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June 16, 2014


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Occupy was OFA astroturf. Potent political force? Really name one candidate that Occupy has gotten elected. Name one that Occupy got nominated in a primary. What none come to mind, well fancy that. Who is getting paid to write these pablum?


The OWS nonsense gave Mayor Bane visibility in NYC over other Dems.


TomM and all JOMers-- belated Fathers Day greetings. Mine was superb, hope you all enjoyed yours.

Jack is Back

In Greece, where every other building is a concrete shell unfinished, the cry is Opa! If you cannot win or live then drink.


This brings the number of actual Tea Party incidents of violence


He had a decent piece in the New Republic, maybe he misunderstood his audience:

“I feel comfortable with her on foreign policy,” Mr. Kagan said, adding that the next step after Mr. Obama’s more realist approach “could theoretically be whatever Hillary brings to the table” if elected president. “If she pursues a policy which we think she will pursue,” he added, “it’s something that might have been called neocon, but clearly her supporters are not going to call it that; they are going to call it something else.”


The OWS nonsense gave Mayor Bane visibility in NYC over other Dems.

Also gave the Red Squaw some press as she declared herself to be intellectually simpatico with them.


NK: belated Fathers Day greetings. Mine was superb, hope you all enjoyed yours.

Likewise, belated greetings. I was away in the Catskills (tennis camp, pretending I still have working knee joints) for the weekend with limited internet. Now trying to play catch-up whack-a-mole with all these threads.


Yes, 2012, was an Occupy election when you figure not only Red Squaw but Baldwin, the twit in Ohio, and at least one other race,

Captain Hate

the twit in Ohio

The Restraining Order?


CaptH--- that TNR shite tells me that the Progs/Dems see Walker as a real threat for '16.

BTW-- the white libs who still run the Dem Party (or think they do) treat their 'voters of color' like plantation workers. Just disgusting.


TNR? Nuthin' but white folks in that rag.


daddy - saw the link yesterday to the article about NATO jamming.

Could it be that NATO really was responsible for all the jamming as a way to conduct a blind test?



Next thing we know TM will be trying to tell us this guy isn't a member of the Tea Party:


Taranto has some fun with the "Rosemary Lois Stretch":


Could it be that NATO really was responsible for all the jamming as a way to conduct a blind test?


I'd guess NATO, given that they said they conducted those ops in those same areas in the general time-frame, but I also suspect the Russians have the capability to blind ATC systems as well.

The latest report tho' sure does seem to bury the earlier guesses that it may have happened because of some sort of glitch caused between Transponders and ATC radars in 3 or 4 different countries over a period of a few months.


The repubs better run this in senate and governor elections in Va, Ky, WVa, ohio, Illinois Missouri and Mich. Just ourageous, the Obamaniacs admit they have declared war on their own citizens:


I'm slow today - I could have sworn I saw someone post this morning that Obama's Gallup approval was down to 40/55.

For instance here is a link from today:

But if you follow the Gallup link that Scared Monkeys posted, you see at Gallup that it is not 40/55 but instead 41/53:

If you google Obama approval June 16 2014 40 55 you see this (I copied and pasted it directly):

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval Gallup 21, Gallup began tracking daily the percentage of Americans who approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama ... Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval ... 06/12-14/2014, 40%, 55% ... Get Obama's latest approval ratings now and compare to

But if you follow the link, again, you see 41/53 at the Gallup site.

What is going on? Am I seeing things?


They may hate people who need electricity produced by coal, but the Obamaniacs love them buggerers:


Re: Iraq.

Is Colin Powell still under deep cover, standing by as the "racist trump card" to rescue the President at the last minute?

Beats me, but from a google search I find no mention of Powell since August of 2013.

I guess he has no interest in discussing Middle East politics when Obama's not running for election.


Re: Gallup, maybe a bad day fell off the rolling average, but there should be some evidence for the 40% number at the site and I can't find it.


S&P still shilling:

Nobody likes to see a negative for growth,” Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services economist Beth Ann Bovino told The Wall Street Journal after the GDP’s negative revision. “But it doesn’t change my expectation that the economy is recovering at a nice pace. I call it a recovery delayed.

Waiting for Godot recovery.


the Pottery Barn meme, was high grade carp, the sectarian majority in Iraq were almost entirely driven out of the professions and politics after 35 years, this is why Hanna Batuta noted
they made up the bulk of the Iraqi Communist Party and the Da'wa and SCIRI movements,

Miss Marple


Recovery delayed is recovery denied.



Sunday number, it popped up a point today at noon CST


Amen, MM.


PITTSBURGH -- President Barack Obama will visit Bakery Square in Larimer to deliver a speech on the economy Tuesday afternoon.

The White House says Obama will visit TechShop, a fabrication and prototyping studio open to the public via paid memberships.

.... at last, Recovery Summer V to begin


Ah, thanks Gmax. It used to post closer to 9 am. I still can't find any evidence on of the 40 number.


It appears that the IRS ran their e-mail services not as a records retention operation, but more akin to a telephone system.

Backup tape were reused after 6 months. When they ran out of disk space the just started deleting things, starting with the oldest.

The IRS expects taxpayers to retain records for 7 years of audits, but haphazardly backups up it's e-mail record for maybe 2 or 3 years.


--“Nobody likes to see a negative for growth,” Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services economist Beth Ann Bovino told The Wall Street Journal after the GDP’s negative revision. “But it doesn’t change my expectation that the economy is recovering at a nice pace. I call it a recovery delayed.”--

So the economy is really recovering, and at a nice pace, no less, even though it doesn't look like it's recovering, because, you know, negative growth means not only no growth at all, but that you're actually behind where you were when the quarter started, but negative growth can also mean recovering at a nice pace, if you close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears, and sing la, la, la.

Do they honestly believe in their own BS? I mean, I find it hard to imagine that they are that stupid, so who is the target audience for this lying garbage? Duda and his ilk? But are even they that stupid?


derwill: yes.


a variation of the messy desk excuse Neo.

good grief ... the 'e' in email is for eternal and evidence.


dang it lyle got to it first.

Buford Gooch

Porch, the 40-55 was yesterday's result.


nice i have ads in French...


I find it disgraceful that Donald Trump[ has committed such an unsightly offense in Chicago by putting his name on a building:

Where or where are the tasteful people who gave us stuff like Times Square

to talk sense to this Trump guy?

Buford Gooch

Oops. Typed before I refreshed.


Gee, I can't for the life of me wonder why the MFM wouldn't get right on the IRS story.

Why, I'd imagine even Fermat couldn't solve this one...


Cavuto headline this minute is:

Developing: NY Proposal Grants "STATE CITIZENSHIP" To Undocumented Immigrants


Check out Drudge. Preznit 404 on the green as the world burns.


Porch: Gallup doesn't seem to cache their posts. Realclearpolitics does, though. Here is yesterday's:
If link doesn't work, try your search again and click the drop down arrow at the end of RCPs URL and select "Cache"


Just as the Founders intended, daddy.



I speculated on prior thread that the tapes that were recycled were daily backups, and that weekly, monthly, yearly were still around since they would be set up with longer retention (including "forever"). Recycling tapes from dailies, which are usually snapshots of changes-since-last-backup and not full copies, is SOP.

Sorry if I broke the thread w/ my last URL.


Dennis Miller says he is watching Soccer today because he needs something to segue out of Hockey Season. He says not much happens in Soccer and that is how come people in Soccer watching countries can take 2 hour lunches and deal with themselves and their countries not doing nothing---In America something is always happening, but nothing happens in Soccer, ergo nothing is expected to happen in Soccer countries.

He said it better than that but it made me chuckle.


Lately, the lies have entered the laughable territory. It's like they aren't even trying anymore, but just going through the motions. They know they're lying, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, and we know they know we know they're lying. But at this point what difference does it make?

There was an old joke in Communist Poland: Party boss asks Party peon, "How much is 2 + 2?" Party peon answers, "How much to you want it to be?" So when the Solidarity movement got going, they printed up posters saying, "2 + 2 will always equal 4." Maybe the Tea Party movement should adopt that as our slogan.

You can lie about reality, but you can't change reality into something it is not.

2 + 2 = 4


Clinton spawn has a Father's Day message for you h8rs:

The former First Daughter, whose father was caught in an affair with a White House intern and who was sued for sexual harassment, and who admitted an affair with Gennifer Flowers, says in her Father’s Day message that her father Bill Clinton always taught her “the importance of doing right. By our family, by the communities that I’ve chosen to be a part of. And ultimately, by the world.

The world, you jingos.


says in her Father’s Day message that her father Bill Clinton always taught her “the importance of doing right.

So she didn't get her values from "The Bible
Is My ´Biggest Influence´"
Hillary, instead she got her understanding of what is right and wrong direct from Billy's canker-sored lips:

"Better put some ice on that."


Thanks, AliceH! Link worked great.

Gallup used to have a page with all the daily tracking info in table (not chart) form and I used to check it all the time. But now that page seems to be subscriber-only. I thought maybe they were fudging something. But RCP also has the goods - thanks for the memory jog.



They are lying because they know their voters will not pay the slightest amount of attention if Rs hold yet more hearings and get into the weeds on IT retention and storage. Rs have to do this, of course - I'm not suggesting we shouldn't. But it helps them much more to lie, even to lie laughably, than to actually produce those emails.


' the lies have entered the laughable territory."

Amazing that they think this is believable.

Old Lurker

Is there no House Committee with the balls to demand the IRS send officials with knowledge to testify under this week...regarding the content of the letter they sent?

Is this yet another slow dance by GOPe.

I am certain that had a civil opponent tried that last week, the other side would be all over it by today.


Rick B


If you want to follow Gallup's 3 day moving average on a day by day basis, you have to tighten the display widget time frame down to under a month before mousing over each day. The display is tightened by dragging the end bar[s] bracketing the small graph below the larger graph right or left to narrow the selected time frame.

The weekly numbers provide much better information.


I'm sure there is a 'vast' crowd that will side with the administration, pagar.


Thanks, Rick.

I wish he'd get under 40 and stay there.


HOly shit!!!!! 30 seconds!!!


OK a minute and a half but still!!!!




Well, it sure looks like Scott Walker is running for President:

Glad to hear it. God bless him and his family; they will need divine protection.

The NRO writer seems to think his aides weren't very good at this event, and is "musing" about his ability to run a tight campaign ship. Don't know, but he sure seems to have run a tight ship in WI.

Robin, no longer optimistic

And from the land of the terminally stupid, today the NY State Assembly passed a 3 year moratorium on fracking.


Robin, no longer optimistic


We can only hope to have such a fine person as Scott Walker throw his hat into the ring.


--Amazing that they think this is believable.--

That's just it, pagar. They know it isn't believable. But all that matters is that they, and the MFM, and their kool ade drinkers act like it's believable, and the game keeps on getting played, for a while longer at least. So the economy will continue to improve at a nice pace up until the day it collapses, and al Queda will be on the run, up until the day they set off a dirty bomb in NYC.

The Berlin Wall was going to stand forever, but then forever ended on November 9, 1989.


So I was wondering why not cut out the middlemen, and get the Syrian unfriending
team on the ISIL beat, and sure enough there
were two convoys struck in Al Quaim, according to Bret Baier, on Saturday,

btw Sunday was one of their feast days over there, Liatul Barul, so there's that aspect.


Here's a better link for Robin's story @6:09.

Good news is that the state senate may not go along with it. Bad news is this:

"A decision on whether to continue the moratorium is expected from Gov. Andrew Cuomo once his health department completes a health impact review that began in 2012."

So if Cuomo can just decide, why are the state houses going through the motions of voting? This sounds like Washington, DC.

And it takes two years for a health impact review? More like two years to collect all the tribute from the vassals whose livelihoods are at stake.


Well that's all to suck up to that crazy local
version of Red Squaw, Zephyr?? from the Working
Families (ACORN) party, yes you can go full . . . apparently


Taranto notes this excerpt from a cringe worthy column by Peter Baker;

"In a high-profile speech to Army cadets last month, President Obama tried to move beyond America's tumultuous adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan with a new doctrine all but forswearing the use of military power except in the most dire of circumstances. Barely two weeks later, Mr. Obama has already found himself in those circumstances."--Peter Baker, New York Times, June 14


FOX just had on this horrible racist, Henry Cuellar (D) Texas Representative, saying the following:

If you're a pregnant woman, or you're a family unit, they're going to give you a piece of paper to promise that you will show up in 90 days, and I tell you, they're not going to show up in 90 days, no way.

If only Cuellar had an (R) behind his name instead of a (D) he would be the new household euphemism for "Liar". How can he get away with painting all these new illegals as liars that won't show up in 90 days? How does he know? Racist.

And why does he care? These are good people just like his ancestors were. Who is he to call them liars for wanting to share in the American Dream.

Rick B


They won't be ground to grist unless President Walker appoints Mike Lee or Trey Gowdy as AG (be still, my heart). There is an issue as to when the perjury is committed as well as the political benefit which will accrue should the anticipated perjury occur in '15 or early '16. The IRS slime mold aren't going anywhere and a nice vivisection prior to November '14 isn't going to provide as much benefit as one conducted in mid '15 or early '16.


this guy isn't buying the administration story;

when you find out his background you realize why


Here's the UK Mail story that has photo's of the illegals taken by Texas Congressman Cuellar (D).

I note that this UK Mail story has this quote from Joe Biden: Joe Biden told an audience this week that the US needs an 'unrelenting stream' in 'significant flows' of new immigrants to bolster the economy

Contrast that with the headline I posted earlier: Obama Dispatches Biden To
Stop Wave Of Illegals At Texas

So the unrelenting stream in illegals that we have to have to bolster the economy must stop.

Got it.

Robin, no longer optimistic

jimmyk, thanks. Not sure why the Assembly bothered except that it puts more pressure on Cuomo, who is being challenged from the left. He's managed to pi-- off everyone on both sides, what with the SAFE Act and the continual studies on fracking and his stance on charter schools, so my guess is the Assembly is just twisting the knife.


It worked so well the last time, why not try it again.

Obama Administration Releases 12 More Terrorist Detainees From Afghan Prison

Jim Miller

Since I assume everyone has moved to the latest post, I am putting this comment here: Michael Medved was amused by the same Krugman column, for the same reasons, as our host.

Two small bits of my own: Consequential is not the same as successful -- as Krugman should know. (Was he covering himself, just in case?)

There were some good things done during the Carter administration, notably deregulation. And, while president, Carter did show some ability to respond to events. (Example: After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Carter called for a military build-up that was quite similar to the one that occurred after he left office.)

So, while it is easy to find presidents I like more than than Carter, I think it is unfair to compare him to Obama, to see the two as roughly equal disasters.


the lesson is clear, the Sunnis except for those who were in the tribal risings, don't want to fight the ISIL, not now and not when
it was called AlQueda in Mesopotamia,


A former General on Gretta's show says he believe the ISIS fighters may have retrieved approximately 100 stinger missiles from an abandoned Iraqi base. Those are supposedly very good at bringing down airplanes.

Did the President shoot over or under Par yesterday?

Rick B

"approximately 100 stinger missiles from an abandoned Iraqi base the Clinton/Obama Benghazi arms bazaar"

Let's give credit where it's due.


I'd like to know how long Lerner had that drive before it crashed. And where is it now?

If she moved the pertinent emails to personal folders in outlook, .pst files, an IT guy would copy this to a local server, in her building or similar, when changing out computers. The folder (Lerner.pst) should still be there unless intentionally deleted.


David Burge @iowahawkblog
John Kerry: the world's most expensive Persian rug.

Absolutely perfect. Thanks for posting that, Clarice

Beasts of England

Little Miss Monday Night thinks she's carved herself out a spot on my calendar. I'm such a nice guy. ;)


Well that's unpossible, Rick, those missiles had to come from somewhere else,

Ah, Jim, Good you remind us of this moonbat, who turns out to be a knave;


Little Miss Monday Night thinks she's carved herself out a spot on my calendar.

Hope she's an NFL fan:)


Ghana's goal was expected.


The Us answer was not!

US2, Ghana 1!


Miss Marple wondered earlier about who supplied the well made flags for the Somali Al Qaida faction that slaughtered Kenyans yesterday.

That reminded me of this bit from this story I read last night about a Blogger visiting Qatar who tried to track down the 5 released Gitmo Terrorists

The Taliban representative office (pictured above) was not hard to find at all; it’s located in a plush residential neighborhood only 300 feet from the U.S. ambassador’s residence. The building looked like it was kept up and in use but there were no Taliban visible from the outside, only a Qatari policeman in a pillbox out front.

I don't know where the Somali flags come from but it appears the Taliban is not doing bad if they are establishing headquarters in Qatar only 300 feet from where our Ambassador lives. I suppose they'd have e'nuff spare change to buy some flags. (and probably stinger missiles too).


Done. US 2 : Ghana 1!

All three goals were magnificent, Ghana should have had 3 more at least.

Portugal next. TCFAB!


Portugal is also without one of its best players as he was sent off today.


Dublindave 2016

I said we'd win and once again I frickin nailed it!!!



I cannot keep up..What is TM drinking?

This story is not going away---even Chris Matthews thinks it's preposterous..who does that leave ?


There is always MadCow, who even if she agrees it is preposterous will find some parallel to the Bush Admin.


Great link, Clarice@8:14.


He must have gotten one of the Nespresso machines, and now since Baghdad has not suffered enough, Anderson Cooper


Wait a minute, didn't DuDa say that Ghana would run roughshod over the USA defense?

Eric in Boise2

I said we'd win and once again I frickin nailed it!!!

Dublin, Ohio it is then!


who does that leave ?

The meerkat guy?

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