they have in Europe a corrupt fascistic blending of state and large corporations and a Faustian bargain between local government, the citizens and small business of wink, wink, nudge, nudge non compliance and graft.

The whole thing takes on the look of some central African tribal state where the rule of law becomes a pro forma means of advancing the real, corrupt black market state, which is made to work in a manner of speaking, but only by means which cause stagnation and wealth destruction in a perpetual game of trading for the last piece of a largely static pie. There can be marginal growth and wealth creation here and there but it's sporadic, never secure and a tiny fraction of what we would have had with just a bit of sobriety and realization of what we're presently throwing away.


CH@9:59...very disturbing. It took weeks for the mother's family in NH to claim her body and give her a quiet funeral. Something was very wrong.


Good point, Iggy.
Look at free speech in America. O was so outraged at Citizens United that his IRS corrupted its reach and now continues to in the proposed new regs on 501(c)(4)--this obviating the SCOTUS' role as defender of the Bill of Rights.

Then there's the auto bailout which undercut centuries of creditor's and shareholder's rights.

And the green scams which took money out of the treasury and handed it to cronies to burn/


well said, Ignatz @ 10:19.

Account Deleted


I'm pretty sure there is a common understanding regarding the esteem in which pols are held. There appears to be some confusion regarding whose boots must be licked first and leadership has resolved the impasse in favor of the Bathhouse Billionaire anusphiles with open check books.

They are not stupid, they are just whores. Ryan had no access to the money required to seek the job he wants. Mitt opened the door and Ryan sold himself. We can seek and admire the possibility of chastity within Uncle Sugar's brothel but it would be rather surprising to actually find it.



>>>More cheap labor to compete with already-struggling American citizens.<<<

the other part of this is that they want to raise the min wage without realizing that for many illegal aliens getting paid less than min wage is the only job they can get. so we would be granting amnesty then they would become unemployable. brilliance at work.


I don't think I'd give them credit for some sort of wheels-within-wheels long game. They really do want immigration reform.


I don't know how long I can continue to afford being a conservative. I may have to go to the other side and become a taker instead of a giver. My pocketbook is not deep enough to pay my 'fair' share.


Rick is wrong.

It's a done deal. What you are watching now is just theater.

Sandy Frydaze

Then again, there is this:

Poll: Sarah Palin Has Highest Favorability Rating Among GOP Primary Voters



from the other thread...the forth is coffee.


Well that makes perfect sense, yes Amnesty has got the money and the media behind it, but not the people's support.


I guess Paul Krugman was right about the 'bette in Spokane' anecdote about people being forced into higher health insurance premiums being complete bullshit.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the RNC are being asked today why they lied to the American people.

Neither can be found for comment.


rich, I assumed it was more beer.


'Unexpectedly' there was no tie between Rheinsberg's injuries and the fact that Obama didn't believe in the mission,


>>>although I take a farmers point of view of needing the unskilled labor <<<

all those unemployed and underemployed college graduates...

Sandy Frydaze

This is what Jane was trying to post the other day (but I don't think she was able)...


a 'cunning cunning plan' Black Adder couldn't have said it better.


feather passer has reached new heights (depths) of self parody.
LUN for why he doth beclown himself so

Robin in the h--l hole of upstate NY

Lurker here. Love the recipes and second the shout out to the Smitten Kitchen blog. Her recipes are always fantastic and accurate with time allowances.

So I just took the time to send that Pittsburgh news station video link to all of my representatives. Schumer and Gillibrand got a special comment about hoping to see this kind of thing go viral. For Tom Reed, a special hint that if immigration supersedes this issue and he votes for it, well this Republican won't be pulling the lever for him in November.

I feel so helpless and frustrated. I miss the enthusiasm of the Tea Party meetings. I miss feeling like everyone was calling their representatives and raising hell. Our side seems incredibly demoralized. So Obama won. He achieved exactly what he wanted - he took out the real opposition.

Sandy Frydaze

available here


New York times reporting on the 'Bette in Spokane' lie...apparently McMorris Rodgers knew she was lying because she and other top RNC aides had key details about the story taken out of the speech 4 hours before the speech aired. At one stage she asked an representative from the RNC "will people find out about this?" but was assured that nobody would.

She's in alot of trouble today. Damn.


Cruz had a very well reasoned argument on Obama's lawlessness in yesterdlegal farces within Obama's selective enforcement of Obamacare and presented a strong case for a legal challenge.

If one then examines Obama's use of the EPA regulatory process to kill non-Obama approved energy projects, the case is, I think significantly strengthened that we has a lawless president who must at the least be censured and reined in.

With the seeming circular firing squad within the Washington Republican elite, perhaps Cruz and Paul are making more sense than anyone else in DC.

Much as the batshit crazy Left want to discredit them, Cruz has argued at least twice before the SC, which makes him nobody's fool. Paul seems to go from one principled action to the next. Both may be highly imperfect, but in a time of crisis such as this what can we do?

Sandy Frydaze

National Lampoon's

Middle Class Liberal Well Intention Blues

Sandy Frydaze

heh, Matt, when you first said Paul, I thought of Ryan, but that rhymes with lyin... and keepin with the prezzie's droppin of the gee,
I anin't needin no Lyin' Ryan...



Yes, they stand for something, what does Garfield,(Boehner) Sherman (Ryan) and I don't have a nickname for McConnell stand for?


What I got from reading about Bette in Spokane is Obama lied. She liked the policy she had but couldn't keep it. And instead of $700 more a month it would have been $400 more a month. Try again, DD.


Ignatz@1019: that has always been the risk to democratic republics. Tocqueville and Hayek touched on those very principles. Even ben franklin has vague misgivings at the convention.


And she refuses to put her personal information on the Obamacare website. Y'all might want to let this one go and really try again.


Try reading past Krugman next time. He shades the truth.



import beer and domestic beer...that would have worked too. needed coffee when I wrote it last night.


Hmm... Bette in spokane is real, she is indeed paying $700 month more, and the head ObummerCare 'crat in Washington State says ExchangeCare could have given her a $100/month better deal,and besides Bette is paying for BETTER insurance (why does a 58 yo need contraceptive and abortion care?.) Facts are stubborn things:


comment vanished. of course.


reading past Krugman next time. He shades the truth.

You mean his language could have been "tighter".

He is a Democrat, just like Double Douchebag, and they all lie like water runs out of my faucet.


so instead of going through the exchange (which isn't working) she is indeed paying about $700 more a month for insurance. the media must be working up for its next Joe the Plumber profile. Wonder if she has any 10 year old traffic tickets? Jaywalked? used some naughty language when she was in elementary school?

such a wicked criminal...


No she isn't paying $700 another more. She decided to not have any insurance at all because even if she could have gotten it cheaper than $700 a month more, it was still too expensive and she refuses to go onto Obamacare's website.


$700 a month more


I hope the Left pushes on with this bette thing. She lost the plan she wanted-- it was banned by ObummerCare, a lawful plan in BLUE Washington State was banned by Obummercare. She pays $700/month more. Could she have done better by dealing with the was Exchangecare? maybe, maybe not. ExchangeCare has huge privacy risks and it isn't even working. So who are we to second guess bette's decision. I read the MSNBC post on this. They got nuthin' I hope they keep pushing because this case shows the things real people hate about ObummerCare.


Krugman took one sentence out of the original article and made it work for him and DD.


She has no insurance now.


Welcome Robin @10:54.


Sue thanks re-read it.

>>>Fed up with what they considered limited, pricey choices, she said she and her husband have decided to go without coverage.<<<

So she was insured and now is not insured. gotta pass it to find out what is in it.


Correct-- 'would have to pay' $700 more. This is a great story. This couple found a plan that worked for them, a high deductible plan approvedby washington state insurance commissioners. ObummerCare BANNED that plan, and now she'd have to pay $5000-8000/year MOAR for premiums, and the net wouldn't be much better than that given co-pays and deductibles. Obummercare does NOT let her keep her plan PERIOD. This particular lie is what is killing the Dems, and this Obummercare lie gets worse in August-september when 50-80M people are thrown off employer plans.


guess their business is going to be visited by the IRS, OSHA, INS, EPA and various and sundry local and state officials to make sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. Heaven forbid they have a box of nails on a workbench and not locked up in a blast proof cabinet.

Jeff Dobbs

Fed up with what they considered limited, pricey choices, she said she and her husband have decided to go without coverage.

Bette's health insurance costs before Obamacare: $552/month

Bette's health insurance costs after Obamacare: $0.00

Obamacare just saved Bette $552/month!!11!!!!!1!

Obama: "You should be thanking me."


I want to see her 3rd Grade report card and that C she got in penmanship.


Robin in the hell hole - glad you de-lurked.

I am so fed up with the GOP, I cannot even find words to express it any more.



Me too.


Looking for smiles this morning? Be sure and read this! I have a new, improved, impression Tina Louise!

Hill Place Blog ‏@HillPlaceBlog 33m

@JamesRosenFNC Tina Louise's @TheTinaLouise Letter to the Editor of the LA Times @latimes from November 4, 1978.

Actress Disentwines Diplomat

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