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March 18, 2014


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surprised he hasn't offered them Alaska yet.


As opposed to clueless before the world


maybe Joe Biden was threatening them he would go naked out into the world.

Beasts of England

Has anyone ever invaded Poland before?


Well besides Napoleon and Hitler, the Russians have twice, the Russians fought three wars against the Turks, to hold the Crimea and Ukraine,


You owe me a new keyboard with that Biden going naked remark.


The history of Poland is chock full of invasions. It has a very precarious location. Lech Walesa is one of their greatest heroes. They are a strong, proud people. Bammy's mistake was reneging on the shield. It was a reverse Midas touch move that is now blowing up in his face ala an Acme Company cigar.


Here is the bigger picture;

In the first season of House of Cards, there was an overly locuacious VP who Underwood maneuvers into leaving off, running for governor of Pennsylvania, and setting himself up to be picked as his replacement,



I puked a little bit typing that.

Maybe O could get Michelle to give up her morning eye opener in solidarity of the people of Ukraine.


or even better, have Hillary give up her eye opener...

Beasts of England

Sorry all, I was being just a little bit of a smart ass...


or maybe Joe was threatening he would send Hillary naked out into the world...

...that would need an extra big overcharge "that was easy" button.


Had to be Mark 'Tiger Beat' Landler, even Seib of the Journal gained some degree of understanding today,

Roger Cohen, had a scenario which basically replicated the Princip hit, from the Ukrainian side, the Russian defense minister,
instead of Arch Duke Ferdinand, leading to an all out invasion, and ultimately WW 3.


Just an update on the ADN (Anchorage daily News). The biggest newspaper in the State by far, continues to hide any mention of EPA boss Gina McCarthy insulting Natives, and of the Alaska State House yesterday voting bi-partisan and unanimous in condemning her insult of the Natives.

The ADN did find space a few minutes back to headline this story on their website front page, about some State Rep in the Indiana State legislature:

Democrats seek ethics probe of GOP's Turner

INDIANAPOLIS — Democratic Party Chairman John Zody on Tuesday asked for an investigation into a Republican state lawmaker's private efforts to kill legislation calling for a ban on the construction of nursing homes, which would go against his son's business interest.

So that's the front page news we get from Alaska's biggest newspaper on actions in the State Indiana. And since they changed their comment rules I can't post any comments at the ADN anymore since I don't do Facebook.



I think Putin's got Obama by the back and is giving it to him hard.


what was he going to do annoy them into leaving with his sighs...


do they have an ombudsman or editor in chief you could email?


mentioned this before but doesn't Biden remind anyone else of "Fire Marshall Bill"


I presumed BofE was joking with that question about Poland.

Jack is Back

How would you like to be Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and hear that Joe Biden is going to save your day? Are you impressed? Are you scared?

I go for scared but I have no idea on how you say that in their language.


that one episode where he catches himself on fire rolls himself out on a bunch of thumbtacks.

starting to laugh just thinking about it


Everything you see here is a potential hazard!


What a disgrace ADN be kind.


Well I would say it's typical of McClatchy fishwrap, except the stink is greater, back before the facebook, one could instill bits of samizdat into their stories,

Dave (in MA)
Hey, remember when Biden mopped the floor with Ryan on foreign policy?

Slate does.

Yeah, that was the time that he pointed out:
People out there in our nation don't have maps and, uh, I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq
There was no way to counter that.

Beasts of England

@JiB: The best hope that those countries have is that Sloe Joe insults Russia so severely that they come after us and not them.


was that Biden or one of those unfortunate Miss America contestants?


I wonder if Sheriff Joe would sound a little more credible if Poland and the Czech Republic were bristling with our missiles right about now?


Miss Teen South Carolina. Joe Biden is dumber than she is.


Fire Marshall Biden just might light himself on fire for the hell of it (when he isn't eating paste).


that would scare the Russians.


then they would hose him down with put out the fire.


do they have an ombudsman or editor in chief you could email?


They all suck. The local folks are useless and mainly they just regurgitate McClatchy.

There really is an opportunity for someone to start an alternative News organ up here. RSE would probably know the ins and outs of how to do it better than anyone, but we really do need an Alternative. Years back, when the Conservative paper was going under, they signed a deal so that they got to have 1 page of op-eds and letters to the editors printed in the ADN, but that agreement ceased after a decade so for 8 years or so now we have been prisoners to a single mouthorgan, and the only semi-decent blog in the state (The Alaska Dispatch) is also Left, and I am confident gets it's funding from under the Soros umbrella. The situation is pathetic.


Putin is going to use Obama as a mop. He gets him. He understands his narcissism, he knows what a weak prick he is and he is going to make sure the entire world knows.

I will have very mixed feelings because it won't be good for my country.


it's [ADN] typical of McClatchy

We only get the Sac Bee on Sunday any longer, and are about to give that up too. Yes, it is another of McClatchy's finest. I make sure to have taken my blood pressure meds before I read the editorial page.


Well that explains why he didn't pipe up in Sochi;


One decent thing about this Malaysian 777 mystery. According to something I read a few days back, because CNN is hyping it so much and people are so drawn to Airplane mysteries, one of the CNN talking heads, either Anderson Cooper or John King, beat Bill O'reilly in the ratings for his timeslot.

Bernie Goldberg mentioned a bit of that on O'reilly last night and O'Reilly awkwardly and vaguely admitted it like as if he was choking to death.

Today he has recovered by turning to the tactic of talking about how crappy the Coverage from the Press has been on this, but I think him getting his butt kicked in the ratings by CNN may do his hubris some good, if he's smart enough to think about it. Him being taken down a notch might do him a world of good.


sorry to hear that daddy. just hammer the point on talk radio.


Maybe daddy, but their coverage is abysmal, not that O'Reilly has been any good at this,
Megyn has probably been the best in the genre, and still it's been unsatisfying,

Centralcal on iPad

Similar story here, DrJ. McClatchy owns the Fresno Bee too, which I cancelled a few years ago. Ed page is liberal as they come.


maybe journalists can start interviewing journalists (Oriley v. Blitzer in a journalist death match discussing the better points of the alien theory...abducted, anal probed, greys, lizardiods...) about the airplane disappearance ... it would be about as informative as the endless speculation and odd handling from the SE Asia countries.


did he lie, or was it a Costanza moment;

Jack is Back

BOR, is such a boor and bore I don't see how anyone can continue to shake their head in agreement. I thought at one time he was "the voice" but then the more I heard his "no Spin Zone" BS, I knew I had wandered into the land of no return.

Prefer even Greta to Bill and of course, Megyn rocks.


slow joe ... gaffe ... i just can't believe it ... surprised he didn't start eating his toenails during the news conference.

Jack is Back


Your 9:09 set my surprise meter to redline.

Frau Indianerherz

Clarice and Janet:

Shouldn't we have heard "heap big" indignation from Begich and Murkowski already? All Alaskans, human and animal have been insulted!


we have an fool and an oaf, and a clique of clueless courtiers, managing our policy,

It's sort of like 'Yes Prime Minister' except Hacker wasn't so dim, and Humphrey and Bernard
were available for support,


You know, don't you, that Iran knows it can have the bomb. It might have it even now.

This is only the beginning of the Obama chickens coming home to roost. Can I get an Amen?

Jane on Ipad


Do you think the new news (flight path already changed before co- pilot sign off) is a complete game changer?

Another Bob

Steve. No.

Fokker jet landing at a nearby airport.



Fire Marshall Joe is the heavy hitter they bring in when Sammy is adjusting her jockstrap and Longface is catching some wind ... the Russians don't know whether to laugh or cry in their vodka.



Libya, Ukraine -> gave them up -> unpleasantness

North Korea -> didn't give the up -> 3rd generation of the psychotic dictatorship


In film, it's interesting how the crisis in Crimson Tide, begins in the Caucasus, a little west of the Ukraine, in Azerbaijan, and a little known patch of land back then,
called Dagestan,



Come forward and be healed.


Megyn Kelly just reported that the plane had already had someone enter into the flight computer the off-course waypoint that turned or would have eventually turned the plane off course to the west, at least 12 minutes before the co-pilot made his last voice transmission.

What I mean by 'may have turned off course' is if I was flying from Newark to Boston, I might have a flight plan route that said something like Newark to waypoint JFK, then to waypoint Albany then to destination Boston.

Now way before I reached waypoint Albany I might have, for whatever reason, have input waypoint Buffalo, after waypoint Albany. (Bufffalo would be heading way off course to the west, away from Boston).

That means it might be in the flight computer but the plane would not make that turn until reaching waypoint Albany, so I would still be on course even with this off-course waypoint of Buffalo in the flight plan.

What Megyn is telling us so far is not specific enough to know if they had turned. We simply know that it was input into the flight plan before the last voice transmission. Supposedly that waypoint data which included that offline waypoint, was part of the data that was relayed to the ground Data collection system via ACARS.

That data downlink was sent down 12 minutes before the co-pilot did his last voice transmission of "All right, Good Night".

We still don't have enough info IMHO to make definitive comments about what this means from my experience. I don't know if this new downloaded "fact" was in the secondary flight plan system, not the primary, or if the crew was just inputting stuff for other reasons. It still doesn't remove the smoke/fire scenario, just causes further questions.

Now her latest guest is telling us that they had already entered westward waypoints into their flight computer and had turned westward off their initial filed flight flight plan, within 26 minutes after departure. Whether this means they were given direct to various waypoints by ATC or were re-routed by ATC, or were already doing stuff in the plane without ATC direction, we do not know.

To the dogs.


MarkO, I though OK was suing O over chickens coming home to roost there.

O pulled one of the green lawsuit settlement deals over prairie chickens. OK is suing the Feds for collusion.


These are free range chickens.

Dave (in MA)

Hey, I was just using the same level of fact-checking as Slate.


and I'll give you another AMEN!!!


Frau, reposted from the other thread:

This is Congressman Don Young on EPA Administrator McCarty (from the Alaska Dispatch (Not the ADN)

It was not surprising that Congressman Don Young, no fan of the agency, had the definitive statement on the matter:

"Do you know what makes me gag? The EPA’s continuous assault on our state; whether it be blocking offshore air permits in Alaska for years, making it difficult for our power plants to operate, harassing our fishing fleet over deck wash and fish waste, or attempting a grab of Alaska’s lands. This just goes to show the EPA truly doesn’t understand our state and the people that live here. Gina McCarthy’s words sound like they come from someone who has contempt for, rather than an appreciation of, the rich customary traditions of Alaska’s people. Maybe the placer miners in Chicken, AK will invite her in for dinner during the EPA’s next raid and she’ll like what they’re serving a little better."

Don Young is also the guy who 6 months back said some his best friends are "Wetbacks".

Jack is Back


Too tired to respond but you are correct sir. Not the pilots but a neferious bunch of well paned and competent hijackers.

Slaap lekker, Goede morgen.


Brother rich,

Come forth.



Some of my best friends date gils half their age:) Go beasts!



Jane on Ipad

If I was going to date someone who was twice my age.....

Is anyone that old?

Account Deleted


Your 8:29 'balanced view' neglected to mention BOzo's production of the Road to Tripoli farce as providing Putin with hard evidence of both BOzo's complete incompetence and, with Benghazi, his absolute lack of spine. He also failed to note Master Organ Grinder Soros being involved through his Open Commie Society at both Tahrir and Maidan.

As a long time thug and thief with a good KGB background, Putin knows the identity of the organ grinder as well as he knows the absolutely minimal competence of his tool. The author suggests an expansion and strengthening of NATO which would be a waste of energy and money unless the EUnuchs agree to spine transplants.


Time for Justified where they date sisters half their age.

Jim Miller

Without in any way endorsing his behavior, I do want to pass on this Edwin Edwards story.

"Three years after his release from a federal prison, 86-year-old former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards announced Monday that he will enter the race for Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, ending months of speculation about his political future.

Edwards made the announcement at a meeting of the Press Club of Baton Rouge. He entered a crowded meeting room with his third wife, Trina, more than 50 years his junior. He pushed a baby carriage with their infant son, Eli Wallace Edwards, born last August."

Let me repeat, I am not endorsing his behavior. (Except, of course, for his defeat of David Duke.)


Vote for the Crook. Its important.

Much more honest than Hope and Change, I would say.


Narciso, thanks for the 09:31 link.

I can not believe the Obama Administration sinks lower every time. How low can they go?

Jim Miller

Jane - I can't answer your question -- and wouldn't if I could -- but I can say this: If you did find a man of a certain age, and dated him, he would be a happy and lucky man.


After that image of Hillary going out into the world naked, my goggles need a reset button.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

As opposed to clueless before the world

Hah!, rse!

I hear ya, Frau.
I wonder... do all Democrats refer to Native American gifts as "f-ing things"?

Jim Miller

Gmax - The French borrowed that slogan when Chirac was running against Le Pen. If I recall correctly, they were saying "Votez pour le croque. C'est important."

(Feel free to correct my French.)

Danube on iPad

I hope someone is compiling a chronicle of whatever it is the fawning sycophants are currently saying about Smart Diplomacy and Smart Power.

Start wit E.J. Dionne, a.k.a Ollie Owl for those of a certain age.

Jane on Ipad


You are a very kind man!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

That VP debate was something. I remember Biden going berserk.
Dave (inMA) wrote - How Ryan's pen isn't sticking out of Biden's eye right now is beyond me."

Hahahaaa!! That makes me laugh every time I read it.


He's a wily bandicoot, carries just enough camouflage, to slip through the nets,although likely will rally to support Obamacare in the final analyis,

Frau Indianerherz

Shouldn't that be running on a continuous loop so all the US finally gets to hear the slurs, daddy.

Beasts - in case you didn't catch it on the last thread:

...if Beast's initials were BJC, he'd be a Dirty Old Man. Just saying"....
Otherwise, he should watch out for cuties after his body.
Or maybe not.

Beasts of England

I saw that, Frau - I'm watching out for them all the time! ;)

Beasts of England

Another sterling example of liberal 'tolerance' at the university level. A professor of porn and other critical disciplines assaulted a couple of young adults who were expressing views that she simple couldn't tolerate. Police report linked. No indictment yet handed down. The higher education bubble can't burst soon enough for these loons.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." ~ President Obama UN Speech 9-25-2012

"Unfortunately, the future doesn't belong to those who would slander the prophet. Or, maybe it does & Obama's full of shit." ~ Extraneus


"Whenever you get too close to an uncomfortable truth for a liberal, they dial up the volume to 'cacophony' & drown you out. ~ Dennis Miller


They've decided to heck with sliding alongside the iceberg, just steer into it. ~ narciso


"Do what we tell you to do until we tell you to do something completely different." ~ matt (on govt telling us what to eat. could be for Obamacare too!)


Is 2009-2013 the longest four years ever? Time just drags with this putz in the White House. ~ peter

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

"Government can't solve every problem, like, to cite just a single troubling example, people becoming Republicans ~ Elliott

"I recall cheering for the wind-blown debris during the Whoraldo TV reportage of one of the hurricanes." ~ Dave (inMA)

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

"What? Do I look like narciso to you? I don't remember that far back,..." ~ Sue

"My pessimistic feelings have made me more irritable than usual (& I am pretty irritable to begin with) " ~ MJW

"I'm rooting for Mathews' eyes to just pop out" ~ Rick Ballard

"Ask not over whom the bus rolls..." ~ Elliott

Jane on Ipad

Is Hannity on speed? Steroids? I rarely watch the guy anymore but he clearly seems a bit aggressive.

Frau Indianerherz

Preezy Putz, Janet, the koolest prez ever. Isn't that the kind of president Alan Sorkin has made us think we should have?

UCSB - speaking of kool, UC Santa Barbara is the school where Joe "Surfer Dude" Wilson and Marc Grossman met and bonded.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

bits of JOM wisdom.

"Remember, this is for your own good, so shut up." ~ Rick Ballard

(A) nuther Bub

From the last thread: Thank you daddy. That was funny and sweet. Trouble is, I think I'm old enough to be Beasts grandfather.

And while I have your attention, daddy, why would a pilot have to take an airplane up to 43,000 or 45,000 to dispatch the pax? Wouldn't 37,000 (or whatever altitude they were assigned to) do the trick too, maybe requiring only a minute or so longer for unconsciousness and death, and anyone taking over the airplane wouldn't have to deal with the buffeting and other problems associated with flying at that altitude.

I chuckled yesterday when I heard someone on Fox say (Shep?) that a commercial airliner should never go to 40,000 ft. or above. Most of my flights to/from the mainland these days are at 39,000 to 41,000 ft. Fuel savings, I'm sure, but 41,000 doesn't seem unusual at all now. (And my flight attendant daughter says they feel the difference in fatigue at the end of a trip).

Miss Marple

Good night, everyone. Thanks for all the interesting and humorous posts!

Dave (in MA)

Janet, I don't even recall the context.


Dave in ma,
That was during the Biden-Ryan debate. I saved that comment too!

Captain Hate

I think I need the doctor who restored Root's hearing to do something so I can understand Shaw's voice. I missed large parts of what was going on tonight (as did some of the denizens of TV w/o Pity) although there were large amounts of shoot 'em ups.



UCSB - speaking of kool, UC Santa Barbara is the school where Joe "Surfer Dude" Wilson and Marc Grossman met and bonded.

That may be, but UCSB is one of the few UCs where I would send an undergraduate. It helps that I have a few friends on faculty. But it is a place where an undergrad can find his own way without too much b*llsh*t, unlike Berkeley or UCLA.

I'd put Davis and UCSD in the same category.

Graduate school is a whole 'nother matter. And whether any UC is worth it for an undergrad is an open question.


it was a little cryptic, root is still an enigma, they should know by now, to corner
Shaw anywhere, it doesn't end well.

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