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May 03, 2014



"SO WHAT! - WHO CARES!" - Bob Beckel on Benghazi Cover Up • The Five • 5/2/


Well I prefer Westeros on the Potomac, in part because I don't get HBO, and also it's too hyperviolent for me,

Martin, has his obligatory interview in RS, where you know, Vietnam 'eleventy' get with the program, Iraq is the quagmire of the day.


I noticed some small similarities between the setting for Game of Thrones and an old Roger Zelazny novel "Lord of Light".

Not long after that the series introduced a new "god" named ... Lord of Light.

So ... fired up google and sure enough GM is a long time buddy of the late great RZ and really liked the RZ novel also.


One might say, GoT, is about power, how to get it, how to hold it, it seems more like Genghis then Viking in it's Actonian depiction


Volodya's more of a game of thrones type;


That's who Tommy Vietor reminds me of! Joffrey.

Miss Marple

I like fantasy which has a beginning, middle, and end.

Chronicles of Narnia
Lord of the Rings Trilogy + The Hobbitt
Harry Potter series

I liked Star Wars until they went with the prequels, so now have lost all interest, as it seems to be mainly a vehicle for launching yet more collectibles.

So I never read Game of Thrones, and never watched it due to not having HBO.

Miss Marple

Speaking of Tommy Vietor, has anyone noticed that Hillary seems to hire a large number of women, and Obama seems to hire young, rather unqualified metrosexual types?


I swear Obama hires 12 year-olds so they won't figure out how incompetent he is, for a long time.

Miss Marple


I thought maybe it was more like how Hugh Hefner hires hot young girls.


Centralcal on iPad

My thoughts were similar, MM.

Jack is Back!

“Rape and sexual violence have been a part of every war ever fought, from the ancient Sumerians to our present day,” said Mr. Martin, 65, who lives in Santa Fe, N.M.

“To omit them from a narrative centered on war and power would have been fundamentally false and dishonest,” he continued, “and would have undermined one of the themes of the books: that the true horrors of human history derive not from orcs and Dark Lords, but from ourselves.”

Yet if you read and see Lord of the Rings there is no rape and sexual violence yet they seem to do well at the box office and are suitable for kids. Kids that will grow up with moral values unlike the hypocritical hipsters in Burlington who probably to a person think waterboarding is unacceptable torture .

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

from Butterflies Are Free (1972)-

" Mrs. Baker: [talking about Ralph's play] I do not intend to pay money to see nudity, obscenity and degeneracy.

Ralph: Mrs. Baker, these things are all a part of life.

Mrs. Baker: I know, Mr. Santori. So is diarrhea, but I wouldn't classify it as entertainment. "

Dublindave 2016

Try reading Terry Goodkind's 'Sword of truth' series for an author obsessed with sexual deviance.


There will always be a play to our base instincts without censorship. Our courts have decided that freedom of the press means a complete and almost absolute freedom without morality. Thus Game of Thrones simply ups the ante after franchises like Conan, which were much more modest in their visions.

Martin's world is dark and satanic where good doesn't really exist. Those who give quarter or mercy are exterminated.

Such is the Brave New World the Left is building. Law without morality. The rule of the id. The rule of the mob.


Have never seen "Game" or Netflix's "Cards". "Justified" is getting a bit on the edge for me but I've fallen for the central characters.

Jack is Back!

Mathew Continetti: Shellacing II, The Sequel

"Will the clouds still be out for the president on Election Day? After the experience of 2012 I am venturing no predictions. Some unexpected event will have to occur, something bizarre will have to happen, to bring the Democrats good fortune, to brighten the sky for Obama and for his party. Fortunately for him, there is a major, long-lived American institution that specializes in making life easier for liberals.

It’s called the Republican Party."

Dublindave 2016

As a Democrat I am deeply concerned about the 'Benghazi' situation. This thing has snowballed out of control and it could irreparably damage the Democratic party in America and put this current President out of office.

I am writing this message on all my Dem groups today in the hopes that my advice is seen and heeded;burn EVERYTHING relating to Benghazi,burn it all.

Also, is it possible to 'Bundy' the victims of Benghazi in any way....tarnish the victim/tarnish the cause?????

Anyone got anything?

Captain Hate

Some points that Levin made last night about the select committee:

--They need to hire experienced prosecutors to cut through all the obstruction which will be put in their way.

--Trey Gowdy will be demonized every step of the way so they'd better be prepared to address every attack promptly and effectively.

--Don't expect any help from the MFM. Rather they should be on trial as well.


Well some of the original Robert Howard tales were kind of grim, as was the original Bronze Age setting, Hobbes probably derived his theory of the state of nature from that period,


Skimming one of the Thrones books was similar to the experience I had at the beach once when opening a freezer that had been turned off for several months and saw/smelled a half pound of bait shrimp...

Just saying metaphorically.


what does that make Donny Deutsch;


The only proper response to the moron would have been either "shibby" or "sweet".


I've already been accused of bringing up ancient history because I've got nothing.

My response was that democrats know nothing about Benghazi because their media doesn't report it, and that gives my side a gigantic advantage.

I love Insty's suggestion of hiring Andy McCarthy - altho that will probably mean he can't go on the cruise this year.


I hope Gus sees this:

Science Shows How Guitar Players' Brains Are Actually Different from Everybody Elses'

Rick B

"Hobbes probably derived his theory of the state of nature from that period,"

That or serious contemplation of the ennoblement of the tribute collecting thugs who were originally hired to ward off marauding savages and stayed on without invitation to run the protection racket known as government. I lean towards the latter theory.


Well the Medieval period, in certain remote stretches, probably were on his mind,

Jeff Dobbs

I love Insty's suggestion of hiring Andy McCarthy

What's Rudy doing these days?

Tom Maguire
... really liked the RZ novel [Lord of Light] also.

As did I.


Reid and Pelosi in their comments this week have provided excellent fodder for political ads in 2014 and 2016.Repeating the word benghazi in a snarky voice doesn't show any leadership or compassion for the 4 patriots who gave their lives for us.
Repeatedly attacking the Koch brothers in a frenzied mantra fashion leads one to question the sanity of our obseesed majority leader.
Truth will out. What goes around comes around. As this unfolds Hillary will quietly fold her 2016 campaign and opt to spend more time with Chelsea and her grandchild.

Stephanie spring sprung baseballs back umm ummm umm

Anyone read Correia? I downloaded Hard Magic but haven't started it yet.

Rick B

The route of Viking savage to Norman king wasn't terribly remote in England but Hobbes preferred reflection upon the more distant (and therefore safer) Greek antecedents rather tracing Plantagenet lineage to Hägar the Horrible. I've wondered whether accounts from early explorers didn't reinforce his views. The accounts of the awesome displays of human sacrifice by the Aztecs were certainly available to him as were Portuguese accounts of the behavior of tribes in tropical Africa and Dutch accounts of the behavior of indigenous people in the East Indies.

Why would he work from imaginative descriptions of the Bronze Age when he had current accounts of the Stone Age?


What's Rudy doing these days?

Another good one, altho he might be a little too nice in his old age.


the full sysgy between Minitrue and the state;

Jeff Dobbs

Although my Rudy inquiry was semi-jestful...I *would* want Rudy more for the pr/politics of the matter than actual prosecution. Let the likes of McCarthy carry the heavy lifting, but put Rudy in front of the microphones and get him on the Sunday shows.


No good deed goes unpunished;


I'm pretty sure Trey will lock it up - and quickly. I'd say by mid-October. Hopefully he will also implicate Biden.

Then we can watch Obama pretend not to squirm over the fact that he just might be impeached and convicted.

Let the House vote in Trey as Speaker and he can take over the oval when Biden and Obama are forced to step down.

Be still my heart.


Funny how great minds think alike. I've also been dreaming of a McCarthy/Guliani demolition squad for Benghazi.

Captain Hate

Although my Rudy inquiry was semi-jestful...I *would* want Rudy more for the pr/politics of the matter than actual prosecution. Let the likes of McCarthy carry the heavy lifting, but put Rudy in front of the microphones and get him on the Sunday shows.

I agree 100% with this. Ken Starr was a good guy who didn't have a chance when Serpenthead and Teh Forehead began the character assassination and all was lost in the court of public opinion. Rudy has shown himself to be combative enough that when he's attacked he will return fire and then some. So has Fat RINO Bastard if he ever feels like burnishing his credentials with the base but I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Ken Starr used to go to my church. He helped out at a ministry called "The House" in DC tutoring kids -

mark kutcher

"every author has two goals: bang out a swords and sorcery epic eclipsing Lord of the Rings, and create a franchise assuring lifetime employment and a healthy bequest to the heirs."
See "The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan (finished by Brandon Sanderson)1990-2012.14 books,over 10 thousand pages whose plot spans a few years.


Lord of Light is a classic, but not exactly filled with TV/S/SV stuff. Zelazny was really into clever reifyings of mythology. Hindu in LofL, Greek in And Call Me Conrad, Egyptian in Creatures of Light and Darkness, Am Indian in Eye of Cat, and generic in Isle of the Dead. Nobody could make you sympathize with a reluctant demigod like Zelazny could. His classic short story The Key to December is also very good on this stuff.


"author being a sex-obsessed perv"

Couldn't help chuckle at this; have any of you read some of the books comprising "the largest share of the retail book market"?

Since most of the authors are female, no one will use the term "sex obsessed perv" for them.

GOT is no more (or less) a sign of moral crisis than "Romantic" fiction.

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