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May 08, 2014



One word: curtilage.


Didn't Biden say to fire your shotgun out your door? Maybe we need a Biden control law.



Henry-- I am planning on being in ChiTown Fri-Sat 6/21-6/22. I have notified the ChiTown romanov princess. Any chance you can make it down?

PS: there was clearly an Obummer-MB axis in 2010-2012. The UN future can't slander the Prophet speech BS was certainly a part of that. How did that play into Benghazi?... can't say. But remember, while they were allied with MB, the Obummer crew are hopelessly incompetent, so events likely got out of their control, like the Egyptian military AND PEOPLE, ousting and driving the MB back underground. God that was sweet.


NK, yes I can make it to ChiTown.


Henry-- That would be sweet. I am at the Cubs game friday afternoon 300-630, free afterwards and saturday.

Captain Hate

Some see a bankrupt propaganda sheet posing as a newspaper.


What color were the participants?


Despite doomsday predictions, report finds only 1 layoff from sequester cuts

Now Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., is demanding answers as to why the Obama administration repeatedly warned taxpayers that the $85.3 billion in spending cuts, which went into effect in March 2013, would threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs. The findings were revealed in a government watchdog report.
In response, OMB spokesman Steve Posner said in a statement to there is "no question" the sequestration has had an negative impact on Americans, pointing out the report also states that employees had their hours reduced and agencies were forced to curtail hiring as a result of the cuts, among other examples.

this one's just a scotch smarter then Vietor


How the sausage is made:

In a memo released before the sequester cuts went into effect, the White House claimed they “threaten hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs.” In a speech at the White House that February, President Obama repeated those claims.

"These cuts are not smart, they are not fair, they will hurt our economy, they will add hundreds of thousands of Americans to the unemployment rolls," he said. "This is not an abstraction. People will lose their jobs."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid upped the doomsday rhetoric in July, according to the Washington Post, saying on the Senate floor over a million jobs were already lost.

“We have learned that the sequestration already has cut 1.6 million jobs. So we need job creation. We need to help the middle class by creating jobs,” he said.

Danube on iPad

On the facts as presented, it's murder.


Resisting a joke about Boko Harum and A Whiter Shade of Pale.


Tag, you're it! Prosecutors' appeal ruled frivolous. The stay of the ruling is undone. Prosecutors' copies of evidence must be destroyed, property returned, etc. Link to ruling in the article.


The Red Witch demurs:

It’s true that not every local grievance requires a State Department designation, but Boko Haram allied itself with al-Qaeda and provided it tactical support, at least. That should have prompted State to act, especially with the consensus within the national-security communities demanding it – repeatedly. Instead, Hillary Clinton refused to act in order to keep up a pretense that “al-Qaeda was on the run.”


Oops, read the ruling. The star chamber can keep the "evidence" for now.

Rick B

"there was clearly an ObummerAbedin/Clinton-MB axis in 2010-2012."

The Democrats were just demonstrating poor selection in Mahometan savages again. The MB might be slightly more reliable than Carter's choice of Khomeini but it's like choosing between cholera and syphilis. I keep wondering what types of drugs were used to induce the fantasy that Arab Spring would ever smell sweeter than a slaughter house.


Events may actually drive policy more than expected;

Captain Hate

Mr. Dede’s death has set off an outcry an ocean away in Germany

Eff the krauts; send the body back in a pine box and blame a video xbox. I had a German foreign exchange student and she damn sight didn't pull stupid garbage like this.


For DoT:

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

The star chamber can keep the "evidence" for now.

I believe that would be appropriate until the Seventh Circuit finally rules on the merits of the appeal, henry. The purpose of a Preliminary Injunction, which is what Judge Randa issued, is to "preserve the status quo" until the case is resolved. The portion of Randa's Order that requires return or destruction of evidence is mandatory in nature, and is the type of relief that goes beyond the purpose of maintaining the status quo until the case is finally resolved.

IOW, a Preliminary Injunction may stop action to keep the parties where they were when the motion for it was initiated. It may not change the relative positions of the parties while the case continues.


Thanks Jim! I get the impression from reading Randa's rulings that the prosecutors are so used to trying things in the court of MSM (and getting plea bargains) that they forgot how to deal with actual courts.


JimR-- put another way, to do otherwise would convert the 'preliminary' injunction into a final judgment, and go beyond maintaining the status quo. In my experience 20 years ago, a lot of SDNY/SDNY federal judges converted preliminary injunction motions to a motion for SJ, or even a trial on the merits.. the 'rocket dockets' of the day.

Captain Hate

I heard that Romo reported to Girl's training camp last season at 248. With the money that clown is pulling down and his playoff success rate, that is inexcusable.


I have a big gun case at home. It will hold three shotguns.


the House decided to keep funding the A-1O


Don't want people to have guns to protect themselves.

Rob Crawford

You know what we call being shot after "wandering" onto someone's property?

Evolution in action.


Way out here among the cattle herds and rustlers of Pennsylvania, the prosecution has had the burden of disproving self-defense for a couple of centuries and I believe the same goes for New York

Maximo Macaroni

The complaint relates as of April 2014 that the defendant survivor was (will be) in the hair salon in August of 2014. I wonder how they can predict not only the location but the mental state of the home defender four months in the future? This level of cavalier inaccuracy makes one wonder about the integrity of the prosecution's procedures.

Kevin O'Brien


Dede’s death has set off an outcry an ocean away in Germany, exposing the cultural gulf between a European nation...

...which has a long tradition of barging in to its neighbors and taking their stuff, or trying to, and a nation where that gets a guy shot.

As a matter of law, the homeowner is up the creek. As a matter of justice, is the world a better place with the thieving kid out of the gene pool, or not?

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