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July 27, 2014



great pieces today. thank goodness for coffee and Clarice's pieces on Sunday


Thanks, peter. At last BTW Kerry is getting the respect he has long deserved on the world stage--NONE.


I disagree with the first part of the Haaretz header, but when even that left wing paper says Kerry's behaving like an idiot.......

Danube on iPad

Late arriving to Pieces today, but loved this one. I wonder if Lurch is happy in his work.


The problem, I suspect, isn't that we have insufficient intelligence on our enemies, but rather that this current administration is too lazy, too careless, too sloppy and too incompetent to use that good intelligence in a timely, appropriate fashion. Also, they are our enemies' best friends, and if they do something right, it was by accident..


Off writing, but those of you living in Wisconsin, Maine, Ohio, Oregon, California, West Virginia, Kentucky, or New Hampshire, your states are part of the advance force in this Global Vision that the Common Core is a part of. Some of you may want to pass on the ILN connection to others in your states.

Now I can read clarice.

Rick B


Great Pieces. I'm torn between gratitude for providence and a bit of despair that Mossad may have slipped in its penetration of the Hamas branch of United Headchoppers. I suppose there's always the possibility Mossad was aware and very patient, relying upon the certainty Hamas would provide the Mahometan savagery necessary to elicit the eradication effort.

Three Central American leaders met President Obama on Friday to tell him that billions of dollars poured into attempting to prevent migrant children crossing the US border would be better spent addressing the root causes of the crisis in their countries.

The presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador urged the US administration to do more to combat the armed gangs and drug cartels responsible for the violence driving emigration that has seen more than 57,000 unaccompanied children from their countries arrive at the Texas border in recent months. The three leaders – Juan Orlando Hernández of Honduras, Otto Pérez Molina of Guatemala and Salvador Sánchez Cerén of El Salvador – urged the Obama administration to do more to address the destabilisation caused by cartels shipping narcotics to the American market, and to invest in more rapid economic development to relieve widespread poverty.

Maybe we could curb the illegal alien traffic if we legalize all drugs.

Captain Hate

Maybe this makes sense in Spanish:

Captain Hate

Has Jane weighed in on this?


Clarice-I will share your fine Pieces with Red since she has a close friend now serving in the IDF. They talk pretty regularly as Red's strong history background makes her appreciate all the deceit that has been served to her generation about the poor Palestinians.


Thanks, rse.


Thanks DoT and RickB. Rick, it is an interesting question. I suppose the smuggling tunnels were well known, but the underground murder highways seem actually to have been a big surprise. I don't know how that was possible--Arabs blab all the time when captured and the place was litterally being honeycombed underground. I'm just so grateful Israel found out in time.


Has CH weighed in on this?

If you do nothing else today, watch this video.

Captain Hate

Very good Pieces, clarice; by all means let's give more money to the palis so it can finance additional murderous schemes. How many times does the world need to see how untrustworthy those vermin are? Yet idiots still give the sob stories about that filth.

Captain Hate

I couldn't make it through that, TK, because it's as dumb as everything else around Tyson.


You have to WANT to believe lies and fairy tales it seems, CH and if you want to nobody and nothing can stop you from doing that.


Re: Libya: U.S. embassy relocated to Twin Falls, Idaho
"""we have temporarily relocated all of our personnel out of Libya"""

The State Department has announced that its embassy to Libya will henceforth be located in Twin Falls, Idaho. "We view this as a win-win situation", said a State Department spokesperson. "We will save money on travel and security (only half of the 80 Marines used to guard the embassy in Tripoli will be needed in Twin Falls), and the relocation will provide an economic boost to the region, which has been hit hard by a drop in the market for potatoes."

The move of the Libyan embassy adds to a string of recent embassy relocations. Yemen to Altoona, Pennsylvania, Syria to Leesburg, Virginia, and Lebanon to Compton, California.

It is rumored that there are plans afoot to relocate the American embassy in Baghdad - along with the entire "Green Zone" - to Joplin, Missouri. The cost to the American taxpayer is estimated at $46b, which another State Department spokesman said would be defrayed by charging admission to vacationers wishing to visit "a monument fo America's most successful war".

The State Department is also considering a new "two for the price of one" policy. Embassies in "temporarily unsettled" countries would be moved to join "underutilized" embassies elsewhere. A senior State Department official said that, for example, the embassy in the Central African Republic might be moved "a little to the west" to Ougadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. "We don't really know why we have an embassy in the C.A.R.", he said, "or in Burkina Faso, for that matter, and we doubt that the American people will notice the difference." [editor's note: only four percent of American high schoolers are able to find Africa on a globe in less than two minutes]

BRY board
Investors Village


Did you make it to the drunk pigeon?

Beasts of England

Looks like a momentous day for our Peach State baseball fans. And according to the sports authorities at Rolling Stone, this is a HoF class that everyone should celebrate.

Beasts of England

Of course, I'm boycotting Cooperstown until Frank 'The Washington Monument' Howard is inducted...


The bug/feature of pot is that one goes from 0-Zoned in 60 seconds or so. At that point the should not operate motor vehicles or dangerous machinery.

It then takes quite a while for the body to process said weed.

Now th same people who brought you gay marriage and free abortofacients are pushing for legalization.

Captain Hate

Not even close to that, TK.

Good luck on holding out for Hondo, Beasts; I don't think it will happen.

Eric in Boise

Those embassy staffers are sure gonna be bummed when they realize their only lunch options are the Wendy's or the Arby's on Blue Lakes Boulevard.

Captain Hate

How can they replace Monkey Boy?


Very simple, TK, they would rather have the transformative act, and lose a blue dog or two,
which the Top Men's vapors might prevent anyways,



The only thing us Peach Staters regret is Smoltz has got to wait another year.


Anyone watching Fareed's interview with Cankles on right now?


Walt Myers was the great grandson of Graham Bell, his spoon was golden, he didn't understand what Jose Rodriguez from Puerto Rico, did understand, it's about belief, not birthplace or even station

Ray Close, like William Eddy referenced in the previous thread, is the son of American missionaries, but unlike say Henry Luce, he didn't understand what that entailed

Jack is Back!


I'm with you in re Frank Howard.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to him at the bar in the Ramada Hotel, Marquette, Michigan in 1975. He was a beer salesman/PR guy out of Green Bay at the time and was on a public relations mission to the UP. Great Guy. Like Johnny Bench he did a trick holdind 5 baseballs in one hand,

Miss Marple

Don't ever say that I don't bring quality content.

Don King is in Luxor, Egypt!


Since pixy is all wonky with the Horde, I'll mention I was reading Peter Finn's tale of how Dr, Zhivago came to be, and how it was distributed in the West, by the curious duo of communist Italian scion, Feltrinelli and the CIA, It goes into Pasternak's background, his evolving views of the Revolution and the regime, where the State determines the nature of Art

Beasts of England

@JiB: at 6'-8" tall, I'm not surprised his hand could hold five baseballs!

And speaking of meeting famous folk, I met Don King at a prize fight that my brother was covering. He was extremely nice! His murdering past, not considered, of course...

Captain Hate

Don King owns a certain ethnic church at the end of my street.

I think it's borderline impossible not to like Hondo.

Terry Pluto not a King Roger fan:

How can the NFL suspend Ray Rice for only two games after he was caught assaulting his girlfriend on tape?

There is no question about the violent, ugly incident. It happened. He is seen punching her in the face.

The fact that his girlfriend later married Rice does not negate what happened. Or excuse the NFL's ridiculous penalty.

The Baltimore running back received a lighter suspension than the four games given to Joe Haden two years ago for using Adderall. Not sure what Gordon will receive, but the suspension is likely to be far more than two games.

This is not about giving those who flunk drug tests a pass. It is about the NFL almost winking at what Rice did.

That's ok; those pink jerseys will really get the skirts back in line on the bandwagon.

Captain Hate

I'm sure it's behind the paywall along with everything else but Rupert's Gazette has a story about how Mitch Daniels is making some major changes in the cost structure of Purdue University. Because of his runaway bride we'll probably never have him as President but if he can slay this sacred cow he'll certainly be regarded very favorably by posterity as changing things for the better.

Miss Marple

The students at Purdue love Mitch Daniels, Captain Hate. He holds the line on tuition and shows up at every event and ball game. They often do a "Wherre in the World is Mitch Daniels" in the stadium, because he sits with regular folks not in a box set or VOP section. People look around to see if he is sitting next to them.

He was a great governor. Huge following in the biker community because he rode around on a Harley.

Wonderful guy. Victim of the nastiness that our political campaigns have increasingly become, courtesy of the democrats.

Captain Hate

Having the students love a university President is high praise indeed imo. I think just about all of the non trolls here like him a great deal and regret that he'll never head up a ticket.

Captain Hate

Having the students love a university President is high praise indeed imo. I think just about all of the non trolls here like him a great deal and regret that he'll never head up a ticket.

Captain Hate

Welp I sure don't know how that happened.

Beasts of England

Almost as entertaining as reading the Baltimore fans trying to defend Rice's actions. And I don't really care what she did prior to the punch - he shouldn't have punched her.

I had a girlfriend come at me with a barstool for something I said that may have been somewhat inappropriate. I deflected the stool away a few times, but my patience eventually wore thin. After about the fifth swing, I calmly swept her feet out from under her, knocked the barstool away and pinned her on the ground. I then explained that I was a gentleman, but if she tried to smash my head with a stool one more time, I'd knock her shit unconscious. She took the hint. But I didn't hit her...

Miss Marple

To read the Mitch Daniels article, search on "At Purdue, A Case Study in Cost Cuts."


this was flagged up at drudge: SHOWDOWN: TURKEY TO SEND GAZA FLOTILLA

looks like Kerry's shuttle diplomacy is working ... the WaPo had a bunch of articles in today's paper too about the conflict.

lots of wailing and headscratching that Kerry hasn't been more successful (one article went into detail about how a conference to work out a truce failed, a conference which didn't include the actual belligerents).

in re: the tunnels. I think a possible way they were surprised is if Norks were working with the UN's assistance. Israel would have had an idea there were tunnels and where they might be (because tunnels have been a problem for a while), but the scale and the planned atrocities would come as a shock (because civilized people don't think in terms of atrocities).

Captain Hate

Ravens fans are bipolar; they think the Irsays are worse than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined but Art Modell belongs in the HOF. I think Modell deserves some recognition for being the owner who fired Paul Brown and Belichick.

Captain Hate

Is anybody surprised by this?


I don't see Turkey go ahead of this--It would be an act of war and they'd be blown out of the water. I think it's a little two step for domestic consumption

Jack is Back!


In re the Ray Rice 2 game suspension, Rush played a soundite from MSNBC show (or was it NBC?) where they had some ex-player who said the NFL didn't have a domestic abuse or harrassment policy. But they do have a PED and drugs/alcohol policy.

But because of the Kluwe tattle-tale of the Vikings special team coach, the NFL must have a LBGT harrassment policy since he got 3 games and re-education camp.

I wonder if they have a child porno policy or a rape policy. I think our criminal code is a pretty good policy for starters,


After all those years stamping out cigarette smoking, we should now embrace the horror of marijuana smoking.
I see that Colorado now has an increase of homeless.


I suppose the Editors of the Times will be changing the office work ruled to allow marijuana smoking of it's workers.



I was aware of the protest but didn't go since I've got my day dog for the week. I couldn't find any reporting on it last night. Today the liberal media reported 500 people and other sources have it as high as 10,000. Deval Patrick has lied incessantly about it. after 6 planes landed here last month he said he knew nothing about it. Then he said they would be here 4 months, now he has taken that back.

In the town of Lynn the mayor reports that men with grey hair are signing up for the 9th grade. Springfield is beside itself. There is another crew on the Cape. It all sucks and the people have no say in it at all.

Captain Hate

Glad to see that there's a degree of pushback there, Jane. Does anybody believe anything from Coupe Deval?

Captain Hate

Welp it's raining and hailing so hard here I think going to Blossom is out.

Jack is Back!

The Hamas Version of Common Core: Rockets in the classroom.

Jack is Back!

Let me know if you can see that photo I just posted.

Captain Hate

I can see it.


Getting caught up after a couple of days in the countryside. Great Pieces, Clarice.

I think I read somewhere that Don King votes Republican.

I see Appalled resurfaced, welcome back.

Jack is Back!

In re that Haaretz oped on Kerry's latest bungle: He has all kinds of peacemaking in his background.

h/t Adam Baldwin


After all those years stamping out cigarette smoking, we should now embrace the horror of marijuana smoking.
I see that Colorado now has an increase of homeless.

My guess is the Administration will now claim their Legalize Pot campaign is responsible for millions of people getting Jobs.

Dave's not here, man.


I just caught up,I'll be on the road to NH again tomorrow. To keep on topic,I'm attending a joint class with Mom on Tuesday. :) It is an informational meeting about her knee replacement. Hubby will be down later in the week,as our niece's wedding is Saturday. I'll be lurking,so be good.

Jack,did you bring the dogs on your trip north? Just wondering about pet friendly hotels on I-95.


I'm just awake, but I thought this bit by Horowitz in the Times of Israel was perfect:

Leaked comments from unnamed senior government sources to Army Radio, Channel 2 and other Hebrew outlets have described the secretary as amateurish, incompetent, incapable of understanding the material he is dealing with — in short, a blithering fool.

But actually, it’s worse than that. What emerges from Kerry’s self-initiated ceasefire mission — Israel had already accepted the Egyptian ceasefire proposal; and nobody asked him to come out on a trip he prefaced with sneering remarks about Israel’s attempted “pinpoint” strikes on Hamas terror targets — is that Jerusalem now regards him as duplicitous and dangerous.

Jack is Back!


No dogs this time but last year we brought them but used kennels we researched for each stop locale. Being Beagles we would never risk eviction by quartering them in a hotel or motel room:)

I think most hotels take little pups like yours

Anyone traveling I-95 in the summer should avoid weekends. Just saying.

Rick B

"Jerusalem now regards him as duplicitous and dangerous."

Now? I thought the folks in Jerusalem had a little more on the ball than that.


"Blithering fool" and liar.

Seems to be a lot of that going around in this administration...

What a combination.


From Drudge and Joel Pollack;

Several thousand left-wing activists gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday evening, calling for an end to bloodshed in the Gaza Strip and a return to negotiations with the Palestinians...
The demonstrations were cut short when Hamas unilaterally ended a humanitarian truce with Israel and resumed rocket-fire from Gaza.


I thought the folks in Jerusalem had a little more on the ball than that.

Rick, as you know, protocol requires letting the diplomat publicly "remove all doubt," at which point it is acceptable to humiliate him. Just as protocol unfortunately requires Israel to suffer attacks and casualties first before mounting a full offensive, even if they know full well what is going on beforehand.


I hope protocol allows Israel to finish the job in spite of Lurch showing what a 4 door @ss he is.

Rick B


I know. I was just rooting for Netanyahu to one up Sisi by having Kerry go through a body cavity search prior to meeting with him. That or a combination EKG/colonoscopy to try and find out what's really on his mind.


Netanyahu has 87% of Israelis in favor of finishing the job. The jackal hunt will continue.


Jack,I-95 in southern Maine is terrible in the summer. Bangor north is smooth sailing, the speed limit is 75 MPH northbound up to the exit for our cabin. I usually get off 95 below Portland and take the back roads into NH.

Am I the only person who notices Kerry sticks his tongue out like a lizard when he speaks. UGH.

Danube on iPad

Wash. Times:

"Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney would win the popular vote if a rematch of the 2012 election against President Obama were held today, a CNN/ORC poll has revealed. According to the poll, if the 2012 election were held again today, Romney would receive 53% of the popular vote, and Mr. Obama would receive 44%,"


Saw the odious Hanan Ashwari on FOX with Chris Wallace. Apparently she thinks that the tactic of building underground tunnels into Israel so that Hamas can infiltrate, murder, and capture Israeli's, is "Self Defense."

I would have no problem with having her on the news shows every day (as long as the Interviewers pressed her with the sort of hard, sharp questions they pose to the Israeli spokes-people) because she comes across to me as so disingenuous and malignant that I think she does harm to her cause.

Unfortunately most interviewers don't ask her hard, sharp questions.

Jack is Back!

IDF: Captured Intel Reveals Hamas' Explosive Plans

Another Hamas approved Common Core curricula textbook.

Captain Hate

I don't believe Romney would win today because he'd still run the same terrible campaign with the same results. He's a loser and the sooner people stop pretending otherwise, the search for a better candidate can be unimpaired by revisionist thinking.

Jack is Back!


Could not agree more, We need less pussy-livered smart and right top men and more right and smart anyman.



i'll mark you down as not a fan of the Goldilocks Optimum.



He's [Romney] a loser

I disagree. He's very good at many things that is evidenced by his business success. He's just a lousy politician. That's different.


how much has hamas worn out their welcome?

Egypt is cleaning up the Sinai and blasting tunnels to Gaza.


The Palis are considered cockroaches by every single Arab nation on the peninsula. And the Persians think all Arabs are cockroaches. The Palis have no real friends, and if they could not function as a proxy war on Israel, they would get nothing but the bottom of the shoes of the entire Arab community.

Captain Hate

Yes, DrJ, he is a very good business executive but was unable to communicate that to the public in a way that set him apart from 404. He'd have obviously been a better President than the pretender currently there but I'm not sure how much better. With the GOP's retarded version of the Hatfield/McCoy feud, I'm afraid amost of the talk would still center around "if only we had the Senate" excuse making.

Jack is Back!

There is no such thing as a Palestinian as there is no such thing as a Klingon, unless you are an obsessed fan of fiction, science or not.


"He has all kinds of peacemaking in his background."
Like with the Viet Cong in Paris in the 70s.

Now Weasel Zippers is reporting Pres Obama is calling, telling Israel they have to stop winning.


Does anybody believe anything from Coupe Deval?

It's Massachusetts, belief comes with the party, there is absolutely no need to pay attention.

Can we please refrain from posting pix of Obama? I want to barf every time I see one.

Some Guy

I don't believe Romney would win today because he'd still run the same terrible campaign with the same results. He's a loser

Disagree quite a great deal. He ran excellent campaign, and was a very good candidate. Pretending otherwise ISN'T the lesson we should be taking away from 2012.

Zero took the election by using data and Silicon Valley data gatekeeper allies in ways never before used. It's a new battlespace and the GOP better improve there.

I strongly believe that one day we will learn that several laws were broken, and millions of facebook, Google+, etc. accounts were hacked and utilized by the permanent campaign.

Additionally, at no time since I've followed politics has the entire press corp been so in the tank like they'd been for Zero in 2008-2014. Even now, there are barely any in cracks in the dam holding in all the bullshit.

Those are the lessons of '12. Romney isn't nearly conservative enough for me, but doesn't make me see things differently.


"... but I'm not sure how much better ..."

The Romney loss pretty much confirmed my worst expectations but that statement is FUBAR.

On Russia and the Middle East Romney would have been infinitely better. On ACA ... who knows? Maybe not infinitely better but damn close.


Aren't they the Phillistines going way bac, except not as tall, obviously, the grand poobah of the Palestinian movement Haj amin
Husseini, was Circassian meaning Turkic, like
the original Mohammed Ali, who was the Al Asisi of their day.

the common theme seems to be they want to pull their punches on the left at home, as with our enemies abroad. Now one can go overboard on the latter as with the Zachistas that Girkin was involved.


"Romney would receive 53% of the popular vote, and Mr. Obama would receive 44%,"

Unless Romney were forced actually to confront Obama in a debate.


We've been through this many times, but I'll split the difference. I thought Romney's campaign was ok (as much as could be expected) through the 1st debate (and it showed in the polls), and not just because 404 was a disaster in that debate. Romney was reasonably aggressive and clear. Then he went off the rails trying to be not too mean, and maybe Candy Crowley rattled him. Instead of closing in for the kill he backed off.

Captain Hate

Disagree quite a great deal. He ran excellent campaign, and was a very good candidate.

You can disagree all you want but when the documentary came out and people seeing it said that based on it they would've voted for him, that says pretty loud and clear to me that his campaign was ineffective on selling him to the public.

What you or I think about him doesn't matter anyway except I'm wary about these stupid polls maybe making people think that he should run again. I voted for him once and that's it for this lifetime.


There is something slightly unsane blaming imperfections for the take-down of anyone standing up to the opposition.

The opposition has gone to a great deal of trouble to make sure nobody .... perhaps not even Reagan ... can survive the gauntlet they now have in place.


Yikes! and DOOM™!!!


Think I disagree with that. No doubt his data operation was corrupt along with his fundraising, but millions of moderates stayed home instead of voting for Romney. It was those voters that Romney tried to fine tune his pitch too and then his "47%" comments came out ... (iirc those comments came out, then Hurricane Sandy came along ... good times).

Captain Hate

Oh for God's sake; are we really to the point of equating a squish like Romney to Reagan? Yeah, anybody saying that loses the ability to assign sanity.

Have a good evening yammering among yourselves.


Personally I think you need someone closer to the ground to beat the candidates of a criminal enterprise posing as a party, to steal a phrase from Michael Walsh/David Kahane.

miss Marple

I am so desperate for someone who loves this country to be in charge that I would take almost anyone.

Obama is anti-Israel and pro-Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization. He is determined to run up the debt as far as he can, wreck the schools and military, keep us from using the energy in our own resources, and flood the country with people of questionable health, character, and motives.

And I haven't even touched on IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, or the EPA.

Romney could probably be used as the economy expert for whoever gets the nomination. Have him go around the country campaigning for whoever is the nominee, like Bolton did for foreign policy for Romnay. ( And use Bolton again, too.)

Mitch Daniels could be point man on budget, too.

All of these people are going to have to present a united front if we are to win.


On Kudlow, from yesterday's Dog Walk:

Not a single word on Immigration, so zero mention of Brainiacs. Instead, it was some Foreign Policy, some Stock Market, some Gruber/ObamaCare, but primarily calls for Corporate Tax Reform. I enjoy listening to Kudlow, but he does drive me crazy because he never mentally closes the loop as to why Obama is acting in a certain way. Larry is incapable of himself answering the very logical questions that he lays out for his audience which require an answer.

Here, starting at the 2 minute 15 second mark of yesterdays' show, is an example of what drives me crazy about Larry. (It's worth a listen to hear the exasperation in his voice):

I want to lead with this whole brouhaha about Corporate Taxes and inversions and President Obama's attack on Businesses once again. We had on CNBC this week ...(an Obama Interview)... and Obama's answers were so duplicitous and disingenuous, to me, that I just, I just want to walk through this, Okay?

Here's my opening question; it's a Political question, it's an Economic question, it's a Financial Stock Market question, Okay?

Just once, just once, why can't Obama defend American Business, just once? The guy has basically spent nearly 6 years attacking America's Business. He's the most anti-Business President I have seen in my professional lifetime, which began in the early 1970's. He's worse than Nixon, he's worse than Ford, he's worse than Carter! He's way worse than Bill Clinton who actually was pro-Business. Why can't he ever say something good about American Companies?

Now, Wouldn't it be great, alright, just once, that Obama comes clean, and acknowledges the facts. I'm not talking Political speculation here I'm talking about factoids. Wouldn't it be great if Obama acknowledged that indeed, US Firms are vastly overburdened by the highest Corporate Tax Rate among developing countries, and as a result of that high Tax Rate our Firms are getting less and less competitive. We are losing ground in the Global race for Capitalism and Technology and entrepreneurship. We are losing ground because of the cost and the incidence and the high Tax Rate placed on American Businesses.

Wouldn't it be great if Obama 'fessed up? Wouldn't it be great if Obama says "Hey, I'm going to fix this. I'm going to get engaged. I'm going to come off the Golf Course. I'm going to come out of the Fund Raisers. I'm going to come away from the Dinner Parties, and I'm going to sit down with the Leadership in both Houses of Congress, and we're going to hammer out a legitimate, genuine Corporate Tax Reform Bill that will make America competitive on the Global scene."

Why doesn't he just do that?

I don't get it!

There's other topics but that's pretty much the Kudlow show for the next 3 hours, and he keeps going back to that question: Why doesn't he just do that? I don't get it!

Does Larry ever provide an answer to that question?

No. About 2 hours later he does ask rhetorically, "Why doesn't the President understand this?" but it quickly gets lost in the back and forth and he ends up again back at the "Why doesn't he do this? I just don't get it!, so I'll join Larry Kudlow again next week on the Dog Walk when he asks basically the same unanswered question for his 3 hour show.


I don't believe Romney would win today because he'd still run the same terrible campaign with the same results.

I concur with the Captain. All this is doing is making Romney and his supporters think he's the guy we need to get behind all over again.

On the plus side tho', it shows that Jeb Bush has lost some GOPe cred.


"are we really to the point of equating a squish like Romney to Reagan?"

Is that some kind of reference to this ...

The opposition has gone to a great deal of trouble to make sure nobody .... perhaps not even Reagan ... can survive the gauntlet they now have in place.

Because if it is you're a liar.


Sounds like you listen to Kudlow to get pissed off at him. Is there a shortage of aggravation in your life without Larry? :)


, but millions of moderates stayed home instead of voting for Romney. 

Since it is disagreement day, I respectfully pick this statement.

I believe the Chick-fil-A crowd stayed home. I think the group called "moderate", if it truly exists, will never break from the liberal leash.


jimmy's 6:45 is the last word on 2012 for me.
If Romney is renominated I will no longer be a Republican. A third Bush would pretty much do the same thing.



nope. Romney had more votes than McCain (by about a million). Obama 12 fell short of Obama 08 by about 3.5 million votes.

Romney had the "Chick fil A" vote.


Is anyone else watching CNN's coverage of the terrible Israelis?

The Israelis released footage of what they are calling an errant mortar round that hit the UN school. They claim that the footage, from a 'gun sight camera' shows that the round could not have killed 16 people. They claim that the schooyard was empty.

The CNN crowd has decided that the camera footage may be doctored.

Now they are discussing dead Palestinian children and their graves.

Eric in Boise

I know I'll get blasted for this, but I don't blame Romney for his loss nearly as much as I do the electorate.

In a country of responsible adults, Preznit Shiznit would have struggled to get 20% of the vote. He didn't struggle.

Did Romney run a lame campaign? Sure. Was he insufficiently aggressive when it counted? Absolutely. But I'm not sure that matters as much as some of you think it does. I've always said that in 2012 we were offered an (obviously) successful businessman with (obvious) executive experience, who was (obviously) a decent person and (obviously) loved this country.

We chose (again!) an (obviously) arrogant punk who is indifferent, if not outright hostile, to America and American values such as self-reliance, limited government, and the rule of law.

It should have been a no-brainer, weak campaign or no.

Shame on Romney and his team? No. Shame on us.

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