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April 08, 2014




Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--"When I got over there I told them 'Don't nobody hit him anymore'. But I had my gun in my pocket and I was ready to do some (deleted) damage myself if I had to."--

Now that broad deserves a medal.
Who wouldn't want her for a neighbor?


No lessons to be drawn from this, other than we all should be like nurse Hughes, a true heroine. And personally I'd like to believe she would have done the exact thing even if she wasn't packing. The violence against the driver is a gross crime, and could have been murder, but for nurse Hughes. Senseless violence after a traffic accident is inexcusable. Lock up the mob, pray the driver fully recovers.


And yet they are still holding on to Alan Gross;


OT...Obama's Auntie Zeituni died last night,age 61. I usually listen to the first hour of Howie Carr. Dave,did he mentioned anything about this in the last hour?


I wonder if Obama was told or if he just now read about it.That is his usual excuse.

Danube on iPad

Bless you, nurse Hughes.


Ouch, Marlene! You nailed him.

Marlene reports she died in her sleep last night,she's ben ill since January.Did Obama inquire about her health during the last few months? He is such an a**hole.


*been ill*



On the drive to work talk radio said that The Alaska Dispatch Blog just bought The ADN Anchorage Daily News. Unbelievable if true, but I think that would explain that the Alaska Dispatch has deep pockets, probably from Goerge Soros.

I am unable to check it out. Do you mind doing a few google searches and providing sdome links if you find anything?

Mighty darn peculiar if you ask me. Bye.

Captain Hate reports she died in her sleep last night,she's ben ill since January.Did Obama inquire about her health during the last few months? He is such an a**hole.

JEF family values.


Well from the Polar Bear's mouth;


how much would the anchorage daily news be worth ... some pocket lint and the change i can find in my couch?


I guess we'll have to pay to bury her?


I guess you're right Sue.


So Klein and Krugman rely on this paper;

Captain Hate

So will the JEF let her be planted in a taxpayer pine box? Remember all that "brother's keeper" steaming pile he unleashed in 2008? What a miserable POS.


I guess we'll have to pay to bury her?

Onyango’s family is making funeral arrangements, which are being complicated because of her estrangement from her husband’s side of the family, Wong said.

Probably, Sue.


seems y'all we thinkin' the same thing.


y'all were thinking ... anyway.


This fellow's Troy McClure act, appears in this paper;


I guess we'll have to pay to bury her?

An act of love...


Odinga was one of the last people to see Aunt Z alive.

Flashback from ORYR:

Obama Speaking In Kenya With Mass Murderer Raila Odinga: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home

Captain Hate on the iPad

Maybe Prince Jebby will say the eulogy about how the lack of immigration reform and Repub opposition to 404Care was too much for JEF family love to overcome. That should get the base on board.



yea, not sure I want to trudge through that but found this nugget in a quick scan:

>>>Refining the 1950s “authoritarian personality” theory of Adorno and his collaborators(1950), a substantial body of empirical study generated in the last decade has revived interest in, and compelled respectful scholarly engagement with, the hypothesis that right-wing ideology is a manifestation of settled intellectual traits such as dogmatism, aversion to complexity, and a craving for certainty or “closure” in argumentation. The cognitive style that comprises these dispositions, it is surmised, generates
reflexive closed-mindedness toward empirical evidence hostile to the factual premises of policies that reflect
ideologically conservative values or policy preferences<<<


and iirc, the author of the paper has stated that Klein misinterpreted it.


LIV redefined by the Court Jebster



Well how about that, Adorno of the Frankfurt School, that Hofstadler brought up in the popular parlance, in the late 50s and early 60s.


think Lakoff rehabilitated the idea with Moral Politics (don't recall whether he based it on Adorno et al though, but it would be a book Klein would be familiar with as it was given out in bulk in poly sci departments all over the US).


So what is the converse of the authoritarian personality,

As Rush has dubbed him ,'Wackoff, rhymes with' is insufferably smug, probably with Drew Weston, coming in a distant second,


Nurse Hughes is a true hero. Having the gun gave her the confidence to believe that she could "do the right thing" without becoming a victim herself. Without the gun her actions would be heroic but foolhardy. Just a guess, but does anyone doubt that the neighborhood thugs knew her and had good reason to believe that she wasn't blowing smoke when she suggested that they stop beating the guy?
Why is this so hard to understand?


or more easily, Klein et al are trying to reinvent the wheel

and they will eventually stumble upon it.


Good grief, Narciso. I read it and I'm still having trouble believing it.


lakoff had it as a Mother father divide ... me being too cute by half called it a gi joe care bear divide

rich@gmu they have a recall provision in NC? what a piece of shit.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Comment from narc's WUWT link referring to the CAGW dope Lewandowsky claiming the more uncertainty the more strongly we need to act;

Wait, if we must act if we are uncertain, then is the reverse true:

The more certain one is, the less one must act.

So, since Lew is certain we are causing “climate change”, he is implying we should do nothing!

Works for me.


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--For unknown reasons, newly elected, Mayor Dana Outlaw chose to attend Thursday’s funeral of the career criminal.--

Some things need no comment.


Obama's Auntie Zeituni died last night,age 61.

Good. Now the wheelchair-bound vet who was thrown out of his 1st floor apartment because she wanted it, can hopefully get his home back.


He does reference Adorno, once in Chapter 7, about child raising.


and here is a good write up on public choice

a long read-68 pages-put on your footie pjs and warm up some hot chocolate ...

Dave (in MA)

Marlene, in the last hour he had Shauna O'Connell to talk about how the (D-bags) in the legislative leadership won't allow any bills to address the welfare reform that was passed last November.


thanks narciso ... pleasantly forgot everything in the book! prof wasn't too pleased with my gi joe/care bear analysis either.

Beasts of England

Not to rain on the Nurse Hughes parade, but it's been suggested (and possibly supported by video) that she did not immediately intervene (not that she was required to) and that she only did so after the mob came back a second time to render another beating.

I don't have a link and this is from memory, so cum grano salis, but if you're interested, I think there are some good discussions out there on the webz.


Apparently she needed a bigger gun, or backup, Beasts.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

That she intervened at all is what matters and may have saved his life either way.
A lone woman, or man for that matter, intervening against a mob at any point is pretty amazing.

She would have put that nude Evil Grimace in that McDonalds right on her fattish ass.


Hate crimes are designed to prejudice juries against white, male heterosexuals.


She's a George Zimmerman kinda neighbor, right?


I need someone else to read this, because I think these authors say conservatives want data and science before they believe there's global warming,or that it's a problem that can be modified, while liberals can be scared into believing it, and thus want to "do something!!" about it--
Gosh, doesn't this sound just the the "problem of the uninsured!!" and Obamacare?

But it was in this morning's NYT, so I think I may have got it all wrong...

Oh, I mean "climate change," don't I? As there hasn't been any global warming in decades now...

Falling Up

"Since you didn't ask, the young boy and the nurse are black; Utash is white; and the mob has been described as black men. "

I saw the photo of Mr. Utash, and he looks more light-skinned black than white. I'm not sure how white you have to be to be considered "not black", but today's race hustlers seem to be down with the "one drop rule".

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