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August 02, 2016



Hi everyone
I am on vacation in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes.
Solid Trump country.
Talk letter in the week.

Art in Newport

Hear that's beautiful country, maryrose.


Crook v. Clown

What is it, September 2015? Surely there is a fresher tagline somewhere.

James D

Ron Fournier, objective journalist:

Hillary Clinton may be rising in the polls as a result, which is good news for people like me across the political spectrum who find Trump to be vacuous, soulless, and temperamentally unfit for the presidency.

Ron Fournier, rube and moron:

I’m angry at Clinton because I expect better. The country needs better.

Fournier can (say it with me!) go die in a fire.

There are many Republicans who won’t vote for Trump (including me).

Shapiro is firing at Dems who won't fire at Dems. Ultimately he offers less than zero cover for Trump.

Shapiro hates Birthers and the blessing of his rancid tale is that he hates their birther kore than he hates ours?

He is the one male on planet earth that would not have the strength to rough up the extremely frail Michelle Fields.



kore = more

Frau Rutger Gefahrfeld

I'll take an-alleged clown over a proven Clinton Crook any day.
But I repeat myself.


Dear Ben Shapiro, who is your pick for President?


Well, this explains a lot ...

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton completed no security briefings or courses on the proper handling of classified materials and how to conduct secure communications while at the Department of State, according to new Obama administration legal filings before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Hillary is ignorant of the proper handling of classified materials.


Common Core Clearance

Jack is Back!

Another Hillary lie.

She signed a document attesting to being briefed on the handling of classified information and fully understands the importance of their security.

Is that a form of perjury or willful lying to sign a declaratory form indicating you did something required but didn't?


rse, when you get a moment can you eMail me?

rattlergator at gmail dot com

I saw your earlier question about Eufaula. No, I usually travel to Atlanta up I-75. Unlike most in Tallahassee, I don't drive over to Tifton or Albany to connect. I take I-10 over to Madison, and drive up an easy stretch of the countryside to Valdosta. Most of that trip is easy interstate travel.

My paternal family had a reunion in Eufaula about a decade ago. I had no clue we had a family line in Alabama.

James D

Neo @ 10:13


Would that be an excuse for a private citizen who violated federal regulations that governed their workplace? I don't think so.

jimmyk on iPhone

"Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton completed no security briefings or courses on the proper handling of classified materials"

It would be interesting to learn exactly how that happened. I'm guessing when some poor sap mentioned it to her, it went like this.

"Um, excuse me Madam Secretary, but all State Dept employees have to take this course on handling classif--"

"HOW DARE YOU COME INTO MY OFFICE AND TELL ME I HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! GET THE F*** OUT!!!" (Sound of glass breaking, lamp throwing)

And no one ever asked again.


Hillary is not in jail, she's running for President.

Theranos gal is not in jail, she's pushing a new scam test machine.

Musk is not in jail, he's overpaying himself to acquire one of his companies with another one of his companies. (Worked so well Ellison had to do it too).

Yet Trump is the clown. OK, maybe Trump is a clown, but he is not even remotely evil compared to those listed above.



That sounds about right.


The progressives have made a fatal mistake with Khizr Khan. By trying to seemingly canonize the man, he is money in the bank for Trump to go after at a time of his choosing. For maximum effect. And using Hillary's own words from her acceptance speech.

Follow the money.

It's coming. Take that to the bank. That's why Khan now so desperately wants to be out of the spotlight. He wants to be the hit-and-run driver who successfully gets away with the hit.

Too late, sonny boy.


Iggy linked this last night. I think Wretchard has it right.

We are in a battle of the short-term vs. long-term news cycle.

Hillary wins the short-term news cycles because of her accomplices in the MFM.

Trump doesn't help himself with off-the-cuff remarks that feed the narrative, even if he is correct.

No point in stomping on your own Johnson.

However, if there are enough major US/World events before the election, Trump wins the long-term news cycle and probably the presidency.

Sucks to have to pray for terrorist events.


They keep coming, prayers or not, Buckeye.


RG --

Yeah, that's the ticket. Trump has played this Khan think brilliantly in one of his typical 16th dimensional chess moves and now has the progressives right where he wants them.


Oh look Ficken Chuckin Theo is back to paraphrase what anybody else says with his special brand of sarcasm.

Dave (in MA)
Trump doesn't help himself with off-the-cuff remarks that feed the narrative, even if he is correct.

No point in stomping on your own Johnson.

Repeatedly. We're trying to keep the country from being run by the Clinton crime family again, and he's not helping.


I asked people on Facebook to give me an exact quote from Trump on Mr. Khan. It seems that Trump's sin was to say that he had sacrificed as well.

Waving the Constitution and attacking Trump on national television makes one a legitimate target. As far as I know, Trump has not attached patriotic Muslim-Americans.

It is the Somalis preparing for jihad and the Nidals and the San Bernardino and Orlando shooters who are the problem.

The level of sanctimony on display is appalling. The level of self righteousness is off the scale and yet we are just starting the general campaign. This is an all out war for the Left. They are going for all the marbles.

To watch as they wrapped themselves in the flag when so many of them have betrayed our country time and again is disgraceful. And very few journalists have called the Democratic Convention what it was; a propaganda set piece worthy of Goebbels or Stalin.

Trump is his own worst enemy, but the media pile on is indescribably distasteful.

James D

The truth is, nothing Trump has done or said in the entire campaign comes close to the gaffes, ignorance, mendacity and hatred of/contempt for his fellow citizens that Obama displayed in the 2008 campaign.

The difference is, Obama had the MSM protecting him and supporting him 100%, and a totally unearned and undeserved reputation as an intellectual; whereas Trump has the MSM attacking him constantly and dishonestly (and his own party contributing to the attacks).


Nice to see you too, boris.

Miss Marple 2


Am in agreement. (No surprise. Ha!)

Suggest prayer for those who believe, as this is going to be a close-run thing.

If Trump can win, he will have broken the power of the MSM.


On a day ending in Y.
Front page Mag reports the Muslim father who
Shot his dzughter is the most popular man in Pakistan.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Well at least we now know what the left requires in a war hero.
If he's a muslim and his pappy is a muslim who will trash Republicans in public then the his grave will be a shrine.

If he's a Christian who dies because of their candidate's negligence and cowardice and his mother objects to being lied to by their candidate then he's just some guy who croaked in the desert.


Yeah, blame the ref...

BREAKING NEWS: Turkey fires 94 football referees, other officials after coup - AFP


Speaking of propaganda set pieces, it's hard to imagine lower disregard for our military members than Bill Clinton displayed at the Normandy 50 yr. commemoration. The American ships framed perfectly in the background weren't there accidentally. Ditto the stones he formed into a cross, or the dislodged American flag he "happened upon" and resecured to an American grave. Sickening, venal self-interest and disrespect for the fallen on sacred ground.


MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Claims ‘Donald Trump Does Not Want to Win … He Does Not Want to Govern’


The half black fukwad in chief is on THE TEEEVEEE lying about Trump.
He just used Ryan and McCain to club Trump.

Obama is a pile of shit.

buccaneer morgan

this is seriously mogatu, they practically spit on the veterans like sgt. grobart on stage, and effendi khan and general allen are the only voice worth listening to, is that right now?


Hey guys. Here is a well chewed subject for you all to chew on again...

Responses are actually less than what I would have hoped for. If you are going to say "no" on the Supreme Court issue tilting you to Trump, you have a responsibility to say why in a way that is better than "Gosh, isn't it obvious!?"

I am not weighing in on Khan today. It's not like Trump has any reason to pay attention to me...


0bama is talking trash re Trump at a presser! What an a$$hole.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Scott Adams sure hit a nerve when he noted the estrogen drenched DNC might be turning men off.

Miss Marple 2

Thanks for the info on the presser. I will not turn TV on until it's safe.

Janet the expert

Neo's link -

State Department officials previously reported they could not locate records certifying that Clinton or her top aides took the annually required security courses and briefings.

I mentioned this before. There are all kinds of courses like that. Gay sensitivity training, ethics, how not to be a racist,...
Tons of that crap. Did Hillary or ANY of her crew take all those courses?


MM, meanwhile you can watch the Ashburn VA rally. :)

Old Lurker

GUS "He just used Ryan and McCain to club Trump.

Obama is a pile of shit."

As are the other two.

buccaneer morgan

yes, effendi khan is an interesting fellow indeed,

buccaneer morgan

same bafflegrab, different day,

his lips were moving about the va yesterday.

buccaneer morgan

well that's reassuring, were the donations tax deductable?


Funny, Aetna is pulling back from Obamacare and the exchanges are failing left, right and center and not much noise from Minitrue.

The signature legislation of his entire administration is falling apart at the seams and no one dares ask him a question about it.

The debt has risen $10 trillion on his watch and even Ryan, Mr. Prudent, says nothing.

I may dislike Trump, but objectively, Hillary will continue to run this country into the ground. The wave of articles trying to disprove the opposition to TPP and free but fair trade is another facet of the globalist agenda.

China has rigged the game from the outset and our presidents made debt deals with the devil.

Now the Chinese are practicing for a short brutal war in the South China Sea. Now who do we think their opponent would be? Taiwan? Gone. Open seas? Gone. China dominant.

Anywhere one looks Obama's and Clinton's policies have been disasters, but of the kind that they can blame on not having gone far enough because of those evil Republicans. "If only" is their watchword.

The same watchword of the Nazis and Soviets.

Hillary has now tried to make the case for Russian involvement and the FBI is silent on the hackers. I pray that Assange nails her ass to the wall as promised.

Her supporters know that they can't trust a word she says and yet they focus on the daily troll by her campaign. Smart people, too. If anything this campaign has exposed the massive fault line that has been created between our leadership class and the rest of us. Viva la Revolucion!


Heh. Trump sacrificed a glorious career in 'Nam for his real estate bizness. He's a hero.

Old Lurker

Matt, did you ever think his plan was for those exchanges to work beyond their role in unwinding the existing insurance infrastructure? I'd say he is right on schedule for the obvious next step of universal health care as the only remaining solution.


Heh. Trump sacrificed a glorious career in 'Nam for his real estate bizness. He's a hero.

And just what the fuck did you do??


Unwinding the insurance monolith is worthy enough. If nothing else, more than satisfactory.

buccaneer morgan

some promises he follows through on, ol, the important ones,

buccaneer morgan

I'm just spitballing here, but I'd say a lot of acid,

Captain Hate on the iPhone

If anything this campaign has exposed the massive fault line that has been created between our leadership class and the rest of us. Viva la Revolucion!

Exactly and this is where Levin gets it wrong on Trump going after the Bernie voters, who recognize the rot in Washington but put their hopes in the wrong cure.


I made a lot of sacrifices just like Trump. Going out on Saturday night after my classes in college. Shit. I could be POTUS.

buccaneer morgan

maybe munster and co, can raise a peep about this,

Dave (in MA)
And just what the fuck did you do??
Feathers don't just pass themselves, you know.
buccaneer morgan

it's closest to nixon's strategy going after blue collar ethnics in the midwest,

Jack is Back!

Dana and BuBu in one day? Trump has hit a nerve it seems.

Which reminds me that Obama using McCain's remarks against Trump is pretty ironic considering it was his boy, Chris Rock, who came up with the "McCain is no war hero because he was captured...." back in 2008. Didn't hear a peep out of the Dems or Obama back then.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Nor McCain, who had an election to lose...

Old Lurker

Obama quoting McCain diminishes them both.

Have at it I say.


Trump sure hit the political bitch-slap-button and he refuses to take his finger off cuz it feels so good.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I have no trouble with the Merde Touch ending McRINO's career in politics.


I'm just spitballing here, but I'd say a lot of acid,


Janet the expert

Trump is doing great in Ashburn, VA.
He has SO much energy. He's pleasant & he just talks with the people.

The Trump portrayed in the MFM is not the Trump that speaks at rallies.


Obama quoting McCain diminishes them both.

From a very low bar. Very.


in a fight to retake the soul of the Republican party, dude, you shouldn't have sold it in the first place.

Beasts of England

Not sure as to the direction of your comment, Appalled. Are you saying that 'we' need to say something other than 'it's obvious', or is that from a comment over at formerly-Reason-able?

Miss Marple 2


Thanks for reminding me! Listening now!



Ryan has a problem understanding the difference between talking and doing.

Easy to talk a good story.



How is the digit today? Throbbing like a mofo?

Miss Marple 2

I have moved from supporting Ryan to despising him.

Nothing I like more than someone setting himself up as my moral superior. /s

Captain Hate on the iPhone

As much as I've criticized Priebus, I think he's doing his best to hold the party together while Ryan tries to make it adhere to a caricature of a bunch of rich, out of touch fat cats.


primary is one week from today. saw my first Ryan sign this morning.

Beasts of England

Much gooderer, Buckeye - thanks! Doc-in-a-box put some super glue on it and gave me a thumb condom so I can shower and go wake boarding!! I may be kidding about that second one... :)

James D

henry @ 12:16

Wow. Ryan can just STFU.

The GOP has controlled the House for 6 years, and the Senate for 2. In that time, have they held a single person in the Administration accountable? For anything? Forced them to suffer even the slightest consequences?

We've had an Attorney General lie to Congress, withhold evidence from Congress, be held in contempt of Congress, and nothing happened to him. Not one damn thing.

We've had the IRS systematically target and abuse conservatives solely for their politics, and lie to Congress about it, and destroy evidence, and finally admit all these things, and nothing has happened to anyone who was involved.

We've had multiple Cabinet officials admit to violating election laws, and nothing has happened to any of them.

We've had the White House and the State Department brag publicly about how they lied to Congress and the American people and co-opted the press to do so, in order to get the Iran deal done, and nothing has happened to anyone involved.

We've had a federally funded, 100% Democrat organization brag on video about selling human body parts for profit, and nothing has happened to anyone involved.

We've had the President trade dangerous terrorist prisoners to get back a deserter, and the trade was in violation of federal law, and nothing has happened to anyone involved.

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on...Ryan (and Boehner before him) and McConnell have utterly and completely failed in their constitutional duties to serve as a check on the Executive Branch. They've failed to defend their own honor. They've failed on every level.

Who the hell is Ryan to criticize ANYONE else, after all his failures?


You are fickle marple.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Out buying peaches at an orchard this morning, saw a guy proudly wearing a Trump hat. Four years ago I saw quite a few Romney signs in yards in well heeled areas but no regular guys sporting his gear.


"It's not like Trump has any reason to pay attention to me..."

Or anyone else, for that matter.



Thanks for putting some meat on the bones I tossed up!

Miss Marple 2

Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice, shame on me.



I was commenting on the Reason professors. Those who said no on Trump, in spite of the Supreme Court being in the balance, in the main didn't really explain their reasoning. (One person said that the other branches are more important, a few indicated that Trump's pledge was easily broken.)

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

This doesn't seem too complicated.
Trump seems to be a mushy moderate just like all the rest of the mushy moderate losers the Ryans, Kristols and Wills prodded us to vote for from both the GOPe and nevertrump side of the aisle.
The only difference is Trump is an outsider who kicks Dems and the media in the teeth and is loud and boorish.
That is his true crime.
It has less than nothing to do with political philosophy or policy or anything else.
He embarrasses them.

If they had told me a long time ago the Republican Party's real mission is and real name should be the Emily Post Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home Party I could have saved them an awful lot of pointless emails and direct mail crap by leaving before I even joined.

Pathetic. A party leadership consisting almost entirely of Judge Elihu Smails clones.


You're all fickle. Trump will soon disappoint and your sensitive nature will soon turn on him. That's your nature.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Appalled! I sure wish I knew the more important branches than the SC, but, they've veered so hard left in the last few years that it's not worth looking at the link, let alone arguing with them.

Sure, it's an easy pledge to break, but his selection of Pence gives me some degree of certainty that his appointments in the several branches will be decent or better. And all better than Cankles.



You're right -- Trump doesn't appear to pay attention to anyone. Though I don't think that's what you meant to say.


Buckeye doesn"nt really want to pursue the military service issue. Anyone?

buccaneer morgan

and maverick and mittens and munster don't even need to have their leash pulled, they whimper automatically,


To paraphrase Thomas Sowell, voting for Trump is like playing Russian roulette, but voting for Clinton is like putting a loaded rifle to your head and pulling the trigger.

buccaneer morgan

how about that, explanation appalled,


Cap'n, did you give the MAGA hat guy a thumbs up? I try to do that with anyone who sports nonapproved political messaging. Just to let them know they're not alone.


good grief ...

see the food fight is still on going here. and a howdy to ben and the bubu ... an embarrassment of riches.


Yet another military man compromised by association with Zippy:

If you'd kept your dick in your pants you wouldn't be in this situation, General...



we need to come up with our own gang sign. I saw someone at the Harris Teeter in Fairfax the other day wearing a MAGA cap and nodded.

buccaneer morgan

spunkmeyer took a wrong turn at the hindu kush, that's how he found himself here, still on sabbatical, dana,

Lurker Susie


Trump receives Purple Heart from veteran: “This was much easier” | McClatchy DC

buccaneer morgan

another shovelready job,

I guess they don't bomb bars in anspach either,


Rich. Are they aware that they have taken the word resolute and applied th Trump as they did every one of their temporary hard on from the bleak past? Is rock headed intransigence a conservative imperative?


rich, yes, we need a high sign for sure.

Press going nutz over veteran and baby. Slow news day, crazy Muslim Clinton hack story getting less traction I guess.

buccaneer morgan

yes, when they jeered veterans on stage, like sgt. grobart, it's like they lost the audio, sarc,



I think of Hillary as a dose of a fatal dose of arsenic. Give it enough time, and it will kill you slowly and nastily, but antidotes could be possible.

jimmyk on iPhone

"To paraphrase Thomas Sowell"

Has Sowell come around? I recall he was pretty anti-Trump, so if he has, that's a good sign.

Obama says Trump isn't fit to be President, whereas the woman who made a hash of national security with her emails, and made a hash of FP in the Middle East, she's just the cat's meow.

Has a lame duck President ever made such an outrageous comment on the election of his successor?


Let's simplify this.....

We have two political parties in this country. There are a lot of issues and attitudes that separate them, but in essence the message of one party is "work hard and be smart and you can keep most of what you make" and the essential message of the other party is "if you do not work hard or be smart we will arrange for you to be subsidized by those that are/do."

Now, knowing what we know about human nature, the party appealing to the dumb and lazy is going to have a built in advantage over the party appealing to the smart and hardworking. All other things being equal, the dumb/lazy party should win pretty much every time.

But all other things are NOT equal. The smart/hardworking party is not going to win every election, but they can pick one up here and there under the right conditions.

The ideal conditions for the smart/hardworking party are (a) the dumb/lazy party puts up an unappealing candidate and (b) the fickle public has accumulated a number of discontents with the mismanagement inherent in extended rule by one party.

Those are precisely the conditions of 2016. The Republicans OUGHT to win this election even though it should be the underdog most of the time.

But the Republicans have talked themselves into nominating the one candidate who is unlikely to be able to win under these ideal circumstances. They convinced themselves that any candidate who could have broad appeal was a "tomato can" or had a "clean toga" and thus fell for the one with the brashest style feeding the most red meat to the faithful.

Conservatives are a minority in this country folks. We are not going to elect ideal candidates most of the time. We need to pick our spots and accept less than ideal candidates who can in fact win.

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