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August 13, 2017



I will avoid gold tournament labeling.





Justin Thomas is no Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler is no Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is no Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas is no...


Or, would you believe thurd?


NBC, for whatever that's worth:

Far-Right Rally Goes Ahead in Seattle — Despite Violence in Virginia



I know you hate labels, but the PGA is not an 'Open' is it?


mockmook, I have no idea. All I know about golf I learned from a documentary about Bushwood. :)



Open Thread -- not PGA Open

Jack is Back!

Think about the President's Cup and the Ryder Cup. It was always the conventional wisdom that the American's were as cohesive a team as the Euros. Well with the comraderie of Spieth, Thomas and Fowler as well as Koepka, Kisner and Kuchar, I would be very worried if I am the Internationals and/or the Euros.

I have no recollection of Gary Player or Arnold Palmer or Lee Trevino hanging around to congratulate Nicklaus when he beat their ass in a major. Think about that!

Jack is Back!

...were not as cohesive.....


"Far-Right Rally Goes Ahead in Seattle — Despite Violence in Virginia"

It's almost as if some far left moneybags has begun funding wacko "far-right" protests to discredit conservatives/Trump



Uh oh. Is this the golf thread?

Captain Hate

You'd think the airport channel...:


Meringoff doesn't consider an ulterior motive.


Beasts of England

Congrats again to Justin Thomas!! :)

Captain Hate

Agree with Ext on the previous thread that the investigation into the Charlottesville nonsense is Sessions's Sunset Boulevard moment.

Frau Fragezeichen

SOB, TK. It's a former JOMer

MayBee said...
People are angry Trump denounced bigotry and violence, and not specifically the White Nationalists.

But- serious question- do we want the President of the United States to tell groups their thoughts are not welcome here? If we do want that, do we want those thoughts to be illegal?

I always thought you could have whatever thought you wanted in America. You could express it (unless it's a direct threat), and you can demonstrate about it. But you can't be violent, you can't harm others, you can't infringe on the rights of others while you hate.

I'd much rather POTUS condemn actions, not thoughts.


Pee inquiries about skokie, subsequent to the decision, there was not a march there the Illinois Nazis chose chicago

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Not really watching TV so can anyone tell me whether there is any significant enlightening videos of what happened in Charlottesville?
I've seen a few quick shots of the guy with the car but nothing else of any consequence.
If there were all these antifa people heading for the place and they had some non provocative video to show we'd see it wouldn't we?
Does anyone think nobody was shooting this thing from stem to stern?


Hear, hear, Frau--

Frau Fragezeichen

Michael Signer is on my Big Carp list. Does he think we are stupid? Well maybe the progs in VA are:

The mayor of Charlottesville suggested Sunday that President Trump has created an environment in which white supremacists feel welcome to publicly promote their views.

In an interview on CBS's "Face the Nation," Mayor Michael Signer was asked to comment on the president's response to the violent clashes and apparent attack in his town on Saturday.

"You know, I don't want to make this too much about Donald Trump. We have a lot of grieving and a lot of work to do as a city and as a country, but he should look in the mirror," Signer said.

And who is Mayor Signer? Just another politician looking for another free ride to government pay.
Michael Signer is the mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia and an author, advocate, political theorist, and attorney. He is a Virginia Democratic activist and former candidate for lieutenant governor. He is a lecturer at the University of Virginia.

He voted in favor of keeping the Gen. Lee statue,but his sights are on higher office.
He's biding his time.


Turtles keep going straight down, first beyer than northam now signer, probably community organizer.

Frau Fragezeichen

Unfortunately, scorpions going straight down, narciso.

I'm old enough to remember when mayors were non-political and party affiliation unknown.

Catsmeat, your "hear, hear" belongs to Maybee.

This entire one-sided report on Charlottesville bothers me because we in CA know what the Antifa thugs have done. Others here know first-hand about the BLM. Now we have a pas de deux in VA.


Yes hes made it a cottage industry

Back when the binaparte bureau had so much time on its hands it was reviewing social media, but not the ones that mattered


The story was not the jupiterian:

Jack is Back!

Not sitting well with Trumpmerica. The hicks and rednecks know all about the smart asses in the college towns. I see the average family more interested in good jobs, rising wages and a better future fo their family than this blot on history.

Frau Fragezeichen

narciso - that reminds me that the authorities did not immediately scoop up the wife of the Orlando murderer when at the same time news reports reported that she grew up in the SF area. Lo and behold, she was much later found in her home area.


Y shut thosecinquiries down, that led to any further members of the cell a with San bernardino

maybe its just me but in house of spies is the first timecthwuy mention gabriwl allon a short, compared to the pompeo manque company chief.

Clarice Feldman

Hill reporter--police thought driver was scared, not malicious:">">

Elsewhere there's a video which purports to show antifa demonstrators smacking his car with baseball bats before the collision

Janet the expert 🚬

Glenda linked this on the last thread.
from ChaCo -

"The Constitution doesn't have a clause in it for removal by vote of the media, or because his political opponents don't like him."...

"... accept that the legacy media is trying to screw Trump over, and is not above lying outright -- or, next best thing, running convenient anonymously sourced stories without checking them -- to hurt him. Object to that, hell yes -- but also recognize that the actual readers and viewers increasingly understand that's happening. "...

Clarice Feldman

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

The thing that is causing the stress and heating up the cold civil war is the conflation of neo Nazis and middle America. You cannot tell decent people over and over they are racists, fascists, ad nauseum and try to shame them into adopting your own fascistic anti-liberty BS and hating everything the US stands for without an explosion occurring.
Brainless little psycho shits like Ben delight in this armchair anarcho-syndicalism but when the sleeping giant they're poking wakes up with a terrible resolve and a toothache they're gonna be screaming for mommy.
They're like that dumbshit in AK who thought he could live with a grizzly without it eventually eating him, except they insist on poking the bear with a stick instead of trying to give it a hug.

Anyone with any sense or experience knows, those with the longest fuse and the most patience are the ones you least want to discover what is at the end of that fuse.

Janet the expert 🚬

President Trump has created an environment in which white supremacists feel welcome to publicly promote their views.

President Obama has created an environment in which baby butchers that sell the infant body parts for cash feel welcome to publicly promote their views.


Seems to be he is a slightly less pathetic version of the Charleston shooter, what a fustercluck this has turned to be.

There are thematic examples of Allen drurys last tales in the 70s, re the militant left and right elements

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

One thing that might indicate he was freaked out was the fact he drove his car into the back of another one.
Who, when trying to rack up as many pedestrians as possible, would do that? He could have driven around it and hit 100 more people.


This was posted on reddit 2 hours ago by AOU. I can't believe the cops made these protesters walk right through the antifa thugs.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Has there ever been a time when white supremacists didn't seek to publicly air their views, regardless of who was in the Oval Office?
Was Jimmy Carter to blame for the Nazis in Skokie?

The difference is now the nutjob international socialists "feel welcome" to violently resist what are usually peaceful protests by a bunch of nutjob national socialists.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Agree with a lot of that article, but the problem is the Senate. Yes, President Trump should make deals (and he did with the House version of the ACA repeal bill, so it passed).

BUT, the Senate wanted their OWN bill. They didn't like the House bill. So McConnell set out to craft a new one and of course, there was all the arguing and dissension and eventually, they lost because of McCain'svote (which would have been Heller if McCain had voted yes).

While I do not think the President should expect every GOP Senator to march in lockstep to what he wants, I DO think on ACA repeal he had every right to expect passage since they had campaigned on it for several years and passed a repeal in 2015. Why shouldn't he have expected cooperation? I sure did!

I think that has enraged me the most about this. Congress LIED to President Trump and to us. Well, now we know them for what they are, so I expect to see some arm-twisting on this stuff.

We will probably get whiners about the NAFTA negotiations as well. Fortunately, they can't get involved in that.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

That's exactly what that chick from Infowars said, Rocco.
The cops blocking their path told the pseudo nazis they had to leave and when they asked if they could leave through the safe barrier the cops were guarding they said no, they had to go walk the gauntlet through a bunch of violent fascists.
Can cops be charging with inciting to riot?


Was this one of those views

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ralph L

The organizer said beforehand that he was trying to "de-stigmatize white advocacy." Pretty stupid to invite or allow neo-nazis.
Fields was photographed with a shield bearing what looked like crossed fasces to me. His group was called Vanguard America IIRC.


You cat fix stupid like that, I'm sorry, the zmans comment on the other thread is inatructuve as to what should have been done.


Thus is the detail which might be mire unportant than what happened yesterday, shades of res october:


I think those injured in Charlottesville at least certainly have grounds for suit under the 14th Amendment "equal protection" clause.


Wouldn’t surprise me if a newly converted NK submarine sprung a leak on a test dive.


I uncovered this bit of fake news that may have inspired fletcher knebel

It wee from a ridiculous essay comparing vernal Lynn to walker, I think this fds


Seems to be he is a slightly less pathetic version of the Charleston shooter, what a fustercluck this has turned to be.

If by "slightly less pathetic" you mean "didn't plan and execute the murder in cold blood of nine people after praying with them," then I agree.


Narciso, those subs only have a six hundred mile range, so it will have to be refueled frequently to make it anywhere near the US.

I'm sure our Navy will be able to deal with it.

Too bad if it has an accident half way across the Pacific.


Go hadn't heard anything about north Korean nuclear missile equipped subs until this

Frau  Knuppel in der Hand

Point well taken, Porch.

I went to DC for the first Tea Party march. I did not expect confrontation. If there had been some, it would have been a surprise. I may be mistaken, but there were many protesters in Charlottesville who did not expect the Antifa and BLM to appear in front of them.

Captain Hate

Has there ever been a time when white supremacists didn't seek to publicly air their views, regardless of who was in the Oval Office?

I'm calling bullshit on the entire concept of "white supremacists" as a construct of the MFM. Who are these dickweeds? David Duke; a 20th century nobody who Trump probably has never met; unlike, say, Bill Ayers who knew the JEF but was off limits per the MFM as just a guy in the neighborhood. If they exist, they're nobodies with no influence except in the tiny minds of the journolisters.

Fuck the MFM. Don't play their games. Just tell them to eat shit and walk away. End of problem.

Frau  Knuppel in der Hand

"Fuck the MFM. Don't play their games. Just tell them to eat shit and walk away. End of problem."

Words to live by.



I pretty much do that daily, I simply push the red button on the clicker.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Just about had it today...

my response to a liberal 'friend' from HS who is all giddy that he can lump republicans with David Duke and scream that Trump condemned BOTH sides.!!!!!!!

Except he said he voted for Hillary back in the fall. I don't give a tinkers damn who voted for who except that you are trying to collectivise all the Trump voters as homogeneous. Stop it. They are not. DD has a right to believe and think what he wants and vote for who he wants. I have a right to do the same. That the Venn diagram overlaps is not my fault or my problem unless you are down with me lumping you with the anti Jewish groups (Muslim Brotherhood) who are also 100% in the voter booths voting for democrats. Should I lump you in with being down with the MB? Then stop it. It is beneath you and sloppy and lazy thinking just to score political points. Grow the fuck up.

He's a very liberal jew who gets jerked around by Vox and HuffPo on a daily basis and I'm fucking sick of his bullshit.

/rant off


Well is he takes vox and pyffington seriously, well he has removed all doubt he crossed the zero barrier

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

I went to DC for the first Tea Party march. I did not expect confrontation. If there had been some, it would have been a surprise. I may be mistaken, but there were many protesters in Charlottesville who did not expect the Antifa and BLM to appear in front of them.

THIS is what they are counting on. When the SHTF and they pull something and Trump is removed, they are setting the conditions to make it very unlikely that a peaceful march on Washington will occur. Who from flyover country will want to get anywhere near where it will be guaranteed that the Antifa and BLM will be given carte blanche to cause problems. Very few teapartiers will be willing to run that gauntlet won't they? Cowed by the pictures on these events, the coup will be but a blip on the 6 o'clock news.

OL, I could use a double. Neat.

Frau  Knuppel in der Hand

Stephanie - that was then. Now, I will go and if the opposition wants to tangle, I will take that as part of the gig.

Trump removed? Over my old body. If the time comes, I will be there.

Nobody puts Frau in a corner.


After Portland and Berkeley, they shouldn't have been surprised, among the stupidest reaction, was Orrin hatch who blubbered like peter graves after he ate the fish, but that was a close call.

Dave (in MA)

Texas Liberty Gal

Exactly this...


New Leftist playbook...

Remove decades-old historical statues to provoke protests.

Send Antifa mobs to instigate violence.

Blame Trump.


Like Buckley pointed out they got Fidel his job


I'm sure there will be more inanity tomorrow starting g with morning joke, till then I bud adieh.

Strawman Cometh

49 years ago I was 30 or so miles from the '68 Chicago (democrat convention). Last night, I was 30 or so miles from Charlottesville. What do I win.


Ig - you might find these two canucks interesting to listen to:

Man Tran

Stephanie and Frau,

I had a lucid vision several years ago that the next 9/12 march all us old geezers would show up with M-4s strapped across our chests. And that was when the JEF was running the show. What was he going to do? Have F-16s strafe the Mall? Now . . . ?

Herb Meyer told me years ago, the down through history revolutions were decided by 2nd Lieutenants. If they were part of the Pretorian Guard, they would kill the peasants at the castle gate, but if their folks were staring them in the face, the regime would fall.


Loser racist clowns plan a march in the woods. If nobody is there, did the march happen.
MFM sends turgid libtards to cover Non-event hoping desperately that the HYPE will create reality TEEVEE violence to REPORT.
Kind loving Non-violent BLM and Antifa dudes skip their monthly shower in order to score baseball bats and other tools of mayhem. Newspaper boxes, benches, aerosol cans of flammable contents. The usual RIOT stuff that the SOROS crowd uses to protest freedom and Capitalism. Libtard media creams it's collective jeans in glee, and the whole traveling clown show is ON THE AIR. Slimy lib POLS and MFM pretty faces, PARROT the RACISTS DID THIS MEME and torture themselves, and their viewers, wondering WHY, the President doesn't go along with the clownish charade. Even FOX reports 3 DEAD in Charlottesville incident. The Helicopter did not crash because a black dude lit AEROSOL SPRAY and aimed it at his NEMESIS'.
I explained the DISGUSTING MEME to GUS JR.
LIV's across America swallow the PABLUM.

Jack is Back!

Up early. First day of football practice for Frederick. 2AD's Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. 1ADs rest of week including Saturday. Start at 7:30 end at 8:00 at night. Preceded by 3 weeks of weights, speed, agility and mini-camp. I'm worn out already.


On TV over here White Supremacist violence and Trump's perceived lack of condemnation continue to be the lead story on the morning News Shows. Only Franch 24 has moved it down from the top spot, since a French national and 17 others have been killed in an Islamist Terror attack at some Restaurant in that country.

BBC has also given equal billing to some new developments in North Korea, but the other channels are 100% White Supremacist Trump, with RT vying with CNN for the most inflammatory images of mob violence.

Good Morning.


*since a French national and 17 others have been killed in an Islamist Terror attack at some Restaurant in Burkino Faso.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

I have been going over 0Hour's time line on Twitter (130 or so posts since I went to bed last night). He has some stuff that indicates that foreign influences (Russia and Ukraine) may be finding or assisting come of these people in sort of a street proxy war.

I reviewed what he said and there is some validity to it. (For example, Cernovich has contact with a Nazi-like hacker called WEEV who is hiding out in Ukraine).

One has to wonder about Putin, too. Since he is no doubt upset about sanctions and the drop in oil prices, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that he might be trying to cause unrest here, with his dupes in the media covering it as a method to delegitimize.

As I said, the stuff 0Hour posted seems reasonable but of course it isn't legal evidence. I am glad Sessions has opened a civil rights case.

One thing I do wish is that states would pass laws barring people demonstrating in masks. Antifa gets a lot of their power from being anonymous and unidentifiable.


Yippee!!! Alaska Dispatch News files for bankruptcy; new publishers emerge

In a prepared statement Saturday, Alaska Dispatch News LLC owner Alice Rogoff, who also has served as publisher, said it was a "truly bittersweet" moment for her, though she is relieved the newspaper will live on under new ownership.

It appears that there will be some new owners, and from the story the new owners appear to be lifelong Alaskans interested in jobs and industry instead of turning Alaska into an Enviro-Park. You never know, but hopefully the hard Left slant of the current paper may cease with locals in command.

The Binkleys were all born and raised in Fairbanks, where the family has tourism companies The Riverboat Discovery and Gold Dredge 8. Their father is John Binkley, the president of the Cruise Lines International Association of Alaska and a former Alaska legislator.

Evans, who is Inupiaq, is also a lifelong Alaskan. Ryan Binkley and Evans will serve as interim co-publishers. In the long term, Binkley said the group will find a publisher — that might be one of them, or someone else they bring in.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Aldi is test-marketing grocery delivery in 3 cities.

I shop at the Aldi grocery near our house. They offer the lowest prices in this area, in many cases 25% lower. The drawback is that they have a limited selection. (For example, 8=10 types of soup only, no grits,no buttermilk, only about 15 spices). Their beef is of pretty good quality.

You do have to either bring youe own bags or buy them there (10 cents each) and you bag your own groceries.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

China issues order implementing UN sanctions on North Korea.


Seattle cops block opposing groups from having any contact, end up tear gassing the Antifa crowd.

Charlottesville cops drive "white-supremacy" group into the Antifa crowd.

Different agendas, different tactics, different results

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 23m23 minutes ago

Heading to Washington this morning. Much work to do. Focus on trade and military. #MAGA

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 11m11 minutes ago

Luther Strange of the Great State of Alabama has my endorsement. He is strong on Border & Wall, the military, tax cuts & law enforcement.

Jack is Back!

Aldi is here on Long Island but the closest one to us is Riverhead where I am spending a lot of time lately for Frederick's HS football practices. May give them a try. They are right next to a Dick's Sporting Goods where I spend more money than time:)

MM, the old adage: Follow the money, always seems to the best path to the truth.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The following articles were re-tweeted by President Trump this morning:

Jack is Back!


Hard to believe Seattle is more sympathetic to the rights of the all than Charlottesville.



I think the Charlottesville mayor took his marching orders from McAwful.

Seattle mayor might be smart enough to conclude that he doesn't want DoJ sniffing around.

Not like Holder/Lynch are there to provide cover.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The strangest thing - just after reading your post about the Alaska Daily Dispatch News, Greta Van Sustern retweeted this article:

The author will be in Alaska in November giving talks (and probably selling autographed books).

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 19m19 minutes ago

The Obstructionist Democrats have given us (or not fixed) some of the worst trade deals in World History. I am changing that fast!


When we took the kids to alaska and then did the land trip with them from anchorage (stayed overnight at captain cook) to denali state park via Talkeetna (the inspiration for Cicely in Northern Exposure) and then on to Fairbanks we met the binkleys because we did that boat trip. My husband commented on how thoroughly the binkleys had created a tourist experience with the bush pilot plane and susan butcher coming out with her dogs to speak to the passengers on the riverboat.

Did the panning for gold as well that they owned. They had also recreated an Inuit village the riverboat takes you to and they have salmon wheels to show how they turn and scoop up the fish. Then the binkleys have smoked salmon on the riverboat for sale that they will ship.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


NBA heads to the Holy Land to develop talent, promote values


(For example, 8-10 types of soup only, no grits, no buttermilk, only about 15 spices). Their beef is of pretty good quality.

You do have to either bring your own bags or buy them there (10 cents each) and you bag your own groceries.

Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | August 14, 2017 at 06:40 AM

No grits? No buttermilk? What the hail !?!

rse should be better known and understood.

One of the people mentioned in the article is someone I went to college with. I can remember when he prosecuted honor code violations. He was that kind of a person even when young


MM-at least it is discounted. At Target when I was still in the thumb spica splint they had nothing but the check yourself out open at ten in the morning even though there were plenty of workers roaming about. Then move on to publix where there was no one to bag and the cashier was challenged just running the register.

I asked when I was leaving why there was no bagger and only one lane open. He is on break. All these people know they have to show up to get paid, but actually working so that customers can get in and out quickly is becoming a lost experience.

Jack is Back!


No Aldi in the south. That's pretty obvious:)


OL will find this interesting.


Miss M, 0hour did some investigating overnight. Found some KKK ex-con dude organizing the violence. Then anonymous hacked and copied the content (emails, etc) from the "stormfront" (Nazi?) website. At least some of the dangerous ones will get exposed.


Meanwhile, Chicago gangs crossed the border last night. 3 shot / killed at Great Lakes Dragaway.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

RG, Jack,

Aldi's is a German company. No grits or buttermilk, but you can get good braunschweiger and jars of red cabbage. LOL!

What I do is go to Aldi's for staples and then to Kroger about every 3 weeks for our brand of dog food, grits, etc.

Aldi''s also has pretty good produce. Also, they are the place where I get the $2.89 bottles of Merlot.

I have to pay attention to prices now. It's the only part of my budget over which I have control.


The AI Musk is afriad of, or uses or something. Easy to mess with.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

If my only choice was a driverless car, I would walk or stay home.

People who think these are neat either are selling them or think they are for OTHER people.

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Aldi is all over Atlanta. I've never gone there, but some people really like it. I Kroger, Publix and Walmart for my goods, so I go enough places for the stuff I like.

Ralph L

Aldi's are popping up in my part of piedmont NC. Much of their produce is better and everything is cheaper than anyone in town, including Walmart. They're also closer to me. I take a reinforced cardboard box.

They own Trader Joes.

Ralph L

Aldi has great melons, and their cantaloupes, watermelons, and honeydews are good, too.

Janet the expert 🚬

Some interesting info on Charlottesville's Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy
The city council member that was pushing the Lee statue removal -

Dec. 2016 -

"A Virginia Board of Education member has stepped down after a series of his tweets from several years ago surfaced, including public messages that had gay slurs, references to sexual assault and anti-white comments."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ralph L.,

I also recommend their lean ground beef, which is very flavorful.

Like I said, they are limited in their offerings, but what they do have is low-priced and good quality.

No bakery or deli, though.

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