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November 07, 2016


Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Could be very early or even first.




Absolutely no good tv coverage today.
They all seem to be in the tank for Clinton.
My husband says he will miss the Trump rallies.


I'll take show!


Maryrose, you took second and third, I'm inconsolable.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

it's odd how the fishwrap is oddly allergic to data, not projections or entrail readings


follow up-? Wallace says we should get over the Foundation when Hillary is elected.

More for James D's fire.

Texas Liberty Gal

maryrose - you are so right about the television coverage - I've only got it on FNC but its been awful all day.


But "cleared of any wrongdoing" it is.

As #NeverTrumper and damned Cub's fan George Will pompously told us 2 months ago on the FOX panel, "If she is not recommended for indictment Hillary can say, with some justification, that she is innocent.

She is guilty as sin.



When I heard him on Outnumbered I was shocked by that statement.
Should never have been a debate moderator because the email and Foundation lies and corruption doesn't seem to bother him.

deus volt buccaneer morgan

remember when this was a thing,?

then the wrong people, like podesta got caught in the net

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Carrying over the discussion from the previous thread . . .

If Trump wins he will in essence own the Republican Party because in today's world all the power now rests with the executive branch. The legislative branch relinquished whatever power they had left during the Obama years. It's not coming back, no matter how hard they kick and scream and stamp their feet.

If Trump loses, those Republicans who are apart of the Movement will walk away from the party, because they will have given up on what they see as a rigged system. How large a number that is won't be known until the midterms, but I expect to see massive loses for the GOP in the House and Senate in 2018, and a likely end to the party as we know it today by 2020.

So this fantasy Paul Ryan has of winning the presidency in 2020 is just that--a fantasy. In fact, there's probably more chance that there are no elections at all in 2020 then that Paul Ryan is ever president.

So, yeah, the GOPe killed their party.

Dave (in MA)

First Woman President
First Husband/Wife Impeachment


So, yeah, the GOPe killed their party.

Yep, you proved it right there, case closed.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

You all didn't think the MSM was going to report that she is losing, did you? If the Podesta emails has told us nothing it has told us that the MSM only regurgitates what the Clinton campaign tells them, and the Clinton campaign was never going to say, oh sure, go tell your viewers that we're losing.

Go look at Drudge's headline. Those are hard numbers of EVs. Bigly hard numbers.


Little Chrissy Wallace has smaller hands than the 4 girls on the couch.



Did someone say "fantasy"?

Tevi predicts that if Trump loses, conservatives will likely reunite, after a period of recrimination. As he puts it:
Should there be a 2020 nominee with strong rhetorical skills and a Reaganite vision who can bring the party back together—and opposition to Hillary’s first-term agenda will likely prove a unifying banner—these differences might once again recede in the interest of pursuing a shared agenda.

However, if Trump wins the differences might well intensify:

The NeverTrump faction would be on the alert for deviations from conservative principles, likely digging in against them and even rooting for failure, and a chance to say “I told you so” to misguided peers. The pro-Trumpers would circle the wagons around a Republican president, angered by the disloyalty toward a Republican in the White House. A conservative challenger to an incumbent Trump in 2020 would further exacerbate these differences. . . .

THIS is fantasy: a "2020 nominee with strong rhetorical skills and a Reaganite vision who can bring the party back together..."


Fractionalization program in voting machines
Here 10-31-16

At 2:27 "Right now the GEMS program is installed in counting votes in 25 states in 616 jurisdictions, but fractional counting began to migrate from the GEMS program into other vendors. [Dominion, Hart, ES&S] Voting systems which count votes as fractions may count as many as 99% of all American votes in 2016."

At 24:04: Why is it in there? Programmer e-mails say fractional counts are in there to enable "weighted races"

At 24:16: Who put it there - "Jeffrey W. Dean, previously employed by Bud Krogh, the former head of White House Plumbers unit under Richard Nixon"

(well, actually K created the Plumbers to deal with Pentagon Papers leak and other matters, Hunt of CIA operating clandestinely under WH umbrella).

Isn't this amazing!

OMG - no wonder it's called the GEMS program - that was the same code name used for dirty tricks ops by the Plumbers!


More on Jeffrey Dean, the Watergate Plumbers-connected programmer of Fractionalization (making vote counts into decimals on the voting computers so that percentages can be manipulated for more 'realistic' fraud) anywhere in the country in minutes.

Two convicted felons involved with vote by mail 10-13-2010

Top of pg 2:
"According to court transcripts, Jeffrey Dean admitted to remotely accessing the voter databases and vote by mail programs for California counties during live elections. So what we have (or have had) is a convicted embezzler tinkering around by remote access in the vote databases that control elections."

Note: this was discovered 6 years ago. Now we are in 2016 and according to the investigation in the video, published Oct 31, 2016, GEMS can be remote-accessed.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Party loyalty is an emotional thing, hrt, and once that emotional connection is broken it is very difficult to get win it back. If you want a classic example, look at the AAs. The AA vote was Republican until LBJ, but when the solid South turned from Dem to GOP, the GOP lost the AA vote and getting them back has proven impossible. The GOPe's aborted coup attempt after the pussy tape, made it plain to the base--choose Trump or choose the Party. They chose Trump.

So now you tell me how the GOPe is going to win those Trump voters back. I'll give them some advice they already are not taking: Don't call them stupid white hillbillies who need to just die off already.

clarice b. for Brainiac

It's already been reported that several of the FBI agents working on the case have been forced into retirement.


Note to self: do not start a snowball fight with Siberia.

art in newport

.. a "2020 nominee with strong rhetorical skills and a Reaganite vision who can bring the party back together..."

Will be buried by 20M new Democrat voters, imported from the third world for just that purpose.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


Manuel Transmission


Although you may immediately get the sexual connotation, or the rock band, the original electrical definition has some real value for the broad idea of conservatism.

Your sound system is AC coupled because there is no need for a steady state push of a speaker, because your ears can't hear it and it would tax the performance of the system. A DC system 'remembers' any offsets in the signal.

Now think about conservatism. Ultimately, we look back on the Constitution as the baseline (the DC reference) by which all subsequent actions/beliefs must follow.

AC systems have a lower breakpoint that defines how slow of a signal will pass through the system. In this case, lets think in decades. So a prog has about a single decade (or less) response on what 'history' s/he can accommodate as a basis for what progress is pushing against. Certainly, that old piece of paper is more than a 100 years old, so it has no bearing on the present.

Now our conservative chattering class think they are sooo wise, because they have few decade frame of reference for the signal they support. (Probably their own lifetime.) So their justification for their elite status is in resisting the few year transient changes (tranny bathrooms, same sex marriage), while completely ignoring the growth of the federal government against that ultimate DC reference of the Constitutional federal government.

Per Clarice's 'big thoughts', if it is only referenced to a few decades of prior history, it completely misses the grounding that we all consider the essence.


That is to say, there well might be a candidate so described for '20 but after Hilligula finishes off the country with massive importation of Moooslims coupled with even greater numbers of illegals voting, this fictional candidate would carry as much interest nationwide as a collective root canal. So, buh-bye GOP, either way: Trump wins and the party fractures, Trumps loses and the party dies. But, hey, all you GOPe leeches still get to pretend to care about the base, so you have that going for you...


From the last thread:
I think it's going to be a squeaker, with recounts in Nevada and New Hampshire determining who wins (and we won't know until at least Friday)

I'm going to take the other side of this and say that we'll know by 11pm Tuesday which way the wave broke.

art in newport

..after Hilligula finishes off the country with massive importation of Moooslims coupled with even greater numbers of illegals voting, this fictional candidate would carry as much interest nationwide as a collective root canal..

Agree, Lyle.


Newt Gingrich ‏@newtgingrich 6h6 hours ago

Reince Priebus and the RNC have done a great job with the best GOPGround game in 44 years. Making a real difference in early voting.


These are the one's we have to worry about

Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro – Verified account ‏@ananavarro

FL is too close for me to cast a symbolic protest vote. I voted AGAINST Trump, and FOR Hillary. Here I explain why:


Also from the last thread: [The GOPe has been] alienating less voters than the candidate

Any candidate always alienates some voters to appeal to others. A candidate who tries to appeal to everyone ends up appealing to no one. But the party's purpose, if it has one, is to help its nominee, not undermine him. I


Ana Navarro should be persona non grata to Republicans for the rest of her miserable existence.


Derwil, if we assume a loss tomorrow (which I don't, at all), the Trump faction would have to form a successful third party or stay with and try to change the GOP. To me, the latter seems much more likely to succeed than the former. Big tent, and all that.

It's already been reported that several of the FBI agents working on the case have been forced into retirement.

Instead of using today to file for Medicare, could they please make some headlines instead?


Surber's last prediction:


I'm bringing this over from the prior thread.

Let's see. We have one candidate who honked off the GOPe. We have another candidate who honked off/ insulted 80 million American citizens. The GOPe remains obstinate, feckless and in bed with the uniparty. Of course, it stands to reason that a potential Trump loss is Trump's fault. PFFT...

It is the job of the party to support their candidate. Period. They have failed to do so. They can DIAF no matter what the election result is.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

I'm with you, jimmyk. If Trump loses it will be it will be obvious right away, just like it was in 2012. If he wins, it will be a realignment vote like Reagan's was in 1980. And we're going to see an early flip of some state like VA, PA or MI.

Actually, though, since he seems to be winning FL and OH and IA, even if he loses in the end it will still be a more respectable loss than the GOPe darlings, Romney/Ryan, managed.


Here's another blurb from Tevi Troy in that last link:

It is hard to imagine the East Coasters or the West Coasters saluting and coming on board with a movement that went strongly in one direction or the other. And even among the intelligentsia, it is far from clear what policies would form the consensus approach that could bind them together once again—and what set of principles would define a party whose banner is currently carried by such an unpredictable candidate.

Well, now. This hayseed rube yahoo is all bated-breath waiting for the "intelligentsia" to direct me as to what "set of principles" they might deign to impart to me. Because, golldurn it, up until now I can't detect a whit's difference with their "principles" and the rest of the Uniparty's™ "principles." And just to burnish my hayseed rube yahoo credentials, I'm only vaguely aware who Tevi Troy is. NROer?

Beasts of England

Trump is also peaking at exactly the right time. :)


Yes, wouldn't forcing them into retirement be counterproductive if the goal were to keep them quite? Once retired they can say what they want, unless they got severance deals with "non-disclosure" agreements. That's the smoking gun I would look for (assuming the story to be true).

deus volt buccaneer morgan

well you get the drift.

Prior to his August 2007 Senate confirmation as Deputy Secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services, Troy worked in the Bush administration White House as Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy.[7] Before this position he was the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy at the Department of Labor and a policy director for Sen. John Ashcroft (R-MO), who later became Attorney General, an appointment which he supported enthusiastically in his article "My Boss the Fanatic" published in The New Republic.[5][8]


I don't know anything about this polling outfit (though I like their name). Trump edging Clinton in PA, 48.4 - 46.5:


This is beyond laughable.

"Long after the trial, however, Ms. Miller learned from reading Valerie Plame's memoir that working overseas for the CIA, her cover job was with the State Department -- a fact not revealed by the prosecution either to Miller or to the defense. Miller has since written that upon reflection, she realizes that her note "Bureau" likely referred to the State Department -- which has Bureaus (CIA does not)"

Really? JOMers are buying this horse shit, LOL


Corsi on twitter claims the fix is in big time... FBI screwed the NYPD & took all the eveidence away from them. check the Corsi twitter stream.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

I can not understand how an American can vote for Hillary Clinton.


If those FBI agents reportedly being forced into retirement want to join the merry band who want to prevent election day chaos, ha, sounds like "Get Smart" tv show, they can stake out Jeffrey Dean and all his cohorts and film them as they remote access GEMS.

Another solution is to remove the Fractionalization (hidden from view, but if you watch the video, you'll see how to access it) from the GEMS programs.

Meanwhile, THWOT continues.
(Thought War on Tyranny)

deus volt buccaneer morgan

tevi is cornell, london school and u texas, phd,


Earlier on Fox one of the pundits says the polls are undercounting the number of Hispanic voters turning out. She thinks the wave will come early for Hillary. I wonder if they are illegals voting?

James D

I don't understand how any human being with anything even vaguely resembling a functioning conscience or a soul can vote for Hillary Clinton.



Me either. But I have family members I love who are indeed Hillary voters.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Remember the statements from the state department that employees would be allowed to bring their gay partners to their duty stations in Muslim countries? Anyone think that might have angered so Muslims?

deus volt buccaneer morgan

if anything they may be overcounting, the early voting numbers are quite clear,

James D

Me, too, Sue. Close friends, too.

And some of mine aren't just Hillary voters, but loud, proud, in-your-face Hillary voters. Who have no idea at all how insulting they're being when they post their oh-so-witty little FB memes and comments about how stupid and vile Trump voters are.


Raleigh rally pic. I think he just finished up there, had to pause it though:

Luntz evidently tweeted that the rally wasn't well attended. You decide.


Another Raleigh pic from Joel Pollak:

Looks pretty well attended to me.


How can Obama's approval rating be so high when 70+% of the country thinks we are headed in the wrong direction? And how can she win with those #s?


Thanks, bucc @ 3:21. I'm too lazy/disinterested to have looked him up. Anyway, I meant to link this from the Weekend WSJ:

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins Tuesday, understanding the psychological causes of our national rift can help us bridge it

Translation: Hey, you ignorant right wing tribal units, even though we've called you every damn name in the book and then some by not rolling over for your betters, no hard feelings, huh? Just STFU, pay your taxes, and we'll pretend that you actually aren't the unpeople we think you are. Well, for a while anyway...


I have family members I love who are indeed Hillary voters.

That's not so bad, imagine if they were GOPe - you'd have to shun them forever.


Oh, puke. I just noted that the Tevi Troy article was originally from the Politico. Explains a lot.


I think Luntz's well paid career is about to go up in smoke - he torched it himself.

JM Hanes

Well, hrtshpdbox, there's the enemy, and then there's that special place in hell reserved for traitors.

James D

I think all I'd have to do is post a tiny little comment on FB mentioning that I voted for Trump, and they'd do the shunning for me.


Obama's high ratings are done by the same pollsters that twist & tweak Hillary into winning the election.

Fresh Air, deplorably

That Surber piece is very interesting. Basically, no Democrat save Jack Kennedy has won the White House without winning Ohio since 1860.

Trump is supposedly up between 2 and 5 in Ohio. Ergo...

Cecil Turner

The GOPe remains obstinate, feckless and in bed with the uniparty.

Y'know, I've never met anybody who'd characterize themselves as GOPe or "uniparty" . . . which makes me wonder who has the namecalling high ground.



You need to learn the difference.

Scooter Libby helped Judith Miller concoct the fairy tale titled “The Story”


And some of mine aren't just Hillary voters, but loud, proud, in-your-face Hillary voters.

I don't know that they love Hillary so much as hate conservatives, Republicans, and everything that America has traditionally stood for, with a passion. They know how big a threat we see Hillary as posing, and that's all they need to know. The enemy of their enemy is their friend.

In my family they have sent e-mails around referring to Trump as Hitler, etc. These are supposedly intelligent, sophisticated people. Many of them actually preferred Bernie to Hillary, and my brother in particular acknowledges Hillary's 'flaws,' but that's as far as it goes.


I don't know that they love Hillary so much as hate conservatives, Republicans, and everything that America has traditionally stood for, with a passion.


That describes the ones I know to a "T".

JM Hanes

So here's the 2012 election map, and it strikes me that considering Trump has presumably got Ohio (and Iowa?), you could say he's already out performing Romney.

2012 Election photo 2012 Election_zpsz5cmto8l.png

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

A clue.

Jack is Back!

I'm going to take the other side of this and say that we'll know by 11pm Tuesday, which way the wave broke.

Posted by: jimmyk | November 07, 2016 at 03:03 PM


Not if Rupert's WSJ has a say. Today, they were breathless in informing their readers that the early east coast results could decide how everyone else in different time zones vote. Bastards!

When Trump says its rigged its an understatement.

I believe the NY and NE results will be overblown on TV by the Alphabets (including the quisling). I hope Trump has a counter-propaganda plan in the midwest and out west to deal with glorification of HIllary in the early voting, that will not inclued absentees, but early voting, which should come up first.


Sabato final Crystal Ball picks. Kinda amusing.

Be warned, you might think you're back in 2000 when you go to his website.


I've never met anybody who'd characterize themselves as GOPe or "uniparty"

So? I'm sure Benedict Arnold didn't characterize himself as a traitor, nor did Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. What should we call someone who is in a position of authority in the GOP but undermines the party's nominee? You may say "principled" or "correct," but those people if they were really principled would resign whatever position they have.


One of several early cop outs from the previous thread:

The bad news is the need to exceed the Dems ability to manufacture votes

How did they get such an ability?

I. THE RNC HAS COMPLIED FULLY WITH THE CONSENT DECREE. The RNC has scrupulously complied with its obligations under the Consent Decree. It has not organized, participated in, or supported any vote fraud prevention program or other ballot security activities. It has also ensured that all RNC agents, servants, and employees are aware of the Consent Decree, informed of the RNC’s obligations thereunder, and instructed that they must personally comply with the Consent Decree at all times. Out of an abundance of caution, the RNC has restricted its activities even more than the Consent Decree requires, including by not participating in permissible poll-watching activities.

And there is a debate on name calling high ground?

The sellout GOPe and their defenders can suck it.

Barry Dauphin

Look on the bright side--at least the rules are now clear. You can't share classified information with your mistress, but you can share it with your maid and your daughter. Good to know :>)

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Cecil, the GOPe, led by Paul Ryan, fully revealed themselves with their pre-orchestrated coup attempt the day the pussy tape scandal broke. In fact there is considerable evidence that they were the ones who leaked the tape to the MSM to begin with, but even if they weren't the source, Trump voters believe that they were and that perception is everything.

Perception really is everything. You can argue yourself hoarse that there is no GOPe, that there is no Uniparty, blah, blah. The perception now among among too large a swath of the base is that the system is rigged, and the GOP hierarchy is a part of the rigged system. I really don't know what the party can do at this point to get those voters back if Trump loses, but whatever they try to do I'm willing to bet money it will be exactly the wrong thing.


Y'know, I've never met anybody who'd characterize themselves as GOPe or "uniparty" . . . which makes me wonder who has the namecalling high ground.

Well, of course, no one would characterize themselves that way: they would never admit it because they think the electorate is too stupid to notice that they actually are part of the GOPe or the Uniparty. They only have to lie and extend the charade enough to get elected. Then they turn around and vote accordingly for more spending, no action on pushing back against Zippy's "transformation," and never pass a real budget.


I've always thought it was criminal that states (and sometimes elections) are called before all states have finished voting.

They will also bombard us with exit polls, but just remember 2004.

Cecil Turner

I strongly suspect there are more people voting against each candidate than for the other. It's probably close in many elections; but when the two candidates with the highest unfavorable ratings are nominated . . .

JM Hanes


If I were interested in pursuing that story, I'd have done so one of the last gazillion times you posted that link, so try knocking on someone else's door.

You need to learn the difference between an assertion and a fact.


"who has the namecalling high ground"

Tough call ...

Trump is racist and supporters are KKK

vs GOPe and uniparty

Could go either way I think.


Barry Dauphin, nice to see you.


And it is a good morning!

"Why?" you might ask?

Well I'll tell you why.

I just passed another First Class FAA Medical physical!

Naturally my Blood Pressure is thru the roof due to the Election and the mental pressure of having to pass this mandatory physical etc, so I tossed and turned all night since my body clock is somewhere over Western England, but eventually I nodded off late and awoke to find a nice beautiful layer of thin snow had covered Anchorage. Got up, wrestled with the dogs, took a bath, wrestled with the dogs a second time, dressed in my clean clothes for the physical, wrestled with the pups a 3rd time:), and out the door for the 10 AM appointment.

No coffee this morning since it raises Blood Pressure, so driving was murder, but I put on some mellow, soothing Latin Jazz at high decibel, and periodically rolled down the window as I zipped down the highway and stuck my head outside in the frosty 26F degree windstream, in order to slap me solid in the face and wake me up. In the meantime, because you have to provide a urine sample, I was slugging icy cold water like a Humpback.

Arrived at the Doc's to discover to my great delight that he had a new puppy dog running around the place, a cute as pie and very feisty baby Jack Russell terrier. "Yap, yap, yap! Yap, yap, yap yap, yap!" "Briar" by name, this puppy was moving at 5 times the speed of the 10 year old German Shepherd who regally prowls the place in silence.

Naturally they instantly smelled Scout and Fry on me, so both were inquisitive, and the little pup was so much fun that I sat on the floor "criss cross applesauce" and the little sucker jumped in my lap and just barked and yapped, and I discovered that "Briar" is a playful biter, as I could feel the sharpness of those baby teeth thru my favorite counterfeit Greg Norman "The Shark" sweatshirt jersey that I bought from Chinese gangsters in some Hong Kong black market a decade ago.

The cute new receptionist had that rooster red hair color which is unnatural but in many cases quite fetching, and this morning she wore it big time fetching. She and I banged out the paperwork, most of which I had previously submitted via the mandatory FAA website the day before, but the FAA computer system today was intermittent inop, so the Doc was running around bitching out loud at the FAA's computer incompetence and railing on about how "We need a smaller Government!" so I knew right off the bat I was with a kindred spirit, and that if my Blood Pressure was thru the roof I could partially blame it on pre-election jitters. (A plan was coming together:)

Recited my memorized 20/20 Eye Chart line to the fetching rooster red receptionist D E F P O T E C then back to the dogs as the Doc went back in his Office pounding his computer and diatribing the Feds. "Briar" continued to be a wonderful fun handful, and I am confident that just being around and playing with dogs lowers one's Blood Pressure just from their being dogs. Anyhow, just as the Doc calls me in young Briar draws blood, and a nice trickle of red is seeping from an inch long scratch on the top of my wrist. This is an excellent ice-breaker, as it didn't hurt, but now the Doc is sort of compiled to go easy on me, and then he shows me a place on his chin where he said he had to get stitches due to "Briar" who's name they are now thinking of changing to "Sticthes." He said "Stiches"also drew blood from a Marine Aviator last week:) So as I'm sitting there at his desk dabbing at the blood with a paper towel from the toilet, he's hollering at the FAA and asking me the standard health questions, while at the same time applying a WATERGEL Triple Antibiotic ointment to my bleeding wound and slamming an industrial strength bandaid on the thing. Big fun.

The bleeding stanched, now it's the standard retinue of questions:
..."Say ahhh..."
..."take a deep breathe and hold it...exhale."
... "turn your head and cough." 'Cough!"
..."Would you like me to...?" No thanks, Doc."

(retinue may not be the correct word but I can't be bothered with that---hat tip GJ.)

Anyhow, moment of truth is when he slaps the BP cuffs on me, and he listens as intently as a Doc who's just had a patient bitten by a baby Jack Russell terrier nicknamed "Stitches."

"One somethin' or other, over somethin' or other. You pass!"

Me: "Whew!...Thanks, Doc!"

Then I head to the toilet, fill up the dixie cup, ("Lave' las Manos") and when I return "Fetching' Red" has got all the paperwork ready to sign and pay for. I pay, thank the Doc and everybody standing around, and walk into the back room where "Stitches" is now asleep on a dog cushion, and I give him a friendly thank you pat on the back. And now I am at a midtown cafe' in the Berkeley section of Anchorage swilling coffee like its going out of style and eating a spicy Guacamole Omelette with tons of hot sauce and home fries.

Like I said, "Good Morning!"


The Fox poll has Trump with 4 percent of the black vote.
RG would disagree I am sure.

Beasts of England

Name calling high ground? There's someone on this very thread who repeatedly called Trump supporters 'traitors'. Still waiting for that apology...

JM Hanes


I'd really hate to have to wait till the Hawaii vote came in to find out how things went in North Carolina!

Thomas Collins
"(and Iowa?)"

I have Iowa for Clinton, JMH. If Iowa goes Trump, by my calculations, if Trump takes Michigan but loses Pennsylvania, it's a 269-269 tie. If Iowa stays with Clinton, Trump wins 283-255 if he takes Michigan and Pennsylvania, but loses if he loses either state.

Jack is Back!


With all due respect your opinions here indicate to me that you are GOPe. You are not enthusiastic of the nominee, in fact, you find the mainstream media a fountain of endorsement of your opinion and quote it and its polls (mostly very suspect) as vidication of your prior forecast.

Now, what I want to know is this, if it is a Trump blowout, are you prepared to say he was the better candidate or Hillary the weaker one?

That is the tell if you are GOPe/uniparty or not.



If you don't want to learn the truth, then stop complaining about the elites that are lying to you.

Or should I say the elites that are laughing at you.

Barry Dauphin

HI Porch!


Dorothy Jane

I read a thread on FB today. Someone crowing they had finally convinced "Grandma" to vote for Hillary. Grandma's reasoning? "Well, it's your generation who will pay the consequences, so I suppose if you don't mind, I don't mind."

Cecil Turner

What should we call someone who is in a position of authority in the GOP but undermines the party's nominee?

If you want his support, it ought to be something nice, like "friend" (even if you don't really mean it). More to the point, there are a large number of voters out there who don't agree with you (like me), who dislike the characterizations (and words like "traitor" used against fellow Americans, let alone fellow party members--unless they are in fact engaged in acts like selling secrets to an actual enemy).

JM Hanes

Well, good morning to you too, daddy!


they were breathless in informing their readers that the early east coast results could decide how everyone else in different time zones vote.

I doubt it. Most of the states that close earliest in real time are red. The swing states that close relatively early are OH, VA, NC and NH. If they're close, they're not going to be called right away, though I suppose I wouldn't put it past some networks to destroy their own reputations by prematurely calling a state for Curb Dive.

The swing states that close relatively late are AZ, NM, CO, and NV. All but NV close at 9 EST, I believe. So NV is the only one that could realistically be affected.



If you go to Doc Stewart's in Anchorage, say "Hey" to Briar. He loves Marines:)

Cecil Turner

Trump voters believe that they were and that perception is everything.

Good grief. Blaming anybody but Trump for that tape is an exercise in self-delusion.


lyle-John Mauldin was pushing that piece in his email this morning and then I saw it was by a prog--Jonathan Haidt. I read his book The Righteous Mind and he is very open with his communitarian, holistic vision for us all.

I am sick and tired of the admitted Left pushing its vision with XO's and aggressive judicial interpretations while the so-called Right wants to push the exact same collectivist vision except with legislation. That's the reason they want a ConCon. The agreement is on using the law to impose a vision like it or not.

This used to be america where I could be tribalist if I wanted to be. No more, we must come to a common perspective or have it imposed by fiat with penalties if the herd is defied.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Paul Ryan and his gang tried to force Trump into withdrawing from the race. Maybe if one wants to be called "friend", one shouldn't pull a Brutus on live TV.


True, JMH, waiting for Hawaii would be a stretch. But waiting for West Coast polls isn't too much to ask.

Just once I'd love to know how those folks vote when nobody knows the outcome.

Cecil Turner

Hey Daddy,
I've been stuck doing reserve for the last few cycles and am finally getting to Europe on the next one. I'd love an Asia trip, but they've been unavailable lately.

But I'll keep him in mind if I get the chance. Cheers.

Beasts of England

Good grief! The world's quintessential honky, Mitt Romneycare, got 6% of the black vote!! How in the [redacted] do the maroons at Fox think trump will get a third less? Sheesh.

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