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July 17, 2017



ID end up with spud Webb.


Do we even need a LAST PAGE link??


I'm partial to Dr. J myself. :)

Captain Hate

John "Hot Plate" Williams?

The Horde is as sympathetic to McRINO as he deserves:

Why would you need to drill a hole in McCain's head? Just go in through the download port the libs installed decades ago.

Show him a queen of diamonds


How about the all weird real first name team. Start with Baskerville and work from there.


The plot gets spicier ...

Incidentally, the Clinton Foundation did not "shut down," as erroneously reported early this year. It was only its Global Initiative program that got shuttered. The $2.35 million [from the Uranium One deal] is probably still rattling around in the Clinton Foundation's bank account.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I went back and looked at your request again. I didn't find the story I originally posted, but this is about the same guy with the same quotes.

However, he's a philosopher and an atheist, not a conservative Catholic, so this might not be what you are looking for.

When even an ATHEIST says you aren't preaching the Gospel, I think you are not doing your job as the Pope.


MM -

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I would also like to say that when you google "Pope Francis criticizes" you get a boatload of stories of Pope Francis criticizing all sorts of things. I think that is all he does.

I quit following him on Twitter because he constantly put me in a bad mood.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That Sky News story seems to be based on a Washington Post story. Also,, I see no named sources.

This sounds like disinformation and selective leaks to me.


Jane, thanks for the anti-sciatica nutrition tips from last thread. I'll get on them.


who makes the Best Nickname team?

The Harlem Globetrotters

Kevlar Kid

Pope Francis weasel words his way around a lot of catachetic hazard cones.

Ask forgiveness of the homosexual?

Ask forgiveness for blessing weapons?

Catholics aren't an innately liberal bunch. Is he wanting to incite a split? Fragment the Church and make it easier for the raghead minority that's commandeered Islam's general flock into irrlevancy?

Kev the ExCommunicator ;)


This is a good idea

Pro-Trump House and Senate Candidates Team Up For Massive America First Rally - Big League Politics

Ralph L

What about Pistol Pete?

My dad's doctor said honeydews also have significant potassium. She brought it up because I use melons and grapes to keep him hydrated.

I drove two MB non-turbo diesels decades ago. Frighteningly sluggish in traffic, but I suppose you get used to it.


Pope Francis does welcome divorced Catholics and encourages attendance at Mass and reception of the sacraments.


Lyle, what thread are you referring to? Not a thing from Jane about sciatica diet on previous thread.

And people---John McCain had a SUBDURAL HEMATOMA ( as I assume you figured out on your own) , per my sources.

Which is drained with BURR HOLES (or as Mayo Scottsdale likes to (uppity) call them "minimally invasive craniotomies")


Didn't Robert Parrish have a nickname?
Or James Worthy?


What causes a subdural hematoma?


The Big O


McCain needed a hole in his head.

Creating an infection pathway to the brain seems risky all on its own. Especially given MRSA as concentrated in hospitals.


Forgive me if I may have referred to a wrong previous thread, a-mom. They're a-comin' fast and furious these days for some reason. 😎

matt, deplore me if you must

John McCain needed a heliotomy, the re-filling of his head with helium so that it doesn't bobble like the autopilot in "Airplane".

Big Game James was Worthy's nickname, Magic, Kareem, Coop, and Superman Rambis as named by Chick Hearn, no less.One of the best teams ever.

As to His Holiness, he has lost me on all matters not connected with faith and morals. His continuing Peronist rants have become boring and repetitive. To me he seems like a Pontifical Chauncey Gardener.


What causes a subdural hematoma?

In Johnny Mav's case, I think it's from years of being a press whore asswipe.

Tom Maguire
Didn't Robert Parrish have a nickname? Or James Worthy?

The Chief was great but I can't play him ahead of The Dream. As to James Worthy, the only nickname I can think if is "Another Effing Laker", which doesn't even really distinguish him.

The Pistol was on my original list and then got brain-locked off. AI is better but The Pistol had a better nickname - tough call.


Re the Band stuff last thread: I saw Danko at Toad's Place in New Haven in '79 but he was thin enough and rocking it then!

Don't think I could take watching The Last Waltz again--those days are gone, way gone. How I loved Neil Young! (still love his old music, but the man himself is a drug-addled cliched poop).

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes. I do pause when I see Cernovich and Stone involved, because both are self-promoters.

I do think pledging to support the Trump agenda is going to be a very important component of the 2018 races.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Actually there was Anonamom. I said bananas have cured my horrid sciatica. Lyle let me know how it goes.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Anonamom, what is the prognosis for McCain's problem?


Watched a great three part ESPN 30x30 about Lakers and Celtics
Saturday when I was still plugged in

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Bill Kristol‏Verified account @BillKristol

Maybe it's just me, but I find something off-putting about turning the White House into an exhibition hall for American tchotchkes.
3:01 PM


Aaaand, comments like this are why you got Trump!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

If you think non turbo diesels are frighteningly sluggish in traffic, try taking them to altitude.
At 9,000 feet you better be prepared to use the turnouts to let the VW Bugs by.

Beasts of England

lol, DrJ!!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Anonamom, what is the prognosis for McCain's problem?--

The prognosis for stupendous stupidity is fairly morbid, Jane. Chronic, ncurable and untreatable.
Or were you referring to some other problem?

Eric in Boise

Burr holes? Didn't Alexander Hamilton suffer from those?


Those marvelous yachts aren't tchotchkes--what a sneering putz Bill Kristol is--note the usual slant of his chin (as Lady Bracknell puts it in The Importance of Being Earnest, "chins are being worn very high this year").

Beasts of England

Bananas are very beneficial. My dear ol' Mom brought me some organic bananas from Columbia last week. I generally believe the whole organic thing is a scam, but those were a whole 'nother story...

Beasts of England

EiB sneaks in for a thread winner!! :)


So much less embarrassing when we had Mao Christmas tree baubles.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is one of the senators from Connecticut:

Chris Murphy‏Verified account @ChrisMurphyCT

I'm going to say it - there is real evil in the epidemic rate of lying that is going on right now. This is not normal.

And this is VP Pence's answer:

Vice President Pence‏Verified account @VP 2h2 hours ago

You mean like, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."? 🤥


Now, this might not seem like much, but to see Pence using Twitter and firing right back is amazing to me. I never thought he would be this feisty!

Kevlar Kid

i had the honor of a subdural hematoma back in 1977 from a dirty play during the final Rugby match played in college against the despicable Buckeyes.

Landed from a full on vertical leap as a result of being jerked at the apex by the collar of my jersey going up for a ball during a lineout. Held onto the ball and passed off but not until landing with my leg folded at the knee and landing full force on the forward part of my calf muscle.

Instead of going to the doctor, as is our lot as ruggers following a match, I decided to self-medicate with whuskee and cannabis, reds, vitamin C and cocaine.

Woke to a nasty nasty bruise that was there for nearly a year.

the body doing what it does protected the wound, and as the "bruise" shrank in circumference the calf muscle could relocate itself to its usual position.

only problema was the remaining carnage sat in there for a good 17 years. until i got bit by a wolf spider in that very same spot with a dab of staphloccocus in its venom.

the staph went ape shitake.

damn near killed me. but an old Jewish burn doctor was curious about my "burn" which the regular staff had failed to diagnose properly as infection due to a spider bite.

he took a sample of the "purple stuff" and the day after Xmas removed it all and the infection left overnight.

subdural hematomas are no joke, Ese.

blunt force trauma is the usual suspect.

maybe John John had some leftover congeal from those beatings in the Hilton back during the day.

it doesn't take much for them to spiral up and bite ya in the ass.

that tiny spider bite wouldn't have meant anything except it had a pretty big buffet for the staph to invade and feed on.

raged like a wildfire. close call.

oh, the only other Rugby team we played out in the midwest more despicable than the Buckeyes were the Chicago Lions... a pub team of psychotics with attitude problems.

we used to crow that the difference between soccer and Rugby was: Rugby was a gentleman's game played by ruffians; soccer was a ruffians game played by assholes.

We equated the Buckeyes and their cuzzinz- the Lions--- with their idiot bastard soccer brothers.

Buckeye---> if yer readin' then you know I am just tryin' to get a rise outta ya. ;)

Kev The Hooker

Kevlar Kid

I concur. EIB nails it. Burr holes indeed. Ouch.

Kevlar Kid

Oh imagine that! Another emoCrat asshole Senator from Connecty Cut named "Chris".

If a lawyer tells the troof and nobody reports it did s/he really say it?

I bet "Chris" didn't expect to get so roundly bitch-slapped. Don't care what these media a-holes say about Twitter--- it's always fun until somebody ups and eats your lunch in front of more than few sets of peepers.

Kev Animus Maximus


It's cool Kev. My sister played rugby for THE Ahia State University. At times I thought she was both a ruffian and an asshole:)

Beasts of England

Wild Bill Kristol is a [redacted]. Bigly.

~ ~ ~

Howdy, KevlarKid!!

~ ~ ~

Clear skies with a very calm breeze. This calls for an impromptu sunset cocktail cruise! 😎

Kevlar Kid

Beastie and the inevitable boat drinks.

Like sunrise and nightfall.

The promise of tomorrow! Sail on, fine knight. Sail on!

Kev the Barbarian

Kevlar Kid

Thumbs up, Buckeye! ;)


I listened to a news report on the shooting at a Gender Reveal Party.

Guess we were way ahead of our time in college, as I remember numerous instances of gender being revealed, not that there was much question.

Usually Al K. Hall was involved as I recall:)


Too good, EiB!!

Kevlar Kid

The Shinary's and their son Dick?


Now, this might not seem like much, but to see Pence using Twitter and firing right back is amazing to me. I never thought he would be this feisty!

Next thing you know he will be spotted having lunch with someone other than his wife:)

Kevlar Kid


Jane, I'm hopeful. As it turns out, Mrs lyle bought some bananas for consumption right after I was released from the hospital and was scarfing them down daily. When we ran out I switched to apples. In somewhat hazy retrospect that's about the time the sciatica blew up. Hmmm...

Any input on potassium and/or magnesium daily intake dosages?

Kevlar Kid

So, fake news or just some red meat innuendo for the so-called "base"?

Kevlar Kid

Good. Now reinstate yourself as the head of the US DOJ.


Mclaughlin or morell, if they are really desperate they pick noddlehead ned price,

Kevlar Kid


Chuck Person was 'The Rifleman'.

I loved it when he was a Pacer and trying to go head to head with MJ.

Kevlar Kid

The Saddle Tramp lays out his case re Benghazi:

Kevlar Kid

Tick tock tick:


"...from a dirty play during the final Rugby match played in college against the despicable Buckeyes."

Kev clearly knows his sh*t.


Chuck Connors was The Rifleman.

Kevlar Kid

Hey Walt---- waking up just in time to collect a pension or some shit? GTFOH.

Maybe at the tender age of 46 you may consider shrinking that goiter hanging over your collar.

Where does the gummit find these miscreants? Deaf, blind and schteppid.


Just so, Davod. Beat me to it.


Eat me, Shaub. Asshole.

Kevlar Kid

Go nuts roundball afficianados:

Kevlar Kid

Submitted one more name for the family band-naming competition come New Years Day:

"Random Nachos"

Have high hopes for that one.


"During his NBA playing years he was known as "The Rifleman" due to his 3-point shooting ability and the fact that he was named after Chuck Connors, star of the TV series The Rifleman."

He wasn't bad but he was no Reggie Miller.

Kevlar Kid

Snippet and quick comment from an editor of a financial newsletter who must remain nameless:

"Over the course of eight months, the lethal bacteria MRSA infected 10 already critically ill infants in the UC Irvine Medical Center – an outbreak the public is only finding out about now.

Doctors have not found the source of the infections – which continued even after 220 employees used antiseptic soap and ointment to eliminate bacteria on their skin and in their noses.

Orange County health officials have known about the continuing hospital-acquired infections when lab tests confirmed that five infants had been infected by the same strain of a superbug."

    San Francisco Chronicle

Ed: "Keep overusing antibiotics when unnecessary, load it into our goods, and superbugs evolve."

Kevlar Kid

My fav pro nickname was Lloyd Free's self-imposed nick: "Be".

Ralph L

I didn't know until recently that Chuck Connors was 6'6". That would have been tall enough for the pros in his day, but there was a lot more money in Hollywood.

mad jack

as a celts fan vinnie "the microwave" johnson had the most accurate nickname.


Re security clearances - This was the first thing that came to mind when the first batch of White House employees got the chop for not passing the security check. Bad faith on the part of the FBI and whoever else is part of the process. Or maybe the politcos remaining in the agencies did the deed.

Remember - destabilization of a country includes ensuring the population distrusts/fears the government.

Clarice Feldman

Jane, I found wobenzym --an enzymatic which has been used in Germany and around the world for 40 years, helpful when my sciatica was bad. OTOH it isn't a cure--nothing really is, but Pilates and Gyrotonics have kept the pain away, If you want to try it, it's available online at Amazon and in whole Foods stores.


Following the French proverb

Previously on gulf spats it was the emirate ambassador of the ateyba tribe who had been hacked, but doha rules apply


Like I said on the other thread the Ikwan has no greater defender than the company.

David, Internet Deplorable

I saw "Subdural Hematoma" open for "Epileptic Fit" at the Garden in 1994.


Chuck Connor meeting Noel Coward at a party, hand out to shake, saying "I'm Chuck Connor"--Coward replies, "Of course you are, dear boy, of course you are."

Jack is Back!

Geez, so we have gone from John McCain to Lucas McCain in one thread. Well done.

BTW, Lucas (The Rifleman) was an ex-LT. in the Indiana Infrantry Regiment in the Civil War. There is the Hoosier State again and MM or Bubaroni didn't even mention that piece of trivia.


Looks like Trump is being trumped by the state dept

The State Department is expanding its definition of 'close family' to include grandparents and other relatives that constitute a bona fide U.S. relationship for visa applicants and refugees from six mainly Muslim nations.
In response to a federal judge's order last week, the department on Monday instructed U.S. diplomats to consider grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces and first cousins to meet the criteria for applicants from the six countries to receive a
U.S. visa.

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


And people---John McCain had a SUBDURAL HEMATOMA

I suggested Subdural Hematoma with a burr hole yesterday.


Sens Moran and Lee join Sen Paul in saying "no" to current healthcare boondoggle. As Deforest Kelly put it, "he's dead, Jim."


Dang, I didn't know that piece of trivia!



I'm taking 99 mgs. Not because anyone told me to, but because that is what I found in the store. I started the bananas a few days before, and the relief was almost instantaneous. My knee used to go out often, and the pain was relentless to the point where walking kiwi was a little scary. Now I don't think about it. And I'm so damn dependent on bananas,
I go to the store every 3 days. I really hope it works for you. Sciatica sucks.


Really appreciate the tips, Jane. 👊


Clarice, if the bananas stop working, i'll ask for the name again. Thanks.

Clarice Feldman

Man Tran also found it very helpful. In case I am away, ask him.

Jack is Back!

Better yet, to match up the thread with other threads, how many NBA players were Presidents of the United States.

I remember Washington (Kermit) and Jefferson (Richard), Monroe (Greg), Adams (Steven), Jackson (Darnell, one of 27), but no Monroe's:)

Interesting. No Lincolns but 4 Kennedy's. No Bush, Obama or Trump.

Clarice Feldman

Sciatica is caused by nerve compression as we age and the vertabrae compress and hit the nerve. Proper exercise will strengthen the abdominal muscles and back muscles and stretch the piriformis muscle to help counteract that.


Catsmeat, I stole your delicious Oscar Wilde quote about Bill Kristol. Used all 140 characters so I couldn’t give you credit. I apologize.


OH, am immortalized (sub rosa). Thanks, and no need for an apology. Lady Bracknell is one for the ages.


Miss Marple, thank you for looking for my Catholic "missing link." I'm sorry that my OCD has become contagious. I'm going to just have to let it go.

Jack is Back!


Also, don't get sciatica confused with stenosis. If you are having numbness in the feet, it may not be a precursor to diabetes but neroupathy which is primarily caused by stenosis of the spine. Arthritis is the biggest single cause of most ailments in the bones and structure but the least understood or validated.

Because of my previous atheletics I have it everywhere from the knees to the wrists to the spine to the hips and ribs. You have to work out, build up the connecting muscles and move. Movement is the relief for arthritis wheter osteo or rhemeutoid or psorisitic.

Sitting is the new smoking.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That is because I just caught up. I have been cleaning up the kitchen. The dogs won't do it and daughter is sleeping due to her sinus infection.

There is always an Indiana connection. It's why we are the Crossroads of America.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Chuck Connors played pro basketball AND baseball.

Clarice Feldman

My sciatica was caused by spinal stenosis.There can be other causes .

Clarice Feldman*/Article_2017-07-17-APFN-US--Congress-Health%20Overhaul/id-2054d84aa147460c80d17025a79dfd32

Rep replace bill loses

Dave (in MA) I❤️KF

And he played a cowboy in America AND Africa.

Jack is Back!

So, who is the big tent now? Dems pass Obamacare like lemmings.

GOP can't figure out who is on first and what is on second. So many diverse interests, opinions, concerns, divisions, points of departure, etc. But its the GOP that is unrepresentative of America and its issues.


I wish like hell I was not so suddenly familiar with all these terms like stenosis, sciatica, spinal fusion, pars defect, isthmic spondylolisthesis, etc.


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