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July 14, 2017



Wrong time to be first while I'm working on the ceiling math problem.


Last Page.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

David Goldman:
Russia is a pain in the neck today because Bush wasted $4 trillion and thousands of lives on stupid adventures, as advised by Krauthammer.
Russia is responding to the fact -- document[ed] by Gen. Flynn -- that the US de facto oBOzo enabled the rise renewal and spread of Sunni jihadism. That is an existential threat to Russia.
We also sponsored the Maidan Square coup, hoping to deprive Russia of its warm-water port.
Putin is a bad guy, but he has mainly reacted to our oBOzo's stupidities. Most of what Putin has done, I also would have done in his place.
Posted by: Clarice Feldman | July 13, 2017 at 10:38 AM
[ Bolding is my edit]

I don't usually find much of anything to quibble with 'Spengler' about . . .

But I don't remember Dr. Krauthammer having any particular role, or even sway, with the GW Bush people who were pressing for Saddam's removal in 2002-2003.
If Sunni jihadism *is* an existential threat, it's hard to understand aggravating the threat by engaging with the Shia.

Furthermore, the claim of sponsoring the "Maidan Square coup" to deprive Russia of its warm-water port of Sebastopol - that's very troubling, because that is straight out of the Russian disinformation/propaganda playbook. It is one of the main lines used by their captive media and agents of influence throughout the West, and it is shocking to hear it coming from Goldman.

Goldman should know better than to make that claim, since the U.S. has *never* taken any steps to wrest control of Sebastopol away, or to even press Ukraine to assert greater territorial claims to the entirety of the Crimean peninsula.

A good overview of Russia's goals re the Crimea and their new port in Tartus, Syria comes from this 2014 piece - although three years old it still gives a good basic overview:

Kevlar Kid

10 to 1 HuffChoaders spend most of their time talking to wetbacks and jihadi sympathizers who are *not* Americans but play one on TV.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Fox is explaining the media puzzlement of the picture of the pastors laying on of hands for the president.

Mark Steyn says it's residual Episcopalianism amongst the non-believers in which religion is supposed to be understated and not overly ostentatious.

Pretty funny (sorry Old Lurker).

I am off to do errands.


Go take a more nuanced view, in retrospect much about what was said re Iraq wee true, the condition of the chemical stockpiles add undetermined as Cj chivers pointed out, so were their ties to islamists.

Having the Russians give up Ukraine would be like us give up Texas.

Captain Hate

Everything is projection by the left.


Just like they are burying the lead here:

So who else was as prescient as the huntress onnthis score. That punk hiundshell ridiculed her.

Frau  Reisebus

Kid YJ - Funny to think that Ariana's StassiPost thinks its Summer of Love bus will appeal to the rubes in flyover country.
Who is earning the $$$ in that endeavor?

Captain Hate

Eric Cantor and Curb Dive are the Frick and Frack of the strategic brilliance of bus tours.

JM Hanes

Blue Ox:

I liked your practical approach! Although the math question wasn't directly related to the workspace I'm eventually hoping to build, 4' x 8' is the basic module I work with in my architectural pieces, myself -- in part because it's about the biggest substrate I can handle on my own.

Old Lurker

MM re Episcopalians "Pretty funny (sorry Old Lurker)."

No problem, has been so much easier to follow now that we don't believe in anything.

Frau  Wer bin ich?

narciso - verrrrrrry interesting @ 1:03

-He's a naturalized citizen

_ a suspected former Soviet intelligence officer

-"He is a well-connected political operative who works closely with Washington, D.C. reporters by providing opposition research on behalf of his clients."

- "... Akhmetshin worked with Global Witness, an anti-corruption watchdog group he described as being “funded by George Soros and others.”


We also sponsored the Maidan Square coup, hoping to deprive Russia of its warm-water port.

Maybe someone can clarify: Russia has all sorts of coastline in the eastern Black Sea and Sea of Azov. It didn't take me long to find at least one smaller city (Yeysk) that is described as a port, with a climate similar to Odessa's. So is this "warm-water port" really a justification for Putin occupying Crimea?


It was all part of potemkins settlements united in viniks great upheaval, odessa was a Turkish redoubt called gadibay. Which had a harbor deep enough for the czars purposes

Frau  Wer bin ich?

CH -
Is Frick really smarter than Frack?


The jury is still out, frau

JM Hanes


That Spengler quote seemed off to me too.

"Furthermore, the claim of sponsoring the "Maidan Square coup" to deprive Russia of its warm-water port of Sebastopol - that's very troubling, because that is straight out of the Russian disinformation/propaganda playbook."

I'm afraid I can't remember exactly when/where, but I seem to recall his being more sympathetic to the Russian take on things than I would have expected in the past as well. IIRC, it was more than just a blind spot. Unfortunate, because he's otherwise such a penetrating observer.

I wish I could say I was surprised at how little coverage Putin's maritime ambitions in re his involvement with Syria have gotten -- or anything else of actual substance about him -- which, per your link, were already obvious back in 2014. I remember a Kissinger interview in which he said that among Nixon's achievements, getting Putin out of the Middle East was a very close second to the China reset.


So the issue is whether the port is sufficiently deep?

JM Hanes

Sorry, Kissinger obviously didn't say getting Putin out of the ME was a Nixon achievement! Getting the Soviets out, however, was.

Another Bob

narciso. | July 14, 2017 at 01:03 PM

What did Palin say about this?


I should add, I also got my copy of "The Great Upheaval" from Bezos. I have to first finish another book I'm reading "The Peace to End All Peace," about the divvying up of the Middle East at the end of WWI with the demise of the Ottoman Empire. Interesting topic, though the book is a bit of a slog at times. Wish Winik would write one on that.

Kevlar Kid

IIRC Putin joined the KGB in 1975 and "retired" at the Lt. Colonel rank before joining Boris Yeltsin's regime.

During Reagan's first term, Vlad lost an arm wrestling match to a member of Reagan's delegation entourage. Dr. Jack Wheeler's story is one for the ages on many fronts; but, the Vlad losing at arm wrestling is a hoot.

Texas Liberty Gal

So are we stll waiting for the big news the WH inside source was promising on Reddit yesterday or did I miss it???

Kevlar Kid

For the uninitiated, IRS scam callers are on the rise again.

I've received 6 fony voice mails from different outfits after purchasing two phone numbers for virtual office management.


( the ladies are out and about shopping and in no need of me tagging along -- #TrulyBlessed )

I finally made it back to my comment a few days ago regarding David Warren and his post on False Humility. Squaredance, thank you very much for that Kipling poem you posted on the Sons of Martha.

And Jane, I'm glad to see I was originally correct in assessing your comment a few days ago on the note to self.

Kevlar Kid


After 20 years of marriage, my wife still finds many demonstrations in my behavior that she'll classify as a) barbaric; or, b) horrific.

It's all "relative." ;)

One example of the horrific is my land speed record that I continually revise DOWNWARD when buying clothes.


Kev Versace


Maybe the ceiling height should be proportional to the hypotenuse of the two rooms length by width?


I think we are still waiting, TLG.


The gist of it frau


Texas Liberty Gal

Thx TK #pinsandneedles


Report: Lynch Tapped Manafort's Phone During Trump Jr. Meeting With Russian Lawyer

Ralph L




I'm not sure. The breaking news yesterday that Lynch granted Veselnitskaya special permission to be in the US may have been it.

Extraneus's 2:34 provides more details.

The pieces of what we have suspected for a long time - a honeypot trap designed by Obama/Lynch to provide "evidence" for a FISA warrant - are falling into place.


Apparently rinats nephew works for hank tip over johnson. Oleg svets


From rich Rosetta piece:

Dave (in MA)

Click for the whole thing if too big

Janet the expert 🚬

Everything is projection by the left.


Kevlar Kid


Lo Lo Lynch appears to have both mamz in da wringa now.


"teach," DaveinMA.

She was here polluting the home of the Longhorns before she smoke signaled her way up to y'all.


TLG, some speech tonight is a bombshell. Tillerson and Maddog live, Trump recorded.

Or something. Never can tell with "Anons"


I've got The Great Upheaval too!
Summer JOM reading group!!
From the library.

Let's see if I can still read an entire book. I used to read one a day when I was at the lake.
(I blame the internet.)

Kevlar Kid

speaking of home remake projects... on a whole different level, scale, and skills, Mrs Kid and I are tearing out a cracked up kitchen tile floor to replace it with some bamboo composite flooring.

underneath the tile are two layers of Cold War era asbestos tile flooring. a test cut revealed that nastiness which posed a formidable conundrum: do we yank it up with all the hazmat implications or is there a way to let those sleepin attack dawgz lie?

here at BIL's home last nite (he was a construction contractor in a former life) he said he was glad I told him.

"All you need is leveling compound. scrape off any left over grout from that top layer and then apply leveling compound."

He pointed to his own kitchen floor. It was laid on top of four layers of old, but "solid" (not flaking" linoleum.

Dodged a dragon on this whim to "Let's replace this tile!" said in a moment of weakness to buy yet more dog house insurance from the all-too-willing-to-sell Mrs. Kid.

Kev Flintsone


Here's something fun. For those of you who don't follow The_Donald or 4chan/pol, there are many fanciful theories there about Pepe/Kek and Trump/Pence/Barron being time travelers via discoveries by Nikolai Tesla (who really did have connections with the Trump family via Trump's uncle, John Trump) and the number 7 and a whole lot of other goofy stuff loosely congregated under the topic "meme magic."

Well, someone at /pol found a turn-of-the-century author named Ingersoll Lockwood who wrote the following books:

1) The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and his Wonderful Dog Bulger
2) Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey
3) 1900: Or, The Last President.

Apparently Baron Trump is a time traveler and there is no known record of his death. And book #3 predicts anarchists and socialists rioting in NYC after the election, and that Trump is the last president.


Confirmed myself in WorldCat that the books are real. Our library owns a microfilm copy of 3). There are pdfs at the link.

Have fun. And don't go down the /pol rabbit hole unless you are prepared (there's a screenshot at this link).


Anyways the huntress was right and most of the credentialed morons were wrong, maybe growing up inna former russian colony brought some insight.

Kevlar Kid

Still chewin on that Sherman book that daddy was reading.

Kevlar Kid

Just ordered "POTTED", a guide to building useful but decorative pots and planters for our medicinal herb biness. Plants are cheap...the pots and planters can give great markup.

Our drive up traffic for white sage, sweet grass, rosemary, and cooking sage is wonderful as it is---- but the pots and planters should spike sales in a big way.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Followed that link to the 4chan threads. Poster on 4chan pointed out that Tillerson was in Qatar yesterday and the President spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia today, so I am guessing this might have something to do with the Middle East.

Regarding the speech, Stephen Miller was on the France trip, and he is the primary speechwriter.


Confirmed that a quality, attractive pot will make all the difference in sales, Kev. People want something that's ready to put in their home and there is a huge selection available.

Be careful with pottery glazes, though, if you are selling plants as food/medicine. Many are NOT safe for humans.


(I blame the internet JOM.)

FTFY. "Just 10 hours" (h/t Porchlight)

Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Love it Dave, I too am a Diehl fan, altho the Indian in pursuit has been doing some very funny things. (Is he a dem?)

I've read that Obama did get a FISA warrant to tap the Trump operation, but it was an illegal one, and the Russian woman was part of the set-up. Of course it could have been someone's dream, but I bet it was true.

Thanks RG.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I have been intrigued by that whole story since I first looked up John Trump on Wikipedia and discovered that he was, indeed, a professor at MIT and knew Tesla.

I am sick of the Trump haters looking down their noses at us and saying, "This isn't a reality show."

Well, yes it is. Politics in the TV/internet age has become a reality show, whether people like David French want to admit it or not. The difference is that this stuff is real and affects our lives, unlike the Bachelorette.

Now we can say, no, it's NOT a reality show. It's sci-fi!!


I forget who was discussing deer in the yard.

Had two young bucks this morning wandering through my neighbor’s yard and across the street. Cute.

Then one of them, in the woods by the garden, appears to have munched on a twig that got caught in his throat. Started coughing, backing, and rubbing his mouth on the ground. He kept backing away and foaming at the mouth.

Shot some video for about 15 seconds. Then the deer seemed to collapse in the woods and lay quiet. Although dressed in suit and tie, I grabbed some long nose pliers, a long screw driver and a blanket to wrap dangerous parts and headed outside. (I forgot I have an extractor in my first aid kit in the car.)

Fortunately, as I left the house to try to help, the deer got up. Apparently the twig had dislodged and the deer seemed okay. He moved on across the woods and further down the neighborhood.

I’m glad. I did not want to have to practice decades-old EMT skills.


Geez--I am not sure you want to be attempting an extraction from the trachea on a deer, sbw. It's hard enough doing on somebody your own size, who is unconscious under general anesthesia. You'd get severely damaged by teeth and likely forelegs in the process.
Don't let your great heart overcome your nearly infinite good sense.

I saw a buck for the first time in my many summers at the lake last week. Very thrilling!

Yes, it's rather quiet up there.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Regarding the rumored speech. I also saw a comment on 4chan that someone who worked for NBC said they had not been asked for air time.

So, this could be a nothing, or the NBC employee is out of the loop, OR they will ask for time at the last minute for reasons unknown to us.

Well, this certainly will keep me from going to bed early!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Bucks have been known to injure and even kill people.

Clarice Feldman


"Having the Russians give up Ukraine would be like us give up Texas."

Ukraine became an independent state in 1991 after the USSR was dissolved.

Russia's more recent actions are acts of aggression.

Old Lurker


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Headline on Conservative Treehouse:

Au revoir Paris – President Macron to President Trump: “We have a friendship that transcends time”….

I think I will go drop that little tidbit over on The_Donald just to get them all ginned up. LOL!


Haha, MM. They'll love it.


Good advice, anon.


sbw, I don't think you want to do that if it happens again. It's hard enough doing an extraction from the trachea on someone your own size, unconscious under general anesthesia. You risk enormous damage to yourself from teeth that I am positive will clamp down on your hand,
not to mention death from those knife-sharp hooves on the forelegs.

Don't let your great heart overcome your near infinite good sense.

I saw a buck for the first time in my many summers "up north" last week.

(yes, it's rather quiet up there)

Dave (in MA)

There's a Drudge link to an article that says Fauxcahontas is upset at the prospect of Kid Rock running for Senate. We certainly wouldn't want anyone unqualified running for Senate unless they've spent time voting Present in their state legislature.

No mention of her opinion on the rumored run for President by Kid's brother The.
(I don't know for sure that they're related, but they have the same last name.)


porch, re:your comment to JiB re: Harvard the other day.

I would never encourage anyone's child to go there as an undergrad. Yale is even worse.


From the last thread...

Buckeyette sees it as her responsibility to find the old stuff in the fridge and toss it for her antique parents.

Works for me.

Posted by: Buckeye | July 14, 2017 at 10:45 AM

I'm playing catch up after taking advantage of my second sleep this morning and couldn't pass this up.

I was always going into my Dad's kitchen and cleaning things out of the fridge. He took very good care of himself, but he also saved some things for too long.

I suppose the day will come when the kids will start to check up on us. Works for me, too.


Good advice, anon.

So good I gave it twice! I am having some issues with not "seeing" my comments when I refresh after posting. Anybody else? Or is this more of most horrible week of tech ever in my entire life?

Old Lurker

Clarice, nice try at 3:47.

That pig requires a whole lot more lipstick than Moffit offers. (Recall my line about raining on my shoes?)

Both houses need to step back and do a clean repeal of everything O'care related going back to pre-Obama. Messy for sure. But let the marketplace work it out and if any a**holes in DC can get consensus for a "replace", then let's talk later.

Nothing the House or Senate are doing will do anything other than slow down - and just a little - our descent to Single Payer Socialized Medicine.


Thanks anonamom. That's my instinct as well. If a student can get into Harvard, he can get into Hillsdale. :)


Mine probably can't get into Hillsdale. :) But it's worth a try!

Old Lurker

Porch, I am certain there are creatures Harvard will admit for free that Hillsdale would not touch.

Old Lurker

What can I say?

"...The Republican-led House decisively approved a defense policy bill on Friday that declares climate change a national security threat..."


Good point, OL.

I'll qualify it: any students belonging to JOMers who can get into Harvard, can get into Hillsdale. I think. :)


I would never encourage anyone's child to go there as an undergrad. Yale is even worse.

I'm trying to open the daughter's mind up to University of Chicago, which is the only university in the country that gets an 'A' rating (score above 90) on free speech/academic freedom according to this group:

Note that the bottom four, with scores below 20, are (worst to best) UOregon, Berkeley, Harvard, and Northwestern. Yale gets a 26.

She's dead set against Chicago because of its reputation as "a bunch of nerds," but we have more than a year (and some visits) to change her mind. (Of course the irony is that she's pretty much a nerd herself.)


Bridgette looks much better in the blue suit than in the skimpy white dresses she was in yesterday. And our FLOTUS is stunning.
(Hard to carry off sleeveless in your seventh decade of life when you are skinny. Hit the weights, Mrs. Macron.)

I'd LOVE a body language take on that handshake. I've got my thoughts,
and a certain somebody clearly dominated.

How do I see where you posted on The_Donald at reddit MM?

Kevlar Kid


Heard you on the glaze sitch.

These containers are made from reuseable materials such as PVC ends, cement tiles, pallet wood, and graphically refaced terra cotta.

Kev "Guerilla" Gardener

Clarice Feldman

The University of Chicago is really a great school. when she goes visiting ask her to check out the school bookstores--there's is full of the original exts--others have mishmash anthologies. See is Charles Lipson is available to talk to her.

If your outrage supply has run down today--this should ramp it up:

Old Lurker

Chicago is a great choice for a smart kid, Jimmy.

Try this "Honey I will give you a free ride to Chicago but will not be able to pay for any of the others..."

That is a variation of the line I used on mine which was "Daughters, I will pay for any serious graduate degree you want. Except Law."



Jimmyk, my son's friends from Deep Springs who went to U Chi are so not nerds. Great guys, with wonderful minds, magnificent hearts.

Clarice Feldman


Jane (Stand against the Coup)

Porch, both of Sandy Daze's kids went/go to Hillsdale. He can fill you in.


Do you need fake documents fast.....


OL-I don't know any lawyers who don't discourage their own relatives against the law. Unfortunately it is the kids who don't have family friends or relatives to explain how the business paradigm and economics have changed who go on and incur 6 figure debt, even to state schools.


Sorry, wrong link at 4:55


Saw this from 3 threads back:

Roll call on the first day of school in London, England....

Ahmed Al Sheriah .............................. ......"here"
Mustafa Al Sheriah .............................. ....."here"
Fatima El Bindihiri .............................. ......."here"
Ali Acmah Shabeeb .............................. ....."here"
Ali Sun Al En ..........................No answer

Ali Sun Al En?

A little girl at the back stands up and yells ........ "It's pronounced Alison Allen, for heavens sake

Noticed upon standing in the Customs Entry line for Non-Brit citizens this morning that just next to me on the other side of the rope was a train convoy of those electric wheeled vehicles, driven by airport employees, all full of folks unable to walk and/or very aged, etc.

I noticed that of the 7 vehicles lined up, each with an airport employee as driver and each carrying at least 4 passengers awaiting Customs clearance, only one, an aged woman, was what 50 years ago any of us would have recognized as a British citizen. It exactly fit with the joke posted above from 3 threads back.

It ain't your Granddaddy's England anymore, Muhammed.


Trump Departs Macron With "Excruciating" 30 Second Handshake While Kissing French President's Wife

Miss Marple the Deplorable

You know, it's the little things that sometimes make all the difference:


Have I missed the JOM discussion of Charlie Gard?
(I will confess to have had entire days go by this month without reading a single post. Sad.)

Not that there's much to say, other than The Huntress spoke the truth when she said we'd have Death Panels. Of course.

here's the latest:


Chicago is a tough slog for undergraduates. I'm partial to it for grad school since that's where my parents went and where I was born.

Jane, I knew that about Sandy Daze and have been meaning to get in touch. Has anyone heard from him? I hope all is well.

anonamom, did your son go to Deep Springs College? I have been interested in that place since I stumbled across this book of photographs.

I don't think my kids would be a good fit, unfortunately. But it is super cool.


Excruciating has a time limit.


Well we know the trouble Zippy gets into if he holds his own umbrella.


And when I say "kids," I mean "son." Although it looks as if they may start admitting women eventually.

Clarice Feldman
Awfully good sum up of the DTJr meeting


"I forget who was discussing deer in the yard.
Had two young bucks this morning wandering through my neighbor’s yard and across the street."

See the deer.
Does the deer have a little doe?
Yeah, two bucks.

h/t Larry, Moe, Curly

Clarice Feldman

If you need a laugh today


Yes he did, after his freshman year at a school in NJ.
Enriched all our lives beyond words. My husband and I still go back--stayed there two nights last fall.

They just celebrated the 100th anniversary with a huge reunion. You can see pics on FB. Sadly, sadly, sadly, LL Nunn's trust has been breached by the oh-so-wise judges of the state of CA, and it will no longer be an all male college. But it made it to 100!

The appeal of the Appellate Court's decision upholding the lower court's allowing the change of the trust to admit females went to the State SC, and arrived on Monday.
Their decision to not hear the case was sent out that Wednesday morning. Less than 48 hours later.

Can we say "done deal"?


Donald Trump is America’s first wartime president in the Culture War.

I agree with that from this: Towhall (Even Sayet) He Fights

Way behind as usual and doing catch-up.


Yes David but they fought three wars to seize the Ukraine and two to hold it, including the crimen thatscwhat I meant.


From Clarice's 5:16:

When Sergey Magnitsky a Russian lawyer representing a company that had been the victim of the theft, reported it to authorities in Moscow he was promptly jailed and beaten to death.

Not allegedly? I hate when they do that.

It happens all the time. Even conservative writers say "When the Russians hacked the DNC" without qualification. Is there any evidence for that besides the word of CrowdStrike, a dem vendor? I haven't been following that closely, but I sure haven't seen it.


Old Lurker

My funny deer story just occurred this week.

At home we have the entire property fenced in and gated so the deer don't bother us, they go graze the neighbors gardens.

Nantucket does not "do" deer fences but we are encouraged to "do" beautiful gardens. I soon realized that they can read the price tags because they always devour the most expensive plants the first night we set them out. We spray deer repellent but that has to be kept after any rain, so the local gardeners make a fortune coming around to spray the smelly stuff sometimes several times a week depending on the weather.

But I am a clever cuss, so I installed a bunch of noisy sprinklers that are motion sensitive so if a deer approaches in the middle of the night, the closet head pops on, makes a racket, and sends a decent pounding spray in the direction of the deer. I tested these thing summer before last and last summer, so this spring I had my sprinkler guy bury lines so I could hide these things all over the property areas I wanted to protect, and I had them put on timers so certain areas are not active until we are safely home and inside.

You know where this is going. Last week we had a dinner party for a number of friends. We had a great time and we all stayed at the table well past our bedtimes. And well past the time the sprays became active. Everyone of our guests was drenched from head to toe before they got to there cars.

Mrs. OL is not pleased with my gadgets.

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