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July 05, 2014


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Bouchard barely got her jumper unzipped before she was in the soup. Petrova, with a prior final under her belt (and a win), made short work of Bouchard. Next time Bouchard won't be so overwhelmed.


That coffee was clearly not decaf.


They've Got an Awful Lot of Coffee in Brazil ...


And now a chorus of "Perfidia."

Miss Marple

The young elite in New York have their own credit card. Only it's not really a credit card. Seems like a bunch of people that I do not want to meet.


yep, sounds about right:

Dana Milbank / Washington Post:
For Obama, loss of the Senate could be freeing

>>>There would be no more excuses for Republicans’ failure to put forward their own health-care plan, immigration proposals, specific cuts to popular government programs, and pet causes involving abortion, birth control and gay rights. This would set up real clashes with Obama — who could employ the veto pen he hasn’t used a single time since Republicans gained control of the House in 2010 — and sharp contrasts that would put him on the winning side of public opinion.<<<


well, Dana's sure looking for that pot of gold, isn't he? In the meantime even Chicago is refusing to take in the aliens:



I doubt it.


Durbin sponsored the "Dream Act" that was voted down by Congress. I guess "not in my backyard" is his rallying call today. same with Pelosi. Let's dump these illegals in her district and screw with her re-election in November.


iirc (and can't confirm it) but both Maryland senators have also worked to prevent illegal aliens from being dumped there.

so dems worked overtime to get central America and mexico to send over teens and young men, many quite probably criminals and mostly illiterate, and they don't want to open their homes to them. shocking.


ch-I second rick's point about Wealth of Nations. Smith was not theorizing in that book, which is why comparisons to Marx actually do not fit.

Smith is describing what has created the prosperity he sees around him and what impedes it from a factual basis.

Don't miss why he thinks universities work better in Scotland than Oxbridge at that time.

Red was speculating how bad the Brazilian players injuries were that he was whisked off the field into the tunnel. She just texted me to make sure today's games are being recorded while she works.

I am having a real hard time reading the descriptions of faith based and race based community organizing and how they are all 501(c)3's in light of the IRS calculated agenda to deny such status to conservative groups between 2010 and 2012.

That disparity has not been emphasized enough. Calling yourself nonpartisan when your purpose is enshrining communitarinism and fascism through collective political power is a bit ingenuous.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

--Of course, more than three hours and I'll be bored --

Then watch Formula One at Silverstone UK just down the road. It's guaranteed to only last 2 1/2 hours and there is zero grunting.


WH and Obama/Lerner still don't want to grant 501{C] status to the conservative groups who petitioned for it YEARS ago.
They still fear the Tea Party and the harm it will inflict in November. Let's fund these groups ourselves instead of waiting for the IRS.
I don't want another election stolen from us. Federal FBI investigation has not interviewed any of the clients in these organizations. They are slow-walking everything prior to November. I want a judge to order FBI to get moving. Can't wait for The Sekolow prosecutions and cases to get underway.

Jack is Back! (In the USA)

They gave us a 2 hour check out extension in our hotel so we can watch Belgium v. Argentina.

It didn't hurt that the young lady at the front desk was French and a Belgian supporter and that Mrs. JiB speaks fluent French:) We'll watch the first half in the room then go down to the OTR Bar for the lunch and the 2nd half. They have a cocktail there called a Pear Martini that the bartender showed me how to make since we are having a Martini contest at our club when we get back. I plan on winning:)

Clarice, you can always join us at 1:00 in the OTR for a libation. We leave for the airport after the game.

Man Tran on iPhone

Happy belated 4th. We had another spectacular one here on our little island. Our parade has to be one of the best small town events around. Folks spend an entire day just to get here and go home all to join in on the festivities.

One very interesting observation: with the over abundance of greenies and tinfoil hat wearing goofs around here, we always have the ACLU, save the whales--stop the coal transport, gay pride (not the SF magnitude) groups stinking up the procession. Not this year. Didn't have to boo a single group. Wonder if they all see the 'tagging' on the wall.

After the Rock the Dock party, we repaired to our house for the fireworks two miles across the water over on the next island. Most of the people who came along had never seen that perspective. Having reached the point where most of us are no longer inclined to crawl down the rocks to the shore in the dark for a beach fire, we watched from the top floor with drinks in our hands. Just lovely. Probably the best performance outside a major city (and far superior to our own town's effort.)

Of special interest for me was finally spending quality time with an oceanographer who has been in our marina for a couple of years and is helping with our property rights fight. Turns out he worked on the Glomar Explorer project, too. Had lots of similar stories of figuring out the submarine connection.

Two important factors regarding this guy: he's a real scientist and therefore thinks the CAGW stuff is total nonsense, and he winters in Austin, so there's another excuse for a JOM meet.


Push back:

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

So why not pay the homeless and felons, especially child molesters, a bounty of $25,000 or so on the condition they illegally immigrate into Mexico?
I bet the Mexicans would suddenly find a safe and secure border to be in both our countries' interests very promptly.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Wasn't Dick Durbin the guy who thought closing Gitmo was a peachy keen idea until Barry and Eric said let's put our Religion of Peace guests up in Illinois, at which point Dicky's pointy little NIMBY head started mewling and puking?

Man Tran on iPhone

Speaking of JOM meets, we're still looking at coming down for Laguna Seca mid-August. If you CA types don't want to make that trek, we could still pick a rendezvous someplace central that we could join before or after.

The races are 14-17th, but we would probably only do one day there, in case the weekend is the only opportunity for some JOMers.


Thanks, JiB, but I spent the morning on my column and it would take me longer than that to get dressed and down there. Have a good flight back. My goodness you guys have been on the road for a long time!

Man Tran on iPhone

OK, one last offer on JOM meets and I'm out: if Hit talks any of the Idaho gang into a meet, we would buzz over for that. We've dropped into most of the local refueling spots, so finding our way is easy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Not sure what August is looking like yet Man Tran. Will let you know as it gets closer.
Don't know if you've done Monterey during car week lately but it is really big and congested [gridlocked] these days.


This Messi guy is pretty good.

Man Tran on iPhone

Iggy, never done it, but looking at the map, we could fly into KMRY and hike up the canyon to the track. (Not that I'm that ambitious.) :)


Yeah but only the best player in the world, nothing more than that yet... But remember the Pope is an Argentinian so sainthood with a winner in the WC Final is not out of the question!

Jack is Back! (In the USA)

How one shoe can ruin a family photo shoot.

Patrick R. Sullivan

While the tennis and soccer matches are on, you can (not) catch up on your reading;

'"Capital in the Twenty-First Century" by Thomas Piketty : 2.4%
Yes, it came out just three months ago. But the contest isn't even close. Mr. Piketty's book is almost 700 pages long, and the last of the top five popular highlights appears on page 26. Stephen Hawking is off the hook; from now on, this measure should be known as the Piketty Index.'


Dana fails Logic 101. If the GOP retakes the Senate and gains in the House it will be because Obama and the Dems are already NOT on the winning side of pubic opinion. Continuing to do more of what cost you the Senate in the first place, is not going to suddenly put you back on the winning side, fool.

Frau Brunnen

Just a thought...
Since Detroit is almost empty and there are zillions of fixer-uppers available, why not ship all the illegal aliens, uh, undocumented immigrants, erm, migrants, aww heck!, *illegal aliens* there. I'm sure the water shortage won't last long once new residents start digging wells or SEIU thugs, make that, community water agitators arrive to save the day.



I like that idea Frau


clarice-bo's border madness is tied to the race-based organizing, that new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and the funding sources and alliances it cements, and this entire Marxian human devt model that community organizing is actually all about.

That is his gamble. We have to marry the presence with all the other aspects in motion having to do with fundamental transformation.


Maybe we I could attach my idea onto Frau's.

I was thinking about the Ottawa judge that blasted the govt for being heartless and mean, and then ruled Canadian tax payers had to provide standard-issue (Canadian) Health benefits to not just non-citizens with refugee-status claims pending, but those whose refugee claims have been denied.

Canada clearly is positioning itself to be the world's health care provider. Any illegal aliens who don't find Detroit to their liking can be encouraged to just cross the bridge into Windsor.


I don't what is behind my sub-standard proofreading of late. Irritating...

Rick B

Patrick R. Sullivan,

In contrast, the passage by Smith concerning credentialing British morons at Oxford in The Wealth of Nations, cited by RSE above, occurs well past page 400 of a book over 500 pages long. Smith, undoubtedly influenced by the 'penny a word' verbosity of the Empiricists, is no picnic for the light reader but there is no dearth of quotations or restatements of points made within the last 100 pages of his effort.

I can say with absolute certainty that I will never know with any precision what Piketty deposited on page 452 of his dOpus. I'd rather do laps in a sludge pond than endure further exposure to communist bombast.


Well one Messi is all it takes to beat the Belgians. The Belgian keeper makes an unbelievable save on Messi in the waning minutes or it ends up 2 to nil.

No many shots for the Belgians, I expected more.


Rick, speaking of Picketty, Jonah Goldberg has an article in Commentary with the a title that is the put-down of the year: "Mr. Picketty's Big Book of Marxiness"' I love it!


The WaPo let the cat out of the bag yesterday on how the Occupy/commie/income equality crap was polling. I will hightlight the relevant money quote:

After making fighting income inequality an early focus of his second term, President Obama has largely abandoned talk of the subject this election year in a move that highlights the emerging debate within the Democratic Party over economic populism and its limits.

During the first half of this year, Obama shifted from income inequality to the more politically palatable theme of lifting the middle class, focusing on issues such as the minimum wage and the gender pay gap that are thought to resonate with a broader group of voters.

The pivot is striking for a president who identified inequality as one of his top concerns after his reelection, calling it “a fundamental threat to the American Dream, our way of life and what we stand for around the globe.”

The shift also underscores the ongoing dispute between the Democratic Party’s liberal and moderate wings over how to address inequality issues. Whereas the left takes a more combative tone, seeking to focus on the income gap and what it views as the harmful influence of big business and Wall Street, more centrist forces in the party favor an emphasis on less-divisive issues.

White House officials say the change in the president’s rhetoric was driven by a desire to focus not just on the problem — economic inequality — but also on solutions that could address it. Others close to the White House contend that the move is at least partly driven by Democratic polling that found that talking about income inequality does not register strongly with the American public and risks accusations of class warfare.

In other words commies quoting Marx just does not sell well with anyone except the watermelons.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

--Iggy, never done it, but looking at the map, we could fly into KMRY and hike up the canyon to the track. (Not that I'm that ambitious.) :)--

Haven't been for about ten years to the actual events myself. Wasn't bad back then and my favorite event Concorso Italiano was held in Carmel Valley which is on the other side of Hwy 1 from Pebble and Carmel.

But we came home from a vacation on the central coast through there in 2010 or 11 and, mama mia, it was clogged up.
Have not done the historics.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Arhenteenah lives!
Is Messi too good for the rest of the field?
Germans and Argentines in the finals I predict.


would love to make it to Monterey with beast's wallet (and maybe iggy's too).

Comanche Voter

I thought the Belgium Argentina game was fairly entertaining. Belgium got hit with at least 6 "offsides" to Argentina's 1--which screwed up more than a few goal scoring opportunities. The Italian referee is used to watching grand opera, so some of Argentina's more theatrical "flops" on the pitch earned no reward. The last 20 minutes was particularly entertaining.

As for yesterday's Brazil Colombia match it was brutal. The ref mostly kept his yellow card in his pants pocket and let the players proceed to beat the stuffing out of each other. You could see the field littered with two or three bodies at once on occasion. Now soccer players have been known to "flop", but some of those hits were pretty hard. The knee in the back that fractured one of Neymar's vertebra--putting him out of the rest of the World Cup did not appear to be intentional--but he did get hit hard.

And Neymar, Colombia's James Rodriguez, and Argentina's Lionel Messi all got the same treatment. They are "dangerous" and whenever they got the ball, the defenders swarmed them. At one point today Messi was close to the edge of the box, and three Belgians closed around him like an Iron Maiden. He wasn't going to be allowed to go anywhere or do anything with the ball.

So there have been some good games to watch. I agree with our host that the France Germany game looked like union workers on a slowdown protest. No need to work up a sweat now boys.

Frau Brunnen

AliceH - Speedy Gonzalez will be the spokesmouse for the Detroit-Windsor campaign.
(I denounce myself as a cheesy racist.)

Frau Brunnen

MaryD - I heart Jonah.


The Brazilian star apparently broke his back and is out for the rest of the tournament.

Frau, come on the NR cruise and you can have dinner with Jonah. He's a very good guy.


of a piece with the earlier threads that we are getting it all wrong over a misplaced period (comma ... capital word).

>>>Raphael contends that because we could find no individual face to attach to that earlier rebellion, we leave it out. (We love to distrust a leaderless movement. See: Occupy Wall Street.)<<<

lol. only in the imaginings of progressives. and OWS leaderless ... guess the author didn't want to mention the ill-fated first astroturfed attempt, The Coffee Party.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Hope all of you had as great a 4th as I did yesterday. I participated in my first parade in over 57 years. But the way I did it was particularly special. Our VFW Post was paired up with the County MG Club, and those of us who couldn't make the distance on foot were given rides in vintage MG's -- complete with signs on the doors with name, rank and war participated in.

My ride was with a great guy who owned a 1960 something MG Midget. It was really a thrill to hear the applause for us from the throngs lining the parade route. The Governor was the Grand Marshall, and the parade was about 1.5 hours worth of floats, bands, twirlers, horses, sheep, military and ex military and the Ore Ida Potato Truck and the Wells Fargo stagecoach.

We were at the front of the line, so got to see the whole shebang at the route's end. Then we passed out flags to everyone walking by in the tent city and booths at route's end.

It occurred to me this morning that in my last parade, the vets who were in their mid 70's and getting rides fought in the Spanish American War.



As she edges to the top of the Democratic party's fantasy presidential list, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will get more intense scrutiny. Her major achievement was establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when she worked at the White House. Given carte blanche by Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner, she hired all the key people and established the agency. On her watch, the agency rented a lot of space for their fancy, new offices.
Now, it turns out the CFPB spent over $215 million to renovate RENTED office space, including adding another story and a waterfall, yes a waterfall, to a rented building. (Larry Summers once famously asked, "Has anybody ever washed a rental car?" The answer was sitting in the next West Wing office, but she was washing it on your dime. She wasn't just washing it. She was waxing it and detailing it.) CFPB paid more than twice the going-rate to renovate top-tier office space in Washington. The cost was supposed to be about 1/4 and 1/2 what they actually spent. Remember, these are the hawkeyes that are supposed to make sure nobody overcharges YOU.
It gets worse. The Inspector General looked into the project and says the agency cannot produce ANY of the documents showing the renovations were properly authorized. There is simply no paperwork for a quarter-billion dollar expenditure. None. According to the IG's report "CFPB was unable to locate any documentation of the decision to fully renovate the building.” Any guesses who approved it anyway? Right. According to the IG, it appears that Warren was the person who approved the “decision to renovate,” the design, and the cost “Scope and Justification for Estimates,” but all documents regarding her decisions have vanished.
What's eating up all our government's documents? Is this a 1950s Japanese horror movie, where a giant lizard walks through government buildings, swallowing every document that embarrasses or incriminates an Obama Administration official?
Here's the report.
Posted by Prof Charles Lipson on FB

Frau Wahnsinn Über Alles

Would love to, Jane.I've followed Jonah since his conversations with his couch.

I've already had dinner with him. He spoke at Claremont Men's College Claremont McKenna College a few years back as a token conservative on their monthly speakers program. Other notables have been Joe "Mr. Plame" Wilson, Seymour Hersh, Angela Davis, and Ward Churchill. Oops, Ward spoke here at my alma mater last fall, but you get the idea.


Eureka, i'm actually on line, not on the phone,
Vinik's GreaT Uphesval was able to discern a combination of historical forces and major players, even Herbert Croly would be embarassed
at what passes for criticism

Frau Wahnsinn Über Alles

Gaia be praised, narciso. You seem to be back to normal.

Clarice, doesn't "losing your email records"--::cough, cough::--mean you are ready for prime time skulduggery?

Frau Wahnsinn Über Alles

Actually, that's just beautiful, Clarice. In the ongoing War on Women, Warren is the alleged savior of American Lady Parts who are ruthlessly victimized by financial devils.


thanks, Frau, you left out Bill Ayers in 2004,
I wonder who invited him. he put himself in the company of Harriet Tubman and John Brown,
in the debate with D'souza, but he's nothing of the sort


My nr cruise status has been updated to "almost certain to be there."

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski



Oh cool Alice. Use my name or Caro's when you register because we get a $100 credit which we will use to buy you cocktails.

I wonder if Fauxahauntis used some of that money for her $5 million DC condo. Wouldn't that be fun!


well it seemed like a cunning plan;



Your parade experience sounds wonderful!


Congratulations, Jim! I wish I had been at the parade to cheer you on!


CH, the Wealth of Nations to (re-)read is P.J. O'Rourke’s summary -- a 150 page distillation of Adam Smith's 900 page opus.


love the Watren story--yessir she seems ready for prime time--She bought a $5 million condo? Really? She already owns a multi-million dollar home in Cambridge. Funny how all these populists get rich when elected. BTW the Obamas spent over $44million of our money on their vacations already.


heh, clarice, doesn't she realize 'she didn't build that' it doesn't belong to heh


just signs of their delusions



I think the $5m home is in DC.


Hadn't heard that--I think I read the cambridge home is in the $3 million category.

Thomas Collins

Yesterday I had a lot of errands to do requiring driving, so my spectator sport of choice was neither tennis nor soccer (oh, excuse me, FUSSBALL), but Red Sox on the radio. And a fine choice it was, as the Red Sox beat the O's 3-2 to win the first game of a day-night doubleheader.

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