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March 15, 2014



I am curious about the passengers and whether any of them are a kidnapping target.

I also find it very curious that the Chinese keep trying to point towards the area around Vietnam away from where others are saying the plane went.


Meawhile on another ring;


I've been noticing that too, first the oil rig worker, now with the seismic event, now this is more their bailiwick, so they wanted us focusing away from the likely destination as much as possible,


For what reason would the Chinese not want anyone to find the plane?


China airlines just introduced 6 new Boeing 777s into service.

Account Deleted

How would China act if they had been warned and shot it down in a remote mountainous area? We might have satellite imagery but what purpose would it serve to disclose a shoot down?


If they are mounting a rescue operation in their own neighborhood,


Ok. A good reason to misdirect us.

Thomas Collins

Here is a question for the aviation experts: Is a 777 able to reach sufficient altitude so that an effective EMP attack could be carried out with a 777?

Account Deleted


Why would the alahoo snackbar boys not be ululating in their normal manner? It's not as if Mahometan savages are particularly quiet about their savagery.


Rick, they wouldn't if they planned on using the plane in some op. Would they?



We are assuming that nothing has been said. I don't think that we can make that assumption, the Chinese are notoriously quiet about their own issues terrorism.

Carol Herman

At what point did the Chinese government figure it out? Including that the passengers were dead within minutes. As the Malaysian aircraft rose to 43,000 feet.

And, then, with Malaysians in charge, the "chase" began.

Took awhile for the news to catch up with the theories that showed up here. The plane turned. Kept trying to evade radar. Partially by skipping up and down altitudes. And, managed to head into the jungle somewhere. Where it's been hid.

As long as the engines don't get turned on, again, the plane is probably now safely hidden. And, the dead bodies dropped off at sea, once the plane descended to 1000 feet.

Will the Chinese government do anything? Or isn't it more likely they'll just shrug?

For sure, it took more than two pilots in the cockpit to pull this off. Let alone lugging dead bodies to the back and letting them fall into "some" ocean.

The hiding place needs to be secure enough that the plane's hanger remains a "big secret." Away from the prying eyes of satellites.

Whose to say that inside the hanger there aren't attempts to paint over the plane's exterior?

What did the hi-ster's learn? They've been learning a lot aboaut Rolls Royce, and the engines. About pinging radar. And, also what is KNOWN, "how to avoid radar" ...

But as a tactic? Malaysia seems to be a great destination for Iran to unload terrorists, who can disappear into crowds. And, who can obtain fake passports EASILY!

What happens next?

If you're betting on human nature, not much. Since the Chinese fly often into Kuala Lampur. And, out, again. Must be a known drug carrying route, no?

The only negative is when lots of people refuse to use Malaysian craft. Especially if it means they've got Islamic terrorists disguised as pilots.

I'm not so sure there's gonna be a hollywood blockbuster, here. Because a planeload of Chinamen isn't exactly a selling feature, here.

It could be a comedy, though, if Malaysians can be seen "in charge." But like the "episode in Dubai" ... there's no place for an American star to give a performance worthy of an Oscar.

The plane is not resting at the body of the sea with Charlie Tuna.


Well you note, who has been mostly quiet as church mice, until recently.


There are other considerations, if the plane was hijacked and was able to fly unchallenged for thousands of miles skirting radar coverage at the very least it is a scary proposition and a major embarrassment to the governments in the area.

Old Lurker

TC, Iggy posted something yesterday indicating an EMP had to be much higher than from a plane.

marlene on Kindle

Happy Birthday Porchlight!

We just got back from the St.Patrick's Day parade here in Naples.Lots of fun,until the Democrat float went by.Honestly,the Dems need some new slogans.Why do they need a banner that says:"affordable healthcare for all." I thought that problem was solved.(snort)

Jack is Back!

From narc's Time of India link at 2:20.

Map of all 634 landing sites within the MH370 range based on time aloft.

Depending on pressure altitude of the landing area and max weight it only needs 7.5K feet of runway. You can narrow the search down quite a bit.


it also has to be a big bomb.



Where in Naples was it? 5th Ave?

jimmyk on iPhone

It only took me to the 2nd sentence of the 2:14 post to guess the commenter.

Old Lurker

Beat you, Jimmy. I got it at one.


Happy belated birthday Porch.


for the origami artists out there...

wow. one time I was folding elephants and the discarded looked like the spare parts in some Frankenelephant nightmare.

Dave (in MA)

2:14 I guessed the author during the 2nd paragraph.


Carol doesn't bother me. I actually read her posts.

marlene on Kindle

Jane,it ended on 5th Ave.We walked to St.Ann's,where the parade began.40,000 people were expected and I believe it!There is a
huge contingent of Boston folks here,in fact some had floats in the parade.The snowbirds know how to have a good time!

marlene on Kindle


Captain Hate

Carol doesn't bother me. I actually read her posts.

They probably remind you of that UFO show.

Frau Stachelschwein

narciso's link: Maduro says we can’t go through Plaza Venezuela,” “The chavistas just announced a gathering in Plaza Brion.” “Someone told me they shut down the subway system

Danube on iPad

Sheer joy resides in our wikiup:

Old Lurker

Eight US Senators are in the Ukraine this weekend.

There's a good use of tax dollars, huh?


Soros rented them for good money and if he wants them there he got them there.

Dave (in MA)

And then I posted before reading jimmyk's comment.

Jack is Back!


That 3:02 NYT's link also lillustrates that the punters are not betting on the Dems. The money is going to GOP candidates by a 2 to 1 margin. That's a very big deal.


Sort of, Capt'n. they have a feel of bizarre but nuggets of whoa!

Frau Stachelschwein

OL - Following your Cornwell reading, I have a very "fictiony" and very light entertainment recommendation for you: Martin Jensen, a Danish author, has written two mysteries taking place in 1018 following King Cnut's conquest of England. the second, "Oathbreaker" begins with a dramatic description of the murder of Uhtred and his men.

(No chausses were damaged in the posting of this comment.)


Plus she's been around a long time. Longer than some of us.

jimmyk on iPhone

Interesting piece in the NYer of all places, via Newsbusters: March 13 was the 50th anniversary of the Kitty Genovese murder, and as many here may already know, the NY Times basically fabricated the whole '38 witnesses' business that led to an entire sub-industry in the psych profession. There were very few witnesses, and most of those did help or call the police.

"Fake but accurate" goes back a long way.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Why do they need a banner that says:"affordable healthcare for all." I thought that problem was solved.(snort)

That is a great point....with tons of lib stuff.

They need to be forced to define their target.

What is the correct "global temperature"?
How much money for education is enough?
Give us your final definition of marriage.

Frau Stachelschwein

jimmyk - laugh or cry?


It only took me to the 2nd sentence of the 2:14 post to guess the commenter.

I find that to be true for most of us. At one point during the Libby fiasco someone, I think Clarice asked Carol to put her name on the top of the post, which she very kindly did.

The left is always asking us how we plan to fix health care. The real question should be how they plan to fix healthcare, since they all now say they want to.

I've been thinking about blue bonnets today.


To think of all those years I thought "all the news that's fit to print" meant ALL THE NEWS rather than understanding what
"that's fit (to our agenda) to print" meant.

Old Lurker

Thanks Frau. I added them to my list.

I do enjoy imagining what the Vikings would do with our leaders in DC.

Carol Herman

What do the hijackers do next?

Was part of the plot the misdirections that would come from the Malaysian government? By the next day, (if the plane wasn't at the bottom of the sea) ... it was hidden. Leaving alive the crew needed to carry out this sophisticated plot. (More than two pilots were involved.) Hardly likely people just volunteered for a suicide mission.

The plane was stuffed with food. (Besides fuel. Even besides enough water for 200-plus people ... ) Could stay hidden in the jungle for awhile. While you now have ground crew, to consider, as well.

Kuala Lumpur provides people with more than just fake passports, and identities. Scampering off the hiding place again involves logistics. Maybe, a month at sea would do the trick?

Doubt the hijackers assumed that wall-to-wall coverage would still continue!

If this brand new plane landed in one piece it's worth millions! It also has value as being able to evade radar. They're lucky the Mossad's not onto their tails!

Wonder if there isn't a "magic carpet" ride into Saudi Arabia, at a discount.

Miss Marple

Old Lurker, Being as how I am descended from Danes and Scots, I have a pretty good idea.
Alas, I have no broadswords.

jimmyk on iPhone

The NYT Kitty Genovese story has been, like the plastic turkey, "I can see Russia from my house," and so many others, incredibly durable. In part because people made careers off it.


--Here is a question for the aviation experts: Is a 777 able to reach sufficient altitude so that an effective EMP attack could be carried out with a 777?--

The article I linked (168 pages worth) indicates a minimum altitude of 20km and even then the effects would not be too widespread and fairly negligible. 30km (95000 feet) seemed to be about the minimum. I don't know how big it would have to be but to maximize EMP effects requires a pretty sophisticated ability to design a bomb to do so.
A missile seems the only practical way for an Iran or NK to deliver one.

Danube on iPad

"What is the correct 'global temperature?'"

Whatever it was when Al Gore was a boy.


I look at what she has to say too. And sometimes she is very perceptive - unlike our wonderful congress and senate - who - even combined together - do not have the perception and intelligence of a dairy farm cow.


--Eight US Senators are in the Ukraine this weekend.

There's a good use of tax dollars, huh?--

It is if they end up under a T-80's treads.

Danube on iPad

"Why do they need a banner that says: 'affordable healthcare for all.'"

Maybe they're bragging that they have already brought it about. After all, they passed a bill by that name, and with the Left intentions are everything and actual results are to be ignored.


Some people make sense.
Some people sound crazy.

Then there is a narrow band of people who preliminarily sound sensible but there is always an undercurrent of coo-coo for cocoa-puffs just waiting to jump out.
Carol is in that narrow band.


And did I see that today is Porch's birthday? If so - Happy Birthday to Porch - may you have many more that are filled with goodness and love.


On the BBC Homepage this instant there are 60 stories you can click on but zero that you can comment on: BBC

But if you click on their BBC Science and Environment Page there are 56 stories you can click on, and you can actually comment on 5 of those stories! BBC Science and Environment

What 5 stories can BBC readers comment on?

1) Fracking 'could harm wildlife'
2) 'Careless farming adding to floods'
3) Are climate “sceptics” ready to accept more of the science?
4) After the flood: Protecting Somerset Levels to cost tens of millions
5) UK astronaut's mission needs a name: The European Space Agency asks people to choose a name for British astronaut Major Tim Peake's next mission.

What an embarrassment for a news organization propaganda mouthpiece.

BBC Delenda est.

Frau Stachelschwein

"They need to be forced to define their target."

Janet - Four days ago, our newspaper happily reported on the front page that San Bernardino County had reached 96% of the Obamacare goal set, whatever that actually was. Today on page 3, a correction stated that, through a mix-up {Dem CYA technical term}, the results for San Bernardino County AND Riverside County had been combined. The percentage was actually 69%. No report on what the goal in numbers is, wa or might be.


If the plane was hijacked and landed somewhere--which amazingly is starting to look increasingly possible, if not even likely--then it was quite a sophisticated operation, well-planned and well-executed. Not only did they need to plan out the actual hijacking of the plane, the killing off of the passengers, and the avoidance of radar detection, but they needed to have had a secure and remote runway all prepared and the means to hide the plane from satellite surveillance once the plane landed.

If this is what happened, then these guys are scary good. And whatever they intend to use the plane for, they will likely do it soon, and if Phase II of the operation is as well-planned and well-executed as the first half, they are likely to succeed.

This could be very, very bad. And given the part of the world where this occurred, my guess would be that Israel is the target.


The Israeli AF could take it out, right?

Miss Marple


I agree.

What carriers use the 777 besides the US and Maylasia? Because I am thinking that you paint one with the logo of a different airline and follow a plane to see when that very plane will leave, say, New Delhi.

Blow it up over the Indian Ocean and substitute the evil plane and let it approach Tel Aviv with a nasty payload.

Carol Herman

7 days to make a get-away. What's the possibility that the FIRST THING you'd want to do is ditch the plane? (And, not in the water!)

How do drug traffickers do their comings and goings?

Interesting how you can make people assume "it's still in the water." Or flying around avoiding radar over many, many nations. Instead of using the plane as a murder weapon. Killing all the passengers in the "jump" to the higher elevation.

And, then what?

We've watched the press run the story.

We've seen how ships at sea can respond to "getting free headline" space. But nobody wants to see ... if you're going to steal this plane, getting rid of living passengers is high up on your "to-do" list.

Malaysia is infested with false identity sellers. (They can even book flights to Frankfurt! HELLO, EU!

If you hide this plane deep in some jungle. And, you shut off the engines. You can still have enough fuel on board to fly out, again, some day. (Jungle areas are low on fuel storage.) And, this plane is a big momma.

Since no trace of the airline can be found, then, if it's in one piece ... certainly parts could be transported away ... Along with what? One pilot? Two?

Why was the ocean such a resource? Well, it's huge. And, the media loved drawing arrows on maps ... in one direction. Until, the mass herd then demanded arrows going off in another. But always ocean.

Cocoa Puffs, and an accompanying Magic Carpet Ride.

Now, why not try to figure out where the plane could have landed as soon as it turned? (Yup. Rose to 43,000 feet to kill the passengers.) Or? If you're a businessman in Kuala Lumpur, you're now in possession of 239 "new" passports for sale. No one is going to check this against the manifest. And, no one's yet looking at all the landing sites used by drug traffickers, and others.

jimmyk on iPhone

derwill, the one consolation in that scenario is that I have great confidence in Israel's ability to defend itself from anything that plane could do, and probably are two steps ahead in planning for it.

Stephanie VIP shhhhh its fight club

Jane, left you a comment in the prior thread.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Happy Birthday, Porchlight. Many happy returns. March is great, ain't it?


On the previous thread JiB posted:

This plane could be anywhere and have landed. Pax are all probably dead from hypoxia.

If it is a hi-jack situation and the pax are intentionally dead from hypoxia, then the very early rumors we read, about families of the dead calling their loved ones cellphones and having the phones ring, might make sense. If they were intentionally killed via hypoxia then there's no need to go thru all 229 of them looking for their cellphones to shut off.

On the other hand, if the plane crashed and their phones had been demolished, I have no idea if dialing their numbers would have resulted in hearing a ringing. Does anyone know?


If I call my husband or children and their phones are off it goes straight to voicemail. But that is my limited knowledge of whether they would ring or not.


Zero has been dropping like a rock in Gallup I think its down down down down 4 days running. Today another point down to put him at 39% approval. I am sure that is tough on a narcissistic @hole like Zero, so that torture is well deserved.

Old Lurker

And yet.

39% do approve of the jerk.

Jack is Back!


The passports were not bought or stolen in Malaysia but rather Thailand, Phuket to be exact. Tickets were purchased for the Iranian's in Pattya, Thailand.

BTW, its my understanding that even if a phone is turned off or in airplane mode, you can still ping it. To avoid detection you have to remove the battery. Imagine going through ever person's effects,n phones, computers, tablets, etc. Disabling them all and still be ready to land somewhere, dispose of the bodies, electronics and hide the plane.

Also, out of 227 passengers, some of who are engineers and electronic techies it wouldn't surprise me that there is at least one SatPhone or more. And what if that and other electronics are packed away in checked luggage? Is someone going down into the hold and search all the bags? None of this is making any sense the more you think about the details, where the devil resides.

As derwil has noted, anyone who can pull this off is very dangerous and very smart. Its the kind of thing the Israeli's would be capable of doing to one of their muzzie enemies but that's ridiculous, right?


Two different experts on two different news shows last night said that the cell phones would not work at all at the altitude the plane was flying, plus the part of the world it was flying in and presumably over ocean. The caller might hear ringing, because the call could simply not connect.

Captain Hate

One Aaron Craft loss away from the long national nightmare being over.


--The Israeli AF could take it out, right?--

Off the top of my head, I'm thinking they would first have to determine that what looks at first blush like an ordinary passenger plane approaching their airspace may in fact be the missing airliner. Then somebody with the authority to do so needs to authorize the shooting of it down, and that somebody is not going to cavalierly risk shooting what could be a legitimate passenger plane full of a couple hundred innocent people out of the sky--he/she is going to want to be at least reasonably sure that the threat is real. (Can you imagine the shit that would descend on Israel if they shot down an innocent airliner--because I'm sure the Israelis can.) And even within the Israeli military and government there will be layers of bureaucracy and people covering desks who will want to cover their asses. Meanwhile they have to scramble the jets and get them up there and relay the order to fire should it come down.

I guess what I'm saying is I think it would all depend on how close the bad guys could get to their target, before the Israelis figure out that the threat is real enough to shoot down the plane, and then how long it would take the Israeli military to respond.

I think it's feasible that they could pull it off. As feasible as taking over two airliners with box cutters and flying them into the World Trade Center.

Also, the one thing the hijackers might not have allowed for was that pinging business, which gave away that they flew for 7+ hours after contact was lost. They could have assumed that the world would think the plane had been lost at sea, and would not be expecting a rogue passenger airliner to suddenly show up on someone's radar days or weeks later.

So while a good plan, maybe not a perfect plan?


It's apparently Uighars..the plane is down in Central asia somewhere say the Malaysians. Probably in or near Khyrgyzstan. (sp?)

Carol Herman

The heist didn't go according to plan.

Don't forget it was a midnight flight. People getting onto the plane thought they'd sleep the distance. So it was dark on board.

Within 40 minutes you not only get the hijacking, you get the murder of all the passengers. And, then "drops" ... some as low as 1000 feet.

All flying drug traffickers know how to avoid radar detection. But they usually don't fly wide bodied planes. And, they're good at dropping payloads down to the sea. Where fishing boats lurk. To pick up "packages."

There's a good chance, too, the hijackers didn't know how sophisticated radar's gotten to be, given that we have satellites also "pinging" location, location, location. As if its real estate.

Did the pilot become suicidal?

If he's not suicidal then the plane is hidden somewhere considered "safe" by the hijackers.

If this were a "trial run" (for the religion of insanity), for what, exactly, was this a trial run for?

Did the Saudi's put up enough money to make this possible? A hijacking without a motive?

Or was the motive there, but then FEAR like nobody's business set in? By not applying to Beijing for ransom, what does that tell you about the hijackers? Sure, they were familiar with Malaysia. But who would give them enough money to return the plane?

What's the plane worth now? Does Boeing think this means Malaysia buys another one? If the market's in Asia the number's design should be changed from "777" to "888."

The plane didn't crash! "Crashing" would have been seen on radar! Avoiding the crash took pilot skill. (With the pilot, at home, who had his own simulator!) And, police outside his door for a week, doing nothing.) Still, the rumor that he had a simulator showed up, here, very early.

By the way, zero's numbers tanking is nothing new. The democrats are facing an angry mob hellbent at taking them out of office! The game plays out in 50 states. As well it should.)

Ah. Back to Malaysia. When you see the be-medaled generals Malaysia sends out as "experts on the scene" ... do you ever wonder what they've done in life to deserve the array of medals?

World travel surely alerts you to the ways of this world, where even our congress-critters look good in comparison.

Jack is Back!


Israeli defense radar is both primary and secondary capable. They paint you without a transponder you are dead.

Captain Hate

Belated congrats to the Fighting Debbies. Welcome to the Bojangles Conference, Boeheim.

Go Hoos (never thought I'd ever say that).

 Man Tran on iPhone

A couple random comments--some inspired by the aviation types on Megyn's show last night.

The jump to FL450 (that was quoted) puts the 777 in its coffin corner. As daddy mentioned, that is not fun for the pilot. Likely not done intentionally.

There is nothing done to the pax at 430 or 450 that can't be done at 370, just takes a little longer.

What are the chances they found a passing commercial airliner and tucked in behind them to avoid being tracked? Done all the time for the military. Might be the reason for shifting airways to the NW.

Beasts of England

At one point during the Libby fiasco someone, I think Clarice asked Carol to put her name on the top of the post, which she very kindly did.

That's hilarious. And also cool that Carol complied...


I hope so, JiB. Sometimes I do wonder, though, whether we're engaged in a bit of wishful thinking when it comes both to Israel's ability to defend itself against an enemy hellbent on its annihilation, as well as it's willingness to go to the lengths necessary to do so.

But if it's Uighars, then the target is probably somewhere in China anyway. Which would maybe explain what seem to be China's attempts at misdirection.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Carol commenting style has always reminded me of James Joyce's stream of consciousness style. My ADD always got in the way when reading Joyce. Likewise often with Carol. But when I am able to pay attention, I can get some of it.

Beasts of England

Maybe I should have given up the Malaysian Airline crash for Lent? Ugh.

So, if the pilot(s) was responsible, is the cockpit door truly impervious to a determined group of passengers? I'm thinking it is. Or, at least to the degree that it would provide sufficient protection to the cockpit that could be augmented by pitching or yawing the plane to further dissuade an oncoming passenger revolt.

Jack is Back!


I don't see how they could get to Kyrgyastan without going over either India or China airspace. Since both are nuclear powers, they have some very sophisticated advanced air defense systems. I can't see any commercial aircraft without electroinic cloaking systems invading those airspaces. But if they did its something for all major countries to worry about including us.


JiB has it right. No way an unidentified subsonic aircraft no matter what it's payload is has ANY chance to penetrate Israeli airspace unchallenged. It would get splashed pronto.


Maybe already noted--but NPR just reported that the plane flew for SEVEN more hours after transponder disabled.

HB to you Porch.


--It's apparently Uighars..the plane is down in Central asia somewhere say the Malaysians. Probably in or near Khyrgyzstan. (sp?)--


Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, Porchlight!


I have a theory about how to have all phones and electronics disabled by the passengers, voluntarily.

All the pilot would have to do is ask; "ladies and gentleman, we are experiencing interference in our communications by someones phone, laptop, whatever. Please pull out all electronic equipment and pull out the batteries, thank you. Stewardess pleases assist."

As for any electronics in the luggage, it has been my experience as a former CBP officer that electronics are very rarely carried there, aside the risk of theft you also have to worry about damage during handling.


This is probably a dumb question--but what a transponder does is to send in a particular code to air traffic control towers, right? To allow them to identify the plane? So would it be possible to alter the code, to fool the tower into thinking it's United Flight ### arriving ahead of schedule from JFK?

I guess what I'm asking is how and who programs these codes, and how easy would it be to hack in and change them? Or is that not how it works at all?



I completely agree with your analysis. It seems close to surreal.

Steph - the teenager just left and now I have apple TV on my 10 year old flat screen. I need his brain for a month or two. There was a day when I was the most computer savvy person around (and that says a lot about the people around me because I was never computer savvy.) First lawyer in my firm to have a computer on my desk. Got my nieces and nephews their first computers and taught them how to use them. Now I am just an old idiot. Bummer.

Jack is Back!


I think this may be Clarice's source

Remember it was reported in the Malay press that a Uighar on board had trained to fly commercial jetliners.



Silencing Cell Phones in Public Places

As an aside, what did you do in CBP?


Could be Uzbeks, they are right next door, and
through Hizbut Tahir, they have wide sectarian reach,

clarice :
[quote] At a press conference today in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak confirmed what many, including Slate, had already inferred about the fate of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: that it had not succumbed to an accident but instead been diverted as a result of “deliberate action by someone on the plane.” Further information release by the Malaysian government indicated that the plane ended its flight in a restive area of Central Asia.[/quote]

Jack is Back!


Transponer 4 digit commercial airline codes are designated by ATC. There are a range of transponder codes for everything from military flights, to private aviation to commercial to passenger flights, etc.


From some of the other moves, he's moving on the Baltics;

Of course, they are sending Slo Jo, to that area, so why worry?


From the Slate article:

Early this morning BBC reporter Jonah Fisher tweeted, "Being briefed by Malaysia officials they believe most likely location for MH370 is on land somewhere near Chinese/Kyrgyz border.”

I think someone here linked a Sydney Morning Herald story the other day that said there was a Uighur passenger with flight training on board.

Jack is Back!

Hey, considering the flight trained Uighur on board, may be its in Bermuda.


--Transponer 4 digit commercial airline codes are designated by ATC. There are a range of transponder codes for everything from military flights, to private aviation to commercial to passenger flights, etc.--

So another dumb question: Does every plane have their own code that is always the same for that particular plane, wherever they go, or is a new code designated for each flight?

I'm trying to figure out if it's at all possible for one plane to acquire and use another plane's transponder code and thus fool the control tower into identifying that blip they are seeing on the radar screen as a plane with a legitimate right to be there.



Customs at airport and briefly investigations at the port.


Why am I not surprised?

Russia says intercepted US drone over Crimea: arms group

jimmyk on iPhone

" There was a day when I was the most computer savvy person around (and that says a lot about the people around me because I was never computer savvy.)"

Jane, I am only somewhat savvy, but I find the myriad ways of connecting equipment together can be daunting. Especially devices of different vintages. If there's a Radio Shack in your area they can be helpful. I've also resorted to taking pictures of the backs of the devices and all the connections and posting to forums on the web.

(And no wisecracks about posting pictures of backsides on the web, please.)

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