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March 26, 2014



It's 01:53 AM on the East Coast.

Do you know where you children Blogmaster is?


The Rule of Law becomes the Rule of Obama.




Daddy, that is not what I want to wake up to. Can you use your pen & phone and delay that image? My eyes thank you.

Sic semper tyrannis.

Heh, by work with Congress, perhaps he means he'll show them what the NSA have on them.



Just trying to let her unconscious inner radiance shine through.


this shows up the charade of the panopticon;


Didn't we know this about five days after the bombing???


Hey! Just think that future generations will the Terra-Cote O'Bama's to view as antique relics.


....will have....

Grrrrrrr, need coffee

Captain Hate

Here's the Cruz appearance on Cavuto that a few JOMers were talking about last night:

Miss Marple

anonamom, Obviously no one listened to the Russian warning because everyone knows they are racists and Islamaphobes.

Michelle could have saved a bunch of money and viewed some of the terra cotta warriors in Indianapolis, where they will be in an exhibit at the Children's Museum. A bonus would have been that Indianapolis does not have any hotels with $3200/night suites.


This dovetails perfectly with a comment I made yesterday regarding the EPA. These agencies, the EPA, IRS, Justice Department, NSA, etc., are all part of the Executive Branch.

They are not rogue agencies that act unilaterally by themselves without any supervision or controlled. Yet, since Obama has been in office, and imo to shield Obama, they are treated and talked about as if they are rogue agencies.

Captain Hate

The JEF dissembles continually on what he's really accountable for, either by doing what Bori said or acting like he's still an outsider to the system that he's been overseeing for more than five years. Among their other irresponsible and partisan activities, the MFM's unwillingness to point this out should, by itself, remove any consideration of objectivity or impartiality.


Interesting story at Watts Up:

Ooops! Much-touted 2006 Polar Bear survey used by ESA to list them as ‘threatened’ …now invalidated

It tells us that a 2006 study of Polar Bears was invalid when it announced that Polar Bears were endangered, because it did not consider the fact that Polar bears moved around from one location to another. (Who would a thunk it?)

No big deal however. It only led to the US Govt closing down 187,000 square miles of Alaskan on shore and off shore teritory to Oil Drilling and resource exploitation. (187,00 Square miles is an area only 1/5th largerr than the state of California, or twice the size of Colorado, Wyoming, or Oregon,) so nothing really to worry about. A simple bureaucratic mistake---could happen to anyone, and another good reason why we should be so excited by the EPA's announcement today that they plan to take regulatory control of millions of acres of wetlands and roughly 2 million miles of streams.

Couldn't happen to a kinder, more honest and unbiased unaccountable Government Bureaucracy.

Just for interest, to those wondering it was only in 2011 that scientists learned that Polar bears could regularly swim 426 miles across Arctic Seas, so their incorrect perception that Polar Bears were sedentary is completely understandable. After all, we've only had to fire one Govt funded Polar Bear Researcher for fraudulent studies since 2013.

Miss Marple

So true, Captain Hate.

Meanwhile, Bush was held accountable for weather by the very same people.


More on Justina from Michael Graham:

If you've been following the Justina Pelletier case, you know the horrors this poor teenager and her family have been put through by DCF and Boston Children's Hospital.

On Tuesday the judge finally release his ruling in this case, granting "permanent" custody to the state of Massachusetts and the Department of Children and Families--despite the drastic decline in her condition (not to mention DCF's less-than-stellar record on keeping kid's safe)

You'll find a link to the judge's ruling on the website. Here are four observations:

Connecticut Refused To Act Against The Pelletiers: Again and again, listeners have asked me why this Connecticut family is stuck under the jurisdiction of the corrupt and incompetent Massachusetts DCF. Well, Judge Johnson ordered MA DCF to reach out to CT DCF, but according to his ruling the MA DCF told him Connecticut “decided it would not take any action.” Why not? Surely Connecticut cares about its own kids as much as Massachusetts cares about Connecticut kids.

There Is No Accusation Against The Pelletiers Until AFTER Boston Children’s Seized Justina: Like many people I’ve been asking “OK–what’s REALLY going on with the Pelletiers?” There’s gotta be something, right? Well, if there IS something, it’s not mentioned in this ruling. This ruling says almost nothing about Justina Pelletier’s condition and absolutely nothing about Linda and Lou Pelletier’s parenting before Justina was seized by Boston Children’s/DCF. Instead the judge grouses about the fact that the Pelletiers–angry that their daughter was taken without notice or recourse–acted…well, angry.

There is NOTHING In This Ruling About Justina’s (Worsening) Condition: Doesn’t it matter that Justina was skating 14 months ago but is wheelchair-bound today? If Justina were on life support, would the judge STILL say “Whatever you do–don’t let her go home!”?

This Judge Isn’t Ruling, He’s Whining: Why won’t CT take this case? Why are mean lawyers from out-of-state pushing me to make decisions? Why won’t the Pelletiers just shut up and do what they’re told? Why is the media talking about me? Boo hoo hoo! Judge Johnson, with all due respect: there’s a teenager’s life at stake here.


How come this advertisement is okay
but Mary Tyler Moore's capri pants were banned from Network TV?


That was my non-lawyer take as well. The judge is offended that Justina's father is less than deferential?
I'd be in prison by now for murder one if she was my daughter!

Fact remains that she hasn't seen the WELL RESPECTED pediatric specialists who have kept her well for years, despite being remanded to their care last month; that BCH made their diagnosis in what has to be record time---three or four days??? for a psychiatric diagnosis? Kept her locked up, for a year.
You know, psychiatry--the field where they send out books every decade or so where things like homosexuality , which were "diseases" suddenly become non-diseases , based on votes by their panels. You know, the field based on Freud's work, where he changed his accounts of his patient's sexual abuse at the hands of their relatives to come up with the Oedipal complex as cover.

(no disrespect to the dedicated psychiatrists who labor to help the suffering--but really, what they do for so many is a matter of opinion, not any kind of science)

I just don't get it. There has to be more--but there isn't more.


Daddy-- back in the day I was a Mary Tyler Moore/Elizabeth Montgomery/Barbara eden/MaryAnn on Gilligan's Island kind of boy. Your photo reminds me why my adolescent eye thoght MTM was smokin'hot.
BTW-- right now, the most interesting part of that photo is the women in the background with their demurely crossed ankles.


Psychiatry is a lot like government. If we say it's true, it's true. Same with Judges it appears.

I want to sue that hospital for a billion dollars for every day they have kept that girl.


I guess TomM stayed up last night waiting for the snow that never came to coastal Ct. JEF is so predictable at this point. Things he wants to illegally prevent-- no fossil fuel energy production, he illegally tells subordinates not to do what Congressional law requires (federal land licenses, Keystone, deportations etc) things he needs Congress for, he delays and dissembles, then waits fo a crisis to jam it through (IMF funding/voting-- failed yesterday) and things he doesn't want to do but is politically forced to, he tells Congress YOU make me do it (NSA, close Gitmo etc). He's a hardcore Alinsky Lefty, but a cowardly incompetent Alinskyite.

Centralcal on iPad

Jane and anonnamom: with three beautiful granddaughters in the 13 to 16 y.o. age ranges, I am beyond horrified at this story. If I lived in MA, I would seriously consider moving the family to another, safer state, for the sake of the children and any future ailments they might have.

Comanche Voter

Nah NK, JEF is just a jerk. I know where I'd like to see that pen and phone stuffed.

Account Deleted

"There has to be more--but there isn't more."


There really doesn't have to be more when a berobed buffoon teams up with credentialed morons wearing lab coats. This particular buffoon is adding obvious pique to the mix but the form and substance are remarkably similar to the situation where a team of berobed buffoons affirmed the EPA's "right" to declare air a pollutant and cripple the economy on the basis of fraud committed by teams of credentialed morons in lab coats using 'one weird trick' with improperly used statistics as justification.

Perhaps making "Judge Joseph Johnson is an asshole." reach #1 as a Bing search result would help move this along.


"Jerk" broadly covers JEF-- yep I agree.


French satelite images show possible MH370 debris field. First possible hard evidence of the South Indian Ocean crash site.



The Judge has closed his case. DHS now has sole control. Now they could decide to return Justina to her family, and if the right pressure was applied would. As I said last night this same department has lost over 100 children in its control. Democrats don't care about that stuff. If it's government, it must be good.


El Nino is coming. Should be some significant relief for the california drought, and into the summer frying pan for the upper midwest. This is a lot like the 77-79 weather pattern.


And the Federal Debt Bomb continues to detonate. $415Billion in interest payments, and that's with the phony baloney artificially supressed 10 year rate from Fed Reserve buying T-Bonds. When 10 year rates rise to 6%, the interest cost of re-fiing Obummer's Debt will explode and bankrupt the Treasury. The result will be massive inflation/dollar devalue or outright structural default or some combination of both. It is inevitable. The same people who designed ObummerCare gave us this Debt, it will end in tears the same way:

Trial of the Century?  Meh, centuries are getting shorter and shorter.

Heh, Tyler was seduced by polar/solar. Though I suspect the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is somehow solar driven, nobody knows how.

We are in the middle of the La Nina dominant phase of the PDO. El Ninos occur during La Nina dominant phases, but tend to be less frequent and smaller during such a phase.

Jury is still very much out on the strength, the duration, of even the imminence of the next El Nino. And then what comes after that? Well, the La Nina dominant phase of the PDO is expected to continue for a couple of decades.

Interestingly, if there is a large El Nino, and the temperature resets higher, that is poor evidence for CO2 causing it.

As you probably well know, attribution of warming is the 64 Trillion Dollar Question.

Heh, it is.

By the way, the alarmists are crying, downright begging, for a large El Nino to stem the tide of global cooling rhetoric. You'd think that warming was a good.


The El Nino/Nina events are clearly the most significant drivers of global temps and weather patterns. That makes perfect sense given the fact that the central pacific ocean is the largest body of water on the planet, and sea surface temps and ocean currents drive 'climate' effects, all the way from Artic Sea Ice expanse to the grape growing season in Britain. The great warming 1979-1999 was capped by the 98-99 Super El Nino, and global temps have been slowly falling away from that Super El Nino step/peak. As you say, $64 question is what drives the El Nino/Nina cycles/events? What causes changes? Unknown... but it ain't Skydragon.

Lots of ocean out there.

Read up on the AMO, too.

That's Dr. Arnd Bernaerts.

The climate is the continuation of the ocean by other means.


"Ocean continuation by other means" I like that, it's so true.

Danube on iPad

A monkey in robes is still a monkey.

--Emiliano Zapata


The EPA is expanding it's reach. This means that I now have to deal with: the local drainage commission (my sworn enemy), the DNR (which oddly takes my side vs the drainage guys), Dept of Agriculture, Corps of Engineers, and now the EPA. Maybe if I can keep them fighting each other they will leave me alone -- that or I need more ammo.

In 1992.

Arnd wrote that in a piece in 'Nature'.

Old Lurker

Like Anonamom, I would also be in jail for murder by now.

At the very least I would be on trial for kidnapping since I have no doubt that I could show up at 3am some morning with armed uniformed guards (I am sure Blackwater could help me for a fee) and some piece of paper signed by a friendly out of state judge and simply take the kid back home to Connecticut and dare the Feds to come arrest me.

I really am distressed that there is not more outrage at this story.


Geraghty's email today was excellent. The Iowa Senate race may be quite winnable-- the Dem dumps on farmers and admits he's a whore for the Trial Lawyers who ripoff health insurers, manufacturers and taxpayers. Per Nate Silver, the Repubs have 51 Senate Seats in the bag, add Colo, Mich, Alaska and now Iowa to that list and they could reach 55. That's important, getting to 55 undercuts the Rinos from Maine and Alaska and 'My Friends' so thay don't ruin the budget fight by vetoing conservative reforms. I'm not at GMAX optimism levels yet, but 55 repubs in the Senate would be a conservative Senate. We should all support that.


Strange 2008 McCain-Obama Presidential Eligibility Debate; Not Eligible

Miss Marple

Old Lurker, My daughter didn't know about this until something popped up on her Facebook account the other day and she asked me about it.

Then she was outraged.

People just don't know about it unless they have watched Glenn Back or Megyn Kelly or live in Boston.


OL-- what do your nantucket webcams show? You definitely got hit with and old fashioned nor'ester overnight.

Old Lurker

NK they are all covered by ice, every one of them so as Narc is fond of saying "these goggles, they do nothing".

But the inside cams are fine so I know the house is tight and warm.

This one really bugs the catastrophists.

Warming sustains more total life and more diversity of life. I enjoy making a big deal of occasionally mistakenly writing 'supports' rather than 'sustains'.

Old Lurker

Hey that post disappeared. I refined my Blackwater plan to use one of their black helicopters from the roof of BCH so the kid would be home in her own bed in Connecticut within about 60 minutes.


"this same department has lost over 100 children in its control."

If you lost one it is a tragedy. If you lost one hundred--does anyone care? Why aren't people raiding Cain about this?


The guy debating Alan Colmes on Fox stumbled on an idea regarding Obamacare. While chastising Republicans for not having an alternative he proclaimed that as long as Obama is President the best the GOP can hope for is 'fixing' Ocare.

He then pointed out how tough it will be to fix with the Democrats spending so much energy hiding the problems.

Although I don't think they should try to fix anything in this disaster I am not opposed to Republicans promising to fix it if the Dems come clean as to all the problems. Send Pelosi out on the grand Mall walk, with all the dems in tow, and have her give a 'we have failed' speech.

Otherwise, no help.

Then, after the speech, no help.

Clarice Feldman


Old Lurker

Heh C


Irs hearing on cspan3

Miss Marple


What we need is The Equalizer.

If I had a lot of money I would start a group like that.


Gerald Connolly is a special kind of dirtbag.


OL-- good luck with surviving the storm damage. Sounds like your damage will be limited to losing more shrubs and plants. Local landscapers and nursuries will make a killing in planting season-- IN JUNE!

Nice that your doctor is an agent of Big Government, eh?

There's no fixing it. Obamacare is broken, health care is broken, and the doctor/patient relationship is cracked.


The last paragraph of the the judge's order states that both psychological and CLINICAL evaluations of the Pelletier parents must be coordinated by CT DCF.


Thanks TK. Saved me from Kathy Lee and Hoda.

Go Darrell go!


raiding should be raising in my 09:46.

"One More Tone-Deaf Dem Who Needs Dumping"

"informing me that Pryor had recently been a guest of honor at a $10,400 per plate fundraiser in Hollywood. "

Why is an Arkansas Democrat sucking up to Hollywood leftists?

Jack is Back!

Well it is obvious to me watching the IRS hearing that the Obama regime have elected the Nixonian stonewall option.

IOW, the modified limited hangout.


No problem, anonamom. I have a quick question for you and your medical expertise.

What is the deal with Elijah Cummings wrists?


--A monkey in robes is still a monkey.

--Emiliano Zapata--

That would be racist if you said it about Thurgood Marshall......but not if you said it about Clarence Thomas.


It appears IL was not happy that CA and NY had higher taxes. They will change their constitution to be #1. The main difference from Puerto Rico for mainland blue hells is a U-Haul is cheaper than a boat when you escape.


I'd like your opinion also anonamom on the "Guidelines for the care of Justina Pelletier" that BCH gave her parents when she was first there saying they couldn't get a second opinion, etc.


My Pavlovian responses cover more than Pigford, Ig.



Henry/MissM/and MelR if you're listening. Does this Illinois tax change indicate the Dems are 'bustin' the joint out' to pay off the government employee unions as much as possible, before they lose the Governor's office in November?


I predict this judge will not be promoted by the Obama regime.


-- U.S. to Extend Sign-Up Period For Insurance-

HHS; We Lack Statutory Authority to Extend Enrollment Period.
A nation of laws not men.
A nation of children not laws.


a U-Haul is cheaper than a boat when you escape.

Iowahawk had a Twitter stream last week pointing out that a great index of relative economic conditions is the cost of a one-way U-Haul going out vs. coming back.

David Burge @iowahawkblog · Mar 20

One-way cost of renting a 10' U-Haul box truck Chicago to Houston: $1269. Houston to Chicago: $348. #SupplyandDemand


NK, they push this it guarantees* they lose the governor spot. Then they can blame a Republican when Chicago / the state goes BK in a year or two. They will keep control of the Legislature so no fixes can happen.

* depending on how many times the Chicago cemetery residents vote.

Miss Marple

NK, that would be my guess. They may think that they have a slim chance of winning if they pay them extra graft.

Indianapolis just announced Cummins Engine is placing its distribution center here and we already have a Fed Ex hub and centrally located rails and highways. I would not be surprised if the state is in private talks with Caterpillar. If you are an executive living in Peoria, Indy looks like a cosmopolitan town, cost of living is about the same and taxes for corporations and individuals is way cheaper here.

Plus we don't actively harass businesses and we are a right to work state.

Illinois is surrounded by states who are going in the opposite direction. Sometimes I think southern Illinois would like to secede and join us.


Thanks Henry-- that's my thought. Lock in what they can to pay off their government union partners, lose the governorship (nobody likes Quinn anyway) and stick the Repub Governor with bankruptcy. Unbelievably cynical and destructive-- THE DEMS WILL DEFINITELY DO IT.


The Blue Hells are irreversible in Calif, NYS, Vt (who cares) Md and Ill. I used to think it was irreversible in RI, Mass and Ct. Now I wonder. RI actually substantively reformed government pensions, I think Drunken Dan Malloy will lose in Ct, and the Marathon Bombing trial has to have some effect in the Bay State -- doesn't it?

Jack is Back!


Need to add the UHaul index to the Big Mac index for a total economic picture:)


If Beasts or Rich are in State College, PA April 25 -- Mel has somehting you can use your tax refund to bid on.


TK, just started watching agin--haven't seen his wrists, but will try to do so.

CR, that list clearly is limiting Justina's parents input into her care.
What makes no sense to me is how based on ?three days contact with these people--whose other daughter is being treated for the same genetic disorder, by people at a reputable institution--Tufts, not some place in Costa Rica--they decide to do that?

Old Lurker

NK...and my friends wonder why if OL is so smart he owns houses in MD and MA.

Porch will enjoy hearing that my TX pals want us to trade Potomac for a lock-it-leave-it condo in Austin so we can spend 183 days there and the rest on Nantucket.

It is tempting.


Anonamom, I guess I am wondering why BCH would say no one outside their institution can see her. That seems so shady.

Jeff Dobbs

One-way cost of renting a 10' U-Haul box truck Chicago to Houston: $1269. Houston to Chicago: $348. #SupplyandDemand

That's the evil free market. We need to nationalize truck rentals!

::passage of time::

One way cost of renting a 22' Gov-Haul box truck* Chicago to Houston: $4,673. Houston to Chicago: $4,673**. Wait time for a truck: 6 to 8 weeks #Fairness

*Trucks smaller than 22' were declared sub-standard. Gov-Haul trucks are also all hybrids, and while they average 52 MPG, they top out at a max speed of 35 MPH.


henry- a waitress the other day at the restaurant I sit at and read during the diva's voice lesson was telling me that her college will not allow in of the projects or presentations prepared by students to be for a for-profit business.

This is not for education majors but all majors. Must assume all presentations involve not-for-profits. EPA likely to push harassing with same criteria

Old Lurker

Henry, looks like a nice tractor in that auction.

Oh, was there something there of interest?

Seriously, I saw that the other day and sent it to my old fraternity brother who owned that same model back in 1969 in case he wants to revisit his youth. I would love to own that Shelby.


rse, in each case -- the college and the EPA -- nobody who works there understands what profit is, so can't possibly condone such a 19th century concept infecting the minds, land, water, or air.


"does anyone care?"

This is a democrat agency in a democrat state with a "government knows best" mindset.

If I were Charlie Baker I would talk about nothing else for a while, since it is a perfect illustration of everything wrong.


Another fun quiz from the Pew Research Center,


OL-- the Bluest Blue Dem I ever had as a client (Cravath Tax partner in the 60s-70s, where he helped invent the syndication tax dodges for real estate, Oil/gas and aircraft leasing) and then private investor, did just that. He used his palatial Boynton Beach Fla home as his legal (income tax exempt) domicile and he visited his palatial Gin Lane Southampton LI home as needed. He in all seriousness said his Federal tax liability was enough, he shouldn't have to pay anything to the State of his birth. I loved the guy, but intellectually consistent he wasn't. You on the other hand can stiff Md with a clean conscience. You are a generous and charitable man paying what you pay to Md.


The Hill is Democrats for Democrats so this piece drips with despair so enjoy the chuckle:

President Obama’s populist economic pitch is fizzling.

The White House hoped to hammer Republicans this year on an array of pocketbook issues centered on hiking the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, an effort meant to appeal to independents and rally Democrats to the polls.

Three months in, Obama’s approval ratings are flailing in the low 40s, and Senate Democrats haven’t even been able to unify their 55 members on a minimum wage bill.
That’s made it tougher to contrast the positions of Democrats with Republicans in an election year that is shaping up to be about the healthcare law and Obama.

“You always want a contrast. It’s always better to have votes to run on, and there hasn’t been a lot to run on so far,” said Jim Manley, a former spokesman to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) who is now with QGA Public Affairs. “Republicans have done a good job stalling the debate on the Hill.”

Senate Democrats, according to independent projections, could easily lose the six seats needed to give the GOP a majority of the upper chamber. And House Democrats, who once talked up winning back the chamber, could now easily lose seats.


Michelle Malkin's personal take on medical marijuana.


can't open henry's link.
Shelby Cobra? '65? blue with white racing stripes? whoever buys it, can they adopt me for summer weekends?


Down here, they've totaled up the casualties from DCF at 577, my fishwrap may be exaggerating, but not by much, more then a few names come to mind,


If you ever want to drool over a Shelby collection, the Shelby family owns Legacy Bank in Texas. I know a young bank officer who tells me its spectacular, and he is way too young to know these machines when new and bitchin'


It's simple arithmatic-- the Federal Debt Bomb is exploding:

Old Lurker

Your pal was one sharp guy, NK.

The trick with FL is not only the zero income tax rate, but the BK rules allow you to protect an unlimited amount of equity in the primary residence from creditors. (that got my attention back when I was in the risk business but since I am now so risk averse it does not mean much to me now.)

I will gladly stiff MD and never lose a bit of sleep.

And MA will never unwind the ownership of that house, so I do not exist as far as they know.

Danube on iPad

Apparently the got. is arguing in the federal-exchange case that the law should be read as providing subsidies in those exchanges (even though on its face it does so only for state-run exchanges) because to apply the law as written would be absurd.

Here are Scalia and Garner on the Absurdity Principle:

"[E]rror-correction for absurdity can be a slippery slope.  It can lead to judicial revision of public and private texts to make them (in the judges’ view) more reasonable.  To avoid this, the doctrine must be subject to two limiting conditions:

"(1)   The absurdity must consist of a disposition that no reasonable person could intend …[and]

"(2)   The absurdity must be reparable by changing or supplying a particular word or phrase whose inclusion or omission was obviously a technical or ministerial error … The doctrine does not include substantive errors arising from a drafter’s failure to appreciate the effect of certain provisions."

I think Scalia would rule in the government's favor.

Old Lurker

NK, LUN is the fabulous story about this Shelby. Simply wonderful.

Old Lurker

But DoT could not it be argued that it was not an oversight at all, rather it was one more intended weapon to force states to create their own exchanges?


Absurdity. I know it when I see it.

Jeff Dobbs

TK, I have an idea!

From Instapundit:

THERE ARE WORSE PLACES TO HIDE OUT: Fugitive’s Home for 18 Years: Key West Houseboat. Also, better ordering of papers is recommended: “When they asked for her birth certificate, the 66-year-old ‘fumbled’ with her papers before pulling out Harris’ paperwork—at which point her real birth certificate and social security card fell on the floor.”


'well you know I don't handle paper that well, you know, my desk is a mess, I need somebody to help me file and stuff all the time'

--stuff Obama said (or literally, stuff Obama said he said in an interview about what he actually said a primary debate in 2008)


Boyton Beach had the Fla bankruptcy protection that he liked when he was syndicating leveraged deals. The last 10 years for him though was an income tax play, and he wasn't shy about it, loyal Dem Crony that he was.

Old Lurker

That quote worked for Sandy Burglar too Hit


IIRC the '69had little to do with Shelby himself. I think he left Ford about that time.

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