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September 01, 2014


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well not necessarily, Iran supported the Northern Alliance, as did Russia and us, that shouldn't have anything to do with the idiocy of the nuclear deal, which Carlos Slim's champions,


The ball is in a sand trap anyway.


they are rarely held to account for their prior predictions:

there's a bit of snark against Boris Johnson, which is undeserved, since he seems to be on the right track with the Salafi threat,


Once Iran gets the bomb, everything will settle down. If it is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.


Danube on iPad

A gas. A colorless, odorless gas. Kills Mahometans instantly, harmless to Infidels.

Poof! All the world's problems are solved.

Where is science when we need it?


Nazi @ 1:20 - You're nuts.


Good Morning!

Insty has a story up about an 89 year old WW2 Vet struggling with a perp and blasting away at the guy with a pistol. Armed & dangerous: 89-year-old World War II veteran shoots armed robber

What I found interesting is that the story says this: Lewis said Jervis (the perp) continued to fight with vigor, even with four gunshot wounds to the chest and one each to the wrist and leg.

There was massive criticism last week at the White Cop for shooting the Gentle Giant 6 times, and continual disbelief that the Gentle Giant would have kept charging the cop if he had been shot, with multiple comments from talking heads and Defense Lawyers about why didn't he stop and evaluate the situation after firing 1 or 2 shots.

This story shows why those sort of arguments don't hold water.

Jarvis eventually stumbled over the counter toward the front door and asked Lewis to buzz him out. Lewis complied.
“I was so glad to get rid of him,” said Lewis, who has been in business for 20 years. “I’d had enough of him.”

Jervis was taken to Delray Medical Center and is expected to survive...records show that Jervis has been arrested 20 times in Miami-Dade and Broward counties since 1989.


Patrick Fitzgerald’s “not not denial” that he warned Blagojevich

Captain Hate

It's a day ending in "y":

Strawman Cometh

Actually, the Islamists are aligned with the NAZIs.


Once Iran gets the bomb, everything will settle down. If it is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.

I expect Obama to give Iran the bomb, or at least fill in the parts it's missing.

Beasts of England

Hope your nose is ok, Strawman! I'm sure it'll be worth it as that story is retold over the years!

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Like the Piggly Wiggly artwork!


Iran can name their bomb the Neda, as a symbol of their solidarity with Barry and his contempt for and abandonment of the Iranians who died trying to free their country from his friends the Ayatollahs.

Jack is Back

Having "fish-ka-bobs" for dinner tonight. Grouper.

We love our local Publix!


TM is sure to link it anyway, so here is Krugman's latest effort which consists of saying Medicare is undergoing a miracle but not even providing a supernatural explanation for how, except to the extent he gives the Lightworker credit.

He does link to a Vox piece to explain it for him which is rather like linking to Jim Jones and Jonestown for evidence of religious miracles.

Jeff Dobbs

Down home, down the street
Fresh bread and pigs' feet
Don't get giggly, shop at Piggly Wiggly.

Ad on country radio station in Nashville back toward the beginning of the century.

Beasts of England

How'd the new surfboard work out, JiB? Birthday boy happy with it?

Jack is Back


He loves it.

Today we hit the beach at low tide and he rode for an hour then back to the pool.

Jeff Dobbs

Well, if we're doing grocery concerns, I have to admit I just got back from Food Lion with pork chops, a bell pepper and some mushrooms. Pork chop casserole it is.

Beasts of England

The Guardian goes full retard liberal in this quote: 'The scale of the sexual exploitation revealed in the Jay inquiry [Rotherham] is shocking, but let's avoid racial stereotyping.'

I won't sleep unless Danube's gas works on so-called liberals, as well.

Beasts of England

Kroger is available for a JOM sponsorship!

Beasts of England

Great news, JiB! Heartwarming to see and read about your Father and Son adventures. So wonderful...


Thanks for the reminder, time to get a grocery license for this fall. Teal are in season as of 9 am this morning.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

I'll take Kroger as both of my kids at one time or another have worked there. Love those employee discounts on Kroger brands (which on holidays jump to 20%).


Hey ignatz, FYI, a projectile with a metal casing isn't necessarily an armor piercing round. You needn't have knowledge of ballistics here. Common sense should have told you that muzzle velocity and the projectile's shape are the primary determing factors. FOr example, you can have an anti-tank round with a low velocity shaped charge that will demolish the inside of a whiie only punching a small hole in the tank'sarmor.... .. or you can have a high velocity round that will blow the gun turret right off of another tank, killing everybody inside. The principal is essentially the same with velocities of armor piercing riflle bullets on a smallerscale

miss Marple

Stephanie, no kidding? Maybe I could talk my daughter into getting a job there. That is a huge discount!

How much were the union dues?

Jeff Dobbs

If mrs hit and run were on here, she'd be mortified that I chose Food Lion. She'd much rather Harris Teeter or Lowe's Foods. Too bad, though, the Food Lion is only 4 miles away compared to the 10 miles it takes to get to either of those.

Heck, to get to Lowe's I have to cross into the next county.


Here are 2 good quotes on the Religion O' Peace, provided by a reader of Roger Simon's unapologetic ISIS Strategy, posted at Insty.

1) It is, indeed, amongst the mysterious dealings of God, that this delusion should have been suffered for so many ages, and during so many generations of human kind, to prevail over the doctrines of the meek and peaceful and benevolent Jesus. - John Quincy Adams

2) Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies is in a dog. - Winston Churchill


Hit, kinda warm for pork chop casserole, isn't it?

Not that I am complaining about warm--not at all.
Drinking my first G&T of the entire "summer."
(I use that term very loosely IRT the weather we had in northern MI)

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

MM, the regular discount is 10% all day every day on Kroger products (most of which are made by the name brand anyways), but at certain holidays, they go to 20% for a few days around those holidays.

I don't know about union dues as the kids have never really mentioned it, but both of them were shocked when they got their first checks ever and said "WTF" when they saw the amount of taxes taken out.


On Monday, the Washington Post published an in-depth article about Arby's business fortunes and marketing strategies, accompanied by a much shorter article about Arby's Meat Mountain, an off-menu sandwich that contains eight types of meat -- chicken tenders, roast turkey, ham, corned beef, brisket, Angus steak, roast beef, and bacon. Can you guess which story was more popular? The Meat Mountain story went bona-fide viral, garnering salivating coverage everywhere from Time and Business Insider to CNBC and Fox News.

The "Meat Mountain," as it's called, will not be listed on the menu, but store associates will make it for customers who ask. The price is $10. For that, you get a bun and, from the bottom up:

2 chicken tenders

1.5 oz. of roast turkey

1.5 oz. of ham

1 slice of Swiss cheese

1.5 oz. of corned beef

1.5 oz. brisket

1.5 oz. of Angus steak

1 slice of cheddar cheese

1.5 oz. roast beef

3 half-strips of bacon

Arby's says the Meat Mountain is so tall that it won't fit into the traditional clamshell packaging. So if you dare to scale the Mountain, it will come wrapped in paper.

Jeff Dobbs

Heh, anonamom. It is. But it's what we have on hand (I got a couple extra chops for me, so that the kiddos don't eat all my dinner), and I honestly could eat the pork chop casserole for days, I love it so much.

I made mrs hit and run promise that I could make it as an early dinner in the late afternoon so I could recuperate from the overeating I am utterly incapable of resisting.

It's good to have you back in the state. I hope your time up north was pleasant and relaxing.

Jack is Back


Mrs. JiB wants you to know she appreciates you helping the Belgian economy. Deahaize, the large grocery chain in Belgium owns Food Lion. Its where we shop when in Antwerp. That and Carrefour (the French chain), which is all over the map. I used to shop at the Carrefour in BA whn I lived there

Beasts of England

Only one slice of cheddar cheese on the Meat Mountain? Sounds like at least two would be indicated! ;)

Captain Hate

Speaking of Food Lion, was Perky Katie implying that Dianne "hic" Sawyer engaged in a fellatio fest to get out of trouble regarding her manipulated coverage of the southeastern grocery chain? I'll never forget when Nightline carried a "town hall" at Weak Florist covering the "ethics" of the case featuring some primo undergrad navel gazers who weren't there to enjoy the play of Tim Duncan. I think Skip Prosser's dead body had more brain activity than those clowns.

Danube on iPad

"let's avoid racial stereotyping"

Right. Because white Englishmen do that shit all the time.


TM writes:

The NY Times front-pages a thought-provoking headline:

"U.S. and Iran Unlikely Allies in Iraq Battle"

Well here's another thought provoking Headline, linked at Insty:

"Yellowstone supervolcano eruption will be nightmarish but not catastrophic"

If we merge the 2 together we can come up with doubly Thought Provoking Headlines:

For instance:

---US and Iran allying in Battle is Odd but not Strange

---Obama's Lack of a Strategy is Dangerous but not Frightening

---Believing Islam is a religion of Peace is Insane but not Crazy

---daddy's idiotic posts are Verbose but not Long Winded




Hit, thanks.
It was pleasant and relaxing--and again, no complaining from me, we go there to avoid the heat and humidity and bond with family and friends--but gosh, if somebody were to note that it NEVER hit 80 once the entire month of August, and that it was 38 one night, and that many days we didn't see 70, and we only sailed one day, and we never skied or surfed in August, and only took the pontoon out to swim off of once ---well, that would all be true.
Perfect weather for me to water the grass I once again am attempting to grow on what is essentially a sand dune in an earlier life, but what we call our yard.

So, we rode bikes, and hiked and drank Black Box Malbac and Scotch and played pinochle and Euchere. And somebody smoked cigars. I tried--I just don't enjoy them enough.


--Hey ignatz, FYI, a projectile with a metal casing isn't necessarily an armor piercing round.-

I know that. You're the one who used the term "cop killer" bullets IIRC.
The original "cop killer" was a solid brass bullet with a steel core and a teflon coating to protect the barrel.
Winchester then started making their Black Talon black teflon ammo. The media went insane over the teflon which has either no or actually a deleterious effect on the ability to penetrate body armor and Winchester pulled their ammo and the guys who made the solid brass ammo went out of business.

Even FMJ handgun ammo is fairly poor at penetrating body armor because the copper jacket is so thin. They penetrate slightly better than hollow points or exposed lead or plastic tipped bullets but all handgun ammo is slow enough to be relatively ineffective at piercing body armor.
It is the core of handgun bullets which makes the difference and which is what is regulated nationally.

--The principal is essentially the same with velocities of armor piercing rifle bullets on a smaller scale.--

Virtually every centerfire rifle round is far more armor piercing than any FMJ handgun round.

Shaped charges, depleted uranium and other non standard tank rounds and how they penetrate tank and APC armor have little in common with small arms bullets with lead cores.

It is legal to buy rifle rounds with monolithic copper and other alloy bodies and cores, known as solids, but it is mainly related to dangerous game hunting where maximum penetration and resistance to fragmentation are desired.

I've been an FFL for over thirty years and know a thing or two about these things.

Suggest you go take up Guadalcanal, or law, with DoT for a more even debate.
Why not go back to being the Exasperated who made relatively innocuous but not idiotic attempted face-saving comments?

Jeff Dobbs


Please tell Mrs. JiB that when she appreciates something I've done, I consider it a good day.

Danube on iPad

"Islam has bloody borders."

--Samuel P. Huntington


One of these days I'll get back to the Lake Michigan shoreline (such as South Haven). No, that is not where anonamom went, but it jogged many pleasant memories.

Smoked Whitefish FTW!

Jeff Dobbs

Suggest you go take up Guadalcanal, or law, with DoT for a more even debate.

Dagnabbit, I'm too slow . . . I had basically the same comment teed up.

(but I am going to admit that I had the "more even" side flipped in DoT's favor regarding Guadalcanal)


BTW, the anti gunners. definition of "cop killer" bullets now is.....hollow point ammunition.

Beasts of England

Exasperated has the unique skill of picking on JOM subject matter experts to debate topics on which he (or she) is a dilettante. Next up: debating guitars with Gus or trebuchets with henry.


I figured Exasper's demolition at the hands of DoT re Guadalcanal would be a good example of just how far out to sea on a small piece of driftwood Ex was in this latest endeavor, hit.


Smoked white fish, wall eye, pasties, fudge, wild blueberries and raspberries, our local frozen custard---and slivovitz!
All good.

But man, does this heat feel GOOD today!
(It's not very humid.)


Just caught up! Great week-end at the cabin with family. Happy Birthday Frederick,Mrs TK and Frau. Belated wishes to Elliott. September is a busy birthday month! I skimmed thru the threads quickly,so I missed why the supermarket logos? Delhaize also owns Hannaford,which is where we shop.


Greek Tomb Update!

Nothing new has been uncovered, but this reporter tells us that the Government is turning the Excavation into a "Bread and Circuses" event to try to make the Greeks forget how lousy the Economy is.

Amphipolis Tomb: All Circus, No Bread at Greece’s Newly Found “Archaeological Disneyland”

"I gazed upon the face of Agamemnon", then took a selfie and bought the T-shirt.

Captain Hate

Sounds like potential Westboro material:


No kidding Beasts.
I mean if it's anything outside cars, guns & ammo, log skidders and trees and, maybe how to be a good hubby, I'm pretty much willing to concede my complete lack of bona fides and defer to the many more knowledgeable than me.
That's a pretty narrow band to tangle with and yet he still manages to; after boning up at wiki I'd guess.
Oh well.


....pasties, fudge...--

Sounds like you were on a date with Beasts. :)

Jack is Back

Smoked Whitefish - yummy! There used to be a place in St. Ignace that only sold smoked whitefish and it was always packed. Stayed open til they ran out. Smokers were out back.

But the great cuisine of the Michigan lake country and the UP is the ubiquious Friday Night All You Can Eat Perch Fry:)

Well, that and pasties!


that fellow has taken Tommy Boy's bucket of raw crazy.


It's still there JiB!

Had some fabulous lake perch at Gates Au sable Inn two Sundays ago. YUM!
May take up fishing again just to get a steady supply--though I'll confess, I have never cleaned a fish in my life.


Ig, I'm about thirty years too old to "date" Beasts.
(Though actually only a few years older than he.)

He still hasn't shared how the the medical resident worked out, has he? Enquiring minds want to know...

My very favorite days ever in CLT are these Monday holidays when everybody is away at the beach or the mountains and there's not a car on the road!


Hey, Guitarists!

Anyone try a Jamstik? Any thoughts about it?

Danube on iPad

I must say, I thought the Guadalcanal beatdown could not be topped, but I believe Iggy has done it.


Good analysis of the justified use of deadly force by Andrew Branca at Legal Insurrection.

Jeff Dobbs

Daddy, Exasperated would like to have a word with you on how you're flying planes all wrong.

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

Damn. I had a comment teed up calling for popcorn and got called outside to assist with the deck (before we screw this in make sure mom approves so we don't have to do it again) came back in and refreshed, and y'all beat me to the butter.

MM, checked with my son and union dues are about $15 a month, but you don't have to join. Extra bonus is the union rep will represent you anyways if you have a problem.

Jack is Back

I wonder what Exasp knows about railway enginnering, publishing newspapers, nuclear power, pistolas, Puerto Rico, economics, medicine, biochemistry, computer science and golf:)

Jeff Dobbs

DrJ . . . you need to consult with Exaperated on proteins. Apparently, you've really been going down the wrong road.

And Zinfandels too. And classical piano. You really could use a good session with Exasperated to straighten you out.

Jack is Back

Forgot, flying and walking around the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but 3 dogs.

Jeff Dobbs

jimmyk - Exasp has some theories on economics that will probably change everything you've ever thought about. You need to pay attention.


or latin american history, covert operations or obscure Monty Python references

well that's ok then, as long as they are not associated with Ansar al Sharia



I better inflate the auto-pilot first, then see what Exp has to say.

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

I can't wait til he posts dating tips for beasts.


--Ig, I'm about thirty years too old to "date" Beasts.
(Though actually only a few years older than he.)--

LOL, anonamom.
I can only give him Satchel Page's sage advice;
"Don't look back; something might be gaining on you" your girlfriend's daddy who is out running you cuz he's tens years younger than you are. :).

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Speaking of bullets!
" police fired 24 rounds at him, apparently to keep him from committing suicide."

Jeff Dobbs

If only we had someone here from the third largest city in the US who was familiar with the stock market, trading, and market research, Exasp could really be a boost to that person's knowledge of how to do his job.

Man, shame that we are deprived of that person.

miss Marple

Stephanie, I completely forgot you don't have to join in Indiana. ( Mitch Daniels took care of that.)

Thanks for letting me know, though. That $15 would be way offset by the discount.

miss Marple

Let's not forget that we need advice on antiques, gardening and dog training!

Jeff Dobbs

I'm holding off for now on the "who can drink the most beer" schtick. It'll be my coop de grass.


Naw. Ignatz, I'll just go back too ignoring snotty little assholes like you who engage in nothing but lies, embellishments on lies and bravado to compensate for their ignorance, you stupid, shallow, little cretin.

Don't talk to me ever again. You moron, you're better at talking about me behind my back anyway

Jeff Dobbs

I used to think glasater was a really really good photographer . . . but Exasp might think differently, so I am suspending judgement.


Hopefully Ex will explain what's really going on in education to me. I am just feeling mystified by all the changes and the public statements make no sense.

Beasts of England

Y'all are cute. Really, really cute. ;)

@anonamom: Glad you put "date" in scare quotes! Ha!! I truly enjoyed my few dates with the MD, but at the end of the day, I didn't want to corrupt her. And I mean that sincerely. She was beautiful and kind, but she had led a sheltered life and probably would have had her hair curled if she hung around my deviant ways too much longer...

Jeff Dobbs

Dangit rse . . . you pre-empted me :)

Jeff Dobbs

Oh no, I think Clarice may have been doing her whiskey risotto wrong all this time.

Exasp, what is the right way to do it? Please tell me, I can't go on like this.

Beasts of England

Exasperated now stuck on stoopid! lol



About 22 years ago a friend and I started to make something like that.

Built one about the size of the Jamstick but looked like a flying V with a small number of evenly spaced frets.

Got too busy at work to complete the digital electronics and I think it wound up as a work of art on a wall somewhere.

My guess is Jamstik does not require tuning because string vibration would only be used to determine fret position and pluck amplitude. Would think it needs an iPad or possibly a midisystem to play.

IMO good sound from an iPad, looks okay for a learner instrument or dabbler. Someone truly interested would outgrow it pretty quick.

Jack is Back

No, dang it, rse, I puposedly left you off to give him an opening:)

Frederick is ready if he goes Greek mythology in any way.

Jeff Dobbs

Naw. Ignatz, I'll just go back too ignoring snotty little assholes like you

In the olden days, ExANNEerated would have resorted to creating a "Ignatz's Therapist" handle after such a beat down.

Are we making progress? Fingers crossed....


That reminds I saw in the local publix, Riordan, the author of the Percy and the Olympian tales, has a guide to greek mythology
out, with a certain trademark snarc.



And Zinfandels too. And classical piano. You really could use a good session with Exasperated to straighten you out.

Funny you should mention that. "It" tried to pick a fight over a Chopin Etude I posted. I didn't take the bait.

And we harvested the Zin today. I'm about half way through the crush. Not as high a volume as last year (about half) but the quality seems to be pretty decent.

After the crush I'll take some into the lab to find out.

So far three ladybugs and five spiders have been saved.

Jack is Back

I have been thinking about this for awhile reading JOM: Why not hava a roster of everyone's vocational and avocational expertise or interests?

We could become like a specialty Kelly Girl kind of institutioanal internet service, Give us your questions and we'll give you answers.

We have the "list" and all we need is to add the two categories.

For example: Iggy's vocation is logging and his avocatioanal interest is firearms and cars. Drj's vocation is biochemistry (IIIRC) and his avocatioanal is classic piano music.

What do you think? Crazy?


Just in case, you wonder why we don't take him seriously

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

Typical idiot prog. I'm not wrong, you are a fake, lying "expert." Delusional.

Jeff Dobbs

I owe you an email, DrJ. The online registration for sessions at my conference doesn't open until Sep 8*. I'll know more then and will be in touch.


Beasts of England

Damnit, JiB - you've already guessed my avocatioanal!

And I denounce myself...


Drj's vocation is biochemistry

My line is that I'm a Chemical Engineer who uses classical Physical Chemistry by applying Biophysics to solutions of interest to Medical Diagnostics who holds a faculty appointment in Electrical Engineering and is a visiting scholar in a Viticulture and Enology department.


Jeff Dobbs

Why not hava a roster of everyone's vocational and avocational expertise or interests?

Because the person who would most naturally fill the position of maintaining that information is a stalker.


Sounds like a plan, Exasperated.
No offense intended.


DrJ: I didn't take the bait.

I noted (and silently applauded you for) that at the time.

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

I've been trying to figure out how to make some dough off my avocation, but with hit's comments laying around the net, the po-po would probably arrest me for solicitation and prostitution. ;(

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Thanks to all for today's entertainment.

Happy Birthday Frederick, Frau and Mrs TK.

And a happy Labor Day to all.

Jack is Back


I thought Steph maintained the list?

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