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February 20, 2017


Jack is Back!


buccaneer morgan.

Segundo, ppp snorfle,


Terzo I hope

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

The problem for a party that exchanges a political philosophy that is by nature reasonable, capable of change and compromise and accepting of not only its own fallibility but that reasonable people can believe differently for an ideology that is none of those things is two fold.
1. There is no middle ground for compromise and so to survive they have to win at any cost.
2. If conditions change and their ideology has not captured the system before the citizenry begins to rebel they have a very difficult time changing. And so they double and triple down which further alienates the citizenry.

There are pretty much three solutions.
1. They rant and rave their way to obscurity.
2. They rant and rave their way to a political crisis which they may or may not win.
3. There remain enough sane heads within it to grab the reins and turn the wagon around just before it goes over the cliff.

It's too early to tell but I consider number 3 unlikely.


VDH weighs in.

... besides, flood control, hydroelectric power and irrigation, California dams created over 1,300 reservoirs that presently provide the state with unmatched mountain recreational and sporting opportunities — often for the poor and middle classes who cannot afford to visit expensive coastal tourist retreats.
California currently hosts a third of the nation’s welfare recipients. Over one in five Californians lives below the poverty line. One in four Californians was not born in the United States. These social transformations pose enormous political challenges and demand that infrastructure and schools grow commensurately to meet soaring populations.

Instead, California is eating its seed corn.

buccaneer morgan.

That is what happened with the British labor for 18 years till Blair came along

Jack is Back!


Blair gave Labor new life with his "3rd way". As long as the Dems have the Warren/Sanders/CBC wing of the party calling the shots, I don't see a version of Blair in their future. Just looking at the OFA thugs today with the "Not my President" carp tells me the zealots have a stranglehold on the party and if the Republicans gain 5 - 8 more senators in 2018, the party is over.

buccaneer morgan.

Yes they got themselves wrongway corbyn who even makes khaans skin crawl.


I watched FBN earlier this morning and heard that Ray Buckley,the NH Democratic Chair,is giving up him his bid to become DNC Chair and endorsed Keith Ellison. Jack,you are correct about the zealots having a stranglehold if Ellison becomes DNC Chair. I listened to the WMUR 9 (Manchester) lifestream and Buckley mentioned something about preserving NH's "first in the nation" status,referring to the primary. Maybe the fix is in and a deal was made?


Ig and NorCal, the left has continued down the path to fascism and Marxism, because all of their POLICIES are failed from the start.
They lie, push, scream, fart and wear pussy hats to demand something they cannot have.
The riot, smash windows, set fires, chant about non-existant slights and prejudices. They embrace freaks, trannies and losers.
They create one victim class after another, they shut down free speech in High Schools and Colleges, they tell all WHITE PEOPLE we are guilty of having some imagined PRIVILEGE. They make religions out of GAIA and destroy the very jobs Americans need. They support baby killing and demand that WE PAY FOR IT. They accuse anyone who objects to MEN using the LADIES ROOM, where your 14 year old needs to PEE of being BIGOTS, HATERS, and HITLER. They lie cheat and steal to create a BIGGER ELECTORATE so as to FORCE their agenda.
And when they lose. RUSSIA did it.
When they had power, they COMPLETELY abused it. IRS, BENGHAZI, FAST and FURIOUS, unfettered illegal immigration, EBOLA comes to town, and NOW, they use GOOF BALL Judges to undermine an EXECUTIVE ORDER keeping out immigrants and SO-CALLED Refugees, from 7 countries that we cannot currently VET.

Let me ask you something. How do we find common ground with bastards like this??
Do or DID they find common ground with us??

Lastly, is the MARXIST LEFT....

H/T Paul Ryan.

buccaneer morgan.

But they are already at the yeargh stage, next stop self immolation, btw the author of the downing street memo, which was leaked right after Blair was reelected, guess where he is now? The Uk's UN envoy.

Jack is Back!


Sean Spicier

We honor all living Presidents this President's Day:
Jimmy Carter
George H W Bush
Bill Clinton
George W Bush
Valerie Jarrett
Donald Trump


Jack. You just mentioned the "Warren/Sanders" wing.

If we had any sense at all, we'd analyze just WHO, Sanders and Warren are. What kind of people have they been their entire lives.
Honest??? Hard working??? Productive???

Again. Are Sanders and Warren....WHO WE ARE????

Are either of these 2 hacks honest??? Do they practice what they preach???



We always thought of California as a mystical place. My mother grew up there and although her childhood wasn't the happiest,she told us about the beaches and the mountains. My grandmother sent us big packets of travel brochures and historical information which was passed down to each kid for school projects.
VDH's articles about a vanishing "Golden State" are so poignant,almost like a eulogy.


Barack Obama. What is Obama's life story.
If Obama is "who we are", then we are lying sacks of shit. Obama is and has always been a MARXIST. He lies as easily as he breaths, and like most wannabee Marxists, he lives the high life at someone else's expense.
Everything this pig, pretends to stand for is a lie.

Frau  Spontane Verbrennung

...self immolation?

I'm hoping for spontaneous human combustion.


Marlene, California is an incubator of dysfunction. I do not want one dime of my taxes going to aid in the sick experiment.

Frau  Spontane Verbrennung

Make that **mass** spontaneous human combustion.

buccaneer morgan.

I was thinking of the iconic Buddhists in Vietnam , which strikingly wasnt all that met the eye either.


US Homeland Security Confirms That Pizzagate Is 100% Real DHS reveals 'big names will go down hard' for Pedogate

Frau  Spontane Verbrennung

GUS and VDH nail it. CA is doomed. The rich will live in coastal enclaves and the poor will sort through the trash. Have you ever read Richard Fernandez's description of people living on the gigantic trash dumps outside Manila? ("No Way In")

Old Lurker

"The rich will live in coastal enclaves and the poor will sort through the trash."

And that only works for a time.

My Dad rented a waterside villa in Acapulco back in the 70's and invited all his family and friends to visit...which we all did. Once inside the gate and behind the high walls with broken glass on top, and secured by the guard at the gate and supported by the wonderful staff...well we had a glorious time. We ventured outside the compound once or twice but that was enough to scare us unless we were driven directly to a venue where others "like us" could congregate, securely.

Today? I would not fly over the place at 35,000', and even then I would check my kidnapping insurance.


Interesting, right to work laws gave Trump a chance in midwest.

quote from union guy: “No question in my mind. Hard to fight when your bazooka’s been replaced by a squirt gun.”

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

Why Brazil is the country of the future and always will be.

Another reason like FIFA, the NFL, the UN and Olympics are dying from outright corruption.


OL, unfortunately the Marxists are already blaming you and I for their failures.
CA allows ILLEGALS to have Drivers licenses and that is all that is required to vote.
THAT cannot end NICELY.
We are in bizarro world, but the MARXISTS are not going to stop, until we stop them or until chaos reigns
The mf'ing NBA had it's ALL STAR GAME in New Orleans, because NORTH CAROLINA had the sense to make a law that required you to use the bathroom of your OWN GENDER. The business world has been infiltrated.
PANNERA BREAD uses 100% CLEAN FOOD. I will never eat there again. Insult me at your own peril. I will never buy a ticket to an NBA game, nor watch one on TEEVEE again. If the NBA believe political extortion is OK. FUCK THEM. I could go on for hours, but you get the picture. I WILL NOT MEET FASCISM HALF WAY. California and Illinois will be the first to implode. And YOU will be blamed. Anarchy, riots, violence and demogogues will ensue.


More winning, school kids cheer end of Michelle's lunches<.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

The Dems already had their Tony Blair in Bill Clinton whose "triangulation" was mirrored by Tony's 3rd way.
I would like to see a return of JFK's Dems but they're no longer are any of them so how do they find their way back from the wilderness when they have already executed or excommunicated any potential Moseses?


JiB, that Spicier is a parody site spoofing Spicer. Still funny.

Old Lurker

Henry, I just think, as a way to confirm the caricature, that Trump would pave over her veg garden at the WH and then park Hummers on it.


Nice to see John McCain taking max deserved [redacted] on the morning FOX News Shows from all corners. I wonder what that stupid SOB thought he was actually accomplishing by saying the stuff he said on Foreign soil? One would think that as a Military man one would do some thinking beforehand about who you are publicly picking as your enemy before shooting your mouth off. And here I thought Megan was the stupider McCain.

Old Lurker


pagar, Bacon, Ham and Pork Chop supporter

"Honest??? Hard working??? Productive???"

"Warren and Sanders"

IMO, some things just don't go together.

" How else does a Senator afford three homes on a congressional salary."

Wait- there has to be a teaching moment in there somewhere.


Ig if we replaced the name TRUMP with JFK, and JFK's policies. We'd have the same result we have now.
JFK would not recognize the filth that is the Democrat Party.
It's hilarious that Obama denied Russia was an issue, and that the 80's wanted their foreign policy back, Obama was going to be MORE FLEXIBLE for "Vlad", and it's sad that Rodham cackle cackle had this PLASTIC RESET button and was laughed at by Russia.
Weak and feckless, yet TRUMP is dangerous because he's in LOVE with PUTIN.
You can't make this stuff up.
These people are sick.


Happy Presidents' Day!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

JFK was no brain trust and he was a seriously perverted obsessive but even in his drug addled, sex crazed worst moments would stand today head and shoulders above even the most moderate sensible national Democrat.

A tax cutting, communist hating, defense supporting, America firsting, NRA life membering Ich Ein Berliner today would not only find his membership in the party canceled he'd be in serious danger of a literal beating.

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)


I follow Spicier on twitter.


Just when you thought the Dems were being pulled off suicide watch, it appears Ellison will get the DNC job.


JFK didn't lick CASTRO's balls eith

Captain Hate

Addled drunk gets confused:


Cap'n, the second comment on that 12:52 link is great:

Reduced to stamp commentary and U.S. Postal Service invites…..made my day.

from Henry's link: “You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” junior Chase Zavarella said. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

Young Chance has been taught a valuable lesson. May there be a million more like him.


Pederast and the modern art market



Captain Hate

Shouldn't Ellison be referred to as Keith X?


DOW Jones at a new high. Ow! Darn blisters on my fingers are acting up from typing that.


Keeef the 10th.

Frau  Spontane Verbrennung

Porch @ - Woot, woot! (for DoT)
Don't look at her eyes. I'm afraid her head will start bobbing up and down.

As the old NYer cartoon went, "Yes, I want six dozen sheets and stop calling me 'Madam.'"


When is the DNC chairman Vote?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That school lunch program made a whole bunch of Trump voters with my grandson's class.

They banded together at the university and got an apartment so they didn't have to put up with sjw BS. He was SO excited election night!

daddy! Grandson got an internship with the minor league ball team here this summer! So, he now will have that on his resume as well as the NFL team he works for during the season.


suddenly, no more Russian UN Ambassador. Went to embassy, had cardiac issues, died. Sad if natural causes, sadder if not.

Frau  Lehrerin a.D.

Article in The Hill sez DeVos is on the wrong path. Privatization of education does nothing. John Dewey via Japan is the answer!
Calling rse...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I want to know if they are going to arrest Andre Carson.

Seems like a good possibility to me, unless he was just a complete moron.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

What I really want to know is who in DC is lawyering up. Dems seem to have been awfully quiet the last couple of days.

Old Lurker

Frau "Article in The Hill sez DeVos is on the wrong path."

That's as far as you have to read to know she is over the target.


Kevin Drum telling a little bit of truth?">">


Okay, I only pasted that link once.

pagar, Bacon, Ham and Pork Chop supporter

Ellison has his team ready, IMO.


The Japanese educational system relies upon group norms of diligence, best effort, obedience, conformity, respect, and strong parental involvement. Let's try that in Detroit and see how it goes.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That double link thing happened to me this morning with an article from a Canadian paper. very strange.

Dave (in MA)

CPAC ixnayed Yiannopoulos.


Now Milo disinvited to CPAC.

Captain Hate

Tammy: Pence is at the conference McRINO mouthed off to, trying to undo the damage the old coot did. Tammy agrees with me that McQueeg should lose his chairmanship of the Armed Services Committee for this latest stunt, and that he's a one person justificaction for term limits.

Old Lurker

"McQueeg should lose his chairmanship of the Armed Services Committee for this"

Be still, my heart.

Oh that McConnell had the balls to do that.

Captain Hate

I think this is a test for McConnell, OL; one I hope he passes.


I don't think there is a video out there condoning pedophilia (I may be wrong). If there is no such video, I think this is a mistake.


RG, spotless togae must are essential to the true conservatives at CPAC.

Old Lurker

Me too, Cap'n.

Trump needs him to do this.

Old Lurker



That was an interesting article from the Hill and rather disingenuous. The methods of Dewey, Polya, and NCTM are in fact what gets used in the Common Core and constructivist education, but we are not supposed to know that. Since I have the background for what became Chapter 3 of my book, I also know the professor quoted in the epigraph, Jeremy Kilpatrick, did his PhD on Polya and his problem-solving techniques.

So emulating Japan would have us doing what we are already doing, which is apparently noy what the Hill, Northwestern, or Mills College want us to know. It was a prof at NW, by the way, who translated the Turchenko template from Russian to English. He is still there, but does not have that translation on his cv.

The article is correct though that privatization does not solve the problem under current models of who still gets to oversee privatized schools.

I know it will not be a particularly popular opinion because it does not fit with how people want School Choice to work, but DeVos has an extraordinarily progressive view of education in every thing she has written for AFC, so do AEI and Jeb's FEE where she was on the Boards. The idea that she is pursuing anything other than the unesco vision is false even though she may not know that.

UNESCO and the OECD both adore privitization in education and see it as the answer to accomplishing their agenda. They said so in a document I have in a task force chaired by the guy who heads Knewton.

Frau--I think Claremont unfortunately is close to GZ for the Right and Left Pincers. It is where Csik is now and interviews with him sound just like what DeVos parrots apart from the fact that it is the template that must be pushed now to be an eligible provider under School Choice. It's visible to me because I track through the law, but no parent would likely see it.


Milo Yiannopoulos defends molestation and pedophiles

James D.

McConnell needs to do it regardless of Trump. He needs to do it because McCain has become an embarrassment to his office, and to his party.

Frankly, he should have been run out of town after the Keating Five scandal in the late 80's (along with John Glenn, but expecting honor, decency or even basic adherence to the law from Dems is useless).

buccaneer morgan.

The rest of the story:

Janet ~ an obnoxious Trump supporter 🚬

This will be a good time for the left (MFM & Dems) to explain THEIR sexual morality to us.
What are THEIR foundational beliefs?

Explain Terry Bean & the Human Rights Campaign.

Explain Dan Savage -
*Gay Activist Dan Savage to Ben Carson: 'Suck My D**k'

*Anti-Bullying Activist Dan Savage Curses at Christian High School Students, Calls Them 'Pansy-A--ed'

*Anti-Bullying Bully Dan Savage Invites Herman Cain to Suck his D**k

*Media Love Anti-bullying Bully Who Wishes Republicans Were 'All F**king Dead'

*HBO 'Real Time' Guests [Dan Savage & Marc Maron] Discuss Having Violent Hate Sex With Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum

Explain Hollywood -

Account Deleted

"GUS and VDH nail it. CA is doomed."

Not so fast. :)

I'm not exactly the man with the plan.

But I'm unwilling to say, or agree with anybody who does, that a state which once boasted the world's 7th largest economy is doomed.

Why? Because my state is part of the promise of MAGA.

Because the culture I rely upon for spiritual, psychic, and familial survival is part of MAGA.

MAGA is for all Americans. And not one of these 50 states is to be prejudged based on the excesses of our enemies within.

To this Navajo man, President Trump represents hope with a track record.

That's why.

So, as a long-time resident of California (1957-1973; 1977-78; 1998-2017), I'm going to be part of the solution.

Maybe I'll end up having to run for Berkeley City Council, then the School Board, and bash my way into City Hall. The road then leads to Sacramento.

If I don't run then I am going to groom junior conservatives to do so.

This is the State of Ronald Reagan, Dr. Jack Wheeler, and a once-robust Republican party.

I'm not willing to let my home state go down the river. Period.

We have two heroic fighters in DC: President Trump and Representative Tom McClintock.

I've written to both asking what their plans are for draining the swamp in California?

The Oroville Dam, no pun intended, is a watershed moment in our state's history.

The state government and its leadership have been exposed as incompetent as the state of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans were during the Katrina Disaster.

There are cracks forming and those aren't limited to the spillway in Oroville.

I'm of the same mind and spirit as Warren Buffet expresses in his investing philosophy: "Invest in disaster."

My stand for MAGA is here, in my home state.
This is where I belong. And it is where I will stay. It is where the future of my "people" rests. What happened before this cancer metastisized here matters. And it will be made to matter again.

The condition of the state, with all of its seemingly rubik's cube problems, is indeed dire.

But this is a supremely wealthy state we can wrest away from the grifters, shirkers, drug cartels, and corrupt, unelected bureaucrats, and state assembly rats.

To me they appear as formidable as the Berlin Wall did to so many for so long.

Then, Ronald Reagan rides in with the resolve of Joshua and the Wall Crumbled.

That Wall came down in my lifetime, something I'd been hearing about since I was old enough to sit with my Dad at age 4 and ask questions about the "news" on tv, almost half my life.

Eight years is a long time for this political quagmire to resist the Force of Trump.

If MAGA means anything it is helping each of the 50 states be so as well.

I'm in this to prosper and leave a grand legacy for my numerous descendants---- no matter what despair, cynicism, or defeatism of others might suggest.

It's going to take "lawyers, guns, and money" as a famous Werewulfe once said.

Let me add, I'm Navajo. We are Dine'. I've made America my own.

It is my home.

My culture is Navajo and uniquely American because I am a full participant in the life of this country *AND* the life of my clan, my family.

My citizenship and lawful duty is to the Republic of these United States. And I will forever be residing here in California.

I am not from a reservation family. My clan rejected the government's authority to "jail us" on reservations back in 1901.

California has been our home for 116 years.

That is sacred to us.

California is where our clan "began" after the resettlement of the remnants of our people into what's become "Navajoland" throughout the southwest.

This is where we were meant to be.

The stories we tell about our more recent history all speak to this: here is where we struggled, scratched, and persisted in order to stay alive, together; and this is where we will remain.

Each day we are reminded of the stories of how our ancestors came here, the price they paid, and how they died.

In this way, we've reinforced our understanding, re-built over this last century plus, "that the past and the present and the future are one, and that the merging of time is based upon what has happened, is happening, and will happen here."

"Each generation knows uncertainty and experiences challenge, yet each realizes it must do its part to make sure that we continue--- that past promises are remembered, past events are commemorated, past sacrifices are recalled, past hopes are realized and new imagination and inspiration are encouraged." (-P. Iverson, "Dine", 2002).


Account Deleted

Shouldn't Ellison be referred to as Keith X?

I'll refer to him as El Puto Cabron. Lowlife scum.


Here's Milo's statement on FB.

I think the comments in question were on the Joe Rogan show - is that correct? My husband watched that segment and didn't see anything wrong with the comments in context.


It's a different adverbial, kev.

Account Deleted

Hear ya, Narciso ;)

Account Deleted

This was a nice lunch break. :) Back tonite.


There have to be better speakers than Milo for CPAC.
Just my opinion.



I grew up in SoCal and I think it's the the most beautiful state of all. But I now live in Florida because no state income tax, low property taxes, reasonable sales taxes and good economy etc.

I once lived up near where you are, rented a really cool home while attending UC Bezerkely in the woods of Orinda that was built by a WWII radio star who was some sort of Japanese impersonator.

Jack is Back!

New NSC Head: General H. R. McMaster.


OL, I wrote my take on the Milo situation at the end of the prior thread. I think CPAC has made a mistake with the disinvite.

Milo stirs things up for a living and is purposefully provocative. I have no doubt there was a good bit of that going on in that video. For our side to now engage in this form of attack against him? By claiming he was advocating pedophilia when he very clearly wasn't?

Well, some will get tremendous satisfaction from a bombthrower getting taken out by an incoming bomb but I don't like that form of dishonest nonsense. Especially against a very effective warrior who drives our adversaries crazy.

For me, the issue isn't whether there are "better" speakers for CPAC; some will think so, some not. The issue is why cave to this when the man has earned a spot (hasn't he? even if he is not your cup of tea?) and should have been not only given that spot to speak but defended in the face of the assault. He has been HOUNDED on college campuses. Now we present to the world that we will hound him out of a speaking role ourselves.

Do you honestly not see how this plays?


maryrose, my worry is that this is a NeverTrumper sortie, aided by the left, whose real target is Breitbart/Bannon.



If Milo is a bombthrower let him name the pederast at the hollywood parties he attended. For starters.

buccaneer morgan.

Now that's what I'm talking about, mcmaster worked talk a far, which in the neighborhood of mogul, some years before petraeus invited him to craft his counterinsurgency strategy.


RG, its a DC based non-profit (kind of like NR). Likely they are more focused on avoiding potential spots on their toga than how it looks outside of the DC bubble.

Thomas Collins

If Milo is going to play in the regular world of politics, he needs to be more careful. His explanation that by "boy" he was referring to gay young men having reached the age of consent is credible when his entire statement is examined in context. If that's how gay men refer to younger men of the age of consent when having private conversations, so be it. But this was not a private conversation. And Milo has been a public figure long enough to know that the reaction to what he said was not going to be based on a close reading of the transcript of his remarks.

Trump is about as in your face a public figure as we have today. But Trump knows when to modulate. Milo could benefit from modulating his tone a little.

Thomas Collins

As far as CPAC's cave in goes, as a great philosopher once opined, you gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

Sandy --First 100-- Daze

This is an edited transcript of an interview conducted on Feb. 2, 2007 with then-Colonel H.R. McMaster

A good choice.


Oh so sad - "resistance fatigue" setting in and it's not even March!


Isn't the Milo issue just a continuation of the way the GOPe has traditionally operated? If any controversy arises about someone - back away - don't defend - don't look for context - abandon now, ask questions later.


Porch,I agree with your 3:11. I noticed while watching video of the protests that quite a few signs said "Ban Bannon." He is a focus of their unhingedness (is that a word?).
Milo is a bit over the top,but he's fearless. He should be allowed to speak.


Journalist Receives Death Threats For Exposing Pizzagate Pedogate investigator's emotional plea about being suicided

Thomas Collins

I'm glad McMaster got the nod. Impeccable credentials, great military record, and the demonstrated ability and will to call out the conventional wisdom purveyors when they are spouting nonsense.


I watched Milo's interview with Mahrer and I had a funny thought about his string of pearls. I wonder if that was in homage to Barbara Bush?

Frau  Lehrerin a.D.

Shouldn't we ask our expert the Searchlight Pederast to make the judgment call on whether Milo is a pedophile, pederast, or common homosexual? Words have meaning...or used to.


Momto2, exactly right. Porchlight nails it.

At this point, I say give no quarter. Milo has fought and fought well. He should have been defended, even if his convo lurched off into unpleasant areas.

Add him back to the schedule.


I guess we can all agree that if Milo we're just another leftist fellow traveler, the accusation of pedophilia would heighten his resume, yes?

But did I really read TC write something about Trump being able to "modulate his tone?" Huh. 😬

Beasts of England

A Beav Montage for the record books, daddy!! :)

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