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August 17, 2014


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Dave (in MA)

Saw a tweet claiming that DOJ tried to get Ferguson PD to not release the robbery photo.



This lassy keeps popping up on my left margin;
She appears healthy, especially her lung capacity, but I'm not sure how to confirm the other two attributes.
Has anyone bumped into her?

Beasts of England

That's a fact, Dave. Nothing to see here. These are not the race hustlers you're looking for...

Jack is Back

That is not the videogerapher talking about the shooting but someone who shows up at the police tape and starts talking in the background. If it is a fake you can prove it if you find the original video but I doubt it.


Ig, I'm getting the Christian and Asian dating ads, although that lasso has appeared in the past.

Beasts of England

Wonder why I'm not getting any of the dating site ads?



Authorities at Dubai International Airport put a German national, named as Rolf Buchholz, back on a flight to where he had come from, preventing him from entering the country.

According to a report in Emarat Al Youm, Rolf was sent back to Turkey.

Sources quoted in the report said the man was covered in piercings, holes in his faces and also had two 'horns' protruding from his forehead.

I guess this guy was too hard to ignore


Dr Weevil

I'm particularly impressed by the German tourist's "holes in his faces" - just how many faces does he have?

Miss Marple

I was behind an aspiring Rolf at the post office a few months ago.

Since I do not have pierced ears, even, the sight of real holes in ears and pierced tongues and such gives me the creeps.

Old guy behind me said, "I bet he gripes that he can't get a job."

Eric in Boise

Sharpton holding a "rally" for the Gentle Giant™ in Ferguson as we speak. I'm sure that will help calm things down.


I listened to that tape twice and it's very hard to hear--lots of noise and heavy dialect, but lots of people hear it confirming what Darren wilson's purported friend said to Dana Loesch--that Brown was shot when he turned and rushing toward wilson after he beat him up in the car, and that wilson thinks he was "on" something.

I think it very likely that Brown was "on" something; that the swishers he robbed were going to be used to make mj blunts; and that the toxicology report is so bad, Holder's trying to delay things by ordering another autopsy. If we only had a press--instead of numbskulls who confuse ear plugs with rubber bullets.


These appear to be ear, nose and throat plugs. Could someone confirm?

Eric in Boise

If we only had a press

Clarice, the truth will out eventually, but it will probably out in the Daily Mail before it does in our own MSM. I'm not being snarky here; I really believe that in all seriousness.

Eric in Boise

Wow, Ig, it must have taken quite a search to find a young man of that caliber.

Jack is Back

I remember when the only people with piercings were women and the only ones with tattoos were sailors and prisioners. This is another indictment of a culturally decreptive society brought on by the shreddind of the family, spiritual reliance and an entitlement government.



lol. Good one, lyle.


...that makes me want to puke. good grief.


A face only a muzzle could love.


I'd hate to go a couple rounds with that guy.

Jack is Back


No lyle post here unless I missed something.....


hahahahaha ...

when his parents told him to bite the bullet and grow up he went a bit to far.


I am told this is a lip-clip or a mug-azine.



#nofilter ...

Iggy gets a truck load of demerits for posting that pic ...


"Get the lead out" takes on a whole new meaning.


Oops, Eric.

Eric in Boise

Maybe he was referring to my 5:27, JiB. We Idahoans tend to all look alike...

Jack is Back

Florida girl in the lead for the Wegman's PGA. Brittany Lincicome could win her second major. Quite the fisherman also, My oldest is a charter fishing captain out of Sarasota and has her as a client,


She seems smitten.


Have any of you heard any of the MSM or authorities talking about this corroborating evidence TM mentions?

I haven't, but I haven't been paying enough attention.

And a point I wanted to make is that I don't believe without the eyes and the ears of internet folks that this corroborating bit of evidence would ever have been discovered by the Media or the authorities. It required some anonymous Ferguson guy with a cellphone to take the video and then to post the video (All apparently in an effort to buttress the dead perps version of things), and then for some sharp eared viewer to discern the conversation going on in the background, and then to bring that bit of info to the attention of Blog readers.

Carol Herman

perhaps, the Internet, for the very first time, is showing people around the world how common it is for blacks to riot.

There's also a story out of NYC, where a cop was blamed for shooting an "innocent party goer." In court, released, was the 911 call ... made by someone who was giving one of those "OMG" calls! She said there was a kid SWINGING A SCOOTER OVER HIS HEAD, AND, HE WAS AIMING IT AT THE COP." (Who shot him dead.)

IF the president, Holder, and company, thought they'd cause countrywide rioting ... I think that got dispelled.

That the white cops in Ferguson have a white idiot for a boss? Sure. That news has travelled around the world. So, too, the news that the white governor is an even bigger idiot. People have also learned Jay Nixon is a democrat. Boy, he thought his career would shoot up like a rocket ship.

Instead? You can move Watts to Ferguson. But you can't take "da hood" out of these falling neighborhoods.

People also learned that the poor shopkeepers come from the Mideast. Or Asia. Hard working people who lost everything.

Ferguson? If it's like Watts, nothing gets rebuilt. Stores that offered household supplies, and liquor, are NOT rebuilding! You bet a few citizens of Ferguson lost their jobs. QT, by the way, paid well! Gave all sorts of bonuses, too. Well, the manager of that store also lost it all.

A'freaken mess, if you want to know the truth. Done more to put Affirmative Action to the test than even Obama and Holder's incompetence.

Across America, now, "huggy kissy" policing has bit the dust. And, the democrat, Jay Nixon? He's a replacement head for Pelosi. Definitely will be a GOP voter getter, ahead ... as if the democrats weren't in enough trouble.


They've got less than 30 minutes to get the final of the USAM in before another nasty storm hits. Maybe even less than that before the horn goes off.


Ferguson Unrest Shows Poverty Grows Fastest in Suburbs

Wow, big surprise. How could it grow in urban areas?

Didn't we just read something the other day about Section 8 money being used to move the poor into the burbs?

Jack is Back


It was picked up yesteday by Conservative Tree House. Not new except to TM our host. You can find the original link a few theads back.

Eric in Boise

perhaps, the Internet, for the very first time, is showing people around the world how common it is for blacks to riot.

As soon as I read that sentence, the first thing that popped into my mind was "Squaredance or Carol, probably Carol."



How could it grow in urban areas?

Unless measured by the increase in food stamps, which of course have grown everywhere.

Food stamp president: Enrollment up 70 percent under Obama

That was from March, 2013, so maybe it's 100% by now. The stimulative effect has been tremendous, though.

Nancy Pelosi: Quickest way to create jobs is to provide more funding for food stamps

"If you want to create jobs, the quickest way to do it is to provide more funding for food stamps and have unemployment insurance for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own...It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance."


David Gregory
David Gregory's bitter clash with NBC brass
David Gregory meets with CNN
'Meet the Press' crisis as David Gregory's producer quits
NBC orders psychological testing for David Gregory

Ousted “Meet the Press” anchor David Gregory was paid $4 million to leave NBC and signed a contract not to speak out against the network, sources told Page Six.

Gregory, 43, who moderated the show for six years, was unceremoniously dumped from the political program on Thursday after dismal ratings and months of speculation about his departure.

He has been replaced by NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd.

A source said Gregory’s contract extended into next year, so NBC had to pay him for the rest of the term, plus an extra fee to ensure his silence.

In return, he was asked to sign a nondisparagement clause, which explains — despite the drama behind the scenes — his saccharine message on Twitter to announce his departure.

“I leave NBC as I came — humbled and grateful. I love journalism, and serving as moderator of MTP was the highest honor there is,” he tweeted, adding, “I have great respect for my colleagues at NBC News and wish them all well. To the viewers, I say thank you.”


Have any of you heard any of the MSM or authorities talking about this corroborating evidence TM mentions?

The video and background audio was originally reported at Conservative Treehouse blog, which is where TM's link got it from. It has been picked up by various blogs, Drudge, abd the Daily Mail UK


Apparently he was a breech birth.

Beasts of England

@Ext: Isn't one of the Castro brothers soon to be the HUD secretary? They're into 'affirmatively advancing fair housing'. I'm sure that doesn't mean moving deadbeats into the suburbs and destroying them, as well, right?

Or as the NYT whined today 'white flight took the power structures with them'. Whaaaaa!!!! Power structure this...


The important part of that is Gregory was given $4million to keep his mouth shut.



>>>I'm sure that doesn't mean moving deadbeats into the suburbs and destroying them, as well, right?<<<

no, it does.

Captain Hate

I'm sure anybody with a functioning cortex who watched the Monkey Boy would be in favor in his perpetual silence.


I think they're saying that white flight took everything but the power structure, Beasts.

Deep Tensions Rise to Surface After Ferguson Shooting

As African-Americans moved into the city and whites moved out, real estate agents and city leaders, in a pattern familiar elsewhere in the country, conspired to keep blacks out of the suburbs through the use of zoning ordinances and restrictive covenants. But by the 1970s, some of those barriers had started to fall, and whites moved even farther away from the city. These days, Ferguson is like many of the suburbs around St. Louis, inner-ring towns that accommodated white flight decades ago but that are now largely black. And yet they retain a white power structure.

Those damned whites love nothing more than to keep the black man down, and will be the last to stay in these hellholes in order to keep their boot on his neck.


If anybody has been to Iceland, the place is a literal hotbed of geothermal activity and volcanoes.

Concerning the expected Volcanic Explosion in Iceland, In about 1976 I had an introductory course in college to Geology and I remember the following being discussed by the professor in class as a new theory for investigation in the future. The Idea was that an asteroid of significant size had slammed exactly into the location that became Iceland, causing some or all of the mid Atlantic rift, and that the upwelling stuff from deep within the mantle that came up as a result of the collision is what created Iceland and it's continual tectonic activity.

My guess is that it has been shot down as a theory, as I have never come across it since then in any popular Science books.

Miss Marple, or any other Geology guys, do you have any input on that theory?

Eric in Boise

Apparently he was a breech birth.

I think he's just trying to get on the cover of a magazine.

OK, I'll stop now.


they retain a white power structure

Ask Detroit how getting rid of the white power structure works out.

Jack is Back


I failed geology. Took everything for granite:)

As a young man I lived in Icelamd. Giot my Eagle Scout designation there via the Atlantic council of BSA. My Dad was the vice commander of the AFB there. We loved it, Reykyavik is great and the people are terrific except when they drink which is always:).


Either way, Eric, the dude looks loaded.


Interesting that we will soon have 3 competing autopsies

State of Missouri already done

Lawyers for deceased's family and now DOJ want 2 more.

Pure speculation on why:

The state's report shows deceased blood chock full of sizzurp, lean or God knows what

State's report shows powder residue on deceased's clothing (corroborates reports of in patrol car struggle/gunshot)

State's report shows multiple gunshots at decreasing distance to deceased's front torso (corroborates possibility he was charging the cop)


Can the feds suppress the results of the state autopsies, Wind?

Rick B


The vid of the strong arm robbery is probably more important to the disruption of the narrative build than the corroborating background audio. The quick police response to a FOIA request, in defiance of a request by the racists at DoJ is going to keep this from becoming another St. Traytable and the White Hispanic fable. Had the Miami police had the guts to release St. Traytable's juvenile record, he never would have been issued a halo.

It's interesting to watch statistics regarding median income being abused as a justification for the fat thug's felonious behavior. The expansion of benefits to single parents, allowing them to establish households in the 'burbs, does not imply "falling suburban income" but it does provide proof that inner city failures can be transferred to the 'burbs.

Captain Hate

They do get hammered there, JiB, and flock to any available sunlight. Love the length of the days in summer though; riding horses @ 11 pm FTW.


He actually CAN'T bite the bullet.


That NYT b.s. I posted earlier has a pic from 1949, showing white youths after an attack on a black man in St. Louis.


Although about two-thirds of Ferguson residents are black, its mayor and five of its six City Council members are white. Only three of the town’s 53 police officers are black.

The white devils even fixed the mayoral and city council elections!

A Ferguson city councilman caused a stir in 1970 when he used racially charged language to criticize teenagers from the neighboring town of Kinloch for throwing rocks and bottles at homes in Ferguson. The councilman, Carl Kersting, said, “We should call a black a black, and not be afraid to face up to these people,” according to an article in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.


None of these disgruntled youths were alive in 1970, yet the narrative marches on.

I'd wager that Holder will succeed in turning the local elections, and the people of Furguson will finally get out from under the white man's boot, hopefully this year.

Beasts of England

A thug (D) gets shot by a union cop (D) with a black union police chief (D) and a Governor (D) declares a curfew, but this will all be shown as proof that whites (R) are keeping the black man down. Ugh.

Rick B


Excellent points. The powder burns and hopefully stippling highlight the importance of the first shot being the fatal wound. If the first shot was fatal then the shooting becomes justifiable homicide with minimal repercussion to the officer. Hopefully the aorta or another major artery was nicked by the first shot, fired while the thug was committing a clear felony.

Eric in Boise

Ugh indeed, Beasts. Like the new avatar, though.


If the DOJ dares conjure up a clean autopsy contre two state & local autopsies, that would be an indictment of the DOJ.


So now they are going to frame a cop?

Beasts of England

Thanks, Eric! It's the can art from one of our local breweries 'Straight to Ale' for their 'Monkeynaut IPA'. Good stuff...


Never mind on the USAM. The nest storm blew itself out.


So now they are going to frame a cop?

He's white, Jane, just like those youths in 1949.

Eric in Boise

sbw, and others, the autopsy will either show bullet holes in the front of the body (which rejects the original narrative), or bullet holes in the back (which supports it).

Seems pretty simple to this legal ignoramus.

Serious question: Can this be manipulated by the DoJ? Will it be? How?


Look up the suburb of Dallas called Wilmer-Hutchins and see what happens when the running of your school district is certainly not controlled by white power.


Posted by: Beasts of England | August 17, 2014 at 06:56 PM


i remembered this story from texas from a few years back.

unsurprisingly if Officer Wilson had been beaten to death it might have made the national news cycle for about 15 minutes.

Danube on iPad

"Can the feds suppress the results of the state autopsies, Wind?"


As far as I know the only three known witnesses to the shooting were Wilson, Brown and Johnson. Right?

Jack is Back

Linceome and Park in a playoff. Brittany too nervous down the last 3 holes. Can length win over stoicism? Socrates was not a golfer so its a guess,


Trying to get caught up after traveling. Was at the gym, forced to watch CNN. While they did eventually show the video of the robbery, they spent about half an hour covering the rally and talking to community activist types. The picture they showed of MB was one of him in his cap and gown. The robbery was referred to as a "burglary." As to whether the perp in the video was MJ, it was left doubtful, even though the accomplice Johnson has already admitted that they were the ones who'd robbed the store. All in all CNN made me dumber.


the picture of the suspect face down with a clean back but blood underneath him would support him not being shot in the back (and esp helpful since he was wearing a white shirt).

>>>So now they are going to frame a cop?

Posted by: Jane | August 17, 2014 at 07:05 PM<<<

Think the police union will put a stop to that.

and if the friend is wanted on outstanding warrants why haven't the state police moved in to arrest him? it'd be an easy collar.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

It looks like the DOJ is trying mightily to cook up a Civil Rights violation against the police officer. I predict it will fail miserably. There will be no state prosecution IMO.


If the state's autopsy supported the narrative, the Feds would not bother doing another one. Maybe the one the family had done shows something different. Or doesn't comport with the narrative. We'll see soon enough.

Rick B


It doesn't matter if the thug had holes in the back as long as they weren't fatal. The Swiss cheese horror show would not affect the fact justifiable homicide occurred with the first shot. It would be interesting to see the DoJ try and erect an excessive force case when the excessive force was applied after the perpetrator was already heading for his reward.

Eric in Boise

All in all CNN made me dumber.

At least you realized it, jimmyk. The tragedy is that millions of LiVs don't.


Another question.

I believe yes is the correct answer.


>>>Posted by: Danube on iPad | August 17, 2014 at 07:16 PM<<<

it was in the middle of a residential street in broad daylight. other people were out and about. only 3 have been identified but the subject of this post (the stray conversation on vid) seems to have seen the incident.

and anyway the robbery co conspirator saying the officer tried to pull, by the neck, a 6ft+, 300+ pound man into the cruiser (onto his lap???) has to go down as one of the more ridiculous lies in this whole fiasco.

Rick B


It might have been a preemptive attempt to apply the Highway Patrol Captain's Hugathug policy. That one has really worked out well.


All in all CNN made me dumber.

Posted by: jimmyk | August 17, 2014 at 07:17 PM <<<

it is like cnn doesn't watch cnn. the cock up with the lawyer and the tape was on lemon's cnn show (believe daddy provided the transcript of it).

something along the lines of ...

Lemon: You didn't say anything about the robbery (sweating while watching his little credibility fall even further).

Lawyer: You didn't ask.


Posted by: Rick B | August 17, 2014 at 07:30 PM-

lol. was thinking about a Bug Bunny cartoon but it doesn't quite fit.

Rick B

Another reason for a DoJ autopsy would be to confirm the local autopsy and put AG My People's imprimatur as boss of the Civil Racist Division on the results.

IOW - the local results are so bleeding obvious that further beating of the dead horse has no political value.


The DoJ's only purpose is to give the appearance of impropriety on the part of the autopsy conducted by the local crackers.

The body will probably never come out of the freezer.


daddy - I'd never heard the Iceland-formed-by-asteroid-debris theory. 1976 is a just a bit later than the time when plate tectonics was accepted by most geologists, though it does fall in the 10-year window from accepted wisdom to text-book wisdom.

I understood Iceland to be unique because it is the only land mass straddling two separate major tectonic plates - half of it is on the European, the other half on the North American plate. The rift, volcanoes, geothermals etc all due to the plates pulling apart.
what i



The narrative is from what I gather that he was shot in the back and then faced the cop with his hands up and the cop kept shooting.

Hence the signs with the hands up, I am unarmed. Someone should ask the accomplice that if they were both with their hands up facing the cop, why did the cop shoot one but allowed him to run away.


Maybe it should be called 'the Brawndo network,
unfortunately it spreads the brainslugs in doctor's offices, government building and the like,


He says this must involve military action to go after the terrorists themselves, but also stresses that the Government must take uncompromising action against extremists in Britain trying to recruit fighters for jihad abroad. The Prime Minister discloses that the Government has already taken down 28,000 pieces of terrorist related material from the web, including 46 Isil videos.

He says he has also discussed the issue with Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, and pledges that anyone caught trying to recruit people in Britain – or anyone flying the black flag of Islamic State, as happened in east London earlier this month – will be arrested.

“The position is clear. If people are walking around with Isil flags or trying to recruit people to their terrorist cause they will be arrested and their materials will be seized,” he says.

“We are a tolerant people, but no tolerance should allow the room for this sort of poisonous extremism in our country.”


Should have been blockquoted.

Dr Weevil

Blockquoting don't make a bit of difference. Should have been put on a more appropriate thread, if posted at all. Otherwise it looks like you really are an aspiring 'Threadkiller', which is to say a creep.

Mike Giles

Came across this photo of a looter in Ferguson:
Ait occurred to me how it looked just like the video of Brown, purportedly committing a robbery, But then all those black folks look alike - right. And all the big black guys are interchangeable - right/sarc.


Thanks, Dr Butthole.

Miss Marple


I never heard that one. The Mid-Atlantic rift functions as an upwelling of the magma from the interior (very slowly) and as it sends magma up the sea floor spreads east and west like a slow-motion conveyor belt, which, when it reaches the continental shelves plunges under, creating tectonic activity.

This is the mechanism for seafloor spread and the moving of the continents. Matching bands of magnetism and reverse magnetism have been found on both sides, adding credibility to the theory.

This is what I was taught in the mid-70's. I haven't kept up in the last 20 years so things could have changed.

I also believe that the Gulf of Yucatan is thought to have been caused by an asteroid or large meteor strike.


I guess this is the thread for counting German faces?


Dr Weevil

So, posting total irrelevancies on this thread was not an honest mistake, not just the action of a creep and aspiring threadkiller, but the action of a foulmouthed creep. Noted.


Had the Miami police had the guts to release St. Traytable's juvenile record, he never would have been issued a halo.


Well put and good point. I hadn't thought of it in terms of withholding the videotape allows his image as a Gentle Giant to grow and grow to Mt Rushmore size, thus becoming harder to chip away at when the truth does come out.

I still haven't seen anyone from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYTimes, or WSJ bring up this new tape info TM posted about. They may have, i just haven't seen it, and you guys aren't saying you've seen it either, except on Drudge and in the Brit Tabloids.

I imagine our MSM has to know since we are told they all click on Drudge, even tho' they all hate his guts.

So, given that, am I not seeing it on the MSM because the MSMer's Teams of Editors consider it irrelevant, or because they don't want to chip away at the Gentle Giants Halo?

Dr Weevil

Poor projectile commenter Threadkiller doesn't seem to have noticed that his irrelevant post was also incoherent, since he couldn't be bothered to tell us who "He" is in the first sentence. The comment on the German with the piercings was amusing, the comment Threadkiller posted at 7:49 was just stupid and annoying. As I said, a foulmouthed creep.


If you were good a note taking Feeble, you would know how this works.


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