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August 05, 2017


Clarice Feldman

All right. I can't sleep again. Here's some sound advice for the WH:


Wrt to the picture:
" Oh sweet mystery of life at last I have found you!"

Posted by: maryrose


Dave (in MA)
Cut it out, Ed!

Good advice in that column, Clarice.

Hope Team Trump is listening.


Daddy, what have WEIRD ASS COMEY and Rbt Mueller ever done in the REAL WORLD??

They are the very definition of THE SWAMP.

And now Comey hopes to profit from a book deal????

These motherf@$%ers already have multiple pensions. THEY...ARE....THE...SWAMP.


A little counterintuitive. Now if they had more engagenents like the one in hacksaw ruder;


Wel Co EU almost put an innocent man, Steven hatfill in jail, based on hallycunations forwarded by nick kristof he did so to frank quattrine he's a minion of the largest money laundering establishment since bcci.


Narciso, you must know that I love you. I've got a man that I contract with. He's from Italy and he's nearly 80 years old. He's very very talented, and he's quite LUCID.
I understand about 20% of what he says to me, as I look him in the face. He's been in the U.S. for 50 years, and he speaks English, but he speaks quickly and has no IDEA that people cannot understand him.
I understand, probably 25% of your posts.
Again, Narciso, I love you friend.

Dave (in MA)

I don't know when the show was taped, but Gutfeld had a clip of Lou Dobbs telling him to quit sending him nude photos.


Dave. Fox is purging itself. You must know this by now. I've never met Eric Bolling, and I have ZERO IDEA of whether he takes PACKAGE PICTURES for FUN and FRIVOLITY. Nor do I care.
I NO LONGER WATCH FOX. I also no longer TRUST any GOPe politician STILL LIVING. If Eric Bolling takes TURGID SELFIES of his DICK, it does not change the MARXISTS from being my ENEMY. I've said it here DOZENS of times.
A WAR IS COMING. Pardon the "coming" Pun.

Dave (in MA)

Why doesn't The Five have Bolling impeachment proceedings, and then if they vote to impeach they can send it over to The Fox News Specialists who can decide on whether to convict, and if not, he keeps his job?


Oh no Dave, we should have Bill "PUT SOME ICE ON THAT" and Loretta "I'm so honest, I use my Grandmothers name as an ALIAS so as to do OFFICIAL GOVT CORRESPONDENCE, meet on SOME TARMAC, SOMEWHERE to JUDGE Eric Bolling.
I'd bring a RESET BUTTON.


I'm just SORT OF/KIND OF, wondering, WHY, and HOW, some dude named ERIC BOLLING, is NEWS???

The RAPIST and CURB DIVE have taken MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars from FOREIGN GOVTS, while CURB DIVE RODHAM was "serving" as SEC STATE...(usually drunk as hell), and The Rapist was paid...FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for ONE SPEECH to a RUSSIAN INVESTMENT BANK, supported and connected to PUTIN, and THE RAPIST got a THANK YOU LETTER from MISTER PUTIN.......Yet CRICKETS??????

So, blah blah blah blah, LOOOOOOOK A RUSSIAN SQUIRREL named Eric Bolling.


Dave (in MA)

WBZ in Boston and WCCO in Minneapolis do a radio simulcast on weekend overnights, and a caller named Gretchen was just talking about the Bloomington mosque bombing, saying that she heard that a pickup truck was possibly involved, so you know it must be a blue collar white male with only a high school education, and probably has bad teeth and a confederate flag tattoo.

(Emphasis to denote her sneering tone.) I shut it off before she brought up Trump.

Ralph L

Just the tip?
Posted by: Dave (in MA)
I bet you say that to all the boys girls.


Dave, I heard about an incident at a "MOSQUE" in MINNEAPOLISTAN. Unless you are "RETARDED" you understand SEVERAL things. Minneapolis, Minnesota AND the LIBTARD CLOWNS who live there and who have elected, FRANKEN, VENTURA and DAYTON are nuts. When a murder happens every day in Milwaukee, I'm not "retarded", I know IMMMMMMMEDIATELY who AND WHY.

And I would probably be correct.


Pajama Boy syndrome has taken HOLD.

Nasty nasty bad mean people who wear TIES and HATE.....TRANSGENDERS are EVIL etc etc etc etc.

Wow. What has the MARXIST LEFT done to this GREAT NATION?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I can't sleep either.

I had a horse when I was a kid who would swat flies with his. I am not making this up.

My mother, who was dean of girls at the junior high, would get so dang mad because we thought it was funny and she would make us come in the house until he quit.


Your weekly Clarice:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

While I am up, I want to direct anyone who is still doubting McMaster to the guy who started this whole kerfuffle, Mike Cernovich.

Several people have posted screen caps and links to his prior work on this time line. Bill Mitchell had a heads up that something like this was coming a couple of days ago.

Cernovich and his allies, all of whom planned this, are grandstanders who have posed like Trump supporters in order to make money. They are the internet equivalent of David Brock, who made a lot of money writing an expose of Anita Hill and THEN SWITCHED SIDES.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Now that I have gotten all indignant, I am going to try to go back to sleep.


Dum Dee Dum Dum.

This is the City.

Washington DC.

Wealthiest City per capita in the world

and growing by a thousand lobbyists each and every day.

That makes it crowded.

There are all kinds of people here.



Those who love,

And those who hate.

Sometimes people get in trouble.

When they're Democrats, that's when I go into action.

My partners Bill Gannon.

The Boss is Loretta Lynch.

My names Friday Comey. I carry a badge.

Dum Dee Dum Dum.

It was Friday July 25th. It was hot in DC.

Bill and I were working bunko division on the night shift when we got a call from a distraught Debbie Wasserman Schultz, informing us that her close friend, Imran Awan, was being held at Dulles International and wrongly denied permission to board a flight to QATAR. I had dealt with Ms Wasserman Schultz many times before and knew she was a powerful force to roll over for, so in minutes we were on our way.

Arriving at the terminal I instantly spotted Imran Awan. I knew him well since we had eaten pizza together many times before at Comet Ping Pong, and I recalled chatting with him on the evening after Seth Rich had been murdered during an unsolved botched robbery.

"Oh Officer Comey," said Imran. "Please help me."

"Reed, Malloy, what seems to be the problem here, Officers? I asked.

"Oh, Hey Comey. This guy here attempted to leave the country with over $12,000 cash without proper declaration which is illegal."

"Imran, is this true?" I asked.

"No Officer Comey," he replied, " I did not know I had more than $10,000 on me. It was just some spending money in my pocket for Pakistan."

"Why don't you let Imran go, Officers? You just heard him say he didn't know he had more than $10,000, and since you can't prove his intent that he was intentionally breaking the Law, he should be given the benefit of the doubt and set free."

Huh? "No intent?" There's no such thing as a "No intent" clause in violating the Law, Comey, and you should know that better than anyone else. Where do you come up with such nonsense?"

"Well, there's a "No Intent" clause if you're a Democrat, Officer Reed", I said dismissively, "and Imran's a Democrat, so let him go."

"No can do, Comey" refused the Officers. " He's also charged with bilking somebody in a $300K Fraud scam and orders from the top say we have to take him into Custody for that offense also."

"Oh, Officer Comey," pleaded Imran. "Please help. I was just going on vacation to Pakistan. I'll be back in a couple months."

"I know you were Imran, I know you were." I told him sadly, "But when rogue cops, bad cops, like these bad cops here get Islamophobia in their heads, sometimes you just have to go above their heads, and that's where I need to go now to get you sprung from jail."

"No way Comey. He's going to the slammer!" said Officer Malloy.

"Fat chance, flatfoot. I'll have him released with an ankle bracelet by morning. You still haven't figured out how this town works yet, have ya? Geez, I just don't understand you Law and Order rookies at all."

As we drove back to the Office, I filled my partner Bill, in on "the Matter."

"The "Matter?" asked Bill. "Ain't it an "Investigation?"

"No Bill. The word from Boss Loretta is this is a "Matter," like those tarmac and E-Mail "Matters." It's only an "Investigation" if it involves Republicans. If it involves Democrats, it's only a "Matter." Got that? That's our orders from Loretta."

"But hasn't Loretta not been our boss now for like 6 months? asked Bill. Bill 's a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, so I walked him through his pension, and his pending retirement, and the physical locations of where each of his grandkids were that particular second, and what a shame it'd be if anything happened to any of them, and pretty soon he caught on: "Loretta's still the boss---got it!"


Just about then the phone rang. It was for me. It was Ms Wasserman Schultz.

"Yes Mam, Yes Mam, Yes Mam. Uh huh. We're on it, right now."

I told my partner Bill to step on it and head on over to Capitol Hill Police Headquarters. Washerman Schultz had called me and told me that her computer had been mistakenly confiscated by the Capitol Hill Police and they were refusing to give it back to her. In minutes we are at Capitol Police Headquarters.

When I walked in she was in a room with the Capitol Hill Police Chief explaining why the computer was her property and why she deserved to have it returned to her:

“My understanding is that the Capitol Police are not able to confiscate Members’ equipment when the Member is not under investigation” she was explaining politely.

“We can’t return the equipment,” replied Matthew R. Verderosa the fat ogre of a Police Chief, to the Florida Democrat.

A clearly exasperated Wasserman Schultz replied to him kindly, “I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences.”

I could understand her exasperation but the biased Chief still wasn't budging, so I stepped in and told him that I knew from the top that this wasn't an "Investigation," it was a "Matter," and since it was only a "matter" and not technically an "Investigation" he should turn the computer over to Ms Wasserman Schultz since it was her property and she was a Democrat. He shook his head no, so since he was another dirty cop, a rogue cop, an Islamophobic cop, and since I'd had my fill up to here with racist Conservatives today I let him have it with both barrels and told him exactly what I thought of cops like him that hide behind a badge:

"So you let that badge get in the way, huh Chief? How's it going Dick Tracy? How many jaywalkers did you pinch today? How many apples did you steal? All at once you lost your first name. You're a cop, a flatfoot, a dick, John Law, the Fuzz, the Heat, you're poison, you're trouble, you're bad news. They call you everything and you deserve it! I hate cops like you." Then I stormed out of there.

When we got back to the Office, Bill and I were so exhausted we decided to blow off the paperwork.

That way we wouldn't have to redact any of it in future if those damn jerks at Judicial Watch decided to hit us with another FOIA request. First I called a Federal Judge in my back pocket and told him to release Imran with only an ankle bracelet for the time being. Then I called Podesta, told him to dig up a Clinton Lawyer for Imran, then left a message for a Columbia Professor to leak the essentials to the NYTimes for the morning edition. Then finally I headed on over to Comet Ping Pong for a nightcap with my bosom buddy Bob Mueller to brainstorm how to indict Trump.

Dum Dee Dum Dum.

The story you have just seen is true. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

A preliminary hearing was held in Washington DC on 27 July 2017 for the suspect Imran Awan. In a moment the results of that hearing.

Dum dee Dum Dum...


Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:


As a result of the Preliminary Hearing, Imran Awan was provided with an exceptionally expensive Lawyer by his old friend Bill Clinton, and the Lawyer was easily able to get the Judge to release Imran with an ankle bracelet and zero bail.

Officer Malloy was fired from the Police Force for unacceptable Islamophobia and

Office Reed was busted in rank and ordered to attend 6 months of Mandatory Sensitivity Training.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz suddenly remembered that the computer confiscated by the Capitol Hill Police was not hers in the first place, and

Capitol Hill Police Chief Verderosa was advised to hire a food taster.

Best of all Officer Comey got a a $2 Million Deal to write a book about his personal Integrity.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Clarice has the best Title ever, IMO.

Clarice Feldman

Daddy, what genius!

Clarice Feldman

Rganks. I need daddy to illustrate my columns,


LOL - daddy had some spare time, and man, did we ever get the best of that! Windfall! Muchos gracias! Grazie!


Rganks, Thanks, Yjanks, all the same to me

James D.

Daddy, that was maybe your best ever!

James D.

And a fantastic Pieces, Clarice!


Great pieces clarice

An inspired bit of work, daddy, cameo by Kent mccord, I was thinking that the whole Seth rich matter was like a bearded Spock law and order.

Clarice Feldman


Here's an interesting one by VDH:


Daddy, I'm standing and applauding that masterpiece. And somewhere off in the distance I can hear OL coming towards me talking some yang.

((( sigh )))

You and he aren't conspiring against little ole Colored me, are you? Because . . . while a magnificent piece of work, it damn sure sounded quite a bit like that damn OL.

* * *

Me: OL, did you or did you not accept that title I bestowed upon you last night ???

OL: Wait, wut ???

Me: Yeah, you accepted it alright. Standing over there playin' all stupid an ever'thang. I know damn well you and daddy conspirin' against me! And I'm not gonna have it . . . . (now praying) Father in Heaven, Master of the Universe, I beg you: don't let these sap-suckers be right. Please, please, please! (gets up off bended knee) Amen.

Janet the expert 🚬

from 2 yrs ago...
a reminder of why our LEGAL immigration system had to be addressed -

The Immigration Onslaught Continues

"We are in the midst of the biggest influx of immigrants in our country’s history. In the next ten years, under current law, the federal government will issue 10 million green cards–more than the combined populations of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This chart is courtesy of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration:"...


Excellent work to both Clarice and daddy.

That is a great idea Clarice. I think the 2 of you should collaborate on a piece for AT.


I don't see how mcmaster and Mattis are not furthering the deep state agenda, sacking or demoting every trump ally besides bannon and anton. Replacing lovenger Higgins Cohen ratnick

Clarice Feldman

It is an interesting counter argument, isn't it , narciso?Could it merely be that McMaster is just following a different set of priorities--i.e., N Korea first and then Iran?

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


That was a FABULOUS Pieces. And the story about your son was exactly what I would have expected.

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


You are certifiable - one of your best qualities.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


If they were pushing for taking out Iran first, and the Boss and McMaster are working on N Korea, it seems to me they would be a liability right now.

Furthermore, if they have leaked in furtherence of that agenda they have to go.

We do not know that they were Trump supporters EXCEPT for the say-so of people like Cernovich. I see this morning Lee Stranahan is definitely involved in this as well.

I take my cues from on-record statements from the administration. President Trump released a statement saying he supported McMaster. I am going with the President.

By the way, the latest tack is that if you don't agree with them, then you are a "Deep State operative." They can kiss my grits.


I don't know about Higgins until this week but Cohen ratnick was the one along with Ellis who called out the surveillance everyone has been leaking 24/7 to the usual suspects. The dia had some of the best record in intelligence


The disinformation wars are running hot. Who can truly know what is what?

If Mueller is not covering himself in glory, Trump will have to take the advice given by someone weeks ago: send him a letter, give him a date-certain that is no more than single-digit weeks away for a report, and then send them all home unless serious wrongdoing has been uncovered.

We have to hope this level of disinformation campaign was fully anticipated. I certainly think it was; that's the reason for the whole "fake news" initiative. I'm hoping all of the speculation about Bannon today is part of that anticipatory tool being strategically utilized.

Along those lines, it's still better than 50-50 to me that Cohen-Watnick is part of the plan to keep them chasing a narrative that has no basis in truth.


What a night! RG, bigly; Clarice, smally; and daddy, pointedly. Thank you all.

Oh, RG, weren’t you looking for an ah men? Amen!


Whose dezinformatya rattler, the ones who tell us the rhodes road show was righteous the ones that certified no wmds when that was clearly wrong.


Maybe they should have called in the a team:

And of the key scenes actually filmed in koln, purportedly takes play it the Commerzbank in franfort

Jack is Back!

Between daddy's "opus magnus" and Clarice's Pieces, I am overwhelmed in DC comics:)[Cosplay joke there]

English football begins: Chelsea v. Arsenal for the Community Shield at Wembley. Go Blues!

Clarice Feldman

Sean Spicier (@sean_spicier):
Some of you might be wondering how we got the UN Security Council to vote unanimously to sanction North Korea. We told them it was Israel

(And still there are loonies who don't realize this is a parody site.)


When the state persecutes those who preach the Word what is our defense, Herr dreher


New thread

The Gipper Lives

Bravo, daddy.

The Gipper Lives

Officer Comey to Reed and Malloy:

“I hope you can let this go.”


Buford Gooch

Daddy, that was amazing.

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