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September 03, 2014


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maybe they meant shitter


TM, they go on a selfie bing. Obamaesque solipsism rules.


oh, and first

Eric in Boise

I'd rather shutter in my boots than tewwt in my chausses.

But just barely.


Obama has a foreign policy?

Not the Russians.

Who lost Europe?

Can't they use SpelChek?

Sposed to be 'sputter'.

I haven't been able to top that one today.

Read it with your eyes closed; let your ears do the talking.

Jane on Ipad

I'd sure as hell shutter.


Mrs. Buckeye just switched to Hannity a few minutes ago and I am doing everything I can to resist reaching through the screen to bitch slap Bill Richardson.

Every time Sean makes a valid point about what a pussy Obama is Richardson comes back with some crap about how we "need to come together as a country".

Like Obama has been coming together with the conservatives?

Danube on iPad

Ass-grabbing groper Bill Richardson is one of the most overrated politicains in our history. I still want to know: which new organization ever described him as a "white Hispanic?"



Here I am in Camp Granada




Richardson's father was half-Mexican and his mother was Spanish and Mexican. IOW he is more Hispanic than Anglo.


If Obama showed a little "shock and awe" to ISIS Americans would come together to support him. It's tailor made to get him out of the current political hole he's in. He'd get a huge electoral lift.

But he won't. Because the people he respects, the people he listens to, the people he's put in charge, have dedicated their entire lives to denigrating American military power as an instrument of good.

The guy who "got Bin Laden" and took full personal credit can't find the balls to take out the British rapper in the mask, the guys who execute unarmed prisoners of war in broad daylight and proudly display their crimes on video.


Fluffer describes the Dimbulb in Chief.

Eric in Boise

I am doing everything I can to resist reaching through the screen to bitch slap Bill Richardson.

An LIV recruitment poster:

"Join us NOW! Your blood pressure will decrease 10 points or more, guaranteed!"


They shutter every time Obama stutters.


uh, umm, errr, uh, let me be, uh err, clear

Danube on iPad

Thanks Bori. One must always count the beans, so to speak, in the appropriate manner. It seemed universally agreed that George Zimmerman's negro heritage was insufficient to warrant mention.

What ever happened to the one-drop rule?

Danube on iPad

I have hated Lawrence Korb for roughly forty years now.


Danube, I think Obama got rid of the ONE DROP RULE for White-Hispanics via executive order. He has a pen you know.


Bori, Isn't Spain anglo?


If we reduce our forces overall by ~25% and then switch 60% of them to the Pacific will that result in a net gain or a loss?


Ignatz, I was told there would be no COMMON CORE math here.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Speaking of the one drop rule, in addition to O'Brian I'm also reading Faulkner's "Go Down, Moses" with its relentless explication of the complex social disruptions caused by miscegenation. It is written in such a brutally frank style that I expect the usual suspects to demand its removal from the canon, although it surely influenced Toni Morrison's "Beloved".


It'll be there CH, after it gets the Huck Finn treatment.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Need to send a letter to the editor axing witch word they mint. :)



When it comes to Hispanics, Anglo is whatever the PC police determines it to be.

Danube on iPad

Destruct and destroy.



I only knew of him, since he was referenced in Lehman's memoir.


DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA: 6,000 foreign nationals on student visas have apparently vanished into thin air

Carol Herman

Americans are not motivated! And, journalists can't get back what they once owned ... which was to be "the carrier of stories."

The Internet's actually replaced journalism, except for an "event" like Ferguson that garnered worldwide attention. And, got the cash registers ringing. (But not in Ferguson.)

The other failure belongs to the GOP. Nobody misses Mitt Romney. And, nobody misses the Bush's. Or Jimmy Carter.

If Bill Clinton didn't have his sex scandal, no one would miss him, either.

Separate from Obama, JFK wasn't all that popular. Except that the media loved him. And, loved his wife. Because they were so young and stylish.

I think politicians are supposed to be "meh."

The good news? Well politicians can no longer "sell" Korea, Vietnam, Irak, or Afghanistan. And, people here don't care what pieces of the Ukraine Putin consumes. Sure, lots of people hope he gets indigestion.

But stories? They happen every day. Obama keeps his wardrobe up. And, he's very, very aware of all the cameras. Happy about it? Heck, look at Hollywood. They aren't happy about it either. But it's worse if they can't generate any PR.

What would it be like if Obama was actually liked more? Would we be inundated with stories about what he ate for breakfast?

While his wife gets more attention by trying to coax kids to eat vegetables. This is not a successful tack. She'd be better off taking up golf. Or at least a hobby that didn't involve gardening.


TM writes: Spell Check taunts the NY Times editors with this gem on the US strategic pivot to Asia

That reminded me that a number of years back the despicable John Murtha wanted to do a "strategic Pivot" of US troops from Iraq to Okinawa.

Googling to find out what more Murtha said, up popped a post about redeploying to Okinawa from none other than TM, channelling Rodgers and Hammerstein!

Where the planes come whistling from the sky
With our redeployed men we can leave right then
And it's just six thousand miles to fly!

Sometimes this place is like one big Mobius Strip:)


Here's an odd story: Dirty Politics makes Strange Bedfellows in the Alaskan Race for Governor and Lt Governor.

Alaskan Democrats just voted to pull their Dem candidates from running in the Governor/Lt Governor Race against current Repub Governor Sean Parnell and the other Repub, Dan Sullivan number 2. Instead they decided to back a Republican candidate who was running as an Independent, but they cut a deal with him saying they would only vote for him if he quit being a Republican.

So he quit being a Repub, and the new ticket for Dems to vote for is the new "Independent" guy as Governor, and his running mate for Lt Governor will be the guy who was running as the Dem Governor candidate, and is now still a Dem but running for the Lt Governor slot.

The guy with the most money was the original Dem Lt Governor Candidate, Hollis french, who had amassed a campaign fund of $100,000, but so far nobody knows what he intends to do with the money.

Odd doings, but there is this logic:

the Alaska AFL-CIO refused to endorse any candidate unless (Repub) Parnell had only one opponent.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

I, too, almost threw a brick through the TV last night. Richardson made me about as mad as I have been all week.

That"we need to come together" stuff was just too much for me.

What iot means is that although most of America knows there is terrorism, and although Obama had CREATED this mess by declaring the war on terror over, and although he DELIBERATELY ignored warnings about risk to the US from ISIS, and although he has MUSLIMS in the White House who are friends of the Muslim Brotherhood,
we are supposed to rally around Obama as he dithers and stalls until there is a strike on this soil.

It was the most nakedly preemptive ploy I have seen in some time. Richardson has probably been told by friends in the CIA or DNC that intelligence is sending up a big red flag, and he wants to get out in front to deflect blame from the party. Truly disgusting.

hit and run

Good morning!



Oh, and yeah...


Miss Marple

Morning, hit!

I see I am going to keep getting greetings all month. LOL!

8th is the day.

hit and run

And today she would have turned 55 - remembering our dear bad.

Miss Marple

Well, every time I think I am getting too tin foilish, I read something like this:

James D.

Happy birthday, RSE! And child of Porch!

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Happy birthday and may you enjoy many more, z
Hope you enjoy a very special day on your birthday, Porchlight Jr.
Miss Marple, I hope you enjoy the day.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

RSE, I hope you enjoy your birthday despite my IPAD errors.

James D.

I don't think there's enough tin foil in the world these days, MM.

All this surveillance tech is supposedly for our "security" but the gov't can't (or isn't interested in) use it to find guys like the Boston bombers, PR the thousands of "kids" who disappeared after getting student visas, or the 11 million (or whatever the real number is) illegals or the guys who are beheading our citizens or...

But of course it's all for our own good and we must trust them at all times.

Miss Marple

So, Charles C. Johnson was just speculating:

His stories should be read with a skeptical eye.

Miss Marple

Tell your kids if they don't pick up their socks and put them in the laundry bin, the dog might get sick!

Captain Hate

HB Robin, fille de Porch and our departed and missed bad.


She's not sad, she's BAD! We miss you Bad, and love you.

HB little porch, RSE and Miss Marple!


HB rse and Porch babe!
what a lovely picture of bad! I never see pics of bluebells without thinking of her.

Richardson comes from a very wealthy family and probably has less in common with Hispanic Americans than I do.

Love the loop to Okinawa daddy--boy some people know how to store and retrieve.


daddy that link to the old JOM from 8 years ago. old lurker was just lurker then. I can't believe that is still accessible.


Hit-thanks for the picture of Bad. It appears then it is not just the day itself we share nor the curly hair.

Topic change though as the world keeps moving. NSF is creating I-Node grants that will further accelerate high school as more vocational now, Career Pathways, research u's as anchor institutions for the Regional Equity vision, and the Sector Strategy of the government Big Business nexus. Here's the story.

I think it was henry who said early iterations of this have been just as wasteful as we all assume them to be.

Thanks for the kind wishes. The Diva's birthday present is she just said she was comfortable driving herself to her voice lesson after school.

Going to do a Free at Last! dance as soon as I have my morning tea.


Happy birthday, rse, porch Jr

cindyk on IPad

Happy Happy Day rse and porch jr.


"Which I've far from vaguely hinted at for a few weeks now, despite the "it can't happen here" BS being spewed from the White House, CDC, WHO, and every media jackass in creation. "

Account of the Writebols presser yesterday and an ER nurse's
perspective on the Ebola crisis:

Captain Hate

Mark Levin laid out the sweet deal that Cantor has gotten at the investment bank which has a nice exit clause in two years in case there's a GOPe President where he can hop back on the gravy train without having to deal with those parvenu voters. I'm probably a pariah for agreeing with that characterization but I'll be damned if I'll keep quiet about trash behavior just because somebody has an R beside his name.


Happy Birthday rse and Porch Jr. Hit,the picture of Bad and her children is lovely.

I notice Fox keeps showing the bombastic Biden ranting about the gates of Hell. What an idiot.

Rick B

Happy Birthday RSE and Porchight Jr.!


And chip Barbour and Fogh on leghorn Lott are lobbying for Volodya gas and trust


HB rse and mini-Porchlight!


Those were the days before Ann showed us how to post pics. Otherwise, that page from 8 years ago would have displayed this:


Happy Birthday to rse . . .
and to the little porchlight !

(isn't there more than one little porchlight?)


shutter?-- what like a gerbil providing death throes stimulation?

While Obummer 'pivots to asia', back in Ukraine Tsar Vlad's plan is analyzed:


Happy 39th b-day to rse,

happy b-day to mini-porchlight.


happy birthday rse, may you continue in your fine work. Happy birthday to little porchlight (could that be flashlight?)
and rest in peace beautiful BAD.

heard a clip of Jon Stewart this morning on Imus making fun of Obama. The rats are leaving the sinking ship

Jack is Back (by the pool on his iPhone)

A tropical wave or 2 developing off African coast. May be a 'cane this time next week. Here's a fun fact: Last hurricane to make landfall in Florida was Wilma in 2005. And that was an October 'cane.


So a recent find in Gibraltar, indicates that the Neanderthal were more advanced then we thought


What happened to the meme about layers and layers of editors? Is there no one at the NYT that edits anymore?


The economy: the jobs market for millennials has been destroyed by ObummerCare, wages are flat, and the hyper overregultion and tax increases have drained all dynamism for the USA economy. The high income Libs remain happy for now as they look at their portfolio accounts, and certainly public union folks stay happy with their lifetime healthcare and pension deals. Everyone else gets the shaft. And yet the 2Q GDP 4% growth will probably hold, and 3Q should be OK. Why? Amajor support is trade imbalance being 'only' about $40B/month. It remains low because of the oil/nat gas revolution and coal exports suppressing oil imports (even at $95/Barrel) and contributing to refined product exports. The thing the Obamaniacs hate, fossil fuels, are saving the country's ass from outright depression (see the EU.)


NK-at the same time the lofo credentialed from college, law, or business schools wonder where are their middle class jobs and think more government is the answer.

Cause the problem to sell the solution is a big part of what created this mess.

Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, rse and Porchlight progeny!

Jack is Back

I was once on a Eurostar from Paris to London when about 50 immigrants stormed on board at Calais. Took the police 2 hours to get them all off. Two settled down in first class and pretended they were returning home from a business meeting:)

150 Migrants storm P&O Ferry in Calais and were beat back by staff using fire hose.


@rse-- well they will be shocked to learn that the OPM has run dry because geezers our age (39yo) look at them as the worker bee source of funds to pay for Medicare and Soc Sec, not to mention the % on the national debt. So they will all look at the productive class, and try to appropriate that wealth. Then we'll see corporate inversions become productive Taxpayer Inversion (Costa Rica is very nice) and Blue States and the federal government will go all Detroit. It will be something.

Beasts of England

A taxpayer inversion in Costa Rica sounds nice. Do they have the drinks with the little bamboo umbrellas in them?

Captain Hate

And chip Barbour and Foghorn leghorn Lott are lobbying for Volodya gas and trust

Yeah he mentioned those two also as well as that well known Blue Dog John Breaux. It's like Reagan never existed. I thought Lott had osteoporosis from bending over to kiss Sharpton and Jesse's asses so often.

Was that picture of Noonan taken back before there was color photography because that's the last time I think she looked that young?


Yeah, that montage needs an update. Surely DWS would make the list nowadays. And wasn't Rosa DiLauro in Congress back then?

Captain Hate

I feel a bit bad for Tereeeeeza, for whom Miss Marple has directed some well deserved sympathy considering the manipulative oaf to whom she's unfortunately wed. I think that's just a bad picture of an otherwise reasonably attractive woman.


Couple of things. Peggy N was and remains a very atractive woman 'of a certain age'. Tereeza is not my type, I do admit she married once VERY well (that Heinz stock set her and her great grandkids up for life), but she is not aging well. What we see is after a NASCAR like crew works on her for 45 minutes before she's seen in public.

In other matters, the Dems War on Womenz is heading towards fail in 2014. Smart repubs are adopting a Libertarian/free market type approach of make more contraceptives OTC and wider available and cheaper so sexually active gals have more and cheaper options. As a social conservative, I disagree, but avoiding national bankruptcy and schlaging the headchoppers takes priority for me, so morning after pills for all!!!


Happy birthday Robin! And happy birthday to our old friend bad! We miss you!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for #2 kid! She has been looking forward to today for what seems like about 364 days. Finally eight.


Happy Birthday RSE and Porchight Jr.!


(isn't there more than one little porchlight?)

Yes, this is 2 of 3. I am pretty psyched because after today, no kid birthdays until April. :)


CH-- mentally ill baby killer-- no doubt. Add to that fact that this black lady is fantasizing about fulfilling the racist nightmares of eugenicists like margaret sanger to systematically wipe out black babies. Beyond mental.


A group of former FEC chairmen file an amicus brief in support of John Doe victims. Oral arguments in the 7th Circuit are Tuesday.



Amid all this incoherence, there is one point on which Obama has been remarkably consistent. In that 2002 speech, he said: "Let's fight to make sure our so-called allies in the Middle East, the Saudis and the Egyptians, stop oppressing their own people, and suppressing dissent, and tolerating corruption and inequality, and mismanaging their economies so that their youth grow up without education, without prospects, without hope, the ready recruits of terrorist cells."

Last Friday, he struck the same theme, though without bad-mouthing our so-called allies: "We have seen, frankly, in this region, economies that don't work. So you've got tons of young people who see no prospect and no hope for the future and are attracted to some of these ideologies."

Compare these quotes with candidate Obama's notorious 2008 remark: "And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Reader Lavonne Kuykendall, who astutely spotted the similarity, observes:

It is crystal clear to any Christian that Obama is a nonbeliever, regardless of what he claims to be, and that is his business. But these comments make it clear that he sees all religious feeling to be essentially equivalent: an opiate for the masses to assuage their seething bitterness and anger.

Which, come to think of it, would also explain Jeremiah Wright.


Bori-- if your cousin plays world football (soccer) there many female and coed clubs in Manchester and Naugatuck Ct-- plus Yale club soccer. I don't know your ethnicity, but Naugatuck remains a Portuguese center in Ct. I am scheduled to ref a men's game sunday with a Naugatuck portuguese team.

It bears emphasis that the problem here is not Obama's conjectural lack of faith or insincerity. It is, rather, his utter incomprehension of religious sentiment. How does one develop a strategy against an enemy one cannot understand?
Captain Hate

NK, the ghoulish need to equate feminism with abortion just blows my mind. I'm reluctantly pro abortion in that I don't think anybody should go through a pregnancy in the case of rape but I do not condone irresponsible behavior in not taking reasonable precautions to prevent an unwanted pregnancy being rewarded by using abortion as ad hoc birth control. Ie I want people to have to think and reflect just what they're doing when this happens and to not have it happen again.

The blithe assumption that this is just an inconvenience is sick and anybody who believes that has a damaged soul and I don't consider them fully developed as a person.


Careful Ext, you are helping to seal the deal on my point that Obama believes in no religion..... except Obamaism ;)

Seriously, this is why I make a distinction between Obama's active support for islamist MB, and his rejection of the God of Abraham. MB remains fundementally an 'anti-colonial' and anti- Saud/Gulf Sheik political movement. That is right up Obama's racialist/Marxist worldview-- he loves those guys, even though he rejects the one God and his Prophet.


I thought Geraghty's email today was outstanding.. a tour de force of the current politics in SAmerica. I highly recommend it.


Yes, Taranto supports you on that, NK. I tend to agree with him, too. Obama is above religious belief.


I thought so too NK.


yep... as taranto and his commenters point out. an objective review of Obama's actions proves that out. But as fdcol63 pointed out yesterday, what he does is more important than why he does it. And what he does is undermine the USA, Israel, and christians at every opportunity.


Dolomites-- forget the cars, I wish I were there right now. Perfect time of year.
But I'll look at the car photos tonight.


A Federal judge applies the law and upholds Louisiana gay marriage ban.
The left of course is outraged that a judge talked about the law in his ruling rather than empathy and love.


Getting close to the fat lady singing in Illinois:

Bruce Rauner (R) 46%
Pat Quinn (D-inc) 37%
Chad Grimm (L) 7%


So it looks like righties are having a hard time creating a wave this fall and their chances of taking the Senate grow dimmer.

Look,this isn't rocket science,when your entire strategy in Government is to DO NOTHING FOR 6 YEARS and then you go to the American people and ask them to vote more of you into government so you can be more effective in your strategy of DOING NOTHING.....mmmmmmmm.

You suck ass. It's not your fault.Personally I thought you always sucked ass but you used to try and hide you don't care who knows that Conservatism is a con and that you suck a wino's dirty nasty ass.

Jack is Back


I have actually driven that road up to Cortina from the Veneto where I was invited by the Mayor to discuss driving a tunnel and bypass road system to take away all the lorry traffic between Austria and Italy. Absolutely stunning place.

They couldn't afford it.

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