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October 21, 2016



Who thinks this is a coincidence?

Me neither.

Captain Hate

Watergate was nothing compared to what is regularly going on now.

Beasts of England

An impressive resume? Coat tails, carpet bagging, and frequent flyer miles? Oh, and don't forget the criminal conspiracies and perjury. Yes, yes - impressive, indeed!!


Compared to "Checkers"

clarice b. for Brainiac

Name one good policy she proposed or carried out--from foreign policy to economic policy she's been wrong on every count.


She's closer to Agnew in the mind boggling small scale corruption at every opportunity.

James D

You beat me to it, Beasts. What is in any way "impressive" about her resume?

I think the fact that she ever made it out of Arkansas in the first place is more damning of our system and our "elites" than any of her (or their) subsequent actions.

That she could EVER have been considered respectable or accomplished or given any power or influence at all - that she or her husband could ever be thought of as anything more than low-life grifters, is a condemnation of everyone who enabled them at every step of their crooked, destructive careers.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

Hillary ... an impressive resume...

You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means...


Three days until #Honk4TrumpTuesday25Oct See a Trump sign honk! #MAGA


Yeah, I'm not impressed by the resume either. But where it really falls apart is in the references and job performance: Ethical lapses and dishonesty throughout her career, starting from getting fired from the Watergate Committee.


Money changers in the Temple don't hold a candle to today's "elite".


Just as I do a bit of catching up, our guy posts a new thread on me. So . . . .

Just watched that Trump video from last night. Wowza. It really got uncomfortable for a few minutes.

About her résumé: our problem is that many people, more than we might care to acknowledge, are inordinately impressed by government work and fail to realize how limiting a career in nothing but government work can be. Especially for members of our legislatures, the Congress, and our Executive Branches around the country.

Jack is Back!

If I was Trump last night I would have included the Wall Street Journal and Fox News when he pointed out the CEO's of the MFM as Hillary's campaign team.



What are your tea leaves saying??

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Probably didn't because Hannity and Judge Jeanine are still in his corner.

I think he needs to set up his web site so that he has a back-up for when Zuckerberg tries to shut him down.


For Capt H at 9:57 am previous thread

First this

then this :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am sure you all remember Trump going off about announcing attacks on Mosul for a couple of months, giving plenty of time for ISIS to get out of Dodge.


Yes. They have moved to attack Kirkik because we had no element of surprise.

Because TALKING about being tough is better than actually DOING anything.


I am rooting against the Cubs because of Theo Epstein. In 2004, he wouldn't pose for a picture with the Red Sox and George Bush at the White House, and in 2007, he didn't attend the WH ceremony at all. The press said nothing. Then, Tim Thomas, the Bruins goalie was practically run out of town by the crazy media when he did not attend the Stanley Cup champions' celebration at the White House is 2011 (Thomas had made his political feelings known at the time). As my middle son would say, "They're all living in the House of Hypocrisy." I don't want Epstein to make it to the White House this time around.

buccaneer morgan

I take exception to comparing red queen to Nixon.

Buford Gooch

Henry, you are exactly right about the Agnew comparison.


When it comes to corruption, dishonesty, and dirty tricks, Hillary Clinton makes Richard Nixon look like a beginning amateur. As I wrote over the summer, the Clintons could teach a graduate-level course on corruption that would shock the denizens of Tammany Hall.


Of related interest, you may appreciate Scott Adams' latest blog post on the crook vs. the monster.


Burying news?

Today’s AP campaign starts off with the challenge-the-result/flip-flop about Trump blah, blah blah . . .

Until paragraph 11, when AP describes Trump’s response before relating the real news: “. . .Trump tried to turn the tables on Clinton by accusing her of “cheating” . . . [more AP fog and dissembling noise]“

--> The real substance arrives in paragraph 13: AP describes the Wikileaks email hinting the debate was compromised by CNN/DNC Donna Brazile feeding Hillary a question beforehand.

Then the AP article continued to bury the news deeper with another three paragraphs including the Bagdhad Bob topper “There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.”

Widespread? Hell! AP spreads misdirection wide all by itself.

I wrote AP, “Don’t you think a compromised debate deserves its own headline and article?”

Do not wait for a reply. Do not wait for AP’s coverage to change. Your job is to prospect for real news where you can find it.

Captain Hate

Before eating lunch I made my wife turn the idiot box off because she was watching those desiccated crones on The Spew featuring as a guest the ultimate fart in an elevator, Al Franken. He was complaining about how tasteless and inappropriate Trump was last night which, as the most unfunny person ever on SNL, he should ordinarily know something about. I guess it's good that he's got a good taxpayer funded excuse for a job since that other humorless and ugly windbag, Garrison Keillor, has apparently left his long term gig of providing entertainment to boomers in the old folks home; and Al would have been a better fit for that than the suit he was wearing.



How does a local publication establish a relationship with AP?

Is it a subscription your paper purchases?


The Paper of Record....

James D

MAM @ 11:38

I didn't know that about Epstein refusing to meet Presodent Bush after the World Series. I guess I just blocked out any memories of it.

I didn't need more reason to hate him, but I'll add that to the list all the same.


From the Scott Adam's piece today...

The biggest illusion this election is that we think the people on the other side can’t see the warts on their own candidate. But I think they do. Clinton supporters know she is crooked, but I think they assume it is a normal degree of crookedness for an American politician. Americans assume that even the “good” politicians are trading favors and breaking every rule that is inconvenient to them. I’ve never heard a Clinton supporter defend Clinton as being pure and honest. Her supporters like her despite her crookedness.

To one degree or another, everybody is a whore who has a price.

Learned that in the Garden of Eden.

Jack is Back!

And he's not running for office: Frederick meets Cardinal Dolan



What are your tea leaves saying??

Posted by: Buckeye | October 21, 2016 at 11:26 AM

I remain extremely confident. I counterbalance that, though, by remembering just how stunned I am at the irrational intransigence in-party to the idea of Donald Trump as President. Some Republicans are openly carrying the water for the Democrats. I'll have much more to say about this after the election, and it will not be kind.

I've harped on the polls so much because it is clear to me that their strategy (in part) is to firmly establish a narrative that Hillary is inevitable and far, far in the lead. Anyone taking a look at the polling internals and not recognizing this (and actively challenging it) is almost willingly complicit in working *for* the success of their strategy IMHO.

In this piece below, SPENGLER essentially gets the bottom line correct:

The Roof Blows Off the Echo Chamber

And when Americans finally go into the voting booth, they will not be able to think of any reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton--only reasons to vote against Donald Trump. There are far more compelling reasons to vote against Clinton. And that's how the election will go.

Agreed. Y'all may know, however, that Don Surber is of the opinion this election all about Donald Trump convincing enough people that he is stable enough, and different enough but not TOO different, to be President. To me, these two positions have a symbiotic relationship.

How so, you might ask? Well, to consider one position (compelling reasons to vote against Hillary; remember my position that her fatal mistake was to utter these words herself: "follow the money") makes the affirmation of the other position more likely (Trump can be sufficiently Presidential).

Doesn't it?

Further, the establishment freakout has done wonders for Donald Trump; it has effectively made this billionaire an underdog.

And, as you well know, America happens to like strong underdogs.


THat is too funny, jimmyk.

Oh my goodness.

Captain Hate

The Paper of Record....

Layers and layers of editors.

Speaking of television the Hater Tot, at my suggestion, watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown a couple nights ago and howled throughout it. I'm not saying he's led a sheltered from popular culture life but when the first commercial came on he wondered if the show was over.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Live stream, Trump rally, North Carolina.

(Alternate stream used because sound interference on RSBN.)


How does a local publication establish a relationship with AP? Is it a subscription your paper purchases?

We are a bond holder of AP. They always tell me “but you own us” which is a crock. AP is run by large corporate news media that own most of the shares.

We submitted our resignation last summer but it takes two years to take effect.

One large independent group in the state gets along quite well without AP. AP has downgraded state coverage for years, and that was the real reason to be a member.


We have been an AP member since the 1800s.


insert obvious reference to Hotel California here... but it takes two years to take effect.


3 rallies today -

- Friday, October 21, 2016 - Fletcher, NC ~ 12:00 PM
- Friday, October 21, 2016 - Johnstown, PA ~ 4:00 PM
- Friday, October 21, 2016 - Newtown, PA ~ 7:30 PM
- Saturday, October 22, 2016 - Virginia Beach, VA ~ 3:00 PM
- Saturday, October 22, 2016 - Cleveland, OH ~ 7:00 PM
Listen YOURSELF. Don't let the media filter the message. YOU decide.
Live feed choices here before each event -


Checking our local NW GA paper for AP pieces today. The few there were mostly crime related from other parts of the state, and one was about last night's charity dinner. Not too bad for the partisan AP imo, quoting both Trump and HC:

Hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the Watergate Commission. How corrupt do you have to be to get kicked off the Watergate Commission? Pretty corrupt," he said to loud boos and at least one call demanding he get off the stage.

Clinton also veered into personal digs, making one joke in which she said the Statue of Liberty, for most Americans, represents a symbol of hope for immigrants. ... "Donald looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a '4,'" Clinton joked. "Maybe a '5' if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair."

At least AP included DT noting that HC was ejected from the Watergate investigation for bad bahavior and didn't try to explain it away.


Thanks RG.

I am in agreement with your take, hope that it isn't just confirmation bias on my part:)

I still think a significant external event could swing the election either way, and given the degree of worldwide instability, vested interests, corruption, etc., won't surprise me a bit.

Next few weeks are going to be most interesting.

BTW, still praying for the bitch to catch a case of early onset rigor mortis. If I get struck by lightning, y'all will know why:)


I like the phrase "Corrupt Lying Harridan" more than the b word, buckeye. The b word simply suggests we don't like her or her politics and choose to be graphic about.

If she does get elected then she can be known as our Most Corrupt Pres ever from the get-go.


HC's campaign site:
"With Ohio's early voting period underway, Hillary is returning to Cleveland on Friday, October 21. At the , Hillary will urge Ohioans to go vote, to get their friends and family to go vote, and to support her agenda to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Doors open at 2:30 pm -- RSVP today and bring a friend!"

This is the recreation/wellness center on the campus of Cuyahoga Community College, so HC should have what will at least appear to be a "crowd" of people willing to stop or be stopped to shake her hand coming or going.


DebinNC, yes, we had to heavily edit that one.


In other words, the lying, obfuscating media and voter corruption may get her into the white house but she will never be a legitimate president because of her repeated demonstrated corruption that they refused to air.

For her to be legitimate she would have to gain the white house despite her many crimes being aired. It is the media in addition to her poor choices that delegitimize this election every day with the news they choose to hype and what they have decided to ignore.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Look what I fond on the Reddit, from The Corsair, by Lord Byron:

He knew himself a villain—but he deemed
The rest no better than the thing he seem'd;
And scorn'd the best as hypocrites who hid
Those deeds the bolder spirit plainly did.
He knew himself detested, but he knew
The hearts that loath'd him, crouch'd and dreaded too. Lone, wild, and strange, he stood alike exempt
From all affection and from all contempt

Pagar,a bacon, country Ham and Sausage supporter

IMO, Hillary Clinton should have been arrested the at lest by the end of the 3rd debate. I would have preferred that she be arrested the minute she revealed the beyond top Secret fact about our nuclear reaction time.

Beasts of England

Only in the South: I just passed a woman in a pickup truck, and her bumper sticker read 'I'm out of estrogen and I have a gun'. :)

Dave (in MA)

CH, my brother actually spent money to go watch that puke Keillor do whatever it is that he does in front of an audience.


Garrison Keillor, Al Franken, and Keith Ellison - three reasons for me to boycott Minnesota. I'm almost certain Delta Airlines is headquartered in Atlanta, so that list isn't perfect. Only things I'd miss would be Best Buy and Pillsbury.


The b word simply suggests we don't like her or her politics and choose to be graphic about.

Guilty as charged:)


Contract with America coming tomorrow in a speech at Gettysburg.



Cool, Stephanie.



A flipping campus rec center at a community college?

Give me a break.

Tom R

In the 2012 election roughly over 125 million people voted which means around 92 million eligible voters did not vote. Someone correct me if I am wrong but isn't pretty much every single poll basing their turnout on the 2012 turnout? I have always been under the impression that a significant chunk of Trump's appeal is coming from this group of 92 million citizens who did not vote in 2012 (which strikes them from any Likely Voter sample).

This pro-Trump website projects over 73 million votes for Trump (Obama got 65+ million in 2012 while Romney got 60+ million). No idea how that website is coming up with 73 million votes but obviously a lot of them are coming from the 92 million who did not vote in 2012.

I am still cautiously optimistic that Trump wins going away.


Porch, TriC housed the Great Lakes Manufacturing Extension Center when I was at Crewe.

Art in Newport

Something wrong with the internet ... ?


The Assange "protectors" are having fun.


Hillary's Cleveland campus visit is just a photo op to show she's alive and capable of walking a very short distance. I don't think she's giving a speech or has the ability to climb steps and roam a stage at a rally, much less board a plane, like Trump demonstrates daily. Her feebleness is obvious to anyone willing to see. Ditto her aversion to being up close and personal with actual humans.


Art in Newport

Denial of Service attacks started around 7 this morning, hackers up to no good.

I suspect we will see more, particularly as we get closer to election.


Three m is based there. Think of that when you need post it notes, an accidentla invention.


Someone correct me if I am wrong but isn't pretty much every single poll basing their turnout on the 2012 turnout?

Yes, Tom R.

No one has any idea what the 92 million will be doing this year.

The Conservative Treehouse article is projecting the vote totals based mainly on primary vote turnout. It's not a bad theory - Helmut Norpoth uses strength of primary vote to make his predictions as well. Has Trump winning going away. :)

He initially made the prediction in February.


A "chemical incident" (those are Dr Evil quote marks) at London City Airport.

art in newport

Everything seems to takes longer to come up than it should, and some sites don't come up at all.

I guess this is how it works in the second- and third-world. Hillary wins, we'll have to get use to things like this.


Sure, explain spilly hilly and evil, vile michelle:

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