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June 16, 2014


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Captain Hate

Krugger's contact with reality is nonexistent.




what could possibly go wrong;

Danube on iPad

I saw Keugman's column on Lucianne and said "new thread."


another confused lad, released due to the efforts of Che loving Michael Ratner's CCR,


It seems to me that I should begin every day with a single post and leave it at that.


Some Guy

Krugman wrote that column to convince himself.

An audience of one.


the problem clearly is not Gitmo, it's the environment these lads come from and return to,
similarly the league to prevent credentialed prog idiocy I mean chartered accountancy must
always be on the case,,

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

How bout another 9-12 rally? It is on a Friday this year.
A 5 yr. anniversary mega-march to scare the crap outta the DC establishment.

What part of obeying our Constitution do you not understand?!?!

Thomas Collins

I stand up to defend Krugman. Remember Krugman's role. His reason for being an op ed columnist is to provide reassurance to the .001 percenter gentry progs that their contributions to Dems, prog pacs and prog nonprofits are doing some good. His op eds are not serious (or even semi-serious) thought pieces. I think Krugs is doing the best he can to keep the money flow going to prog causes.

Jack is Back

About 25 miles out of Rhodes, ready for dinner.

Terrible WiFi even in the city. No new Frederick post. The ship is awful for posting the photos. Will try again tomorrow in Santorini (Thira).

In the mean time, under the dull calm of a Grey Goose Gibson, Krugman makes even less sense. He keeps mailing it in and the Times keeps paying the postage.


Well, at least we now know who DublinDave really is.

Old Lurker

"About 25 miles out of Rhodes, ready for dinner."

Did you tell Hadid, the kid on the corner by the dock, that we still like the rug we bought from his uncle a few years ago?

Not joking, we really did...

Jeff Dobbs

Tony Gwynn has died.

He had just had his contract at SDSU renewed for one more year as baseball coach last week.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Seriously...a 5 yr. anniversary 9-12 March.
No is OUR country.
No is a statement from "We the people..."
Just a massive, huge, 'sea to shining sea' march on DC.


ThomC/JiB- I agree with both of you that 'Krugman' is both just mailing it in, and only trying to keep the LeftyReadership happy. But I stand by my guess that the 'Krugman' writing this drek is wife #2 named Robin Krugman. Krugman's middle name is 'Robin' and he married 2 women named Robin. Huh? What's wrong with Krugman is no small thing.


He hasn't painted himself, 'one side blue, and another white and sit in a bowl of warm creeble'
but otherwise par for the course,

also this is kind of weak tea, Luskin his Holmes to Krugman's Moriarty, had him ranting to a German publication, he feared he would be sent to Gitmo


RIP Tony.

The local radio guy had been his friend for 20+ years.

This is a tough broadcast to listen to.


the obligatory Vizzini reference;

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I'll make permits for everyone.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

or better yet, we can each make our own permit.


RIP Tony Gwynn-- just a wonderful public figure and baseball ambassador. Condolences to his family. Just terrible.


Well, at least we now know who DublinDave really is.

My thought exactly.

Too bad about Tony Gwynn. Great player, great personality. Sounds like it was the chewbacca that may have gotten him.


we can each make our own permit.

because we have a pen and phone.

Well that a rampart disregard for the law of the land, I mean...


Janet, just print out a copy of the Bill of Rights with "peaceable assembly" circled.


TomM-- makes a brilliant point:
After lauding financial reform as "much weaker than it should have been" but "real" Krugman rallies for the Big Finish:

'Put it all together, and Mr. Obama is looking like a very consequential president indeed.'

As was Jimmy Carter."

Jimmah was most consequential because he gaves us 28 years of POTUS candidates running as 'conservativs' to win elections. It took the Housing Bubble and bond finance meltdown in 2008 to change that. For our kids sakes I hope Obummer is just as consequential on future elections.


Zero is branding the Democrat Party with the scarlet letters "LIAR". It will take years for the Democrats to grow hair to comb over and hide the brand.

When that happens, any bets on Krugman writing a follow up encomium to Zero? No I will not take bitcoin as the tender for the bet either...

Captain Hate

the obligatory Vizzini reference

Watching the leading questions by whichever ABC nit that was reinforces my happiness that Cantor was sent packing.


What a gigantic fraud. 8 Million 'enrollees' MINUS 20% who never paid their premiums Minus 1 MILLION frauds who are ineligible for subsidies. EQUALS 5+ M ObummerCare customers. How many people LOST individual policies due to ObummerCare rules? 5+ MILLION. Its a giant Churn operation. Frauds like this from car service shops to money managers go to jail for this. Frikkin' outrage:

Dublindave 2016


Dublindave 2016


Dublindave 2016



Even the progs will realize they're being played after reading that.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Excellent, Cathy!!!

Miss Marple

Ah, the Carter Years. Just like dog years, they were, each one equaled 7.

Bah. Billy Beer, no Olympics, disgraceful Tehran hostage crisis brought on by stabbing Shah in the back, pardoned draft dodgers, GAVE AWAY THE PANAMA CANAL, fake populism with him really acting like a dictator, killer rabbit, cold offices due to energy crisis, soyburger at Kroger due to high meat prices, leisure suits, platform heals, BG's...


And I look back with fondness on most of that, because this is even worse.


You have summed it up nicely.
ACA has been a bait and switch scheme from the get-go. The real tell was the 5.5 million cancellations, the fake numbers on enrollees and now the revelation that many subsidies are based on a pack of lies just like the law itself. Non-payers == not enrolled. It is a less than zero sum game that has duped the progs.


DD-- I just have bad feelings about this game. Ghana matches USA physicality and has 2-3 brilliant attacking players who can get a goal and grab the 3 points, like Ivory Coast did against Japan. I just don't like the matchup; I have no idea how it plays out.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Krugman is working just as sedulously as Barry to completely discredit the Nobel committee.


BTW-- as people pointed out saturday, I don't take offense to TomM's and commenters' soccer snark. I enjoy watching the game, but I don't try to convince others to join in. It's a relatively small part of the populaion, but US soccer fans are passionate, and for real, contrary to the WSJ's snarky Brit reporter on Thursday.


Just saw an email from the Washington Times that Michael Schumacher was no longer in a coma and released from the hospital.

I know some here are friends and I thought that would be a good start to the day.


White House reportedly sees window for diplomacy in Iraq

As militants posted graphic photos appearing to show mass executions of captured Iraqi soldiers, the White House reportedly is holding out hope there's still time to pursue a diplomatic solution.

The New York Times reported Monday that, according to a senior administration official, the White House wants to test the possibility of Iraq agreeing to a new unity government and sees a brief window for diplomacy.

According to the official, the White House wants to see if Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Shiite-led government can work with the Kurds and reach out to the Sunni minority, and assure them that the government can be an "ally."


This really is worse than the Carter years.


Yeah NK. When Portugal is the "easy" group game you are in big trouble. Basically, the US needs to out run and out hit Ghana to beat them -- and do it from the first whistle. (Not Landon's type of game for those keeping score).


Ex-- is that Iraq story from 2010?


Henry-- even worse in my opinion, given the inexperience in the USA back line, Ghana will score (even if it takes a Sepp Blatter instigated penalty kick award) so the USA will have to score to even get a point. Tough situation.

Comanche Voter

You can't go wrong by betting that Krugman's next column will be a loser; you can make that bet almost any day of the year--and win.


Someone -think it was the Captain, natch- mentioned a stoner Obama.

I rest my case:


From our ChiTown lurker, McDaniel up by 8 points. US more likely to win than Cochran.


I repeat.

Imagine the type of people who think this dweeb is cool.


to save the planet

Anyone uttering or writing these four words should be lobotimized.

Remember how nobody was going to sign up?

No one said this, you drooling cretin. Your boi-idol and his hacks forced people who had insurance to lose it so they could turn around and buy a more expensive, but crappier plan just so you and your UWS cretins could feel good about yourselves.


Henry-- USA - Ghana just got bigger. Portugal look shambolic and they are down to 10 against ze Germanz, with pepe sent off for a headbutt. So pepe ineligible against USA. If there is a winner in USA-Ghana, they have a wide open door. A draw, creates mischief in that murky FIFA world.

BTW: Referee crew for USA-Ghana is swedish. Eriksson the Ref is an experienced UEFA ref, not sure if that's good or not.


NK, Portugal looked like the weak one going in. I wouldn't be surprised by a red card or two in the US-Ghana game, UEFA refs don't like rugged play.

Another conspiracy "theory" becomes conspiracy "fact" as The FT reports "a cluster of central banking investors has become major players on world equity markets." The report, to be published this week by the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF), confirms $29.1tn in market investments, held by 400 public sector institutions in 162 countries, which "could potentially contribute to overheated asset prices.".....

....So there it is... conspiracy fact - Central Banks around the world are buying stocks in increasing size.To summarize, the global equity market is now one massive Ponzi scheme in which the dumb money are central banks themselves, the same banks who inject the liquidity to begin with.That would explain this.


Equals "stupid homeowners."

Rick B


I don't get 'encourage donations' from this requiem. I don't see this as encouragement for even the prog flatworms who comprise the NYT subscriber base to reach for their checkbooks. This was more like a soporific or analgesic in preparation for the coming prog dirt nap (they'll be back - zombies always come back).

I also believe the damage to the Democrat Fascists done by Obama will surpass that done by Carter by an order of magnitude. It will take a few more cycles to play out but the OPM Famine coupled with the faculty lounge ineptitude of the remaining progressive lice will result in rotting isolation of the Blue Hell cesspools within ten years. Detroit is the bare beginning.


Henry, good point. Expect to see lots of flopping Ghanians rolling on the floor in faux agony to bait the ref (willingly?). I can't stand that stuff, I would kick a guy like that out of principle.

Big Matchup = Mike Bradley and Michael Essien. Saw Essien play his last game for CFC last December against my Southampton Saints. Very Sloooow. That might be a good matchup for Bradley to run at him.

Notably, the Breitbart Texas editor stated that the Obama administration has devised a plan to continuously shift holding areas for the children to avoid state or local Child Protective Services coming in to investigate them. So long as the children are housed on federal property such as military bases, the government can avoid scrutiny.


"Equals "stupid homeowners."

And yet last week in NYS Court my friend Justice Ramos (ethnic greek, with a shortened surname) dismissed a bond investor lawsuit against the big MBS syndicators (GS, BOA, Citi, JPM) because the bond disclosures were truthful and the investors never demanded additional info in due diligence that would have exposed the weakness of the Bond collateral. All of the players were greedy, and not surprisngly, the big bond issuers covered themselves. GREEDY homeowners is more like it.


Every position filled by this Administration seems to be filled by traitors and fools.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--I also believe the damage to the Democrat Fascists done by Obama will surpass that done by Carter by an order of magnitude.--

Other than an overarching bland liberalism Carter's policies were all over the place. He was tagged as merely personally incompetent.

Barry OTOH took power to explicitly "fundamentally transform" the place.
His implosion will no more be merely personal than the Politburo's was.


Greedy homeowners return overvalued collateral to lenders and walk away with zero.

They make up the difference in volume.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Barry says too much spending on "less productive" things like prisons is why tuition has gone up so much.

Jeff Dobbs

Here, let me be almost kinda on topic for a moment.

Shark Minnow:

Paul Krugman:


Actually, the bond issuers and underwriters were paid before any mortgages actually closed, so....


why zero?... aren't they still indebted on the Note?

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Will sell butt implants for food;
Kardashian ratings Krashing.


The DC Dems see Walker as a real threat:

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

In the history never repeats column;
Chinese buying US golf courses.
Considering how much they hate the Nipponese, the free market Maoists sure are going out of their way to replicate the Land of the Setting Sun's planned economy disaster of the 80's.


David Burge @iowahawkblog
John Kerry: the world's most expensive Persian rug.

Oh, Iggy, what good news for everyone but the purveyors of butt padding.


The debt was secured by the house. No house, no debt.

Unless it was a second. The second becomes an unsecured loan as soon as the house returns to the bank.

The banks started taking houses back through a bs scheme called a credit bid on the courthouse steps.

This would create a market value price for the home so the foreclosed homeowner would get stuck with capital gains.

But congress has waived that penalty so why do they do it?

Because they don't even own the note they are collecting on. The credit bid is the first time a MBS is ever mentioned.


No house, no debt.

That is demonstrably wrong except in a couple of jurisdictions which have a "single action" rule.

The rest of the comment is equally ill informed...


That's not the 'record owner' system used in these parts; the mortgage is not the record event, the Note is. Unless the Note is 'nonrecourse' the debt isn't extingushed by walking away. Old fashioned, but it disciplines the system.


Are the Legacy media having second thoughts about lying for Obummer?

James D.

The remarks from Zero at Ignatz's 1:13 link might be the most ignorant and dishonest things I've ever read.


JamesD-- Obummer is ignorant, and a liar..... and not very smart.


Only a couple jurisdictions?

While what I wrote may not be the case in all states, I think you will have a more difficult time proving it is only true in two states.

Dublindave 2016

"DD-- I just have bad feelings about this game. Ghana matches USA physicality and has 2-3 brilliant attacking players who can get a goal and grab the 3 points"

Oh they're going to destroy us within the first 4 or 5 minutes,trust me. Also,when we get a corner and commit men into their box, watch Ghana on the break...your jaw will drop seeing 6 of their players cover an entire pitch in 8 or 9 strides charging toward our terrified, shambling, pitiful defense .....these guys don't play pretty skillful Brazilian type soccer...they play FREIGHT TRAIN SOCCER AND WE ARE DOOMED!!!!


Unless the Note is 'nonrecourse' the debt isn't extingushed by walking away.

That varies a lot by state, as I understand it, and also in practice regardless of the black and white of the terms. (I believe CA mortgages are recourse loans, but it's rarely worth going after someone who walks away.)

As for "stupid homeowners," the plaintiffs in the case were, as best as I can tell, institutional investors, at least some of whom got bailed out by their governments. Any wonder that they were a bit sloppy in their due diligence?


The Plaintiffs? in the NYS Court case? Yes those were institutional and high asset investors.


I'm not that pessimistic. Michael Essien certainly can't run anymore, and I think Boatang has been living la doce vida, so he's lugging some extra weight too.

Captain Hate

I'm strangely fascinated that DD can comment with a degree of insight and affinity for classic cinema and soccer. Usually trolls are like the Identity Imbecile, flatliners on every topic.

Old Lurker

"The debt was secured by the house. No house, no debt."

Most places, that is true only if the bank agrees to make it so, which they might if offered a deed in lieu of foreclosure so that the bank gets the keys quickly and with less damage than they might if the defaulting borrower is allowed to game the system for months and months and tear up the house.

And then if the bank does accept the house and forgives part of the note, then that is "Forgiveness of Debt" Income as far as the IRS is concerned.

All unless as stated above it was a non recourse loan going in, or if it is one of the few states that make the loans automatically non recourse.


Henry, good point. Expect to see lots of flopping Ghanians rolling on the floor in faux agony to bait the ref (willingly?). I can't stand that stuff, I would kick a guy like that out of principle.

Number one reason why I don't watch soccer is all the faked injuries. Pathetic. I don't know how anyone can stand it. "Beautiful game" pheh.


Porch- The Brits used to call it 'the magic sponge' Historically, diving was verbotten in the UK; is was considered cheating and unmanly. So the Brits were outraged when they'd play the Italians or Portuguese, and a player would go down from a 'challenge' roll around for a good 10 seconds, then a trainer would come on, rub the leg with wet sponge and --miraculously-- the player runs like a hare.

Captain Hate

Speaking of flopping, I find it amusing (as in projectile vomit producing) that the NBA penalizes repeat floppers but not the zebras who are conned by them into calling something that didn't happen. I've done intramural reffing before (and received praise from both teams) and if I don't see something happen it doesn't get called; and if somebody bitches about it I say "look, I'm only calling what I actually see. I'm not perfect and I might miss something but only actual contact which I see gets called." That's not a hard standard to adhere to. With a 4-1 final result the refs are a non-factor and they generally did a good job; but they got conned on some flops.


CaptH-- that's a very professional officiating philosophy. Personally, I am very stingy awarding Penalty Kicks, and when I am asked (OK they are actually screaming) by player/coaches "HOW COULD THAT NOT BE A PENALTY" I just say "I didn't see one... play on"


So remember that kangaroo trial they mounted against General Rios Montt by the UN and the NGOs, well that was for our side, for their side, the Gitmo prosecutor allegedly tells
our fishwraps's devil's advocate for said detainees, there's no point for a war crimes
prosecution, for Fazl, Nabi and co,


Even in a single action state, the noteholder retains the right to choose who or what to pursue. So a person of some means might well find himself pursued for judgment when the lender finds the collateral to be worth less than the judgment is thought to be. A judgment against Warren Buffet would probably be thought to be worth every penny, while a lien on a tract of land in East Omaha might not.

As a couple of folks have stated, unless it says "Non-recourse" against the maker, it most certainly is recourse.


GMax/OL-- thanks for your broader perspective, SFHs are not my thing professionally. Can we leave the topic now ;-)

Captain Hate

That's right, NK. The important thing is to have a good partner in reffing so you can both be in good position to see things on and off the ball. Rebound fouls are a chore to call because you have two bodies banging against each other and figuring out who has what position isn't easy. You have to keep the game from getting out of control, If somebody is losing it they get a quick warning and then a T if they don't back off. If two guys are having their own private war they get told to both cut the crap. Having a fight is the worst thing that can happen followed by one team honestly believing they lost because of the refs. I steered clear of both of those (I didn't do a lot of games so the N is small). I did it because every dorm had to provide refs for intramurals. I thought I'd really hate it (and was pretty miserable doing games with my roommate who was terrible) but having a good ref partner makes it pretty much a breeze.


Can a noteholder wield his array of choices in a state that has anti-deficiency laws to the contrary of some of his choices?

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