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August 21, 2014


Jeff Dobbs

Yay! Open thread. Finally we can post off topic stuff.


Hmmm, a day of road rage?

Day of Rage today. In Milwaukee one day is not enough, Friday will be another day of rage. Oddly the rage here is not against the local thugs that shoot elementary school girls and toddlers.

Captain Hate on the iPad

hit, I assume those are the Tetons in your avatar; I clicked on your profile to get a better look. Nice picture.


I can't post on FB just now--Is it me or a site problem?

Miss Marple

I will ask again, why aren't we shaming the people who are going to Obama fundraisers?

Who are these people? What exactly are they donating to? Do they not care about our country?

They need to be shamed.

Jeff Dobbs

Thanks, CH - those indeed are the Tetons from our July trip.

Thomas Collins

The above link is to a summary of how ISIS treats Christians. The treatment includes (i) expelling Christians from their homes, (ii) butchering Christian men, (iii) enslaving Christian women, (iv) collecting the jizya tax and enforcing dhimmitude, or (v) some combination of the above. But here's a bet: As college campuses ramp up this month and in September, there will be far more demonstrations, teach-ins, coffeehouse events and speaker disruptions relating to protesting Israel's defending itself against rockets and tunnel attacks than Islamic State's beheadings and other Mohammedan religion of peace rituals.

Publius of Idaho

I've tried to shame a liberal and decided it can't be done. They know no shame!

Danube on iPad

A cop speaks:

"Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?"

Beasts of England

Fore! said Obama, again.


Miss M,

The people who attend Zero's fundraisers have no shame. They attend for influence and powerful connections.


You should be ashamed for griping about the hardest working man in show business.
Presidents don't get to retire?
You never heard of an ex president?


PoI @10:35 has it right; liberals/leftists can not be shamed.


FB is working again.


That cop sounds about like the unknown but large percentage of cops who should never wear a badge.

Thomas Collins

No shame for progs. Just partying like it's the Sixties again.


If you've never had the experience of riding with a very drunk driver, reading Gus will give you the dismay and the sensation without the terror.


I posted this on the last thread, but thought I'd post it here, too, because I think people should watch it .... especially people like BuBu and DuDa:

Just to compare and contrast how people interact with police when stopped, I'm embedding this video from our local newspaper's website here in Tallahassee.

Keep in mind that the person being stopped is a Tallahassee Police Dept sergeant, with 17 years on the job, who was pulled over because he yelled at the trooper as he passed the trooper on another traffic stop, and then was pulled over after the trooper saw him go through red lights. The TPD sgt has since been disciplined, but was perhaps should have been charged with DWI.

But notice how polite and deferential he is with the younger FHP trooper who stopped him. I'm sure this is a different tone than most officers get from some in the "community".

You don't have to kiss their ass, but it helps to at least be respectful and cordial.

Also, notice how the trooper reacts when the TPD sgt gets out of his vehicle.

For some reason, blacks seem to think they're the only ones who get treated like this by the police.

Danube on iPad

Black mob beats two whit teens to death:

It happened some time ago. This is the first I've heard of it.


--but thought I'd post it here, too, because I think people should watch it .... especially people like BuBu and DuDa:--

Still working on your St Jude merit badge, fd? :)

Beasts of England

I read somewhere else in the webz that today is the Day of Rage™ not Friday. Anyone know for sure? I'd hate to be ragin' on the wrong day. I'm polite like that, ya know.

Rick B


Can't help you. I thought today was the Day of Armed Response and Superior Marksmanship.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Rick B! I wouldn't claim superior marksmanship, but I am well armed! ;)


Always, Ignatz! LOL

Danube on iPad

One week from tonight, we tee it up. At long last.


--Black mob beats two white teens to death--

Who said reparations were only pecuniary?


One of Shoshona Bryen's finest articles-

Old Lurker

Hey DoT, I wonder if the LUN is a technology that might help your vision?


Islamic State video shows conversion of Yazidis to Islam

Witnesses have said most of their hundreds of victims were shot dead at close range, while others including women and children were buried alive. Women who avoided death were rounded up and taken away as slaves, witnesses said. The threat to the Yazidis was one reason cited by U.S. President Barack Obama when he launched U.S. air strikes against Islamic State in parts of Iraq earlier this month.

The Islamic State video, which the group called "Hundreds of Yazidis convert to Islam", gives no indication of the bloodshed that prompted tens of thousands of people to flee.

In the film, Islamic State fighters say they are misunderstood as they sit on a wall in Mount Sinjar, the Yazidis' ancient homeland.

Witnesses earlier told Reuters that residents who dared to stay hung white flags on the homes to show their complete surrender to Islamic State, which has declared a caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria it controls and threatened to march on Baghdad.

In the video, two Islamic State fighters - one a bearded middle-aged man dressed in black with an AK-47 assault rifle and another in a crisp grey military uniform and camouflage cap - field questions in Arabic from what appears to be an Islamic State interviewer.

"What has been said is the opposite of reality," the older man says. He also says that Islamic State has provided the Yazidis with everything they need.

"Men, women and children have converted and I was with them and they are happy with their conversions," he says, adding: "We advise the Yazidis to come down from the mountain and convert."

This was a reference to Mount Sinjar, where thousands who feared death at the hands of the militants took refuge.

"If they stay on the mountain, they will die of starvation and thirst. This talk about aid from Western and crusader countries is all lies. If they convert, we will give them everything they need. They will live a happy life."

Old Lurker

Guest on Laura Ingram's show predicts the MO Grand Jury will not indict the cop, but that Eric Holder's Civil Rights Div will.

Sounds like a good bet to me.

Danube on iPad

NY Times, via Hot Air:

"However, law enforcement officials say witnesses and forensic analysis have shown that Officer Wilson did sustain an injury during the struggle in the car…

“'It was something strange,' said [eyewitness Michael] Brady, 32, a janitor. 'Something was not right. It was some kind of altercation. I can’t say whether he was punching the officer or whatever. But something was going on in that window, and it didn’t look right.'…

"According to his account to the Ferguson police, Officer Wilson said that Mr. Brown had lowered his arms and moved toward him, law enforcement officials said. Fearing that the teenager was going to attack him, the officer decided to use deadly force. Some witnesses have backed up that account. Others, however — including [Brown's friend Dorian] Johnson — have said that Mr. Brown did not move toward the officer before the final shots were fired…

"The F.B.I., Mr. Bosley said, pressed Mr. Johnson to say how high Mr. Brown’s hands were. Mr. Johnson said that his hands were not that high, and that one was lower than the other, because he appeared to be “favoring it,” the lawyer said."

Beasts of England

Since DoT broached the subject, it seems like a good time for The Beasts Annual Crimson Tide Preview™. But before we start, let's review last year's TBACTP (August 13, 1:52 p.m.) where I correctly called for a two-loss season, a failure in our attempt at a national championship three-peat, and precisely predicted the score of the Alabama v. Virginia Tech game at 35-10. ;)

We lost plenty of talent to the NFL draft, but have continued with our string of top-rated signing classes, so raw athleticism isn't an issue - but experience is. Our biggest loss is McCarron at QB. And while I'm excited about our FSU transfer Coker, he doesn't have the playing résumé.

We're a little soft on the offensive line, which is also a concern. Other than those two areas (and having to root for Lane Kiffen) we're poised to have a great season. We'll lose one regular season game, but will be selected (by Condi!) to the first college football playoffs, where my beloved Crimson Tide will be...

National Champions! Roll Tide!!


I denounce myself preemptively for linking the obstinately malignant dilettante Linda Greenhouse, who like most greenhouses is full of fertilizer.
I only draw attention to the column to demonstrate some chimps can't even be taught to dance.

Jeff Dobbs

Just got robo-polled by PPP at work.

I really don't know what came over me, but I actually answered all the questions honestly.


I could only get through the first two paragraphs before being overcome by the fresh manure scent, Ig. Did she have anything important to say?

Just kidding.


Maker of world's most expensive cigars says Bill Clinton a client

Former President Bill Clinton reportedly indulges in some of the world's most expensive cigars, from a Dominican Republic company whose smokes fetch up to $1,000 -- that's per cigar, not per box.

Kaizad Hansotia, the chief executive officer of the company Gurkha, told Bloomberg News that one box of "His Majesty's Reserve" fetches $25,000. That price is expected to increase to about $30,000 by next year.

"We hunt for the most exotic tobaccos around the world," Hansotia said, rationalizing the nearly $1,000 price tag. The company produces about 20,000 boxes per year, and has a three-year waiting list. Clients include business leaders, royal families and dignitaries. A-List celebrities like Matthew McConaughey -- and apparently one former president -- also smoke the company's premium cigars.

"Bill Clinton loves the Beauties; he loves the Gurkhas," Hansotia said.

The company's Beauties go for about $600 apiece. It's unclear whether Clinton also smokes the HMRs.


Think of all the starving children in India-na that just ONE of Bill's cigars could feed.


hello, folks, checking in from a froo-froo boutique hotel in Dublin that my wife picked out--with wifi in the room, not just wifi but a wifi "bubble" whatever that is. Seems that Ireland is just as much a victim of political correctness as the US. The Irish Times and all the media here keep running some story about a woman from Africa, supposedly a rape victim, who was refused an abortion. Then she tried to kill herself, and prior to the baby going full term, a Caesarian was performed upon her to keep her from harming the baby, as per national health protocol. Of course, since her name is being kept from the public, you have to take her whole story on faith, and her story is repeated every hour on the news.
Then this morning reading the Irish Times over breakfast, I read an op-ed piece about Israel's strategy is to "keep killing children until Hamas surrenders." How can you argue with that?

Good thing we are having a good vacation. Yesterday I hiked to the top of a mountain (one of the Twelve Pins) in Connemara National Park.



OK back in port after three days at sea. Transited from Stuart Fla through Lake Okeechobee and on to Ft Myers and then up the coast. Overnight ports in Ft Myers and Appalachicola. Boat did fine and I docked the boat without issue first try at the Destin dock. Great experience which probably falls in the Kentucky Derby category, been there done that.


Did someone mention shame?


Holder says he understands mistrust of police as Ferguson protests dwindle

"I understand that mistrust," Holder said. "I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man." The attorney general then described how he was stopped twice on the New Jersey Turnpike and accused of speeding. Police searched his car, going through the trunk and looking under the seats.

"I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me," Holder said.

Holder was once stopped by the cops... [sob]

Danube on iPad

Mids open Saturday against Ohio State in Baltimore.

Three of the four playoff teams will be from the SEC.


Cool, Gmax.


"I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man."

Was he speaking to the local chapter of Braille Users of America?


Ig, are you volunteering to go get a badge and put on a Kevlar vest every night? To be the person who has to walk up to --how shall I put this?--the lowest of the low of our society's doors and have to settle their inane domestic problems, that generally involve a whole lot of alcohol, at best, and often weapons? You know, like the guy who murdered his wife in broad daylight last week in Brooklyn? That's who is on the other side of the door, and that is what they spend the majority of their time dealing with.

I thought that cop gave great advice--probably because that is what I told my sons years ago. They may not be right in stopping you, but you politely defer to them unless they tell you to do something illegal. And tell them you want a lawyer if they start asking a lot of questions.

Jeff Dobbs

Dang, Gmax, I'm jealous.

At what point along the coast did you turn toward Appalachicola?

Beasts of England

Yikes, DoT! I have mixed emotions about the inclusion of three SEC teams. While I understand the desire to place the four best teams in the brackets, the acrimony over the Alabama-LSU NC game still looms in the sports blogs. Who knows...

Rick B


Do you think Holder would proceed with the civil lynching if Brown's accompliece were charged with 2nd Degree Murder for Brown's death?

(2) Commits or attempts to commit any felony, and, in the perpetration or the attempted perpetration of such felony or in the flight from the perpetration or attempted perpetration of such felony, another person is killed as a result of the perpetration or attempted perpetration of such felony or immediate flight from the perpetration of such felony or attempted perpetration of such felony.

I could see a grand jury no bill on Wilson accompanied by a true bill on the accomplice.

Dave (in MA)

Has Instapundit been hit by a himselfalanche?

Some Guy

Prior thread, Bubu opined:

"The Trayvon Martin case was decided not on the balance of evidence"

Honestly, that's one of the funniest things I've read from Bubu. I can't decide if he doesn't understand the definition of "evidence", or if he's really that eff'd up. That upon looking at all the facts, after his whole narrative was blown to bits, that he'll ignore all contrary evidence, and cling to his original view.

Look, I can completely understand low info people who only saw a headline or two, or if you only got your news from MSNBC, behaving this way. However, we know he followed the entire mess and trail obsessively, and he was exposed to all the inconvenient truths.

Was there *any* real evidence that actually supported his original narrative?


Though the media is mostly not reporting it (reliving Selma 1965 seems more invigorating), things remain interesting in the Ukraine:

The good guys seem to be winning, and that's causing heartburn. Any guesses how this turns out?

Eric in Boise

Peter, I have both the Irish Times and the Independent bookmarked. Not only is PC a problem; the anti-Semitism is even more troubling. Most of the headlines on the Israel/Hamas conflict are slanted against Israel, and reading the comments can be a discouraging experience.

Eric in Boise

...and let me add, I'm glad you're having a good time. If you can get to the Rock of Cashel and/or Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin, go.
Both are "must sees", IMHO.

Danube on iPad

"Dismay" comes to mind:

"Deputy State Department spokesperson Marie Harf on Wednesday condemned the beheading of American journalist James Foley by Islamic terrorists, but she also stated that the ISIS threat 'is not about the United States and what we do.'"


"But notice how polite and deferential he is with the younger FHP trooper who stopped him"

So your example of upstanding citizenry is an off duty cop driving while drunk,breaking red lights and cussing out other cops. And to make the point that by and large police are fair and just your article says the Police let him go even though he had been drinking.

Your theory on why they let a drunk driver go? He was 'well mannered'.

Mmmmmmm,I have an ever so slightly different theory on why they let him go...oh I don't know i'm just taking a bit of a non-scientific wild guess here HE WAS ALSO A FUCKING COP!!!!

Maybe i'm wrong. Perhaps there's more to this charm offensive than i'm giving credit. Maybe people in "the community- where negroes reside" should drive like maniacs while completely drunk,yell abuse at law enforcement,break red lights and then mind their P's and Q's and said police might let them go.




Rick B

At least she didn't launch a #bringbackhishead hashtag strike.


Why wouldn't Putin relax the Donbas offensive for a year in exchange for formal recognition of cession re the Crimea plus a gas deal? Any gas deal would have to have a German guarantee of payment for Ukrainian supplies but I don't see why Putin wouldn't take this deal as a placeholder to be discarded whenever he chooses.


Help take a bite out'a crime.

Holder says criminal investigation launched into American journalist’s execution

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that his Justice Department is opening a criminal investigation into the brutal execution by Islamic State militants of American journalist James Foley, in the latest move by the administration to use the criminal justice system to pursue terrorists.


"This is more nonsense," Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., an Iraq war veteran, said in a statement to "What's most aggravating is that either in Foley's situation, or the other Americans in captivity, the Defense Department is being forced to take a backseat to the FBI and DOJ."


" Maybe people in "the community- where negroes reside" should drive like maniacs while completely drunk,yell abuse at law enforcement,break red lights and then mind their P's and Q's and said police might let them go."

DuDa, are you talking about Lehmberg?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Who is dumber: Harf or dumbassdave?




thanks, eric in boise for the tips!

Eric in Boise

Think of all the starving children in India-na that just ONE of Bill's cigars could feed.

Not to mention starving interns.

Dave (in MA)

When I try to go to Instapundit today, I get:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

If I turn off the Narcisolator, it works.

(A)Nuther Bub

If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you.

Yes, that's probably wise counsel you gave your sons, anonamom, that they do exactly what DoT's cop quote advised. Doesn't sound like what an American citizen should have to hear, though, does it?


Former StL area police chief responds to Capt. Ron Johnson's public assertion that the store robbery video shouldn't have been released, because the robbery and MB's shooting minutes later were entirely unconnected.

Some Guy

Apologies if someone else mentioned this, but I think the detail that Wilson may not have heard about, or didn't think that the Gentle Giant™ was a suspect in the strong-arm robbery, might be quite important.

If Wilson knew he was approaching an at-large felon, his behavior might be radically different than if he thought he was approaching a couple of yoots goofing off in the street.

Additionally, Brown and Johnson *knowing* they were suspects, would also influence their behavior.

Ironically, if Wilson thought Brown were a suspect, it might be likely that Brown never would have been shot.


If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you.

"...cause I'm here to protect and serve."


--I thought that cop gave great advice--probably because that is what I told my sons years ago.--

You told your son a cop could shoot or beat him with his baton if he called the cop a name or told him that he would sue him and take his badge?

Many people go into certain fields for the wrong reasons.
For instance, many psychologists should be the ones on the couch or fitted for the funny waistcoat with the long sleeves.
Many cops have anger and control issues and insecurities. I have known some from both fields.

Does that mean we shouldn't cooperate with the cops? No. We should as long as they are not violating our rights.
But the choice of words by that guy seemed fairly problematic;

If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge.

Those two sentences back to back demonstrate either a magnificently thoughtless person or one with some serious control issues and a Napoleonic complex. I'm not sure I want either one pulling me, or my son, over.

The automatic deference to state power as represented by LE by limited government conservatives is as perplexing to me as the bizzare belief among lefties that the state can be trusted with complete control over, at the very least, our economic lives but is utterly untrustworthy everywhere else.


I'm keeping up with Foley family news by reading the local papers. The Rochester area is my stomping ground when I go to NH. The family's priest visited the family before saying the evening Mass yesterday. He said that Mrs.Foley asked for prayers to keep her from bitterness and hate.
Maybe Harf should tell the Foleys that ISIS isn't about the U.S.

Dave (in MA)

Dave (in MA) | August 21, 2014 at 12:39 PM

jimmyk on iPhone

"Ironically, if Wilson thought Brown were a suspect, it might be likely that Brown never would have been shot."

I agree, SG, it's more likely that Wilson was caught by surprise by the attack that injured him, and that he might have even drawn his gun of he thought they had just robbed he store.

Jack is Back!

Do we have to choose only one, CH?

DoT and BoE,

I can tell you know that UofF will not be one of those 3. Take it to the bank. The only ray of sunshine is this season is Muschamps last based on my predicted record of 5 - 7.


"Who is dumber: Harf or dumbassdave?"

I'm just used to "Conservative values" ROFLMAO....


sorry...not used


Just wait till they get all the records in one file.


Do we really need to know this?

NFL coaches, players mingling more in locker rooms

James D.

I'm with Ignatz on this one.

I can't imagine going into some of the neighborhoods and situations that police find themselves in. It IS a very, very difficult job.

But, that said, There should be an expectation that police understand not only the laws they are enforcing, but the general principles of this country, and the proper relationship between citizen and state. Which is NOT "do what I tell you or I'll beat/tase/shoot you."

After all, these are people who have volunteered for this, who have (in theory) been picked after a rigorous and demanding selection process (that includes psychological profiling), and trained extensively in both the law and the principles which underlie it.

We are all paying for those last two things, so to the extent they aren't true, the fault is squarely on the police (or the governmental organization which is employing them), not on the citizenry at large.

James D.

I made the mistake of reading Ig's 11:41 link, and going into the swamp of the comments. This is my favorite:

The conservative fear of the ACA (aka "Obama Care" actually "Romney Care") is the possible survival of more non white human beings in the USA. Whites (like me) are already becoming a minority, the ACA will accelerate that trend. May it be so!<.i>

I don't even know where to start with that. It's just mind-boggling. I'm not sure whether to laugh, or cry or scream, knowing that 30% or more of my fellow citizens would agree with him.

James D.


James D.

Now, maybe?

Captain Hate

James D, I think that's the result of a lot of the education practices that rse talks about. Self hatred is never pretty.


--May it be so!--

More non whites surviving is only one way for it to be so!
Why won't more of these wishful thinkers explore the other method?
Too busy marching for abortion rights I guess, which does so much for the growth of minority populations.


Homeland Security Bulletin re "Nationwide Day of Rage" seems more like an ad/invitation than a warning.

Old Lurker

Rick, I like your vision better re the local Grand Jury and who might be indicted for what..

But it is hard to see why Holder & Obama would not file civil rights charges to prove to Blacks that they should stay in power in November. The election will be long over before the fed charges are thrown out, right? Hopefully there will be a price to pay for such a political prosecution but when has that ever stopped them?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

More info on the outstanding warrant for the accomplice:


I know the police chief in this town, not well, but well enough that he would take my call. I know his dad, which is probably why. He was wonderful to me when I was organizing the tea party rally, and put himself on call on that day, in case anything happened.

Given all that is going on under this president, I'm still a little paranoid of cops these days - altho I have never had a bad experience with one.

We are not living in the same country as we did 6 years ago.



Why wouldn't Putin relax the Donbas offensive for a year in exchange for formal recognition of cession re the Crimea plus a gas deal? Any gas deal would have to have a German guarantee of payment for Ukrainian supplies but I don't see why Putin wouldn't take this deal as a placeholder to be discarded whenever he chooses.

One thing I find immune to prediction is how this Ukraine situation will come out. Putin, unlike the USSR, seems to pay attention to his public opinion, which, in this case, expects a win. Is simply taking the Crimea enough to satisfy that? I don't know, and Putin doesn't either.

What has been consistent is Putin never takes an opportunity to dial it back, and he never takes an opportunity to launch a straightforward invasion. Call this a passive-aggressive war. I am not convinced he is going to change. Which means...? If I am Ukraine, I think I want as much territory as I can get now, and I would gamble that the USSR is not going to invade.

I don't think a cease fire makes sense until Ukraine actually wins in Luhansk and Donetsk.


Ig, James D--you betcha I told them that--because who do you think takes those jobs??? Mainly decent guys and gals looking to better themselves, but some crazies too. So DON"T DO ANYTHING TO TRIGGER THE CRAZIES.

You are reminding me of a certain leftie with his Kumbya theory of foreign policy. "ISIS doesn't belong in the 21st century." Well, sure--BUT THEY ARE, AND THEY ARE BEHEADING AMERICAN CITIZENS. Get real.
Deal with the reality--and that's what the cop DoT quoted was telling you. They've got the Tasers, the guns, the batons---don't give them any reason to use them. They didn't stop you to get a selfie with you--they have some reason to suspect that something is not right.

The VAST majority of people they deal with are people who are NOT anything like you. You have got to understand that. They are people who are high on PCP and may well bite off their ear off or gouge their eyes out. They don't know you go to church every weekend and work in the soup kitchen three days a week.

When I was an intern at Boston City, I dragged the chest of drawers in my call room in front of my door every call night--because the only thing scarier than the thought of a cop on a mission is one of those security guys, who couldn't even keep it together long enough to go to the academy, having a pass key to my sleep room! And this was long before they had tanks, courtesy of Homeland Security.

So yes, cops should be our public servants and deal with us with the upmost of respect for our Constitutional rights--but if you are a teenaged boy who wants to get home without having your parents having to come down and bail your fanny out of jail, be polite and do what the nice policeman tells you to do.



The point I was making was NOT to highlight why they let him go. I agree .... he was probably let go without the DWI because of what police call "professional courtesy" .... a.k.a. "you watch my back and I'll watch yours". Fair or not, right or not, it happens. And not just in the law enforcement industry.

The point(s) I was making were:

1) Be polite and courteous to police. You don't have to kiss their asses, but be cordial. Your interaction ... and possibly, the outcome .... will probably go smoother.

2) Police treat ALL people as suspects. They become very cynical because people will lie to you with a straight face, and with the deepest sincerity. Their aggressiveness is a conscious protective mechanism, and is especially more prevalent (in my experience) with officers from sheriff's depts and highway patrols because their next backup may be many miles (and minutes) away. They use intimidation and aggressiveness as a way to control situations with potentially violent people before those interactions escalate, so they don't have to draw their weapons or use other force.

As with any group of people, you sometimes have some bad apples in the mix. Unfortunately, because of the nature of this job, those bad apples can really wreak havoc and have disastrous consequences on some people's lives.

But by and large, I found that good and successful LEOs have 2 qualities: 1) a sincere desire to serve the public; and 2) the typical macho cop attitude, whether they are male or female.

I had neither, which is why I was content to be a police dispatcher for 5 years.

And the people they have to deal with run the gamut as well. From everyday good people who find themselves victims of accidents and crime, to stupid and inane college kids who binge drink and drive drunk, to the dopers and meth heads living on the streets and breaking into houses and cars to feed their addiction, to the violent gangbangers in the inner cities and projects.

You truly do not know how a scenario will develop as the traffic stop or call for service progresses.

What I fear most is the militarization of our civilian police forces. As the character of Commander Adama (Edward James Olmos) said in an episode of Battlestar Galactica:

"There is a reason we separate the military and the police. One fights the enemy of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people."

The irony is that liberals and Leftists, who keep pushing gun control and trying to restrict law-abiding people's 2nd Amendment rights with the argument that only the police and military should have guns, are also the same people pushing for even bigger and more powerful Federal government .... and more militarized police.


I had a cop pull me over for speeding once and I smiled and was very polite to him.

He told me " you've got a nice smile but I'm going to give you a ticket anyway".

If I'm polite to people no matter what their station in life is I've found that living goes much more smoothly.

Eric in Boise

Great observations, anonamom. I couldn't agree more.

Publius of Idaho

Reading Ext's 12:59 PM, the following quote from Miami's coach Joe Philbin might go a long way to explaining the Dolphin's losing season:

"I've been doing the bed check every single night at the hotel and just knocking on their doors and making sure that they're OK, busting their chops a little bit if they're awake."

How many of his players were asleep until the knocking on the door awoke them?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Chris Walling was a criminal investigator with the Public Integrity Unit. Not only that, he was the primary investigator who was looking into the CPRIT case.

Walling submitted an affidavit on Wednesday, and in that affidavit he says:

“At no time in CPRIT investigation was Governor Rick Perry or anyone from the Governor’s office a target. At no time did I ever obtain evidence that suggested any wrongdoing on behalf of Governor Rick Perry or the Governor’s office. At no time did the evidence that I obtained as investigator ever suggest any wrongdoing on the part of any appointed Board Member of CPRIT. Any suggestion that Governor Rick Perry or anyone associated with him was being investigated is untrue; and, based on my investigation, there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that suggests wrongdoing on the part of any individual other than the individual ultimately indicted by a grand jury.”

It’s obvious, but probably worth clarifying anyway, that Walling is not referring to the indictment of Perry there. He is referring to the lone indictment of a staffer in the CPRIT case.

James D.

Anonamom, I get what you're saying.

But I do think there's a difference between idealism about the people we choose and pay and give police power to domestically; and idealism about foreign enemies.


That's not called irony, fd.
It's called design.


Hi Appalled. Good to see you commenting once in awhile.

Thomas Collins
"Boston City"

Anonamom! I didn't realize you were here when the Orange Line was elevated. You dealt with the the Mass. Ave/Harrison Avenue 'hood before gentrification!


true, Appalled, Volodya doesn't know where to stop, he started the Second Chechen War, probably thinking it would be a short run thing, same with Georgia, and now the Ukraine

Seriously when they allow such things as this:

winning the future are we going,


--Ig, James D--you betcha I told them that--

I assume you mean you told him to be polite and cooperate.
That's not what was objectionable about what that cop said. Exercising my first amendment rights, especially if he's just finding facts not arresting me, does not empower a cop to shoot or beat me. It doesn't give him the power to shoot or beat anyone.
Most cops are OK. Many cops however are jerks unfit for their jobs and a menace to our rights. Cooperation is fine but, considering human nature, easily turns into servility.
He's the public servant, not me.

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