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July 24, 2016




Frau Dolmetscherin

You deserve it, Matt. Won fair and square.


It will be very interesting watching the democratic Party explain its Marxist platform this year.

Hillary and Kaine represent the nomenklatura both right and left. And that is what this election is about. A statist, hard left nomenklatura that enriches the cronies versus the rest of us.


I bet all those out of work folks and beset LE officers and their families will just love the featured speakers--thugs' moms--perfect moral authority.

Lurker Susie

Good for Rep. Cole to set the record straight.

Tammy Bruce
Tammy Bruce – Verified account ‏@HeyTammyBruce

Note: Stephanopolous was letting that slide ~~ Ellison Schooled After Calling Racist Dem George Wallace a Repub

Captain Hate

Is the author of "It Takes a Village" going to provide some insight on how Saints Traytable and Swisher happened?


The other day I was listening to the BBC when they had some Marxist revisionist going full Derrida on the FBI statistics on police shootings.

I am beginning to believe there is a real conspiracy funded by Soros and others to bring down all that is good and decent.

Noting that the Soviets used to plant storis in obscure outlets that would then be repeated as gospel in the sycophant media, I have a strong suspicion we will hear all about this clown in our own media shortly.

If anything the FBI has probably bent over backwards in their zeal to prove that the poor African American community is beset by hatred and racism notwithstanding our beloved president who has made rainbows spout forth from his sphincter.


In the last thread, Roanoke was described as being reliably Democrat country.

I think that is true, in fact I think it is true of most of Appalachia.

This election will see a huge shift to Trump in Appalachia. Don't confuse this to mean a shift to the Republican Party.

Trump's appeal, in large part, is his take your party and shove it attitude.

These people want Attila the Hun fighting for them.

Texas Liberty Gal

I know you've all seen the "seizure" video of Hillary but have you seen the slow motion version??? Too funny. Its right after the "normal" one.


She is gonna be a speaker at the Dem. convention too -

Captain Hate

Jen Rubin should be pleased with such A listers.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe Cankles' seizure cited in Texas Liberty Gal | July 24, 2016 at 01:50 PM is a reaction to finding out about Janet | July 24, 2016 at 01:55 PM.


For beasts:



I think we should point out that bloomberg went to work for the clinton global initiative as soon as he left office as part of their C40 cities push. Now he has taken over leading some global group of mayors as well tied to iclei.


His philanthropy is also pushing What Works Cities for Obama's Results4America that ties into Moneyball for Government and what evidence-based policymaking really means.


He is also tied to the Good Planet Foundation


here we go. Less than a month ago.


Trump Pals Around with George Soros

Captain Hate

I can't believe how many speakers they have planned for Thursday, including Saint Gabby and her organ grinder husband, the Restraining Order, Yeeaarrgghh, Miss Bardahl and many many more. It's as if they want to bludgeon the audience into not noticing how The Omen is still so awkward and then ignore the seizures.

buccaneer morgan

Gack and neuralizer please.


Good Morning! Great "pieces" to wake up to Clarice.

Has this been posted yet? BREAKING: Syrian Refugee in Germany Kills One, Injures Two More in Machete Attack

The asylum-seeking Syrian man had been involved in previous incidents causing injuries to other people, (a police spokesman said.) The spokesman had no immediate information on when the man arrived in Germany, or when the previous incidents took place.


Now AC units running amok in Kabul. Embassy on lock down.


"Take me in O tender woman,
take me in for heaven's sake ..."

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

They always load up their convention speaking roster with second rate luminaries and apparatchiks. Gore's convention included a panel discussion of union people who were completely boring.

It will be interesting to see the ratings. I look forward to the appearance of The Omen.

Am watching Manafort right now with that toad Wallace.


What ARE those infamous side effects of gabapentin? The neurologist just put my mom on it a couple of weeks ago.

JamesD - My husband has taken Gabapentin for several years due to Trigeminal Neuralgia ( he takes a cocktail of 4 drugs for the nerve pain which is severe). The main side effect we've noticed is being drowsy and a little more wobbly on his feet. Of course, with the other 3 we can't be certain which one is causing which symptom.

My vet also prescribed Gabapentin for my dog when she had her leg amputated. She had phantom pain and made the worse screeching sound I've ever heard. It was a miracle drug for her and I was so thankful that it worked.

The biggest issue is that you have to ramp it up and down when adjusting dosages. Therefore it takes days to determine whether it's working or not.

Best wishes for your mom. There are so many wonderful drugs that we have today. When researching my husband's condition, I read that it has been around since the 1600's and used to be called the "suicide disease" as the patients could not tolerate the excruciating pain of the trigeminal nerve. So having something to relieve the pain - even with the side effects - is a blessing.


RE: the convention - I am waiting for a side-by-side photo of the Trump family on stage and then the Clintons.

Enuf said!


Trump to host fundraiser for Booker


Maybe they can get Webb Hubbell on stage.

Be nice to have the whole family there.

Captain Hate

Rodham's seizures are just the latest in a long line of serious medical problems in donks being hidden from the public by a compliant media. I knew Saint Delano did his best to hide not being able to use his legs but it wasn't until I read 1944 that I realized just what a train wreck he was otherwise. Likewise JFK. I think Slick deserves to rot in Hell for not attempting to talk some sense into his wife and likewise their idiot daughter.

Somebody needs to confront the press on this in a high exposure forum so they can't pretend it doesn't exist.


I would like to think the line-up of the Dem. convention would be a turn-off to 90% of our citizens.

But then I remember the last time they booed God and how that turned out :(


a long line of serious medical problems in donks being hidden from the public by a compliant media

And that's just the physical problems. The mental health issues are an even bigger deal.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Would that mean Hillary Clinton was getting too cozy with the Russian Spy ring?


Neocon War Hawks Want Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump. No Surprise—They’ve Always Backed Her


Maybe you can tell your readers what your close friend Richard Perle thinks.

Miss Marple 2


Yes, but only us political junkies were aware of the booing God episode, as most networks didn't show that portion of the coverage, and they for sure weren't going to do a story on it.

This is why, beginning tomorrow night, I will force myself to watch the convention on CSPAN. I am uninterested in the pundits telling me how swell this convention is as opposed to Trump's fiasco (which it was NOT and which Chris Wallace AGAIN stated it was on Fox News Sunday).

If nothing else I am trying to set an example to the others in this household of getting BOTH SIDES.


Of course. David something, probably Jewish.


Re: Janet's 01:55.

JiB's recent book recommendation which was excellent and very fun, "The Reader on the 6.27"
by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent

The heroine of the story is a vivacious public bathroom attendant at a Paris Mall, who must every Tuesday make sure Stall number 4 is clean and empty, so that her Aunt can come in and eat 8 sugar dusted bonbons in the stall, as her Aunt has determined that only in a bathroom stall does the full marvelous flavor of the bonbons come through and elevate all the senses.

I would transcribe some of it but I gave the book to my 2nd favorite Waikiki night shift bartender, Maia, who happens to be in Grad School as a Creative Writing Student, and who makes a marvelous gin and tonic and offers wonderful literary conversation and recommendations.

Bon Appétit

PS. Tho' I have used the public toilet downstairs in Maia's Hotel a ton, I have never to my recollection eaten Chocolate Covered Macademia Nuts in the facility,

but I am willing to try!

James D.

Momto2 @ 2:31



The other day I was listening to the BBC when they had some Marxist revisionist going full Derrida

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has corrected its coverage of Munich killer Ali David Sonbaly following a Breitbart London expose of how the global media giant was attempting to hide the murderers Muslim name.


janet at 1:55, no more, please. waterboard me first.


I'm grossed out by people using their phones in the crapper. but that's me.


I see Narciso beat me to it.

They always load up their convention speaking roster with second rate luminaries and apparatchiks.

Do you think there is any chance that FOX will have on hand a Judith Curry type ready to combat the Global Warming propaganda we're going to be hearing from the Bill Nye types in Philly?

buccaneer morgan

The fellow who gave up the Chapman reputedly passed away recently.

buccaneer morgan

That was miss marple, but I was probably thinking the same thing.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

If you haven't watched the "CLINTON CASH" on Breitbart, it is on now till 5 and 8-11 PM.

You can almost see the corruption oozing from the screen watching it. IMO, everyone should see it before the DNC convention, IMO.

Beasts of England

Trigger warning!! ;)

~ ~ ~

lol, Steph!


It's over 100 today in SoCal and the smoke from the fire last night could be smelled 75 miles away. Thank God for Willis Carrier as the remnants of his company are moved to Mexico.

Since when did a decent wage become the enemy?

Of course, now John F'ing Kerry now wants to ban A/C. That should lose the Dems a good potion of the country with the weather picture this week.

Soon we will be told by our overlords to wear our underwear on the outside. They really are Batsh*t crazy.

Querida and I saw the new Star Trek last night and liked it. Especially when they played Public Enemy. We gotta fight the power.

buccaneer morgan

Orwell got the idea of minitrue from his time at the BBC world service.

Jack is Back! (As Mr. Fixit)


Sent you an email on the Gabapentin. Momto2 pretty much sums it up. I have an other drug to complement the Gaba. However, I haven't startedt yet until I get a second opinion. My issue is not PAIN but numbness in the feet. First we thought it was a result of the knee issues but the physical therapist suggested an MRI of the lumbar region L5 and L6 control the nerves down to the feet.

MRI showed Stenosis of the spine and the Orthopedic sent me to the pain management medico for an epidural but he wants to see if the pharma's work first before going that way.

I just don't like drugs with side effects like what you can get from Gaba under certain circumstances. My metabolism could be one that sets off the bad stuff. Who knows. So, I'd rather use alternative exercises and other holistics.

buccaneer morgan

In the first film, it was neasty boys.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"Governor Tim Kaine surrenders Virginia to Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, receives nice dinner as payment "

An old but sad story of the betrayal of America.

Miss Marple 2

Stands at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway 30 minutes before the green flag.

I know attendance for NASCAR is down, but this is a disaster!

Captain Hate

Trump's fiasco (which it was NOT and which Chris Wallace AGAIN stated it was on Fox News Sunday).

With Ailes gone Wallace will be indistinguishable from F Chuck except for the stupid goatee. It will be like Tony Snow never existed.

buccaneer morgan

That barzinji fellow that Kaine paid tribute to, was very well connected to both parties.


But then I remember the last time they booed God and how that turned out :(

True, but the vast majority of voters never heard about that. These are primetime speakers.

Something to think about - the Hug-A-Thug lineup was set before the fact that BLM riots and police shootings were a huge polling loser became obvious even to Dems. Now it's too late.

Captain Hate

Just got off the phone with my older daughter who told me goofy Kaine guarantees she won't vote for Rodham (I doubt she'll vote for Trump, probably that nitbrained Jill Stein, but I'll work on her). She also can't stand to listen to the Cackler and considers her an extremely unlikeable and awkward candidate who Trump should easily roll in a debate.

I told her to google "Hillary Clinton seizure" so I'm getting the word out, even to Santa Cruz, Commiefornia.


JIB, The cortiscosteroid shots should work for a bit. If you have a gyrotonics studio nearby you might try it for your pt. It is a life saver for me--I, too, have spinal stenosis, which is crippling unless I do pilates and gyrotonics several times a week.
The medicine my orthopedist recommended seemed to make things worse and the massage therapy he prescribed was utterly useless.

I also find a German supplement you can get online or at Whole foods--wyobenzym helps a lot though for the life of me I cannot figure out why. Man tran tried it, too, with good affect.

Frau Nie wieder Clinton

CH talking about Hillary!'s (lack of) health: Somebody needs to confront the press on this in a high exposure forum so they can't pretend it doesn't exist.

It only hurts when she cackles.


When people start clicking FOX off, maybe Sir Rupert will get a clue.

Not going to hold my breathe.


If you add the Hillary seizure tape (especially in slow-mo) to the barking-like-a-dog scene and sprinkle the top with a montage of her coughing episodes...what a smorgasbord of abnormality!

buccaneer morgan

So the Farsi squirrel only seems to work so far.


Look at the YUGGEEEE protest march in Philly.

Frau Nie wieder Clinton

Progressive? Not to worry.
Hillary! herself called Kaine a progressive, and remember

"Her word is her bond"

Just ask FBI director Comey.


Shep says Debbie Wasserman Schultz will step down immediately following the Convention.


CNN Panel just read the very long-winded statement from DWS about stepping down, so after the break their panel of 7 will discuss it. Van Jones says there will be boo's but I don't know for who or for what?

Guess I'll have to stay tuned.


Damn it, I wanted Debbie Downer to stay in until the election.

Haha, the protesters have a giant papier mache Bernie puppet. OF COURSE


That's great news, Cap'n. Wonder what my Sanders bro in Santa Cruz will do.


JamesD, Gabapentin has been a godsend to my wife from time to time when nerves were firing when they should not have been or not firing when they should have been.

JiB, numbness from pinched nerves is not fun. I started taking B12 for mine -- I think it was caused by starting Cybex/Nautilus to get healthy (Hah!) -- and, a year later, I have most feeling back.

Jack is Back! (As Mr. Fixit)


I have the top PT in the East End of LI. She is getting her doctorate at Stony Brook and may be the most fit woman I have ever met. I do an hour every week with her in Easthampton. I have a fitness room in my Southampton house with a bike, rower, heavy bag, TRX system, agility ladder, Bosu, weights and massage table as well as yoga mats. Work out 3 days a week in high intensity program. We'll handle the stenosis with programmed exercise and other holistics.

But I like the German supplement suggestion. I am just paranoid when it comes to drugs that say one side effect is "suicidal thoughts":) I wonder if that is why Hillary isn't on it?


Here's the reporters on CNN saying that this division is already sounding like the divisions in the Republican Convention. CNN Reporter reads this fro DWS Note: My Transcription

Host Frederica: So it looks like her tenure will be over?"

Reporter Jeff somebody: Yes that's what it looks like, but not immediately. Lets look at the statement she just issued very carefully, particularly these lines. She says this:

"Going Forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to still step down as Party Chair at the end of this convention. As the Party Chair I will open and close the Convention and I will also address the Delegates about the stakes involved in this Election."

Now this is where it could get complicated, Frederica. I just talked to a top Democratic source, who has been in conversation with The Clinto Campaign, and they said "This is not OK with Brooklyn," the Clinton Campaign Headquarters. They firmly do not want her making a major address here in this Convention Hall, they do not want her facing the ridicule, but also the controversy and drama of potentially being booed and keeping this going on here, so I am told by a top Democrat that this statement may evolve as the afternoon goes on, but Dana (turning to a very concerned looking Dana Bash) but Dana this is starting to sound to me like the Republican Convention last week in Cleveland, I mean Bernie Sanders supporters are already angry, and now this...


As he is saying this the Host Fredericka is shaking her head back and forth sadly as if to say "Oh no, Oh no!" and Dana now is saying there are a lot f very very "passionate" Bernie supporters. She is intentionally not saying the word Very, very angry and pissed off.


Here's a good summary of the juicy bits in the DNC leaks:


Hearing DWS will be out by the end of the day.

This kind of messes with the "Republicans in chaos narrative" a bit.

Best election ever.

Captain Hate

Porch, my daughter still remains a dumbass about a lot of things but being a mother, wife and homeowner has had an impact. Even though she's been working for a while, being a PT can insulate you from a lot of realities that other occupations have to encounter square on.

We always butted heads when she was growing up but when I took her to visit colleges because her mother was recovering from cancer, we reached a level of understanding that has remained strong.

Dave (in MA)

How about no A/C at Donkapalooza Philly?
Walk the [redacted] walk, progs.


Woman murdered by Syrian in Germany was pregnant, or as the Telegraph oddly puts it, 'pregnant.'


Fredericka, still shaking her head negatively and showing huge DEM concern, wants to know "why that Clinton Campaign camp was not able to leverage this decision a speedier decision by Debbie Wasserman Schultz" (to convince DWS to get lost ASAP), when Dana, as you just said, this is upstaging an event, this is upstaging you know what Clinton's mission is, so why did the Clinton Camping feel that they could not convince her otherwise, That is stepping down now, as opposed to stepping down later?

Big big concern on the faest of all 3--- Dana, Jeff, and Fredericka especially. Fredericka really really looks sad and concerned:(



Jeff: Well Frederica, I think this is a work in Progress.

Man Tran

Oops, just posted this on the dead thread.

A couple of decades ago the cadets at the AF Academy were failing their flight medicals and it was starting to look embarrassing. They passed going in, but failing coming out. They finally had to start letting them get Lasic surgery.

Just met a pilot yesterday who might rent our boat for living space. He was washed out of the Navy flight program ~94 for one eye drifting out of spec. Being the middle of bent willy's reign, they took any little defect they could scrape up.


Jeff: They want to have this resolved by tomorrow I have been told...

Fredericka: ...So she wants to enjoy the fruits of her labor, but this is much bigger than her and her position, and so for the sake of the Candidacy one would think that perhaps there would be a quicker evolution, you know, of that decision making.

Jeff: Sure, I mean that would have been the ideal situation. Some people were hoping that she would have stepped down a while ago, and maybe now you have to be wondering if she's wondering that as well...

Boy, I am loving the concern of , now back "to a fantastic panel to dive into all of this."

Jack is Back! (As Mr. Fixit)

In re: Clarice's 4:16 and the money involved on some of those links.

I live in a village where at dinner the other night I watched a guy order a $20K bottle of wine for his table while I sucked on ordinary Clos du Bois.

There is money and then there is super money. For someone to write a check for $200K so she and her daughter can have a place at the table for dinner with Hillary is like chewing gum out here. Anyone can do it, right?

When you look at Wall Street and the Hedge fund hustlers you learn very quickly why you want your kids to develop great math sense, do their matriculation at MIT or CalTech and then start writing algorithms for GS before going off on their own.

I can count on my fingers and toes the number of fresh faced millenials in town this summer with Ferrari's, Lambo's, McLaren's and Bentley rag tops..

They're not rented!

And they are not Trumpers because he will create chaos in the algorithms. This has not been discussed enough. They, Wall Street, want certainty first and access second. With Trump you get uncertainty and if you are running a fund, this just makes your pleasant life more difficult.

Watch the donations to see if they are in panic mode.


Cap'n, I got along well with my dad and mostly agreed with him, but it still took me awhile to figure out that he was actually right about everything. :)


PT is critical, JIB--do what works best for you.


Have one twitter pal who is ardently against the Hill but is thinking out loud she may not make it health-wise to the election in November.


Hehe...that is quite a protest line. Does not mean much though...sort of a happy hours/orientation meeting with some high jinks tossed in. Bet there a quite a few delegates out there too.

Just think of it as a sort of Prog Rose bowl parade.


Did they really say that "this statement will evolve"?


Dave (in MA)

I hope none of the protesters brought mortars like they did in Benghazi.


From the panel here is neanderthaler Lefty Bill Press.

Neanderthal Bill: ...This is the wrong decision. I just want to remind everybody that this Convention is about Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. It's not about and it should not be about Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Now if she stays for the next 4 days thats all we're gong to be talking about. I think this is a leadership test for Hillary Clinton. She cannot let Debbie Wasserman Schultz address those delegates and ...

Fredrica interrupts: So you think this is a challenge for Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton should step up and say this is a decision I'm making for the DNC?

Bill Press:Yes. Yes. And the President did appoint her, so if Hillary calls Obama, Obama will do the right thing.

Van Jones interrupts: ...If she walks out there Debbie Wasserman Schultz runs the risk of seeing a world record set for "Booing." She will be met with an avalanche of Booing, a Tsunami of Booing. She cannot do it.

Bill Press: I'm a Bernie Supporter, but I'm pissed at DWS, as a Democrat. Dammit, get out of the way...


You guys not watching CNN are missing some wonderful meltdowns:)

Miss Marple 2


Discussion on one of the reddit Donald Trump threads with UK and European posters who are rooting for Trump. There was this really nice response from one of the Americans:

"Americans are born every day all around the world. It just takes some longer to get home than others. 😉"

Of course, they could get home more quickly if the immigration system made sense and the borders weren't a sieve, but I thought that was a nice comment about how America is a mind-set.


I just woke up from a nap and read clarice's 3:56 twitchy link. One of the comments is LOL funny..."so many people,so few bars of soap."


Dear TM,

But as Mr. Kaine sought to flex his language skills to appeal to Hispanic voters

Not when that voting contingent is referred to taco bowls.


JiB, you may be right about money, but money isn't getting it done for Hillary so far. Trump has spent next to nothing and is literally Hitler and she can't do better than a tie.


MM, that is almost word for word the title of Peter Schramm's wonderful essay "Born American, But In The Wrong Place."

I give it my highest recommendation and hope all will read it. You might share it with them if you're commenting, or link the thread and I'll drop in.

Miss Marple 2

Two choices to run things are suggested:

1. Representative Marcia Fudge of Ohio, member of the Congressional black Caucus


2. Donna Brazile, who happens to hate the Sanders people.

I hope this drags out for a couple of days. HA!

James D.

I hope none of the protesters brought mortars like they did in Benghazi.


Jack is Back! (As Mr. Fixit)


My point wasn't money is the answer but for average Americans they have no idea how much is out there and what it will do to stay in the money. Sure, Trump is so far un-monied but he does need to keep pace for a general election. And believe me the monied people are ready to get HIllary shoe-horned in if need be.

For the primaries, I agree with you. This general election cycle is different. Its National and battle ground which means big time money and bit time ads. He can't do a primary no-spend and win in the general. IMHO. YMMV.


Did they really say that "this statement will evolve"?


Everybody there is using the word "Evolve." Everybody. Apparently it is the new "go to" word to indicate change without admitting how dicked up things currently are at the DNC Convention.

SBW needs to turn on the TV to CNN and start taking notes on the evolution of the word "Evolution."

Now CNN has cut to some stupid segment on Philly Cheese Sandwich joints in Philly, giving valuable time for the Panel to "evolve" their talking points.


Cheesesteaks daddy. A fine food that confuses various Dems (Kerry).


Daddy: I was merely trying to wrap my head around the notion that a statement can "evolve".

Jack is Back! (As Mr. Fixit)

Square Dance,

Stupid segement on CNN. There is only one Philly Cheese Steak Place to even consider: Tony Luke's. All others are copies.


on FB
for DWS resigning -

The Omen 1976 Nanny's Death Scene

BB Key

daddy or anyone else who has traveled to Indonesia in the last couple of years.
My 26 yo son and a guy he works with are going to be in Indonesia / Bali for about 2 weeks in early August . Side trips to Ubud and Seminyak on the itinerary. Any advice/tips ?

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