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March 26, 2014



Race to the Taught.


this was a dozen years ago,

Rse's got this cat Orfield's number.



Whatever it is, it's important to get rid of those charter schools like Success Academy in Harlem, to make sure those blacks and Latinos have no alternative. Or something.


You know what they could do?
They could pile all the kids into those big yellow things and force them to go cross town where they don't want to go.

Yeah that's the ticket. How come nobody ever thought of that before?

Miss Marple

No US airports. The only one of these I have been to is Heathrow, and to me it is nothing but endless escalators and lines. Oh, and a shopping mall in the middle.


Meanwhile Volodya is certainly weaker, like someone who's had too much chinese food;

Danube on iPad

Something priceless from Noemie Emery:

Baghdad Bob Dionne does not avoid the knout.

Clarice Feldman



Obama's Disapproval Hits New High, 59%, in New AP-GfK Poll

please God let the electorate get a wake up call


No US airports.

That may be a badge of honor, as airports, like trains, are favorite boondoggles of autocrats. Have you ever seen the Moscow or St Petersburg subways? Magnificent.

Also, the state-of-the-art airports end up getting built so that you practically need another plane trip to get to the city (like Denver's).

Detroit's airport is actually pretty nice, believe it or not. And people knock LaGuardia, but how do you measure the fact that it's 15 minutes from Manhattan?

There was a movement a few years back toward privatizing airports, but I haven't heard much about it lately. Probably died with 9/11 and the advent of the TSA.

Jane on Ipad

According to breaking news on Megyn Kelly, capital hill is completely freaked out about Eastern Europe and Obama's impotence.

Clarice Feldman

Why should we be the only ones, Jane?

Miss Marple

Jane, well, at least we are smarter than they are.

I am sure there isn't one person here who didn't foresee this.

I hope those democrats on The Hill are losing sleep and gobbling Tums. I hope they see their political careers coming to an end.

Clarice Feldman

Noemie's always great,DoT.

Jack is Back!

I have to agree with the airport rankings. Been to them all and Singapore has been tops since forever it seems. Dubai is incredible in a Las Vegas kind of way and MM, Heathrow No. 3 and 5 provide more conveinence and last minute shopping, restaurants, bars, clubs and amenities than any in the USA.

Not on the list that I may have to put there is Copenhagen. But Schipol has always been a duty free shoppers dream plus it like most has Rail to Air delivery. Same for Heathrow. CDG and others.

Jack is Back!


All the major British International airports like Heathrow, Gatwick, City, Stanstead, Luton etc. are private. Owned and operated by BAA.

Lima is private. San Jose, Costa Rica is private. Cyprus is private. There are more but I am on my 3rd wine:)

Used to work for a firm that did that under an assumed name:)


this guy, is quite a piece of work, I mean it's too inplausible for an episode of Burn Notice, or Graceland,

Beasts of England

I don't spend an inordinate amount of time feeling sorry for multi-billionaires, but I have some real compassion for the Koch brothers. To see the (alleged) Searchlight Pederast attacking them from the Senate floor, and now Chuckie Schumer revealing that the dem mid-term strategy is essentially attacking a couple of libertarian citizens who provide about 70,000 good paying jobs and important products and services to their fellow Americans, is simply beyond the pale.

I hope the brothers uncork a fresh can on these dimwits and that the sting never goes away. I am truly sick and tired of these un-American hacks trouncing on good and decent people. Enough, already.

(and I said that without a single curse word!)

Centralcal on iPad

Damned right, Beasts!b


DoT--I have very little confidence in the Republicans in Congress generally (the Senate in particular), but is there any reason to believe (as I think you are suggesting--correct me if I misread you)that they would vote to "correct" the ACA to allow subsidies on the Federal exchange, thus bailing out Obama and the Dems and ensuring that The Great Clusterfuck can never be done away with? Remember that not a single Republican voted for it, the Dems passed it by nefarious means, they completely blew off all Republican efforts to alleviate some of its more egregious effects on the public (such as delaying the individual mandate), and the thing is wildly unpopular (and not because voters are unhappy that they can't get subsidies on the federal exchange). Not even McCain is that obtuse (OK, maybe McCain, but I don't see any political benefit to bailing out the Dems and Obama.
Am I missing something?

Centralcal on iPad

Ha - sorry for the phantom "b"

Account Deleted

Miss Marple,

I did not foresee him casting his handlers aside. I believed he had some understanding of his intellectual limitations and some recognition of his very limited executive experience and that he would stay on a tether until leaving office. While I have never had any doubt regarding his competence, I must say I overestimated his intelligence by a substantial margin.


It ain't about the Koch Brothers. It's a warning to anyone else with a sack of dough and thoughts of entering the political fray.

Jack is Back!


We are living in an America where it is politically acceptable and strategic to attack public citizens. Think about that? Even Hitler didn't that - he saved words and just exterminated them. Obama and Reid have a lot to learn from history.

Jim Miller

Just watched a press conference on the Oso disaster. It's bigger than I thought, at first.

In addition to the known dead, there are ninety on their missing list, people who were likely to be in Oso, and who haven't been heard from.

That list may grow or, possibly, shrink.

So, almost certainly more than one hundred dead, and possibly more.

(I wouldn't expect a lot of drivers on that road who didn't live in the area. The road goes up to a small (population 1,347) logging town, Darrington, but there aren't many people beyond Darrington.)


Yes, they went after Adelson, with that phantom DOJ investigation, whatever happened to that by the way,

Stephanie wherefore art thou springtime

That phantom b was an emoticon wasn't it?


Screwing up your face and sticking your tongue out in a "I cussed cause you didn't kinda way neener neener"


Miss Marple

Rick, he seems to be answerable to no one. And his advisers are all sycophants or cultists who simply will not disagree with him. Look at Valerie Jarrett's words. She is obviously obsessed with him and her praise of him is completely delusional.

What horrifies me is that he has no understanding of diplomacy. He is continually calling Putin weak and Russia a regional power. He acts like if he gives enough insulting speeches it will somehow change Putin's mind. This is insanity.
Nothing is more likely to provoke the Russians than this.

Also, his speech today had factual historical errors and once again, he trotted out the "Look at me, I am a citizen of the world and black" meme which as much as says that all history revolves around him. Again, insanity.

I would feel better if they declared him unfit for office and put Joe Biden in.

Danube on iPad

Not missing anything, boatbuilder - you're spot on my point, which is that it would put the GOP in something of a pickle. It's all well and good to say "look, this is your baby, this is what you wanted, and we warned you about it.," but while that feels good it sounds rather petulant.

I think they should be prepared instead to focus on the huge new expense that would be incurred if suddenly subsidies had to be doled out in 34 additional states.

Jack is Back!

You're not going to beleive this but there are 2 new threads up and I am worn out commenting first:)


The slander of the Kochs is the same as the slander of Palin and of Cruz and of anyone else who persists in going against the progressive thoughtwave. It is the equivalent of the pod people in "The Body Snatchers" pointing, opening their mouths and screaming. It identifies those whose ideas and thoughts are taboo and sends the message to others that not only are such thoughts beyond the pale, if they themselves are moved to consider or express such thoughts they will be shunned, vilified and ridiculed. And it works.


Am I missing something?

Normally I would have made a consent decree joke.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

An interesting Powerline piece about the WaPo coordinating with the Dems. -

It reminds me of the Fast & Furious story back in 2010. The WaPo laying the groundwork for outrage about guns going to Mexico. The death of Brian Terry stopped that created crisis for a bit.


DoT--If the Dems and their media acolytes were able to successfully package it as "Those mean Republicans are standing in the way of you getting the Obamacare you deserve!" then I would be very concerned, DoT, because I have little doubt that the "moderates" would cave in a DC minute. But that doesn't pass the laugh test at this point--nobody wants it and the Repubs can read the polls. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose by standing pat--and individual legislators have a lot to lose by not standing pat, which is perhaps more important. Look at the Dems running away from it--I don't see them lining up to support the federal exchange bailout either. And as somebody upthread pointed out the Republicans and the scared (or sensible) Dems can plausibly point to the huge cost of the fed subsidies as a deal-breaker. (Has the CBO scored the cost with the fed subsidies?)

Beasts of England

A good point, Rick Ballard. Scary, but understood...


is the Pope Argentine, of course there's a connection, it's begging for scraps from Steyer and the like, just as at the heart of the CIA/Senate standoff is the Levick Grp,

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Now - the Dems & the WaPo attack the Kochs

Then - the Dems & the WaPo working together for gun control

an old post of mine -

This was it. The Hidden Life of Guns -

By James V. Grimaldi and Sari Horwitz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, December 15, 2010; 1:14 PM

Research editor Alice Crites and staff writer William Booth contributed to this report.

Terry was shot on Dec. 14th & died Dec 15th. 2010

Wouldn't you love to question some reporters on why they covered the stories they did. Did outside sources suggest it? Did govt. or advocacy groups pave the way for the story? Who contacted Grimaldi, Horwitz, Crites &/or Booth?


TK--I factored that in to my analysis. You go to war with the army you have. I don't think that Boehner and Cantor are more dedicated to the survival of ObamaCare than Mary Landreau, however.


Dodson, the ATF whistleblower, wondered the same thing, janet, the capture of El Chapo, helped obscure this matter, but his successor still has those guns,

then again, we've seen a possible explanation who Benghazi, has been slow walked to death.


Jim M, Thanks for checking in. It's a terrible story.


DoT--I see now that "somebody upthread" was actually you. You make a very good point. I am putting my faith in the absolute awfulness of ObamaCare overcoming the usual squishiness of the GOP; I'm feeling about as confident as I did before my Dukies took on those Mercer Bears.

Centralcal on iPad

Of course, Stephanie - a snarky emoticon!

Neener, neener!

Clarice Feldman

You'll notice Powerline is asking the Post to provide documentary evidence relating to the genesis of the article which it claims was surely cooked up with the Dems ahead of time. It will be fun to watch this.

What better argument for Citizens United than that the major media like the Post has quite obviously been acting as the Ministry of Propaganda for the Democrats?


Well I tracked back, to the IFG, which was the ostensible source, it's like relying on that crazy outfit, with the Gwenith gal, for anything, 'deep ecology' nutbags, that's the technical term,


Is containing the debt a new, successful political slogan? My experience tells me it would gather about 30%.

Jim Miller

jimmyk - One of the things that has made it even worse for the families, I fear, is the slow way the bad news has been unfolding. They have had five days in which they did not know what had happened, five days in which they -- not without some reason -- hoped there were people surviving in that horrible mess.




I don't usually watch daytime television but I did yesterday for about twenty minutes, between nine and ten, and in that time there were two commercials supporting Sen. Kay Hagan in which the Koch brothers, BY NAME, were called out as the rich interests opposing all of Kay's good works in Washington---clean air, clean water.

I agree with JiB--this is chilling.

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