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July 14, 2017



It's the bionic look..


anonamom,I read your comment on the previous thread about sleep and resting. I've been sleeping like a baby since my foot surgery. I've also been taking naps. My body is obviously healing from the surgery and the NPPE incident. Two more weeks until I can bear weight on my foot,yay!


Takes about six months for most people to heal enough that they are back to their pre op sleep need in my experience.
Not that you can't/won't get by without naps before then, but don't worry if you feel like you'd benefit from one---you are not ill.

And if you CAN sleep more--do!
It's God's way of giving us a chance to heal.


Looks like The Longest Yard gets a new steroid guard.


The likely unneeded last page

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding "first sleep" and "second sleep", I think I read that article some time ago.

Quite common in the days before electric lighting and regimented schedules, if I remember correctly.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2m2 minutes ago

Left Paris for U.S.A. Will be heading to New Jersey and attending the
#USWomensOpen, their most important tournament, this afternoon.


From the previous thread:

Something is amiss at that woman's core I believe.

Posted by: rse

Uh, yes. PROFOUNDLY, DEEPLY "Something amiss."

A woman who at 40 would fall in love with a 15 year old boy?
Her daughter's classmate.
AND LEAVE HER CHILDREN! (can't find verification right now--but I read it on the internet, it must be true!)

She's a social xray, not "in great shape."
What he meant was "You are not fat." That is true.

She looks exactly like what she is--a rather skinny 64 year old lady of a certain socioeconomic class.
Right, ladies? Maybe 62.
Posted by: anonamom

Captain Hate

Bezos can easily afford somebody to keep him looking cut and ripped. That's why I thought there was something mentally off with Curb Dive looking like a dumpster fire during the most important election in the history of humanity.

I swear Mrs H is trying to kill me. She know I consider throwing away food to be an unpardonable sin. So whenever she goes somewhere the back of the fridge is full of outdated stuff. There's some yogurt from 2015; I assume eating that wouldn't be a good thing. The reason I'm throwing that out for advice is that yogurt is a benign culture, no?


I like Bezos wearing the dreaded controversial blue quilted vest of BLM and Planet of the Apes fame.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Pretty funny.


NBC Reports Former Soviet Intelligence Officer Attended Meeting With Don Jr., But There's A Catch...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Throw it away unopened. Remember, I cleaned out my fridge and immediately got a stomach virus!!


I can't wait for the names to be released.

Somehow I imagine at least the Michigan contingent being comprised of non-Americans doing a job that Americans wouldn't do.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

I know I'm not supposed to but I really like Bezos and am stunned at his incredible success. I've told the story of his HS days here before. He truly is remarkable.

Thomas Collins

Bezos, schmeezos. Bezos would last two seconds if he tried to get overly jiggy with Destiny or Tatiana in the champagne room!

By the way, while we are on who could take whom in a fight, how can anyone think McGregor has a peehole in the snow chance against Mayweather in a boxing match? The opposite would be the case if MMA rules were in force for the match.


Buckeyette sees it as her responsibility to find the old stuff in the fridge and toss it for her antique parents.

Works for me.


For Captain:

We sent that to my mother, who is prone to having stuff on her shelves that is years past their sell by date.

Janet the expert 🚬

on FB -

Roll call on the first day of school in London, England....

Ahmed Al Sheriah .............................. ......"here"
Mustafa Al Sheriah .............................. ....."here"
Fatima El Bindihiri .............................. ......."here"
Ali Acmah Shabeeb .............................. ....."here"
Ali Sun Al En ..........................No answer

Ali Sun Al En?

A little girl at the back stands up and yells ........ "It's pronounced Alison Allen, for heavens sake

Clarice Feldman

Do you think Bezos would like to get rid of the waPo? If so, how much is it worth to a buyer?


How much will Bezos pay someone to take it?

Tom Maguire can anyone think McGregor has a peehole in the snow chance against Mayweather in a boxing match?

McGregor has tremendous punching power so he has the timeless 'puncher's chance'. What that chance is against a guy who has never been tagged in twenty years isn't much.

But yeah, under MMA rules Mayweather couldn't inflict enough damage from his feet to avoid getting body parts ripped off on the ground.

Captain Hate

To dispose of Jen Rubin would require hazmat experts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


He's harder to get rid of than bedbugs:

Case study number 792 on the MSM having no shame. Not just Rather but anyone who would give him a moment's air time.


Very sad news in my local paper this am. One of the marines killed in the recent accident was from here. 25 yrs old, played football at local high school, had applied for Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. TM is so right when he says we have a better military than we deserve.

"After a play, he would come flying over the pile at full speed. He played through the whistle...I think he did that in life, too.”

Jack is Back!

On the 11:00 Cross Sound Ferry from Orient Point to New London and then on to Cambridge and Havad Sq.

Saw a Masshole car in front of us checking in with a "Patriotic American/Anti-Trump". Mrs. JiB said, "that doesn't make sense". Flemish logic.

Jack is Back!

Bumper Sticker.


CH, not buying this:
Bezos can easily afford somebody to keep him looking cut and ripped.

It costs next to nothing for guys to lift weights,and eat lean, and that is about all they have to do to look great.

but TOTALLY AGREE with this:
That's why I thought there was something mentally off with Curb Dive looking like a dumpster fire during the most important election in the history of humanity.


From the last thread:
I just tried the narcisolator in Chrome and it still seems to work on my system. Which is nice. :-)

Hey ext, it still works great on my laptop, running Firefox in Windows 7. For some reason on my desktop running Win 10 and Firefox it stopped working. Maybe I'll try Chrome on that computer.

For anyone not familiar with the wonders of bgates/extraneus's narcisolator, it does the following:

1. The thread links on the upper right of the page take you immediately to the last page of the thread. No "last page" link necessary.

2. There's an option to suppress the avatars, so you get a wider line and therefore shorter pages, easier to read.

3. You add names to a kill file and their posts never appear.

4. There's 'killfile' feature in which, if you click on "Posted by" that poster is gone, as if he were on your killfile list. (You can undo it in the code if you mistakenly kill someone, as I have done.)

5. If you ever think you're missing something from killed posts, you disable it and reload the page to see what you've missed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Do click at the link. The resemblance is stunning.


Hey Jib, Craigies on Main at Central Square is fabulous place to get incredible food--try the roasted pigs head-- and the best ice cream in the USA is at Toscannini's, 899 Main in Cambridge.

Which opened when I lived there, back when dinosaurs walked the earth, and is still getting rave reviews.

Those Bostonians love their ice cream! We had twelve ice cream shops within walking distance from our apartment in Brookline.
Toscanninis, we biked or drove to.

JM Hanes

Since we're talking about proportions.... sorta, here's a math bleg:

If the proportionally correct ceiling height for a room that is 20' x 28' is 12.25', what is the proportionally correct ceiling height for a 36' x 58' room?

I'm not even sure how to express that mathematically. I wrote down 20:28:12.25 = 36:58:x but I don't know what to do with it. I bet that someone here at JOM does, though, and might be kind enough to show me!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

JM Hanes,

WOuldn't you convert both rooms to sqare feer and then do the proportion?

Let me get my phone calculator!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

No, that's not right. At least the answer I get makes no sense to me.

Jack is Back!

A damn good read on how Naval vessels face danger like the Fitzgerald more than rarely.



Doubling the original room size gets you 40 X 56 and a ceiling of 24.5 ft, right?

Call it 24 feet +/- the popcorn.

(Close enough for government work)

Jack is Back!


Many thanks for the Cambridge tips. We are The Charles hotel near the square. Hoping their is activity at the boat house since Frederick is interested in crew. Any other eating recommends around Hahvad Square?

Beasts of England

I would agree with you about the ceiling height in the referenced room, JM Hanes, but I've never seen a calculation for ceiling height as a function of the square footage of a room. If I calculate proportionately for your second set of dimensions, I get a ~45' ceiling.

~ ~ ~

Catching up: congrats to DrJ on his anniversary, and wonderful news re: --peter's son's successful surgery!!

Beasts of England

To add: ~45' seems way too high for the proposed room. I'll try a different tack.


It keeps getting stranger. Manafort's phone tapped by FBI during meeting with Russian lawyer gal. Lynch already had a FISA warrant for him, ordered the tap on this meeting. Usual caveats with anonymous source.

I recall a description of Manafort focused on his phone rather than the meeting.

Beasts of England

How about adding length plus width and dividing by four. That yields about 12.5 for the first room and about 24 for the second. I like that much gooder.


fine algorithm there Beasts

JM Hanes

I have a feeling I've left out some sort of necessary parenthesis, or used the word proportionally in a non-mathematical way, because I don't think it works to just multiply or divide everything by the same number.

I actually started out working with golden means, which are easy enough when you're working in two dimensions, but started having trouble figuring how that ratio would apply to a 3-D rectangular space, in order to determine what an ideal ceiling height would be. So then I just took the dimensions of a known room which had what I thought were comfortable proportions, and am trying to figure out if there's a mathematical expression for why which could be applied elsewhere. That's when I began to feel like maybe I was trying to reinvent an existing wheel.

I'm afraid I'll have to chalk up the lack of clarity here to my own confusion!

Kevlar Kid

CH----> Dannon and Yoplait are crap food. They make ya fat and give you thick blood while affording the added benefit of consuming your trace minerals.

The "probiotic" angle is bullroy too. The "culture" is DOA after all the processing so the gooey confection can have its appeal to the uninformed.

Then there is the genetically modified corn used to feed the moo-moos that squirt in the tub to make the milk which makes the gurt.

The containers might claim "no gmoz added"... to the container contents. That's a specious claim.

The corn has been GMO'd to blow the guts out of grasshoppers, cutworms, and other armored foe of the asexual grass was around for a few 10K years before man began to monkey with it in order to set up grain export programs.

So, the commercial yogurt "leaders" advertise no GMOz added but the corn fed to the moo moos has the same gut-exploding residue in it as the corn did--- but the makers claim the yogurt has a benevolent culture.

Sounds like a crap shoot to me. No Punz intended. Whatever.

A yogurt maker from Bed Bath and Beyond costs under $30 and will make pounds of yogurt for pennies on the dollar compared to prices paid for commersh.

In the time it takes to set up one's coffeemaker for the next morning's brew one can set up the yogurt maker to deliver the equivalent of a "tub" found in the dairy case.

Using organic, GMO-free, anti-biotic, pus (yes pus)-free milk to make clean plain yogurt of any fat content you want. I recommend 4% full fat because it is an excellent primary source of energy if consumed first thing in the morning without any starchy carbs. The body turns into a fat burning blast furnaced if that switch is flipped first thing in the morning.

Hot here in LA at 913 am. Have down time before we start filming Mrs. Kid in her launch video that will be targeting "Mommy Bloggers" who are interested in becoming licensed home-based travel agents. We are stoked.

Now it's time for nuts and seeds milled with coconut oil, cinnamon, and xylitol sweetener (no aftertaste and no sweet taste overdose that comes with stevia products).

Life *IS* sweet--- even if SIL and BIL have the LA Times and The Nation delivered to their doors.

This lib crowd has no idea what they are enabling. But, oh, do they hail themselves as champions of the poor and downtrodden---- but who do NADA in terms of direct service to either. Instead they are all for taxes going to build employment/career systems for miseducated emoCrats.

Go fig.

Have a great weekend, y'all.

Kev Mo


JMH, is that your new studio space? I'm jealous;-/

Still looking for ideas on the "Cut the Coup!" flag.

JM Hanes


But it's not really a calculation based on square footage or a linear sum, because the would mean the ideal height for a room that is 36 x 58 would be the same for a room that is 18 x 116 or 20 x 74 respectively (or a 48' square). The proportions of the rectangle itself somehow come into play.


I'm struggling with how to get a lot of square footage for no money on the studio front!


I would go with 12' at the low end and do some kind of an open beamed thing to a pitched roof at aestheticly pleasing angle.

You are not concerned with heating issues, I guess.

Kevlar Kid

Ceiling height for a commercial space at 45 feet would "look" appropriate for the sq footage mentioned.... but I wouldn't wanna heat it... 2000 sq feet with a 45 foot ceiling seems like a mini-warehouse deal.

What is the desired aesthetic?

Commersh or domestic?

What is the budget for constructing 45 foot high walls on all four sides?

We used to convert barns to house seasonal tractor crews back in Southern Illinois farm days.

Those poor devils who drew the short straw slept on the top floors. ;)

Moar beer was the credo.

Kev De Mille

Texas Liberty Gal

The Apprentice in 10 minutes

Kevlar Kid

Fun with arithmetic and proportions: construction and finishing costs will always influence wall height considerations (x4).

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


Frau had a good idea last night, which I can't remember and I ended the night with "Destroy the Coup" and "Stand against the Coup" but I don't think we've got to the best one yet.

Kevlar Kid

caro----> you nailed the heat issue 3 minutes before I did. Good cawl.

Kev Lloyd Wright


24 ft ceilings would mean you could sheet rock the 36' walls with 4 columns of 4X8 sheets laid horizontally + 1 column of 3 vertical sheets. No cutting!

The 58' walls would use 7 horizontal columns of 4X8 and 1 vertical column of 2X8.

Rocking the whole project would only require two cuts and half a sheet wasted.


Chicken Coup* for the Patriot's Soul

*(I know, I know)

Kevlar Kid

" lil deuce coupe, you don't know what I got!"

Cruising down Venice Beach...what cannI say?


New thread.


... and google ceiling aesthetics.

Kevlar Kid

Crazy Janey Sanders has yet to pull her snout out of the feedbag long enough to get out of the quagmire of the FBI's "land deal" investigation.

So if Crazy Janey gets pinched, does Bernie get the beach house all to himself or is he going to end up in orange too?

Was King Rat Obama setting up post-election vengeance on Bernardo Occupado? "Elections have consequences."

Hmmmm. I have an idea: can the most recent election have consequences on the Rat and his swarm?

JM Hanes

When I do a golden ratio using the 36' length, it comes out 22.25' -- although that obviously ignores the 2-dimensional proportions of the generating rectangle too. For the moment, my calculations are all ignoring the practicalities of building/operating costs. Looks like the moving finger hath writ -- but thanks for the input!

Beasts of England

I was going to try the divine ratio, as well, JM Hanes, but I'm a little sunburned and - well - hammered to do much math at this point. ;)

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