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March 28, 2014


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The sound of the muezzin's call.

I can hear it now.


Tom assumes the NYTs reads the NYTs.


"Let's hear it for the Rainbow Tour', it's been an incredible success... we weren't quite sure, we had a few doubts, would Obummer win through, and the answer is....."


John Fund 'splains it all to you. Its going to be a massacre similar to the Little Big Horn:

Beginning early this year, a pattern has been developing in which Democratic voter turnout in special elections has been below expectations. The phenomenon showed up in a Virginia state legislative seat captured by Republicans as well as the Florida U.S. House election last month, among others.

This week, Republican Mike Morrell won a special election for a state senate race near Riverside, Calif. His victory wasn’t remarkable, since the seat leans Republican. What was stunning was that he won 63 percent of the vote and another Republican took 6 percent. The left-wing website Daily Kos expressed worry:

That California result is truly abysmal. The two Republicans combined for 69 percent, the two Democrats just 25 percent. (A Libertarian took 7 percent.) In 2012, this district went for Mitt Romney by just a 52–46 margin. If you look only at the two-party share of the vote, that’s a 6-point edge for Romney but a 46-point GOP advantage on Tuesday night. That’s a 40-point dropoff for Democrats! Candidate quality has something to do with it—Morrell is an assemblyman, and the Democrats put forth Some Dudes—but still. Yeesh.

A majority of Americans (57 percent in a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll) believe the country is still in recession. Obamacare continues to be plagued with problems and unpopularity. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Democrats are having trouble getting their people to the polls. It’s just more evidence that a tidal wave is indeed building for this year’s midterms and it’s Democrats who have their candidates stuck on the beach unable to avoid it.


Stuck on the beach or three sheets to wind. Neither is anyway to go through life.


GMAX-- Obummer tells Red/Purple Dems:
"don't worry, you've got me!"

BTW: do you think the few remaining 'centrist' (i.e. 'centrist' means phony) Dems in Red/Purple districts realize yet that Obummer/Progs WANT them to go down. Much like SOME (not nearly all) TPs would rather 'RINO' Repubs lose to committed 'conservatives' as they define conservative of course, the Obamaite Progs want to 'cleanse' centrist Dems out of the party (mostly white guys, natch.) There is a real Dem civil war going on between the Obamaite Progs and the Phony 'centrist' Libs (like the Clintonistas), check out Carville warning Dems to stay away from Obummer like the plague. Carville is talking to white Libs in competitive districts. Obummer knows that the Dems will be a minority party for years, maybe decades, but he really believes all of those brown skin people will be Progs.. just like him. He is a committed racialist.


This link is a pretty good roundup of Harry Reid's sins.

From "Free Beacon" - and I always see 'bacon' in there :-)


wait.. there's free bacon online?


Time for breakfast, GL.


well it's David 'Abbott' Kirkpatrick, so you always assume there's something left out of the tale,

Knickmeyer's Journal piece about how the Sauds seemingly hold the Rule, don't trust anyone under 60, as their spring chicken, in the line of succession is a spry 69 year old Prince Muqrin, Bandar's predecessor a fellow Cranwell alum, but essentially Bandar without the charisma, this is why the parallels with late Czarist Russia, seem more apt indeed, specially since I red Bely's Petersburg


Our friend from Chitown agrees that Labor Day will feature mass indictment of R's now that the decks have been cleared.

Plus, he found via Jonah G why Reid is obsessed with the Koch brothers:

fundraising e-mails mentioning the Kochs raised roughly three times as much as those that didn’t mention them.

Maybe a Tea Party fundraiser mentioning the Kochs could redirect some cash flow to the good side.


Well the Journal came up with the Oligarch test for those leading financiers like Soros, who is the Dem's Daddy Warbucks and aspiring one's like Steyer, of course you still have to pin the tale on the donkey,

About Mrs. Ortman, the Huntress in a paragraph was able to summarize her efforts, in the way the Top Men's web chimps obviously could not,


Holder's trumped up indictments will be a pop gun. Won't even fire up the base.

If the ossifying and STD ridden House of Saud goes the way of the Romanovs, and Jihadis take over the Arabia Peninsula... the world will be a very different place.


So Harry's not the Godfather, he's Senator Geary, Coppola's caricature of McCarran,


that Journal piece, also mentions Carlos Slim, benefactor of the old grey lady.


Tucked into Scott McEwan and Miniter's collection of tales about the Seals, are five scenarios of how Benghazi could have been handled, had their been the will, from
a simple airstrike from Sigonella, to cruise missiles from Gaeta.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

glasater's link @ 11:58 & the Jonah link from henry @ 12:15 are both wonderful.


I liked the shout-out to Arpaio.


I liked the shout-out to Arpaio.





We picked up a college friend of Red's at airport to get ride back to college. From Twin Cities area so as we drove through DT ATL on interstate I pointed at GO Tower as owned by the "evil" Koch brothers.

I was being facetious, but the college kids connect that name and evil. She knew who I was referring to.


rse, my brother gets lots of cancer research $$$$$ from them. He says they are nice guys.

Jeff Dobbs

From henry on last thread:

Proof of all conspiracies, found by our Chitown friend. Definite sign of the coming apocalypse.

Second sign.

::swipes right hand down left arm, touches bill of cap, runs left hand across belt, right hand down right thigh*::

*my name. look at my name. it actually could almost be relevant here.


That is what I have always heard too henry.

That generation and those younger are definitely guided by having had their perceptions manipulated by media and K-12. It's about to get much worse. I am back in the very beginnings of the virtual reality/ST push and it was all about trying to get transfer from the way physical systems work to seeing human systems the same way.

I have a very graphic library at this point and I am rereading a 94 and 89 book today. Explicit because it was written before the delay of the 90s. Still quite relevant.


Bacon and breakfast are just wonderful things :-)


Zerocare at 26% in new AP poll. Please please please wont you Democrats come up in full throated support of this great idea:

Democrats who still think that defending ObamaCare makes for a great midterm strategy will be shocked, shocked by the latest AP-Gfk survey results. The rest of us … not so much. Support for the law dropped to a record low in this polling series, and even the slight improvement in the perception of its implementation leaves it far below the Democratic base numbers


If you need any reason to never again read or cite anything from Business Insider, here's exhibit whatever:

The link is purely demostrative; not to be hit (unless you're harboring latent self-loathing or simple masochism.)


Here's a reason to never again read or cite anything from Business Insider:

The link is purely demonstrative, not to be hit (unless you're harboring latent masochism.)



That is all. How many times can one hit refresh?


26% Obummercare approval? remember, about 12-14% of the population don't like ObummerCare because it isn't free-- those are the Far Progs Parasites. The guaranteed Dem base for a Black Lib is almost 40%, bit less for White Libs. ObummerCare has boiled everything down to the Dem Base, I believe November '14 will prove that, and the result will be Dem 'centrists' (i.e. white suburban/rural Dems) taking it in the neck.


I read this morning in the online UK Independent "Gerard Depardieu launches ‘Proud to be Russian’ line of watches: French actor had passport hand delivered by Putin"


Musk owns the Dem White Libs. Free pub from 'Business Insider' and 60 Minutes. Musk owns the Clintonistas.

Account Deleted


The truly great aspect of 404Care as a tool in the practical education of the Lackwitz Sisters is the fact the lump from the previous month is still tender when the 2X4 of the current month premium bill hits. Their eyes have barely uncrossed and they're still trying to figure out which expense to cut next in order to pay for 'affordable' care they can't afford to use because of the high deductibles.

And it just ain't gonna stop while BOzo and his dead albatross are still stinking up the Oval Office.


--How many times can one hit refresh?--

How old are you and how's your health?
Typepad's infinite boundaries remain unexplored.


Would you buy sit in a car from sat in by this man;

Jeff Dobbs

How many times can one hit refresh?

I hope you didn't think I didn't know that.

My record for refreshing JOM in one day is 7,851.

It was on election night 2010.

not to be hit (unless you're harboring latent masochism.)

You know, that hurt a little.

And I liked it!


Ig-- please warn before posting things like that. Jeez....

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce has reaffirmed the appropriateness of using the term "homosexual" and that the term "gay" is an Orwellian appropriation of a benign word by the left counting on the decency of people not to push back against it.


Saw an amusing variation on the "don't tailgate me" bumpersticker walking back to my pickup this morning.

Little black rice rocket with hot pink wheels and in hot pink script across the rear bumper;
"If you're going to ride my ass, you might as well pull my hair".
Didn't get to see the driver, which might be a good thing, but it did make me laugh.

Captain Hate

Hmmmm, attempt #2

Tammy Bruce has reaffirmed the appropriateness of using the term "homosexual" (and, I assume, the abbreviation of "homo") and the hijacking of the word "gay" was a calculated Orwellian use of a benign term by the left counting on decent people not to push back.


CH, does Bruce approve of "sodomite?" :)

Captain Hate

Miss Groves must be playing with the machine...

Captain Hate

Maybe, DrJ; she was responding to some lefty group (Media Matters, maybe) going OMGWTFKKK on somebody on Fox for using the homo term.

Captain Hate

I'm sure none of you saw this coming:


Is heterosexual offensive this week too or are we unoffendable?

I don't like the term "straight" much myself.
From now on I prefer to be referred to as "extremely happy" or "incredibly virile".
Anything else is defamatory, oppressive and actionable.


Ig, go with "studly"... fewer syllables.

Captain Hate

Nobody talks about the irony of using a term meaning lighthearted or carefree for a group with a higher than average suicide rate.


Great. Exploring the boundaries of infinity on JOM.

But, jeez, Ig. You had to go and post that pic just to flaunt your sadist bone fides?


Ig@2:05-- heh.

My personal standard is:


pro-abortion / anti-abortion.

Those are as simple and declarative as you can get. Don't liked to be called what you are? Deal with it.


Democrats who still think that defending ObamaCare makes for a great midterm strategy will be shocked, shocked by the latest AP-Gfk survey results.

Man, I really wish Ed Morrissey would drop the "shocked, shocked" formulation. He uses it practically daily - so often that it's on the point of making me dislike Claude Rains and Casablanca, which is pretty hard to do.


It is getting stale, porch.


Bulgarian Babe: Monsieur tell me about Capt Renault... what kind of man is he?

Rick Blane: What kind of man? why... just like any other man.... only more so.

Fabulous Hollywood Hays Code dialogue.

Incredibly Virile Ignatz

Thanks for the suggestion henry but I think I'll stick with Incredibly Virile Ignatz; has a nice cadence.

Now I'm going to go out and paint "If I'm going to ride your ass can I pull your hair?" backwards on my front bumper.
I will of course henceforth have to make sure I don't tailgate any dudes.


Totally, NK.

I always felt bad for Peter Lorre in that film.


Chop chop, the King (?) or someone cancels dinner????

Major Garrett ‏@MajorCBS 4m

Landed in Riyadh. POTUS 2-hour meeting w/Saudi King Abdullah concluded. Was to be a dinner between 2 leaders but was canceled.


Man, I really wish Ed Morrissey would drop the "shocked, shocked" formulation.

How do we know that's Morrissey? I didn't see a link. In any case, it's not even the right usage in that context.


Those of you californicators will be please to know the paychecks will continue:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- The Democratically controlled California Senate has voted to suspend three Democrats who face criminal charges, after the latest lawmaker to be hauled into court refused to step down.

Friday's 28-1 vote in the 40-member chamber came amid one of the most severe ethical crises in modern times for the Legislature in the nation's most populous state.

The resolution prevents Democratic Sens. Ron Calderon, Leland Yee and Rod Wright from exercising any power of their office until the pending criminal cases against them have been resolved. Even so, they will continue receiving their $95,000 annual salaries.


Never mind, found it:

Jeff Dobbs

I think I'll stick with Incredibly Virile Ignatz

It should go on your business card

Incredibly Virile Potted Butt Plant Ignatz, Tinkie Winkie Afficianado . . . Who Sometimes Also Cuts Down Trees

Captain Hate

Poor Poppin' is stuck using phrases which are approved by the Clown Hall overlords.


I had seen it on HotAir earlier, jimmyk. Plus as I said, ole Poppin' Fresh uses it at some point every day.


A chuckle for me from a Hot Air commenter:

“I reached six million!!!”
“Really? Congrats. Six million what?”
“… … (shut up) … It doesn’t matter; IT’S SIX MILLION!!!”


Poor Poppin' is stuck using phrases which are approved by the Clown Hall overlords.

Actually I think he's just a limited writer and genuinely too dorky to understand when something is played out. He does seem to be a nice guy, though, I don't like to pile on him too much.

Jeff Dobbs

I will never ever, no not ever, dis a guy for overplaying a catchphrase.


Yeah dorky probably works.

Captain Hate

I could never trash Cap'n Ed as much as MrScribbler @ AoS does.


I am one of the prime offenders in these parts regarding Louis Renault allusions, but I like to think mine are apropos, and don't like to see the brand cheapened by fake knock-offs.


Captain @1:58 -- Love the spot-on POI reference!


Schumer's changing. He used to be detestable because he was a slimy lying weasel. Now he so full of himself, he goes full fascist and directly denounces Americans as traitors and UN-American, because they disagree with him (the Kochs--obviously). I know it's impolite and a debating no-no, but how is this different from Hitler declaring Jews UN-German and enemies of the fatherland. I'm referring to Hitler's verbal declarations which came years before physical action against Jews. Why do we assume Schumer would be any different than Hitler IF Schumer had the power? I believe Schumer would tyrannically repress political opponents, if he had the power. How far would he go is the only question.

Captain Hate

I'm here for the POI fans, MaryD.


Zero back to just 40% approval in Gallup among Adults. Not Registered Voters and not Likely Voters. He has been to 39% and his humiliation by Putin may drop the floor out if Putin decides he is just weak enough to take over the whole of Eastern Ukraine. Or a chunk of Estonia.


Video: Deaf Woman hears for the very first time


GMax-- my opinion is that Obummer's Gallup 'floor dropped' rock bottom is 38% or so, because of absurdly high black support. I've had this chat with RickB, he thinks it's lower than that. We will find out, between Putin, and OPM running out and group insurance cancellations this summer-- we will find out Obummer's Gallup bottom.


We will find out, between Putin, and OPM running out and group insurance cancellations this summer-- we will find out Obummer's Gallup bottom.

I don't think there are going to be group insurance cancellations. They will find a way to massage the deadlines (really can't even use the word deadlines anymore to describe them) to avoid the damage.

They can't massage Putin though.


Per the Federalist, 63% of enrollees have chosen silver plans. This only makes financial sense if they are sick. Looks like death spiral for 2015.

By the way, did Obama bow to the Pope?

Before nightfall in Rome, Mr. Obama got a private tour of the Colosseum, the ancient Roman amphitheater where gladiators battled and Christians were executed. The president marveled that the structure is “bigger than some current baseball stadiums.”

As he walked with his tour guide, Mr. Obama asked her, “Let’s say someone is on the ground. He didn’t have to kill them, did he?”

Reporters couldn’t hear the guide’s answer.

Frau  Abfluss

jimmyk - I *always* look to you for maintaining standards. Don't let up.

The three--that's three so far, folks--CA Dems caught breaking various laws from illegal gun sales to voter fraud to accepting bribes are still receiving their salaries and have not yet resigned. As my husband said, "It's a cesspool of corruption."
The drain is located in San Francisco.

Frau  Abfluss

Porch, I bet BHO hated hearing someone else being addressed as "Your Holiness."

Frau  Abfluss

I heart the Koch Brothers.

Jeff Dobbs

They can't massage Putin though.

I see what you did there.


Porch-- the 'word' amongst insurance consultants is that alot of privately held small business (sole proprietorships, LLCs, LLPs) will chuck their group plans (especially NON-complying plans), tell employees to go on Medicaid or ExchangeCare, and the biz owner will take family plans for themselves. Compliance with ObummerCare is just too costly and unpredictable. You are correct that the delay of the Employer Mandate will allow many businesses --most probably-- to kick the can for another year, but many will just bail this summer. It will be another knock on the dems, because people will know they are next when the Emloyer Mandate kicks in.

Frau  Abfluss
And this years Margaret Sanger Award goes to… Nancy Pelosi.

The former Speaker of the House is set to receive the award which is given out annually as a top honor by Planned Parenthood.

The award is named after Margaret Sanger, the Planned Parenthood founder and proponent of eugenics, including the forced sterilization and abortions of minorities.

Is there still a priest who gives this woman communion?


The Big Man shuttin' em down in Trenton. He handles himself very well. Like Romney, He'd be a good President. I don't think he could get elected though.


afternoon all. back from sunny florida and my dad's drafty, creepy house. made the drive all last night (don't think I'll do that again). the job in fl doesn't look like it will pan out but i have something promising on campus.

what a disaster this has all been.

>>>I will never ever, no not ever, dis a guy for overplaying a catchphrase.<<< the end of the day, we all have annoying verbal (typing) tics...


>>>Is there still a priest who gives this woman communion?

Posted by: Frau Abfluss | March 28, 2014 at 03:26 PM <<<


>>>Posted by: Skoot | March 28, 2014 at 03:27 PM<<<

while roasting the journalists Christie requested a tanker truck of bbq sauce.

when the journalists objected, he mentioned that the president eats dogs, and no one should judge him for eating pigs.


As my husband said, "It's a cesspool of corruption."
The drain is located in San Francisco.

As movie allusions go, that's more "Chinatown" than "Casablanca."


Wow CC- that does not sound like good news.

I'm on a bit of a campaign to get MA republicans to deal with the Justina case. I sent one of Baker's campaign people an email asking her to ask Charlie to start talking about it. She said that people are hesitant because they don't know the other side. I suggested they could talk about the secrecy if nothing else.

At any rate she said our republican lawmakers are in the process of finding out the other side - so they can push the issue legislatively - all 15% of them. I mentioned there were a lot of people willing to donate to the cause.

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything else.

Jack is Back


You're assuming she goes to Mass:) Why would she if she is shunned the sacrement since Mass is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

BTW, I am reading Scott Hahn's wonderful book, " The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth". If you are interested in what goes on in that colorful ritual it is very explicating.

My partner and I are 1/2 point out of leading our flight. So, tomorrow with rain in the forecast we have 2 X 9 hole matches to get into the shoot out.

Did they find the plane yet?

Where is Champ these days?

I see where the Gators won and will face the Flyers.

Outside of that it has been new free out on the fairways.


Rich-- hope you get a choice of job opportunities. Drive home safely.


Christie-- I will find that video... he's quite entertaining when he's dumping on the Legacy Media and Teachers Unions. He would lose to HildaBeast, so I would not support him as a candidate. But boy, he may be an excellent choice for Atty Gen in a Walker Admin. I think he would lustily go after Dem corruptions. he did a pretty good job of that as US Atty for NJ.


drove home already. safely!!! at least no tickets.

can always start my own if nothing else.


>>>I think he would lustily go after Dem corruptions<<<

...and my heart would soar like an eagle.


Well this is pretty cool. Well done RNC calling out a black bigot Legacy reporter-- no I don't say that often:


This is what an apology looks like:

EBONY founder John H. Johnson once said that he created EBONY magazine with the intention to affirm a certain sense of "somebodiness" for African Americans. Nearly 70 years ago the magazine began on the principle that, as Black people, we are all somebody—we all count.

Yesterday, the spirit of this mission was disregarded by Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux in a personal Twitter exchange between herself and RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams. In part of the exchange, Lemieux responded to an attempt at discourse from Williams with words that curtly dismissed him and his suggestion that she be interested in the "diversity of thought." She also misidentified him, unintentionally, as White. Williams is Black.

EBONY strongly believes in the marketplace of ideas. As the magazine of record for the African American community, Lemieux's tweets in question do not represent our journalistic standard, tradition or practice of celebrating diverse Black thought.

In a letter to EBONY from RNC President Reince Priebus, he suggests, "that we can use this unfortunate episode as a catalyst for greater understanding between the Republican Party and the black community."

EBONY acknowledges Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux's lack of judgment on her personal Twitter account and apologizes to Raffi Williams and the Black Republican community.

Frau  Abfluss

>>>I think he would lustily go after Dem corruptions<<<

Where to start? Pick one out of a hat? Throw a dart against a map of the US? A lottery?

Jim Miller

The final Oso death toll will be, almost certainly, more than one hundred. And we won't know how many for weeks, perhaps even months.

As I have said before, I fear that this slow motion way the families are learning the worst may be especially painful.


Back in the day, Dems called this 'Verticle Integration' when JD Rockefeller, Henry Ford and the Hollywood Moguls did it. Dems thought that was a 'bad thing' at that time. Now Dr. Zeke Emangele thinks it's a wundebar idea:

Danube on iPad

Quite the shout-out:

"The fighting celebrity's American legacy is, at this point, more or less relegated [sic] to the pages of World Net Daily and Joe Arpaio's county in Arizona."


Agreed, that is a real contrite apology. I respect that.


JimM-- has the Admin said anything about this disaster? What aid have they given the homeless and the grieving survivors?

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