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January 02, 2017


Thomas Collins

Send the enviro-whackos to Red China, where I'm sure Xi and his fellow party honchos will greet them with open arms and will take their advice on dealing with pollution.

Thomas Collins

I wonder whether the Red Chinese leaders did see this coming and decided that the tradeoff was worth it.

the generallyistic deplorable rich

the enlightened dictatorship will fix the problem in a brilliant manner unlike the dunces we have coming into the White House who will wreck everything.

Tom Friedman

Thomas Collins

Perhaps Tom Friedman should offer himself up to Xi as an enviro/techno consultant, Rich. We get rid of Friedman and saddle Xi with him.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I can't imagine that level of pullutions.

Up until I was about 18, the air in downtown Indianapolis was really pretty bad. Lots of people still heated with oil burners and quite a few coal furnaces. We even had a coal-fired power plant right downtown (near where Lucas Oil Sradium is, for daddy, who sometimes is in my city). We also had a city transit system which was diesel powered buses which belched smoke, andno other commuter system, as we area car-driving city like Los Angeles.

I can remember working as a temp downtown the summer after I graduated and by the time I got home, the inside of my blouse collar would be blackened. NOT exaggerating!

Over the years the power plant was removed, most people switched to gas or electric heat, and the buses are now powered by natural gas. Emissions on cars have also been cleaned up.

Just can't imagine smog like that.

the generallyistic deplorable rich

he'd just rubber stamp whatever group Xi wanted to jail or shoot, but I'm not seeing much downside to sending him away.

buccaneer morgan

I tell you they saw the robber baron as the only model of capitalist development and went whole hog.

henry - drunk on prog tears

TC, we have an entire advocacy sector that would be more useful in China than here.

buccaneer morgan

A ransom of red chief situation, they get their oil from places like the sudan, which is where the French have a big concession, incidentally.

Captain Hate

When I was in India over a decade ago, the air was pretty bad even in the winter. On a trip between Delhi and Agra I felt somewhat ill. When I read that Chinese cities were significantly worse I have no idea how bad that would feel. After that I was amazed they managed to have a successful Olympics.


I can't get over what Putin says in this speech:
'But a country that can't protect it's children today, has no tomorrow. It has no future.'

That's how I've felt during the past eight years as the Dems have worked to dump illegals here and Republicans have sat back and watched as thousands have swarmed across our borders.

the generallyistic deplorable rich

Posted by: Joan | January 02, 2017 at 07:20 PM

the reps are propping open the doors and windows. drudge has flagged up an article about the active TB infected refugees we've invited in.

diversity is strength!!!

matt, deplore me if you must

Having spent a lot of time in Asia the Chinese smog is worse than the "fog" of London ever was. On top of it, in winter the temperature can plunge to 30 below Fahrenheit. No air movement at those temperatures.

The dust from Mongolia comes in and combines with bituminous coal smog and an out of control number of vehicles without catalytic convertors or diesel emission control (new in this country). I am not sure if there is any smog abatement in many of the northern cities.

I regularly came home with nasty sinus infections.

Hong Kong is now inundated as well with the smog from Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta. The price they are paying for development is terrible.


Joan, Juan, Maria, Lupe and Chico are only coming here for love.
Millllllllions of these LOVERS, come here illegally with low job skills, no job skills, no English skills, some English skills etc etc etc.

WHY DO WE ALLOW IT?? We all know why.

Just like RACE, there can NEVER be an honest debate, so naturally AMERICANS get it rammed up their collecive ARSE, and Obama brings in UNVETTED MUSLIMS by the 10's of thousands......FOR LOVE.

And we have 93 plus million people not working.


China will transition away from coal due to common air pollution, not carbon pollution. Somewhat similar to the path the US followed once we felt ourselves wealthy enough to afford seeming "luxuries" like clean air.

Unless the Chinese frack their way into a natural gas bonanza like we did, they won't transition away from coal in any of our lifetimes.

It is a luxury they can't afford.


The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau extended an "orange alert" for heavy air pollution for three more days.


That's nothing TM. When I was in Beijing last week, it was a Red Alert. Orange Alert's are OK and all if you're into like emphasema and doing Cat 2 Approaches, but for my money, if you really want a good hacking cough, bloodshot eyes, and honest to God Cat 3 Approaches down to Alert Heights of 50 minimum, nothing fits the bill like a "Red Alert."

Orange Alerts are for pussies---Red Alerts Rule!

Dog (cough, cough) Dog walk:)

Dave (in MA)

Sure, the smog is bad, but someone has to make cellphones for SJWs.


Miss Marple,

Alway loved the beginning of that old take off on Johnny Carson, where he had on his good friend Jack Webb of Dragnet, to do the short parody skit of LA---"This is the City."

Love Ed McMahon's laugh at 20 seconds in.

Haven't seen the thing in years, so I just watched the 1st 20 seconds, posted it, and am now off with my masters. Hope there is some other good stuff in it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's the copper clapper caper! I haven't seen it in years, either. Thanks for posting it!

(Shot of smoggy LA at the beginning is funny, too!)


Just more neo-colonialism. We FORCE 3rd world countries like CHINA to KILL GAIA, so we can have cheap teeeeveeees, cell phones, car stereo's and stuffed animals. And bamboo flooring, and fortune cookies....and......, you know, so we force them to make this stuff for US, and we ask them to take our jobs. We shut down our factories, which were much much cleaner. The get our JOBS, our MONEY, our FACTORIES, and VARIOUS LUNG DISEASES.

I think Obama should apologize and put OUR COAL COMPANIES out of business.


That Jack Webb could keep a straight face while someone copped copper clappers shows what a good actor he was.

henry - drunk on prog tears

Neo colonialism.... per a drudge link that's what Puerto Rico's new jefe thinks, so he is going to demand statehood. (If IL can avoid fed oversight as a state, maybe his island can).

buccaneer morgan

They can't afford statehood,,silly human.

So we're competing with gledi prime, can this get mote absurd, rhetorical?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I just ran across this. It's a long interview Trump gave during the primaries with the Chicago Tribune. It's very interesting and he has a lot of interesting comments.

This might have been posted during the primaries but I sure didn't see it:

Free James D!

Hasn't Puerto Rico already had several votes to decide what status they'd prefer, and statehood always loses?

buccaneer morgan

Yes there's that other detail, but this tine Charlie brown will get to kick the ball honest.


Maybe Puerto Rico could become part of California!!! And then part of Mexico!!!

buccaneer morgan

Seriously, though, the argument suchbas it is, is the economic crisis, which Paul tan assured us would be solved, might make people reconsider.

buccaneer morgan

And apparently being an associate of Ubl is not a reason to expel someone, re the foreign office.

Captain Hate

Dear Egg,

buccaneer morgan

So they are going with cyrillic keyboards, as their big clue, one could find those in the Sudan, fwiw.


Yeah like Johnny Swiftboat and his wife Tereza Heinz-57 having a nice dinner date with the Assads. You know the moderates.
But but but T Rex did a lot of Exxon-Mobil business with THE ROOOOOSKI's!!

Whose judgement seems better?
Tillerson did well for his shareholders and American investors.
Johnny Purple Heart gave Iran everything they wanted plus $1,700,000,000.00 in cash.

Which guy do YOU want working for YOU??

buccaneer morgan

But have you tried their creme brulee Gus, you'll be coming back for more.

Meanwhile they detained a lad admitted in December 2014, who wanted to build car bombs and repaint them like police cars.


The only Hacking during this election! Hahahahahaha another really good one! Hillary


My goodness. I know it's a lesser bowl an ever'thang, but no one has acknowledged that incredible beatdown by the Mighty Gators?

Alrighty, then. Still, today was a long overdue damn good day for the Boys from Old F.L.O.R.I.D.A. and it feels mighty, mighty good.


So Dan Rather is very concerned about journalistic integrity:

Captain Hate

Congrats, RG, on a complete domination today; I meant to say something earlier but the current success of NAMBLA's team has me presently upset.

buccaneer morgan

That mariannas trench of incomprehension is striking though.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I happened to be on Free Republic when this all went down. One of my friends was directly involved in showing Rather's fraud.

I can't believe he is actually making any comments!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump Verified account

North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won't happen!


At the minimum he is paying attention!

I sure am glad he is sicking with Twitter!



Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

My last comment about Chester jumping for snowflakes this morning looks like it might be the last time I see him.
A little while later I realized he hadn't been bugging me to get in the truck.
Spent the rest of the day driving the roads and stopping at houses and walking through half snow half rain but no sign of him anywhere.
He was a great dog and I hope I find him but consider it highly unlikely. He never got lost so something must have happened.


Ig. Sadness. Hoping for the best. Wishing Chester and you find each other again.


Miss Marple the dimbulbs on Brett Baier couldn't quite understand what Donald Trump meant. Liasson, Hemingway, and Krauthammer, were all quite confused. Is Donald Trump DANGEROUS!!!! EEEEEEEEEK. I mean he says that Putin is so AWESOME and GROOVY.


He means you are DC BUBBLEWADS and you have no clue how NORMAL people think.

Trump is saying NK is not going to be pampered.

THESE BELTWAY BOOBS, can't think outside of the COCKTAIL PARTY approved notes and talking points.

It's as if OBAMA was NORMAL to them. That dysfunction is a-ok.

buccaneer morgan

Sorry to hear that, iggie.

So abi rizvi is one of the more well known victims in Istanbul.


Ig--So sorry about your lost dog--may he come home soon wagging his tail behind him--

Beasts of England

I gave a general shout-out to today's SEC teams, RattlerGator! They looked good - and it was fine close to the season.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


When you have time, go back and watch that link to the Chicago Tribune interview from the early days of the primaries (Christie hadn't announced yet) that I posted.

You tell me the guy in that interview doesn't know what he's doing. The interview is wide-ranging, and he doesn't hold back on anything.

If the panel on Baier's show doesn't get it, they are either stupid or in collusion with bad people.

Captain Hate

Iggy, best wishes in finding Chester.

Beasts of England

Dang it, Ig. Prayers that Chester returns.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Prayers that St. Francis will intervene and bring Chester home.

God bless you.

buccaneer morgan

How far from home were you, at the time?

Well we would likely have to strike that launch site, or knock out the warhead with interceptors in Alaska.

, Erdogan said he had proof Obama  created ISIS

Iggy, I just know he'll be back--probably just chased something and got briefly lost.


Miss Marple, they are in the BUBBLE. Only life long lying politicians can rule us.
Donald Trump is so uncouth!!

Remember, I was first to call him Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack.

The D.C. crew cannot understand outsiders. There is a prescribed way of thinking.
Yet the GOPe allows them and us by virtue of their default, be shit on again and again by evil lefists.

Trump scares them??? For Gaia's sake.
Trump takes a phone call from the President of Taiwan. MFM SHITS IT'S COLLECTIVE PANT.
Obama give 1.7billion to Iran and allows China, Russia and anyone else to do as they please, and these dimbulbs see STRENGTH as DANGEROUS and weakness is PREFERRED??

Cecil Turner

Beijing occasionally shuts down factories and reduces car travel for a month or so (e.g, Olympics and here, the 70th anniversary of WWII), and it clears up pretty quickly. But my experience is almost all in the upper picture, and it makes LA air look downright wholesome.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Miss Marple sez, "Rather's fraud.

I can't believe he is actually making any comments!"

Rather and Brazile are soon to be seen on the "Dan and Donna Accurate Fake News Show."

It's hard to believe these people have the nerve to come out from hiding. Of course, Rather had his fake-umentary movie to revise history. Donna's is being written.

buccaneer morgan

Wait Gus, prime minister tsai might run into trump, next week.

So the histrionic Olympics is already at eleventy in the new yorker, in the course of discussing if discussing intellectuals behind trump, which includes decius and Jeffrey lord,
Jonah Goldberg muses about being 'dissapeared'


Oh yeah and BRAZILE was supplying the DNC with advantage while still on TEEVEE!!
Frau, did you see Brazile's coolcoolio blue hair today???
How can clowns like that be taken seriously.
Dan Rather SUED CBS after he DESTROYED their CREDIBILITY. He needed more ca$H to go away.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Aw, Iggy. Dogs do the dumbest things just like people. Remember JiB's beagle went out for a long time in bad weather, too, and finally dragged in. Keep the light on.

Beasts of England

An instant classic at the Rose Bowl today.

Captain Hate

Thank you, U$C, for avenging abused children.


Sorry, Ig. That felt like a punch to the gut reading that.


Narciso, I AM MUSING about Jonah Goldberg having a Jimmy Hoffa moment.


Pollutions? Pollutionings! Countries did this and became world and nuclear powers.

Cecil Turner

Well we would likely have to strike that launch site, or knock out the warhead with interceptors in Alaska.

Yeah, and good luck with either. Just one we could probably manage. More than a couple, not.

Unless we were willing to use nukes, which is a bit of a different subject. (I am heartened to see we appear to be expanding our nuke penetrator capability--though official policy is that we are not.)

art in newport

A barnburner Rose Bowl!


well I prayed for Jack and Frederic's beagle, so praying for Iggy's dog should be easy...


oh Ig. I'll ask St. Anthony to find him.
Hope to wake up to good news from you.

Another Bob

Captain, you realize anyone associated with the Sandusky nonsense is long gone right?

, Erdogan said he had proof Obama  created ISIS


Hannity interviews Assange inside Ecuadorian embassy... Developing...

HANNITY: Can you say to the American people, unequivocally, that you did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta's emails, can you tell the American people 1,000 percent that you did not get it from Russia or anybody associated with Russia?

ASSANGE: Yes. We can say, we have said, repeatedly that over the last two months that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party... Obama is trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate President...


My heart's with Chester -- may he find his way home.

buccaneer morgan

So guess what. Rupert oupkin used to illustrate Russian hacking, footage from fallout 4

Texas Liberty Gal

IG - I'm praying that Chester will be returned to you. If its not God's will I hope you will at least find out what happened to him. I sure hope he comes back to you.


So sorry to hear that, Ig. Praying for you and Chester.

"I happened to be on Free Republic when this all went down."

Me too, MM. What a thrilling experience to watch the debunking in real time after Buckhead got the ball rolling. I miss Howlin too.

Captain Hate

AB, I don't care. The NCAA flinched on giving that program the death penalty it deserved so they remain unpunished. The same sick attitude among the cultists who blamed the victims for the wrist slaps still prevails. To hell with them.


CH, I give Penn State credit for a well-played and entertaining game. I also give them credit for picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, and allowing the next generation to start fresh. Cut ’em some slack.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I was in contact with Holwin for quite a long time after that election. We had been friends on the internet for years. I even went to NC and stayed at her home with my grandson.

Alas, she is so pro-Bush that she turned into a NeverTrumper. She has severed all connections with me.

I am quite sad about this, as she was a great person and we wre all in to investigating Clinton back in the 90's.

But unfortunately, she hates Trump because of her loyalty to Bush.

Sad times in some ways.


Oh Ig,I'm so sorry. He'll find his way back to you.


The NCAA flinched

Then curse the NCAA, not the new team.

Captain Hate

No, sbw, this is not negotiable. Have you ever been around those assholes?

Kingdom Of Origins 👙

Coming soon Troll Cards™ playing cards. It's like Pokemon in Iraq or wherever.🐫🐪


ave you ever been around those assholes

Which ones? The NCAA or those who never forgive?


Aside from the issue CH raises, which I don't have a clear view on, I thought Penn State choked. With a two touchdown lead they played not to lose, and then with a chance at least to protect a tie they put the ball up for grabs. I'm only annoyed because I had them in my pool picks. :)


Can't help it -- I think the migrant swarms are the most important problem that we must find an answer for. The Chinese smog is horrible, but their people seem to be happy to submit to Chinese government and it's policies.


Amen, CH. The young coach who told JoePa what he saw a naked Sandusky doing to a naked boy in the PSU locker room shower was crucified and had his coaching career ruined for answering police questions reluctantly but truthfully. JoePa and the admin selfishly put PSU's reputation above stopping a predator and bringing him to justice.

Stephanie Deplorable Beeotch

Speaking of pool picks... sorry for not getting the results up before start of today's games. I started a full cycle tune up on my laptop where the file resides and it is still running 12 hours later.... AVG sucks, just sayin.

I'll have tonight's results up after the Sugar Bowl.


That's very sad news, MM.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

GUS, I can't say I'm sorry to have missed Donna's blue hair. She really had me fooled for years. I didn't know until recently about her earlier "missteps and misstatements."



Praying Chester finds his way home.


And our politicians and the liberals keep welcoming the swarms heading our way.

Free James D!

Praying for Chester (and you), Ig.

Captain Hate

Which ones? The NCAA or those who never forgive?

Is that latter part aimed at me?

, Erdogan said he had proof Obama  created ISIS

Nytol--Chester, come home!


Iggy, sorry about Chester, hoping he finds his way back and is ok.

Dave (in MA)
Gerry Callahan ‏@GerryCallahan 3h3 hours ago Always torn watching Penn State. Wanna root for players, who showed guts going there, but sick at the thought of the giddy Paterno cultists
Pulling for Chester. We once had a cat who disappeared for 7 days.

Congrats, RG, on a complete domination today.

Posted by: Captain Hate | January 02, 2017 at 08:54 PM

Much obliged, Captain (and BoE). Today was a huge step forward; a genuine demonstration of some young depth and youthful pride. I'm in Jax celebrating.

An M.D. friend of the family is visiting with her three daughters, all 20-somethings. Typical Democrats but I think that Trump has ever-so-slightly gotten through to the middle daughter. I'm not certain of it, but there were definitely some hints.

Hopefully this is true and is being replicated all across the country, including Black America.


Did anyone post this talk of Newt explaining Trumpism? Only part way through but looks good.
What people never understood in this city is, (Trump) is not a financier. He's a builder. One of the articles I recommend to all of you, that you must read, Google, "Intellectual Yet Idiot", IYI, by Nassim Taleb who wrote The Black Swan.
Taleb says one of the reasons people are so dissatisfied worldwide, is that at least 40 percent of our governing elite are people who are very good at writing essays, and taking tests, which gets them into elite schools where they study under professors who are very good at writing essays and taking tests, and then they do well because they're writing essays and taking tests, and they then get a job at the New York Times, or the Supreme Court, or in the bureaucracy. They're prestigious people because they write essays and take tests. Taleb goes on to say, the problem they have is they don't know anything. They could write a brilliant essay on how to fix a tire. If you said to them, that's terrific, my car has a flat, they would not have a clue how you actually fix the tire, but they could write about it, because they're people whose specialty is knowing about things, rather than knowing things.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

RG - Florida had excellent representation today in the Rose Parade with a snazzy marching band:
Niceville High School – Eagle Pride, Niceville, FL

btw - your recent master's touch with umlauts wss noted and appreciated. Ausgezeichnet!


I can't figure out why Dan Rather is worried about potential future lies from Donald Trump.

Dan Rather: (25 Jan, 2002) “I think the fact that someone has told a lie, even a big lie or maybe several big lies over a lifetime, does not mean that they’re an inherently dishonest person.

Dan Rather: (Feb. 7, 2002) "You can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.”

So what's the problem?

Frau Edith Steingehirn

JimNorCal - Taleb is wielding his flounder elegantly in smacking academia.

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