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April 02, 2017



I loathe CNN. I want every employee there eating out of MM's garbage cans.
I'm so trying to ketchup (not Russian dressing) with events, not knowing who MM is is not a big deal for me. But I figure it's not Marilyn Monroe or Michael Moore or Mickey Mouse. Miss Marple maybe?

Laura Ingraham called Schoooooomer an "absolute fraud" on Gorsuch.
And she's so right, Schumer's stance is untenable and besides the point; as McConnell says (and, this time, I see no reason to disbelieve him), Gorsuch will be confirmed Friday regardless of Dem behavior.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Yes, I am MM who said " I hope to see them all eating out of trash cans."

I can't bring myself to use James D's "DIAF" so that's my alternative.

(I am the type of person who carries spiders outside in a paper cup. LOL!)


MM, couldn't agree more; the apoplectic hysteria of the lib media will surely bite them in the butts (they forgot that you're never supposed to go Full Retard). Trump has shown us again his talent for causing his opponents to make fools of themselves - he's only been doing it since the first GOP primary, you'd think they'd learn.


I hadn't heard the FBI's number two guy McCabe's name mentioned yet.


Rocco,Dave,TC... I just posted a neat story about the Lombardi Trophy and a young Maine State trooper at the end of the dead thread.


Just catching up, but have a couple of comments.

Re: air quality, we live in Southern California - the LA basin - and the air quality here is tremendously improved over what it was in the 1970's. The worst air used to be in the fall. Now, we enjoy beautiful fall weather - crisp and best of all - clean.

WRT Robert Redford, while I disagree with his Hollywood left politics, I liked his performances in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and again with Paul Newman in The Sting.


The Lombardi Trophy story is a good one! Thanks for sharing that Marlene.

My dad taught me to use oil-based paint for trim or anything (like MM's cabinets) that gets a lot of wear and tear.

Clarice - another wonderful Pieces and so helpful. When friends are perplexed about the twists and turns - I can just send them a link to your writing. I particularly loved the "dog in a manager" tribute to McLame.


And a Major League Baseball Opening Day Good Morning to TM and crew!


What a nice story for a Pats fan Marlene, thanks for sharing that. It's nice to know the Lombardi Trophy is making the rounds in New England.


Nice succinct title for an increasingly succinct accurate narrative that all the Fake News hype wants people to fail to hear.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Last page link pleeze. TIA


Last page thingy!


Another business trying to balance serving, you know, customers versus their mgmt's Prog ideals.
h/t Poli
What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity. They didn’t want female characters out there. That’s what we heard, whether we believe that or not. I don’t know that that’s really true, but that’s what we saw in sales. We saw the sales of any character that was diverse, any character that was new, our female characters, anything that was not a core Marvel character, people were turning their nose up against.


Yanker's are losing!

Won't be the last time:)

You can tell it's early in the season cause I can't even find if today's shortstop, Ronald Torreyes, has a girlfriend.


Sundance has a great write-up reminding us all of the subversive Obama/Hillary/Kerry complicity in the Egyptian uprising and its utter failure.

POTUS is hopefully going to get all the details in person -


Last graph from RSE's 01:25:

I have no doubt the Russians tried to influence our election process this past year and every year before that. I have no doubt that we have done the same in other countries. It's a legitimate news story, but not a shocking big hold-the-press news story. That the Obama Gang was using intelligence on Republicans to try to thwart a Trump administration from erasing Obama's legacy — that's a huge story, a scandal almost as big as the fact that Obama used the IRS to decimate the Tea Party movement. If there were even a single honest editor at the network news departments or CNN or the New York Times, this would end with some high-level Obama and Hillary cronies doing perp walks. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

That right there's the problem.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have to leave for my BIL's birthday party.

Back in a few hours.

I really, REALLY hope Sisi shows up with evidence, or drops a big bomb on Obama during the joint press conference. (I have fond memories of Vladimir Putin trashing Madeline Albroght at the first meetin of Putin and Bush.)



"Trump has shown us again his talent for causing his opponents to make fools of themselves - he's only been doing it since the first GOP primary, you'd think they'd learn."

Posted by: hrtshpdbox | April 02, 2017 at 01:07 PM

Your comment is right on the money, hrtshpdbox. President Trump continues to amaze me.

He says he's not a politician and that's to the good. He's a master at manipulating events and the so-called narrative. Observed in retrospect, he always seems to be to or the steps ahead of the media, the Democrats, the RINOs and just about everyone else on the planet. They try a Sealy maneuver, and he sets the timing with a ready hand then blasts them with an TOG or something else equally lethal.

He really is interesting to watch. Even if the media and his political opponents catch on, they don't seem to know what to do about it. He reminds me of a statement that President Lincoln made when he was being encouraged to relieve General Grant, "I like this


Hit post in error.

I believe the quote was, "I like this general. He fights."


That should be, " He always manages to be Two or Three steps ahead... "


Hey the Yankee shortstop may not have a girlfriend but he just got an RBI


Lerner and Koskinen only managed to bottle up more frustration and anger among the Tea Party supporters by thwarting their ability to communicate and advance. Our voices of despair were not being heard as the atrocities and treacheries of the Obama administration grew in boldness, and our Republican representatives in Congress grew even more worthless in their 'opposition'.

And then along came someone who heard our voices...


Reading my comment, I have no idea what this Android did to what I thought I posted!


From Rocco's link, Comey's #2 stinks to high heaven. We could have a Senate full of Grassleys but if the FBI Director refuses to answer their questions and provide evidence he's telling Congress the truth, what can they do? Comey has already said he intends to finish his term which lasts to 2023, and getting 2/3 of the Senate to vote to impeach him isn't remotely possible.

Old Lurker

Don't forget that McCabe is the guy whose wife collected money through McAwful just as the Hillary investigation was getting hot.

Nothing to see, I'm sure. Aren't you?


daddy, you interested in the shortstop or the girlfriend?

. . . or asking for a friend?

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

2 days ago I placed a notice that my oldest granddaughter's husband had died unexpectedly and they were collecting donations to help her meet some of the costs of this tragic event. One of the things that was not mentioned was that this was a new marriage in Feb after a previous divorce. So a completely unexpected event.

Last night my daughter posted that my oldest granddaughter told her mother:
Amanda's oldest daughter (3 years old) told her the other night, "I know your heart is broken so you can have mine Mommy".

You can read the whole comment #1 at the LUN.

I know a least one dear JOM friend helped them in their need and our whole family appreciates every thing that every one has done for them.

One thing I wanted to point out is that unexpected death comes often in this world. I would suggest that it is never too early to prepare financially for an event that is 100 % certain.

Thanks again all our JOM friends who noted Kyle's death and my granddaughter's loss.


What a sweet family, pagar. Hang in there, I know it is so hard.


Marvel Comics boss: "What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity. They didn’t want female characters out there. "

I suppose that's why there's not a new movie coming out with Scarlett Johnson playing a superhero, like in:
Iron Man-2 (2010)


The Avengers (2012)


Captain America : The Winter Soldier (2014)


Lucy: (2014)


The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)


Captain America: Civil War: (2016)


Ghost In The Shell (2017)

Yep. Nobody wants "female characters or diversity out there."
Bummer. maybe if Scarlett started dating a Yankee she might get a movie script or 2. As for diversity, here's a great idea---How about a movie with Morgan Freeman playing God! Have you guys thought of that?


I really wish these wretched MSM headlines on memeorandum didn't intrude on our JOM conversations.


Bill Mitchell‏ @mitchellvii

1) Trump makes claim.
2) Media declare him crazy.
3) Life happens.
4) Trump proven right.
5) Media yells racist!

1:29 PM · Apr 1, 2017


daddy, you interested in the shortstop or the girlfriend?


I won't consider the Season having officially started until I can post a pic of some hot Yankee girlfriend, and after googling for a half hour I can definitively state that the Season ain't officially started:(

Captain Hate

Best wishes to your family in their time of need, pagar.

Tarhole, thanks for the link and congrats to your school making the finals again. If confronted with this in the future I'll deny having meant it, but I find Ol' Roy very likeable.


Nice photo sequence, daddy!
Yeah, diversity and manufactured Prog-ideal characters are failing, not good ol' heroic women (for example).


I got lazy and didn't bother to read about this when it was posted. Now my (former) Rep claims:
"On 3/28, Republicans betrayed the American people on an issue we care the most about: privacy. Once the President signs this resolution, broadband providers like AT&T, Comcast and others will be able to sell your personal information to the highest bidder without your permission. Their message to the American people is clear: your privacy doesn’t matter and your web browsing history should be available to anyone who will pay the highest price for it."

What's a more fair and balanced viewpoint?


Her daddy, although from all indication, his will make aeon flux seem like high art


The enemedia sucks and, frankly, needs to DIAF.

BTDT: "Lerner and Koskinen only managed to bottle up more frustration and anger among the Tea Party supporters by thwarting their ability to communicate and advance."

Story #1: US gov't bureaucracy used for repression of dissenting voices who aren't breaking any laws.

Story #2: Gov't opposition party (GOPe) aids and abets oppression instead of standing up for Americans.

Shameful and miserably/inaccurately reported in the media.


How about not making thor female. Although lady stiff is fine, or make Steve Rogers a hydra agent, they seem to avoiding tufnels aphorism about that 'thin line between clever and stupid'


Jim, regulation returned to FTC from FCC. This means Google is no longer privileged versus Comcast. It was a reversal of an Obama giveaway to Google/Facebook et al. Plenty of privacy regulations in place anyway, although the government ignores them for its own spying on us.


When you let them define privacy it turns out catching one of them doing something wrong is "invasion of their privacy".

When they catch any conservative doing something they can pretend is or should be considered bad the narrative is "We caught you and we can prove you did it!" regardless of privacy.

Dimorats have zero credibility on the subject IMO.


Its the klondike of category error


He was toner that cane up with the our man and havana, comparison with the dossier:


The one who came up, so he was paid more blackduck software than a Turkish appearance.


The FTC/FCC thing was discussed on Tucker the other night, I believe. There was a woman named Nuala something or other who was up in arms about it, but the other guy was fairly convincing that this was much ado about nothing. But of course since it's Trump it will be described as the second coming of Mussolini.


Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 41m41 minutes ago

The real story turns out to be SURVEILLANCE and LEAKING! Find the leakers.



In fact I recall now that Nuala was hyperventilating about how your ISP knows everything about you including what brand of underwear you have on, and this would allow them to make use of all that information, and no one has any choice about who their ISP is. But the other guy said, first, that's been true for a while, so there's nothing new, and second, you have privacy agreements with your ISP, and they would be subjecting themselves to legal action if they violated those agreements. And people do have choice of ISP.


NYT Opinion‏Verified account @nytopinion

Neil Gorsuch embraces a judicial philosophy that would undermine modern government

And the problem with that would be...?


How about not making thor female.


Excepting early Fantastic Four Issues and very early Spiderman, I think I enjoyed Stan Lee tales better, back when they came in a Magazine that "Respected Your Intelligence!"

This one for instance, was killer:

'Nuff said.


Janet, re: "green" products, how great is it for these companies that they no longer have to worry about quality, and the public buys it anyway because Gaia! The crappiest imaginable paper towels absorb nothing and cost twice as much and people are HAPPY to buy them because it makes them feel virtuous.

P.T. Barnum is weeping and kicking himself in his grave for not having thought of it first.

I love that Sultan Knish article you posted. From now on, I'm going to look for guerrilla methods to knock down sacred cows. Don't defend - cast doubt and scorn on THEIR sacred cows. Point fingers and laugh.


Interesting the lead hacker who had men in the cyber division of the fsb and the Russian bank that paid bill Clinton 500k is not a native Russian, he's Latvian,this is akin to trevekyan who kept a grudge against the UK, for their treaTment of the liensk Cossacks ( whack keyed off Nikolai trotsky defense against the libel suit put up by macmillan and general Alexander)

Frau  Edith Steingehirn

The LATimes has gone bat guano crazy. Drudge has a link to the total insanity that will be continued for three more days. Four days of froth-at-the-mouth anti-Trump will be spewed at the useful idiot readers. The only thing lacking today was a map to Trump's bedroom and aid in assembling bombs. It's that bad. Onkel Goebbels would be so proud.

I love Klavan's "Obama spied, the Media lied" headline. That could cause some hair on fire if sky writing planes could spread it across big city skies. I can only hope.


The unemployment paper, but mcclatchy is worse.


Frau, this must mean whatever Nunes has means destruction of the Dem/Deep State power centers. That kind of insanity at 11!!!!!! can't be maintained. Progs need big protests now to get their destruction off the internet.

Account Deleted

Robert Redford----> "The Natural"


The media loves him again!

The Hill‏ @thehill

McCain: Nunes "killed" opportunity for bipartisan investigation into Russian interference


Like the planet of the apes musical


Agree wrt Robert Redford and those 2 movies ,The Sting being on my top ten list.
I no longer watch news that promotes lies and propaganda.
Clarice is my source for the truth and I am will to let Grassley get to the bottom of the Obama cesspool.
President Trump is correct .
The real story is the unmasking, the surveillance, and the leaking.
Media don't want this story because all their peeps and fellow Dems are going down for felonies and prison time.

Jack is Back!

I wonder if anyone or anysite keeps track of who has appeared the most on the MFM networks? I will bet a steak dinner it's McCain by a mile since he represent both the Dems and GOP at the same time. Talk about broadcast efficiency, he is a twofer. Why wouldn't they want him all the time.

Account Deleted


As a newbie here, it wouldn't be personally meaningful to include myself in your adulations this morning about JOMerz providing research and info to support your journalistic excellence. But I was moved at reading your praise nonetheless.

This blog is a god-send to the Republic, number one; but, secondly, that it fuels the kind of journalistic excellence you've provided through AT (and elsewhere I can assume?) is what "new media" is all about.

Your work exemplifies the "Creative Disruption" aspiring journalists should hope to approach in depth, perspective, selflessness, and consistency.

If I have left any virtue attributions off this short list it is because I struggle with brevity issues. ;)

Today's pieces doesn't get a pistola rating from me, nor will any future pieces.

Today's gets a 5 mini-gun rating. That's tops in the Kev ratings arsenal. Go big or go home!

Okay---> you're my favorite. Don't tell anybody!



Jack is Back!


Loved "The Sting" but my favorite Redford movie was "3 Days of The Condor". We could be getting pretty damn close to that scenario now.


Something else about that NYTimes story last night made me angry after thinking about it, From the story again:

University officials reacted in time-honored fashion: They heaped abuse on the reporter and the paper, accusing them of vox populi scandal-mongering...As always, mum was the word. Wainstein notes that many administrators “made a conscious decision not to ask questions” about irregularities. Some faculty members took the role of useful fools, vigorously defending the indefensible.

Not defending Carolina here, but look what the Times is trying to tell us. Universities always knee jerk defend themselves when scandalous stories come out, with everybody playing mum and defending the indefensible that the glorious Press is pointing out.

Well maybe that happened at Joe Parterno's Nittany Liars about Sandusky-Gate, but did that happen at Duke or at UVA or at wherever Mattress Girl goes to school? No way. Exactly the opposite happened.

At Duke, Broadhead and the Gang of 88 in full PC knee jerk mode, bought hook, line and sinker the initial reports, immediately called for public lynchings of the guilty students until proven innocent, and demanded they be jailed and expelled. And the NYTimes aided, abetted and inflamed passions in that gross miscarriage of justice.

I didn't follow the UVA Rape case too much, but if the school knee jerk reacted "in time honored fashion" by heap(ing) abuse on the reporter and the paper, accusing them of vox populi scandal-mongering" that's news to me. I thought they rolled over and shut the Frat Down, and essentially exacerbated attacks on the innocent Frat boys right from the git-go. Same with mattress girl, and probably a dozen other instances we can collectively come up with.

Overall point is that the New York Times lies in some fashion just about every time they post a story, and if it's a story damning something happening at some College, recent history would tell us that the School is as likely, if not much more likely, to immediately jump on the side of the NYTimes and their favored accusers than they are to stay neutral or call BS and deny the allegations. That's the new "time honored fashion."

Trade Craft

Yes, kevlar. You have permission from all veterans to suck on our kneecaps 24/7.

Is there any other indignity you would like to experience in your chosen BDSM?


Interesting detail, the building Redford CIA analyst shop reports from is one of the twin towers

Clarice Feldman


On things like this consider me the Reader's Digest of the new media. I figured most people are not like most JOMers and don't have the interest and time to keep track of such things. Everyone her provides the best research materials for me to work with.

Trade Craft

Trump needs a win. Let's pull Gorsuch out of his stasis and get him 60 votes.

Account Deleted

"Progs need big protests now to get their destruction off the internet."

Spot-on, henry.

What's going to make those product-soaked coiffs ignite in emoCrat circles will be when one of their own, perhaps some crafy aspiring underling somewhere in Topeka, decides this is Pulitzer material and begins a stampede for the door.

Methinks the emoCrat cartel may be experiencing a cash flow problem these days to boot.

Money talks and BS walks.

"When the going gets wierd, the weird turn pro." - HS Thompson, author of "The Great Shark Hunt"

Moar movie grain all around, bartenda!

Are we witnessing the run up to The Fullest Costanza?

A turning point in American history?


McCain Nunes 'killed' opportunity for bipartisan investigation into Russian interference by not giving the Russian Dossier to the Senate Intel Committee instead of to Comey


James grady's book was actually six days, and grady's who had worked as a senate aide for mansfield had a whole other plot Malcolm uncovers.

Trade Craft

Or...put the entire Trump agenda in deep freeze until all this fake Russia stuff settles.

It's the fair thing.

Trade Craft

Please don't quote HST kev.

Jeff Goldbrick of the defunct PROTEIN WISDOM couldn't pull it off either.

Captain Hate

When McRINO's on a gab show, do the cameras ever inadvertently catch when the food pellet drops in his mouth after he gives an approved answer?

Account Deleted

"Is there any other indignity you would like to experience in your chosen BDSM?"

Hoser Poseur Featherboy can't quite find the right JOM d' plume.

Today HPF lobs one more of his stale, stinky biscuits at my battleship.

The Somali pirates won't have him, so here he sits, alone, adrift, and wanting.

The lovely coeds must all be studying today.

Trade Craft

That's a bit unfair. McCain has a fist up his ass like Nunes?

Reaaally unfair.

Trade Craft

Do you ever answer a simple question without calling out the defensive mechanisms and 4th of July pyrotechnic gibberish?

Account Deleted

"Please don't quote HST kev."

Trade Crap can't quite grock to my favorite quote: "It's a free country, bitch."


A reasonably good piece


Lucky Devil!


Why does Gorsuch need 60?

After extensive debate, the Committee sent the nomination to the full Senate without a recommendation either way. Thomas was confirmed by the Senate with a 52 to 48 vote on October 15, 1991,[52] the narrowest margin for approval in more than a century. Vice President Quayle presided over the vote in his role as President of the Senate, partly in case his vote was needed to break a potential 50-50 tie

Trade Craft

The reasons I accept Gorsuch are:

The Man-Child will surely proffer something wurst to get even.

Gorsuch is smart..Mebbe smart enuf to fool the genius-idiot.

Then we can move to the bigger issue of impeachment

Trade Craft

There is the theory that if a candidate can't get 60---disqualifys.


Never mind, found the 60 vote information

First, some definitions, as people often get these terms confused: A filibuster generally refers to extended debate that delays a vote on a pending matter, while cloture is a device to end debate. Filibusters are used by opponents of a nominee or legislation, while cloture is filed by supporters. Under current Senate rules, it takes 60 votes to end debate.


I walked in the house after church just in time to hear little Chrissy Wallace harassing Scott Pruitt about coal fired power plants "belching out smoke".

If Wallace gave a crap about pollution heshould have been screaming at John Kerry and Eric Holder for having SUV's in their DC driveways with the motors running 24/7, instead of going to neighborhood meetings to holler about Ivanka's Security folks taking up parking spaces.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I've said it before and I'll say it again;
Robert Redford is a terrible, horrible actor. It is especially noticable when he is teamed with someone who is very good.
If he doesn't have to say anything and his emoting competition is a particularly stoic horse, or a rock, then...well, he still stinks but it's not nearly as noticable.

Old Lurker

All this JOM talk of Robert Redford and you forgot that Caro has hours of hot tub time with him?

Jack is Back!

Has anyone seen those "Visit Los Angeles" ads on TV that were filmed in Venice? Well after watching them, would you?

Old Lurker

Personally, I would rather get Gorsuch in with 51 after nuking the filibuster than with 60 after exreme super secret horse trading.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Do you ever answer a simple question without calling out the defensive mechanisms and 4th of July pyrotechnic gibberish?--

Oh man..:wiping tears away:..thank you for that, Benny. Nothing like a laugh til it hurts.

--There is the theory that if a candidate can't get 60---disqualifys--

Oh jeez...I had just stopped laughing and now this...I gotta go get some poor tummy...

Trade Craft


You don't see him as a conservative light Trojan Horse?

matt - deplore me if you must

To have any belief in the legitimacy of any major college sports program is naive. All the majors do it. It's just a matter of who gets sacrificed the next time around. Nike U played Nike U yesterday and Nike won. Miracle of miracles South Carolina makes it to the Final Four.

The Zags have a little more legitimacy only because they have been hanging around the edges for so long and recruit Eastern Europeans with lots of consonants in their names. Slobodan like food. Our athlete class is now the same as the old Soviet amateur athlete class but with more bling and less class.

I thought they fed McCain mackerels like the seals at Sea World, CH. Thanks for the clarification. In McCain's case I believe it is White Russians.

Noticed the Turks got gigged by the Germans for having spies in the mosques looking for Gulen supporters. And Flynn has lost all cred if he in fact was plotting to deport Gulen. That's just un'Murican.

Arrests in the Golden State are down 40% so I would imagine that some day in the near future we will see an incident similar to the one in Oklahoma last week. If the police are afraid of the consequences of arresting miscreants there just isn't much faith left in justice any more.

Frau  Edith Steingehirn

SOB all the way
Ixnay on the olltray.

Trade Craft

Church has you giddy, Ignatz?

The spirit has made you a reasonable person?

Heh. Faith in things unseen.

Trade Craft

Frau Reichstag !!

Arebeit macht frei

Trade Craft

And please give us many more acting critiques from Stanislaus!



SOB all the way

killfile is your friend if you use Chrome. What a great plugin!


Personally, I would rather get Gorsuch in with 51 after nuking the filibuster than with 60 after exreme super secret horse trading.

Me too! If the Repub's are stupid enough to give up the Nuke option in exchange for 60 straight Gorsuch votes they really should be horsewhipped, shot, hung, garroted, burned, stoned, quartered, poison-gassed, dragged behind horses, keelhauled, imprisoned, and forced to diagram sentences for the rest of their days on Earth.

Are they that stupid? Lisa Murkowski is.

POLITICO: it only takes three Republicans to defect to deny McConnell the needed majority for a rule change. Sen. Susan Collins from Maine has already said, “I am not a proponent of changing the rules of the Senate.” She was a member of the “Gang of 14” that defused a threat to the filibuster in 2005. Two other institutionalist Republicans remain from that gang: Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Two other blue state Republicans reluctant to anger their constituents, Sens. Dean Heller and Cory Gardner, may not be reliable votes. And there are others who have displayed moderate flashes, like Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Just a refresher from 4 days ago: WASHINGTON — Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski parted with her Republican peers Thursday on a vote to revoke Planned Parenthood funding, resulting in an unusual tiebreaker vote from Vice President Mike Pence.

Murkowski said she just couldn't get on board with a measure that would peel back health care options for women, for any reason.


I am renewing my prayer effort. Only now I am praying that McCain suffers early onset rigor mortis.

Hillary isn't worth the effort anymore, but that prick from Arizona needs to go. Permanently.

Frau  Edith Steingehirn

Robert the Red Scheer was bad enough. Davan Maharaj is going to pull the LAT off life support with his management. How many papers does Babs S. need to buy to keep the paper afloat?
Best election ever!

matt - deplore me if you must

Hoe f'ing stupid is someone who quotes the sign above the entry to Auschwitz and spells "arbeit" wrong? Pseud alert!


Another good Redford film is The Hot Rock. Those that have seen it will understand when I say 404 would be incapable of running an Afghanistan banana stand.

Trade Craft

What an exemplary christian you are buckeye. You return from church full of profanities and now you are hoping for dead people.

You should pray with Ignatz.

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