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February 21, 2014


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Jeff Dobbs

Fed Humordor.

Sandy Frydaze

iow, ymmv.

Jack is Back

They are playing with us, me and you. Unelected jerks who think they know what is best becaause they do and you don't. Welcome to the world of manipulated expections. Hoper your's are better than mine.


i remember from Morgenstern's telling, that last item is not a positive credential;

Rosengren has held senior positions within the Federal Reserve in both the research and bank supervision functions. He joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 1985 as an economist in the Research Department. He was promoted to Assistant Vice President in 1989 and to Vice President in 1991 as head of the Banking and Monetary Policy section of the Research Department.[3] In 2000, he was named Senior Vice President and head of the Supervision and Regulation Department. He assumed the additional title of Chief Discount Officer in 2003, and in 2005, he was named Executive Vice President. While in the bank supervision function, he obtained significant domestic and international regulatory experience related to the Basel II Capital Accord.[4]


it's time to get off the iv no,

Jane on Ipad

I grew up next door to Lawrence - and wasn't allowed to enter that city as a kid. I also lived there for a few months in 1973.

I doubt very much a "modest amount" would do a thing. At this point I doubt one resident of Lawrence speaks English.

Jack is Back

Mikaela Schiffrin. You go girl. Wonder how Drudge will handle this?


it seems to have gone through some very tough times,

Dave (in MA)

MA tax crusader Barbara Anderson debates my state Senator (typical D. pantload) on the topic of whether House of Cards is real or not. She's about as fond of politicians as JOMers are. On her Facebook page she later wrote:

"I had fun. In case I appear cynical, we have a history with Sen. Joyce: our PAC endorsed him for the legislature many years ago because he was running on support for the income tax rollback. After he won he voted against it. So I was in a mood to justify any amount of cynicism..."

Dave (in MA)

Jane, are the chief industries in Lawrence still insurance fraud and arson?

Jane on Ipad

I havn't been there in a long time except to get on 495, but if I had to guess, yes.

Dave (in MA)

On the plus side, they finally got rid of Willie Lantigua.


I can't stand to watch or hear Yellen speak.


how many of those pikes did they need to do it,

we've seen similar efforts with at least one city councilmen, one county commissioner, who all assured they were totally innocent, of course there was a lesser known South Florida tie to Lurch, back in the 80s, a front man for what turned out to be BCCI's Southern front,
who was his Senate campaign chair,

Jeff Dobbs

I will never know whether I can't stand to watch or hear Yellen speak.


Schiffrin is a pleasure to watch race. I like the Atomic GS skis she uses. I bought a pair this past fall. They're very stiff and don't accept any nonchalant effort, but they sure snap off some turns. Very good showing by the young lady.

Captain Hate

They are playing with us, me and you. Unelected jerks who think they know what is best becaause they do and you don't. Welcome to the world of manipulated expections. Hoper your's are better than mine.

Right now I have more respect for the Ukrainians than I do for the shitheads of this country.


It will take Kiev on the Potomac to rid ourselves of these meddlesome pri**s.
And I didn't misspell priests.

Danube on iPad

Iggy just nipped me. I was going to say, "Who will rid me of these meddlesome assholes?"


You know, it really does take Hutzpah for Michelle Obama to come out and call youth "knuckleheads" for not signing up for ObamaCare, when it's the Administration that is spending millions on such knuckleheaded stuff as this in trying to get youth to sign up for the damn thing:

Right. Youth are the "Knuckleheads". Got it Michelle.

I wish we had somebody on our side with a show like John Stewart's to just shove something like "knuckleheads" right back up her fat ass.


some of those required full neuralization to block that out, daddy

Beasts of England

Nothing will fit up there until Fallon clears out. Just sayin'...

Their average age was 26.



16 year old knucklehead:


Garbage link...

Scroll down from here:


Let me be first. Jimmy Fallon SUCKS. He's not talented, he's not funny, he's not HIP.
Jimmy Fallon, I knew Johnny Carson, Jack Parr and Jay Leno, and you SIR are no............


Cavuto had 2 sharp young Conservative folks on about Michelle's "Young People Are Knuckleheads" comments. Both were excellent but I thought one of the young guys comments was great as I think it took Neil by surprise. Can't find a link, but I recorded it and here was his first comment:

Cavuto: You know, I'm going to give the First Lady the benefit of the doubt. I know what she was trying to say, that a lot of young people don't think they need insurance because they're young and indestructible, they're healthy, but this is the bullet proof stage and they don't think that they need anything to guard against bullets, umm but it was a clumsy way of framing it, but what she's saying is You might not think you need health insurance but you do, sign up and do so now. Did she impress you with that argument?

Charlie Kirk ( No, not really. And you know how she called it a "knucklehead." I would argue that young people are actually reasoning with this health care Law. I think they're actually making a sound economic decision. If you're a young person and you can't find work and all of a sudden the minimum health insurance policy has tripled or quadruppled and you can't afford it, I'll just pay a small fine and walk away from it, that's not being a knucklehead, that's being a good consumer. So I would disagree fundamentally with Michelle Obama, and I'll say one more thing. I think she meant what she said, but I don't think she meant to say it. And I think there's a big difference there. I think deep down this administration, and previously the campaign, they look at our generation as knuckleheads, people that they can trick into getting to vote for these bigger Government policies, and I think there's a lot deeper things underneath to what Michelle Obama said.

Cavuto was impressed: That's a very interesting argument and you could tell that he did not expect that answer. If I can find the short segment I'll post it.


Could this explain Virginia, a last manifestation of the deniers and deflectors?


Daddy, Michelle Obama is a clown. She is not bright nor smart. She thinks that she is the QUEEN. We are stupid, and she and Smokey Joe Kool Smoking Barry are smart.
They are Marxists. Michelle Obama is not intelligent at all. She is the definition of affirmative action. To a LIBTARD, Michelle Obama is WAY SMART.

dublindave forever

I loved Michelle on Jimmy Fallon. Yeah, I accept that most right wing leaning folk are more invested in cheese teeth frumparella being first lady (I say cheese teeth bec
ause one of Walkers aides recently wrote that he quit because of Walkers wife's notoriously bad breath ) but Michelle is just awesome.She's a style guru, a trend setter and a sophisticated highly educated woman.


She's a Horse, libtard.


If these "knuckleheads" are reasonably intelligent they will max out their withholding on their W-2's and get a sideline job in the underground economy.


THe 20-something "knuckleheads" I know are rocket scientists, medical residents, teachers, lawyers, non-profit workers.

Except for the two who that are 27 and still waiting tables while stringing together various short-employment gigs, as they had the misfortune of graduating in the top ten per cent of their class with a degree in a liberal arts field in 2009, when there was barely a job to be had. They are both self-supporting though. They have room mates, but they aren't living in mom and dad's basement.


Yanukovych has fled east. Olympic closing ceremony is tomorrow. What are teh odds Vlad rolls Armor into Kiev old school Uncle Joe style Monday morning? Obama better send Reggie out for a couple cartons of Kools.


Sounds very unstable.
Reporter for NPR in the square said nobody is leaving---

Was it a link from here yesterday where I read the Polish emissary involved in the negotiations told the opposition that they had to accept the terms, otherwise "you will all die."
That they are prepared and willing to kill them.

Miss Marple

Jonah Goldberg posted an interesting background story on Putin and his desire for a "Eurasian Union."

Frankly, I didn't know Putin was interested in this, and I do try to keep up with foreign policy news.


I just saw a tweet that Yanukovich resigned per Ukraine parliament.

Miss Marple


I was living in West Berlin when Ducek's "Prague Spring" was rolled over by Russian tanks. I have no doubt you are right.

Imagine tweets and phone pix in 1956.

Duty to Project.


I did arlier, a Pajamas link, which was first referred to by on an Ace thread, Among people I used to admire was Sikorski, probably around the time he took Polanski's side,


Yes, it does seem like Prague but also Budapest;


Scandal in Sochi:
2 million people asking for investigation over scoring in Women's Figure Skating!

Danube on iPad

Hinderaker at Powerline re Steyn:

"Are the causes of action in Steyn’s counterclaim valid? I won’t express a legal opinion here, but I do think that in the broader picture, Mark is on to something. There is zero chance that Mann’s lawsuit will ever result in a verdict in his favor. He can’t possibly satisfy the actual malice standard, even if you assume that the statements Steyn and others have made about Mann’s role in the global warming scam are potentially actionable. But that was never Mann’s purpose: his lawsuit was a political act, intended to suppress political debate. Steyn’s counterclaim, and his future conduct of his own defense, will join the battle where it counts.

"That said, I still wish Mark would hire a lawyer."

Old Lurker

Fox says Cantor and House Reps plan to push back hard against the imperial president and excessive regulations.

Ho hum.


I know it can't lest, specially with this fcckless clod in office, Alinsky's Sorcerer's apprentice,,0,3528723.story

However, it does warm the heart when the good guys win something, for a change,


Whem you see the actiosn of Maidan, and Maria Corina and Leopoldo, that does look a little underwhelming no, but you know I tear up when they sing the Marsellaise in Casablanca.


Just happened across this

and realized that Bill Clinton did not just "steal my children's innocence"--which he certainly did. I still remember exactly where I was driving when I told my then-11 year old what oral sex was--
he also stole my career!

That is when I decided I had to be home at breakfast time, because of what was in the morning paper.
I cut back dramatically; still practice, but never had the leadership positions that I had before cutting back.


daddy @ 11:55, Gus, iggy, great posts all....

James D.

A bunch of Democrat Senators pushing a bill to force cell phone makers to include remotely-activated kill switches in all new phones. What could possibly be bad about that?

The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association in the past has opposed such proposals, warning that hackers might infiltrate the new technology, and electronic rights activists caution there may be abuse from authorities.

Mikulski says those concerns are not valid.

“First of all, if they’re worried about a hacker, they could do that to your cellphone now, a kill switch won’t affect that one way or the other,” she says. “In terms of your government shutting off your cellphone, I think that’s conspiratorial.”

So a government that loves to record its citizens at all times, but hates to have its own operatives recorded, with the power to remotely turn off people's phones (and any audio/video recording they're doing) whenever a cop or a fed deems it "necessary" - hmm...that couldn't POSSIBLY be abused, right?

Of course we can trust Babs Mikulski and Amy Kloubchar and other big-government Dems when they swear this wouldn't be misused by government...


"I always wanted to be thinking of something, whether it was arms forward or my parents had a saying 'knees to skis and hands in front" -Mikaela Schiffrin

I spent the last three days telling my daughters the exact same thing. We were riding chairs over girls training for the PA J1-2 State Championships."Watch her. Hands in front. Hands drive the knees."
They don't want to hear it. I'm liking this girl more and more!

MM, My father was in Berlin with the 101st in 61'. And Khrushchev was apparently vacationing in Sochi! coinkydink:)

Oh well. As Tom Robbins would say -- The world situation is desperate as usual.

Two words: Daytona Baby!!

Miss Marple

narciso, Good news in that Chicago Tribune story for the opposition, but I had to laugh about something.

The story is TWO sentences in the Chicago Tribune. Two sentences.

And below it is this:

"Reporting by Pavel Polityuk; Writing by Matt Robinson; Editing by Alessandra Prentice"

THREE people were needed to produce TWO sentences!


I guess Vlad called. Yanukovich now unresigning, calling events in Ukraine a Nazi coup.

Old Lurker

3:2...sounds about right MM.

Think of the jobs saved.

Jane-curling is on!

"That said, I still wish Mark would hire a lawyer."

I feel the exact same way. Hell the lawyer can do the law and Mark can do the writing.


I could have resorted to Carlos Slim's but they would have gotten at least one face wrong, even though their reporting has been better then average,


yes, it was to be expected;

Jane-curling is on!


I completely agree. What bothers me as much are the "parents" who were just fine with it.

OTOH his actions (not the sexual ones) turned me into a conservative when a state senator, lawyer, democrat, good friend of mine told me it was "okay to lie under oath if it was just about sex".

I knew I was in the wrong place and never looked back.

(BTW she is now a judge. I wonder if that is still her opinion.)


I think Moynihan called it, defining deviancy down, but what he inflicted on this country,
in terms of policy were more serious, the CRA revisions, the cuts to defense and intelligence, the back door removal of resources as in the Utah monuments case,


"Of course we can trust Babs Mikulski and Amy Kloubchar and other big-government Dems when they swear this wouldn't be misused by government..."

The Democrats will misuse anything and everything.

IMO, there is no Democrat that can be trusted.
How could anyone trust a person that belongs to a political party that says it is OK to kill inconvenient babies.


Does anyone doubt that any of these dictators would use the kill switch to silence every phone in their country if they could?


Heh. CRA.

I remember friends' stories about working at a Bank IT department when they first got coding specs for compliance with CRA. The gist of it: "This can't be right, because that would be insane."

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Good link @ 8:56, JamesD.


Me too Jane. Having his entire cabinet come out to the driveway to vouch for his excellence as a president after his lies was it for me.

Which is why I do advocate talking to all these people--like MM's hairdresser-- we know who hold the values we do, but vote D. Something will open their eyes too.

Captain Hate

I sent narc's NYR link to a lefty friend in Berlin (Dave might remember him as Alex from Jazz Corner who was always getting banned for stirring the shit) and here's his response:

Very perceptive. I regard the Ukrainian protest movement with distant skepticism for precisely the reasons Snyder names -- the uncomfortable number of fascists mixing themselves into it and the illusions people seem to have about the EU -- but Russia is in no position to play "spot the Nazi." I'm also irritated by how Western "leftists" seem to respond to every protest movement without a clearly defined ideological character as somehow being a mere tool of the nebulous "West" to undermine (insert name of X nation-state here). As if the EU doesn't have its own problems to deal with right now and has nothing better to do than needlessly antagonize Putin's oil-rent neo-czarist state. People tend to take for granted how parliamentary democracy and a stable, regulated capitalism, while definitely not the ideal end of history, are nonetheless something like a material baseline for even being able to comfortably sit back and think about society at all. Then again, maybe I'm not the right person to ask, since I caught hell from my lefty Facebook friends a few weeks ago (including a UC Santa Cruz professor) for daring to say that I don't think any kind of socialist society is a realistic prospect in our lifetimes, for which I was roundly denounced as a gloomy pessimist, anti-Marxist, etc.

Or as I call him "the little commie son I never had". European leftists are so much more intelligent and steeped in history than the domestic trash we have that it's not even funny. Btw, his father was a Cuban immigrant to the US.


IMO, the issue of workers who support the UAW in the US will go away as the plants move to Mexico.

"automobile production is shifting to Mexico, where auto assembly workers earn less per day than American assembly workers earn per hour."

"An $800 million Honda plant opening Friday in the central state of Guanajuato will produce about 200,000 Fit hatchbacks a year, helping push total Mexican car exports to the U.S. to 1.7 million in 2014, roughly 200,000 more than Japan, consulting firm IHS Automotive says. And, with another big plant starting next week, Mexico is expected to surpass Canada for the top spot by the end of 2015."


Well maybe the Review has been chastened by the
warmongering pieces that Glenny turned out in the 90s, against Serbia, evidence of which turned out to be less than met the eye,

the EUs not liable to stand up for anything, Nuland was right on that, although perhaps from the wrong reason,


--IMO, the issue of workers who support the UAW in the US will go away as the plants move to Mexico.--

Give it 20 years and it'll go farther than that. The Mexicans will be building a wall to keep American "undocumented" sojourners from swimming the Rio Grande to take jobs from honest Mexicans.

Captain Hate

Well maybe the Review has been chastened by the warmongering pieces that Glenny turned out in the 90s, against Serbia, evidence of which turned out to be less than met the eye

Nobody's ever explained the MFM's hatred of Serbia, especially because it runs counter to their Rooski commie overlord's wishes. Bosnia (and Kosovo) is the only war they've actively cheered for that I can remember, which their hilljack orgasm addict hero prosecuted about as ineptly as possible; unless you call blowing up the Chinese embassy with a "smart missile" winning the future.


From steyn's associate in crime think;

Cuba flies troops to Venezuela to suppress democracy uprising “@Lauralafuente4: Ejercito Cubano en la Carlota"”


If I were president I would be scarfing up 3rd country anti-tank weapons, small arms and even MANPADS for the Ukrainian opposition right now.

Vlad stepping over the line in Ukraine is crossing that magic line. He has thwarted any resolution in Syria. He is behind Iran's adventurism. This time maybe he needs a very bloody nose. He is not our friend.

The Ukrainians learned in 1941 how to fight a very nasty insurgency. Even when they were being exterminated by both sides they fought on.

Captain Hate

Vlad stepping over the line in Ukraine is crossing that magic line. He has thwarted any resolution in Syria. He is behind Iran's adventurism. This time maybe he needs a very bloody nose. He is not our friend.

He knows there's a gutless fraud in the White House who would rather be on talk shows than do any real work on behalf of the country. As distasteful as it sounds, even McCain would be better.


They didn't invite him back to Morning Joke, did they;


So, now what; you want us to go save someone else from a dictator?

You sure like spending other peoples money for (certain) things.

Captain Hate

They didn't invite him back to Morning Joke, did they

He's probably still wondering if Meeka understood a thing he said; smart money says no.


Other peoples money is better spent saving ourselves from our own dictator.

Danube on iPad

"He is not our friend."

I don't think this sap realizes that, nor that he is being played like a Stradivarius.

Danube on iPad

"You sure like spending other peoples money for (certain) things."

I like spending taxpayers' money on activities that serve the nation's strategic interests. I don't like spending it so that parasites can loaf.

How about you?


However, there is always the concern that if you don't pay people, they might not vote for you.

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