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May 13, 2014


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--"I am driving in my car, for a long time," said one. "Then I arrive at this place where I haven't been before. And there are a lot of people there. I think maybe I know some of them but they are all in a bad mood, so I go to a separate room, all by myself."--

Earth shattering.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

More earth shattering news from a story linked at TM's link;

Climate change is here to stay. “Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present,” the authors declared. Burning fossil fuels has led to water scarcity in arid regions.........
Makes one pine for the golden days of yore when arid regions were lush garden spots.
Danube on iPad

Can they make the one go away where I've got an exam tomorrow in a course I know nothing about?


Damn, DoT, you still get those? I was hoping they'd stop at some point.


All dream exams are fibonacci, especially when your electric blanket has a short.


My dreams are about forgetting to give the daughter her school lunch money or she's grown out of her clothes and I've forgotten to shop for new ones. A mother's brain must be wired to always think about those things,even when the child is now an adult.


Dreams of my Faraday

Rick B

"Burning fossil fuels has led to water scarcity in arid regions........."

Except, of course, when it hasn't.

Another black mark against Modi, even though NGOs spearheaded the check dam [FOR THE LOVE OF GAIA - TEAR OUT THOSE EVIL HUMAN STRUCTURES AND STARVE TO DEATH AS NATURE INTENDED] effort. He also allowed the construction of a COAL FUELED POWER PLANT (as well as acres of solar cells, some built over canals to reduce water loss due to evaporation).

It's no wonder his election is causing nightmares across Progistan - there's a fair chance he's going to refuse the pennies India was promised from Air Taxes and declare the SkyDragon to have been nothing but a bad prog dream.


OT, but I didn't know this about Buffett:

Hard to understand why abortion needs "charitable" donations anyway. According to supporters it's just a routine medical procedure. Do PP and other mills provide them for free? What do they do with all of these millions or even billions in donations?

Cecil Turner

What a #nightmare!

In related news, Iranian political scientists dream of a day when a copied drone has more military capacity than a remote-controlled Cessna 172.

Danube on iPad

New developments in concealed carry:

Rick B

Meanwhile, Mad Vlad tells BOzo to dream up rocket engines while Jim Rogers dreams of the Eurasian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

BOzo still dreams about Reggie and the eight hour Happy Ending which kept him out of the loop on Benghazi.


"BOzo still dreams about Reggie and the eight hour Happy Ending which kept him out of the loop on Benghazi"

RickB, you very naughty boy. BTW, I subscribe to this theory, Vegas is Vegas after all.

Can they make the one go away where I've got an exam tomorrow in a course I know nothing about? least can they make it so that I've got clothes on during the exam?

My kids are almost never in my dreams, Marlene. I'm such a bad mom.

My main anxiety dream is some variation of this: I have a large amount of stuff that I have to pick up and move immediately to some other location before something bad happens, and I'm floundering around in piles of junk, dropping things everywhere in a panic.

I also have these weird dreams where I discover an entirely new room in my house that I sort of half-knew about before, but not really. It's old and dusty and untouched for years and sometimes sort of creepy (varies according to dream) but I'm all excited about cleaning it out and using it.

If you saw my house you would understand all of this perfectly. ;)


Oh, and there is always the one where I'm playing in a band and we're about to go onstage and I not only do not know the songs, I also do not know how to play my instrument.


Ayaan Ali Hirsi, Condoleeza Rice, Christine Lagarde. Tell me again who has a war on women?

We really are living in an evil bearded Spock universe.


I have the dream where I'm at work, and have an afternoon flight to catch, but I realize I've left something at home (ticket, passport, both). So I'm on this nightmare journey on 'L' and trains and taxis and every little thing is taking hours and I keep looking at a clock or my watch and it's getting later and later and later...


Not so wet dream:

Two days after the opening of a new, free waterfront park in downtown San Diego, residents looking to cool off found the splash fountain turned off.

Construction cones blocked off part of the new public space at Pacific Highway and Harbor Drive, between Grape and Ash streets on Monday. 

"A backup in the drain system" led to the water in the splash fountain being turned off Monday, contractor Jim Dorsey told NBC 7.

The subterranean drainage system was overtaken by the amount of water, amount of kids and amount of activity, and created some mud that ended up being a bit of a problem, he explained.

"There was just more kids diverting more water from the jets than anyone had anticipated," Dorsey said.

A county spokesperson says children sitting on the jets redirected water out of the pool and onto the decomposed granite bed outside of the pool.

The "free" water park cost nearly $50 million.

San Diego has turned into one of those reddish-orange tinted films I saw in 7th grade Social Studies that explained how great the parks in Mexico City are.


Gosh. While I have many a weird, or nonsensical or, occasionally, stressful dream verging on nightmare, I don't think I have ever had a repetitive, recurring dream.

You all must be so much more fascinating than me.

Eric in Boise

I really hate the one where I'm walking around a high school (or even grade school) campus, and one of my classes is starting, but I don't know which room it's in. I end up doing a frantic room-to-room search, and I'm increasingly panicked because I desperately need the credits to graduate, and I'm already way behind in that class.

Also, for anyone interested, the WSJ has a great article up today (no sub required) on the adolescence of our so called leaders:

A Selfie Taking, Hashtagging, Teenage Administration

Can anyone imagine Reagan, or even one of his staff, making a pouty face with a #TearDownThisWall sign? It boggles my mind to see how far we've fallen in the space of a generation.


Bizarro universe, best explanation;

What did Lagarde do to earn the contempt, I still
content DSK was the better candidate, both for this post, and when one looks at Hollandaise


I used to occasionally have those dreams of finding myself being late, being lost, searching for something, searching for some place, having a test, teaching a class/giving a lecture, etc. At some point in the last decade or so, though, I remember being just exasperated (in my dream) of the futility of my effort - knowing I couldn't avoid disaster or locate whatever vital thing, so (still in my dreams) I found myself dismissing that as a distraction and instead decided to skip ahead and direct my energy to dealing with the consequences - whatever those might be.

I honestly don't remember the last time I've had one of those dreams - they seem to have just stopped.


centralcal, don't take it that way. I think it reflects quite well on you that anxieties don't pester you in your dreams. Perhaps you have pushed ahead to solve these things and not just tamped them down over the years like me. :)


In my variation of the exam dream, it's the final, I never bought the book and on the way to the registrar to attempt to withdraw, I run into a pretty girl and we go to lunch.

Dr. Freud?


This is good:

BOSTON (AP) - A federal judge has ruled that three friends of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect will be tried separately.

But the judge also says it is unnecessary to move the trials out of Massachusetts.

The judge ruled Tuesday that Azamat Tazhayakov will stand trial on June 30, followed by Dias Kadyrbayev on Sept. 8, and Robel Phillipos on Sept. 29.

Tazhayakov and Kadyrbayev are both from Kazakhstan and are in the U.S. on student visas. They face charges of tampering with evidence for removing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's laptop and a backpack of fireworks from his University of Massachusetts Dartmouth dorm room.

Phillipos is charged with lying to investigators.

They have pleaded not guilty.

Read more:

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

What do they do with all of these millions or even billions in donations?

The money is used to elect Terry McAuliffe.

and NO...the services are not free. It is a business that charges money, gets taxpayer money, & gets donations.


Good work, AliceH.


Aside from the exam, class, appointment, not-being-where-I'm-supposed-to-be type dreams, my most recurrent one is where I can fly. Not superman-style, but just like an extended standing long jump, where I can keep propelling myself forward rather than land. I've had that one as long as I can remember, and have no idea what it means.

MarkO@11:27, that's a very positive turn on those anxiety dreams. You must have a good sense of priorities.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

*During fiscal year 2012-2013, Planned Parenthood reported receiving $540.6 million in taxpayer funding, or nearly $1.5 million per day.

*Planned Parenthood reported $58.2 million in excess revenue, and more than $1.3 billion in net assets


Can anyone imagine Reagan, or even one of his staff, making a pouty face with a #TearDownThisWall sign? It boggles my mind to see how far we've fallen in the space of a generation.

So true. But remember, Reagan was criticized for the left alternately for recklessness (angering the USSR needlessly with his fearmongering speeches) and for "merely speechmaking" (since just making a speech could have no real-world impact). He pretty much couldn't win.

The modern left would probably claim the hashtag business is just as mind-blowingly impactful as the Berlin wall speech. Just like they claim that Tahrir Square was a Twitter revolution in which millions were freed from oppression.


There are virtually no other medical procedures performed at a PP clinic, either. Don't buy any claptrap about a women's health clinic. Its an abortion mill, totally and completely.


I never remember dreams. So that either means they are so real that they seem inconspicuous or I don't dream. Never waking in a cold sweat is a nice thing, though.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

PP's tax status is something too -

Eric in Boise

Good point, Porch. I guess the big difference for me is that even though "Tear down this wall!" was just a speech, there seemed to be an unspoken "...or else!" at the end of it. What's unspoken at the end of pretty much everything this admin says or does seems more like "...pretty please?"

Beasts of England

@anonamom: We are looking into using our technologies with the EPIC medical records. According to folks here, several other competitors are, as well, so you're frustrations could be soon assuaged. Hopefully by one of our products. Thanks again for the suggestion!

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--You all must be so much more fascinating than me.--

Aren't too many things I like less than listening to someone drone on and on about their latest dream, so don't worry cc.

-I never remember dreams.--

Same here, so despite our other faults at least we don't drone on and on about our latest dream. :)


What's unspoken at the end of pretty much everything this admin says or does seems more like "...pretty please?"

Right and that is the difference between the two men (big sticks versus small sticks or no sticks at all).


Well Reagan, had among others, Richard Pipes, advising him, possibly the top flight Kremlinogist in a generation, Clinton had Talbott, who Tretyakov's memoir delights in showing how easily he was fooled, Obama had McFaul, who's still woefully naive, but the one eyed man in the kingdom
of Phillip 'Reset' Reines,


despite our other faults

You had to bring that up, and I was having such a good day too. Sigh


Any guy who says outloud "Don't call my bluff", is neither savvy nor the least bit convincing...


Two of the three brinkers on the "Four Chicks and a Stick" show on Fox have given up on their postures.

The couch was ridiculous to begin with.

Harris Faulkner holds it together.


"Don't call my bluff"

Well, for one thing, in saying this he has announced that he is, in fact, bluffing.

Thomas Collins

I have no desire to control my go-to dream, but I would like to back up the reel a little so I can find out how I ended up in that abyss in which I am free falling but never hitting bottom.


Speaking of nightmares,an update on a story that has almost been forgotten,the Lac Megantic train explosion. Three employees of the now defunct railway company have been charged with 47 counts of criminal negligence. The railway company.Montreal,Maine and Atlantic was also charged. The engineer,the manager of train operations and the railway's traffic controller will appear in court today. Yesterday, a SWAT team arrested the engineer at his home,although the man's lawyer said he would have turned himself in. The new owner,Fortress Investment Group has no plans to bring back oil shipments.The $15.85M sale will close Thursday,the proceeds will repay creditors. Environmental clean-up will cost $200M-$500M.


After my dad died and mom was still alive, he'd show up in my dreams and I'd be angry with him for leaving mom. After mom died the dreams stopped.

Danube on iPad

It's better when you don't have any clothes on, cathyf. No need to be ashamed of your body.


...speak for yourself, DoT...

Rick B


I'd just like to thank you for taking responsibility for those dreams of naked coeds disrupting exams. It's good to be able to put a name with a ... you know, I never really noticed the face.


I can't link this but once again Dave Burge puts it succinctly:

Iowahawk: "If I understand college administrators correctly, colleges are hotbeds of racism and rape that everyone should be able to attend."

Holy cow Marlene.


After my father-in-law passed away,I had a vivid dream of him in his red Christmas sweater,in the middle of a party,telling one of his corny jokes. He was a gregarious man,loved people,so it was natural he'd be the life of the party. A group of family members were huddled in a corner of the room,still grief stricken. He (f-i-l) glanced over to his family and gave them a look that said,hey,I'm fine! Heaven is a Christmas party and I'm telling every corny joke I know! When I woke up,I told hubby his Dad was fine.

Thomas Collins

See above link to an article that supports CT's view of the IRS as a Dem dominated institution more likely to pursue tea party groups without regard to managerial direction, as opposed to my emphasis on folks following orders. I still hold to my view, but I thought JOMers involved in the back and forth on this issue would be interested in an article supporting CT's view.

Dave (in MA)

Don't click if you're eating lunch

Thomas Collins

Well, Dave (in MA), at least it was his own ear and not the Congresslady's.

James D.

I have to say I'm kind of bummed. Here's a thread where my books would actually be completely on topic, and I don't have any news to report on them.

Bah, humbug!

James D.

"Brain stimulation should always be carefully monitored by a physician.

Why does this make me think of "Wallace & Gromit: the Curse of the Were-Rabbit" ?

"It's time we tried my latest invention, the Mind Manipulation-omatic... I haven't tested it yet, but it should be perfectly safe. Just a bit of harmless brain alteration!"

Dave (in MA)

I finally got around to watching Argo over the weekend. In the epilogue they mention that the rest of the hostages were released on January 20, 1981. They never mentioned the significance of that date.


Without a doubt, IRS is Dem-dominated and has been for decades, maybe since its birth.

That does not mean that low-level employees just decide on their own, collectively, to carry out very specific and systematic harassment campaigns against very specific groups of Americans during the runup to a presidential election without any direction from the top other than a vague "dog whistle" from the President & assorted elected Dems.


Irritating but I guess not too surprising, Dave (in MA). How did you find the film, otherwise?

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

James, you need to get your books into the hands of the crew that produced Ghost Whisperer.

The stories aren't the same, but...I don't know, it seems like they'd have the same demographic.
You have enough material for a 6 season run too.

Dave (in MA)

I liked it a lot, but found out by reading about it later that the tense airport scene was a lot more dramatic than in real life. Definitely worth seeing.


Thanks, Dave (in MA). I really dislike Affleck so I had decided to give it a miss.


Another film set around that time, Wings of Eagles, had similar dramatic issues, although not the same narrative drive,

James D.

Janet, thanks for that idea!

I also thought that they'd kind of fit on the Hallmark Channel.

I realize that in the latest book, I should have set it in a small town near Annapolis and used the Naval Academy instead of West Point for the subplot of the cadet the family sponsors. If I'd done that, I could have worked in a walk-on role for DoT somewhere in the book, seeing as how he's a USNA grad...


James D., could have had him streaking at the Army-Navy game in response to a JOM side bet. ; )

Jeff Dobbs

I also have these weird dreams where I discover an entirely new room in my house that I sort of half-knew about before, but not really.

Me too.

my most recurrent one is where I can fly. Not superman-style, but just like an extended standing long jump, where I can keep propelling myself forward rather than land.

I love those dreams. Don't have them as much any more - but it was always so much fun.

I once (I'll make this short, Iggy) had a dream when I was maybe 12 where I kinda took off in flight, but then realized it was more an "out of body experience" because I was still down there on the ground. It was the most real dream I have ever had. In the dream I was sitting on our fireplace and the time on the clock next to the tv said 7:18.

When I awoke, I was sure that it a sign that I was supposed to die -- and so the next night I made sure I was sitting on the fireplace at 7:18, expecting to begin floating out of my body.

Spoiler Alert: I didn't float out of my body.


Excerpt for that illconsidered remark by Nuland, couldn't we get the ESA to launch our rockets, or is that even a thing anymore,


Someone linked this before but it's worth checking out:

"Spurious Correlations"


Shoot, I dream big in my dreams . I once performed an appendectomy and I speak fluent French. I think I was a French doctor in a previous life.


Alec Baldwin has had it with nannygate NYC-- join the club Alec, join the club-- of course he bitched and moaned at the two lady cops and got himself arrested:


I'm on the direction-from-above side of the argument. Especially the part where the IRS demanded lists of donors and/or other supporters of conservative groups, and then audited them. That's not listening to "dog whistles", it's considerably more organized.

Now Scott Johnson's point about Nixon is well-taken, though -- Nixon tried to use the IRS against his enemies and failed, while Obama succeeded. The dog whistling helps...

Frau Dolmetscherin

Jane # 11:31 -
pleading innocent? Maybe there's no word for "lying" in the Kazakhstan language.

...and as in the OJ trial, the translator must be from the appropriate part of that country.


Nixon tried to use the IRS against his enemies and failed, while Obama succeeded. The dog whistling helps...

Of course. They're Dems, so they'll take orders from a Dem and they wouldn't/won't take orders from a Republican.

If anything the dog whistle is to reassure them that Obama has their back if they get caught following his orders.

It's also for voters - either to say "hey, these Tea Partiers are really awful, aren't they - just keep voting Dem" or "Hey Tea Partiers, we're onto you and you better watch out" or "Hey you people who might be thinking that the Tea Party is making a lot of sense - we'll be happy to make your life miserable and shun you as a racist terrorist extremist if you join that lot."


This seems oddly apt ...

Re: iggy's handle.

James D.

Boris, I was trying to remember that one, too.

"See how I love to clean feelthy cat boxes!"


Yes, the National Treasurer's Union, Lois Lerner, formerly zampolit at the FEC, the gal who ran the TEO division, the former atty behind the Wright
tax exemption, everyone has to be Officer Bar Brady from South Park, to deny the fracking obvious,

jimmyk on iPhone

Porch, I've had that extra room in the house dream too, in fact it's a whole doppelhouse.

On Argo, the worst part was listening to Jimmy Carter whining about how he couldn't get any credit for the rescue. That and the opening agitprop about the US and the shah.

Frau Dolmetscherin

Speaking of nightmares, this morning's cartoon in the local newsette is from Tom Meyer (SF darling). To make sure we all remember the Tea Partiers are racists, he puts a Confederate battle flag in the hands of the identifiable mouth breather.
The cartoon also shows Gov. Moonbeam riding CA towards a terminal financial ditch.


Via Drudge: TX Gun Store Sign: 'I Like My Guns Like Obama Likes His Voters: Undocumented'...

Frau Dolmetscherin

Karl Rove joins my husband in reminding us that Hillary! fell on her head--at least once that we know of--and the voting public needs to hear that early and often.

We already know of the drinking problem. Perhaps there's a connection...



We already know of the drinking problem.

That is mentioned here a lot. Is there something more formal where Hillary's drinking problem is laid out? I don't think I've seen it.


Quiz Time! Celebrity Lawbreaker Edition.

The latest nutty celebrity to be arrested and to turn belligerent on the officers doing the arresting is:

1) Alec Baldwin

2) Lindsay Lohan

3) Charlie Sheen

4) Mel Gibson

The envelope please...And the winner is...


If Lois Lerner gets immunity do you think she will cover for Obama?


My mom used to say that dreams are "unfinished business". In mine it's always about planes, trains and semi's.

Miss Marple

Three or four times I have had dreams where I am struggling to wake up, cannot get my eyes open, feel my way along the hall or bedroom, then finally struggle to open my eyes and I am in bed, whereupon the whole thing starts again.

I usually wake up when I decide, in my dream, that it is "one of those" and either yell or thrash around until I wake up.

These most often have occurred when I am taking a nap, so I no longer take naps!


Cornyn just concluded his floor speech by calling Reid an "angry dictator."

Miss Marple


She will absolutely not testify against Obama, even if she gets full immunity.

A tidy reward or plum position with a think tank awaits her if she keeps her mouth shut.

Danube on iPad

I fear that if Lerner is given immunity we will learn that nothing criminal has occurred, and that the can can't be tied to Obama's tail. If there is something criminal, she would be very stupid not to be scrupulously honest about it.

Danube on iPad

I have never seen anything about a Hillary drinking problem except at JOM.

Miss Marple

Came home from errands and turned on the TV.

Shep is on. So far:

Santa Maria wreck dubious.

Climate change coming: sure thing.

More and more I am thinking I should just cancel cable.


I know I asked this once before, but isn't immunity typically given contingent on telling the whole truth, and usually after an interview ascertaining what they know? She loses immunity if she is caught in any kind of lie or concealment.


I have never seen anything about a Hillary drinking problem except at JOM.

As far as I know it's all rumor and innuendo, but it goes well beyond JOM, as anyone can see by googling, for example, "Hillary drinking problem."

Miss Marple

The only thing I know about Hillary's drinking is the photos showing her throwing down shots at a party overseas, and then dancing.

I would actually like her better if she had brain damage and a drinking problem. Then there would at least be an excuse for her bizarre actions.

Thomas Collins

I'd be surprised if there were conversations in which Bauer or Jarrett or anyone else at the WH told IRS honchos to get the Tea Party and leave the prog groups alone. It is more likely the case that WH conversations with the IRS honchos discussed the issues of 501(c)(4)s engaging in campaign activities disproportionate to what is acceptable for a social welfare organization. I'm sure Lerner and the other IRS honchos got the message.

Jeff Dobbs

Obama thinks Hillary has a drinking problem.




One does not offer immunity without a proffer.

One does not go to a proffer without the impeachment in hand.

That said, our "side" is really, really, really stupid.

Miss Marple


It's interesting that she looks genuinely happy in most of those photos.

I think she and Teresa Heinz-Kerry should get together and commiserate about their poor choices in husbands. Over drinks.

Dave (in MA)

Remember Bubba blowing out his knee the year before the Lewinsky thing broke, during a Kennedy/Dodd-style lost weekend with Greg Norman?

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