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November 06, 2016



Um, that is always 10:59 am waiting for the wiki drop?


If we did that for every Clinton scandal we'd never know what time it was.


Good luck with the hip surgery, TM. It may not be cheap, but I'm sure you have some of the best medical care available anywhere in your neck of the woods.


Which, since it means you can't go to Canada on us, is all good.


Wikileaks set the Clinton Scandal Time back a bit...All in all, I think Julian Assange has done this country a great service. #FreeJulian

Captain Hate

Has Assange ever burned Intel assets or was that done by the mentally ill Bradley Manning?

common man

Reposted from last thread

Here is a cut & paste of the raw sample results and the reweighting in IBD which now has Trump back up by 1%:

Party identification breakdown:(Unweighted) 275 Democrats/333 Republicans/276 Independents; (Weighted) 309/289/247. Results in table above are based on weighted sample.

4 day rolling sample, 11/2 to 11/5. Note that the sample they got was huge R + but once again they have reweighted to approx D + 2.5 %.

IBD has a great reputation as being one of the most accurate pollsters, and it is what 538 calls a high quality poll, that being its not robocallers, but live callers to a combination of both cell phones and land lines.

Still too many undecideds in the poll, they should be pushing them to pick one.

I will point out that there are several polls out as well where they ask if the voters will be an election day voter ( versus absentee or EV ). All of them show huge margins for Trump. So if you hear some Democrat shill talking about the EV in NC being strong D, remember the lead ( if it is indeed even a lead ) is about 1/2 of what it was at this time on the last day of 2012 EV and the wave is coming.


You conservatives are always trying to turn back the clock.


If there's proof out there that his whistleblowing has caused any deaths, I'd like to see it.

Jack is Back!

Damn it, I'm a day late here but Happy Anniversary to Doc Brown, who on November 5th 1955 invented the Flux Capacitor which coupled to a DeLorean allows time travel.


Luke del Rio gave me a serious case of the sadz yesterday so I am once again ready to choke the life out of a MoFu (((sigh)))

And I've got to deal with Blake Bortles' possible continued regression in a few minutes.

Trump better win this damn election.


David Brooks embodies everything wrong with this country; an over-educated, white, guilt ridden, just smart enough to make an absolute, consumate ass of himself at all times, feminized, urbanized, utterly oblivious damn dumb ass sumbitch.

Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkywatzky | November 05, 2016 at 10:20 PM

Iggy, that's a definition me thinks I'll have to commit to memory! Gonna be quite the chore, though.


Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii

My pollster buddy says his Dem contacts in NC are telling him Trump has won.


Photo of MN rally line. 4k inside already. Doesn't start till 2 central.


Tally from last night's dinner attendees:
6/8 Trump voters. Only two were at time of convention. Two near NeverTrumpers have come around.

Posted by: anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable. | November 06, 2016 at 06:55 AM

Anonamom, *this* is the kind of anecdotal evidence I love to read.

* * *

Time for a football Sunday and hoping like hell it isn't nearly as bad as my football Saturday.


From The_Donald:

[–]ahampsterUSA 292 points 2 hours ago

Had a friend knocking on doors for Hillary in MN near the cities saying Sanders people were literally slamming their doors in her face.
We're getting blitzed with Hillary ads too. MN might be close.


I might as well rake the lawn

Jack is Back!


Luke was the least of the issues yesterday. The biggest disappointment to me was the defense. Not the powerhouse that has been vaunted all season. In fact, almost a step down from mediocre.


All too soon, it will be time to water the Tree of Liberty...

What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it's liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Take every poll and throw them in the trash they mean nothing if every non American can vote in our elections.

Might as well shut down the US government too IMO, nothing they do can possibally be legal, IMO.


6. I also support moving Congress to the middle of nowhere Kansas with no better restaurants than a Denny's and maybe a Bob Evans. And make it a DRY county.Serving in Congress should not be the route to fame and fortune (particularly fortune).

Miss Marple,

I want them moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. That way they would be within missile range from the North Korean's and easy bombing range from the Russians so they'd have to get their head out of their rectums and seriously start thinking about beefing up our Military forces. Second of all they'd have to deal with the consequences of their EPA regulations. The EPA is hounding Fairbanks for air pollution quality in Winter, banning the use of firewood burning in homes. I'm all for putting Congress up there at 40 Below zero and seeing how long it takes them to rescind that idiocy.

Good Morning!

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

the en-ef-el is dead to me.

colon kneeling is fine first amendment freedom of speech.

Tim Tebow kneeling is endorsement of (hated) Christianity--can't have that.

Commissioner goodell can go commit an unnatural act upon himself.


Declining enefel interest is, however, one of the anecdotal bits of information I use when asked if Donal J Trump will win the election on Tuesday. I answer

"Yes. Mr Trump will be elected. Now, I'm no expert on American political intricacies and I'm often wrong in my forecasts... saying that, I think there is a direct correlation between the drop-off in enefel enthusiasm and the rise in Mr Trump's prospects for Victory. You see, the same people who are fed up with cry babies like colon k. are the same people who will vote for Mr Trump. The same people who supported Chik-Fil-Let, are also members of the pro-TRUMP demographic. I think Mr Trump will win and I think he will win BIG LEAGUE on the order of 370EV or something akin to that."

BTW - reminds me of Pastor Manning. Anyone here ever hear his rant(s) regarding 44 ? If not, here's a short (3'40") example from 2009. Pastor Manning has longer sermons, also very entertaining, but I think at a strategic level he taps into a sense of frustration that many share. Let me know what you think.


Tons of HRC ads in Michigan. Might she be a tad nervous that Michigan is in play for Trump?

If he wins Michigan, I would be tickled PINK if not outright blushing RED.


Clarice, Your Pieces this morning was excellent. Great information, flowed beautifully to a great conclusion.

Wish we had the money to have it printed in NYT, WaPost, LATimes, Dallas Morning News, and other newspaper that people still subscribe to. Wish it could reach millions and millions of GOPe, as well as other fools, who might, at last, listen to reason.


Posted this link on the last (now dead) thread, but it is so good, here it is again. May be what will persuade some still Never-Trumpers you know.


Tommy Revolts – ‏@TommyRevolts

CBS/YouGov Poll, Those Who Plan Voting On Election Day: Ohio: Trump 49 (+8) Clinton 41 Florida: Trump 51 (+16) Clinton 35

9:40 AM - 6 Nov 2016

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

My internet friend Jennifer says it better than I can.

"Jennifer Verner
1 hr ·
Trump is completely right, and so is Julian Assange. This election is being RIGGED. From the Project Veritas revelations, to wide scale reports of voter fraud, to the President telling dreamers (aka illegal aliens who are NOT citizens, and who can NOT legally vote) that no one will come after them if they break the law and vote. Wake Up America. They have found THOUSANDS of illegals voting in just a handful of counties in Virginia.''

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

The final NBC/WSJ poll has The Ten Horned Beast up by 4.
Now, this was the outlier all through the spring and summer, showing double and triple what the rest did.
Not sure what that means but it's interesting.


Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii

2012, FL D's +3.2% EV. 2016, only +.5%. Including Indies, Trump already leads FL. New YouGov poll says T+15 on ED.




Free James D!

I hope the Giants' performance so far is a good omen for Trump on Tuesday...


But the Democratic nominee also trusted the Filipina immigrant (Marina Santos) with state secrets,

I wonder if anyone in the Press will look into whether she's an illegal immigrant? Since it is a sensible question to ask, I doubt it.

Sandy--Make America Deplorable Again--Daze

BTW - If you know any Catholics sitting on the fence--and they have not yet voted, it is not too late to ask them to watch this 19'49" homily delivered on 2 Oct 16 by Fr John Lankeit at the Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix. I think it is exceptional. If you have the opportunity, offer to watch it with them.

BTW - this homily is safe for non-Catholics too ! ;~))




Texas Liberty Gal

According to this guy Trump is dead in Nevada don't ya know. Probably trying to depress the vote.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Daddy's EPA Fairbanks story is a perfect illustration of the shredding of the Constitution.
It is impossible for the EPA to demonstrate any interstate effect from a few Fairbanks wood stoves so they lack even that illegitimate excuse to say one frickin word about the air in Fairbanks.

Common man

Btw IBD again has Trump's strongest region as Midwest. Now has him at 51%

Matt - deplore me if you must

I never would have thought they would have allowed thousands of illegals in one county in VA. How corrupt is that?

The cancer that Washington has become has metastasized. If they can steal this election I fear deeply for the future.

Already the UK press is dropping hints that the markets will be unkind if Trump is elected. Telegraphing (pun intended) the plans of the big banks and oligarchs, I'm sure.

The Fed has held back time and again over the past 18 months on interest rates and you can bet Yellen is ready to sock it to Trump.

My deeper concerns are the complete puzzle of China's economy and the hegemonistic enemies we have now empowered.

If we lose our democratic institutions now, the world is well and truly screwed.

Hillary gets elected, the intel universe is going to blow up. The politicians have been blaming the Rooshians, but it is far more likely that we have some Snowden types out there who truly love our country. As to FBI/NYPD/DoJ Wars, until we see how it plays out we really don't have a clue.

No Assange bombshell. The Wikileaks reveals are damaging long term. But we need a M-249 with 500 rounds of silver bullets, Lots of crosses and a ton of garlic to ward off this witch.
I say we move Congress to someplace like West Texas and let the locals sort them out.


Had a friend knocking on doors for Hillary in MN near the cities saying Sanders people were literally slamming their doors in her face.

I think they'd slam the doors even harder if they'd heard Minnesota's clown Senator, Al Franken, issuing his threat today that "We Will Have Hearings" About "Rogue Elements" Inside The FBI


David Brooks embodies everything wrong with this country; an over-educated, white, guilt ridden, just smart enough to make an absolute, consumate ass of himself at all times, feminized, urbanized, utterly oblivious damn dumb ass sumbitch.


simply stupid

The coup in 2012 besides the IPS tea paty shenanigans was the media and Candy Crowley handling of Benghazi and Romney silence on the matter. Right after Benghazi Romney made a statement about it being an attack and Obama and the rst staing that Romney was wrong in making that assertion without verification.

Similar issue occurred after Orlando and the NYC pipe bombs and the MFM lambasting Trumpcalling it what it was right away and the bizarre moment on the plane when Hillary claims it was a terrorist attack while the CNN reporter asks her about Trump drawing that conclusion right away.

Of course they tried to suppress the Orlando 911 tapes with the perp pledging allegiance to ISIS/ISIL.
Fortunately the public is not buying the Kool aid like they did in 2012. and the regime and the media have lost bthe narrative.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Can it really be a coup if the guy being couped
can't be bothered to object?


How many Public Officials attended drug/sex parties at the Purple Hotel?


For those who don't know, here's a 2013 editorial from the Washington Times about the recent EPA regs on wood burning stoves that continually harass Fairbanks residents: EDITORIAL: EPA’s chilling effect
Alaskan liberty goes up in smoke under new air regulations

...Newly adopted rules limiting airborne soot imposed by bureaucrats in Washington threaten to freeze the choices — and toes — of individuals living more than 4,000 miles away in subarctic Alaska. Thanks to authoritarian overreach, the freedom of America’s “last frontier” may not last much longer...

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waited until after President Obama’s re-election to announce drastic new restrictions on soot produced by industry smokestacks, diesel trucks and even ordinary sources like wood-burning stoves...

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

One last thing, Hills spokesbroad noted that if Wikileaks dropped a daisy cutter on the Beast in the next couple of days it would "probably" be phony.

Who uses that qualifier in that context other than the mouth piece of a crook?
"Secretary Clinton was absolutely not involved in sex trafficking of children.

 deus volt buccaneer morgan

In that far future libertarian utopia, anchorage was the capital of a reconstituedvamerics.

simply stupid

Ig why do you think Romney and Bushes are Never Trumpers . They do not mind playing second fiddle and doling out the scraps that the establishment allots them and even lets them pretend to win a couple of times. Globetrotters Washingto Generals rigged.


I think you're missing the possibility that the maid might have done something with that obviously highly sensitive information. You know, like re-fax or email it?





Luke was the least of the issues yesterday. The biggest disappointment to me was the defense. Not the powerhouse that has been vaunted all season. In fact, almost a step down from mediocre.

Posted by: Jack is Back! | November 06, 2016 at 12:49 PM

Jaguars dropping passes, getting our QB dejected, who has now thrown an interception. I might as well pack up and head back home. But first . . . .

Oh no, my friend JiB, Luke del Rio was *by far* the problem yesterday. You have to remember this: our very first series against Georgia last week, we had the ball on our own 41. Great field position. First down play. Luke Del Rio threw a pass interception to Dominick Sanders of UGA who returned it for 31 yds to the Florida 25. We won despite that fool.

This week he decided to *top* that first series major faux pas. How? It's not only our first series, and we aren't in great field position. No, it's our very first play of the game and we're on our 11 yard line. What does our 4th-year sophomore who was supposed to provide much needed leadership and command of the McElwain offense do? Why, he throws not simply a first-drive-of-the-game interception but a damn pick-6 -- the absolute worst thing a QB can do.

Our defense was completely dispirited. A pick-6? On the road? On the very first play of the damn game? They *know* he's no damn good.

Yes, JiB, he screwed up that entire game for us with consistently awful play. Every time I look at that Bama freshman QB I think about how awful our starting QB is.

(((sigh))) Back to the land of the mustard and ketchup Noles, who also have a pretty decent young quarterback -- dammit.

Dave (in MA)
Vamerics, fvck yeah
pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"According to this guy Trump is dead in Nevada don't ya know."

I'm not surprised at that.

What is the difference between an illegal and a dead person voting for Hillary? After all Obama has said the ballots are secret.

 deus volt buccaneer morgan

There was a supposed interview with miss salman this week, that got very little notice.


Hee, hee, I have an invisible post at 2:12. One doesn't want to keep posting, in case it shows up multiple times. Ai.

JM Hanes


"I think you're missing the possibility that the maid might have done something with that obviously highly sensitive information. You know, like re-fax or email it?"

Marina Santos, née Lucy Ramirez....


Ha, could it be that s t r a t f o r doesn't post?

Dave (in MA)


Dave (in MA)

Typepad can sometimes act like a dick.

JM Hanes

As for David Brooks, say it again, Peggy:

It’s the big fact of American life now, isn’t it? That we are patronized by our inferiors.


Rich, you wondered in the previous thread about the book.

Here's the Wikileaks search page showing Austyn Crites' name in connection with "Order of 1500 copies of The Next Decade January 18 2011"

Note: this is Wikileaks' "Global Intelligence Files" on Stratfor (not Hillary/Podesta emails).


Yes, I'm wondering about its significance, too. As I said, one possibility is that Stratfor's agents may use it as a code.

And then I'll tell you my joke about the couple on their honeymoon night, they're on the same page, but one is reading from the Book of Ying Yang and the other from the Kama Sutra :)


Thank you for the informative link.


And here's a list of companies at the same address as Austyn Crites' company, Panberri LLC, a residential home.


Because there's the Hungarian connection between Friedman, founder of Stratfor, and Soros and various other links (ex-Soros staff there), I was wondering if Stratfor was pro Soros or taken over by Soros, or the elites are shooting each other or what.

Maybe Stratfor is like the priests who ran the Oracle of Delphi - gathered intel from all corners of the earth, manipulated events and got rich :)



My niece and husband voted in one of the polling places guarded by the black panthers. I'm pretty sure they didn't report it.

Big party here Tuesday night. My neighbor just insisted I get a 32" TV for my lanai so everyone can have a clear view. Hope it's not a wake.

 deus volt buccaneer morgan

Stratfor wE the second big wikileaks link circa 2011.


Reporter Michael Barone on FOX with Trish Regan discusses the background of the maid. we don't learn anything new about Maid Marina, but Barone turns it into polling insight:

Trish shows the Wikileaks e-mail From Hillary to Huma and reads it:

Trish: "Can you get this printed by sending to Marina or asking Specials to print and send to me at house?" Marina is the name of her housekeeper...Michael, wow, look I gotta' ask you, why didn't the FBI check out this maids E-Mail account? Did they not do as thorough job as they should?

Barone: Well obviously there is some hanky-panky going on. This just fortifies and keeps in the news the story about Hilary Clinton's secret E-mail server, and the fact that she seems to have considered herself to be above the Rules. In 2011 she sent out and signed a letter to all State Department employees telling about the importance of obeying State department protocols in keeping Confidential information Confidential. Not using personal E-mail for Govt business...

Trish: So it applies to all of them Michael, but apparently not to her?

Barone: That's right. It's a sort of "Royalist" thing. I've written a column saying we aren't running republican politics anymore, we're running "Royalist Politics. And Hillary is an example of that. This is a person who doesn't know how to press the print button...

Trish: Aside from her living by one set of rules and everybody else living by another, it's the idea that she's not respecting the Office she held. She doesn't seem to understand the seriousness of it all.

Barone: This maid by the way I gather was a native originally from the Philippines, of a foreign country. What is her background?

Trish: Did she get clearance from the State Department?...

Barone: She did not have a Security Clearance. I'm assuming that she basically was a person without Security Concerns, but we don't know that, and Hillary Clinton so far as we know did not ascertain that...

Trish: It's not just that Michael it's also her computer, so in other words what computer was she using? Why would she get it forwarded to her E-Mail? Why would this Marina be getting State department E-Mails, because that just increases the vulnerability...

Barone: Well there was a WW2 Spy Case where the Allies had a spy in the Nazi apparatus who was the valet of one of the Nazi leaders..This can be disturbing I think especially, you look at voters in a State like Michigan...that suggest that a state that was 54-45 for Obama in 2012, a 9 point Democratic lead, is now in play...Any time the private E-Mail system is in the news thats not good news cycle for Hillary...

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I think Dame Peggy is wrong on how Saint JFK was respected by Khrushchev. Other than the details she gets the conclusion correct.


Ah, I've discovered what it is that won't post.

I'm going to type it backwards, in case anyone is interested re Stratfor.


We will not be deterred in our fun!


How in the tank are the Media to Team Clinton?

This far: WikiLeaks: John Harwood Asked Podesta What He Should Ask Jeb During Interview

John Harwood, a journalist for CNBC and The New York Times, asked Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta what he should ask then-Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush in an interview, according to a new email released by WikiLeaks on Sunday.

The email from September 21, 2015 had the subject line, “what should I ask Jeb…”

In the body of the email, Harwood wrote, “…in Speakeasy interview tomorrow?”

3 nights back in Paris I walked down that small street on the left bank where previously one of the tour guides had told me was the supposed hotel location where, as a young Lieutenant during the start of the French Revolution, Napoleon was in some fleabag motel on the 2nd floor, and hearing all the commotion from the crowd, he suddenly recognized the head of someone he knew go past his window at eye level, and it was the guy's head on a pike, and that's when Bonaparte said something to himself like "Sacre Bleu, this merde is serious!"

May we hope that someday John Podesta recognizes a friends head on just such a pike.

Joe Stalin could use a guy like John Harwood.

Fresh Air, deplorably

Nice of Barone to come out of his hidey-hole. As the Dean of Electoral Mechanics, maybe he should hazard a guess about the presidency. Especially now that his arch-rival Charlie Crook, er...Cook, has walked back his "race is finished" B.S. He could also show Nate Bronze and his macro baseball-analysis stats the door while he's at it.

I suspect Barone may be a bit gunshy this year given he was predicting a Romney win last time (though in fairness, the election was stolen).

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

Jane, my friend invited us to her party Tuesday.
She's having a weiner roast.
(no joke)

Fresh Air, deplorably

In other news, Cher is threatening to kill herself if Trump wins.

Like we needed another reason to vote...

Free James D!

Daddy @ 2:46

I'd much prefer that Podesta BE the head on the pike.


Ah, what a pity, I so love her voice. I guess she's not a Free Being. We'll just have to listen to her recordings in Heaven.


On the previous thread,DebinNC wondered about Hillary's NH event. It is at the Radisson Hotel and the conference center holds about 2,500 people. Guess who is going to be with her tonight? James Taylor!
Trump's event tomorrow night is at the SHNU arena,the largest sports/concert venue in Manchester,which holds about 10,000.

JM Hanes


After reading your column, I'm so depressed. How could it be any clearer what kind of scumbags the Clintons et al are? Completely aside from whether or not Donald Trump was the best candidate to beat her, how is it even remotely possible that there are enough people out there who are willing to ignore virtually anything, from sleaze to criminal investigations, to elect her? I notice that even her most religious sycophants aren't even bothering to dispute the criminality of what's at issue, any more.

Worst of all, I visit sites gone sideways like Ricochet, read the comments and just don't even want to bother engaging with people who can't even be bothered to look beyond the litany of insulting stereotypes that are being spewed at Trump supporters. It's like there's nothing so bad, or farfetched, they aren't willing to say it about us. It's like they've swallowed the MSM/lefty narrative word for word. I realize that I really despise them too, and it makes me sick.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Speaking of Cher the idiot, a hilarious quote from the move "Clueless" by Cher the character: Dionne and I were named for famous singers of the past, who now do infomercials.


Trish says this about the weasel John Harwood:

Here's the kicker folks. John Harwood who kind of seems like he's in bed with Clinton Campaign, is actually a major part in the networks Election Night Coverage as Chief Washington Correspondent.

Conservative Talking Head Steven Hayes replies to Trish:

Hayes: I'm not convinced that we can conclude that John Harwood is as biased as this one E-Mail seems to suggest...


Hayes: We need more information...But I agree with Deroy that if everything were reversed about this situation you would have the chin-strokers in the Media, furrowing their brows and scolding "tsk tsk FOX News," and you're not seeing that.

It's so bad I'm almost driven to actually watch the NFL.

So you tell me Steve: What is the reasonable unsuspicious explanation for the Debate Moderator and chief political Correspondent John Harwood of CNBC and the NYTimes, to secretly ask Hillary's Campaign Director what questions to ask what was considered at the time to be her main Presidential opponent at an upcoming debate? What's the reasonable explanation for that? I'm all ears.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Steve Hayes losing his mind is almost as disappointing as Kristol.


MN livestream. Big crowd. 8K in hangar plus thousands in overflow. Just announced yesterday! Waiting for plane to touchdown.


Hillary walking slowly like an invalid down the steps of her plane.
She is unhealthy both mentally and physically and no one gives a hoot.


"Jane, my friend invited us to her party Tuesday.
She's having a weiner roast.
(no joke)"

OMG Anonamom, I really might have to steal that!

Jack is Back!


We agree to disagree. Gators haven't a QB of quality since Tebow. The only they have won is their D. That D didn't show up testerday. It's still a team sport even if receivers have stone hands and miss their routes.

That said, young Mr. Cairo Santos who just hit the 51 yarder against the Jags went to St. Joe's Academy in St.Augustine as an International student from Brazil. Used to watch hit 50+ many a HS game.


Lose the World Series and Browns getting thrashed by the Cowboys.
Life is back to normal in Cleveland.

Jack is Back!

....only way.....

Fresh Air, deplorably

John Harwood who kind of seems like he's in bed with Clinton Campaign

Well, wasn't he literally in bed with a Democrat senator from Washington?


Comey just begged off with Congress.

Lynch must have got to him.

Captain Hate

Cavs are undefeated.


Daily Caller story: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has granted voting rights to as many as 60,000 convicted felons just in time for them to register to vote, nearly five times more than previously reported and enough to win the state for his long-time friend, Hillary...

McAuliffe used a mechanical autopen to rapidly sign thousands of letters, as if he had personally reviewed them, even as his office was saying the total was 13,000.

Pike, meet McAuliffe.

McAuliffe, meet pike.

anonamom; formerly adorable, now deplorable.

Jane, take it. She'll be honored.

Matt - deplore me if you must

St JFK was despised by Khrushchev. He thought JFK was weak, dissolute and incompetent. Krushchev bitch slapped JFK in Vienna in June 1961.

The Soviets thought they could bum rush the United States out of Berlin and only after his Pentagon and State advisors got it through Kennedy's thick skull that this couldn't happen did he then ratchet it up and then the Russians built the Wall.

Kennedy ratcheted it up to 11 when Krushchev decided that Kennedy would countenance missiles in Cuba. This resulted in the secret agreement to remove our missiles from Turkey and Italy.

What was really funny was that Pop was the rocket scientist in the room and told them that most of our missiles in places like Arkansas and Arizona were really good if we wanted to hit Seattle. So we really only had two legs of the triad with the exception of the missiles in the Dakotas. Maybe they would have made it. Maybe not.

We almost ended up in a nuclear war because of Krushchev's disregard for JFK, and the rest is history.


Comey caves.


eww...Fresh Air's 3:23 @ Harwood...

just took all the fresh air out of the room!

NBC employs parasites !


Comey never intended to do the right thing.

Free James D!

So Comey again demonstrated he's a coward and a traitor. F**k him. Just f**k him.

Captain Hate

A guy I met by walking Teddy, a self made guy who has become extremely wealthy very quickly, was talking with me last night as we walked around the park. We mostly talk sports and only recently have discussed politics and only started because another dog walker has become so insanely obsessed with either Rodham winning or Trump losing.

After talking about the World Series he asked "Do you think Trump will do it?" To which I replied "Yeah I think so because he has all the momentum" with which he agreed. Since he went to Oberlin as a math major I was never sure about his political leanings but when I talked about Trump's appeal to the people who've been screwed by the horrible economy of the last eight years he said "you can't improve the economy unless you believe in capitalism". At that point I knew I'd found a kindred soul.


If Wiki/kimdotcom have something in reserve, now is the time to drop it.


Sounds like Comey must have just chatted with Steve Hayes and bought his story that there are reasonable explanations for the John Harwood E-Mails, for the Filipino Maid's lack of Security Clearances, for Weiner's 650,000 E-Mails, for Donna Brazile's cheating, for Sec State Hillary's failure to mention the 1 Million Dollar gift from Qatar to the Clinton Foundation, for the Moroccan 12 Million buck dinner, for wiping it with a clothe, for the whole bit bleach, etc.

Pikes, meet Comey.

Comey, meet Pikes.

Free James D!

I don't believe they do, buckeye. Even if they do, it's probably too late now to really have an impact, unless its incontrovertible video of something monstrous. And I'm not sure even then.


New Thread, dammit!


The Donald on NOW.


I thought the Kim Dotcom was supposed to release something yesterday. Fail.

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