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August 20, 2014


Jeff Dobbs



I can take this thread off topic in one post.

Draft of an editorial:

Head: Stand up against destroyers

According to reports, an American journalist kidnapped in 2012 and held by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihadists since then has been beheaded. ISIS jihadists now threaten to behead another American journalist. The label is less important thn the action.

The beheadings reaffirm that Islamic jihadists constitute a destroyer culture that intolerant of other cultures that will not conform to Islamist dogma.

Builder cultures are humble enough to value the diversity other cultures offer and respect other cultures that respect them. Builder cultures learn and assimilate wisdom from others.

Destroyer cultures are emotional adolescents, insecure, and impetuous. If destroyer culture actions refuse to achieve mature humanity and continue to tear the fabric of society — if they do not master society’s minimum requirements of humility and respect — then they opt out of society with others, following no rules except the law of the jungle. No rules is a nasty place to be.

But since Destroyers have chosen that battlefield, they should expect a fight. Builder cultures that value the fabric of society will act to preserve the thin tissue of civilization where humility and respect allow diversity to flourish.

Progressives and naïve liberals take heed. Their mistaken narratives imply the root cause of intercultural violence is because of ugly Americans. More significant by far are those in this world who want to kill for money, power, religious dogma, or other petty reason.

Society with others is worth preserving. Stand up for it.


So The Strain is a documentary?


Closer than you would think, maybe that T gondii
bacteria is also involved,

great editorial, sbw

Captain Hate

Well done, sbw.

Continuing with the OT theme, what are we to make of the Alaskan primary results last night? I know daddy voted for the guy not Sullivan or Joe Miller so I guess he's not happy.

Thomas Collins

Bah HumBUG. Our real purpose is to amuse electrons with our wave/particle/duality musings.


From the last thread;

and we have the Gitmo detainee connection,


Like I say, I vaguely recalled the story,

mike in houston

From the last thread

Perry Grand Juror Was An Active Democratic Party Delegate During Jury Proceedings


Very good sbw. This really is no time to not know our history or having our large charitable foundations paying for PR campaigns to create a false prevailing narrative.

I think the Russians, Chinese, and ME leaders are just utterly delighted the US especially but the West generally is engaged in deliberate mind arson. When I look at the UNESCO ed conferences in Qatar or Saudi Arabia there is no way lots of leaders do not know the extent to which we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

The research I alluded to at the end of today's post was the Obama campaign's use of a social science technique of Structured Dialogue Design to survey potential voters in the Dem primaries with this question.

"In the context of Obama's vision for enagaging stakeholders from all walks of life in a bottom-up democracy employing Internet technology, what factors do we anticipate, on the basis of our experience with SDDP, will emerge as inhibitors to the actualization of his visions?"

Fundamental transformation from Day 1. No wonder signing the Open Data Initiative was his first act in office.

Both using techniques from the behavioral sciences to guide perceptions going forward in useful ways as he did in 2012 with Romney all summer. Plus trolling for info on which voters with what characteristics believe what things. Organizing for America still has all that info too.


the story wasn't even really about him, except for this passage:

All these men would soon be kidnapped. Balint Szlanko thinks he was arrested by a security team working for a powerful rebel militia; Vedat Xhymshiti was taken twice by different groups he believes were Islamic extremists—during the past year and a half, hard-core Islamists under the thin umbrella of al-Qaeda have become a growing presence in the fight against the regime. On each occasion, the men were freed within 24 hours. Jim Foley would not be so lucky. On November 22, he was returning from Syria to the Turkish border with another Western journalist and a Syrian fixer when they stopped off at an Internet café in Binnish, a town in Idlib province that they had been using as their base. It was Thanksgiving and the journalists went online, filing work and chatting with friends. After an hour or so they left the café and flagged down a taxi to take them to the border. Somewhere along the way the taxi was intercepted and the journalists were extracted at gunpoint and driven away. Like Austin Tice, Jim Foley and his companions simply vanished. Despite immense efforts by their families and friends, there has been no real news of them since.

Danube on iPad


"During a speech in August of 2006, the Associated Press reports that then-President George W. Bush warned of what now sounds like a premonition of what would happen in Iraq should the U.S. prematurely withdraw our troops, 'If we leave Iraq before the job is done, it will create a terrorist state in the heart of the Middle East, a terrorist state much more dangerous than Afghanistan was before we removed the Taliban, a terrorist state with the capacity to fund its activities because of the oil reserves of Iraq.'"


Last year (Nov.22) Ayotte and Shaheen issued a statement urging the release of Foley. They urged the FBI and State continue efforts. The statement is on their websites.
sbw,your editorial is great. The statements that Ayotte and Shaheen released about Foley's death are full of words of anger,calling the terrorists barbarous,heinous,evil and cowardly. Strong words aren't enough. Our political class better get their act together and recognize the threat. Oh,I forgot.They're all on vacation.


On topic,I had yogurt for lunch. :)

Thomas Collins

It looks as if Brian Hoyer's microbes are on top of Johnny Manziel's for now.

Captain Hate

Both Browns QBs looked terrible against the Redskins and Manziel compounded his problems by giving the Skins bench the finger. The last time the Browns had a punk high draft choice QB was that idiot Tim Couch who was out of the league almost as fast as you can say Akili Smith.

Maybe I should just wait for the NBA.

Jack is Back!


Love the Destroyer - Builder contrast but if you have not seen the Dennis Praeger video that explains the Middle East in the simplest of terms, I have it for you below:


--Manziel compounded his problems by giving the Skins bench the finger.--

Wow. Dumb on so many levels and doesn't bode well for the kind of attitude that makes for success.

Captain Hate

Yeah Iggy, nothing says stoopid like an undersized player deliberately infuriating people who are already getting paid to physically unload on him. That imbecilic gomer Couch used to do that along with another rocket surgeon, Mike Tomczak. Both of them get into Canton by paying an admission.


JiB, the 1:14 link is worth watching. Thanks for the pointer.

Danube on iPad

Manziel is tiny, not very fast and has an average arm. He ain't gonna make it.

Mike Tobin on Fox says the Gateway Pundit people claim the eye socket info was leaked from the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office denies any leak, and will neither confirm nor deny the condition of the eye, saying that's for the GJ to hear.

Captain Hate

Unfunny people talking about being unfunny:


But since Destroyers have chosen that battlefield, they should expect a fight.

Should they? I don't think ISIS does.

Builder cultures that value the fabric of society will act to preserve the thin tissue of civilization where humility and respect allow diversity to flourish.

Will they? Sadly I suspect the Builders are done building. Many (most) no longer value what they've built and have squandered it. Seems like it's all going to be destroyed without a fight.

But I sure hope you are right, sbw.


Hi, Porch. All it takes is a change of mind.

I hope I'm correct, too.


wait, didn't we see this movie before:


Is Holder there to rule on the admissibility of evidence presented to the GJ?


Holder is there to appoint a federal special prosecutor to nail whitey (all of them) with civil rights charges. The grand jury takes effort and facts, the civil rights carp only requires a pen and a phone.


Sadly I suspect the Builders are done building.

I think someone posted a day or so on this. Have we built any airports lately? Nuclear reactors? Highways? Bridges? Dams? Space programs?


Here's what we build now. Bird zappers.

Jeff Dobbs

We've built a vast system of lethal aviary weaponry.


--Here's what we build now. Bird zappers.--

Finally something useful from the green energy zealots.
It kills, singes the feathers from and then cooks the bird in one fell swoop.
All my shotgun does is fill em full of pellets, when it isn't missing them altogether.
I'm gonna wait for the Duck Dynasty camo version.

Danube on iPad

Pretty detailed account of the Brown-Wilson encounter:


Porchlight | August 20, 2014 at 02:03 PM

We survived Woodrow Wilson. We survived Franklin D. Roosevelt. We survived Jimmy Carter, and we'll survive Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton? I'm not so sure.

Beasts of England

@Captain: I'm still loving my prediction, re: the Ewok. He's having a fit on the Gov. Nixon thread. I'm highly amused. And not getting enough work done...

(A)Nuther Bub

Continuing with the OT theme, what are we to make of the Alaskan primary results last night? I know daddy voted for the guy not Sullivan or Joe Miller so I guess he's not happy.

Someone on talk radio (Hugh Hewitt?) reported yesterday that Harry Reid has been telling Dems that Sullivan must be defeated to ensure a hold on Alaska, so I take the win as excellent news. I think daddy said yesterday that he was fine with it.


Is there another Senator as loathsome as Harry Reid?


He was concerned with the turnout,though.

Publius of Idaho

Yes, Lyle. The Senator from NY that gives Harry his walking orders and talking points.


Conceded, Publius.

Carol Herman

Intestinal bugs?

As a young kid I loved to eat raw chopped meat. My mom said that this was true of her dad, too.

Does genetics skip around? Yup. A bit. My mom's favorite chocolate was Almond Joy. While I never came to like coconut. Doesn't surprise me, though, that coconut's one of my son's favorite foods. He'll even eat it in pie.


>>More research is needed and time will tell! ..... But I can't rule out evil sprits or demonic possession.<<

More leeches!

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