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June 20, 2014



Miss Marple,

Have you and the Grandkids considered taking a swing thru Salt lake?


I suppose if there’s a chance you’ll run across Persians, 300 guys is a good number to have.

Tell it to Xenophon.

Beasts of England

We didn't get a trigger warning that there was a new thread...


Interesting number 10,000.

That's the number of Greek warriors Xenophon had when they wound up trapped in Persia, and it's also the number of nudists that will be gathering in Salt Lake City for Miss Marple's drive thru with the grandkids.

10,000 (Myriad in Greek) is the number of total Baseball Games the Philadelphia Phillies had lost by July 15, 2007.

It also is the number of E-mail's lost by Lois Lerner's hard drive, and is the the number of lies told to Americans by the Obama Administration since the IRS hearings began.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Advisers, eh?
All Barry needs to do now is have his flunkies pay some Iraqi generals to assassinate Maliki and Barry will be well on his way to doing in SW Asia what his hero Jack did in SE Asia.


Eau Claire is very Dem / union turf. (The Catholic v Lutheran thing wraps into that somehow, but I pick beer in a coke v Pepsi taste test so don't really know).


Have the Quaker's ever had an enemy religious sect that really hated them?

For instance, Sunni's versus Shia, Catholics versus Protestants, Muslim's vs Jews, Pagans versus Christians, Hindu's versus Buddhists (500's thru 900's India), Greek Orthodox vs Roman orthodox (3rd Crusade?), Jehovah's Witnesses versus Mormons, Robert Stack versus Jews for Jesus, etc

Who ever ran the Quakers out of town on a rail?


Ok, I found a website that converts pdf to txt using OCR.


Who ever ran the Quakers out of town on a rail?

The Church of England, but they ran everybody out. More recently the "Move" folks in Philadelphia had killing all Quakers as a primary mission -- the guys that caused Wilson Goode to burn down west Philly in the 80s.

As a rule, Quakers worst foes are other Quakers. The big one was Orthodox vs Hicksite (half of PA shunned the other half and visa versa). It was resolved through merger in 67 when the Orthodox ran out of money. Basically the Orthodox are the protestors and Hicksite the business people -- it may turn into a failed merger yet.


What follows are sections of the letter sent to Ways and Means from Leonard Oursler in last Friday's document dump.


II. Physical Retention, Collection, and Production of Email

The IRS email system runs on Microsoft Outlook. Each of the Outlook email servers are located at one of three IRS data centers. Approximately 170 terabytes of email (178,000,000 megabytes, representing literally hundreds of millions of emails) are currently stored on those servers. For disaster recovery purposes. the IRS does a daily back-up of its email servers. The daily back-up provides a snapshot of the contents of all email boxes as of the date and time of the backup. Prior to May 2013 [when Lois Lerner staged the Q&A], these backups were retained on tape for six months, and then for cost-ef?ciency, the backup tapes were released for re-use. In May of last year. the IRS changed its policy and began storing rather than recycling its backup tapes.


Ok, I found a website that converts pdf to txt using OCR.

Recent versions of Adobe Acrobat (not Reader) can convert PDF files into a number of different formats, including text and MS Word (!), among many others. Let me know if you want some converted (as long as the volume is small).


B. Employees’ Email Storage

The IRS has approximately 90,000 employees. Due to ?nancial and practical
considerations, the IRS has limited the total volume of email stored on its server by
restricting the amount of email most individual users can keep in an inbox at any given
time. This is not an uncommon practice within the government or the private sector.

2 This practice of retaining rather than recycling tapes is estimated to cost approximately $200,000 annually.
3 Litigation Hold, Attachment A.

According to estimates, it would cost well over ten million dollars to upgrade the IRS
information technology infrastructure in order to save and store all email ever sent or
received by the approximately 90,000 current IRS employees.

Currently, the average individual employee’s email box limit is 500 megabytes, which
translates to approximately 6,000 emails. See Attachment B. Prior to July 2011, the
limit was lower, 150 megabytes or roughly 1,800 emails. See Attachment C. The IRS
does not automatically delete email in its employees‘ email account to meet these limits;
rather, each employee is responsible for managing and prioritizing the information
stored within hislher email box.

Historically, the email of IRS employees is stored in two locations — email in an
individual’s active email box and therefore saved on the IRS centralized network and
email archived on the individual employee’s computer hard drive.‘ If an email user's
mailbox gets close to capacity, the system sends a message to the user noting that
soon the mailbox will become unable to send additional messages.

when a user needs to create space in his or her email box, the user has the option of
either deleting emails (that do not qualify as of?cial records) or moving them out of the
active email box (inbox, sent items, deleted items) to an archive. In addition, if an email
quali?es as an of?cial record, per IRS policy, the email must be printed and placed in
the appropriate ?le by the employee.5 Archived email is moved off the IRS email server
and onto the employee’s hard drive on the employee’s individual computer. As a result,
these IRS employees’ emails no longer exist in the active email box of the employee
and are not backed-up as part of the daily backup of the email sewers. Email moved to
a personal archive of an employee exists only on the individual employee's hard drive.
An electronic version of the archived email would not be retained if an employee's hard
drive is recycled or ifthe hard drive crashes and cannot be recovered.


FOX says that Governor Scott Walker is going on the offense against the story being promoted against him by the Times.

Gretta says that if a 7th Circuit Judge rules against the Wisconsin State Judge who has already ruled in the Walker case for Governor Walker, then Walker may have a legal problem. Pretty much what we all know via Henry, but now it's making national news.


CNN) – A cartoonish figure of President Obama was found in a urinal at a major conservative gathering in Washington on Friday.It’s unknown who put the item there.One White House official responded with humor to an article about the foam figurine.“

Totally uncalled for: Those ears are huge,” Dan Pfeiffer, a senior Obama adviser, posted on Twitter.

Never let a good piss go to waste.


0. Email Collection

There have been questions from third parties about the speed of the review and
production of IRS email materials; it is therefore important to understand the features of
the IRS email system that make the process dif?cult and time-consuming. As noted
above. the IRS has approximately 90,000 employees, each of whom conceivably could
have responsive electronic data to any given request. There is no mechanism to allow
IRS to search across its entire email system. To gather email from IRS employees,
each potential c_ustodian‘s mailbox and hard drive must be individually collected.

‘ The approximately 2,000 IRS Counsel employees (as opposed to IRS employees) have a system that allows
archived email to be stored on a central drive.

5 An of?cial "record" is any documentary material made or received by an agency under federal law or in
connection with the transaction of public business and appropriate for preservation (44 U.S.C. § 3301). Not all of
the emails an IRS servers or backup tapes qualify as of?cial records; accordingly, the agency's email system does
not retain all email inde?nitely. Rather. Individual employees are responsible for ensuring that any email in their
possession that quali?es as a "record" is retained In accordance with the requirements in the Internal Revenue
Manual (IRM) and Document 12990 (Record Control Schedules).



Collecting from a hard drive involves an Information Technology employee taking
physical possession of the computer and copying the contents of the computer’s hard
drive. These collection efforts are inherently labor-intensive and time-consuming.

The technology used by the IRS does not permit the IRS to select identi?able emails or
groups of emails relating to a particular matter from a particular employee. Instead, all of
an employee's email must be collected to start the processing function and limited, if at
all, later in the processing function by date restrictions and search terms.

The technology used by the IRS also does not permit the IRS to search the network
across multiple employees’ email in connection with a particular matter. Similarly, it is
impossible currently to search all IRS employees’ accounts for email to a particular
domain. As a result, to ?nd literally "all email" in the custody and control of IRS on a
given topic or to a particular domain (e.g., a speci?c government agency), every single
employee's email would need to be individually collected, then processed and reviewed
for responsive material.


D. Email Processing

After an employee's email is collected, it needs to be processed and properly formatted
so that it can be searched and analyzed for content potentially responsive to a particular
request for information. This typically involves “?attening” the email message to make it
readable by, for example, an eDiscovery platform tool. This also involves decrypting the
email message — for security and privacy reasons, much of IRS email is encrypted
when sent. In order to decrypt an email message, the system must use the individual
custodian's encryption certi?cate and multiple reprocessing steps, so that the email can
be readable using an eDiscovery platfonn tool. Once properly ?attened and decrypted,
email can be loaded onto an eDiscovery platform tool, where it can be searched using
search terms andlor date limitations when appropriate. At this point, the materials are
ready for review.

E. Email Review and Redaction to Protect Taxpayer Information

The ?nal step before email can be produced involves identifying the relevant materials
and taking steps where necessary to protect con?dential taxpayer return information. In
the course of our productions, the IRS has reviewed and produced email collected from
83 custodians. The IRS has a unique responsibility to protect con?dential taxpayer
infonnation as required by I.R.C. § 6103. All emails that might contain statutorily
protected information must be reviewed and if necessary redacted.

Because when an email is sent it then exists in the authors and all recipients’ email
boxes, multiple copies of any one email occur frequently in document review. Although
the IRS eDiscovery platform tool has a feature that eliminates certain duplicate emails
before they are produced to a third party, the "deduping” feature only eliminates

5 Taxpayers may have a civil cause of action when these taxpayer con?dentiality rules are violated and IRS
employees may be subject to disciplinary action and criminal penalties if they violate these rules.


If we can wave an empty file over a Xerox and convert it into a PDF, I should think there are other programs that can convert just about anything.

Hell, this comment will convert people to OCD, so anything is possible.


Thanks, Henry.

Especially for all the good info on Scott Walker.


Ext, I am interested in Attachment "E", if you can paste that here.



Barry doesn't HAVE any heroes except himself.

For the first time, a bus caravan carrying 800 unaccompanied minors, along with some families with children, is heading from South Texas to a Border Patrol training academy in Artesia, N.M., according to Team10 sources.   

The sources told 10News Friday that New Mexico state officials just learned about the effort, and their first reactions were anger and dismay for not being included in the decision-making process.

As explained to Team10, this group of 800 being moved to aFederal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia is just the first of several more such transfers. The U.S. government is under pressure to deal with the wave of unaccompanied minors coming into the country, in particular, through Texas. The plan would use the academy as a processing center for the expected thousands.  Over the next two weeks more buses will be arriving.

Time to mobilize the ass-rape cops.



Although the IRS is unable to interview Ms. Lerner to learn more, the IRS has
determined that Ms. Lemer’s computer crashed in mid-2011. See Attachment E. At that
time, the IRS infonnation Technology Division tried -- at Ms. Lemer’s request -- multiple
processes to recover the information stored on her computer’s hard drive. However, the
data stored on her computer's hard drive was detennined at the time to be
“unrecoverable” by the IT professionals. Attachment F. Any of Ms. Lemer’s email that
was only stored on that computer's hard drive would have been lost when the hard drive
crashed and could not be recovered.


Daddy, the 7th Circuit already ruled against the DAs once. The 7th is reviewing the DA appeal of the Federal Civil Rights suit (Judge Randa) and trying to get immunity reinstated. The state judge (Petersen) is the one who quashed subpoenae, and ordered the investigation shut down in February. This led to the WSJ editorial and Federal lawsuit by O'Keefe. In that lawsuit Randa also shut down the investigation, ended the gag order, and declared the DA immunity claim "frivolous" leading to his conclusion that O'Keefe would win on merits and receive damages if the case went to trial.

Meanwhile the 7th Circuit voided WI campaign finance laws as unconstitutional in a separate case featuring WI Right to Life.

The 7th is now considering whether the DAs have qualified immunity from monetary damages.

Walker is not at risk of anything in the JohnDoe series, and neither he nor his campaign are a party to the Federal lawsuit. His reputation is getting smeared big time when even Greta is too uninformed to make those distinctions.

Rob Crawford
The group has already crashed a nearby wedding reception, raiding platters....

The Mormons are entirely too polite. The "crashers" deserve jail time, and if the police do not do so, then severe beatings from their targets, until they learn to take part in the rest of society.

I'm sick of these cults screaming "party!" and forcing the rest of us to clean up their mess, including their lives.


Playing the Frank Underwood role;

"Pressure is mounting on Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to form a less sectarian government or to resign. A representative of the influential Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani called for the creation of what he described as a new "effective" government. On Thursday, the New York Times revealed the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, Robert Beecroft and the State Department’s top official in Iraq, Brett McGurk recently met with the controversial Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi who has been described as a potential candidate to replace Malaki. Chalabi is the former head of the Iraqi National Congress, a CIA funded Iraqi exile group that strongly pushed for the 2003 U.S. invasion.

Of course it was really Defense that funded the INC, the CIA like Allawi, State like dinosaurs like Pachachi, for good or ill,
they owe a debt to him,

Rob Crawford
More recently the "Move" folks in Philadelphia had killing all Quakers as a primary mission...

Wait. What?

From what I recall of the coverage at the time, and the Pravda since, "Move" was a peaceful, if anti-authority, group.


In order to produce as much email on which Ms. Lerner was an author or recipient as
possible, the IRS:

o Retraced the collection process for Ms. Lerner’s computer to detennine that all
materials available in May 2013 were collected;

- Located, processed, and included in its production email from an earlier 2011
data collection of Ms. Lerner's email;

a Con?rmed that back-up tapes from 2011 no longer exist because they have been
recycled -(which not uncommon for large organizations in both the private and
public sectors);

- Searched email from other custodians for material on which Ms. Lerner appears
as an author or recipient, then produced such email.

As a result of these efforts, the IRS identi?ed approximately 24,000 Lerner-related
emails between January 1, 2009 and April 2011 in addition to those related to the
processing and review of applications for tax-exempt status as described in the May
2013 TIGTA report, which have already been produced. All such emails have been or
will be produced or made available to Congressional committees. In total,
Congressional committees have received or will receive more than 67,000 emails in
which Ms. Lerner was an author or a recipient.

IV. Conclusion

The Internal Revenue Service has never before undertaken a document production of
this size and scope. Hundreds of employees spent thousands of hours locating,
processing, reviewing, and redacting documents for the Congressional Committees and
other investigators. Because of how the IRS maintains and stores its email, certain
challenges were inherent in the process and we have addressed those challenges in as
comprehensive a manner as possible.

Beasts of England

Looks like JiB is gonna win the JOM Women's US Open Calcutta. His family friend (Lexi Thompson) is currently in 2nd place. My family friend (Janie Jackson) had a terrible back nine yesterday and will miss the cut by four shots after holding on to 3rd place for a few moments yesterday. Big Wiezie leads!

Rob Crawford
A cartoonish figure of President Obama was found in a urinal at a major conservative gathering in Washington on Friday.


How many movies did the left make about their fantasy of killing Bush?

And have they caught whoever tried to burn down Palin's church?


It's deja vu all over again, from daddy's neck of the woods, the Dems set up their own John Doe project against the Huntress, she was exonerated,
on the Troopergate allegation, she won 26-26 ethics complaints, she voluntarily reinbursed
expenses in one case, but that did not matter to the narrative,

Rob Crawford
His reputation is getting smeared big time when even Greta is too uninformed to make those distinctions.

Why would Greta be informed about anything? That isn't her job, and unless her Auditor tells her to care about it, she won't.


Attachment E

From: Lerner Lois G

Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2011 7:49 PM

To: Wilbum Lillie V

Cc: Letourneau Diane L; Froehlich Carl T
Subject: Re: Careful What You Ask For - UPDATE

Thanks for trying. I really do appreciate the effort. Sometimes stuff just happens.
Lois G. Lerner--------------------------
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

From: Wilbum Lillie V

Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 07:38 PM

To: Lerner Lois G

Cc: Letoumeau Diane L; Froehlich Carl T
Subject: Re: Careful What You Ask For - UPDATE

Hello Ms Lerner, I was just about to send you an update.
Unfortunately the news is not good. The sectors on the hard drive were bed which made your data unrecover able.

I am very sorry. Everyone involved tried their best.

Lillie Wilburn
Field Director, HQ CSSC

Sent using BlackBerry

From: Lerner Lois G

Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 07:06 PM

To: Wilbum Lillie V

Cc: Letourneau Diane L; Froehlich Carl T
Subject: RE: Careful What You Ask For — UPDATE

Thanks! just saw this--any further wordl

Director of Exempt Organizations

%iriirIJEn""riE\7'""" "W" "
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2011 7:57 PM
To: Lerner Lois G

Attachment F

Cc: Letourneau Diane L; Froehlich Carl T
Subject: RE: Careful What You Ask For - UPDATE

Ms Lerner,

As a last resort, we sent your hard drive to CI‘s forensic lab to attempt data recovery. The CI tech working on
the recovery is unexpectedly out until Aug 3rd and promised to update me when he returns.

I will send you a status on Friday morning.

Lillie V. Wilburn

Field Director, Headquarters CSSC
Customer Service Support
Information Technology Division

Desk: 202-622-0732

Mobile: 202-302-4160

Fax: 202-622-8873
|i||ie.wi|burn irs. ov

From: Lerner Lois G

Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 4: 40 PM
To: Wilbum Lillie V

Cc: Letourneau Diane L; Froehlich Carl T
Subject: RE: Careful What You Ask For

Thanks for the update--I'll keep my ?ngers crossed

Director of Exempt Organizations

From: Wilburn Lillie V

Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 12:10 PM
To: Lerner Lois G

cc: Letourneau Diane L; Froehlich Carl T
subject: RE: Careful What You Ask For

Ms. Lcrncr,

I checked with the technician and he still has your drive. He wanted to exhaust all avenues to recover the data
before sending it to the "hard drive cemetery." Unfortunately, after receiving assistance from several highly
skilled technicians including HP experts, he still cannot recover the data.

I do have one other possibility that I am looking into and I hope to update you on the progress soon.

Lillie V. Wllburn

Field Director, Headquarters CSSC
Customer Service Support
Information Technology Division

Desk: 202-622-0732
Mobile: 202-302-4160
Fax: 202-622-8873
|i||ie.wi|bum irs. ov

From: Lerner Lois G

Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 10:46 AM
To: Froehlidw Carl T

Cc: Letourneau Diane L; Wilburn Lillie V
Subject: RE: Careful What You Ask For

We can only try--but it may be too late-don't they send them off to the hard drive
cemetery? In any event, thanks to all.

Director of Exempt Organizations

From: Froehlich Carl T

Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 6:43 PM
To: Lerner Lois G

Cc: Letourneau Diane L; Vl?lbum Lillie V
Subject: Re: Careful What You Ask For

Lillie Wilburn will call Diane in the morning. If she can't fix it nobody can.


From: Lerner Lois G

sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 05:21 PM
To: Froehlich Carl T

Cc: Letourneau Diane L

Subject: Careful What You Ask For

It was nice to meet you this morning --"although I would have preferred it was under different
circumstances. I'm taking advantage of your offer to try and recapture my lost personal

files. My computer skills are pretty basic, so nothing fancy --but there were some documents
in the files that are irreplaceable. Whatever you can do to help, is greatly appreciated. I've
cced my exec assistant. It's always a good idea to include her emails to me because she gets
to my emails far faster than I do. Thanks!

,4“; ?.,&uwr
Director of Exempt Organizations

Rob Crawford

Basically, the IRS set up a system that guaranteed they'd be discovery proof, blamed it on lack of funds, and used it as cover for Stage 1 of the Coup.

BTW -- the claim that everyone's emails had to be on the same server is the first weakness. That shows me they either cronied their IT contracts, intentionally engineered an insufficient system, or both.


Rob, anti-authority for sure. They refused to pay taxes and rent, and even refused to take the garbage to the curb or send kids to school. Quakers were the Move version of bilderbergers. As for peaceful, they built a blockhouse on the roof with firing ports. I thought the world war two soundtrack behind the news on my morning commute along West River Drive was a joke until a coworker put the news on the training room TV just in time for the police helicopter to drop dynamite on the blockhouse, thus starting the fire.


Basically, the IRS set up a system that guaranteed they'd be discovery proof

I think that's true, Rob. They could hardly have come up with a more convenient system.

Then they made changes in 2013, which would conveniently make it harder for future administrations.


Steyn notes the crunchy irony;

Beasts of England

I assume it's okay for us to prank call Ms. Wilburn?

Frau Pfui Deuvel!

In an parallel universe, Lois Lerner has had to confess her sins and spill her guts.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

All across the land I see tax lawyers, accountants and their clients preparing for audits and tax court with a one sentence defense;
"Sometimes stuff just happens."

Sauce for the gander is deductible, right?

Frau Pfui Deuvel!

Ext. - these are the public servants who will be entrusted with our medical records, no?


Anyway, what I was saying earlier seems supported by that memo.

There was no requirement to archive emails in order to stay within the mailbox size limit; purely voluntary.

There was no reason for emails to exist on Lois Lerner's hard drive, and no claim that they did.

The hard drive crash is a red herring. The 2009-2011 emails were simply deleted from the recycled backups. All she had to do was wait six months.

Would anyone here have voluntarily saved or archived the incriminating emails she probably had - from Schumer or Levin, for example?

The hard drive crash is a red herring.

The emails might exist on other government systems, though.


Your medical records will be saved for a hundred years, Frau.


People will be researching them to determine "How could 21st-century blog readers have believed her lies about being a dimunitive old woman? All they had to do is meet Janet and look at the pics!"


OT, but everybody's favortie commie NYC mayor continues to pay off his far left pals, approving a $40 million settlement for some wrongfully convicted kids.


Well we wouldn't, but everyone understands emails
from Schumer, Levin, Durbin, are not suggestions, they are courses of action,

So we discover through Lake, how the ISIS is much more Baathist, Iraqi military then we were led to believe, then there's that Daily Star piece which
shows Syrians are at the bottom rung of the leadership in places like Raqquah,


Well after making a spin through the internet and then watching some news, I am pretty sure that a smarmy IRS guy does real damage to the Democrat brand.

Remember how hated tax collectors are in the Old Testament? Nothing has changed, and smarmy as opposed to contrite is going piss off nearly everyone who pays taxes. I know that leaves out a hell of a lot of Democrats, but the last thing Democrats need is the IRS further branding Democrats as insufferable liars. Oh well, pay back is coming.


From Extraneus's paste above.

Thanks for trying. I really do appreciate the effort. Sometimes stuff just happens.
Lois G. Lerner--------------------------
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld


Rep Tom Price (R) earlier today at the Hearing:

Do you know if Lois Lerner had a Blackberry or an IPhone?

Koskinen: I do not know.

Price: You do not know that?

Koskinen: I do not know.

But Koskinen knows she acted honorably and above board because he's on top of the investigation.


And I would stand in line, and make a donation just to have a chance to pea in that urinal. It would be a great day!


I am pretty sure that a smarmy IRS guy does real damage to the Democrat brand.

Remember how hated tax collectors are in the Old Testament? Nothing has changed,...

Scientist Antoine Lavoisier tried to remain aloof from the political cockpit, no doubt fearful and uncomprehending of the violence he saw therein. However, on 24 November 1793, the arrest of all the former tax gatherers was ordered...He was branded a traitor by the Convention under Robespierre during the Reign of Terror...Lavoisier was tried, convicted, and guillotined on 8 May 1794 in Paris.


My apologies, Frau. That was tasteless of me. Well, maybe not tasteless, but inappropriate. Please accept my apology.


Remember when Lois Lerner came out pre-scandal and apologized. So someone had given her a head's up that this was coming. Isn't that about the time that her "hard drive crashed"? And who knew it was coming and how?

Koskinen used to work at Freddie Mac, which explains a lot.

Henry, can you send that post re: Walker and the 7th circuit to Greta? I think she would like to read it.

However, the
data stored on her computer's hard drive was detennined at the time to be
“unrecoverable” by the IT professionals

Every single one of them need to be questioned. Congress keeps saying they don't have the time or resources to get to the bottom of this. Apparently many think lots of average Americans are mad about it. So what next?


Since the IRS is the topic of much of today's discussion, may I bring up the California's Franchise Tax Board?

I learned today that refunds due a taxpayer from an amended tax filing are not required to be paid in less than six months. It appears that the state very much likes interest-free loans.


You can be absolutely sure that Lerner's blackberry was "recycled" by noon today.


Jane, no clue how to send that post along.

DrJ, your franchise tax board are pikers. IL is running 4 years back on corp income tax refunds.


henry, four years? It does appear the FTB are pikers! FWIW, this is for an individual return.


So can someone with tech experience explain if a Blackberry is likely to have past emails stored somewhere different than those sent from a PC?


DrJ, rumor has it payment can be expedited the usual Chicago way...

As for the 4 years, just got the 2009 check last month. Any questions on Caterpillar moving 3 plants worth of production to MI?



I bet it is "Greta@FoxNews

The website will tell you.


War on Women Update: Child rape victim claims Hillary Clinton smeared her in 1975 to get lighter sentence for attacker she knew was guilty


Jane, that post copied (along with Wisconsin Reporter M D Kittle's posts) to "ontherecord@foxnews"

Thanks for the nudge.

Danube on iPad

This thread tends to confirm my belief that no one will go down for this.


You know I didn't think I could have more contempt for Hillary after 'what difference does it make' but they managed it,


Remember how stupid Ted Stevens was when he tried to explain how the Internet could lose E-mails?

Said Senator Stevens:

'They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the internet. And again, the internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a truck. It's a series of tubes. And if you don't understand those tubes can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and its going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material.'"

What a moron. How could anybody believe that?

Ms. Lcrncr,

I checked with the technician and he still has your drive. He wanted to exhaust all avenues to recover the data
before sending it to the "hard drive cemetery."

Well of course the E-mails were lost when they recycled the Hard Drive and sent it to the "hard drive cemetery."

What morons. How could anybody not believe that?

Laura White

Gmax, also in the NT, as per Matthew as well as Barthelmaus or whoever was that short fellow who climbed a tree desperate to see Christ--


That would be Zacchaeus - How nice it would be if more people in the country were climbing tees to embrace the truth.


Ha, I didn't mean trees on the golf course. :) At any rate, it really would be nice if more people genuinely wanted to hear the truth instead of comfortable lies.


Never let a good piss go to waste.

Funny y'all should post about the Obama Piss urinal...

We decided tonight to get a boy pissing self contained fountain and put a cast concrete Georgia Bulldawg in the fountain for him to aim at.


Blackberries run generally are run on their own separate server system and would be backed up according to whatever protocols were in place for blackberry users. Typically it stores your emails, your contacts list, any files that are sent back and forth (and in some cases any opened with Adobe apps or Excel or other MS apps) and a list of your phone calls similar to your phone number list on your monthly phone bill.

Also, whoever is the host phone system that the blackberries are using (ATT, Sprint, Verizon) might have some cached stuff on their system.

It appears no one has realized that the blackberry server might have some evidence on it.

As they say 'the internet' is forever. So is most stuff passing through the various servers up and down the pipeline. That is how the cops can get replications of your texts, emails and phone calls years after you deleted them.


Sounds like a decoy for hunting reputed pedophile Reids, I hope you put up a few game cameras around your fountain Stephanie.


Thanks, Henry--that's the way I remembered the 7th Circuit handling of this. Greta just didn't apparently do her homework.

Frau Pfui Deuvel!

Ext. - I think we each forgot to use "/s" in our exchange.

Why are others NOT worrying about letting the govt/IRS handle violate our private medical records?


Here are several ways to contact Greta,Henry, including her email >

Look on the right side of this page.


IRA had contract with an email archiving


Clarice, that is what I emailed to.... No bounce back. Hopefully Greta will inform herself.


“Taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to follow laws that the Obama administration refuses to follow themselves,” said Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX), in introducing “The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act.”

The bill states that taxpayers “shall be given the benefit of the doubt when not producing critical documentation, so long as the taxpayer’s excuse therefore falls into one of the following categories.”

Each of these categories is a humorous dig at several other Obama regime scandals. The ten categories that are allowable excuses by taxpayers according to the bill are:

1. The dog ate my tax receipts
2. Convenient, unexplained, miscellaneous computer malfunction
3. Traded documents for five terrorists
4. Burned for warmth while lost in the Yukon
5. Left on table in Hillary’s Book Room
6. Received water damage in the trunk of Ted Kennedy’s car
7. Forgot in gun case sold to Mexican drug lords
8. Forced to recycle by municipal Green Czar
9. Was short on toilet paper while camping
10. At this point, what difference does it make?

Anyone got dibs on Stockman?

Jane on Ipad

If she always "cc 'd her executive assistant " isn't that the answer?


the Top Men, got all flustered when he challenged
Cornyn, where has Beaks been lately;

ah some signs of intelligent life, although sending McGuirk seems like a faux pas;


Yep, Jane. The emails would also be in her assistant's email file.

They would also be in her blackberry.

Rick B

It's really unfortunate that she loaned her blackberry to someone on flight 370.


Dang... I can't find a peeing boy statue that isn't expensive. I just want a small one that we can put out on game day.


On the stove: Apricot Chutney, from our Apricot trees. This batch will be spicy, I'm informed. Yum!!

Captain Hate

Levin claims that Boehner et al have handled things with the IRS so poorly in terms of setting up a select committee where they could get the courts involved to compel the IRS to produce data instead of keeping it in Congress where they have no coercive ability to do so leading to the clown car show today. They might win in the court of public opinion if word gets out past an obstructionist MFM but DoT is surely correct that nobody will go down for this thanks to the poor leadership of the Republican party.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Is a taxpayer liable if he eats the dog that ate his tax receipts?


Sweet video: cat welcomes his soldier home:

Do watch it to the end.

miss Marple


No, not this trip. I have to get the kids to Yellowstone and back to Indy by the 28th. Husband is flying in on the 29th for a few days.

Today we did Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands.

Tomorrow is Devils Tower and Custer State Park, I think. Then on to Montana.

We are coming home through North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Then when I get home it will be 5 days of banking, legal stuff, and shopping with husband. We have to do some updating to our wills, get some on-line banking straightened out for him, et . Plus he needs clothes and toiletries that he can't get in Africa.

I am going to sleep through the 4th of July, I think. Ha!


>>>This thread tends to confirm my belief that no one will go down for this.

Posted by: Danube on iPad | June 20, 2014 at 09:26 PM <<<

me too. those bastards are going to get away with it. they can lie in the smug comfort that not a thing is going to be done.

>>>It's really unfortunate that she loaned her blackberry to someone on flight 370.

Posted by: Rick B | June 20, 2014 at 10:57 PM<<<

yikes. I feel guilty for laughing at this.

had a nice meet up with Janet, Janet's lovely family, and Elliott.

Eric in Boise2

DoT is surely correct that nobody will go down for this thanks to the poor leadership of the Republican party.

those bastards are going to get away with it. they can lie in the smug comfort that not a thing is going to be done.

Sadly, I've noticed that you guys are almost always correct. It's why I've given up on this country, and am continuing to plan my overseas retirement. I'm completely disgusted with this country.

I'm also starting to research renouncing citizenship, although that's problematic. It might be worth it when retirement savings are subject to a "bail-in", though. (Cough *Cyprus* Cough)

Think it won't happen here? I used to. I don't put anything past these bastards anymore.


You ask for a miracle Theo;

this, Rogers and Allen's double cross on Benghazi,
through Beacon Strategies, it starts to look like enemy action,

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Seems to me they're getting a very well deserved rap; that was idiotic.
Pretty sad when some dope like Dan Pfeiffer has a better sense of humor.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--I'm also starting to research renouncing citizenship, although that's problematic.--

Eric, have you met my friend TK?


Is not that they will get away with it, it that they already have. Everything they do has some plausible deniability to it.

Be it incompetence, ignorance, racism, compartmentation, lack of funds, unintended consequences, whatever.

As long as we the American people, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Republicans, Democrats, etc are willing to give them the benefit of doubt and forgive them for their transgressions regardless of the reason, excuse or whatever, they will continue to get away with it.


McAwful seems to have missed that his time has passed, Manbearpig has jumped the shark again.

Eric in Boise2

Eric, have you met my friend TK?

Isn't he that guy that goes rounds with DoT?

Naw, never met hin. Haven't even scrolled by hin. Honest.

I only know of him from what a friend said.

That same friend whispered that there are no photos of them together :)


Could be like the whole Fight Club thing, with Brad Pitt and Ed Norton,

Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

Boun Giorno.

When we were in Greece, I got Frederick a tee shirt that read:

"We are Sparta. We fight for Glory. Never Surrender. Tonight we Dine in Hell." He wore it 3 straight days and wouldn't take it off.

I think Vietnam started with 300 MAAG advisors or something like that.


Now Volodya's just kicking him in the face again:

When I read Herodotus, I was struck how little Miller had to embellish, well perhaps the nine foot giant

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself feels like we're part of 'The 300' these days, doesn't it?

Thanks for a wonderful evening, Rich & Elliott! I got to hang with the young JOMers. :)


How about the Vagina Monologues made up of a cast of only guys?

The Taming of the Shrewish?


David French at NRO responds to the Iraq victory lappers on the left. Fantastic. Recommend to all.


A defiant IRS Commissioner on Friday refused to apologize for the loss of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner's emails

All I can say is that Anthony Weiner is probably kicking himself for not working at the IRS.

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