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December 18, 2016



Break from online shopping frenzy to be . . . first?

henry - drunk on prog tears

That is cryptic TM.

buccaneer morgan

How far have you traveled tm.

Ezra Klein

I thought TM was laid up with a joint replacement.

Sweet tweet.

Ah, the trill of an open thread.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for your note on Josephine Tey and the "Daughter of Time."

It occurs to me that if Richard III was such a terrible person, why did the people of York, all these centuries later, STILL want him buried in York Cathedral?

Back to the comix.

Or, 'The bode of an open thread'.


The thrill, the trill, the . . . what the hey!?!

* * *

RG -Coincidence?

A few days ago, I mentioned Taleb, Trump's election as a Black Swan occurrence, and called anti-Trump loonies "fragilistas."

Posted by: Frau Unordnung | December 18, 2016 at 02:22 PM

No, Frau, I'm sure your post is what stuck in the back of my mind. I follow him on Twitter but tweets fly by so rapidly there sometimes I have to visit someone's specific page and review their timeline to see what has been animating them lately.


I have auto notification if any online purchases are made with the credit card Mrs. Buckeye and I use.

The text messages have been pretty darn frequent today. I think the kids are going to have a Merry Christmas.

My wallet, not so much:)

buccaneer morgan

It was a dark and stormy night (couldn't resist) when the hunt for apt 28, began in Moscow proper. There was little to go, some fragments of cyrillic code, a compiling clock that suggested this was the likely starting point


RG is a little tickled right now. The Jags are up on Houston and playing their best ball so far this long year for them. First KO return for 100 yds. in 9 years.

Posted by: Jack is Back! | December 18, 2016 at 03:22 PM

21-20, Houston wins JiB -- yep, you jumped the gun. And KK, just as you were probably writing that 3:45 p.m. post I was already fearing the inevitable (((sigh))). My tortured football season continues. I happened to like our (former) head coach, but he just wasn't getting it done. We must get a offensive guy to fix Blake Bortles.

Now, Go Cowboys!


Ah, that new thread smell...

buccaneer morgan

Yrs one discovered many of the renaidsanve reference points were. Unreliable. Il macchias how to handbook for instance was modeled on a genuine sociopath, the older borgia son, his history of Italy likewise settled scores against whom they had grudges and or their patron had challenged, like catarina De sforza, the duchess of forli.


PD, I hope you know how much we are with you though most of us are strangers to one another. Presuming you *are* in the Detroit area, if I make it up in the coming year I'd personally love to see you.

You have admirably embraced the struggle. Maintain.

buccaneer morgan

Its like fine corinthian leather, isn't it Lyle.


Ah, the trill of an open thread.

Thank goodness we're finally allowed to go off topic:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I hope this off-the-record session included the phrase "We will destroy you.."


Yes, it is, bucc. 😎

buccaneer morgan

So is lurch pinking us?

buccaneer morgan

Well I've rendered my verdict on thucydides. Herodotus had some fake news but no more than the new York, zenopho might be the least untruthful if the threem

Another Bob

Thought it was "fine corinthian ledder". But I was pretty young when Ricardo was doing that work.

buccaneer morgan

Its just how striking following a nonstory for at least a week now.



Gov. Cuomo was so eager to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s presidential inauguration, he booked 200 hotel rooms in DC for family, friends and supporters of his possible future bid for the presidency.

“A little overconfident,” snickered one Republican.

When Donald Trump won the election, Cuomo was stuck, so he had a staffer call Ed Cox, chairman of New York’s Republican Party, and offer him the giant block of rooms at the downtown Loews Madison.

“The best part is Cuomo booked so early, he locked in a really low rate,” said my insider. Cox was grateful. “Rooms in DC are a hot commodity right now.”

buccaneer m. organ

Bteitbart notes peak crazy hasn't yet arrived, but is coming closer with a femininist pastor Ruth everhard, who seems all confuzzled about the nativity


Unsolicited wine rec: Poliziano Vino di Nobile Montepulciano. ~$28. You can thank me later.

buccaneer m. organ

Peter king aims occams razor back at Brennan.


Cuomo is exactly who the 'tards, should trot out next. Another ethically challenged dishonest pile of rot.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

How about those perverts organizing for Trump's downfall and saying they are copying the Tea Party-- which was *never* organized.
Is Podesta behind this? They are disgusting creatures.

buccaneer m. organ

Not only Friedman but trump himself donated to a west bank settlement.


9 below at my house.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


We have evil people in this country. No doubt about it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

So, the people next door who I think are criminals keep playing loud music and it is very difficult for my daughter to go to sleep.

The base of their music is coming in through the closed windows and it is really annoying.

Granddaughter says we should file a noise complaint. I am not eager to do this because I do not want to have crimnals mad at us.

Always something!

buccaneer m. organ

How did you become such a wine connoseur, Lyle?


I was amazed to learn she was still alive:

Zsa Zsa Gabor dies..

Miss Marple the Deplorable


More heads exploding!

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda -
Fie on those comparing them to the Kardashians! The Gabors worked.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

glasater - we are still enjoying Opal apples thanks to your recommendation.


Perhaps a discreet call to the police to do a drive by and caution them about the noise level.
Your grand daughter has school tomorrow and needs her sleep.
Glad you are warm at last.
Prayers headed your way.
Can you get the right side shot. earlier than Dec. 30th?
I attended a Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus Concert today.
They have a part where audience members can sing part of 12 Days of Christmas.
If your young child sing you must sing with them.
Some really cute kids in the Children's Chorus.
Really great interview tonight with Denzel Washington.
Doesn't have time for nonsense.
Just do the work, be prepared and exercise your craft.


I totally ignore any negative snipes by demon rats.
You lost , now go sit in the corner.


Should be demoncrats.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I always found Eva extraordinarily fetching.
I used to dream of knocking that dud Ol-ee-ver out and runnin that farm right.
Course I was eight years old so....

buccaneer m. organ

A commenters on althouses thread about terry Moran interview raised some of the questions I considered.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I much prefer demon rats.


I went and looked up Ruth Everhart. Sounds like she wants Christmas to be about her, not Mary and Jesus.


Thanks for asking, bucc. It started when working in the restaurant biz almost 40 yrs ago. My tastes have changed as I made enough dough to start collecting. Concurrently, Italian wines have surged in quality and quantity in the US. My cellar is still quite modest compared to the titans of industry. It's still open to any and all JOMers. Huzzah. 🍷👊

Agent J

Not to take anything away from PD illness, or anyone else problems, on Tuesday of this week I will check into Kansas University Medical Center for a lung biopsy of my left lung and pleura.

I most likely will get to spend Christmas in Kansas. I and many others of us have been in much worse locations.

Because my plate is full tomorrow I would like to wish Merry Christmas to my Christian friend's, a Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends, and for all others, go ahead have a Happy Holidays.

Really hope to see everyone, except TBT in 2017 my 81 first year of inhaling which is getting more and more difficult daily.

Blessings and love to all, keep stirring the pot.


From last thread:

PD - I pray you will find relief and am encouraged that you see progress from the RFA. Depression caused by chronic pain seems to be a different kettle of fish than other types of depression. Please keep trying things, conventional and otherwise, until you find a combination that works.

A bit OT - But can you "hear" or feel ear pressure from alarm systems when you enter some stores? I can but when I mention it, I realize most other people cannot hear it.



buccaneer m. organ

Merry Christmas agency j

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I hope the biopsy shows either no problem or something easily treated, Agent J.
81 is just getting started. :)

TunaSchool: Fast&Deep 🐟

Well, just stay away from coastal shallows. The strange predilection has been vaulted in the way back. 😮


Here's Terry Moran.

video from ABC news - "Uploaded on Jul 21, 2010

ABC News Nightline Anchor Terry Moran recently spent some time with controversial blogger Andrew Breitbart for an interview airing on Nightline Wednesday 7/21 at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC. See how the conversation got heated when Terry Moran asked Andrew Breitbart about polling related to racism and the Tea Party Movement."

Man...I HATE the MFM.

buccaneer morgan

Carlos slims brought up the name if a Russian hacker seleznev whose the father was a big cheese in the parliament, he was nabbed in the Maldives and convicted back in August.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Took a look (or it may have been a leak) outside and what should I see but OR-ee-on rising majestically in the SE sky.
What are we going to do without President Norm Crosby Obama to kick around anymore?


Agent J, proud to know you. Proud to have you with us. And I will settle for nothing less than you keepin’ on keepin’ on.

Good luck!


Terry Moran also badgered & badgered Andrew Breitbart about John Lewis...(I can't find that video clip)

"Terry’s goal was to get Andrew to call civil rights hero congressman John Lewis a liar for statements he made about racial epithets he alleged had been hurled at him by tea party protestors."...

"“Are you calling a civil rights legend a liar?”

Unfortunately, I am. And the mainstream media are as complicit in this lie as Congressman Lewis."

Terry Moran...::spit::

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Janet, we must never forget.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Merry Christmas, Agent J, and mega back-atchas.

buccaneer morgan

Yes he's a weasel, I was referring to danikesc's comments among others.

buccaneer morgan

So Stephen Hayes ends up at the top of the weekly standards that's like lightoler's promotion.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Clarice's pieces is in the top links at PowerLine.

Frau Bis morgen

Off to darn socks...
ha! just kidding. Off to read a book!

buccaneer morgan

And there was a little incident with lively lads in Belgium in Saturday, nothing to see here.

Account Deleted

RG==> I'd like to see a Cowboy-Raiders Super Bowl.
Would mean the Raiders knock of Tom Brady and the Pats... we clinched a playoff spot damned psyched. Good week to you!

Account Deleted

Nite everybody!


Best of luck and best wishes to all JOMers. Godspeed.


Ha, Janet, you made me smile with your comment on Terry Moran.

I've never liked him either.

Well, hell, I never have liked any of the unctuous bastards.


More evidence of insidious Election hacking: More states confirm suspected cyberattacks sourced to DHS

ATLANTA - Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Aaron Diamant has learned two more states’ election agencies have confirmed suspected cyberattacks linked to the same U.S. Department of Homeland Security IP address as last month’s massive attack in Georgia.

The two states reporting the suspected cyberattacks were West Virginia and Kentucky.

"We need somebody to dig down into this story and figure out exactly what happened," said Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

In the past week, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has confirmed 10 separate cyberattacks on its network over the past 10 months that were traced back to DHS addresses.


Best of luck and prayers for you Agent J.

So Frau, Broetje Orchards have a lock on raising those Opal apples in the US. Their orchards are about a half hour drive from where I live. Spendy fruit for sure.

And I loved Eva Gabor too. She and Merv Griffith were an item when she died. They never married. I always thought it was so cool that old people could fall in love like that at the time. Youthful obnoxiousness..

buccaneer morgan

I had read Ben coes previous independence day, see if the description doesnt sound, the villain is technically Russian but freelance like the collaborator in act if vengeance.


Speaking of Fake News:

HEADLINE: Polar bear numbers seen declining one-third from Arctic sea ice melt

1st PARAGRAPH: "Rising temperatures that melt sea ice in the Arctic will probably reduce the polar bear population by a third over the next few decades, and the same warming trend is likely to worsen the decline of wild reindeer, scientists said on Monday."


Agent, you are in my prayers.

Does anyone have any good suggestions as to how to raise blood iron incrementally. I have gone to donate blood three times in the last six months and each time been refused because of borderline anemia. The thing is my level is the same it has always been, the blood center just raised the threshold by a point. I read that too much coffee lowers your blood iron, and of course I drink much coffee, but giving up coffee is "not gonna happen" as Dana Carvey used to say. I'd sooner give up reading JOM and rooting for the Yankees. Any suggestions?


peter, you may be able to find another place to donate blood. In my town, the Red Cross takes it, but the two hospitals have set up their own donation sites so they don't have to pay the Red Cross for blood.
Perhaps some hospitals in your neck of the woods have done the same.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Back from the land of the big BX.
And glad to be so.

Agent J, praying for good results.

Clarice, enjoyed your Pieces yesterday before the flight.
Both the Orlando airport and the one here were jammed with people but every thing seemed operating smoothly.


Prayers for you this Christmas season.
God is on your side.
We need you here.

Man Tran

Greetings from the Front Range. Landed at sunset without the usual beating we take from the winter winds tumbling over the ridge. Heard on Center when down near Lyle that an airliner dropped 4000 feet in an out of control tumble somewhere in Oregon. Lots of underwear changed on that flight.

After finishing my homework I started watching about the last half of Attack of the Clowns [sic]. Good god, was that awful. If that was when Lucas was still in control, he must have been phoning it in, or on some nasty drugs. I think a feature length Scooby Doo would have been better.


God Bless you, Agent J.

Hope your grandkids in Wyoming are doing wonderful and get to spend plenty more Christmas's with their wonderful granddad.



This'll sound flippant, so please take no offense, but I know all those old Geritol commercials recommended Geritol as some sort of supplement for "iron poor blood."

Anonamom, is Geritol snake oil, or was Lawrence Welk on the up and up?


Susan J. Crockford is the only polar bear expert worth listening to.

If it's from iron deficiency, find the source of iron loss, peter. T'ain't coffee.


Agent J, prayers for you. Safe travels as well. Please keep us posted.

Anemia has a thousand fathers.

You can't assume the iron loss is from donation, particularly since your anemia isn't resolving with the hiatus in donating.

But that could be the cause.

Guts are awfully sensitive to iron supplements and many people tolerate supplements poorly. Liver, spinach, raisins and molasses all have a fair amount of iron; ice cream none(a trap for widows).

You must be sure there is no occult loss of blood. Please investigate assiduously if it's not been done already.

Captain Hate

Thanks for pointing out Susan J. Crockford. If nothing else she understands rigorously testing hypotheses which the global warming nutjobs are blissfully ignorant of as they serve their propaganda overlords.


Daddy spot on. Maybe I should get some Geritol and a pack of Chesterfields

Ice Bears in Europe, Sea Bears in Latin and Greek.

Polar bears were just too attractive as the poster children of climate change; the whole field is corrupted.

Polar bears are thriving.


While we've observed gradual loss of Arctic Ice(since 1979) the polar bear population has risen from 10K to 25K. Granted that is caused by the relief of hunting pressure over the same time span, but polar bear science is corrupted by the bias necessary to raise their plight to alarm.


Good Morning! Happy Electoral College Day!
The elector representing the 2nd District of Maine (Rick Bennett) is the only Republican elector in the Northeast (Maine to NJ).
If you looked at the "Trumpland" map linked yesterday, the 2nd District is represented by Bangor Island.


Blessings to you also,Agent J.


I just heard on the local news that the Ohio electors are meeting in Columbus today, and are "expected to vote for Trump".

Just out of curiosity, is it secret ballot? Who monitors? How does the vote get communicated and agregated at a national level?


peter said his level is stable over years, but the requirement has been raised.
Don't be scaring him into thinking he's got a GI cancer and losing blood.

You do get your required colonoscopies, right peter?


Daddy spot on. Maybe I should get some Geritol and a pack of Chesterfields

Wonder if either still exists?


I can check past medical test results online.

All this talk about anemia got me curious, so I went and checked.

Good news is CBC numbers look great.

Bad news is there was a message reminding me I am due for a colonoscopy in 2017.


Yes, I noted that, Anonamom. Link to the levels, please.

But you know that.

Kiddo, we don't even know if he's iron deficient, a state fairly unusual in men. It could be that chronic donation has depleted him, particularly given his dedication to donating, but anemia needs a work-up.


I just saw the Amazon ad where the imam and the priest give each other the same knee braces for generic December holiday.

Pukebox, as my grandmother would say.


Best wishes, Agent J.

About John Brennan:


Today's the day when Trump gets officially. I read that because electors' safety has been threatened, voting will happen at staggered times rather than at noon.


Wonder if either still exists?

Geritol does; several types listed at Amazon.


I read that because electors' safety has been threatened, voting will happen at staggered times rather than at noon.

Talk about vote suppression/voter intimidation.

Today's Democrats: Opposed to Democracy.


Officially elected, that is.

PD, yes. Bad folks.

Jack is Back!

Just when you thought international organizations like FIFA had exhausted all political correctness possible:

If I was the 4 home nations, I'd tell those wankers to shove it.

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