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March 21, 2014


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He's a damned Marxist liar and not that smart an imbecile.
Sorry for the poetic license Mark.


This just opens up room for lawsuits. No woman will get a raise from this bill, as none got one from the Ledbetter Act. Just another raid on private wealth to benefit the trial lawyers.

hit and run

Women with college degrees may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars less over the course of her career

Subject-verb agreement is soooo 1958.

hit and run

just as they need to believe in widespread racism as a matter of self- and base-motivation.

(D)base(D) motives.


Barry: "we get clobbered in midterms" indicates a lowering of expectations by the small dog himself.

“During presidential elections, young people vote, women are more likely to vote, blacks, Hispanics more likely to vote. And suddenly a more representative cross-section of America gets out there and we do pretty well in presidential elections.

Yeah except for five out of the last nine.

--But in midterms we get clobbered — either because we don’t think it’s important or we’ve become so discouraged about what’s happening in Washington that we think it’s not worth our while.”

Yeah, like 2006 but not 2002 or 1998 or 1990 or etc.
Any pres of any party doing poorly gets clobbered in the midterms, dumbass.

I also learned that Alonzo Mourning is a basketball "legend". Who knew?

hit and run

Barry: "we get clobbered in midterms" indicates a lowering of expectations by the small dog himself.

I like how it's everyone else's fault. People don't care enough, aren't motivated, etc.

FlashbackFlashbackFlashbackFlashback . . . to some of his Motivational Base Motivating Greatest Hits of the 2010 Midterms:

"When I hear Democrats griping and groaning ... I say, 'folks, wake up'."
"It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines"
"We can't let this country fall backward because the rest of us didn't care enough to fight."
"People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up ... if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place"
"The idea that we've got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands, complaining, is just irresponsible"

So many people let Obama down, and they are poised to do it again. They should be as ashamed of themselves as Obama is of them.


I bet BOzo's workday averages 4 hrs. tops. Maybe less during "the midterms".


Since when is preening "work?"

Danube on iPad

Once again: they simply cannot imagine anyone treating others fairly unless compelled to fo so by federal law.

And once again: if a woman will do for 77 cents what a man will only do for a dollar, why would anyone hire a man?


No fair. Obama was told there would be no math, no history and no economics.




Michelle Obama today: "It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it’s even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations — with my daughters, and with my mother," she said. "And it is no accident that one of our first trips as a family is here to China."

What about the African safari where her daughters were listed as "staff"? What about the luxury hotel she commandeered on the coast of Spain? What about the mile long tunnel erected to accomodate the BOzos walk to Ghandi's home? ... etc, etc.


I used to be able to get a doctor's appointment in 5 to 10 days, but today I called .. it's now two months.

Anyone arrested for a felony in California can now expect both an unpleasant trip to jail and a demand for a sample of their precious DNA.

To the dismay of civil liberties advocates, a federal appeals court on Thursday unanimously upheld California's law allowing collection of DNA samples from anyone arrested on a felony, citing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year backing a similar Maryland law.

A special 11-judge 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel rejected the American Civil Liberties Union's argument that California's law is broader than Maryland's and threatens privacy rights more.California's controversial 5-year-old law permits collection of DNA from people at the point of felony arrest without review by a judge and even if criminal charges are never pressed, raising concerns that it intrudes on privacy rights for those arrestees who may never appear in a courtroom.

Maryland's law permits collection only from those charged with a serious felony and after a judge finds probable cause they've committed a crime.

Will they collect DNA while performing the forced colonoscopy? It would at least keep costs down.

Account Deleted

IMO - the President's advice to fellow Fascist's to prepare to lie back and think of Lenin in November is an excellent counter example to claims that he is always wrong and always lying. Every Fascist incumbent facing election should be heartened to know the President firmly believes their coming loss to be far beyond anyone's ability to change. They are now free to make plans for their lives after November, secure in the knowledge they will soon be relieved of the terrible burden of public service.

What a truly compassionate gesture by the President on behalf of those whom his incompetence and ineptitude have condemned.


Drudge has an amusing lead picture up if you want a chuckle (or a sob depending how you look at it).


TK, I just put it on the last thread.

The US Navy is collecting: in addition to every arrest record in the US apparently.

"field information cards filled out by cops on the beat even when no crime has occurred."


Come here my little pussycat.

Heh, commenter knr over @ The Bish's, in reference to the Lewandowsky paper, said that doing research on blog comments is like delving into 'the cat litter tray of knowledge'.

Or ours.

Michelle documents her memory loss.


They get "clobbered" in "mid-terms" merely because it is slightly more difficult to a) steal elections, and 2) (corollarily) that much harder to whip up the frenzy of the Left's various interest groups, political fronts and gangs of lumpen proletariat.

But they may yet figure it out.

At any rate, since the Federal government has been thoroughly politicized, and State and local governments in the main are following suit, particularly in the Blue States or the Blue Hells in Red States, "rational" electoral politics would increasingly hardly seem to matter much any more at all.

Our electoral process has been so thoroughly corrupted that even belief in our political "culture" and it institutions, traditions and processes will likely never recover. Moreover, the actual workings of those institutions have been so completely compromised that it is hard to imagine that fair and honest elections will be but anomalies henceforward. Think not? reflect on California or the large Democrat Urban Machines. Never, ever will these viper's nests be redeem by local "elections".

We live thorough what is in effect a "gentler", and slower American Bolshevik Revolution.

When we have the perfidy of the IRS--which is now being legally codified right out in the open--and the latest news of the EPA and their FOIA shenanigan, it is perhaps beside the point to puff oneself up about one's chances in "Mid-term" elections.

If the American people as a whole cannot be roused into outrage about such real and actual tyrannical aggressions against the very fabric of our nation and civilization, then we are beyond all hope of repair and restoration.

Outside of the usual enclaves of the Right, there is scant evidence of even recognition of the open facts, let alone the slightest murmurings of even alarm. Outrage? Not a peep.


Thanks pagar.


Sometimes, I am just speechless. The following Twitter exchange (started by Lachlan Markay):

Ed Morrissey ‏@EdMorrissey 8m

Agree. MT @lachlan: Of all the online political outrages, the most puzzling is the vitriol directed at Michelle Obama. It's really bizarre.

John Podhoretz ‏@jpodhoretz 7m

@EdMorrissey @lachlan Only thing she's ever done to deserve criticism was the "first time I've ever been proud of my country"--6 yrs ago


Lachlan Markay - Washington Free Beacon
Ed Morrisey - Hot Air
John Podhoretz - Commentary & NY Post

"Conservative" media. Sigh


It is not that they are concerned with "fariness"; they are memerly agitating their various political front groups so that said groups may go out and gather more useful idiots to the cause.

It is the most blatant--and archaic--of communist tactics.

While there is some marginal utility in engaging this propaganda on the merits, the proper response is to call them out for what they are. This is because this propaganda is most manifestly not put out for "debate", and indeed rationally debating this bilious claptrap plays right into the hands of the highly polished propagandists of the Left. They have been playing this game for over 100 years: they know what they are doing.
Again, until Americans can learn to see this agitprop for what it is, until they can see the Democrats for the corrupt Marixist-Leninists that they are, nothing much will come of any "election" but a re-arranging of the desk chairs.

Most certainly, just voting for the GOP as currently constituted will change nothing, as the last 45 years most conclusively proves.


And once again: if a woman will do for 77 cents what a man will only do for a dollar, why would anyone hire a man?

Great question.


Centrical@12:29: Case in point.

M. Obama should be a source of truly mortify shame to any decent American. That she mostly clearly is not shows just how low we have fallen.

James D.

Pagar, your link at 12:14 is horrifying, but also totally unsurprising.


--@EdMorrissey @lachlan Only thing she's ever done to deserve criticism was the "first time I've ever been proud of my country"--6 yrs ago--

Wow. Would someone please put Poppin Fresh in the oven? Shouldn't take long; he's already half baked.


Does collecting DNA differ markedly from collecting fingerprints?
If so, how?

Captain Hate

Does anybody wonder why we call the squishy little doughboy Poppin' Fresh?

jimmyk on iPhone

"Does collecting DNA differ markedly from collecting fingerprints?
If so, how?"

I suppose DNA has a lot more info about things that future death panels might find useful. It could also provide information about parentage etc that one might want to keep confidential. But other than those arguably far fetched concerns, it's not so different.


What Jimmy said.

jimmyk on iPhone

Amusing history of the Gadsden flag, via Iowahawk.

hit and run

Twitter primer ... the conversation went like this:

Lachlan: "Of all the online political outrages, the most puzzling is the vitriol directed at Michelle Obama. It's really bizarre."

Ed: "Agree."

JPod: "Only thing she's ever done to deserve criticism was the "first time I've ever been proud of my country"--6 yrs ago"



Believe it or not I'm pulling for you guys today. Only been awake for 5 minutes but Mercer looks like they're tough. Tied at 51 with 10 to go in the second half to those not watching.

James D.

Ignatz, I don't know the legal answer to that question.

My personal feeling is that it's first of all more intrusive. Second, there's more you can do with DNA than with fingerprints. Third, it's far more revealing about the person (I assume you could do all sorts of genetic testing with the samples and discover things that the government has no right or business knowing, if you were so inclined).

Fourth, and by far the most importantly, the idea of a national DNA database - especially under the control of the sort of people currently running our government; and accessible to the kind of people who think it's appropriate to send SWAT teams and tanks to serve search warrants for nonviolent offenses - is just terrifying on its face.

From where I sit, the government, both at the federal and the state and local levels, has an awful lot of trust to earn back before I would be remotely comfortable with such a database in their hands.

James D.

It could also provide information about parentage etc that one might want to keep confidential. But other than those arguably far fetched concerns

Given what we've seen in the last 5+ years, as far as bureaucrats using confidential information about private citizens to serve the political goals of their masters; and releasing confidential information about political enemies to the press...I wouldn't say those are far-fetched concerns.

Captain Hate

Unlike Poppin', the Horde never lets me down:

"Michelle Obama: It's very rare that I have the chance to travel outside of the United States"

Delusional, fatassed and stupid is no way to go through life.

Posted by: Insomniac at March 21, 2014 01:00 PM (DrWcr)

jimmyk on iPhone

Having Obama's DNA would be more interesting than having his fingerprints.


Everybody get on over to the TV and pull for MarkO's BlueDevils who are tied with 2 minutes to go at 63 all with teeny tiny Mercer college. . He is pulling his hair out even as I type.


What Jimmy said.


I realize DNA has more information, but fingerprints have more information than my mug shots and I have to give a thumbprint just to sell a piece of property in CA.
My breath possibly and my blood certainly have more info than either my mug shots or fingerprints and I have to give those if I drift over the center line.

Where to draw the line on what is no easy task.
IMO a very good case can be made that they all involve a 5th amendment breach of self incrimination but the courts feel otherwise.


Uh Oh,

Mercer up by 5 with a minute to go...and they have the ball. Sorry MarkO. I know how you are feeling this instant buddy:(


Sorry daddy [and Mark] but Duke can GTH; I always root for the underdog especially teeny tiny ones.


I said before that this Duke team was going to kill me. Goodbye cruel world.

Who will be the first to say Coach K is too old?


Mercer going to the foul line to shoot 2 with 36 seconds remaining and up by 5.

Mercer is playing a flawless game and is unconscious in their shooting.


Who will be the first to say Coach K is too old?

Zeke Emmanuel


henry FTW!


Good bye, MarkO, we hardly knew ye.....well except for that animal husbandry stuff in which case we knew a good bit too much.


Henry at 2:18 = snark of the day.

Captain Hate

Bad weekend for the Triangle; all the hope is on the Holes.

Danube on iPad

Post of the year goes to .Henry.

A joyful nation rises to its collective feet and unleashes a full-throated roar in celebration of the Mercer Bears' achievement.


Mercer 78 Duke 71.

Captain Hate

Does this loss get credited to Pete Gaudet?

Captain Hate

Vitale must feel like he's in Hell with Phelps and Walsh; first Aaron Craft and now Dook.

Captain Hate

White boy dancing FTW!






Should I Google that, MarkO?



I'd hate to be a hostile witness on the stand right about now with MarkO grilling me.


Alan Colmes on FOX says he agrees with Nancy Pelosi that Dem's campaigning on ObamaCare is a winning issue because it's super-wonderful and 54 % of Americans really like it according to Bloomberg and even tho' it's not as wonderful, wonderful as Single Payer it's still stinking wonderful and Shut Up.

Cecil Turner

Down goes Duke!

Considering the later bracket implications, I should probably be dancing like this guy:

But after stinking up the place last night, I just hope we survive one more game. And daddy, root against the 'Ville . . . please.

Cecil Turner

I hate when that happens. Which seems oddly apropos.


I bet BOzo's workday averages 4 hrs. tops. Maybe less during "the midterms".


It's always great to see you. I bet he averages 4 hrs a month, if you take out marketing. I don't think he knows how to work.

Thomas Collins

OK, daddy, I know I'll never be able to bum a seat on one of your flights after this, but I'm rooting for PC over UNC tonight. I cannot abandon the school that was a block from the place I guzzled 'Gansett beer as a yute!


I was met at the gates by a seraphim who explained it was not time, but that my penance would be to cheer for UNC.

Does anyone have Mr. Alighieri's email? This is just not fair.


Michelle Obama speaking in China today:

"It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States."

For the record:

Michelle Obama's trips abroad since 2009:

Czech Republic
El Salvador
South Africa
The Bahamas

Many of those locations multiple times.

Captain Hate

I'm sure things like this drive sbw up the proverbial wall:


daddy, root against the 'Ville . . . please.

Happy to oblige, CT!


Please advise the Deadhorser that her father is severely misguided:)


CH, shuch things don't drive me up the wall . . .

I've been up there for some time now.

The Walter Duranty Award weren't invented fer nuttin.


daddy: Didn't she also go to Spain?


oops - I see it now. Sorry!

Thomas Collins

I certainly will, daddy. She already knows that, but I'll remind her! :-))

jimmyk on iPhone

"My breath possibly and my blood certainly have more info than either my mug shots or fingerprints and I have to give those if I drift over the center line."

The issue is the permanent database. When they do a blood alcohol test it's for a specific one-time purpose and hopefully there's probable cause.

These aren't easy issues. For example, I don't like the idea of those red light cameras, but I don't have an easy time formulating a good argument against them. I was fingerprinted once for a job, so I know the government has those forever. I don't really care because it's just fingerprints. But it would bother me more if they had my entire genetic code. Seems like the potential for mischief is greater. (Godwin alert) Hitler would have found it useful, for example.


Didn't she also go to Spain?

Yes she did, Central.

I think this is the photo of her returning. She's the one on the right:

jimmyk on iPhone

"Michelle Obama's trips abroad since 2009"

What does she care? It's not like we have a press that would ever call her on a lie. She could say the moon is made of cheese and the press would just nod and talk about her toned forearms.

Thomas Collins

And just to show there are no hard feelings whatever happens tonight, daddy, if you're ever in the Providence area, the drinks at Bradley's are on me!


--the press would just nod and talk about her toned forearms--

Yes, but thanks to the internet warriors at least now we have incontrovertible proof why they're so toned.
Youtube is incontrovertible, right?


Call me unsurprised:

Hawaii police lobby to keep law that lets them have sex with prostitutes

HONOLULU — Honolulu police officers have urged lawmakers to keep an exemption in state law that allows undercover officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations

Seriously, have we become so ignorant of human nature in this country that we expected anything else?


The hookers are collecting DNA as well.


Michelle Obama trips a broad;


@Mark O - they were clearly outplayed. If they didn't make so many threes they would have been buried.

hit and run

I would like to apologize for going slightly above the speed limit but I won't. Rapidly is just how I roll.

hit and run


Thomas Collins

LA-Lafayette is hanging in there at the half.


Polar bear Update:

Interesting factoid pops up in a story in The Alaska Dispatch Blog on the travails of The Last Polar Bear in Africa

The animal is in the South African Zoo and his/her partner has died.

The story tells us: All polar bears may have to adapt to milder climates as their primary habitat -- sea ice -- is predicted to disappear in the face of global warming. Standard stuff. But then it tells us this:

But one University of Alaska researcher recently published a study that suggests the species may have diverged from other bear species longer ago than previously thought, reports the Juneau Empire. If that turns out to be true, it might mean the bears are more likely to have adapted to previous warming episodes and thus may be more resilient than expected.

Once you click on that obscure story Researcher: Arctic bears may survive ice-free planet

you find the Researcher is a Professor of Animal Genetics at Fairbanks and he has determined via his genetic studies that Polar Bears have survived as a separate species through previous periods of Ice Free Global Warming.

“It seems logical that if polar bears survived previous warm, ice-free periods, they could survive another. This is of course speculation, but so is predicting they will not survive, as the proponents of the endangered species act listing of polar bears have done,” he said in a press release from UAF.

“I do DNA stuff,” he said. “It’s a simple observation (that polar bears have been around for previous periods of warming.) What does this mean for your predictions? I’m trying to be dispassionate. It’s a simple question to which I’d like an answer.”

My guess is his Federal Research grants dry up tomorrow.

Danube on iPad

I agree that taking DNA is more intrusive than taking fingerprints, for the reasons stated. However, I think its potential benefits far outweigh the potential costs, given the very low likelihood of the latter being realized. It has undoubtedly saved lives by rapidly identifying violent criminals, and has exonorated many an accused. And authorizing the procedure for those charged with a felony strikes me as a reasonable threshhold.


daddy, if you're ever in the Providence area, the drinks at Bradley's are on me!


I vaguely recall from 4 or 5 years ago that we're the only 2 JOM members of the Order of the Green Garter for Scotch drinking, so count me in if I ever make it up your way.


And authorizing the procedure for those charged with a felony strikes me as a reasonable threshhold.

The article suggests the procedure will be mandatory for those arrested, not necessarily charged.



CEO of Malaysian Airlines finally admits to dangerous cargo four days after DENYING it

The rumor we heard 11 days ago (which was never confirmed but then officially denied) turns out to be true after all. They were carrying Lithium Batteries. How many? They know, but they're not telling us.


This DNA intrusion is along the lines of "If you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about."

What about privacy? What about freedom?

Sir Charles has it right. He said the Mercer game was seniors playing against mostly freshman and sophomores. Experience does make a difference. Clearly shown.


OOOOOOHHHHHH - gossip, Chinese style, I can hardly wait!!

David Martosko ‏@EditMeDavid 3m

Chatted with a very chatty-chat-chat concierge staffer at the Beijing hotel where @flotus is staying. Fascinating. Stay tuned.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

And seniors who played together for four years. It reminds me of the days when European teams with significantly less talent than their US counterparts were able to win occasionally, and play it close often.

You might remember that 15 seed Lehigh beat Duke two years ago in the first round. The Lehigh AD just sent the Mercer AD a tweet welcoming him to the club.

Miss Marple

Good job, centralcal!

I see he is a Daily Mail reporter. Once again, the Brits doing the job our media won't.

I followed him and will also keep checking Daily Mail web site. HA!


MM: I asked Martosko: "inscrutable?"

He replied, very "scrutable" and she spoke decent English. Can hardly wait, but alas I have some tax returns to assemble, so you will probably see it before I do.

Checking back in a little while.


"You might remember that 15 seed Lehigh beat Duke"

I might remember?!?! I might remember?!?!


Ooh, that should be fun, centralcal. Not that American media will touch it.


What about privacy? What about freedom?

It would seem a reasonable compromise--if it could be enforced--might be to have the data but only accessible with a warrant or court order. So more like medical records. Routinely collecting it seems to go beyond the bounds of what's necessary.


Miss Marple, I studied Mark Knoller's Twitter feed after you posted about your questions to him and I am even more confused now.

The writer of the WaPo piece, Krissah Thompson, says in response to your question:

Krissah Thompson ‏@Krissah30 8h

@MissMarple2 @markknoller @washingtonpost .... @flotus Did not travel to China w/ press but reporters are covering events here

"Here"? Does she mean that she traveled to China w/o "press"? She uses "here" in the WaPo article to describe the weather in China...

It is almost like there are US reporters there but they are not "officially" with the FLOTUS entourage...but they are reporting as if they were, and not saying exactly how they're getting their info. Very weird.

Miss Marple

I see Martosko is a reporter for The Daily Mail, US.

Hmmm. Perhaps they see an opening in the news business here. Can't imagine how they would think that would make them money. Ha!

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