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May 25, 2014


Miss Marple

Good morning from Indianapolis, where it is Race Day.

Speedway safety director suggested about 1/2 hour ago that people leave NOW if they want to be in their seats by the time the green flag goes down.

I like listening to the radio coverage, which I will be doing as I putter around doing the last of the flower planting on the patio.

My dad's second cousin was a riding mechanic back in the day when they had 2 guys in the cars. My father, however, didn't consider auto racing a real sport, preferring the horses. He used to take us down to Churchill Downs where he let me place bets, even though I was a teenager and wasn't supposed to.

The 500 has a lot of history and this is the 98th running. I think everyone ought to see it at least once in person, because of the huge crowd and the opening spectacle.


"is also among roughly 270 people that records show voted in Nassau County after dying, a group that includes a man who voted 14 times since his death."


Dublindave 2016


Miss Marple

Israeli, Palestinian leaders accept Vatican invitation to meet in Rome next month

Watch Obama try to horn in on it or scuttle it.


Great pieces, clarice,

Miss Marple

Yet ANOTHER scandal with Veterans Affairs.


Got coffee, got pieces, then lost power. Phone status in the red. Emergency battery status full power! At least I can recharge the phone while reading pieces.

Another beautiful day,




Henry, This one got some leftists commenting.

"The job growth numbers during the past three years are more than 27,000 higher than Doyle’s job-creation record during his first three years in office, part of which Burke served as Doyle’s commerce secretary."

The leftist Burke is running on job creation? Must be a leftist joke.


Coffee and Clarice's Pieces - no better way to spend an early Sunday morning.

Then, I see on Facebook that Sue and my brother, Mike, both posted a video of a moving and inspirational speech by Ronald Reagan honoring Memorial Day. (wish I new how to link it so non-FB folks could see it too)

So depressing this morning to look in the direction of DC and see what horrors we have there now!


This kid wants people to listen.

"“You shot him twice, why twice?” he was asked.

“Cause that’s what I do to people who don’t listen,” he said."



Thanks pagar. The left here is playing Wylie Coyote to Walker's Roadrunner. The jobs thing is all they have now, and it will explode in their faces just like Act 10 and the John Doe I and II did.


centralcal, all you need to do is put the URL in the box under your email address beneath the comment box, or so I read the other day.

Then write LUN--which I guess means Link Under Name

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
My father, however, didn't consider auto racing a real sport

Did you remind him that you can't smoke or drink while competing?

Miss Marple

The democrats have nominated for State Treasurer in Indiana a guy who moved here from Illinois.

Heard him interviewed and he says he sees lots of things in the Indiana economy that need "fixing."

I'll just bet.

Centralcal on iPad

Thanks, anonamom, but I know how to link it. The problem is that it will go to someone's personal Facebook page which isn't open to just anyone who clicks the link. If it was a non-Facebook source, I would have linked it right in the comment box.


cc - Was it his Memorial Day 1982 speech?

If so, here's a link to the 1982 speech:


Power restored. More coffee now available. Time to get revved up for Indy!

Jeff Dobbs

This should work for those who have a FB account (Steve Reichert's page is public):

Reagan Memorial Day Speech

Miss Marple

Live streaming of local 500 coverage, including interviews with former drivers, track background, etc. Coverage on right now and will continue through the race.

At this link there are also explanations of apps available, HD radio, etc.


Thank you, Hit and and you too, Patriot (though your speech link was the wrong one).

Hit's link is the one I was referring to.

SBW iPad

Rats. Posted on the dead thread:

Daddy, the Waakzaamheid mast just collapsed and she broached in the stormy seas.

Wow, what a passage!

Jeff Dobbs

Wait, it's already Sunday AM? Man, time flies.

Saturday seems like it was just yesterday.


Michigan seems like a dream to me now.

Rest In Peace,  Ronald Wilson Reagan,  Number 40

Reagan: We Are Americans

Captain Hate

dumbassdave ridiculing dead American heroes on Memorial Day weekend? Classy.

Danube on iPad

I remember listening to it when I was 14 years old. I was filled with the euphoria I felt every year at the very beginning of summer vacation, and my dad had just got home from a deployment. Then all of a sudden Bill Vukovich was killed in a crash. I think hr had won it the previous year. Very shocking.

Captain Hate

I was never a big fan of the Indy 500 but I found the Ford challenge to the Offenhauser dominance in the 60s interesting.

Miss Marple

Danube, yes that was a real shocker. I was listening to it as well; I think I was 15 or so.

Very tragic. Vukovich was one of the best-loved drivers.

Captain Hate

FNS featuring VA whistleblowers; I see an audit in their future.

Danube on iPad

Most excellent, Clarice.

Jeff Dobbs

I think hr had won it the previous year.

I never finished better than third at the 500.


Hit, who won your contest? Either contest: finger v ring or map count.


A delightful read, Clarice. Thank you for your efforts.


"Heard him interviewed and he says he sees lots of things in the Indiana economy that need "fixing."

Things that make nada, none, absolutely no sense. Allowing a Democrat to mess up the Indiana economy.

Danube on iPad

Follow Drudge's link to a series of You Tube videos made by that Santa Barbara creep. Makes you wish he could have been tortured a bit before he died.

Captain Hate

Kirsten Power bashing the private sector; somebody must have ordered her back in line.

Captain Hate

Kim Strassell demolishing Pelosi Galore's dumbass arguments; you'd think that mobbed up trash would keep her simple linguini hole shut.

Captain Hate

George Will just attached an IED to Kirsten's simpleton arguments.


"Other critics wrote at Forbes, “Gov. Pence has tried to cover his ObamaCare expansion plan with the veneer of the Healthy Indiana Plan begun by Mitch Daniels.”"


OK - I am confused by this tally of the shooting victims in Calif. They are saying 3 men (roommates?) were found stabbed to death in his apartment. They are saying 3 women (2 Tri-Delta sorority sisters and a 2012 high school grad.) were shot.

So this father of "Chris" ( one of the male victims) is screaming about gun control and his son being a victim of the NRA and politicians. How does this all add up? Did he shoot and then stab those 3 boys? What am I missing here?

Apparently there were 6 dead (1 being the shooter himself) 3 girls and 3 male roommates....

Captain Hate

When do parents of murdering creeps receive some sort of public scorning for unleashing their badly raised trash into the world instead of blaming it on a lack of gun control and other red herrings? Jared Laughner's parents should be the target of Gabby Gifford's gloryhound husband's scorn and anger instead of using his wife's injuries as his own personal springboard.

Jeff Dobbs

Ring is still on the finger (and finger still on the hand).

Jane won the map count, though she was still a little low.


From Sharyl Attkisson:

Thousands of Qaddafi-Era Missiles Missing in Libya

Danube on iPad

I don't think it was the shooter's parents who complained about lack of gun control, it was one of the victims'. And I agree, that victim had to have been stabbed to death. Or maybe I'm just confused....

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

"The 22-year-old wrote that “the ultimate evil behind sexuality is the human female.” He added that they “think like beasts” and “should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with.”"

Sounds like the kid coulda been a follower of Muhammad also.


According to this:

Christopher Martinez was the 6th person killed. The timeline indicates he was shot.

The father of Martinez is the parent asking for more gun control:

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Was there anything about goat meat in his manifesto?

So far we need to ban: guns, knives, wash tub sticks,...

Captain Hate

Yes Janet, he sounds like a rock worshiper on progress before that got short circuited.

Will and Power are both missing the point on why that bint Pelosi assigned some donk dullards to the Benghazi special panel: Boycotting it looks like they don't care about the deaths of brave Americans.

Danube on iPad

Maybe the murderer's parents will share their thoughts about child-rearing, too.


Indeed, Danube.

I am hoping to hear the thoughts of the police dept that interviewed him less than a month prior to his rampage. I imagine they will say they were impeded by his civil rights.

Get ready for some New Mexico anal rape style profiling.

"Its for the kids."


Yippee! What's my prize? (It better be good - hey why don't you name an island after me?)

Re the shooting.

The spoiled brat stabbed his three roommates repeatedly. Then he took off and killed someone at a deli, ran over a bike rider and killed someone else - than killed himself.

Given his journal, involuntary commitment would have solved the problem.


Hell Janet, Mohammed was a loose goose compared to this kid.

He wanted to kill all women except a few he chose who would be kept in cages, inseminated, and then killed after giving birth.

Sex would be outlawed, cause it is clearly the cause of all the world's problem.

(At 22, that is one sick kid)


Too bad one of the roommates wasn't bearing a firearm.

Miss Marple

Do they even have involuntary commitment in California? For how long? (Because if it is only 72 hours it wouldn't have done any good.)

He was under psychiatric care. His parents were alarmed by his Facebook postings.

He was 22 years old. Jared Loughner was also over 18, if I remember correctly.

What are parents to do with a psycho adult child if the state and psychiatric resources are ineffective?

Danube on iPad

Problem is, there probably weren't sufficient grounds for voluntary commitment.

Captain Hate

Jared Loughner's parents actively intervened with the sheriff's office (using their donk credentials) to keep him from receiving the consequences of some of his former actions.


The gunman in "gun control central" in Europe (Brussels) shoots 3 Jews dead multiple times in the face, with a 4th still critical, and hardly a story and comparatively a peep about it.

In California, the gunmen shoots 3 dead, and we will never hear the end of it, and all the Left will scream that the NRA is to blame and we have to have the same gun control Laws as they do in Europe.

I wonder if it's because the dead in Brussels are Jews, or if it's because the Left and the Gun Controllers can't get any mileage by playing up the fact that Gun Control failed in Brussels?

Related: Piers Morgan and Michael Moore strangely silent about shooting in Brussels


Jeff Dobbs

Yippee! What's my prize?

I tell you what I'm going to do. I took that photo where I was with Mark Steyn and he was holding the sign saying "HIT!WON" and photoshop it so it looks like he was with you.

Hope you like it:

I went to a lot of effort to make the Jane look hand-written to match the sign that was made for me.



LOL - Hit.

Windy Daze made that sign, and I still have it.

(I don't think there is involuntary commitment anywhere, which is a big part of the problem.)

Man Tran on iPhone

Cross posting 'cause it is worth it:

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because noble men stand ready to do violence to data on their behalf."

That's the response I got from a pal when I sent him H&R's little speech last night.

Jack is Back!

Having lunch at Shula's in the JAX airport with Mrs. JiB and Frederick. He just posted his first post for the trip on his blog. Hate to miss the 500 but I did watch the festival parade last night as I wound down from a day of packing and getting organized for today.

They have a TV on CNN and that really creepy creep Fareed Zaccaria was discussing "The Future of TV" with some guy. No sound but I thought looking at the title, what they were really discussing subliminally was "The Future of CNN":)

Jeff Dobbs

Isn't today Windy's birthday?

The List isn't at all sure, but it seems like it is . . .




Jeff Dobbs

Love it, ManTran!


It is Windy's Birthday! And happy Bday Riley!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Jared Loughner's parents actively intervened with the sheriff's office (using their donk credentials) to keep him from receiving the consequences of some of his former actions.

That is a huge point with these kids. How often did the parents intervene as the kid was growing up, to soften or erase any consequences?
Did they constantly hear how they were a victim & the school (or whatever) needed to understand THEM.

One of the points I prayed for my own kids was - "They will be caught if they wander into cheating, lies or mischief."

(7 tips for prayerful parents from Family Life Today)

You WANT them to be caught & held accountable when they are little & the consequences are not as great. It is the time to learn!

...or I guess you can blame the system, make excuses, bail the kid out, & then buy the kid a video game. In the moment it is easier....but the character issues for the kid are terrible.


Someone just tried to get into my FB page from Colorado--FB stopped them because the location was odd and I had to change my password. Where did the perp get it..Odd..

Captain Hate

(I don't think there is involuntary commitment anywhere, which is a big part of the problem.)

Be careful what you wish for; that can be badly abused by the state especially with the current clown car administration.



Apologies for being such a downer, so as a pick-me up this Indy 500 Day I offer you:

Quiz Time! (Engine Sound Version)

Formula One 2014: Do you know your cars? Name that engine

Can you match up the noise with the machine which produces it? Find out with our interactive quiz

I don't know squat about cars but 17 years ago we flew the Formula 1's to Brisbane and they sure looked like amazing machines up close.


wash tub sticks,...


Danube on iPad

Dems privately trashing the Smartest President in History:

Extremely sweet music to these ears.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

let me just add that even with perfect parenting & tons of prayers...each person is an individual that makes their own choices. Friends, society's influence,...are huge too.

I just meant to say that the building of morals & character are a lifelong process. The "story" of the kid with the knife & gun started a long time ago.


Senator Blumenthal D-Blue Hell when he speaks makes my skin crawl. Now to read Clarice.

Danube on iPad

Involuntary commitment in California:

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--My father, however, didn't consider auto racing a real sport, preferring the horses.--

There are only three sports - bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.
Attributed, apparently erroneously to Ernest Hemingway.
Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--Can you match up the noise with the machine which produces it? Find out with our interactive quiz--

Four out of eight.
Transposed the Williams and Ferrari F1s (thought I might have done so) and the Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini.

Lot's of complaints that the 2014 turbocharger muffled F1 cars sound weak and anemic and aren't loud enough.


H.B. Windy Daze

Jeff Dobbs

Just so there's no confusion, please note that the Californian named Elliot who went on a murder spree only had one t in his name.


Interesting Dot. An issue that I see is not letting parents do the commitment. In a lot of cases they are the people who truly know how sick a kid is.


The man suspected of killing six people in a drive-by shooting in California had three legally-owned handguns with him, authorities say.

In addition to the guns, Santa Barbara Sheriff Bill Brown confirmed that Rodger had a total of 41 10-round magazines with him.

How SAFE is NY ?


Fox is reporting that Obama is visiting the troops in Afghanistan. His poll numbers must be tanking.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Barry is an animated plastic turkey.


Danube on iPad

Howard Cosell used to say that the finest athletes in the world were race car drivers. Of course, Howard Cosell was more fulla shit than a Christmas turkey.


Happy Birthday, Windy Daze.
"Senator Blumenthal D-Blue Hell"

"Malloy signs CT’s Stolen Valor law"

It apparently does not cover the lies Senator Blumenthal told about his being in Vietnam.

"You know what is a great way to get votes? To talk about the time you served your country as a soldier in Vietnam. There is one catch, though! You have to have actually gone to Vietnam and served as a soldier. "

Miss Marple

Sue, when? Today?

I assume there will be several hand-selected troops assembled at the airport for a photo shoot.

He'll probably make the Afghanistan people angry, and then his work will be done.


Brad Paisley is with him to entertain the troops. Also to get troops to show up and cheer.



It is breaking now so I assume he is there now. Or earlier today.

Jeff Dobbs

From the Weekly Standard:

Democrats Privately Calling Obama 'Detached,' 'Flat Footed,' 'Incompetent'

They're only saying that because he's black.

Miss Marple

Sue, that was exactly my thought when I read that on Twitter.

I hope Paisley sings "Proud to Be an American." It will give Obama the shudders.

Jeff Dobbs

"More and more Democrats in key 2014 races are calling for the president to get a spine"

They only treat him this way because he's the wrong color.

Jack is Back!

Those Brusse'sl Jewish Museum mureders are a terror attack.

Keeping that in mind, the N-VA, the Vlaams national party - anti-Euthanasis and anti-Abortion and pro-Security, anti-Immigration are on order for a big win in Flanders. Mrs. JiB suports them. A friend is on the list. Bart de Weaver will be formidable leader. Flanders is finally waking up. Walloon and Brussels still asleep.

More tomrorrw after I debrief my F-I-L.

Miss Marple


Be careful over there!


Yes, that seems to be a reasonable supposition, seeing as there was a copy cat attack in Paris,
do you always fly to Europe through JAX, take care, JiB;


I guess they will chalk this up to the National Front's showings

Jack is Back!


We are using miles and points to fly 1st and have to leave from Newark, so Jax is closest airport for us to get to Newark. Most times we fly Daytona to Atlanta then on to Brussels but I hate coming back to Atlanta on an International flight. Worst Immigration and Customs ordeal on Planet Earth. I tried to avoid it like the plague.


Blumenthal, my senator, is a weirdly repellent person, a cardboard cutout of a politician and a liar. He makes my skin crawl, as others have noted, and presents in public as having zero charisma. He has never taken a position on any issue of consequence involving any controversial issue. And yet he won election easily and undoubtedly will never be seriously challenged until he retires or is exposed doing something so weird and outrageous that I can't even think what it would be. What I will never understand is why the sheeple of this state vote for him. Weicker, Dodd and Lieberman, say what you will about them, had some degree of personal charm, or at least interestingness. This guy and his clone, Murphy, are profiles in political nothingness. If they worked at the DMV nobody would ever notice. Strange times.

Danube on iPad

JiB, do you have a Global Entry card? Sure helps with U.S. Customs.


afternoon everyone. hope your memorial day weekend is going well.

great pieces this morning Clarice. Always a great read with my morning coffee.

what a day:

helping my dad pack up to go back to Florida. my back is sore and it has been a ridiculous pain in the ass.

cracked the windshield of my nice car. right across the driver's side. my windshield is festooned with all sorts of revenue stickers too and i can't scrape them off without ruining them.

anyone good with MATLAB. have a question on making a subplot?

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