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August 26, 2016



Says the pot to the kettle.

Jack is Back!


How to stop a tranny.

For you who have aspirations of law enforcement.

Lurker Susie

Guess Hillary wasn't a big help to Kimmel's

“Kimmel’s 0.4 rating with Clinton lost to a Nick At Nite rerun of ‘Friends’ — a program that went off the air more than a decade ago — and ‘Teen Mom Season 6’ on MTV,” The Hill reported.

Miss Marple 2

Trump has taught Pence a few things. Indianapolis Star reporter at Trump office opening complains. HA!

Robert Scheer ‏@bobscheer 22m22 minutes ago

#pence taking a #trump cue by playing the 'blame the media' card. He never used to do that
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It's trus Pence never used to do that. Instead, he followed the Rovian "do not complain" method which has worked well for so many tomato cans.

This is a new Mike Pence. Glad to see it!


Why shouldn't they get deported. They are here illegally. This whole thing smacks of camels nose under the tent. It used to be unacceptable to say you would not enforce immigration laws, now it is unacceptable to say you will. If you don't deport than that is de facto open borders. Oh...and anyone remember how we were prooomised that immigration would be harshly enforced after the 1980s amnesty? What a crock.


I love this standing up to the enemy demeaner! The arrogant little pressies are not used to this. It's good for them - maybe they'll actually have to dig around for a story and learn why Trump has so much support.

Thomas Collins

Sure. Mixed signals.

GHWB: No new taxes.

Barry Obama: I'm against individual mandate. If you like your doc, you can keep your doc.

The Hill: For pacific trade deal before she was against it.

Kerry: For the Iraq war before being against it.

Trump is recognizing the reality that we are not going to deport 11 million illegals. Trump is going to focus on the security threats and the garden variety violent criminals. I have more confidence in Trump following through on this than The Hill.

Speaking of evolving positions: Yoga classes and recipes on the missing emails appear to have evolved into government business.


First, the murdering, raping, thieving illegals that Obama has dumped into our communities get deported or imprisoned, then the Big Searchlight focuses on the less dangerous lawbreakers and applies to them the immigration laws on the books that have been ignored. After that, long-time in-country illegals living quietly, who have not otherwise broken civil laws will be dealt with.

Isn't that the Trump game plan?


I like that plan.

Heh, let me.

It's a marvelous idea to deport bad-acting illegals, but who determines 'bad'?


I forgot to include the "terrorist" illegals....they go first, too. IF we can find them. :(



Trump eviscerated candidates who advocated his new position. Rubio became the representative for the evil, vile Uniparty, for advocating Trump's new position. What's the point of Trump now, if it isn't a harsh position of immigration?


Define his new position, Appalled. With sources.


Flashing back to the "bitter clingers" comment:

"They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Then, in response, Hillary:

"I was taken aback by the demeaning remarks Senator Obama made about people in small-town America. His remarks are elitist and out of touch."

Flash forward.

Her PUBLIC speech yesterday about Trump's racist supporters was twenty times worse than what Obama said at a private fundraiser. Or what Romney said about the 47% at a private fundraiser.

Miss Marple 2


Was anyone else in the field going to build a wall? No.

That right there is the difference. It doesn't matter what you do with deporting if they can sneak back over the border.

Was anyone else going to end sanctuary cities? No. Trump said it last night.

buccaneer morgan

promises promises,

Three No Trump.

Luv ya' appalled but if you have to ask what is the point of Trump now you won't get the answer.

Miss Marple 2

Beasts of England

Please clap.

I don't think he'll understand, even if explained.

Well, botched that a little. It was supposed to be a variant of 'If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it'.

buccaneer morgan

doing the britney supporter gig is all wrong,


Sanctuary cities will be one of the first things to go.

buccaneer morgan

not surprising paulie walnuts, wouldn't get it,

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

What apparently isn't abhorrent is a Republican like Jeb! playing Chester to the Democrat Spike;

Miss Marple 2

Sounds like Hillary's speech backfired. What's funny to me is that everyone in the MSM is trying to shame people who go to Breitbart and InfoWars, but no one pays any attention.

I mean, it's not like I really am going to cower in the corner because the New York Times doesn't approve of some of the web sites I visit.

Also, when is someone going to point out that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a scam and a partisan group?


Fournier in MM2's link: Hilliary is drowning in lies but, hey, she still has MY vote.

Craven asswipe.

buccaneer morgan

well he's more like the chicken hawk re foghorn leghorn,

buccaneer morgan

I think bolton would drive a better deal, don't you,


How long before Obama's FDA puts a stop to this...

buccaneer morgan

when they got rid of the cartoons and went to hours of the today show,

much like when they replaced the afternoon strips with springer and other ephemera,


Tonight's dinner: Baja Halibut. Grilled southwest seasoned fish on a bed of grilled corn and sweet peppers, jalapeño with sautéed carrots, red onion, zucchini on a lightly grilled flour tortilla. Topped with tomatoes and drizzled with Brianna's chipotle cheddar dressing. Cilantro to taste. Arriba!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--well he's more like the chicken hawk re foghorn leghorn--

That's Jeb! vs somebody on his supposed side;

Thomas Collins

The point for me, Appalled, is that I have more confidence that Trump sees immigration enforcement as a national security issue than The Hill. Yes, Trump, who started with virtually no support within the party, said some attention grabbing things in the primary. He has backed off his position on deporting all illegals to focusing on the most dangerous. I don't see that as a problem. As far as Rubio and Bush go, I don't believe they would have been as aggressive against dangerous illegals within the country as Trump will be if he wins. And they could have fought harder against Trump's attacks in the primaries.


Half a picnic pork braised in sauteed onions and apple cider. When the pork is absolutely tender after about four hours pull it apart and add some barbecue sauce and let it simmer a bit more. Good idea as the HEM did a home depot run.

Meanwhile peel and slice russet potatoes and put on baking sheet with buttered aluminum foil. Do one layer so it is still sealable horizontally and vertically and then grate romano cheese after using seasoning salt and then small pieces of butter. Do two or 3 layers depending on people and whether one is a HEM. Seal tightly and bake at least 40 minutes. Be careful opening.

Part of Robin's How to Be a Nerdy Mom and Still Get Them Coming Back Home regularly.

Miss Marple 2

Weird cartoons I remember from when my son was small:

Super President
Wheely and the Chopper Bunch
Laff Olympics
Star Trek

Live Action Saturday morning:

H.R. Pufnstuff
Land of the Lost

My kids were upset when they dropped the cartoons. Cartoon Network didn't have the good cartoons.


TC, showing a pulse would have been fighting harder. :(

buccaneer morgan

that's two of my favorite food groups 'the other white meat' and cheeses,

Miss Marple 2

The Associated PressVerified account‏@AP

BREAKING: State Department won't provide before Election Day all Clinton schedules of her meetings as secretary of state.

Thomas Collins

The press is more concerned with Trump moderating his position on illegals than it was when Obama spewed forth his red line blather in Syria and then did the old el foldero.

In any event, I am sure the press will get around to a searching inquiry on The Hill's "evolution" on trade agreements. I'm sure that the press's sudden concern that some of Trump's supporters might be disheartened with his new position on illegals has nothing to do with a consistent pattern of shameless attempts to undercut Trump and boost The Hill up the stairs to the White House.


Live Action Saturday morning

Or "real action," as my 6yo son calls it. :)

buccaneer morgan

surprise, surprise,


Has it been determined what Trump told the NYT's off the record yet? Wasn't it, "Everything's Negotiable?"

From what I gathered from him on Hannity last night was that those families that have been here 15-20 years crime free, (except for the fact they broke the law to get here) would be sent back, but first to get back in through the proper channels. If that's the case I could live with that.

buccaneer morgan

since they will inflict another one of these cruise films on us,


Fresh caught lobster on a brioche roll. Something you can't get in Idaho.


CT: Trump up 46 - 42 in central FL I-4 corridor. Winning I's by 14.

And every time I see Iggy's new avatar, I see Paul Simon's "There goes Rhymin' Simon" album cover. I can't shake it :)

buccaneer morgan

the gagging reflex might come into play,

buccaneer morgan

juppe is how you spell bush in french,

I remember him vaguely as a hawk on bosnia,

Miss Marple 2

buccaneer morgan,

OMG! OMG! I always thought he was simply a suck-up! Surely he wasn't her LOVER?


Eye bleach! Disinfectant!


buccaneer morgan

should have rayshielded that,

so lurch and lavrov were in some press conference about syria, and the veteran apparatchik had an expression, that might have been 'i'm with stupid' in cyrillic,

buccaneer morgan

still looking for the real killers,


Trump on immigration: “My stance is very strong. It’s going to remain very strong. There will be no amnesty.” #Greta

— Fox News (@FoxNews) August 26, 2016

Confusing, all right.

Jebito, please go back to Bush Compound and ask your brother, who was a real life President, to give you lessons in decorum.

buccaneer morgan

in the back of the book segment,

Dave (in MA)

JOM ladies, make us proud! ;)

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Bout time for hrtshpdbx, no?

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Something tells me there is a dude behind gender equality GoToplessDay.

Lurker Susie

Hillary owns this

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell – Verified account ‏@RichardGrenell

The Clinton Foundation made the EpiPen company a Healthcare Partner. Seriously.


Vindicating what those of us who were calling it Operation Change The Subject were saying all along...

Still seems a little too vast, Dave. Kinda like this scenario:

Apr 27, 2011: Obama releases an online image of a 9 layer birth certificate to stave off a televised 9th circuit hearing on his eligibility but the court and the plaintiffs dont bite. The hearing will go as planned on May 2, 2011.

May 1, 2011: Obama single handedly kills OBL and the media throws a parade.

Ma 2, 2011: The OBL subject change is deemed a success and no networks broadcast the eligibility hearing.

See how far fetched it sounds?


Appalled: What's the point of Trump now, if it isn't a harsh position of immigration?

First of all, none of the others are plausible now, if they ever were.

Second, Trump’s position is harsh only in your mind, not mine.

Third, You are playing hypothetical word games instead of working in the real world, and it comes across as sour grape carping.

Fourth, it is tiresome to play such silly reindeer games.

Other than that, have a nice night.


Here is one of the more cogent blogosphere commentators on immigration.

Dude used to work at the State Department, God bless him.

Miss Marple 2

Note that this article had to be linked from AUSTRALIA.

Captain Hate

I've always thought of Sid's weird relationship with Rodham to be summarized as Rasputin the Needledick. Shocking that Conason is buds with him; never saw that coming.

buccaneer morgan

conason, I'd never heard of until that den of strigoi, salon came unto being,


Dang it, Jack! 👍


My, my. I see you're taking no prisoners tonight, sbw.

buccaneer morgan

ah now I recall he was the one trawling in Spy magazine, some piece that the Enquirer probably had qualms publishing, in 92, and thirty years he was hepped up about some property the Marcos had bought in New York,



When I was a kid we would visit one of my mother's first cousin who had a summer place on the Chesapeake Bay.

He had crab pots and my father and I would go out to help bait them or pull them in. Was normal to bring crab in by the bushel.

Makes me hungry just thinking about it:)

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Don't tell me you didn't go out in the fall for ducks and geese, Buckeye.

Janet S.

That Daily Caller article is stupid. What's all the hinting around about?
If Gowdy has something SAY IT.

"“You’ll never guess what term the FBI used when they described Sidney Blumenthal and his relationship to her,” the Republican told Kelly."

What the hell is that? SAY IT.
Give us NEWS or get off the TV. If the FBI doesn't want you to say...well DO IT ANYWAY. That's what the Dems do.

Or if it is really big, get on the TV & start screaming that the FBI has to release this info.

The dinking around is just too frustrating & stupid.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--What's the point of Trump now, if it isn't a harsh position of immigration?--

The point of Trump and every other Rep candidate was and is, first and foremost, to defeat Smaug.
Anything productive after that is gravy.


If Sid and Short Circuit had a thing going, whips and chains were involved.

buccaneer morgan

they aren't hanging priests yet, but it's early,

Captain Hate

I agree, Janet; another puzzlingly disappointing performance by Gowdy.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

If Short Circuit and America get a thing going it's going to involve whips and chains too.

buccaneer morgan

the horror, the horror,

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Special for Janet, though many will be interested; 'Massive' ESA lawsuit threatened—again.
Enviro crooks suing the government over the endangered species scam.

buccaneer morgan

is there any thug they won't go to bat for, rhetorical?


Was never there in the fall Iggy. No waterfowl fun.


"Alt Right", "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy".

She can't even be original.

She invented the VRWC to distract people from her husband's schtupping Monica and now she's back at it again with her attack poodles.


..."another puzzlingly disappointing performance by Gowdy"...

Can't we just accept that these people are simply not that bright?


If Short Circuit and America get a thing going it's going to involve whips and chains too.

I think I will have to take a swan dive off Jones Tower.

buccaneer morgan

markO has the patent on that,

'mr. blumenthal, you were the purveyor of the tidbits of intelligence from drumheller and murray's security contractor, a decade ago you made a big deal of the claims that the former later mr. drumheller had made about curveball, which quelle surprise, absolved the bnd of any responsibility about his handling,

are we to understand that you used this information, to steer the policy toward libya,
what steps did you take to determine it wasnt
fixed, to support the sources of that material.


WOW, Buckeye! would that be the Jones Beach tower of my childhood?


Janet--I'm with you on that Gowdy story--



Trump +14 in NH per Ipsos.


No direct link to the poll that I can find.

buccaneer morgan

really what could possibly go wrong,

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Can't we just accept that these people are simply not that bright?--

Some of them are quite bright. The problem is they are an emasculated bunch of candy-assed, chicken hearted poltroons.


Can't we just accept that these people are simply not that bright?

I can't. It is easier for me to accept that they are all crooks. Crooks that were bright enough to stay in power for a lot longer than one might accept from a bunch of dim bulbs.







Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Moron of the week;
Dude submerges himself in 1250 bottles of hot sauce and red peppers.

buccaneer morgan

does this sound true, of course hawks had to down play a subplot that was too risque for 1946.


WHY HOW Did The Chicken Cross The ROAD GLOBE?


We just watched the Hank Williams biopic "I Saw The Light". Hank nicely played by Tom Hiddleston, T-swizzle's ex my daughter tells me. I'm not sure if he did the singing. What a sad story.

Trump's immigration plan hasn't changed from what I've heard. Everybody gets their day in court. A Federal Judge decides who is deported, not the President.

I sure hope some enterprising young patriot sneaks a strobe light in to the first debate. Then we'll see what condition clots condition is in.


John Schindler:

Nevertheless, I had hopes that, eventually, professional handlers would get a hold of Trump and moderate his rough edges. Once he secured the GOP nomination a more focused Trump — one not needing to respond to every imagined slight with an incendiary tweet — had to arrive. Surely if he expected to be competitive in the general election, Trump knew he would have to refocus, stop pandering to his narrow but fervent base, and start talking like, well….a president.

Alas, I was wrong. Wise friends of mine like Tom Nichols and Rick Wilson were right all along. There is no better Trump. There is no responsible Trump. There is no balanced Trump. There is no presidential Trump. There is only Trump.

Glenn Reynolds, in response:

Well, 70-year-old men don’t change much. And it’s worked pretty well for him so far.

* * * * *

What is it about these people that makes them undersell Trump so much? Why can't they, in the face of this revolt, look in the mirror and contemplate . . . There is no better Rick Wilson. There is no responsible Rick Wilson. There is no balanced Rick Wilson. There is no man-of-the-people Rick Wilson. There is only Rick Wilson.

The pontificating about DJT is really making me that much more fond of Donald Trump.

buccaneer morgan

yes, he may be an expert in signals intelligence, but his signals have gotten crossed of late,

he used to have comments on his blog, he still has some interesting international bits, this is why I link,

buccaneer morgan

some things from there,

like when bellocq opened the ark, all that issued forth,

Don't try to explain it to me.

Heh, up 14 but down 6.

buccaneer morgan

of course, as with all acolytes of the thuggee, there is a reflex to drop into the volcano,

buccaneer morgan

sure, that's why they are slow walking the revelations

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