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September 02, 2017



Foist! Good Morning.


Goo?d heavens--first


Ah, foisted! sigh--

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Comey was aware of her intent, IMO.


Ext forgot "tiny"

If the large picture is the same size as the small picture, then no big deal.

But it still changes the size.



Well that certainly works.

Just not small or large, I guess. Interesting!

Captain Hate

Hard to believe Dalvin Cook is no longer a Nole; he seemed to be there longer than the McCrays were at Louisville. Don't think Jimbo will beat Saban.


His supporters are almost always in a very, very good mood--they've found a champion and they are finding all the other people who think he's a champion too. Always true at his rallies; looks like it's true here in his stops in Houston.

Jack is Back!

So far, Noles held the Elephants to a missed FG.

Now on the O, looking good.

Jack is Back!


He is the ultimate salesman and developer. He knows who his clients are and how to make love the product or design. Are any of his developments empty?

Jack is Back!

Off to dreamland. Up since 0500 for Frederick's game.

Slaap lekker, tot morgen.


Here is the picture that got me thinking, Ext.

Maybe it is how it was uploaded that causes the large/small/tiny to make a difference.


JiB, all true. And he was a genuine TV star. It takes a lot of lying to portray him as a pariah, but, then, the media is perfectly ready to do whatever lying it takes. They hate him, and they assume that they themselves embody right and justice, so it stands to reason that everyone else must hate him.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


As long as he was a donor and on the sidelines, they loved him as a celebrity and a cash machine.

The middle sister in my family was a Hillary democrat. She just retired from fashion sales, and she recommended that I watch The Apprentice to learn good business practices. She loved that show But when he declared, she wet nuts and started talking about him as if he were the devil incarnate. Damndest thing I have ever seen.

When he won, she wouldn't even TALK to anyone in the family who were Trump supporters. Said she didn't feel like she knew us. Cried for a solid week. I am not making this up.

I blame the media. Had a discussion with daughter about the MSM not covering the Comey story. I told her she needs to be careful about believing anything in the media, and fave her examples of right-leaning stories which are false as well.

My goal is to get her checking in with

mad jack

I've beat up on Andrew McCarthy before in comments for his defense of our boy Fitz and other DOJ db's and Clarice did it a few threads back for his pathetic Comey line of bleep but it kills me that these DOJ club guys think their shyte don't stink, ever! I went to school with some of these guys and they were uniformly smart but not w/o fault. I'm all for being loyal to the team but what kind of kool-aid do they serve at Justice?

mad jack

ok fsu is here to play!

Captain Hate

Every game will be entertaining in at least one respect:

Clarice Feldman

mad jack

Looks he set the crazy bar pretty high in game one CH. Even for a Florida school that's going to be a big ask to keep upping crazy week to week.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

From an MSNBC reporter:

Garrett Haake‏Verified account @GarrettHaake 8h8 hours ago

These pictures of @realDonaldTrump with children at a Houston shelter are fascinating. This is Trump the Grandpa, who public never sees.

Why would people never see this side of President Trump? Hmmmm, I am thinking...

If you go to or The Conservative Treehouse, you would know he is great with kids.

Amazing that the reporter thinks this is something newly discovered.


The pics at this link are hysterical.

Epic troll.

mad jack

Hope "we" didn't pay for that study, Clarice:-)
Must be panic out there as the progs start getting hit with a clue bat.


The La Tuna Canyon fire has spread. The police just drove through the neighborhood telling everyone that voluntary evacuations are now in effect.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heading to bed.


Clarice Feldman

A must read IMO

Captain Hate

Miss Marple,

There has been a mass hypnosis among a significant number of women, mainly but not exclusively post menopausal, who somehow view a privileged uncharismatic greedy crone as deserving of their support with a huge emotional investment. There is nothing remotely likeable about that grasping shrew who would have everyone not willing to give her money exiled if not executed. She ran the worst campaign I've ever seen; much worse than the Romney and McCain tank jobs for which I've roundly lambasted those dunces, but still casts blame elsewhere. In Trump's convention speech he pointed out the egocentricity of her "I'm with her" motto but she and that Guinea fish maid, Palmieri, didn't change it one iota. She's a truly rotten person who would've been a terrible President as I think most people now understand.


Conrad Black is real close to Natural Born Citizen territory.

If you read between the lines.


MissM from last thread "Re-election in 2020 in Reagan proportions."

Prediction is hard but it's a real possibility. With the media and pundits from both sides attacking hard ... with all supporters on notice that they would be classified "deplorable" forever Trump still won. Big EV vote, maybe pretty close in popular vote. The media continued 24x7 attacks with no obvious success. They appear to be flagging now. Pelosi says The People don't want Dems to criticize. Sen Feinstein says (to loud boos) that Trump might be an effective President.
How difficult it must have been for those Dem leaders to speak those words! Maybe the election tantrum is subsiding?

Captain Hate

mad jack, I have almost unlimited faith in Lane's ability to up the crazy ante in each successive week. He's an excellent offensive coordinator who just isn't cut out to be a head coach; lots of other people, on both sides of the ball, have come to grips with that and are leading very happy lives, like Wade Phillips. Lane might have been ruined by Al Davis who, in a move completely schizzy even by his standards, tried to get out of honoring the terms of his contract after firing LK. Or maybe he's just nuts on his own.


Patterico fingers must have been bleeding from their wherevers/whatevers when he furiously typed his latest screed.

Apparently it is impossible for "wiretap" to be synonymous with anything else despite the context.

The group Common Cause says the Detroit musician violated the law by declaring himself a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan but not registering his candidacy or reporting campaign contributions. They filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission and also asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate whether the musician —whose real name is Robert Ritchie — has violated election law.

Ritchie dismissed the allegations, issuing the following statement, "I am starting to see reports from the misinformed press and the fake news on how I am in violation of breaking campaign law.
#1: I have still not officially announced my candidacy.

#2: See #1 and go f--- yourselves."
Clarice Feldman

Read this and consider Terry McAuliffe's outrageous call for equalizing criminal prosecutions.


I want to move to Michigan just to vote for Kid Rock.


Sorry to hear that Barbara. Stay safe!


It's a,meta candidacy which drives them crazy (I know it's a short trip

I'm just signalling here what if the surveilance was carried out by contract, as it appears it may have happened with ghcq.

Captain Hate

I do too, rich.

Whatcha drinking? This is mine tonight:

mad jack

nice job abc/espn, show a highlight of a blind kicker for USC kicking an extra point and block the highlight with a caption that tells us the he's a blind kicker. guess what, we're not blind, we're watching tv, but we don't have x-ray vision.

Frau Mit gegangen, Mit gefangen, Mit gehangen

TK @ 9:44 - Heaven forbid a Democrat violated any campaign law.
Femall covers it quite well.

Captain Hate

I'm sure Mr. Peepers will get right on that Common Flaws complaint. Should happen any second now.

mad jack

i'm shocked, shocked i tell ya that abc/espn allows chick-fil-a to be a sponsor.

mad jack

beasts: dude was shot. doesn't cooperate with the police. plays for the team. i thought florida played michigan today, not fsu:-)


I learned about him, through Robert Harris's pompeii. How good the adaptation could have been
Is seen by how bad Paul w Anderson handled similar material:

mad jack

narc: harris wrote some really good stuff, Pompeii included, before he jumped the shark. the movie really sucked.


Seems like a long trek:


Yes it wasca ttperrible film, kiefer sutherland should leavevit off his imdb, if he could:


The origin of a certain type of tds


Posted by: Captain Hate | September 02, 2017 at 09:58 PM

a cup of coffee tonight. have been having a wave of sinus headaches and took some medicine to knock them out.

Good choice. I had one of those at one of my local haunts.


Why does it take a publication this far away to note this:


You know that's what general cartwright keep telling rumsfeld:


Well it looks like Brian Kelly had a come-to-Jesus moment in the off season...

WonderBoy got a couple of pictures of his sister from his spot in the grad student section. Typical big brother shots -- in one she has a goofy expression, while the other she's wearing her trombone on her head.

From over here in the empty nest it's good to know that they are there to take care of each other!


Uou don't have a whole foods around there do you rich, there's a wheat grass and ginger concoction that does the trick?


I live in the second wealthiest county in the US narciso. A Whole Foods is just right around the corner.


Francois out.

Alabama rolling.


Well you might want to try it tomorrow, make sure you chase it down with orange juice, it paves a punch.


Jr. left Lake Charles today and went to Atlanta. His residency bud from Alabama scored tickets.

Charmed life.


What is it called?

Clarice Feldman

And now I'm calling it a night: This should make your heads spin..

Stephanie Puppy Pincushion extraordinaire

Just realized that this weekend is DragonCon, too. Bet some of the Bama/Noles fans got a helluva surprise. I wondered why traffic was so bad.

Captain Hate

Clarice, keep that article away from RG because his hero, Elmer Fudd Sessions, is again taking nappy time while under his so called oversight, the trash FBI has decided they are above any need to answer to Congress. Under strong leadership this wouldn't be happening.


Clarice @9:47 - thanks for that link. Fudging crime statistics is a bugaboo of mine, but I hadn't thought about the social harm facilitated by the academics in criminology.


NK fires off a hydrogen bomb. Pesky fat runt.

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