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July 29, 2014


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Speechless, other than O. M. G.


Destined for an epic twitchy thread.

jimmyk on iPhone

To be fair, that was from last November, before Kerry's awfulness could be further demonstrated over the subsequent 9 months.


HEY HEY!! TomM When did you post this? I linked to it @1:42 on the prior thread. How about a little something, you know, for the effort?

James D.

I'm campaigning for this to be Matty's tagline:

Whenever Matt Yglesias opens his mouth, the collected store of human knowledge and wisdom is diminished.

jimmyk on iPhone

NK, Taranto had tweeted it earlier.


--To be fair...--



I'll share the royalties with taranto!

Captain Hate

Why does anybody pay attention to that idiot? Yglesias, to be specific.


well there's the comedy stylings of Michael Lind, snorfle,

Captain Hate

Speaking of Twitchy, King Roger's week just keeps getting better:


The religion of Peace is also part of the 'fabric' of the Middle Kingdom:

Thomas Collins

CH, I'm having trouble focusing on Goodell, Rice, Gordon, LeBron, Love, Wiggins and the rest of the sports world when the Dead Flops appear to be in the process of trading one of their best overall regular season/postseason pitchers in their history.

Call me ungrateful for 3 World Series championships this century, but I don't believe Lucchino and Henry ever were serious about signing Lester to a long term deal.

Captain Hate

TC, I can't believe that hilljack trash, Josh Beckett, is pitching like the second coming of Cy Young with the Dodgers.

GOPe, here's a quick heads up:


TC did you see the Revere mayhem coming?

Thomas Collins

No, Jane. At 9:30 am yesterday I received an emergency warning on my cellphone about storms, but the Revere tornado caught me by surprise. It was OK in the Boston Financial District.

Thomas Collins

And the Dodgers are one of the teams supposedly in the running for Lester, CH.


I saw a pix of it over the water. I wonder if they could see it from the Seaport District.

We had tornado warnings at 5 PM. I was glad Amy was on vacation.


Attempting to put "progressive" and "thought" together in the same sentence was your unforced error here, TM. See also, Military Intelligence

Thomas Collins

It's not a pretty sight in Revere.


That's horrible TC. I remember it well.

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