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May 11, 2014



Happy Mothers' Day to all!


Here's a hoping everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!

Captain Hate

Trey Gowdy is trucking whatever poor fool drew the short straw to go opposite him on FNS.


I am so in love Capn'. The problem the dems will have is Gowdy is very hard to not believe.

I think Mike Lee is #2.


Mooch on the kidnappings: ‘In These Girls, Barack And I See Our Own Daughters’

Can't they ever do anything but reflect everything back to themselves?

Captain Hate

No, jimmyk, every thought they've ever had is self referential.


Malignant narcissism.

In contrast, Happy Mother's Day to everyone here.

Jeff Dobbs

Given the Obama's response so far to the Boko Haram kidnappings, Malia and Sasha should hope they are never kidnapped.

::ring ring::

Kidnappers: "Mr. President, we have you daughters and are demanding one billion dollars."

Obama: "Forget that. Give us back our girls or so help me we're going to launch a twitter #hashtag against you."

Kidnappers: "Mr. President, I don't think you understand..."


Obama: "No. It is you who doesn't understand. Michelle will pose in a sad, pouty face. Are you really prepared for that?"

Kidnappers: "..."

Obama: "She'll be holding a placard."

Kidnappers: "..."

Obama: "Her dress will look like the curtains, but that is neither here nor there."


Whew ... for a minute there I thought he was going to threaten them with the comfy chair.


Hit,that wasn't a sad pouty face. It was her "disappointed look" melting into her "compassionate expression".

Now aren't you ashamed? ;-)

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Jane, Gowdy is the rare Repub congress critter who seems to do everything correctly.



How was the opera?

Capn' let's hope that lasts.


Jane, great, see my post at 12:27am on the last page of the last thread.


Happy mothers day, that would be Xavier Becerra, admittedly not the sharpest pencil in the box,

I glanced at Sorkin's hagiographic profile, of Turbo Tim, no intelligent query, as in what did he do with his authority at the NY Fed,

Jeff Dobbs

Hey, Obama said it, not me. You can tell because it was in quotes and everything.

 Man Tran back home

Jane, as I may have mentioned awhile back, our lovely Dodie Gann bequeathed us a HD system for our local community theater. It has been wonderful, particularly for Brit stage performances. Haven't seen any operas yet, but our hardcore opera buds are happy campers.

Speaking of opera, I finally met the wife of one of my RR techie friends. Very impressive young lady. PhD in her craft. Teaches voice and sponsors clinics/camps for young up and comers. She is a soprano and mostly sings in contemporary (living composer) productions. Mostly Chicago, but does travel. Did one in Panama. Wonder of pagar might have seen her.

LUN is a link to her website.


Nick Kristof, apparently misses the meaning of 'Western Education is Forbidden' Noonan misses most everything, like the fact that Powell covered
up his role in Iran Contra, so in that way Susan Rice fits that template, but that wasn't what she intended,


Ahh Jimmy, so it was a different opera. I misunderstood what you said yesterday.

Now if you had just gone to the matinee you could have waved to me, and I would have seen you. (Or maybe bring a sign)

ManTran, whoever thought up the idea of live streaming to local theaters is brilliant. I will say I was probably the youngest person in the theater which sort of bummed me out. I kept thinking I wanted to bring Amy's 12 year old to the next one.


Today the Tour of California rolls through town. Lovely event, and a relative is one of the competitors.


Actually I misunderstood you, Jane, as I thought you were saying that was the last performance of anything for the season. Last night was indeed that.

I've been bringing my daughter to the opera since she was five, and she's a big fan, though now I think she likes musical theater like Phantom and Les Miz more. At the Met you see some kids and young adults, but a lot of the young adults are foreigners.

I'm not sure if the live streaming is making money (directly, at least), but apparently the unions want a piece of the action anyway, and are threatening a strike. I sure wish the performing arts unions could be broken--along with all the others. There was a story a while back in the NYT about how many stage hands make six figure salaries, and not low six figure either.

Beasts of England

Happy Mother's Day!

Beasts of England

The Guardian suggests that Climate Change caused Boko Haram to commit the kidnappings and murders. I'm cereal.


Well Nicholas Wade, now knows the meaning of shibboleth, Murray knew of what he spoke,

Danube on iPad

God's way of telling him it's time to crawl off and die:

"Wayne County, Michigan officials reported this weekend that long-time Detroit Democrat Representative John Conyers didn´t submit enough signatures to qualify for the ballot this year. Authorities say Conyers was 400 signatures short of having enough to qualify to run for re-election."

Cecil Turner

Does anyone know how much of your tax money is spent on Climate Change research? Or why?


it's striking how a phony threat like the Sky Dragon is magnified 100 fold, but a real threat
like Salafism, is almost completely erased from
the board.

Bellesiles got a book contract after Arming America, was proven to be a fraud, Ellis got multiple ones after he was revealed to have made up large tracts of his c.v.


BoE: I'm cereal

Cheerio old chap.


Man Tran, we have quite a few different performers show down here. I didn't recognize her name but will see if I can find any info.

Rick B


The number I'm seeing as the take for the climate haruspices is $2.2 billion. Those able to create the direst of divinations receive reward commensurate with their deep data massage ability.

Anyone capable of describing reality is given the Wade treatment

Frau Gartenzwerg

DoT - You forget, perhaps, that the citizens of NJ deserved a *full* ballot and therefore shoved The Laut on the ballot so the Dems could have a choice cheat once again. Let's see what John Conyers is able to do for himself with a little help from his friends.


Jimmy, can you figure out what is going on without the translation? The story was on a piece of paper I picked up when I walked into the theater but it certainly wasn't light enough in there to read. So if you went in knowing nothing would you be able to figure it out? Eventually I would have gotten the plot of La Cenerentola, but I might have been pretty frustrated until I did.

WHen I was a kid my aunt would take us to see Broadway plays - I saw Camelot, Oklahoma, Sound of Music and a few other classics. It was my very favorite thing.

Les Mis is my favorite play ever, altho the 2nd time I saw it, I cried the entire time, so I'm not quite sure why.

jimmyk on iPhone

Jane, not without studying in advance, but the Met provides "titles" (real time translations on little panels at each seat. Choice of English, German, Italian, maybe French or Russian. Most houses these days have some kind of subtitles.


Last Saturday Mr Porch was out of town and I decided to give our season opera tickets to one of the students who works for me. She is a theater major and a sweet girl, but way too talkative and full of herself as so many theater people are. She was grateful for the tickets but complained afterward that the singers' Italian (it was Donizetti's The Elixir of Love) was not as good as hers, because they kept dropping final syllables so it "sounded like French." Evidently it had never occurred to her that a sung language sounds a little different than a spoken one. I could easily have sold the tickets for a good price since they were fifth row, so I was a little annoyed. Theater people.

Agent J

Happy Mother's Day! Blessing unto you.


Hey Agent J good to see you in the comments. Hope all is well.

Happy Mother's Day. I miss my mom everyday.

easing into work. not used to working days nor being on my feet for that long.

Great Pieces today Clarice.

from rse from earlier:

>>>Start asking the college kids you know what their terms are and how many days they have classes. So far all those anecdotes support what I wrote.

Posted by: rse | May 11, 2014 at 11:25 AM<<<

When I am taking classes, we have MWF classes and T/TH classes (I think a few labs meet on Saturdays but that is unusual). Terms run 15-16 weeks except summers. Summers are short 5 or 6 weeks or over the entire Summer with a break (10 weeks) in the middle.

surbuban gal

rse--I don't know what is going on in Georgia, but I am in my classroom (teaching) for 15 and someterms, 16 weeks, but not necessarily three days a week--three hours one day a week, 90 mins two days a week is more common. I went to school on quarters--3 ten week terms. All I can say is the official SACS standard is 15 hours per credit and in my state it is definitely 15 (sometimes 16) weeks for all--Tennessee

Jack is Back!

CT and RB,

That 2.2 Billion is most likely direct spending on global warming to teh academic leeches and research labs. If you add all the indirect like crony capiialism renewables (Solyndra,, CO2 capture, energy efficiency, etc. it may be up toward $10 billion. Too many off-shoots dependent on keepying the myth alive. Incest at the highest levels.

Frau Agnus dei

Porch, singers use Italian pronunciation on Latin pieces which only irritates Latin scholars.

Miss Marple

Good afternoon, and happy Mother's Day to all.

My dughter took me to see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the Children's Museum. Excellent exhibit with 5 original figures plus a horse. Very interesting.

Lots of Chinese there, interestingly.


Thanks, Rich

Jimmyk the stage hands union is the worst--it's purely hereditary and drives up the cost of production so very high. They are backed by the Teamsters so they are hard to break. when I used to handle the Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap stuff, the stagehands were making more than the venue directors.
hit, love your Boko shtick--posting it on FB.

Miss Marple

daddy, If you end up here in Indy this summer, you should try to get tickets to that exhibit.

Of course, you have probably been to the site in China.


Today is the nicest day of the year here. I could actual turn the heat off, work on my deck, take 2 walks with my day dog and leave doors open.

There were times this winter when I thought this day would never come. I just hope spring is here to stay.


work on my deck

I know that deck! I'd have loved to share it with you! :)


The Guardian suggests that Climate Change caused Boko Haram to commit the kidnappings and murders.


Yesterday, even the weekend automobile radio show, The Drive, was about Climate Change. They brought on this oceanographer guy from JPL, Josh Willis who said during the segment that the Earth is warming, that the sea Levels are rising, and it is all 100% attributable to humans, and the only question left is what are we going to do about it.

The hosts were polite, but the nice thing was that they didn't drink the Koolaid, and after he left they essentially blew him off and made a bunch of jokes about cow flatulence and burping, then went on talking about Horsepower.


so I was a little annoyed. Theater people.

Damn thespians.


Awww Dr. J, me too.

Miss Marple

My sister was in a theater group all through high school. You know John Lovitz "acting" character? Dead on.

Everything always had to be so flamboyant and theatrical.

I am sort of the opposite, being a science major and very pragmatic. When I had to hang around with them I always got a headache.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Everything always had to be so flamboyant and theatrical.

That's why they're in theatre. Or they could be trial lawyers, of course:>0 If my experience is any indication, there are some theatre people and trial lawyers who act normal, but it's all an act.


Jane, we had spring, here, too. For about ten minutes on Tuesday afternoon. It was nice. :)

Seriously, we don't have spring here. We just lurch back and forth between winter and summer until eventually it's just summer. Autumn is very nice, but spring is pretty crappy. This year far worse because the all-winter hung on for about 3 months extra it seems.



I hate to say this, but I mowed the "grass" for the last time for the summer. Well, there may be one more time, but that's it. Then it turns into dead "golden" stuff that needs no attention.

Have at the grass!


DrF hates grass! He finally broke down and mowed the front today...

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