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April 05, 2017



More Andrew McCarthy:

Abuses of power are offenses against the public trust. They often overlap with a criminal offense, but they are not the same thing as a criminal offense. For example, a politician who accepts money in exchange for political favors commits both the crime of bribery and an impeachable offense of corruption. The jurors in the bribery case need not find that the politician breached his public trust; they need only find an intentional quid pro quo — payoff in exchange for favor. By contrast, the breach of public trust is central to the impeachment case: To remove the pol from office, there would be no need to prove the legal elements of a criminal bribery charge beyond a reasonable doubt, but it would have to be demonstrated that the politician is unfit for office. If it is a petty bribe, a prosecutor might ignore it, but the public should want to throw the bum out.
Old Lurker

You really can't make this up (Wash Free Beacon):

"However, women working for Elizabeth Warren were paid just 71 cents for every dollar paid to men during the 2016 fiscal year, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

The median annual earnings for women staffers, $52,750, was more than $20,000 less than the median annual earnings for men, $73,750, according to the analysis of publicly available Senate data.

When calculated using average salaries rather than median, the pay gap expands to just over $26,051, or about 31 percent.

Past is Prologue

Frau - I liked your “demasking" metaphor. My late husband was neither a potter nor a musician, but he was a New Yorker and loved the theater and the arts. He could well have been your partner in “The Lady’s Not for Burning.” Given the opportunity, one might “incidentally” demask any number of mutual acquaintances—from that long-ago time … Glad to hear Mr Frau is feeling better.

Old Lurker

Now just just know how the MSM is going to sping this don't you?

"In an interview at the Oval Office with The New York Times, President Donald Trump let it be known that he believes reports that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice asked for names of Trump transition team members to be unmasked is “one of the big stories of our time.”

He also said he feels Rice committed a crime:

When asked if Ms. Rice, who has denied leaking the names of Trump associates under surveillance by United States intelligence agencies, had committed a crime, the president said, “Do I think? Yes, I think.”

“I think it's going to be the biggest story,” he further told the Times.

In response to the stories about her requesting the identities of Trump associates from raw intelligence, Rice denied that she was involved in leaking any names to the media or that she did anything for political purposes."


OK - here is my "guess I'm really old and out-of-it" question of the day...

Susan RICE is married to ABC news exe. Ian CAMERON

Jay CARNEY is married to ABC new correspondent Claire SHIPMAN

Katie HOGAN is married to ABC news reporter Matthew JAFFE

Tom NIDES is married to CNN President Virginia MOSLEY

Why do none of these people share a last name? Is that just so passe´ nowadays?

Old Lurker


new word, right?

Old Lurker

Mom, it makes one wonder who is more ashamed of whom...


OL - first they spin it, then they spring it...

spin +spring = sping

I like it!


Its perfectly cromulent old lurker

Did you find the link to Stephen leather, the British counterpart to flannery


Tom nodes was the Fannie Mae exec who became red queen's management guru at foggy bottom.

Old Lurker

Narc...which Stephen Leather series should I start?



Why do none of these people share a last name?

Women often keep their last names professionally, if they are already known in their professions before they were married, even if they change their names legally. I know of one such case very close to home. :)

Still, the real issue is the nepotism, and lack of transparency. That includes not just spouses but siblings as with Ben Rhodes.


"When you look at the totality of the facts, it's clear that Russia achieved a deep infiltration of the Trump team and a deep infiltration of the United States government. And those are the things that we need to uncover. Those connections," he said. "...There's certainly, as all Americans have seen by now, quite a lot of smoke. The investigation is to determine whether there's a fire or not."

Asked if he'd seen "hard evidence" of collusion, Castro replied, "I guess I would say this: that my impression is I wouldn't be surprised, after all of this is said and done, that some people end up in jail."

Pressed on how high that would go, the congressman said that's "yet to be determined."

Castro said he couldn't elaborate further, but "if somebody asked me my impression, I would -- my impression is that people will probably be charged and, I think, people will probably go to jail."

Careful what you wish for, commie.


I know of one such case very close to home. :)

Same here.


Good point, Dan shepherd series.


Somewhere I saw that Castro was pressed further and clarified "Trump people." But so what? That's just a Dem flogging a talking point, it has zero credibility. The entire purpose is so that it ends up as a banner on CNN, which it did.

derwill, yet another adorable, irredeemable deplorable

Well, given that the MSM was trying their best to bury the Rice story six feet under by not reporting on it at all, Trump has just forced them to cover it, because the only way they can now spin it is to cover it.

Old Lurker

Perfect, thanks Narc.

I will cue it up on the kindle.

Old Lurker

Never occurs to Castro if your team is going around setting off smoke bombs that the result might be, well, smoke.

Thomas Collins

I stand in solidarity with Pepsi and the ad company and Kendall Jenner. The ad is eminently Onionesquey satirizable. The Onion couldn't do a better job of satirizing the idea that a sugary syrupy carbonated commercial product is the hip drink of millenials and will chill out the law enforcement officials assigned to the ultra-hip gathering for peace, harmony and diversity. But it's not so bad to deserve the scorn it is getting. Significant chortling perhaps, but not scorn. Besides, the ad apparently has brought together a veritable ideological rainbow coalition of disdain. Finally, I'd much rather see Kendall Jenner strutting her stuff than Caitlyn.

I denounce myself for that last cis-heteronormative patriarchally privileged comment! Send me to reeducation camp where I will be strapped in a seat and forced to listen to 10 hours straight of critical studies lectures!


I know of one such case very close to home. :)

Ditto. :) Although in my own, it was also partly laziness.

I do think that in politics/media there is a deliberate attempt to hide marital connections for obvious conflict of interest reasons.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just back from picking up granddaughter and then running by Aldis, where I got a new patio umbrella for $26.99! Yay! Also some bargains on perennials for my new garden.

While I was there, I saw my first-ever in Indianapolis full face-covering burka. Since the other Muslim woman with her was in slacks and a scarf, I assume this woman is probably married to someone who is more radical.

I cannot tell you how alarmed this made me. I haven't seen that look since I was in London.

Out, out, out! And keep their coats (and veils)L


Same article:

The top Dem on the committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), also said he's "not speculating about where we end up at the conclusion of our investigation."

"I don't want to talk about anything that we've obtained in closed session," Schiff told CNN this morning.

We'll know the "investigation" has run its course when we stop hearing pencil-neck Schiff spouting off about it. Which is right


"They were that close."


And they're not going to stop. That's why these people are so evil. They have systematically attacked every aspect of the government and the institutions that we rely on to prevent officials and politicians from acting against the best interests of our country. To date, these have included the media, the courts, law enforcement at the highest levels (eg. the FBI, Comey and the Attorney Generals Office are swimming with people who defy the law), decimating the military, as well as infiltrating academia and our Intelligence Agencies.

President Trump is all we have standing between us and the complete destruction of our country. Our only hope is that he can reverse the tide and be so successful that Americans will never buy into the liberal myth ever again.


Careful what you wish for, commie.

He didn't say which people were going to jail. ;)


Cue the shrieking from the press eunuchs: Trump is attacking our boy-king!

Old Lurker

Sounds like JOM the last few weeks...ties right in to why Draining the Swamp is the most important promise Trump made:


Now for something everyone can cheer (apologies for the source):

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — Officials say a dog at a Nigerian wedding party grappled with a suicide bomber until her explosives detonated, killing the animal as well.

Buba Ahmed of Belbelo village, near the northeastern city of Maiduguri, says guests are grateful that the dog sacrificed itself to save their lives.

He says the teenage bomber was on the outskirts of a gathering where most villagers were attending a wedding ceremony when the dog pounced on her Sunday morning.

Thankfully, the WaPo doesn't delve too deeply into the radical Amish background of the teen bomber...

Account Deleted

"Trump is attacking our boy-king!"

Chocolate Mohammed will get his comeuppance in due course.

Death by a thousand cuts will be too kind for that Rat.


The Capt's favorite lesbian weighs in:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have no use for a culture which mistreats dogs. There are several, and all are bad eggs, in my opinion.

In fact, attitude about dogs should be part of extreme vetting.

Have evil-doer dog detectors at every immigration post. Any flinching, signs of disgust, or fleeing from dogs would subject said immigrant to further scrutiny.

Make them pet the dog. That should do it.


Thanks for the last page thingy, Porch!

One clue: The Russia story is a replay of how the former White House smeared pro-Israel activists in the lead-up to the Iran Deal

“At some point, the administration weaponized the NSA’s legitimate monitoring of communications of foreign officials to stay one step ahead of domestic political opponents,” says a pro-Israel political operative who was deeply involved in the day-to-day fight over the Iran Deal. “The NSA’s collections of foreigners became a means of gathering real-time intelligence on Americans engaged in perfectly legitimate political activism—activism, due to the nature of the issue, that naturally involved conversations with foreigners. We began to notice the White House was responding immediately, sometimes within 24 hours, to specific conversations we were having. At first, we thought it was a coincidence being amplified by our own paranoia. After a while, it simply became our working assumption that we were being spied on.”

I still believe that the Israeli's know what Obama was doing and have the goods, via their Intel services, on Obama and his Administration, and Trump knows, via Bibi, that they have those goods.


Make them pet the dog. That should do it.

Animal cruelty, MM. I prefer making them eat bacon...


The First Lady and the Queen walking the Colonnade.


The Omen is out for '20, folks:

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Agree. Let's also remember that Sisi has all of the Muslim Brotherhood documents, back from when Morsi was Obama's fair-haired boy.

I was talking to a friend of mine this afternoon. I often thought that President Trump would probably ignore Obama or maybe give him a pardon.

I am beginning to think no. I think he's going to go for the whole thing, and get Obama. The reason is twofold: one is personal, in that his family and friends were involved in this, and the other is that Obama and his people have demonstrated that they will continue in their efforts to destroy this country.

I have no evidence for this except my watching of how President Trump operates, and his battles with various people over the last 30 years.

Clarice Feldman

How's he gonna get "Obma" with a DC jury?


Deb-after 9/11 the states would no longer let a spouse attach spouse's name on a drivers license to combine both names unless the social security number had been changed.

My husband was quite sure the kids would mind if I had a different last name, and I had been practicing law for quite a few years so I used both but did not hyphenate. First test was passport renewal which I kept the same. Tax returns were always in my legal name. Finally legally I just started using my born name and the kids think it's funny their dad thought they would care.

I don't get upset when someone calls me mrs and all of my children and hubby agree that it is nice to have separation between the things I explain and them.

But 9/11 made it much harder to do a hybrid. The bar wanted a certified marriage license and I said forget it.


In the wake of allegations of sexual harassment at FOX news and its high income producers, ex-president Hillary Clinton entered the fray, joining the string of opportunistic women who shake down super-wealthy men for the crime of asking them for a date.

Standing with sexual harassment specialist Gloria Alldead and a team of sobbing women wearing pussy hats, with shoulders heaving a visibly upset Hillary pointed an accusing finger at mugshot images of Roger Alies and Bill O'Reilly.

"They refused to have sex with me!" she cried out, wailing uncontrollably. "Every time I came near these two, I made sure to look good, wear lipstick, spike heels, my push up bra and negligees and thongs from Victoria's Secret. As soon as they saw me coming, the two split in opposite directions and ran. In my heels I could not catch up!"

Hyperventilating at this point, shaking and unable to speak, Hillary took several moments to compose herself, tears streaming down her face.

"I tripped and stumbled running after Bill O'Reilly. I even dropped my bottle of bourbon. It was embarrassing. Everyone in the newsroom was watching me making a fool of myself. They kept staring! It was awful. Even more embarrassing, some of these people were conservatives who TWITTER and write on FACEBOOK!"

These People's Cube guys are challenging lyle's dictum.


Nope. My dictum lives on.



That story on Caltech's amazing Baseball victory over Pitzer yesterday, after 29 years of straight losses, mentioned some other momentous victories for the College, such as this one 6 years ago, when the Men's Basketball team finally won after going 0 for 310:)

This is a very fun write-up of that amazing string being broken that I think you'll enjoy: Not exactly on the bubble

Coach K is good, they say. Roy Williams isn't bad. Rick Pitino can coach, I suppose.

But I'd like to see how those guys would've done with a roster of three valedictorians, six National Merit Scholarship finalists, seven mechanical engineers, three computer scientists, one debate team captain and one chess club president....

We also learn this:

And the school's futility is not just in basketball. The baseball team has lost 415 straight conference games, and the women's volleyball team has never won one.


And if I might be allowed to brag, ZoBob was recruited to play on the Caltech Women's Tennis Team, but after a few practices her first week at school she determined she could not spare the time from study, so she politely begged off. Bummed her for a bit, as she is not a quitter, but it made good sense to momma and me. I am surprised with how hard they clobber those kids with coursework that any of them can take time to practice.

Clarice Feldman

2013--How the media/left loved the Reid rule abolishing filibusters for all federal judges (save the SCOTUS)

Clarice Feldman

Hoe the NYT and their buddies hate abolishing the filibuster now:


Let us propose that the Prez ascertains that multiple instances of surveillance occurred at some point in the past that he felt infringed upon his constitutional rights as a private citizen.

Could he chose an instance that occurred at Mar-a-Lago so that he could then file in the South District of Florida?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I don't think he will use a DC jury. Lots of ways to skin a cat. Public disdain and humiliation would be pretty good.

I don't have any evidence, just a gut feeling. And I freely admit it could be wishful thinking on my part.

Just have to wait and see.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You are thinking like me. I bet Pam Bondi could figure out some charges specific to Florida.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Make them pet the dog. That should do it.--

Kinda like Kirk used tribbles as klingon detectors.

Old Lurker

Has this been posted yet?

A good one:

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--How's he gonna get "Obma" with a DC jury?--

A little info to the public, a magnanimous pardon; presto!
Better than a trial.

James D

Dumb question: I know that there's no way to remove a SC justice (and we wouldn't want to remove Roberts no matter what a coward he is). But can the Chief Justice role be removed from him and given to, say, Thomas or Alito?



I suppose this day was eventually going to come: I actually disagree with Wretchard's latest. His take on the "game of chicken" between Trump and Zippy fails to acknowledge that all the poisoning of the governing process comes solely from one side: the [redacted] Ds and their boy-king. Just because Trump refuses to play along like all the other spineless Rs doesn't make the situation more dangerous. On the contrary, allowing the Marxist [redacted] to continue steamrolling the country certainly does, IMO.

Account Deleted

Sorry if this is a repost.

Old Lurker

Justices can be impeached, can't they?


"The Omen is out for '20, folks:"

In other breaking news, Charles Manson indicates that he will not run in 2020.

Old Lurker

I'm with Iggy at 4:23 with one addition:

Let Obama walk with that pardon....

But throw the book at every single participant including Members of Congress and their staffs, every participant in the rest of government from all levels below POTUS down to the cubicle level. Announce up front that deals will be available only for rats in first and with the best information. Be clear that the goal is to jail as many culprits as possible and to spend however many DoJ lawyer years are required to fight every case and every appeal since the survival of our country demands no less.


Yes, I thought so OL. Wasn't there a movement, supposedly, to impeach Douglas in the 60s? Or an alleged right-wing conspiracy anyway.

Account Deleted

"I still believe that the Israeli's know what Obama was doing and have the goods, via their Intel services, on Obama and his Administration, and Trump knows, via Bibi, that they have those goods."

daddy... I fully agree with this view.

Way back when Pieczenek was talking about white hats in the intelligence community and the counter-coup, I said here on JOM that if anybody knew the full scope of what Hillary et al were doing covertly (including The Rat himself) it was Mossad.

And with all the Russian provocations going on Aman (Israeli Military Intelligence Service) was also paying attention.

The Rat's administration may have weaponized the NSA, CIA, et al, but it seems as more is revealed that it was "amateur hour."

There is probably tons of Mossad intel that could bury The Rat and his minions.

Every shot counts so it's going to take everything the white hats have, from the far corners of the earth, to nail these snakes.


From 2012:


Memory confirmed, in fact it was none other than mild-mannered future President Gerald Ford who led the movement to impeach Douglas.

Old Lurker


Old Lurker

Was just reading up on that, Jimmy.

Yes, there is nobody serving at any level who cannot either be fired or impeached. Nobody gets to keep their job no-matter-what.

Account Deleted

"How's he gonna get "Obma" with a DC jury?"

Surveillance at Trump Towers would put that in a different jurisdiction than DC, no?

Convene the grand jury in NYC and indict that punk and his coconuts.

Then, convene the same in other locales like FLA. Tie up his cash and get his book deals and library cancelled.

Iggy's suggestion of a pardon is brilliant. There would need to be discovery, indictment, and full disclosure of the crimes....

I'd like to see it come to the sound of that trap door opening under his Rat feet or the reports of a 10 rifle firing squad.

But the concept of linear justice in this mixed up world is mere fantasy.

Then again, this DJT in the catbird seat. There aren't too many cards he isn't holding right now.

Meanwhile, The Bong Rat is nowhere near a white courtesy phone.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


When I was a kid, there was a dentist who lived at the end of our road. He was a member of the John Birch Society, and in front of his house, which was on a hill, he had a huge, home-made billboard which said "Impeach Earl Warren."

This was a fixture of my youth. It remained there until long after I had graduated from high school. I think it was taken down when he retired and sold his home and moved to Florida.


Those of us in the tradition-bound newspaper industry are frequently accused of being too resistant to change in the digital era. But such generalizations are often unfair. Just look at the editorial page of the New York Times, which is proving to be remarkably adaptable to changing circumstances. For example, our crosstown rivals have lately been discovering new virtues in the practice of blocking presidential nominees via the Senate’s filibuster procedure.

Pay close attention, because the differences between the Times’ current position and its previous one can be subtle. On Tuesday the Times published an editorial headlined, “The Supreme Court as Partisan Tool.” The piece describes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s intention to change Senate rules to prevent the Democratic minority from blocking a vote on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

But back in 2013, when former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changed Senate rules to prevent the Republican minority from blocking votes on appointees to lower courts as well as executive-branch nominees, the paper’s editorial board was sending a different message. “Democracy Returns to the Senate,” announced a Times headline.

A former writer of this column might argue that this change simply represents a bargain for longtime Times readers, because they can now enjoy two papers in one.

Nice subtle shout out to James Taranto at the end, there.

Frau Reistafel

Porch - BHO doing this his entire presidency? He learned the Chicago Way at his masters' feet. "Who sent you and what can you tell me?" Someone squealed, er, leaked about the sealed Ryan divorce case and the rest was easy.


"But throw the book at every single participant..."

I hope their is a way to include journolisters as participants. Conspiracy to violate others rights or knowingly disseminate national security secrets.

I'll leave it up to you sharpies to figure out what they could nail a few of them for.

I'd really like to see Joe&Mika frog marched off their own set one morning.

Talk about 'Must See TV'.


Yes, MM, I think I lumped those two together.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Remembering the leaked DUI case against W, it strikes me that sealed records are not exactly sealed, if you are a Republican.

On the other hand, Obama's grades and college records and passport info are in the proverbial sealed Hellman's mayonnaise jar, never to be touched.

Account Deleted

"On the other hand, Obama's grades and college records and passport info are in the proverbial sealed Hellman's mayonnaise jar, never to be touched."

When the lure of The Pulitzer becomes too great for the 20 something journalist with no skin in the Rat's game, they're going to receive a mysterious envelope with the authentic goods inside, Andy Dufreyn style.

Clarice Feldman

Adlai Stevenon's transcript at HLS sealed tight by the Dean to prevent people from knowing that the smartest egghead ever flunked out, did eventually see the light of day..but long after Ike, the commander of the ETC was widely considered the dummy.

Clarice Feldman

46% approval for Trump and the counter offensive has just begun:


From OL's 03:41:

...the Obama administration, with the willing submission of our intelligence agencies, surveilled Donald Trump, his campaign and his transition team beginning as early as October 2015 and escalated the activity after he won the election. Why? No one thought in October that he would win the presidency ...

Just for reminder to buttress how Dem's act when they are so confident the Media will stand behind them and abet their lies, look no further than Hillary walking across the Bosnian Tarmac. With Cheryl Atkinson, Cheryl Crow and Sinbad in tow, she straight faced lying about dodging bullets, and then was caught blindsided and dumbstruck when they all actually revealed Hillary's lying. All Hillary's previous experience had led her to believe that she could lie with impunity about anything, knowing the Media would never call her out since they never had before. That presumption was her Achilles Heel. They are so confident they will get away with stuff, since they always have, that the rules never apply to them even in the slightest. Same with Obama and his Administration.


A comment from someone you may or may not know in that link:

Whereas I used to actually read Stephens' essays, I now just skim along until I find the requisite Trump Derangement Syndrome steaming pile to avoid stepping in it. I can count on finding one in every article. It's just like having an un-housebroken puppy except I will never be inclined to give Bret a little scratch behind the ears...

...the Obama administration, with the willing submission of our intelligence agencies, surveilled Donald Trump, his campaign and his transition team beginning as early as October 2015 and escalated the activity after he won the election. Why? No one thought in October that he would win the presidency ...

Maybe they started out thinking they'd scoop up some free oppo on other GOP candidates from the Trump campaign.

And you know they were being fed by certain NeverTrumpers, such as Rick Wilson and Liz Mair.

Old Lurker

Lyle, some mornings just for grins, I will scan WaPo page by page to see if I can find one section that is devoid of Trump Hate at least that one day.

I get bonus points, not for finding a single story on A1 that is not about hating Trump (since we will all be old and gray waiting for that day), rather if I can find a single story in the A Section which is not negative about Trump.


A cute little diversion for the dog lovers here:

A soccer game is interrupted by a very clever beagle!



That's a quantum reachback.

But he was fooked by the media. Cronkite worked feverishly for Eisenhower.

that's water under the bridge.

Now Obama, Clinton and Carter are the fresh broth in conservative chicken soup..

But Adlai?

Too funny.


Tiresome, tedious, tendentious, termite troll.

Old Lurker

Porch, by then they were well along on the Plan B strategy of impeaching Trump. For that they needed the NeverTrumpers because R's would be required to pull that off. During those early days, Paul Ryan was playing it real cute because of the lure that an impeached Trump would elevate Pence, and Pence would have to have a new VP appointed and Ryan might have thought that would be his, and if things were as bad as some on the left were saying, both Trump and Pence might be taken down and then, behind that door, is President Ryan.

Captain Hate

Your (almost) Daily Children of the Cornhole:

Don’t Let Trump Get Away With His Latest Deception
The White House says Obama adviser Susan Rice spied on Trump aides. We will all regret taking the claim at face value.

By Brian Beutler

The Deification of Hillary Clinton
Susan Bordo's new book asks us to accept a version of Clinton that doesn't exist.

By Sarah Jones

Graduation: Father Knows Best
In this acclaimed moral drama, a man’s love for his daughter becomes the perfect excuse to do the wrong thing.

By Tim Grierson

It’s dictator week at the Trump White House.
By Alex Shephard

Can the White House Office of Science Survive Trump?
The office is nearly empty, and a climate-change denier may be picked to run it. "There is reason to worry," says Obama's top science advisor.

By Emily Atkin


You read a link, Ignatz?

Well..hush my mouf..


You can never win with the Left. The Lib talking head guest on FOX Business's show with Liz just spent 5 minutes hollering that the questioning of Susan Rice was based on nothing other than Racism and Sexism, then in her last closing comment she damned Trump for not having an Hispanic in his Cabinet. It's like a Monty Python episode that never ends.

Thomas Collins

It makes sense to me that Obama's baglady, Susan Rice, was collecting info on Trump in the fall of 2015. Since she was probably doing the deed with respect to Rubio, Cruz, Kasich and others, it wouldn't have been that difficult to add Trump. Keep in mind that on balance, Obama's operations helped Obama. For example, the misuse of the IRS helped shut down opposition to Obama. Benghazi lies helped with the 2012 election. I really can't recall one that backfired. I don't think Dem setbacks at the federal, state and local level were due to people being tired of Obama's vicious use of the powers of the federal government. And no one on Team Obama is going to jail, in my opinion. Unless Trump decides to play as hard a type of ball as Obama did, the best to be hoped for is the cooling of jets on the collusion with Russia meme.

Old Lurker

"Can the White House Office of Science Survive Trump?"

Why should it?


I guess The Hill isn't completely lost, at least as regards the opinion page. Fantastic article by Scott Uehlinger.

How the intel community was turned into a political weapon against President Trump

Jack is Back!

Our old friend DOT's dad is honored by the USNA as an Exemplary Graduate. Quite the history of a proud, patriotic family. One of America's best!


Capitan. He's a fookin' liar.

ACA.2 is evidence.

This new abomination completely exposes the Fraud on priormedical history. Just one of 'em.

Old Lurker

ahem, Porch. 4:23.


"Can the White House Office of Science Survive Trump?"

Straight from the "if the government isn't doing it, it isn't getting done" mindset.


Sorry OL! I can't keep up with all the links, obviously. :)

Captain Hate

What am I being accused of?

This is an unexpectedly good takedown of what must be a tediously dull tree killer:




Fookin' democrats tried to use a &×*#% conservative tactic. ...

And it worked!#&*€!!!

Old Lurker

TC: "...And no one on Team Obama is going to jail, in my opinion. Unless Trump decides to play as hard a type of ball as Obama did..."

While you may very well be right, TC, that would be seen by many, including me, as a failure of the central promise to Drain the Swamp.

And it would not require anything like the game played by Obama; Obama was playing hardball against all constitutional limits on his personal power and to impose his Marxist dreams on the country. If Trump just encourages the DoJ to root out and prosecute all members of the criminal conspiracy, all that means is he is honoring the oath he took on Jan 20 and the promises he made to all his supporters who gave him their votes.

That said, you may very well be right but that would be a huge shame.


JiB, thanks! Fascinating bit of history in that note on DOT's father.


Your being accused of mob mentality. Use that coconut dude

Your exercise regime isn't addressing all quadrants.

Old Lurker

Just joshing you Porch. JOM prohibits link shaming and it is a good thing too!


[Officials say a dog at a Nigerian wedding party grappled with a suicide bomber until her explosives detonated, killing the animal as well.]

Thankfully, the WaPo doesn't delve too deeply into the radical Amish background of the teen bomber...

Islamic Tradition holds that Muhammed considered Dogs unclean ergo Islam's hate dogs. Perhaps dogs are like Tribbles. Klingon's hated Tribbles, so Tribbles hated Klingons. Islam's hate dogs, so dogs hate Islam's?

From the linked story it appears to be the case.


Ha, CH! I was just about to post that link. I agree that it is a great takedown if one can get by the underlying tone of righteous feminism by the author.

Our objection was about politics, not personality. Similarly, we do not reject the feminism of Bordo and Clinton because of its ideological rigidity, as Bordo suggests. We reject it because it is insufficient. America was not “already great.” Our lives are proof.

But the final paragraph is spot on and thus will be studiously ignored by the progs:

Destruction offers no real lessons for Democrats. It’s a hagiography, written to soothe a smarting party. That is precisely why they must ignore it: There is no path forward that does not account for past mistakes. Hillary Clinton’s destruction was at least partly her own making, and if Democrats want to start winning elections it’s time they saw the truth.

Prediction: they won't.

Thomas Collins

Well, OL, I have a tattoo to prove that I may be wrong. So keep The Ledge closed for now (except to the extent there are still nice adult refreshments being stored there). :-))


Have evil-doer dog detectors at every immigration post. Any flinching, signs of disgust, or fleeing from dogs would subject said immigrant to further scrutiny.

Make them pet the dog. That should do it.

I see as usual that Miss Marple is miles ahead of me he said, as the blood continued to dribble down his forearm from the latest playful nip from Nelson's razor sharp baby teeth:)

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