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August 23, 2014


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the musings of the duffer in chief are not that interesting:

according to Reuters, the militants were tipped off by the inquiries in Antakya,


Brilliant TM - and scary.

Miss Marple

an off topic warning


from the other thread ...

>>>That article depresses me beyond words. Investors gave that vapid, lying, militantly ignorant juiceboxer $34 million.<<<

It is cheaper than setting up their (the "investors) own 501 or 527 with the added bonus of the access the Vox staffers enjoy.

think of it as white privilege.


is our Putter-In-Chief on the links again today?

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

On FB a new challenge is going around -
Chug a beer for PMS! Hah!


A guest on BOR last night stated that there are some 1500 British subjects fighting with IS and just over 500 muslims in the British armed forces.

Rick B


I believe he's working on an EO mandating that from this day forward a three-putt shall be called a 'Foley' to signify the level of his distress. He had 12 Foleys yesterday in honor of the journo.


Boy I bet the patrons of Farm Neck are pissed. I've actually played that course.



I found the apologetics and rationalizations of the Vacationer-in-Chief revolting in my readings yesterday. There was one at yahoo news where I didn't get much further than the headline.

However, I think Cecil has it right that he does less damage by being on the links.

Captain Hate

O/T and apropos of nothing, I was reading through a dead tree copy of the Weekly Standard from April and every article seemed to be blah blah this and blah blah that. Then I came to the cover story, about which I wasn't interested at all, and everything just came alive:

Captain Hate

When ISIS beheaded an American journalist, it meant to intimidate—and provoke—the United States. It should be careful what it wishes for. The gloves just came off.

I think he means the golf glove went on.

Captain Hate

Has anybody pointed out that 404 has drawn a line in the sand trap?


Does Rhodes' metric make the Fort Hood shootings a terrorist attack?

I am confused.

Jim Miller

rich - I think I first made the better-the-golf-course-than-the-Oval-Office argument back in 2011.

I don't doubt that others beat me to it, though I can't recall having seen that argument before I made it.

(Today, I updated it, slightly.)


The difference between "bringing attackers to justice" and "seeing that justice is done" sounds a lot like the difference between real justice and "no justice, no peace!" One means taking specific action to punish transgressions, the other means whatever the speaker thinks it needs to mean. Fore!

Danube on iPad

"vapid, lying, militantly ignorant juiceboxer"



well the masthead of Vox for one, most of Politico, Buzzfeed,


We can fight these guys again and again, but until the nations, groups and people of the region join the fight another group of barbarians will rise to replace the last group. We should focus on keeping the resources and shipping lanes open and pressure the regional governments to deal with the barbarians they tolerate as long as they're bothering everybody else.

Danube on iPad

Grant is my favorite American general. His "Personal Memoirs," which he wrote while in terrible pain from terminal throat cancer (smoking cigars all the while) are a marvelous read.

Two boys approached a wizened old white-bearded man and asked him to settle a bet: who was the better general, Lee or Grant? The old gent says "Well, I understand they done paid off on Grant."


--but until the nations, groups and people of the region join the fight--

Most of the nations of the region support and sponsor most of the various barbarians because they're run by rather better dressed and wealthier barbarians themselves.
Has it ever not been so in the middle east?


More detail on the John Doe document dump. Phone records, bank records, email, etc for 1.5 years with no filters at all. Makes NSA look like pikers.


The Wapo weighs in, "Was Putin right about Syria?"

...the U.S. is contemplating extending airstrikes on Islamic State militants operating in Iraq in Syria — fighters belonging to a terrorist organization that is leading the war against Assad. The Islamic State's territorial gains in Iraq and continued repression and slaughter of religious minorities there and in Syria have rightly triggered global condemnation. "I am no apologist for the Assad regime," Ryan Crocker, a former U.S. ambassador to Syria, told NPR. "But in terms of our security, [the Islamic State] is by far the greatest threat."

The irony of the moment is tragic. But to some, it doesn't come as much of a surprise. Many cautioned against the earlier insistence of the Obama administration (as well as other governments) that Assad must go, fearing what would take hold in the vacuum."

Sort of what happened in Libya, no.

Captain Hate

Grant is my favorite American general.

I knew next to nothing about him before reading that article, other than he performed very effectively in the Civil War, but now I see at least part of the reason you feel that way.


Jindal on ISIS. The JEF should have said we will hunt them down and kill them..


This always lifts my spirits:


Posted by: Danube on iPad | August 23, 2014 at 01:40 PM-

Ezra Klein. I lifted that from JamesD on the other thread in response to a politico report that Vox isn't doing as well as hoped.

Big surprise.


It's doing as well as I hoped. Better, in fact.


TM posts this:

This week Obama struck a different tone, saying: “When people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.”

Sure sounds good! Except that I look at Insty this morning and look what we find linked from NRO:
The Feds Let Go of Dozens of Convicted Murder Illegal Immigrants, See Where They Are on This Map

The Center for Immigration Studies has used information provided to the office Senator Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) to map out the locations of where convicted killers were let go by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in 2013. The killers were booked out in 24 states and were associated with 96 different cities

We even have 2 of the released killers freed here in Anchorage.

So how many illegal alien murderers have been released in your city in this year when Obama has vowed to prosecute people who harm Americans? Hopefully we'll find out next year.


Grant is my favorite American general. His "Personal Memoirs," which he wrote while in terrible pain from terminal throat cancer (smoking cigars all the while) are a marvelous read.

Could not agree more. Well worth the effort which, once you start, is no effort at all.


henry, I want those DA's to be punished so substantially that DA's everywhere learn the lesson about mistaking their prosecutors' for partisan warriors/

The problem with going after ISIS in Syria is that we end up supporting Assad, Hezbollah and Iran.

When Obama effs up he really effs up.


Re: Wisconsin: Until people start going to jail none of this stuff is going to end.


My fear is in order to get Assad and Iran to help us defeat ISIS we have to allow Iran to get a nuke.We all know what a lousy negotiator Obama is and Kerry is well- useless.

Danube on iPad

Factoid: he was born Hiram Ulysses Grant. When he showed up at West Point that had him listed as Ulysses S. Grant. When he told them that wasn't his name, they said the only Grant admitted here is Ulysses S. So he signed himself in as Ulysses S. Grant and that was that.

The qualities I most admire in him are his unpretentiousness and his indomitable will ("I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer"). He was famed for the simplicity and clarity of his written orders (his memoirs reflect that); on receiving them his subordinates never had any doubts about what what they were supposed to do.


Jane: I agree. This vendetta against Walker has got to stop. People should have been jailed for trashing the Capitol and writing false note for schollteachers to call in sick. They still got paid to protest and and commit acts of violence and public nuisance. The Left simply will not accept their defeat here.


Danube :
Those qualities of Grant's are so lacking in our current occupant of the WH. He merely lifts his finger up to the wind to determine his next move.


My fear is in order to get Assad and Iran to help us defeat ISIS we have to allow Iran to get a nuke.

I sort of thought that was the plan. Obama is cornered.

Danube on iPad

The contrast is horribly sad, Maryrose.



Bruce Catton's Grant Takes Command was also excellent, and initially I thought when reading your linked Weekly Standard piece that I was reading excerpts from Bruce Catton.


it is indeed a snake pit, yet we've been allied with the kingdom and the emirates, which has been funding both Nusra and ISIS, Ed Husain's column, is instructive on that point, he particularly points to 'our good friend' Al Arifi, the one who wants to turn the Vatican into a Mosque, the inspiration for Silva's the Messenger, as I pointed out earlier, a cousin of Bin Laden, was just named by Treasury as one of the key fundraisers. for the former organization,

Captain Hate

Thanks for the rec, daddy.

Think of the contrast between Grant and Powell.


Well Grant didn't have reservations about going after the Confederacy, as much as he may have respected Lee, Powell also contrasts poorly with Seward, re Amanda Foreman's account of British involvement in the Civil War.


Captain Hate at 11:23 am:
Thank you for that link! I am a long time lurker (and very seldom poster), but I want to thank you for that article. I have been taking much comfort lately from delving more deeply into our American history. It started out as "if we survived that we can survive this", but I am realizing that I really knew very little about the events that formed this nation and its people. The more I read about the Civil War the more I realize how easy I have it. So, THANKS.

Also, a big thank you to CH and everyone else who recommended the Patrick O'Brian books - I'm hooked now, and am looking forward to the rest of the series.

Danube on iPad

I don't know what to think, Clarice, because I am entirely ignorant of psychology. But his visceral dislike of - and rudeness toward - GWB is self-evident, whatever its origins.

In recent days I've been thinking that if he believed he could crush ISIS by putting troops into Syria and Iraq, but could not do so otherwise, he wouldn't do it: he would forfeit the basis for distinguishing himself from Bush.ÿ


I think you're right, DoT, The amazing thing is that the Bush family has taken Clinton into their fold and has ignored these attacks. Pretty soon it's gonna be The Cheese Stands Alone. He has offended every bloc of voters.


Hi SusieOh,

Please post here more often. I just finished Patrick O'Brian's The Golden Ocean from I think 1956, and having recently finished the Aubrey/Maturin series, it is interesting to see how he wrote when he started out and how he got very much better.


An interesting couch session on the Prez in that piece you linked, but I wonder if a simpler reason explaining why Obama refuses to expend the time and energy to do what it would take to be fully on top of the job or on top of a topic, is that if he failed he could always rationalize it by telling himself that he could have succeeded if he really tried, but he didn't really try therefore he didn't really fail. I think he is a psychological mess for all sorts of reasons, but always leaving himself an excuse for blaming anyone but himself is always at the core of his character.

I thought Richard Fernandez's finish on the piece I linked today on the next thread was on point:

Neither Obama nor the Left can handle the truth, so they won’t handle it.

Therefore they will remain transfixed, in a state compounded of fear, nervous laughter, bravado and denial, until a hit big enough comes along to snap them out of it. But the fear is there. It was there even when Remnick interviewed Obama in January.Like a man feeling the first indefinite symptoms of a disease, he must have guessed something was wrong and already thinking of how to shift the blame.

“One of the things that I’ve learned to appreciate more as President is you are essentially a relay swimmer in a river full of rapids, and that river is history,” he later told me. “You don’t start with a clean slate, and the things you start may not come to full fruition on your timetable.”

Rumsfeld would have guessed Obama would look for someone to blame, for that was a known known. The catastrophes and cascade of failures had one simple cause in his universe: someone else. The buck stops there. His predecessor had dropped the baton in the relay race of history and it was his sad duty to be the victim. Whatever betide, whatever befall, remember: he could have been a contender.

Rick B


I'll go with the Fernandez take rather than the belly button searching. I believe Obama is continuing to freeze up. He has absolutely no foundation, neither moral nor intellectual and he's fully aware of his continuing failure and is refusing to decide in the hope of avoiding even greater failure, thereby ensuring the greater failure he is desperately trying to avoid.

It's an internal failure cascade and it shows no signs of stopping.


Posted by: clarice | August 23, 2014 at 07:18 PM-

agree with what DoT said above, but I think the article takes the idea a bit too far:

>>He suffers a delusion within the illusion of American perfidy, a fixed, fervent ideological system against an imaginary evil white patriarchy. And the face of his “singular fixation of the intellect” has been George W. Bush. On the level of the heart, Obama has no country.<<<

Not sure Obama's pathologies can be affixed to his animus towards George W Bush even though he treats him shabbily. Spengler had a good piece on Obama in the run up to 2007 about the women in his life. Jeff Goldstein had some insightful pieces on the subject too.

Machiavelli describes it the best in Ch 7 of the Prince. Obama as the ruler of a state won by lucky circumstances.

"Like anything that appears suddenly and grows fast, regimes that come out of nothing inevitably have shallow roots and will tend to crash in the first storm" (Ch 7).

Think it is time to dust off Ledeen's writings about Clinton as the Indolent Prince as a primer for Obama's administration.


this is the one I was thinking about ...


there is some of that, remember that Nicco, modeled his Prince upon Cesare Borgia, a very ruthless fellow, sometimes unnecessarily so,

In retrospect of course, Kosovo was the wrong engagement, at the wrong time, much as Libya has been in this era,

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself
Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Loved this line from Clarice's Am. Thinker link - "The greatest threat to American-style socialism is a Godful father in the home."

Captain Hate has brought up the point about Clinton's & Obama's fathers.

God bless the people behind the American Thinker site....just a place for different questions & ideas.
Fernandez, American Thinker contributors, Powerline, Sultan Knish, VDH,...
How can these people not have more of a platform?
Our MFM is SO rotten. THey don't even ask good questions, much less report unbiased facts. The same old tired faces...
It's really pathetic.


The same old tired faces...

Um, do you mean feces?


evening DrJ. good to see you in the comments.

Amen Janet.



Good to be back.

I've been really busy. Actually I was in Arlington earlier in the week and had no time for play dates.


Hope the trip went well.



The trip was fine. Another NSF panel where we reviewed really dreadful proposals. Usually there are more good ones than bad, but these really were terrible.

It happens.


no exciting breakthroughs of any kind, Dr, J?

Captain Hate

SusieOh, I'm glad you enjoyed that. The article struck me as so well written that I felt compelled to share it and I'm heartened that you liked it. So much of history is so poorly written that I don't blame anybody for being turned off by it. When I run across something that makes history come alive I shout it from the rooftops because it is possible to learn things in an engaging fashion.

Even without profanity.



glad the trip worked out even though the work itself was unsatisfying.


think I've mentioned all that before and putting Obama on the couch generates an outpouring of content about once a year (YIKES!!!). think when Goldstein was kicking around the idea, in the comments here, we had some good threads.


Just for interest, would some of you please click on this home page of the ADN and tell me if you are seeing the same pink ads around the webpage border that are hammering Dan Sullivan as anti-women and anti-abortion.

The WSJ today had this story about Republican's fighting back against Begich on the Anti-woman campaign, but living up here I sure am not seeing it.


None, narc.

The review scale is from poor to excellent. Usually the review panels try to be helpful, and don't give many (if any) scores of "poor" to a proposal for any on the panel.

I lead the discussion of two proposals, and the scores, for the first, were four "poors" and for the second, three "poors" and one "fair."

I've never seen anything like that before, over the hundreds and hundreds of proposal that I have reviewed.

So we saved the tax payers some money.


CH, narciso-

wanted some details if you are privy to the information. did baldilocks get banned from the ewok's or did she retire from there? would be stunned if she did get banned.

Captain Hate

I wouldn't be surprised at all if baldilocks left on her own. I'm pretty sure she didn't get banned but I'm probably not the most authoritative source recently.



I get the same ad load. It comes from:

Planned Parenthood Action Fund or Planned Parenthood Votes

(iirc Alaska is the only state with more men than women ... might be wrong on that, but anyway)



I've been going there a lot less recently too but did stumble in at the end of the ewok's blow up. iirc he did ban someone regarding that whole thing (EoJ maybe ...).

someone ought to point her over here.

Captain Hate

rich, Baldi doesn't post that often so a prolonged absence isn't without precedent. To be clear, he never banned EoJ but treated him like such a prick that anybody with a healthy sense of self worth wouldn't stick around, as Miss Marple and Gus know.

Baldi served as a racial sanity touchstone for the ewok in the past and he squanders that at his own peril.



thanks for that. hope he doesn't start to sound like a juiceboxer but I think it is heading that way. we ought to get her and zombie over here.

Another Bob

rich, does Ace have visions of a jump to the blogging or media bigtime or something? Wasn't he one who was SWATted by he who must not be named? Maybe it scared him straight or something.

He did jump the shark when he tried to push his definition of racism on Juliette. I'd have been walking away shaking my head if I were her.


Posted by: Another Bob | August 23, 2014 at 10:38 PM-

can't answer any of your questions because I don't know. saw a comment referring to balidlocks over there and wondered about the backstory. it is his place, so he can do as he pleases, so i'll drop it.

Captain Hate

rich, I will continue to lurk there about things which interest me and if baldi hasn't posted for a long period of time, I'll try to contact her through her website, which I did earlier with EoJ.

zombie is like a force of nature who is impervious to the ewok's sporadic weirdness. Case in point: When he was condescendingly criticizing people for being angry all the time, she responded with a comment that she was encouraged to read enraged comments to let her know her reaction isn't an isolated one.


Thanks Rich. So it's not just me.

That has to be costing a ton of money, but since the owner of the paper and Blog is a big Leftie from DC and the East Coast, maybe Planned Parenthood gets a discount. I sure hope my Tax dollars aren't paying for those PP ads.

(iirc Alaska is the only state with more men than women ... might be wrong on that, but anyway)

That's what they tell us, and is the reason for the old joke, "The odds are good, but the goods are odd."

Rick B

Another Bob,

There's definitely something in the water lately - it might be cash. There's way too much kumbyah, teach the world to sing crap floating around at the moment. I don't mind comity discussions, there is certainly a place for comity in politics, but I would much prefer to begin the discussion with the opponent supine, a heel on the throat and a request to staunch bleeding.

IOW - let's talk about comity in December.


Is a nice house, isn't it Beasts.

Apparently there's a Bar in the place, which I guess is mandatory if you've got a Rugby Field out front.

We have marvelous thick grass up here so the lawn always looks great. And if you follow the trail I was mentioning it leads you up to the taller peak behind way back behind his house. The peak is about 5 to 6 miles back but it's a good climb with gorgeous views, and usually enough late season snow patches that I don't have to carry along water for the dogs.


Posted by: daddy | August 23, 2014 at 10:45 PM-

it probably doesn't cost as much as you would think since it is a banner and background ad not all that sophisticated in development. the underlying website resolves to PPAF which will most likely carpet bomb the state with ads until November.


thanks narciso ... just what I was looking for. good grief.


well it's not like we haven't been warned, from the Daleks and Cybermen, keeping the Who theme,
to the Sentinels of this summer's X men, Rush
referred it earlier in the week,

Another Bob

RickB, couldn't agree more.

I could name a few repukes who need that treatment too.

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