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August 07, 2014


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Funny. We had a huge thunderstorm the other afternoon. My brave little dog didn't flinch. Our first cairn terrier had to be put in his crate with a blanket over it at the first crack of thunder.


We will we let the Yezidi be exterminated in a genocidal maelstrom? Will we rearm the Kurds?
I'm a non interventionist but they were our allies and they counted on us. Do we betray another friend when we have so few left? If we do will we have any left at all?


Had a lab like that Marlene but we seldom have thunder here in CA. However when atmospheric conditions are right we hear the concussive thuds at the Fallon Nevada Navy bombing range. Every hot day in summer was a very long one for that poor pooch.


Ig,I've commented about the jets that fly very low overhead coming into Bangor to refuel. I guess the dog thinks thunder is a jet.

Thomas Collins

Note from a lurker in Chicago:

Putin to deliver emergency address to Russian nation at 12:30 (eastern)


It's come to this.

Rick B

They need to move the #hashtag early response team to Defcon 1 status. Only preemptive #hashtag response can save the Donbas from the Repoman now.

Danube on iPad

"Do we betray another friend when we have so few left?"

You don't understand, Iggy. We have to spend a few months considering all the options before we do something. Or don't. The policy is known as "agonizing paralysis at the time and place of our choosing."

Thomas Collins

I'm sure John Forbes Thorne Heinz Liveshot Kerry will interrupt his Nantucket vacation and travel to the Levant to tell Islamic State to cease its depredations against the minorities.

And since minority rights are being trampled upon and minorities are being killed, perhaps Right Reverends Al and Jesse will join Liveshot.

Rick B

Will MadVlad overestimate the total pusillanimity of the EUnuchs and America's best and brightest Ivy Leaguers?

Is it possible to attach artificial spines to bankrupt worms? Will Obamacare pay for it?


Rick B, will he split Poland with Merkel?


South Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, the Kurds, Afghanistan, non-communist China, Egypt, Ukraine and others.

We have the worst of all possible worlds; we intervene for our "friends" but we don't stick it out. It would better to be isolationists except when directly attacked or to really be the worlds cop. As it is we play at being the copper but when they start shooting real bullets we run.
We're like the guy who walking by a schoolyard punches a bully in the nose and then wanders off never to return, beaming with pride at his good deed, while the bully beats the same kid up twice as bad for the rest of the year in retaliation.
Why would any country trust us not to cut and run when it gets hard?


what a great analogy Ignatz. the somewhat good Samaritan


I know this video is a few months old but here's a morning 'bracer' I enjoy watching occasionally.

Trey Gowdy speaking on the floor of the House.

Talk about having a spine...


Henry-- did Vlad and Merkel just dust off the old von Ribbentrop pact?


Not sure what sneaky carp they are up to NK. Vlad wants an empire and Merkel wants to keep warm this winter. Plus the anti crony rabble in the former Warsaw Pact makes life difficult for the EUtopians, who also want to stay warm this winter. The only question is where does Vlad stop?


"The only question is where does Vlad stop?"

When someone makes him stop. He 's no different than any other despot in the last 3000 years.


Henry-- do you think Vlad will be late to his address?


Only if he stops to walk his tiger.

Miss Marple

I wonder if Vlad is going to announce bombs on Isis to protect those marooned people on top of the mountain.

Nothing would surprise me. He is interested in portraying himself as the defender of the faith and Isis is actually a threat to them.

Rick B

I would think annexation of the Donbas plus putting Eutopia on a Cash In Advance payment plan for future gas deliveries would be more likely. Maybe kicking a couple of more yards of sand in Obama's face as a finale.

I doubt he'll order the Russians to their #hashtag shelters.


Rather than proof that the abandonment of Iraq was the worst foreign policy blunder in US history, the elites, including George Will, believe that the invasion itself is more deserving of that description.

Obama admitted that he would still have opposed the surge even if he knew how successful it would be, because the chaos and death that would have occurred without it would have proven him right.

These people have a vested interest in what's going on in Iraq right now, and will gladly stand by while all the Christians and many more are slaughtered.

They will blame Bush, when in fact the fault is theirs. Bush succeeded in Iraq.


RickB-- Cash in Advance: not all of EUtopia, just West Ukraine (new subdivided country)and Poland.


they don't want samizdat anywhere;

Volodya is a vor, who fancies himself a czar,
and more in the Nicholas 1, Alexander 111


Narciso-- I bet in his private moments Vlad dresses up like Catherine the Great, Queen of all the Russias. Now about that Equistrian aspect....


Sad,NK. The former mayor of Des Moines,Iowa (who has a summer home here) caused a vehicular accident that killed himself and two popular employees of a downtown pub. Local incidents touch community members who reach out and support each other and the families. Small towns are great in that way.

Frau Nie Wieder

"The only question is where does Vlad stop?"

Miss Marple, I hope he will stop after he beats the living carp out of the murdering subhumans who are destroying the world in the name of "their" god.

Rick B - "Maybe kicking a couple of more yards of sand in Obama's face as a finale."

...And I don't see Barry as any kind of Mr. Atlas success story. His m.o. is criminal passive resistance. Things just sort themselves out or not! In addition, every system is broken!
*election financing
*equality from A to Z
*race relations
*voting integrity

Miss Marple

I see that foolish people are encouraged that the White House says they will "consider" intervention in Iraq to save those people.

This is naive thinking, as he will be considering as the last one expires of thirst on that mountain.

He is an evil man, and I despise him.


Well Volodya went all the way to beautiful downturn Burbank I mean Doha to send a message;

CNN, really has their eye on the ball.

Captain Hate

Rather than proof that the abandonment of Iraq was the worst foreign policy blunder in US history, the elites, including George Will, believe that the invasion itself is more deserving of that description.

Is there more proof needed that cheering for the Cubs causes insanity.


he is the Bizarro president, this why some of questions of this nature, sound rhetorical

the Islamic State, has some Chechens in their
leadership structure

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I think the problem with the elites is that they don't want to admit that EVERY military intervention has been undermined by the democrats since Vietnam. They got the bit in their teeth then and have never let go.

Military action now has no chance of success unless it is very quick and we leave quickly after accomplishing a limited goal. anything more than that and the usual suspects will start their whining and criticism until the public loses confidence.

It's disgusting.


A commenter at PJMedia, cfbleachers:

Let's not mince words. This cabal does not care.

They don't care about lice, scabies or tuberculosis. They don't care about Ebola.

They don't care about gangbangers. They don't care about joblessness. They don't care about yo 401k or yo daddy's 401k or yo grand daddy's 401k.

They don't care about Israel. They don't care about Ukraine. They don't care about borders. They don't care about the Constitution.

They don't care about Christians and Jews. They don't care about marriage. They don't care about unborn babies. They don't care about gas prices or about the cost of electricity.

They don't care about your healthcare. They don't care about your property rights. They don't care about your privacy.

And they don't give a damn about your liberty.

They don't care about the First, Second, Fourth or Fourteenth Amendment.

They don't care about small business viability. They don't care about entrepreneurship. They don't care about the free market.

They don't care about representative self-governance.

They don't care about patriotism. They don't care about veterans.

They don't care about a free and fair press.

And, by God it is time we stop acting as if they did. an overthrow. It's not a principled debate. It is devoid of principle. It has no honor. It does not respond to fairness arguments, pleas for rationality or wails about injustice.

Trying to reason with all the Al's is futile. If someone wants to overthrow you, by any means necessary, your rules of polite engagement are useless.

They will lie to your face about what they have done, what they are doing and why they are doing it. And they will bend you over and do it some more.

This is tyranny. This is totalitarianism. This is treason.

Not nuts. Evil.

Captain Hate

I still insist Iraq was a success pre 404 pulling everybody out, no matter what Will says. Of course the political structure wasn't what we were hoping it would be; as if we have any standing to cast off in our post-Constitutional existence.

Miss Marple

I agree, Captain Hate.

Captain Hate

Sounds like a Levin segment, lyle.



We often forget that the sacred texts of mankind began as practical documents. They were checklists. And we may well rediscover this fact before the end. One can imagine the last two postmoderns crawling towards each other in the ruins of a once great city to die, and while waiting to expire engage in conversation to pass the time.

“Waldo,” the first said, “do you remember that tablet displayed in front of the Texas Statehouse. You know, back when there was a Texas?”

“Yeah, didn’t it have a whole bunch of stuff scrawled on it? Tell me again what it said,” replied the other.

“Waldo, it said, ‘thou shalt not kill.’ And ‘thou shalt not lie’.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes it also said, ‘thou shalt not steal’. Plus somewhere in the middle said, ‘thou shalt not have sex with people you weren’t married to.’”

“Yeah, I remember it now,” the second post-modern said. “What a bunch of hooey. It’s a right wing, nutjob, racist document called the Ten Commandments. It’s a religious document.”

“No Waldo,” the first replied. “That’s where you’re wrong. It ain’t no religious document. I just figured out it was a survival manual.”

Frau Nie Wieder

Moi, aussi, CH.


I know, CH. Reading it I was thinking, "that you, Levin?"


In large part, the current problem with Iraq, is with the faction that always wants more than what their numbers would suggest, Yes,
Maliki is a tool, stop the presses, but who is it that has enlisted in AQ's ranks first under Zarquawi and now under Baghdadi, who is it who composed the bulk of the Golden Square and the Baath,


A pet peeve, Coulter ridiculing the missionary doctor who contracted Ebola, there are times she dial straight to 12.


the left always have problem with Chiang, Diem, Batista,Ky, Somoza, but apparently not so much with Mao, Fidel Giap and the Ortega bros

Captain Hate

404 wanted to bug out from Day 1 and the dustup over the legal status of our forces was his excuse to do so, rather than a point for further negotiations. You know, smart diplomacy.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to have lost a loved one for that creep to squander.

Captain Hate

Coulter went full retard on that, narc. I'm still in shock that somebody didn't advise her to erase that before releasing it, assuming she still interacts with anybody.


What is a pair of hurricanes without an earthquake? Earthquakes near active volcanos are more fun.


I can't imagine what it must feel like to have lost a loved one for that creep to squander.

Seething rage, I would guess.

Dave (in MA)

David Burge @iowahawkblog · 18m
If ISIS captures the Yazidis, I hope they won't waterboard them or put underpants on their heads and stuff. That would be wrong.

Captain Hate

Remember all the MFM outrage at the treatment of Bosnian muslims? Yazidis and Christians; not a peep.

Jack is Back!


I read somewhere that the volcanos may help dampen the hurricanes.

Guess its like a quenching system in boiler gas ducts.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

New thread


JiB, more like mountains... they tend to block a lot of wind and break things up. Not clear that erupting volcanos make a difference -- but who knows? I would think that lava floes over evacuation roads would complicate matters, as would any earthquake damage added to wind / water damage.


I presume they are talking about the convective lifting that occurs when a storm front rides a mountain slope upward and has most of the moisture wrung out of it leaving little on the leeward side; the rain shadow desert of Nevada after the Sierra Nevada squeeze Pacific storms dry for instance.
Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa are both over 13,000' IIRC.


lyle@2:05 - so "most economists" don't think the 3Q/4Q staffing/overhead budgets for the employer mandate/PPACA going into effect calendar year 2015 warrants any mention. Good to know.


Ignatz, @ 11:02 and 11:47

"They were our allies and we let them down "
IMO, truer words were never spoken and we've done it over and over since WWII . My guess is no one will ever know know how many have died simply because they supported the Americans in Korea, Vietnam and other places and we left them to their fate.

"When they start shooting bullets we run"
IMO, that statement needs to be reworked. In the only conflict I was involved in 58,000 plus stood and fought. It is not the troops involved that say we're going to run. It is the politicians who cut and run.
With the exception of a certain person who IMO ran and also slandered his fellow service members and their allies.

Just my two cents.


In my 07:23 I want to note that the 58,000 plus paid the full measure of devotion to country. There were a a whole lot more that did their duty and came back home but did not run.


Funny. We had a huge thunderstorm the other afternoon. My brave little dog didn't flinch. Our first cairn terrier had to be put in his crate with a blanket over it at the first crack of thunder.

Posted by: Marlene | August 07, 2014 at 11:02 AM

That was funny, Marlene, and it was very touching
and relevant and in context, too. Had a few snorts of bourbon with your tea this morning, didn't you, lass?

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