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September 01, 2014


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Soylent Red


Soylent Red

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

Thomas Collins

Burger King once had a song in an ad that started as follows: "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce". Perhaps the new song should be: "Hold the bun, hold the fries, try the pickles, lettuce and burgers on for size."


Great. I don't need to lose weight or lower cholesterol, but my triglycerides are a tad high... My doctor said more fish, less fat / processed grains. Plus the exercise thingy. If I could shoot fish I'd be set.

Beasts of England

Weight loss: the ultimate first world problem.


Henry, get yourself a barrel. Easy peasy.


JohnH, good point. Are the ones with monkeys labelled? I don't need monkeys, bush meat like that causes Ebola.

Beasts of England

Surprised one of the burger joints hasn't jumped on the lettuce-as-bun concept. They certainly have some lettuce sitting around...

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Difficult question of the night...

This costume:


for Halloween?

The hubs just said "you've been staring at those for an hour..."

I'm kinda in a cape mood for this year. And armor. Lots of armor. If I had any sense, I would finish it in time for Dragon Con every year, but I never do.


Henry, it's not the fat, it's the carbs. Eat butter, lay off the cheetos, your TGs will tank.

In 'N Outs sell burgers wrapped in lettuce.

miss Marple

I need to go on a low carb diet.

I suppose that means I will have to switch to gin.

miss Marple


(A)Nuther Bub

Henry, my triglycerides went from 95 - 110 mg/dL to 40-50 (where it has stayed for the past 12 years) on a diet I try to keep about 80 percent fat, mainly saturated fat, via meat and dairy. I hope your physician's advice to eat less fat works for you, but I'd maybe seek another opinion. Our internist told us that all of his patients who follow Taubes faithfully have had their total cholesterol and triglycerides come down significantly, and have had a rise in HDL at the same time.

Okay, final word. I know everyone hates this topic.


well I used to watch practically every Rene Russo even 'Freejack, but I'm more partial to Jamie Alexander now.


OK, stupid carbs have to go. (I do not include beer in stupid carbs). For me that means less rice and pasta, more sautéed spinach / kale. It has to be the bulk stuff I put beside the stir fry duck or BBQ venison to sop up juices. Or with politics heating up, I could turn on the TV and go with the perfect punch for 30 mins a day. Maybe I should patch the hole in the Obama bobo -- it took a beating last election...


Ok, I now have a boss who has lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks by cutting carbs down to ~25% of his calories. It's a REALLY tough sell in my house, as we eat pasta at almost every meal, and I can't get DrF to eat meat except for ground beef (he doesn't like the texture) and that ends up being in a bun.

So I have a question for people who do low-carb: I have some incredible pasta sauces that are basically no-carb in the sauce. (Gorgonzola walnut cream sauce anyone? Vodka sauce with pancetta? Ham, asparagus & onion cream sauce? Gorgonzola, caramelized onions & cream?) Has anyone tried serving a thick chunky sauce like that over something other than the pasta, risotto or gnocchi? The Pioneer Woman has a recipe for onions and blue cheese over a rib eye that's to die for, but we end up with pasta and bread to sop up the extra sauce. What about something like cauliflower instead? Jane, I know you are the Maven Of Cauliflower -- ever tried something like that?

Just not sure how to live without fruit, chocolate, crackers, really good french bread...



I'd love to hear about something that can sop up juice, whether is is curry or tomato-based, and still subscribe to Taubes.

Hard. Though RickB tells me it is no big deal.


Man Tran on iPhone

Re: the wines on the old thread, 14 Hands is the local table wine around here. I rarely partake, so have no particular bias on the matter.

I mentioned last fall that we spent a day with the owners of Milbrandt over on the Columbia River. They crank out 550k cases a year using 27 varieties of grapes. The dirty secret is producing for about 100 private labels mostly from CA. They take the recipe preferred by the customer and after getting their blessing for matching the original, they offer tweaks that usually get the nod.

BTW having lived over there in the early '50s, I always chuckle at references to Columbia Valley 'cus it was always Columbia Basin until somebody figured that didn't sound good in the advertising. :)

Captain Hate

Just what the world needs: Another diet thread.


I've followed a low carb diet for over seven years. The problem was I went too low carb. I ended up with hypothyroidism. Followed by high cholesterol. Now that I'm adding more fruit and veggies into my diet, I'm doing better. I still have a ways to go though.

Cathyf, you can try spaghetti squash. There are so many fantastic cooks out there to help with grain free diets. My favorite source is a blog called, Against All Grain. I have yet to try one of her recipes that I did not love.

Danube on iPad

Can we talk about organized crime? Gavrilo Prinzip? Lorenzo de Medici? Simon Bolivar? Chiang Kai Shek? Habib Borguiba? Ramon Magsaysay? John Dillinger? The Reverend Billy James Hargis? John Wesley Hardin? Guy Fawkes? Lee Kwan Yew? Ivan Rasputin?

Or must it be Gary Taubes and his progeny?

I inquire. You decide.


Or must it be Gary Taubes and his progeny?

Seems so, DoT. I can post some Sibelius, if you like. Or Brahms, perhaps. :)

Rick B


I wasn't doing it so it really wasn't a big deal to me ;).


Cathyf, try spaghetti squash as a low carb alternative to pasta. Bake it, cut it in half, and scoop it out.

Danube on iPad

Thanks, DrJ, but I think I will exercise the Slumberland option.



Odimbulb came to Milwaukee today. Or so I'm told. The boyKing is toxic.

(A)Nuther Bub

Damned inpertinent that Tom Maguire talks about something he finds interesting.

Captain Hate

Yes, Gus; I heard Walker's opponent doesn't want to be in the same county as 404.


How about we go over Wong Kim Ark again?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

I've seen folks shred zucchini and use that instead of spaghetti noodles. Not my cup of tea, but I've seen it done.

If you have a hamburger preference in your house, vary the toppings. I've done a hamburger steak with sauteed japanese veggies like they serve at the slice and dice places (zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, onions) served over the hamburger "steak." Saute the veggies with a bit of soy sauce, garlic and butter and pour over to finish.

Then you can do a mexican version topped with mexi cheese dip melted over with salsa on a bed of shredded lettuce use taco seasoning to season the beef patty.

Italian, just use italian seasonings and whatever veggies you choose and pour over the patty.

Cajun, same type thing. The important thing is to vary the seasonings to get the 'culture' of the night's dining and the fact that you are always eating hamburger kinda becomes irrelevant.

Think of it as smothered steak.

BTW for a breakfast taste, you can do a hamburger patty with bacon and two poached eggs on top.


Spaghetti squash rawks! Absolutely love it.

I'm drinking a lot of Casanova di Neri Rosso di Montalcino. You're missing a great dry drinkable Tuscan food friendly red if you haven't tried it.


well it can't be Untergang all the time, Until I read Max Hastings, I didn't know what a small part had played, Princip had played, as compared to Apis or the Russian Ambassador to Serbia. in David Stone's Dalton series, the name has become a small Montenegran mob,

Now there's a trade off to everything, is it true, low gluten foods, like brown rice, are high in arsenic,


Great stuff, Stephanie. We do that all the time.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Why did the makeup artists in the 80s star trek movies make the Klingons look like they had an upside down screaming,infant on their heads?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Just got a WSJ message that Forrest Gump's box of chocolates just became a lot richer with landing a job with some well heeled investment bank. I'm sure he'll be providing them witha constituent service that is at a higher level than he did to the regular folks who dumped him in the primary.

Great GOPe optics imo.


Damned inpertinent that Tom Maguire talks about something he finds interesting.

Checking back in after a busy long weekend of travels.

What this topic has in common with other JOM themes is that it's yet another clear example of government supposedly trying to help, and getting into areas that are beyond its competence and its essential roles, and consequently doing more harm than good. Substitute health insurance, financial regulation, education, energy, poverty programs, you name it, it's always the same sorry outcome.

How many people have had their lives shortened, not to mention made more miserable, by being told they should avoid fats, meat, eggs, etc. and load up on carbs? That was pretty much the government's food pyramid.


Forrest Gump's box of chocolates just became a lot richer

CH, your posts are starting to need translation almost as much as narciso's. :) Anyway, for those of you like me who weren't sure who Forest Gump is, that's Eric Cantor. Agreed it's bad optics, but also just symptomatic of how Wall Street has become codependent with big government.


All right -- by popular request, the fourth movement of Sibelius's second symphony:

The orchestra is solid, though no one would confuse them with Chicago or Cleveland. Do cue up the second part after the first has finished.

Magnificent piece.


This seems simple to me.
I just heap more butter on my mashed potatoes and thereby greatly reduce the percentage of my calories coming from carbs.
Works for practically everything.


The practical matter of eating a high carb diet is that one needs to be very physically active to justify those carb calories.

We don't have to work near as hard as a person needed to do back in the olden days or when Ignatz is taking down a tree :-) Wth that exception heavy labor is pretty much long gone.

Now the good thing about eating a low carb diet is that the fat in the foods can make one feel fuller more quickly and that is a very good thing in my book.


Don't know if this will help since I don't know what kind of carbs you eat but Mrs Iggy switched us from any white or refined flour or sugar back in the 90s sometime.
Used whole wheat or whole rice pasta, whole wheat or sprouted wheat bread and unrefined sugars.
She mainly did it in an attempt to end recurring sinus-bronchial infections our daughter and I used to trade back and forth but I did both lose about 15 pounds without eating any less than I had been.
Solved the sinus thing too.

It was a nice middle ground between giving up all those tasty carbs which a couple of wops were loathe to give up and eating as we were which was not as healthy as it could have been.


Moelis sounds like something Bob Dole would pitch, over the counter,

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Repeal the damned 19th amendment now!

I'd guess about 75% of that number are sexually active, too. Just dayum...


I'm not going within one parsec of that one,

Dave (in MA)
Why did the makeup artists in the 80s star trek movies make the Klingons look like they had an upside down screaming,infant on their heads?
They do not discuss it with outsiders.

(I always thought they looked like they had a horshoe crab for a hat)


Heh. Me too Dave.


I'll sign off with the haunting Sgt MacKenzie used in We Were Soldiers.
I never knew the guy wrote it about his great grandfather in France but was prompted to by the death of his own wife.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Horshoe crab... I can see that.

There was a ST marathon on Syfy today - out of order, too. Watched #6 Undiscovered country and now it's Search for Spock in case you are wondering how that bit of OT arose.

Worf's looks like it could be a horshoe crab. Kruge (Taxi's Jim) looks like an upside down baby...

I'd forgotten how shitty Chris Lloyd's portrayal of a Klingon was.

taH pagh taHbe!


I'm surprised that you are considering this a political issue. I always thought diet was a health issue.

James D.

I think Ig @ 12:30 AM wins the discussion, hands down.

James D.

I actually kind of liked Lloyd in ST3. He might even be the least silly thing about it, with some of the slapsticky bits in the movie.

I've got a soft spot for it anyway, though. There are a few gorgeous moments in it, which is impressive considering it was the first film Leonard Nimoy ever directed. And the death of the Enterprise is the saddest and most moving scene in any of the Trek movies.


Here's a good post via Judith Curry on Groupthink attacks on science with examples using studies on diet, climate, and second hand smoke.

Any research suggesting that a policy is misplaced or directed at the wrong target brings down a firestorm on the heretical scientist, regardless of the quality of the research or the credentials of the researcher. In each case, the response from the establishment is visceral rather than rational. The implications of dogmatic groupthink and intimidation for the pursuit of sound science — and sound policy — are chilling.

Not sure how I got to it - might have been linked by someone here on a prior thread. Hat tip to whoever.

Miss Marple

Good morning! Here's more on the Filipinos in the Golan Heights. They are not supplying any more troops after October, which should tell us something.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Wonderful link, Alice.

Mark Regnerus can go on that list too.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

from the Chronicle link - "A letter signed by 200 scholars called the methodologies in the study “inappropriate” and questioned the journal’s decision to publish it."


According to Fox - a retired pentagon official says Obama has received daily detailed briefings on ISIS for over a year. Instead of meeting with the people who knew about it, he told them to just leave the paper, and never asked any questions.

Anyone else think he never read it. Hell I bet he never even so it, and it stopped at Val Jar's desk.

Does he even know how to read?


There is a lot of backtracking on conventional wisdom happening today. McGovern's Food Pyramid (his fit-of-pique revenge on Americans for the '72 election) is politically notable because it so successfully advanced rationalization and proliferated downstream dogma that nutrition and medicine were effectively denied the use of the scientific method for over three decades. The US Government screwed generations of Americans with that Food Pyramid.

Low carb has worked for me on and off since the mid 90s. That said, I started doing Sprint 8 (incorrectly, BTW, as I do it on a treadmill) earlier this year, and it completely blows the myth of long, slow cardio for bodyfat management out of the water. Two or one twenty-minute sessions per week, and I don't need to be low carb to keep weight off. If I could only have back the thousands of hours I've wasted over the years doing "fat burning" exercise.

My key takeaway is that weight management and health are more about metabolic software and signaling down to the cellular level than they are about calories consumed and burned.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

daddy's question on the last thread is SO excellent too -


How come hackers are able to get naked pix, deleted by phones years and years and years ago, and post them all over the internet, yet nobody can get a single G@# D@#$ed E-mail or Text message from multiple IRS computers or Lois Lerner's Blackberry?

Posted by: daddy | September 01, 2014 at 07:43 PM "

We need to hire some 4Chan hackers.

We also got to read the emails exchanged between Governor Mark Sanford & his Argentinian girlfriend!
How did THAT happen!?!
"...but refused to discuss the matter in detail – pointing out that e-mails between her and Sanford made public days on June 24 were a result of having had her computer hacked."

Maybe we could hire some Argentinian computer hackers to get Lois Lerner's emails?
Here are his private emails...why can't we get Lerner's IRS emails?


Good Morning! It is warm and muggy here. There isn't much news,except Bill Clinton will be in Portland today to campaign for Mike Michaud. The response for tickets was overwhelming, so the organizers had to change venues. What is the matter with people? They obviously want to see Clinton,not Michaud. UGH.

jimmyk on iPad

"I'm surprised that you are considering this a political issue. I always thought diet was a health issue."

You probably think that climate change is a scientific issue, health care is a matter between doctors and patients, perhaps mediated by the patient's insurer, that shower heads and toilets would be a matter of personal preference, and so on.


Diet- I refuse to discuss diet, especially today. After doing well for a few weeks, yesterday I bought a French Sourdough loaf at the SoNo Bakery on Tokeneke Rd (Maguire-- Taubes would definitely not approve of that new joint)and last night the final monday night tennis training session was attended by only 2 old guys (one of them me) so we played doubles with 2 of the pros. My team prevailed in the pro set 8-5. We all retired to the clubhouse kitchen, which had to have the wine and liquor cleared out. One of the pros mixed up 'honey dews' with vodka. I gulped the first one down (hey it was hot and humid). Drank the second while we chatted and gulped a third to help finish off the Smirnoff's bottle. 3 in 25 minutes. Then the pro told me they were all doubles. 6 shots in 25 minutes. I'm not hung over, so I think I'm still drunk.


Iggy, you're a paisan? I knew I loved you, man. Bravissimo.

jimmyk on iPad

Speaking of Clinton, some friends from Chappaqua that we saw over the weekend said that he flaunts his wealthy blond girlfriend (I forget her name). They saw him out with her at a restaurant, no effort to be discreet about it. I'd almost feel sorry for Hillary if she weren't going along with it and hanging on to him just for her own political career.


Stephanie, I'm going to recommend choice #1 for the costume because at the party it will be too hard to talk to others through the glass case.


Lloyd really chews the scenery in that one, like bloodwine although Christopher Plummer does the best of the Klingons, it's rare that David Warner is not the villain in that one I was watching that among other things, whereas Luckinbill's appearance is ponderous, like an Obama speech. the even numbered ones are the best with Wrath of Khan, being at the top of the list


you know what is scary is how many well trained completely sane medical doctors and cardiologists do not know about these findings and still adhere to the cholesterol is bad, low fat is good Framingham studies. Went to a cardiologist about ten months ago and he scared the bejezzus out of me until I decided he really did not know what he was talking about.

moderation in all things is a good idea. skip the bread most times but dont' deprive yourself.

exercise movement walking swimming anything is the secret to satying young and alive

sorry for bad typind ipad


Michael Barone sticks a pin in the balloon floated by the NYT about black turnout saving the Senate for the Liar Party:

increased black turnout by itself is unlikely to make the difference except in very close races this year. If that's all that Democrats have to fall back on, they're in trouble.

He goes on to explain why and with demographic %s if you are interested. Unless Jonathan Martin can point out some demographic error(s) on Barone's part, I think I will ride with the shooter on this bet...


I don't think Spaghetti squash cuts it for me. But, cathyf, Dreamfields has a lower carb pasta that really is good, BUT the coating on it is ineffective if you overcook the pasta(follow the directions), put tomato sauce on it too early--just do it at the last minute--reheat the leftovers. For years they advertised just 5 digestible carbs per serving . Recently they were sued and have left off that claim, but I think it is still valid IF you follow the above rules. You can also purchase a bisquick type substitute called carbquik online which makes passable pizza, very good biscuits m okay pancakes, waffles and crepes.This is a good site for purchasing low carb foods:


GMAx, I think Barone is right on the head--I think this may also explain why the Dems can garner more votes in presidential elections while doing worse in state wide and district elections.


Here's something to make you reach for your tinfoil hat over questionable timing: The patents on statin drugs have started expiring recently.

Beasts of England

Is In 'N Out a regional chain? None around here. Even the closest Whataburger is in Birmingham.


So today, they are showcasing a hit on Al Shabaab, to make up for how they totally missed Westgate last fall, so if something happens at Harrod's, they'll get around to it by next fall, maybe.


9:17 post is link to Dreamfields pasta. I notice they carry other brands now, too, but I can't say if they are good--dreamfields is.

Eric in Boise

Yes, Beasts. West coast, mostly Cali.


Per a friend, the absolute best thing about going low-carb is not feeling hungry all the time.

He adds, losing ~50 lbs and having excellent A1C readings is also pretty fantastic.

He follows Peter@8:59 the moderation-in-all-things approach - cut the carbs you can (for him, that's potatoes, rice), reduce the carbs from foods you can't do without (bread).

We've tried the dreamfields pasta - agree it's pretty good, but very expensive. Worth it, if pasta falls in your "can't do without" column.

Jack is Back

The only carb I have had in 3 weeks was a piece of Frederick's birthday cake last evening.

I am down 15 pounds since I started my no-carb/high orotein diet with elevated energy levels. My target is another 20 pouds and stay that way. The Euro visit, cruise and 2 weeks in Italy did nothing for maintaing weight:)


Did anyone comment about this this past weekend. Putin has gone full on Mussolini telling EU Prez (I know) that he can take 'Kiev in 2 weeks.') and telling the EU to butt out of Russian affairs (i.e. Ukraine is Russia.). History ended in 1991? Right......


Well I could have told you that, I read history and I read maps, where else would the Russian army logically go?

Beasts of England

I'd be remiss not to plug my near-vegetarian lifestyle. I eat meat once per week, to wit: three, 2"-thick lamb chops last night, and my weight is down from an embarrassing 245lbs. about five years ago to a range of 198-205lbs. since hitting that zone about three years ago.

I don't have chronic hunger pangs. And, for men of a certain age, there is a rather extraordinary side benefit, as well. I won't spell-out what that benefit is, but it's me, Beasts, you can probably guess...

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Clarice thanks for the link @ 09:11. I think I'm going to try some.

For anyone trying to make money off of the internet, the site that Clarice linked has the highest payout I have ever seen on an affiliate program showing on their site. 20% is way above anything I have seen.

Eric in Boise

I won't spell-out what that benefit is, but it's me, Beasts, you can probably guess…

More alert during the Alabama games?


--I'd be remiss not to plug my near-vegetarian lifestyle.--

I'd be remiss if I didn't say if I need to lose weight I'd rather do it eating a fat, juicy pork chop than collard greens or hominy grits. :)
But to each his own.

--my weight is down from an embarrassing 245lbs. about five years ago to a range of 198-205lbs--

Highest I got was just short of 230 and am now down around 204-212.
I think we're about the same height Beasts. I attribute the extra weight to the excess bone I carry in the old occiput.

The funny thing is even at 6'4", if I'm over 205 or so all the weight calculators tell me I'm overweight. Huh?
If I weighed what they say I should I'd look like Barney Fife


Well the economic blackmail wasn't working so Putin is now rolling tanks. But how far will he go? To Kiev and have a messy occupation? If no one stops him, maybe he will.

Captain Hate

Mark Regnerus can go on that list too.

Didn't Porch first bring him and his work to our attention?

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Yes, Captain.


But I thought the science was settled. . .


JiB: 15 lbs

JiB, almost a bowling ball -- my preferred unit of measure for weight loss.

Two months to the Atlantic with this NATO.

That's pretty amusing Putin telling Barroso the communist about Kiev.


As if Barry didn't have enough places not to have a strategy and endanger our interests and the world; protests in Pakistan in their third week.
No doubt if Barry chooses to address it he'll find the wrong, radical horse to back.

Since the place is largely ungovernable and has many nuclear devices let's hope their military follows Egypt's lead and kills as many of the Islamists who are causing trouble as possible to restore order.


The ACA decision was undeniably correct about Medicaid. What states do with Medicaid is their business, that's federalism. It's fools gold to expand of course, when federal $$$ for medicaid are cut as they will be... OPM has run out.


it takes a special degree of idiocy, to have done this,

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