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February 11, 2017



Hey first I think.


This is who the GOPe was prepared to lose to.


TM, my brother has started calling them The Ninth Circle.



Great video of Trump's testimony before Congress on cost of UN Building


How much am I bid for duplicitous bastards?

Well after the candy was spilled in the Assange theater lobby, it will be difficult, but not impossible for Trump th constrict his broad-brush universal statements about execution (his enemies only).


80% is no bigger a lie than 97% (of scientists on AGW). Both are statistics.


Plenty of room at Gitmo for Snowden.... no reason to accept him in the US.

buccaneer morgan

So the orb is trading in fake news and knowing sid its enemy action.


It seems that Ed is knocking down a strawman.

The only source he cites as a 80% misrepresenter he qualifies his lecture by noting the accuracy of their qualifier.

In other words, they were correct.

The rest is some nifty math that makes it clear that if you have the resources and are lucky enough to be selected to go before SCOTUS, your only better chance of getting a correct verdict is if the DC Circuit ruled against you.

The Ninth sucks at the Supreme level. Right, Ed?

Thanks for the research.

common man

The D.C. Circuit is the one Dinghy Harry and Zero conspired to pack with liberals. It's fair to say there seems to be a correlation between number of liberals on a circuit bench and being overturned


Y'all have fudge-packed every branch of government. Your avarice knows no bounds.


Some good news for a change

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Repeat from end of last thread:

She went in through another door, apparently a strategy the stupid protesters didn't envision.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

It's true! Trump could cure cancer and they will still protest!


Black Trump supporters lay down a marker (long, 13+ minutes)

"We are you and me,
We're gonna Trump Hillary!"

"I'm an American"


When logic doesn't work....


LOL, I know Johns Hopkins does a fundraising swing through Florida, with events in Miami and Naples. I'll have to ask my brother if they use Mar a Lago. I went to the Naples one last year, but not the Miami event.


Sorry, I read the article and I do not feel enlightened. If the court reviews cases that appear likely to be overturned AND if they choose to review more of the 9th Circuit cases, how is that good news?

As someone summarized in the comments, "not only does it have the second highest rate of reversal, but it has one of the highest rates of review as well."

JM Hanes


"The Ninth sucks at the Supreme level. Right, Ed?"

Yeah, but not that much more than everybody else. On the "cases reveiwed" front, the 2nd, 5th, 6th and 10th Circuits all have reversal rates of more than 70%, and the Federal Circuit weighs in at 83.3%. We're also only talking about 660 total cases, across all 13 Circuits over a 10 year period. Even the two most successful circuits had more than half of their rulings reversed.

I know I was surprised, considering the hype from folks trumpeting the 80% stat (usually sans the DC's disclaimer), or folks like Try Gowdy who called the 9th "presumptively reversible."

buccaneer morgan

Like malware the kind of judges searchlight and Co, have enabled corrupt the system.

Old Lurker

Why should a Fed judge with a higher than x% reversal rate not be relieved of his lifetime appointment? Think of the damage she causes.

Old Lurker

In other words, Congress should process impeachments through the same machinery they process the regular non-SCOTUS judiciary appointments. Bet a high percentage of the bad judges would resign in the face of being impeached.

Old Lurker

Tell me again where I put my tiny little violin?


I see youths are burning cars in Paris again. (Per Drudge)


"where I put my tiny little violin?"

Mine's in the cabinet with the bottle of crocodile tears.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

I only made it about half-way through that story.

No sympathy from me. These are the people that felt like the gravy train would never end, and spent taxpayer money like it came from an eternal flowing well.

Obviously you can't reassure them; so threaten them with firing if they are caught subverting the administration's policies.

Then do it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Miss Marple the Deplorable


A little excitement in the Buckeye household last night.

Just as we were getting ready to go out to dinner, Mrs. Buckeye sneezed and got a nose bleed. She tried tho usual pinch your nostrils, but didn't seem to help.

We were just about to consider an urgent care, but realized all around here are closed at 6 so that wasn't an option. Before considering the ER seriously, and the $200 deductible, I decided to call Jr.

Me: "Bud, your mom has a nose bleed"

Him: "Is she on blood thinners?"

Me: "Nope"

Him: "Did she try pinching her nostrils"

Me: "For about 5 minutes, didn't help"

Him: "Could take half hour or more"

Me: "She says her fingers were getting tired"

Him: "In the hospital we use 2 tongue depressors and a rubber band. Tell her to go to the cupboard and get her bag of potato chips"

Me interrupting: "huh?!?!"

Him: "and take that plastic clothespin gizmo that holds the bag closed and stick it on her nose. Sit upright, leaning forward and be patient"

Me: "OK"

Worked. He is coming for dinner Sunday. His mom will prepare something special. I'm happy I didn't have to cough up $200.

We never made it to dinner, carry out instead:)

Old Lurker

So Buckeye, that half mill you paid to create your own capitive MD saved you $200, right?

Old Lurker

MM, about those civil servants...serious question: If one of them is fired but they claim that violated their civil service protective shield, do they have to hire/pay for their own lawyer to fight their claim?

If so, fire away. Let them pay real money to fight against free gummint lawyers for a change. See how they like it.


Damnit, OL, you didn't have to put it that way.

He actually got a full ride undergrad and paid (borrowed) for med school himself. Fiscally conservative (spelled cheap), plus a research fellowship and he finished with roughly $100K obligation. He told me the other day only about $60k left.

Old Lurker

Sessions has been there two days now. Has he fired all the USAs yet?


If my kid is at that protest in MM's 11:58, I'm disowning him. He's not answering my "Where are you right now?" text...

Maybe the better question they should ask themselves is why that meeting was scheduled to be held at Mir-a-Lago in the first place. Is that how a non-profit's moneys are best utilized?
I'm sure there are some Motel Sixes close to airports in some more central area, say St.Louis, that would have been cheaper.

Or might they have even simply used some of the zillions of conference rooms and auditoriums over on Longwood Ave for the meeting?
I know it's a bit snowy and frigid there this weekend---but think of the children with cancer.

Old Lurker

Buckeye, that's the difference between sons and daughters right there. YL2, debt free and a year or two behind your son, is supporting herself OK on her $3 per hour residency pay in Boston. Oh. If you don't count that I pay for her apartment so she can afford a safe place close to the hospital on Beacon Hill three doors away from John Ficken Kerry... But it is a safe place!


Well OL, if she ever runs out of Catsup, she can go knock on Teresa's door:)

Old Lurker

After spending a night or two on the Ledge last week, before deciding it was no fun all alone, after reading this:

I am inclined to think Trump is a PR genius.


Another effective way to stop the nose bleed (I am older than buckeye, jr, and married to the guy who gets called in to stop the nosebleeds that won't stop by embolizing them...) that won't be as uncomfortable is below.
That kid I suspect is out protesting had lots of nose bleeds as a child.

The artery that is the source of the bleeding is pretty superficial where your upper gum meets your lip, above your front teeth. Roll up a piece of gauze or cloth or a couple of cotton balls, stick it up there firmly, put your lip back down, then press on it from below your nose.

Worked every time.

Also, if she's having them frequently, use triple antibiotic ointment to lubricate whichever nostril the blood is coming from for week or so. There is some bacteria that causes the bleeding. So said some ENT my husband asked about his a year or two ago.

art in newport

.. Fired all the USAs yet? ..

Be still, my heart

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's my understanding they do several of these fundraisers in different parts of the country.

I suppose if you want to attract the big bucks donors you rent out some fancy place rather than the Motel Six. (I am not involved with big bucks charity fundraising so not an expert).

Around here the Zoo and the Chldren's Museum have gala balls every year which donors like Irsay, Lilly CEI, etc. attend. I am thinking it is a way to let the wives dress up and show off, plus the rich folks get to rub elbows and make contacts.

Like I said, NOT an expert on this stuff.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 11m11 minutes ago

Having a great time hosting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the United States!


OL, I'm with you. I decided today, after the 9th Circuit looking as it does, that DT is a PR genius. Every single thing he does that makes me think "Did you have to??" comes out as a WIN. So-called,judges, calling out a department store--go for it!

No more second guessing POTUS for me.

And I'm going to third of fourth or fifth the recommendation of that youTube link MM posted initially and I put above. Go clean a bathroom and listen--he's AWESOME! Very much who he is, but oh-so-clearly in the know about his business, the corruption that is rampant, and committed to saving taxpayers' money.


Wow Anonamom. That is downright amazing. Almost wish my nose would bleed so I could try it. (Not really)


Thanks anonamom. She thinks she might have sinusitus, nose bleeds usually are rare. She also takes Entocort, thinks that may be associated.

Last time she had one she was using a long pole to get a birdhouse out of a tree and it fell and hit her on the bridge of her nose.

Ended up in the ER that time.

Course first thing they did was separate us so they could ask if I was beating her:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Japanese PM Abe gave Trump a gold golf club, a friend just texted me. She heard it on Fox.

We have a running joke about this because of Trump liking gold. I told her we should have bet money on him winning because a lot of the fashion collections feature gold.

When my democrat sister who works for a famous hand bag company told me that the silvertone hardware was now out and they now were mostly gold-colored, I really had to refrain from saying anything.

Of course, when I hung up with her I called my friend and we laughed like idiots.

Old Lurker

Anonamom: "Go clean a bathroom and listen"

And THAT is difference between wives and husbands!



Here's an odd story that explains a bit of the arcane rules of the House. Our only Alaskan Congressman, Don Young, is the longest serving member of the House---44 years and counting.

Apparently there are "in House term Limits" that you can only be a Committee Chair for 6 years, and now that he has been a Committee Chair on all his committees, he now basically becomes a sort of exalted but powerless back bencher. Don Young hits term limit for House subcommittee chairmanship


Anonamom for the win. Since I was a kid, and prone to nosebleeds, Dr. Bill Tracy, of the black bag and old school, had me fold a 1-1/2 inch wide strip of Kleenex until it was 1/16-1/8 inch thick and short of 1/2 inch wide. Then he had me tuck it tightly up between my front teeth and gum. I could even go places with it in.

Until it stopped, I put a plug of Kleenex in my nose.

Dr. Bill used to have Mom hold the kids before giving them a shot in the butt. That way the kid would think Mom “pinched" the kid and would let the doctor come close next time.

Buckeye, I trust it is winter dryness and not high blood pressure.


The cancer fundraising circuit chases big bucks... who are more likely to be at Mar-a-Lago in winter than a motel 6 anywhere on the planet. My brother does these things all the time. You want a new cancer center, you go where the billionaires are.


Ahh, I misread that in my haste---thought it was a conference, which is why the med students would be involved at all.

So they are just being judgmental busy-bodies.... the location of the fundraiser for a private entity that is only peripherally involved in their lives --if at all--doesn't impact them in the least.

Virtue signaling at its finest.

They won't have to set foot on POTUS's property. Or even in the state it's in!
Go home and study. (Like I did every weekend for years.)
You have lots to learn.
Make the world a better place by being a good doctor.

Jack is Back!


When I lived in San Francisco I got a severe case of nosebleed on Christmas Eve. Nothing worked. Went to the ER of the hospital down the street from me and they cauterized it and then stuck a tampon like thing in the nostril with the pull string hanging out.

Good thing it was dark when I walked the two blocks home because I looked like a an idiot with that thing hanging out. But it did work.

buccaneer morgan

Ironic except oikophobia.


TM, I am trying to figure out why this is Trump's fault?
"Geez, Trump brought his checkers to a chess match."


OL, I only clean bathrooms the weekends he's on call.

For years, I was in the hospital more hours than he, so that was his job. Then I had the kids clean the other ones, once they hit eight or so.
None of the "boy problems" with hitting the water in my house!
I do think it was because of that; plus, they all put the seat down--every time! Miracles do happen.

So, for a very long time, I NEVER cleaned a bathroom.
Did do most of the laundry and cooking though.

Old Lurker

Years from now when we are reading Trump's Memoirs, we will learn that he had a staff of five who do nothing but craft his Tweets to move the message where the boss wanted it to go, and the last guy in the line inserted the typos and misspellings to make the Libs think him an idiot.

Any takers?


Oh--he called. Grocery shopping!
Thank you Lord--haven't lost him to the crazies yet.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Maybe on some tweets.

However, some of them are too much like him, plus he has used Twitter for years.

He used it long before the campaign. You can go back through his timeline and read them.

I think the ones with photos someone else does. Those are usually pretty tame.

But when one of those bombshells falls at 5AM, I don't think it's staff.

Clarice Feldman

MM--from the last thread--the right link to the Abrams story:

the generalisticly deplorable rich

>>>Geez, Trump brought his checkers to a chess match.<<<


I'm trying to figure this one out too.

Clarice Feldman

OL, that was just MeAN to Buckeye.


I followed Narciso's link from the previous thread to this Ann Althouse post:

Ironically, the news that "fake news" is "killing people’s minds" is fake news.

Scrolling down in the comments to 09:00 AM, I see one from JustOneMinute. Is that our TM as Clint Eastwood?

art in newport

Abrams was mixed up in Iran-Contra.

Why give the left an excuse to drag that out and tie it to Trump? There are others with the background and knowledge required who can fill that position.


Calhoun College of Yale is no more. It is now (Grace) Hopper College of Yale. I assume a Pepe is appropriate for heraldic purposes, but the SJWs in New Haven haven't enough sense of humor.

I think Grace Hopper is marvelous. But this decision reeks.

(Note to self, stop checking email on weekends) .

Captain Hate

For any JOMers in the Bay Area, I'll be in Santa Cruz from the 21-28. Cavs championship tee shirt bought and ready to be worn for maximum irritation.

Btw, for everybody except lyle, who is this Adele diva? The only time I'm aware of her existence is on Grammy commercials for multiple years where they always play the same clip from the same video. Based on that I'm forced to assume that she's had one song that's been on the charts so long that Joe DiMaggio's record is so far back in the rear view mirror that it's in a different time zone.


I suggest everyone find 30 minutes to watch the entire hearing MM re-posted 8:36. It shows how President Trump's mind works and it gives me great hope that he will apply that same scrutiny to every nook and cranny of our bloated federal government!


It sure explains Trump's decision to cut 50% of the EPA bigshots from their boondoggle conference up here. Amazing how he can cut 17 guys out of going to some EPA event, yet In the end, only one of the conference's more than 100 sessions had to be canceled.

Trump obviously knows fraud, waste, and abuse from personal experience.


Adele? No clue here.

Captain Hate

Speaking of ignoring email on the weekend, this is the type of tripe the Restraining Order spams me with:

In 2018, I’m certainly not the only Democrat the special interests are looking to defeat.

Senator Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin is one of the most important progressive allies we have in the Senate. I’ve seen her in action -- any time she has a chance to fight for families over corporations, billionaires, and the special interests, she takes it.

Of course, that means those corporations, billionaires, and special interests are working against her. Tammy has already been attacked this year by special interest groups. They are wasting no time going on offense.

Today is Tammy’s birthday. Her campaign wants to raise $11,000 today (Feb. 11th) to give her a grassroots edge as a birthday gift. I thought we could help with that.

Interesting that donk Top Men consider this goof a cash cow for the rest of their paltry lineup; must be taking his bovine second wife to heart. I guess not pounding on women for a couple years wins you some sort of trophy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for that link to the ixnay on Eliot Abrams.

My suggestion would be Richard Grenell, who knows thie ins and outs quite well. He's proven to be a supporter of Trump on Twitter, and he knows where the bodies are buried, having worked for State.


Tammy rents herself out to the usual lefties for cash. Brainless Madison dimwit. The jockeying to run against her is interesting.

Captain Hate

Avery Johnson Jr just got completely screwed by the SEC refs, who then made up for it by making a horrible call on Ky. With all the cash the NCAA makes from Div 1 you'd think they could pay for some decent zebras.


Here's TK's link to a Politico story on the previous thread, about Syney Blumenthal being snookered about fake Campaign ads from Trumps dad: Sidney Blumenthal taken in by Fred Trump campaign ads that appear to be fake

A pair of racially charged videos that purport to be campaign ads created for Donald Trump's father in 1969 appear to be well-produced hoaxes, according to a POLITICO review of YouTube records and those of the group that posted them.

But here's the part that [redacted} me off.

The London Review of Books has since removed that paragraph from Blumenthal's essay and issued a correction: "A paragraph referring to Fred Trump’s campaign for mayor of New York, although it accurately reflected Trump’s racial attitudes and his hostility towards Mayor John Lindsay, has been removed because the campaign ads referred to appear to be clever fakes."

How the [redacted} do they know what Trump senior's racial attitudes were?


Forgot to include this from the Politico story above:

The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler, who writes the paper's "Fact Check" column, also shared the videos on Twitter, before later deleting the tweets.

Fact check my [redacted]@#$%


I know I was surprised, considering the hype from folks trumpeting the 80% stat (usually sans the DC's disclaimer), or folks like Try Gowdy who called the 9th "presumptively reversible."

We both agree that, despite Ed's diatribe, DC probably represented the 80 percenters correctly.

Did you find other folks that I can quote?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

There are no reputable fact checkers other than the Reddit boys, and even they are misled sometimes.


We drink instant. (No everyone can scoff at me, the coffee philistine.)

Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable

Me too, Miss M.

God Bless instant coffee.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Excellent discussion.

I want to see those two state AG's humiliated. That's how I roll.

Captain Hate

Mayor John Lindsay

A prototype of the RINOs the MFM promotes for the kewel kids to vote for.

Captain Hate

I'm trusting Newsmax so little I'm almost ready to hit the "stop spamming me" link, but anytime a lying piece of [redacted] like Adam Schiff says something is bogus it reaches the gold standard level of accuracy:


Interestingly enough, I have heard of Adele, CH.


I've a question for the JOM oenophiles and wine lovers: how much of a problem is "corked wine" for you? "Corked wine" comes from a trace amount of trichloroanisole (TCA) that usually does in fact come from the cork.

The reason I ask is that Teague in last week's WSJ wine column highlights a simple method to get rid of TCA: simply dunk in some plastic wrap. That adsorbs the TCA on its surface, and unfortunately also removes some important flavor components. So while you do get rid of the TCA, the result is not entirely satisfactory.

It turns out that one of my specialties is creating selective recognition elements against all sorts of odd-ball molecules. I'm pretty sure I could get one against TCA while not removing any of the other flavors contained in the wine.

Would this be of interest to any of you?

There are all sorts of ways such a product could be delivered -- the easiest probably is to sprinkle a touch of "magic powder" into the glass or the bottle to remove the TCA onto the solid, which then would settle to the bottom like tartaric acids often do. It would be no trouble to consume, either.



A different side of Steve Bannon...

Captain Hate

Nothing makes sense, lyle.


Adele is English singer. She's had quite a few pop hits. Also one of her songs was the theme music or opening song to one of the 007 movies, think the one before last. The tune just popped into my head, it's Skyfall. Also think that was the name of the Bond movie.

I like Adele's voice. Very powerful. I think she can sing. She also writes a lot of her music. She had a hit named 'Set Fire to the Rain.' Can't think of many more, 'Sidewalks' is one, don't think I liked that one.

I'll post this and several other people probably will have already posted it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Alas, Dr J, I am a complete wine philistine.

My wines are screw-top or synthetic cork. LOL!

lyle would be the one to ask, and maybe JiB.

Forget who else, there are several experts here.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I also have heard of Adele.
I haven't heard her sing but she is fat.
Doe that help?


Not trying to be too snotty here, but isn't it interesting that the news is always on and on about Global Warming and the "Earth’s record streak of record heat keeps on sizzling" and How 2016 Became Earth's Hottest Year on Record and "The last time the Earth was this warm was 125,000 years ago" but then as soon as they mention Islamic refuge's fleeing to Canada from Trump's evil Amerika suddenly it's all a different story: Asylum seekers fleeing US for Canada brave snow, extreme cold

...braved bone-chilling cold...trudging through snow-covered prairies...a two-year-old boy who reportedly begged his mother to let him to die in the snow...others lost their fingers to frostbite in -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) temperatures...many wearing wet was very, very cold," he recalled. "My hands were frozen. I couldn't feel my feet."

So why not wait until springtime?

Samatar Adam, 30, from Djibouti, arrived last month. Asked why he did not file a refugee claim in the US, he replied: "Donald Trump."

He left soon after the inauguration.


Ha! Just looked on youtube and one of Adele's songs, first one listed, 'Someone Like You' has over 818,000,000 views. :)

Where have you been? (A joke. A joke.)


Sounds interesting, DrJ. I absolutely HATE corked wine. I always have a slight bit of trepidation when opening an expensive wine fearing cork taint. A few years ago I opened a mag of Bouchard Le Corton Grand Cru that was so badly tainted I could still smell it after I poured it down the drain. Dammit.

Captain Hate

Thank you, joan and everybody else.


I've been drinking wine for forty years, and have only had a corked bottle twice. Wondering if the frequency will warrant costs.
How long would this compound be stable? Once purchased, would I leave it in the back corner of the cupboard above the bar, for the once or twice I'll need it?

Restaurants may be a better market--but will customers be open to drinking wine once it's been treated, after they tasted it and decided it was corked?


OMG, MM, I just saw your comment about wanting to see those two AG's humiliated and I almost cheered. I got so angry yesterday looking at their smug little faces, grinning and chortling, I wanted to scream!

Inbred little leftist morons.


Speaking of fat--and Adele is nowhere near as fat as she was--has anyone seen pics of Lena Dunham lately? She's dropped about twenty pounds, looking better for sure. Trump Derangement Syndrome is not all bad--she says she's been unable to eat since the election.

When I sent a pic of the new her to my husband, with her explanation, he sent back:
"She better hope he wins a second term."


Oh, and daddy, about your comment on the

"A paragraph referring to Fred Trump’s campaign for mayor of New York, although it accurately reflected Trump’s racial attitudes and his hostility towards Mayor John Lindsay, has been removed because the campaign ads referred to appear to be clever fakes."
How the [redacted} do they know what Trump senior's racial attitudes were?"

This irked me too. I thought about posting it, but had already commented a few times so didn't. But I had the same thought -- how the eff do they know what Trump senior's racial attitudes were?"


Old Lurker

DrJ, is there any risk from the shiny lining in the box of wine with the tap?


Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

"-- Last time she had one she was using a long pole to get a birdhouse out of a tree and it fell and hit her on the bridge of her nose. --"

Since we seem to be separated by a couple thousand miles I feel somewhat safe saying this, but if she had neither been drinking nor was on some serious meds are you sure she's all there?

Standing under a birdhouse and poking it with a pole seems, to a neutral observer kinda on a par with putting the cheese on the mousetrap after you have it set.


Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain" reminds me of an oldie Grand Funk Railroad tune "Heartbreaker".

Okay tune on vinyl but made an excellent stage number for rock bands I played with in that era.

buccaneer morgan

Exactly the sort who should be on the nsc

Miss Marple the Deplorable


No one hates like a Scot. What really pissed me off about them was they got on Twitter and mocked Trump, followed by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and a bunch of assorted leftists.

They are cut from the same cloth as Robbie Mook and Sydney Blumenthal and the rest of the creepy people.

I want them ground to a pulp.

Trump doesn't telegraph his actions ahead of time, which sometimes makes things nerve-wracking but really is an excellent strtagy. He also does what Scott Adams calls A-B testing, so it's possible this EO was one of several alternatives which all share the same end result.

We will see. However, I really REALLY want those 2 AG's humiliated!!


Jane,if you are lurking,please check your email. Thanks!

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